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Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

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no seriously guys, who is the hottest for ya?


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Another supposed essential character of fascism is its anticapitalist, antibourgeois animus. Early fascist movements flaunted their contempt for bourgeois values and for those who wanted only ‘to earn money, money, filthy money.’ They attacked 'international finance capitalism’ almost as loudly as they attacked socialists. They even promised to expropriate department-store owners in favor of patriotic artisans, and large landowners in favor of peasants.

Whenever fascist parties acquired power, however, they did nothing to carry out these anticapitalist threats. By contrast, they enforced with the utmost violence and thoroughness their threats against socialism. Street fights over turf with young communists were among their most powerful propaganda images. Once in power, fascist regimes banned strikes, dissolved independent labor unions, lowered wage earners’ purchasing power, and showered money on armaments industries, to the immense satisfaction of employers. Faced with these conflicts between words and actions concerning capitalism, scholars have drawn opposite conclusions. Some, taking the words literally, consider fascism a form of radical anticapitalism. Others, and not only Marxists, take the diametrically opposite position that fascists came to the aid of capitalism in trouble, and propped up by emergency means the existing system of property distribution and social hierarchy.

This book takes the position that what fascists DID tells us at least as much as what they SAID. What they said cannot be ignored, of course, for it helps explain their appeal. Even at its most radical, however, fascist’s anticapitalist rhetoric was selective.

—  Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism

Oh don’t mind me. Just going through my favourite OUAT pairing tag and being upset the writers killed off one of the best characters of the show while also panicking about 2 assignments due in a day.


fleeting moments when happy and toby touch each other (requested by sheisagenius)

are you an adam or parrish person? coca-cola shirt or coveralls rolled down to his waist? sepia photograph or fine boned and a little fragile looking? his furrowed fair eyebrows or the way his thumb jutted awkwardly, boyishly? that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told or thanks for the straight teeth then? a miracle of moving parts or these eyes and hands are mine? 


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bottledstarlight asked: Merry & Pippin or Frodo & Sam

Then as he had kept watch Sam had noticed that at times a light seemed to be shining faintly within; but now the light was even clearer and stronger. Frodo’s face was peaceful, the marks of fear and care had left it; but it looked old, old and beautiful, as if the chiseling of the shaping years was now revealed in many fine lines that had before been hidden, though the identity of the face was not changed. Not that Sam Gamgee put it that way to himself. He shook his head, as if finding words useless, and murmured: “I love him. He’s like that, and sometimes it shines through, somehow. But I love him, whether or no.”’

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new perspective // panic! at the disco


Sharon Carter as Captain America (digital)