but actually i dont

“When the skies are filled with crossing shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by an immense menace. It is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins, a holy war between The Guiding Hand Of The Light and The Bloodline Of Darkness”

So I’m not sure about all of you in bughead land but I need a Notebook-esque type fic. Not the whole story where he relives every day of their love story because Betty has Alzheimers Disease. No.

I want the carnival scene. I want Jughead to jump onto a fucking ferris wheel because he can’t bear the thought of never seeing Betty again without at least speaking to her.

I want the scene where the lay in the middle of the street and watch the stoplight change from green to yellow to red over and over again discussing their lives and their hopes and their dreams.

I want the mad, passionate love affair between two of the most beautiful characters on TV.

Please someone write this. If you don’t I will. But I prefer to read this particular story instead of write it.

its fucking bullshit that femmes r the only lesbians yall care abt lol. butches r only considered attractive thru a very sexual lens n god forbid u be a butch who doesnt want to fuck every femme out there!!! god forbid u be a butch who isnt into femmes!!! god forbid u be a butch who doesnt fit into tumblrs ideology of what a butch should be!!! (hint: its a skinny, white, perfectly androgynous soft butch who can still be called pretty n wears makeup)

yall dont care abt butches bc u only care abt lesbians that r sweet n pure n feminine lmao. ur all so ugly 

i dont wanna see a single femme comment on this lol

anonymous asked:

On your villainous comic where flug and the rest were sent to the beach with the rest, even I find it kind of surprising that flug finally got a break, but what I imagine is that black hat didn't just send them to have fun and relax but I think that black hat sent them away because of something like a threat back at his house (like a superhero threat or something) and he really sent them so to be safe. It was just a random thought sorry for taking up your time and have a good day love your art


what if i told you, i was actually planning on continuing that comic (with more paperhat implications maybe??)


truly love it when nobody gives a fuck abt muslims but then when we call them islamophobic theyre quick 2 jump 2 their defence

it’s the same thing w racism. like u only care about non whites if they’re part of a prominent race on here and it’s convenient 4 u, like u don’t give a fuck about asians ( unless we’re talkin abt deepika / aish / priyanka … and they literally all have the same ethnicity ) like pakistanis? “who the fuck r they?” afghanistanis? “wait theyre real??” malaysians “hmm… whomst? did u mean *japanese???” like u literally forget abt all other races apart from the MAIN ones, and even then u PRETEND 2 care abt them,, like u don’t actually give a fuck about poc, u just pretend that u do, so nobody calls u out for racism

but like, ur ignorance 2wards other races literally Exposes how racist u are lmao, so have fun pretending 2 care abt certain races jus so no1 can call u racist! hav fun sayin ur not racist but then having a blog full of sandra and robert fcs !


Sugar Honey, 26 years old. Famous Instagram model turned Youtuber. Sugar is as far from reality as one can possible be.

Pretentious and shallow, but sweet in a fawn learning how to walk kind of way. She has a very tiny worldview and is always astonished when hearing about people’s opinions and lifestyles that are different than hers. I mean, let’s get real here for a second. Sugar is in her mid-twenties and never touched a vacuum or washing machine in her life.

She’s really only ever really been around people who were just like her. Successful, ridiculously good-looking, fashionable, and creative. She is probably the reason for the phrase “lives in her own little world.” Most people let her go, because she doesn’t purposely try to be so ignorant, she’s just like a naive little toddler sometimes. She’s slowly opening those little bat wings though, so things are slowly looking bright for her.