but actually he only wanted to sing her a song

Whipped...boyfriend!!! Pt.2

If you haven’t, this follows “Whipped…friends??” which you can find here. And the first part to this you can read here.


Y/N had tried her best to fall asleep. Tried to ignore the noise that New York was. She’d hailed a cab from the restaurant to her hotel, bidding good bye to her cousin, thanking him for taking time out of his day to keep her company. 

She didn’t however excuse the sudden need to get out of the restaurant when Harry came into view. And her cousin didn’t ask questions, guys normally don’t.

But in the darkness of her room, she couldn’t keep out the thoughts of Harry taking over her mind. She tossed and turned, checked the clock to see it had only been seven minutes since she’d last checked it.

So when the soft knock on her door caused her to sit up abruptly, she thanked the heavens for the short break it allowed her mind to take from thoughts of Harry.

That is, until she heard his voice.

And if she was being honest, as unprepared as she was for this, she knew she had to talk to him. That is why she came to the city after all, wasn’t it?


Harry’s words were able to erase every doubt that Y/N had before last night. They laughed at how oblivious they both were; at the fact that obvious signs that they wanted more than to stay friends went over their heads.

They sat on the hotel room couch, talking about anything that happened during that short time they weren’t talking. 

Harry listened and watched Y/N talk about how she would still do lunches with Gemma. Even admitted that she would try to find a way to bring Harry into conversation just to see if he was doing okay.

Harry confessed that he knew, because Gemma told him, and Y/N could not have gone a darker shade of pink.

Harry recounted to her every moment he could remember of when the boys teased him, mimicking their voices the best he could to make her laugh.

“So then it was really me you lot were whispering about all those times?” Her giggle has Harry smiling like a child who’s just found out their crush likes them back.

And it’s not that she doesn’t believe him, it’s just nice hearing him say it.

“Wha’ ye’ laughing for?? Was a real pain in the ass. Wouldn’t leave me alone ‘bout it.”

She laughs even harder then.

“D'ye know how hard it was t'keep them from sayin’ anythin’ t'ye? Didn’t wan’ ye’ finding out over one of Louis distasteful jokes.”

“I’m surprised I didn’t actually.”

Harry chuckles at that, reminiscing on the countless times Louis’ comments nearly got him caught.

All in all, it was nice.

It was nice to have Harry back. To have him on the verge of tears at her lame jokes. 

“Knock, knock!” Y/N excitement grew because she had honestly just came up with this one.

“Who’s there?” Harry loves jokes. He loves telling them and having people laugh because they think his jokes are witty. He’ll even take people laughing at them because they’re plain idiotic. Harry also loves being told a joke, especially if it’s Y/N.

“Woo.” And she’s trying to contain herself. 

Harry and Y/N are similar in the way that when they’ve got a real funny joke to tell, or at least they think they do, they laugh for a ridiculous amount of time before they’re even able to tell it. Or they’ll start their joke, and as they rehearse it in their head, they’ll explode into laughter, eyes squinty and arms over their tummy because “s'a real good one okay! Jus’ wait.” This usually has others rolling their eyes at them because no one they know takes longer to tell a joke than they do.

“Woo who??”

“She’s an angel.” Harry thinks her excitement is priceless as she points at him with both index fingers. And he follows her lead for the sake of seeing her smile.

“Woo who! My only angel, woo who! She’s an angel, woo who! My my my my only angel!”

After that, she begged for an encore. Actually, she had him sing bits and pieces from songs she wanted to hear raw, unplugged with no instruments. Harry, of course, complied.

Now, waking up to each other isn’t much different now than it was a few weeks ago when they were nothing more than best friends. 

Back then, if Harry wanted to lightly peck at her shoulder for some sort of reassurance that yes, his Y/N was still with him, he would. He would do it first thing when he woke up, a sour taste in his mouth because he needs to wash his teeth. And she never minded, returned his affection with a smile, hooded eyes crinkling because sometimes it was still too early for her. 

Back then, if Harry wanted to cuddle her whilst they lounged about at a friends house, he would. Didn’t matter if he was having a conversation on the couch with someone else. The moment Y/N walked by in front of him, he would tug at her hand until she settled next to him, which never took much. She would roll her eyes at him, but smile none the less as he tucked a hand underneath her knees, moving them to rest on top of his thigh. He would then proceed with the conversation he’d been having, hand on Y/N’s calve.

It was normal for them, and their friends never asked questions anymore.

The only difference now, is that if Harry wanted to wake her up with a kiss to the lips, he can. 

And Y/N no longer feels the need to come up with some excuse when Harry suddenly wakes and catches her staring at him.

Instead, she smiles warmly, gripping at the heavily tattooed hand that rests on her waist. 

“Mmm, mornin’,” he manages, voice raspy enough that he coughs once to try and make his words sound clearer, “starin’ at my face were you?”

Y/N doesn’t try to hide it. She likes the way he’s looking at her, one eye peeking open, half a smile visible because half of his face is still pressed against the soft hotel mattress.

He stirs a bit, propping himself up on his forearm only to plop back down on his tummy, body closer to hers. 

Harry smiles wider at the touch of her fingers raking through his hair to get it away from his face, the pads of them grazing his scalp. 

Still the same. 

Harry’s arm lazily slung over her made her feel comfortable…safe. It’s not nearly as close as they’ve been before when they cuddle in bed, but something about his dopey smile and squinty eye has her feeling giddy. Because finally, she doesn’t have to hide the side of her she’s been wanting him to see. Affectionate in another sense, affectionate in a more free way. 

“S'that bad?” Y/N cuddles herself even closer, turning on her side and leveling her eyes to his. 

Harry says nothing. 

“Tell me again?”

And he doesn’t need to ask what she means by that. 

He simply moves to scoot closer again, lifts up his head to look at her better, and presses a kiss to her forehead.

“I love you.”


Y/N doesn’t remember how she got home. 

She can’t believe she let herself get so upset over Harry interacting with his friends that she got so pissed drunk to the point she can’t remember much from last night. 

It’s all a haze, and if she knew she would be sporting a killer hangover, she would have stopped on the second drink. 


She reaches for the water and bottle of pills laid on the night stand, clearly aware that it must’ve been him who placed them there for her. 

Two pills in one gulp.

Even though the window curtains are closed, she can make out the lining of light that manages to seep through the edges of the material. And she really can never thank him enough for always taking care of her, especially when she gets like this and her tolerance wears thin.

"Harry?” She whispers, and again, no answer.

She can see the outline of his body sat on the chair by the corner of the room, slumped over, hands running through his hair.

“Hey. Baby? You okay?" 

As much as she wanted to stay in place, tucked under the comfort of the duvet, she needs to see if he’s okay. So she turns on the nightstand lamp, wincing in the process, and lifts up the covers. She crawls to the foot of the bed, head tilting in a way to try and get a better look at him. 

"C'mere.” She pats the spot next to her. She would get up and go to him if she could, but she doesn’t trust her body enough to get her across the room with out falling at some point.

Harry doesn’t say anything still. But she notices the way his body shakes, and even he can’t completely silence the sobs escaping his lips. 

“Harry! Babe, no, no-” her frantic voice causes Harry to look up for a mere second, long enough for Y/N to make out the redness of his eyes, tears trailing down his cheeks.

He wipes at them hastily, bowing his head back down, trying to shut her out. 


How could Harry even think this girl looked anything remotely like his Y/N? 

His heart is racing still, mind going at a million miles an hour, but blank at the same time.

It’s shock that’s keeping him here. Sat on a bed foreign to him, next to a girl who’s seeming to be sleeping peacefully while his world falls apart. 

What the fuck is he to do?? 

He doesn’t think twice, he needs to talk to someone. He needs advice. 

But the minute he does it, the minute he opens his mouth and reaches out to someone..anyone..it’s out there. 

So if part of him wanted no one to find out, why has he phoned Louis? 

“Calm down, mate.” Harry doesn’t care much for the tone in Louis’ voice, he needs to talk to him.

“Look, Harry. I can’t understand what you’re sayin’ if you won’t call down!”

“Fuck, Louis!” He exasperates, “I fucked up. I fucked up and Y/N’s g'na hate me. I can’t lose her, Lou. Not her.”

Louis can recall a handful of times Harry’s gotten himself into serious trouble. He’s always been able to keep it on the low though. But for Harry to call him this distressed, stumbling over his words, and practically crying. That’s something else. He can’t recall the last time he’s heard him this shaken. 

“I don’ know who she is, Lou. I’ve got no fucking clue who this is.”

“Harry,” Louis really doesn’t wanna assume the worst, but he can’t think of anything else Harry would be frantically going on about that has to do with a chick, “what did you do?”

“I don’ know. I woke up in a bed tha’s not mine. Stripped down t'my briefs.”

“Shit! Harry!”

This is never a conversation either of them thought they’d ever be having.

“Did you use protection?" 

Shit. SHIT! That hadn’t even crossed his mind.

"I don’ know." 


Y/N can’t think of a single thing that might have Harry like this. She hops off the bed almost too fast, but catches herself before she can trip. 

"Love, why’re you crying?” She tugs at his hands to try and pry them away from his face, but he barely budges.

“Talk to me, H. Whatever it is we can get through it." 

The soft strokes of her hands on his thighs do little to nothing. How is he suppose to tell her?? How. What can he say? She’s going to hate him. But he can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. How could he have done that to her? 

"Harry, please, baby!" 

His heart breaks a bit more at the sound of her voice cracking, unable to contain herself.

He wants to tell her he loves her. He loves her so much that he can’t imagine Harry with out Y/N. Wants to tell her Harry doesn’t exist with out Y/N. But where does he start. 

The silence is eating at Y/N. It’s beginning to feel like there’s not enough air in the room. She continues to beg Harry to tell her what’s wrong. 

"You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want, H.” But she wishes he would. “Just tell me you’re okay,” still, the strokes of comfort from Y/N’s thumb on his waist fail at calming the uneasiness. 

A million things are going through her mind. But the only one she’s stuck on is literally squeezing at her heart.

What did she do?? Is this the end of them?


I want to discuss that Marco has never shown any romantic interest in Star in the entirety of the show, and how that doesn’t lessen his relationship with her. In addition to the fact that Marco cannonly is dating Jackie and she has always been shown as his crush beforehand, there is also zero evidence that Marco ever felt anything other than platonic love for Star, and that’s not something to be disappointed about.

“But Marco always hugs her.”

Hugs are not inherently romantic and every hug, and I mean every hug Marco has given to Star has been a way to comfort her, show support for her, or because he’s relieved that she’s okay. The first season finale hug and the Bon Bon the Birthday Clown hug is Marco consoling Star for the emotional trauma she just went through, not an indication that he has romantic feelings for her. To a lesser extent, the hug in Starcrushed was to comfort Star because she was embarrassed about Marco hearing that she had a crush on him, and to make sure that they were still on good terms as friends. An even lesser extent is the hug at the end of Mr. Candle Cares as he comforting her after her panic over having to be Queen of Mewni, and it also shows that he supports her in however she runs her kingdom. The hug from Baby was showing his support that he knew she would pass Baby’s tests, also not an indication that he’s romantically interested in her. And the other hugs like from when she was able to stop her bike on her own and when she came back from running away was his joy that his friend wasn’t hurt, again not evidence that he wants to date her. 

“But he said she looked amazing before she went to the Blood Moon Ball, and he didn’t want her to go with Tom.”

Compliments about physical appearance are not inherently romantic, you can recognize someone as attractive without being personally attracted to them. And Marco wasn’t jealous of Tom, he was worried that Star would get hurt again, and the whole point of the episode was for Marco to be a better friend and trust Star with her own decisions not that Marco would be better for her than Tom. 

“But what about the dance during the Blood Moon Ball, and when the Blood Moon showed up when Star was in danger during his date with Jackie?”

This is going to a be a two parter: 

Souls coming together doesn’t automatically mean romantic pairing, and yes Tom and the other demon thought of it like that but that’s because Star was Tom’s ex-girlfriend, so it makes sense that they would think it would get her to date him again. But it was never stated what the combining of souls was based on (the judge-like demon just said two lucky souls), so it could be based in the deep bond of friends who love each other (platonically of course). Reminder: romantic love isn’t “higher” than platonic love so it totally makes sense that the Blood Moon could pick two lucky souls that had a very deep bond of friendship, which is what happened with Marco and Star. Therefore, the moon appearing while Star is in danger is just indicating that the friend Marco deeply cares about is in trouble.

About Marco specifically during the dance, he actually does not seem affected by it at all. While Star is all stary-eyed and wooed, Marco talks to her like nothing is different and is only thinking about leaving the ball becuase “it’s the worst”. He doesn’t show any romantic interest in her at all: he’s just creeped out and bored by the ball. (The lack of traditional ballroom dance may also be a part of this but I really wanted to point out that they dance in the “butterfly” position for the majority of it). 

“But what about them singing Just Friends together?”

They already stated that that was their second favorite song, since they also sang it together in the bathroom, so it makes perfect sense that they would want to sing it together. And let’s not forget that Marco also sang along with Jackie, and she’s the one he kissed during the song, obviously showing who his romantic feelings are towards. Also, by the way the song ended with focusing solely on Star, it feels to safe to say that the song was more about her feelings than Marco’s anyway.

Final Thoughts:

When Marco found out that Star had a crush on him, he was super uncomfortable and upset that “things got weird with Star”. He didn’t reciprocate her feelings (Star said so herself) because he wanted things “to go back to normal”: them being friends. He ran after Star because he was suddenly told his best friend has a crush on him and is leaving and can’t come back, and so he had no idea what’s going on. Overall, it’s obvious that Marco loves Star as his best friend, but he just is not romantically interested in her. And this is important, their relationship is in no way “lesser” because it’s platonic. 

Unrequited | I.M

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Anonymous said:Hi~ I’m new to your blog :) I love all of your scenarios. Can I request an angst scenario for I.M where you’re his bestfriend and you introduce him to your sister. You liked him for a long time and you gained courage to confess but you saw him and your sister kissing and telling you they hid their relationship to you? Thanks alot!

Y/SN = Your sister’s name

“Come on, Changkyun!” You whined pulling his arm toward your family’s front door.

He laughs at your enthusiasm. As Changkyun is your best friend, he’s been over several times. He’s also no stranger to your family. Over the years he’d gotten quite close to your mother and father. The only person he hadn’t met is your sister. Both of them are quite important to you, so wanting them to meet is only natural. Of course, Changkyun is your best friend, and your relationship with your sister has always been a good one. Although she’s two years older than you, the two of you had always been close growing up. She left the state for college 3 years ago, and only visits periodically now. You’d tried to introduce them during her last visit, but the timing never seemed to be right. Changkyun and your sister canceled more times than you could count, excuses coming from both ends. Eventually, you’d given up, vowing to have them meet the next time she was in town. Which is now! Her plane had landed less than 2 hours ago, while your parents went to pick her up from the airport you worked on talking Changkyun to come over for a visit.

“I actually have plans a little later.” He stated. Oh no. No bailing this time.

“This won’t take long! You can meet her and go if you want!” You’d pleaded.

Not one to withstand your puppy face, Changkyun gave in pretty easily, and that’s how you two ended up here. With you pulling him toward the door so he could meet the only other person beside him you considered to be important in your life,

“Y/SN!” You called in a sing-song tone once you’ve entered. Changkyun laughed from behind you.

“Y/N!” Her voice called before she jumps into sight.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Changkyun behind you, but she was quick to fix it, plastering a smile on her face and launching herself toward you. You wrapped your arms around her and returned her embrace. After a few shrieks and squeals, you pulled away and turned to Changkyun.

“This is my sister Y/SN. Y/SN, this is my best friend Changkyun.” You smiled.

They held their hands out to one another and shook, “It’s great to finally meet you, Y/N speaks really highly of you.” Y/SN says.

“Likewise.” Changkyun smiled.

“You two go on the porch, go talk!! I’m gonna grab some snacks.” You beamed and left before either of them could reply.

You quickly grabbed whatever snack within your reach. The dorky smile never left your face as you waddled towards the porch with the snacks and drinks tucked firmly in your arms. You saw Changkyun just casually talking to your sister, looking serious, but you just brushed it off since he always looks so serious. 

“Yeah, but she can-..” You barely heard your sister reply to him as he cut her off. 

“Y/N! You’re gonna drop something!” Changkyun sighed with a quiet whine as he stood up and walked up to you. Taking some stuff out of your arms, you two walked out onto the porch. You sat in the middle, your best friend on your left and your sister on your right. You glanced in between the both of them as the awkward silence grew. 

“So, what were you two talking about?” You asked, trying to start a conversation, but as soon as the question rolled off your tongue, the two began to quickly say different topics. You looked at both of them, the confusion clear on your face. 

“O..kay then?” You squinted and shrugged. Between the three of you, small talk came and went. At one point, you kept trying to find excuses to leave, but before you could say an excuse, Changkyun beat you to the punch. 

“Uh, I gotta go. I have practice.” He quickly mumbled and tried to walk off quickly. 

“Wait!” You exclaimed and stood up. “You’re still sleeping over right?” You saw him visibly tense up. 

“Um, are your parents okay with that?” You heard him sigh softly before turning around to look at you. 

“Yeah, they’re always okay with that. Plus, they have a dinner party to go to so they won’t be home till late.” You explain with a hint of disappointment and confusion in your voice. 

“T-Then yeah. I’ll come.” He gave you a small smile before looking towards your sister and sighing. You and your sister saw him walking away, running his hand through his hair. 

“What was that about?” You ask, turning to look at your older sister. You expected a reply but you only got a shrug. Sighing, you two spent the rest of the afternoon together. 

A knock on the front door made you pause the video game you and your sister were playing. 

“Give me a sec. It might be Changkyun.” You say, not hiding your smile. You went and opened the door only to see him carrying a duffle bag, most likely having pajamas, movies, and different snacks. He greeted you with a small wave and a smile. You returned the greeting with a tight hug. 

“So, what have you done all afternoon?” He asked as he walked into the house with you by his side after closing the door. 

“Nothing much. Just some casual competitions between sisters.” You say, looking towards your sister. She looked up from her phone and looked towards your direction. She and Changyun held eye contact for a split second before he turned to look at you. 

“I’m gonna put my stuff up in your room, okay?” He asked, not really expecting an answer and walked up the stairs. You shrugged and continued your game with your sister. Changkyun came downstairs in the middle of the game, just quietly sitting beside you. You groan at the TV and lean your head back. 

“I win! Again!” Your sister flaunts. Changkyun, on the other hand, looks at how you’re being a sore loser and takes the control away from you while laughing at your pout. 

“My turn.” He smiles and starts playing with your older sister For the rest of the night, the three of you kept playing until your sister yawned and stood up.

 “It’s getting late, we should all go to bed.” She smiled sleepily at you. 

“Awe, one more round?” You asked, with a smile. “Tomorrow, promise. The both of you also should go to bed.” She chuckled started to make her way up the stairs. 

“Okay, mom!” You teased and lowered the volume to the TV. Only to continue playing until both you and Changkyun started to feel sleepy. Yawning, he helped you clean the living room a bit before the both of you walked up the stairs to your room.

“So, it seemed like you got along with Y/SN.” You smiled as you sat down on the edge of your bed, looking at your best friend, who had his back to you as he changed. 

“I guess.” 

“Why do you say that? You two acted like you guys known each other for a while now.” 

“I just acted like that so I won’t make you upset.“He said, raising his voice. 

"Make me upset? You’re the one that sounds upset.” 

“I’m just tired, okay?” He said, trying hard to raise his voice again. 

“Fine.” You sighed and grabbed your pajamas then went to go get changed in the bathroom. It wasn’t unusual that you and Changkyun had an argument. You two have multiple arguments because you both have strong personalities. But it did surprise you that he suddenly got so defense over the simple subject. Sighing, you got changed then walked back to your room. You saw Changkyun sitting against the foot of your bed, texting on his phone. 

“Who are you texting?” You ask softly, Changkyun barely even heard you. 

“Um, Hoseok.” He hesitated before mumbling and putting down his phone. “Hey, I’m sorry for acting like a dick, kind of. Before you left.” He stood up, leaning against your bed as he apologized. 

“Forget about it. Let’s just go to sleep, yeah?” You turned around and gave him a small smile so he doesn’t continue to think that you’re mad at him. 

“Okay.” He sighed and went to go lay down as you turned off your light. Then you got to think about the argument again. Yeah, the fight was stupid. If you could even call it a fight. You turned your light on, making Changkyun groan because he was about to fall asleep. 

“What?” He whined. 

“Why did you tense up when I asked to make sure that you were staying the night? And why did you and my sister always make awkward eye contact?” 

“Because I just met her.” He mumbled and turned away from you, hoping you would just leave it there. 

“I know Y/SN was dating someone but she hasn’t told me how it is.” You point out. 

“Are you saying that I’m the one dating her? I just met her!” He sat up on your bed. 

“I was-…” He cut you off before you could finish. 

“I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation.” Changkyun stood up and shook his head. 

“Where are you going?” You asked as he made his way out your bedroom door. 

“I’m going to sleep downstairs. Goodnight.” He said kinda angrily and shut your door, harder than he should’ve. 

You sighed, knowing that you most likely should’ve been smarter about everything. You were tempted to go downstairs and apologized, but it would’ve made things worse since he was still angry. You shook your head at yourself and turned off the lights. You didn’t fall asleep right away but soon enough. 

The next morning, you woke up a little on the later side, but you knew you still needed to apologize. You basically sprung out of bed, as you got dressed, you started to think: “I should tell him how I feel. But it could make things worse. The chances anytime would 50/50. Might as well just do it, huh?” You fixed your hair quickly as you made up your mind.

You’d had a crush on your best friend for quite some time. It started off completely platonic. In fact, in the beginning, you’d found him undatable. He was mostly quiet and extremely awkward, which you found off-putting. It almost seemed as though he didn’t want to be your friend. After taking the time to get to know him you couldn’t help but be attracted to him. He was kind and childlike. He made you smile with lame jokes.Your heart skipped a beat with every encouraging word that left his lips. He was everything a good boyfriend should be, but he wasn’t your boyfriend. Yet… With any luck, your confession would go over smoothly and it’d be a happy ending for the two of you. The prospect of finally dating Changkyun made you giddy with glee. You’d rationalized why the confession needed to happen now, over and over in your head, before yanking your bedroom door open and stepping out into the barren hallway.

Walking out of your room, you took so many deep breaths, that you couldn’t even tell if it was helping to slow down your rapid beating heart. You heard some quiet talking, but since you were standing in front of your sister room, you assumed that she was just on the phone with a friend. You walked downstairs, slowly trying to think of a simple way to explain everything to your best friend. Midway on the stairs, you were about to call out to Changkyun, but what you saw in the living room made you want to run out of your house instead. 

“So I was right.” You said loud enough for the couple to hear and not your sleeping parents. Changkyun, who was basically making out with, the only other person you trusted, your sister, pulled away quickly as soon as he heard your voice. 

“I can explain!” He exclaimed quickly as he saw the tears in your eyes. 

“Don’t. I get it.” You sighed shakily, and rushed out of the house, slamming the door behind you. You weren’t really at them, more at yourself. You felt so stupid that you couldn’t see their relationship. You had the signs, so why couldn’t you see it? At this point, tears were streaming down your cheeks, your mind was running with all of these hints that were making their relationship obvious. You heard Changkyun yelling your name behind you. Not wanting to see the only person that broke your heart, you ran faster than turning around the corner, losing him behind you.

Hope you enjoyed!

- admin Dawn (with bits from AJ)

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Nessian + "Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second!" (I'm going to keep sending these until it gets annoying also side note all of the prompts I'm sending seem to be very angsty. Hush, it's fine)

I live for the angst my friend, no worries. By the way, I LOVED THIS ONE.


“Illyrian Publishing, how can I help you?”

Nesta rolled her eyes at her own chipper voice, trying to pay attention to the person on the other end of the line.

“I’m sorry ma'am, Spring Court Publishing is no longer in this building … Well Illyrian Publishing bought them out … Yes ma'am.”

Nesta leaned back in her chair and sent a prayer up to whatever deity was listening to save her from this stupid job. It was her first day and this was her eleventh call from someone asking her for Spring Court Publishing.

Did no one read the papers anymore? Illyrian Publishing had bought them out two months ago after a huge scandal between the CEO and some government official.

Which was how Nesta ended up there working as a damn assistant when she had a degree in English.

“Just work your way up to the top, Nesta. They have positions opening all the time, but you have to start somewhere,” her sister Feyre had said.

Feyre’s boyfriend Rhys was best buds with the CEO of Illyrian Publishing, Cassidy, Chase, Connor… some name that started with a C, Nesta really didn’t care. Well when Rhys heard they needed a new assistant because the other one, some girl named Ianthe, got a little handsy with the other employees, Feyre insisted she apply for the position.

So here she was listening to some woman rant about how Spring Court Publishing published some of her favorite author’s books and Illyrian better do the same or she’ll file a complaint and blah blah blah.

“Yes ma'am, I understand … No ma'am, we haven’t gotten rid of any of the authors previously taken care of by Spring Court.”

“Excuse me,” a male voice spoke suddenly over Nesta’s shoulder.“

“Gimme one second,” she told them without turning in her chair. “No ma'am, I can’t give you any information on when that particular author’s next book will come out … Well quite frankly ma'am I highly doubt Spring Court Publishing ever gave out that information either.”

“Excuse me,” the voice repeated.

“Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second,” Nesta snapped back at them, her temper rising. “Ma'am you are not entitled to any of that information but I’m sure if you … Well you know what name-calling isn’t going to get you anywhere!”

The person behind her laughed lowly and she growled at them without turning.

“Look ma'am,” Nesta all but shouted into her headset, “You aren’t going to bully me into finding you any information about when your next werewolf erotica book is coming out, so either send an email to your author specifically or learn to wait, but don’t call back! Thank you, have a nice damn day!”

Nesta ripped her headset off and slammed it down on the desk before putting her head in her hands and groaning.

“Well it looks like you’re having a great first day,” the male voice spoke up again.

Nesta lifted her head and swiveled slowly in her chair with an expression that any sane person would be running away from.

“Can I help you?” She spat, briefly noting that the man leaning casually against her desk was handsome as hell with deep golden brown skin and wavy brown hair that reached the nape of his neck. He was dressed nicely in slacks and a button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. His eyes were hazel and bright, matching his shit-eating grin.

“I just wanted to come and say hello,” he said brightly, obviously amused by her annoyance. “I heard it was your first day and thought I’d meet the new girl. The new, very beautiful girl, might I add.”

Nesta’s bitch face did not waver.

“Hi,” she deadpanned.

The stranger only grinned wider.

“So I take it your calls have been less than exciting so far.”

“Wow you’re really observant. You should become a detective.”

“Nah.” He shook his head. “I’ve got the best job in the world.”

“Well lucky you,” she mumbled. “It must be nice to get a degree and actually work in the job you want.”

“Oooo,” he sing-songed. “Do I detect some bitterness?”

Nesta only rolled her eyes.

“So I take it you haven’t dreamed of being a desk secretary all your life.”

“No. I want to write. And edit. And actually have a real job at this damn company but noooo, Feyre says I have to work my way up from the bottom. I had a perfect 4.0 GPA and now I’m at this damn desk answering calls from stupid people and I have to pretend to be chipper all the freaking time!”

Nesta only realized her voice had escalated when she felt everyone’s eyes on her in the lobby. She gulped, only to look back up at the stranger and see him still smiling down at her as if she were the best thing he’d ever seen.

“You know you and Feyre don’t resemble each other all that much,” was all he said.

Nesta blanched.

“You know Feyre?”

“Oh yeah. She’s dating my idiot best friend for some reason.”

Nesta just looked up at him, her eyes widening as the puzzle pieces slowly slipped into place. If he knew Rhys and Feyre, and Rhys said his friend was the CEO of Illyrian Publishing and hence how she got this job, then…

“Oh fuck me.”

“I’d love to. But let me introduce myself first. I’m Cassian.”

SVT Cute Jobs; Jihoon !!

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i love model jihoon but thATS NOT THE JOB PLOT TWIST


-so jihoon

-he’s been an avid fan of music producing ever since he was little

-he remembers telling his mum that he wanted to make music to make her happy

-so ever since he had the dream of being a music producer

-he would save up anything he had


-even god damn pennies

-he labeled every jar as “my dream” 

-if only i had the same motivation to get healthy hAAAAAAA

-when he saved up enough money he was able to actually get himself proper recording equipment !!!

-and from before he wrote a couple songs and recorded him singing them 

-he posted the songs under the username of W00z1

-he then posted them on soundcloud and he got meGA POPULAR OVERNIGHt it was so cool

-he went straight to sleep after posting it and woke up with so many likes and he was just so happy

-one song went really well

-and it got the attention of an entertainment company

-and they asked him to become a songwriter for the company??

-like he was so amazed!! 

-and he took the offer too!!

-he did it!! 

-hes gonna make songs for his mama and produce them!!


-speaking of the company

-you’re a in a 8 member girl group which is signed to that same company that jihoon now works for 

-you guys that had that one catchy song that people fell in love with the minute they heard it

-you guys also just finished having a break after having a huge comeback

-your position is songwriter and one of the lead vocals

-it was filled with variety show performances that showed off your true talent

-your ability to imitate the boss of the company

-who was proud of you but also a little embarrassed to say the least

-so you were preparing for another comeback for july 

-meanwhile jihoon was being given a tour of the whole building just to get him used to the place

-you had just been let off for break and you notice the boss talking to someone 

-you rarely see him out of his office so you go say hello just to be polite

-you start to walk to him

-he spots you first though

-”oh! y/n! please come over for a minute!”

-”huh? oh, hello sir what’s the matter?”

-”y/n, this is W00z1 hes our new producer”

-you look to the boy beside him

-and your eyes light up so much

-wh AT

-he’s that really cool dude off the internet!!!

-you found out about jihoon after looking on soundcloud for songs to cover on performances on different shows

-and you stumble upon his work

-and you’re just amazed at ability to make songs so well


-you snap out of your daze and just smile to him

-”nice to meet you y/n”

-”it’s nice to meet you too W00z1-”

-”call me Jihoon, it’s okay”

-blushinggggggggg damn

-you’re just there with the biggest blush on your face 

-wow o wow

-”he’s going to be working with you and the group for the new comeback i hope he makes you an amazing song”



-so after a month of getting to know the group (somehow especially you as a songwriter and outside of that role)

-when i say especially you

-i mean that you twou would normally hang out and stuff after meetings and listen to music together

-it was a closer friendship

-it was just you and him and no one else

-you had to admit that you may have had a sort of thing for him but you weren’t so sure yet as it was just a friendship

-but jihoon

-can’t really say the same

-he was starting to take a liking towards you 

-but a sort of relationship kind of liking

-of course he liked you as a friend

-but maybe there was something else 

-he gave you cute nicknames like sweetie and sunshine

-he also shared whatever snacks he had with you 

-hes just so nice to you and you’re like aaAAAAAahhhhhhhhHhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH

-but back to what they actually had to do 

-so jihoon had a concept in mind and a melody too

-so he produced the melody and it was cute too

-but one thing he had a problem with


-damn they got him

-since you were also a songwriter

-he called you over to help him write the lyrics

-cause one person can’t really work by themselves

-he also really liked your company

-”so what were you thinking of doing as a concept??”

-”we last did a kind of badass superhero concept before and this time they said that we should do like a kind of school type of love concept”

-”really? like a kind of confession thing?”

-”yeah! just like that!”

-he kind of had an idea about the song but he wanted to have the members say something like “i like you a lot” during the song

-and every time jihoon would step out of the room because he was laughing at how funny the confessions were

-so when they were recording

-one by one they would say “i like you” in a cute way or if they had a dialect they would say it in that dialect

-you were always the last one to record so it was pretty funny to hear everyone else’s fake confessions

-and you noticed how he would exit the room with everyone else right?

-but he stayed in the room for yours

-maybe there was something going on??

-all the other members didn’t know that he didn’t come out cause they went to go have a snack

-”okay so this has to be authentic as it can”

-you nod and put the headphones on

-you listen to the melody that he made for it

-and counted yourself down to say the sentence

-you could also see him count down too


-and without any thought you just 

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”i like you y/n”

-you two just said that simultaneously

-you both stop and look to each other

-hU H 

-W H A T          J U S T          H A P P E N E D 

-the biggest blushes just appear on your faces 

-he presses the mic button

-”y/n did you mean that?”

-”wait did you?”


-”i…meant it too”

-”second take on the confession, alright?”

-”got it”

-and somehow after that you two became even closer

-but no one really batted an eye


-y’all getting away with it

-but you two are cute at the same time 

-”second take”

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”y/n when i said second take i meant without my name”

-”oh but it’s true”

-”sweetie i know”

Love Declaration on Quidditch Pitch

Pairing: Lee Jordan/Pansy Parkinson, Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood

for: @hprarepairnet and @slytherdornet‘s Be Mine challenge

word count: 935

warning: fluff and silliness

(FFN link) (AO3 link)

Minerva McGonagall was having a headache.

Marcus Flint was feeling murderous.

Oliver Wood, on the other hand, was kind of, well, flabbergasted.

The common causes for their headache and urge for murder and confusion were now sitting at the Quidditch commentator’s booth, sharing one megaphone and more than one kisses, occasionally advertising Potter’s Firebolt and more than occasionally complimenting on Oliver Wood’s ‘panther-like grace when saving a goal’ and ‘visible six-packs’. But worse of all, between the compliments every now and then one of them would toss in – “Do you reckon he’ll be willing to join a threesome with us?”

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He Hears You Sing For The First Time

4/4 Preference with gifs.

Reader x boy

About 500 words


“Hello?” I called as I walked into the rather large house I shared with 7 other people in LA. Not believing I was home alone, I called out again. “Guys? Is anyone home?”

Just then, I heard footsteps pounding down the stairs and into the kitchen where I had just entered. I turned around to see Ashton hurriedly collecting his things.

“Hey, Y/N. See ya later!” He said as he started to pass me.

“Wait, Ash! Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Well the guys just called emergency band practice at the studio. Crystal had some photoshoot to go to this morning. Arzaylea and (Y/F/N) went shopping. They’d probably come pick you up or you could go meet them where ever they are,” He suggested as he started to exit the house. As he said that, another idea creeped into my brain.

“You’re blocking me in,” He informed me, sticking his head back in the door. Not feeling like moving my car, I threw him my keys. He thanked me and hurried out the door. I watched as my car drove past the front door and off of our street. Smiling, I took my over-the-shoulder bag off and hung it on one of the hooks. Then, I made my way down the hallway to the room I shared with Calum. I slipped my shoes off before strolling into the bathroom to turn on the shower. It was quiet and the sound of the water hitting the ground echoed. Satisfied, I pulled my shirt over my head and continued to undress. Finally, I put my playlist on shuffle and stepped into the shower. I let the warm water rinse away the stress and tension in my body.

As If You Don’t Know started playing, I couldn’t help but harmonize with it. Thankfully, the acoustics in the shower and volume of the music prevented me from hearing anything else, including my voice. Although, when I turned off the water, I continued to sing it as it was one of my favorite songs. I wrapped myself in a towel before stepping out of the shower. When I looked up, I was surprising to see Calum standing there with a smirk.

“Calum! What the hell!” I whined, holding the towel to my body tightly.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” He replied smugly, ignoring my comment. At this, my cheeks started to burn and I tried to push past him.

“You heard that?” I asked, embarrassed.

“Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me you can sing?” He asked, following me back into our room.

“Because I can’t,” I replied, putting on one of his shirts and some underwear. I could practically feel him roll his eyes. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“You have an amazing voice,” He whispered in my ear.


I checked my appearance in the front camera on my phone before stepping on of the Uber. I wasn’t really a party scene type of person but Ashton had convinced me to go. Once I met up with the guys and we had a few drinks, it actually started to be a fun party. Everyone was pretty tipsy when we sat down to play truth or dare.

“(Y/N),” My best friend slurred from across the circle, “Truth Or Dare?”

“Dare,” I replied, feeling risky.

“I dare you to sing,” She giggled. I shot her a glare which only made her laugh harder. I watched as Ashton realized he had never heard me sing before.

“Ooh! Sing Out Of My Limit!” A drunken Luke commanded. Lovingly, I rolled my eyes and sighed as I prepared to sing. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see everyone’s reactions. I sang a little bit of the song before erupting into giggles.

“(Y/N)! That was really good!” Michael insisted. I shook my head but smiled at him.

“No, babe. He’s right,” Ashton insisted sincerely. I smiled and thanked him before placing my lips on his.


Michael and I had been flirting for a few weeks after my cousin, Luke, introduced us. I was on my way over to their house when Luke texted me.

Luke: If you aren’t here in 5 minutes, I’m showing Michael on of our old covers

I smirked as I turned onto their street seconds later. I ended up walking in the house 2 minutes after I received the text only to find all four boys on the couch. The cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love that Luke and I recorded when we were about 14 echoed throughout the house.

“Luke!” I scolded, making them all turn around to look at me. Luke laughed as he sat up to talk to me.

“Sorry. I didn’t think you’d get here,” He explained. I rolled my eyes as I sat down on the couch with them.

“We sound awful,” I cringed as we continued watching the video.

“It’s not that bad,” Michael replied.

“No. It’s bad. We’re both a lot better now. Right, (Y/N)?” Luke said. I glared at him as curiosity rose within the other boys. Ashton reached over and paused the video.

“Let’s hear it,” He ordered. Luke reached over towards the laptop and searched for something. By the time I realized what he was looking for, he had already found it.

“Luke,” I groaned as my cousin put the computer back on the table and pressed play. He had caught me singing a few days before and recorded it. Not wanting to listen to it, I excused myself to get a snack from the kitchen.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?” Michael asked, entering the kitchen a minute later. I shrugged and continued eating.

“You know you’re pretty good,” He said. Instead of speaking, I gave him a dumbfounded look.

“I think it’s hot that you can sing,” He continued.

“Really?” I asked playfully.

“Really,” He confirmed, biting his lip.

“Ok, ok. I just want food but now I’ve lost my appetite,” Luke said as he turned on his heels to exit the kitchen. We both laughed and followed him back to the other boys.


We were playfully singing and dancing in the car as Luke drove home from the grocery store. I was more yelling than singing as I dramatically flipped my hair and tossed myself around. In the middle of a song, Luke turned the volume down.

“Hey!” I whined.

“I’ve never heard you truly sing,” He said. I simply shrugged and turned to look out the window.

“Come on, (Y/N). You hear me sing all the time,” He begged.

“That’s because it’s your job and you’re good at it,” I argued.

“I’ll sing with you then,” He compromised. Knowing I wasn’t going to win the argument, I sighed.

“Fine,” I grumbled making a smile spread across Luke’s face. He started singing the chorus of Teenage Dream and I harmonized it. He stopped abruptly in the middle of a word.

“The fuck you mean you can’t sing, (Y/N)? You’re over here trying to show me up,” He said. I giggled and slipped my tiny hand into Luke’s free one.

“You’re such a liar,”

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okAY well now it’s time for my lil love, the baby/puppy magnet, Kim Taehyung this is going to hurt someone plz hold me (tight hA get it)

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of three, a lil boy and two girls
  • There’s already a fourth on the way bc this is Tae we’re talking about and the new bby will be a boy
  • His lil boy is his eldest and the two girls are twins (all the kids are like a year apart, including the newest addition that’s yet to be born)
  • He does have happy tears in his eyes when they’re born but he doesn’t cry bc he’s too busy staring at the angel in his arms
  • His son is basically an exact replica of him and his girls both look like him but they have a more balanced mix of their parents, though the scales are still tipped towards him
  • Once they’re born, he spends every second he possibly can with them
  • When his lil boy is still just a giggly bby, he spends hours upon hours making him laugh bc that’s easily one of his favorite sounds on the planet
  • He gets the entire Kim family (including you) matching onesies and they all just follow him around like lil ducklings in their onesies and they’re all giggling bc the hood keeps falling into their eyes
  • His son is too young with the other pregnancy to realize what’s happening so when his father tells them all they’re getting a new brother to play with, he asks the infamous question of “where do babies comes from?”
  • Tae blanks for a minute tbh bc he doesn’t know what to do
  • The girls just nod their heads bc now that they think about it where do babies come from???
  • “Well, you see, eomma and appa wish on a shooting star and then Santa Claus brings us a baby”
  • Since it’s around Christmas, they think every time they see a Santa Claus, he’s bringing them their new sibling and get so excited
  • And you just give him a look and tell him “I told you that you shouldn’t have used Santa Claus” and he just hisses back a “I panicked” and he has to make up some excuse about how Santa needs to bring everyone else their babies first
  • All the presents
  • Tae has a habit of spoiling the hell out of his loved ones and his kids are no exception
  • They run into the room at seven in the morning and just go straight for him bc he’s easier to wake up
  • Bby #2 is the one to wake him up by poking his cheek until his eyes finally open and then he has six lil hands grabbing his and pulling him out of bed
  • They all just patiently sit around the tree while he’s passing out presents and he helps bby #3 open hers bc she’s still lil
  • She’s honestly more fascinated by the wrapping paper and Tae has to remind her there’s a present underneath it and then she’s squealing in excitement
  • Snow days with them are the most fun version of chaos you can have
  • They get so excited to see snow and are just bouncing in their lil socks as they wait for Tae and you to dress them up in their winter jackets and gloves
  • Once they’re bundled up, they’re waddling out as quickly as their lil legs will take them
  • You’re busy giving Tae his good morning kiss (bc he will insist on one each and every morning and night and he won’t leave you alone until he gets his kiss) when Tae just feels something cold hit his back
  • He doesn’t know which one of the mini Kims threw the snowball so he decides to just get revenge on all of them
  • Tbh he’s just another child so they end up chasing each other around and yelling and throwing snowballs at each other
  • They definitely make snow angels and then bby #2 is shrieking bc snow got down her shirt and he can’t even hold in his laughter as he helps her get it out and she’s just pouting and huddles against him for warmth and he just hugs her so tightly and that somehow causes a group hug in the middle of the snow
  • Hugs are extremely often in the Kim household tbh
  • Bby #3 likes to be carried around by Tae bc she’s still working out the whole walking thing and his arms are so warm and strong and she feels safe when he holds her so she always asks him to carry her when they go out
  • She just lays her head on his shoulder and looks around at everyone at the new height and she somehow always ends up falling asleep against him and he has to be extra quiet so he doesn’t wake her up and he’s constantly shushing the boys bc “can’t you see my angel is sleeping?”
  • Uncle Chim and Hobi are constantly playing with them
  • They each have different favorite uncles though
  • Bby #1 likes Hobi the most bc he’s just as energetic as he is and he lets him play on his phone and he’s not afraid to be weird with him
  • Bby #2 likes Chim the most bc he dances with her and lets her dress him up and cuddles her if she asks him to
  • Bby #3 can’t choose between Jin and Kook bc Jin always feeds her whatever he’s eating and lets her sit on his lap and he has really broad shoulders that are great for napping on but Kooks also pretty broad and he always carries her around and he makes weird faces at her but she also lowkey really likes Yoongi bc he lets her nap with him and his chest is really comfortable and he always wears these huge scarves she can use as pillows so she just decides she’ll worry about favorites later on
  • All of the boys a d o r e them though
  • As if their father didn’t spoil them enough, they also have six uncles who are willing to buy or give them anything and everything they want
  • Tae’s forever singing to them
  • He sings them to sleep, he sings to them when he’s bathing them, he sings them when he’s helping them with their hair, he’s just always singing
  • He’s the only one that can get bby #1 to sleep and no one knows his secret bc bby #1 has s o much energy and just wants to jump on the bed all night but somehow Tae gets him to sleep within five minutes
  • His secret is actually just singing really soft songs to him and holding him against his chest and rubbing his back until he feels his lil boy’s breathing slow down and eventually feels him slump against him
  • Bby #2 and 3 aren’t that difficult to get to sleep since bby #3 really appreciates her sleep and bby #2 is just always exhausted after running around with appa all day long
  • He’s also really good at calming them down
  • Like bby #2 had gotten her first bruise and she was crying bc she had no idea what was happening and he just rocked her back and forth and kissed her lil bruise and just talked to her for a bit about how it’s just a bruise and he has one too and he shows it to her and she feels better bc even appa gets bruises
  • Like his hands literally engulf theirs and they’re always toying with his hands when they sit in his lap
  • That house is always, 24/7 filled with laughter
  • Whether it’s from one of the bbys or him or you, someone’s always laughing and he makes a point to keep it that way
  • He’s just such an ideal father sign mE UP

I have a lot of thoughts about Eliza Hamilton and how other people perceive her is so different from how I do. SPECIFICALLY, how in almost all discussions of her from both fans (and those involved in the musical) her selflessness is played up but this is not actually reflected in the play, like at all. In fact until the very end of the show she’s very briskly self-centered! This is not at all a criticism. A little benign selfishness in a gal always gets me swoony.

I’m thinking about “That Would Be Enough” here. I’ve seen several JOKE POSTS about how Alexander swears she’ll never feel helpless and haha, look at Eliza’s very next song!! As if Hamilton is  wrong here and Eliza right, rather than just two humans with very different, and as we know with foresight, sadly irreconcilable views of what their marriage should be. Eliza: “So long as you come home at the end of the day, that would be enough.” Hamilton: that wouldn’t be enough for me, actually. ELIZA IN NON-STOP: “WOULD THAT BE ENOUGH?” She knows Alexander’s legacy and ambition matters to him, but what matters to Hamilton doesn’t really matter that much to Eliza, and she kind of tells him so over and over. Which is fantastic. Eliza isn’t wrong to want more, but neither is Hamilton wrong for requiring more than domestic bliss to be fulfilled. This is why dating is a snazzy invention and knowing each other for more than two weeks is a great idea.

BUT ANYWAY. Nothing about “That Would Be Enough” is actually about selfless, saintly wife-hood. Eliza is going after her emotional needs using the self-effacing language available to her. It’s all about what SHE wants and what SHE needs dressed up as angel-in-the-house devotion. I love it, I love her ability to make emotional demands. She wants to be part of the narrative! She wants to be the center of Alexander’s life as he is of hers! If she actually only wanted to be the peaceful refuge from his cares or whatever the song would take place with Eliza singing alone while Alexander is on some faraway battlefield. Men will be men, the war is important, she’ll be waiting when he’s through with his great endeavors. But no! She GOES OVER HIS HEAD and writes to his BOSS, GEORGE WASHINGTON, and has HIM send Alexander home!!! Eliza wants him with her, and thinks the world should oblige her. She does believe he deserves to meet his son, so much so that she believes she knows better than Hamilton where he needs to be and what he needs to be doing and tries to make that vision a reality.

The other thing is this widespread belief that Eliza’s marriage was one long dreary march of neglect and frustration. Which is simply not reflected by anything in the show. While Eliza spends a lot of time exasperated with Hamilton’s refusal to be her dream husband, she’s never actually SAD until the end of the show when absolutely everybody is miserable, so.

This is driven home by “Take a Break” for me. First of all, and a tangent, oh my God in the stage production Eliza is SO THIRSTY. SHE WANTS HER SEX VACATION SO BAD GUYS. “I came all this way!” “SHE CAME ALL THIS WAY!” Eliza is not above using her husband’s hots for her sister to her own advantage, amazing. Further tangent a small but yet not insignificant part of her rage post Reynold’s pamphlet is DEFINITELY how much sex Alexander had that summer and how little she had. I do feel sorry for her there. That’s rough, buddy.

Anyway, watching the mumble mumble it struck me how little self-pity she has here. She’s RADIANT throughout. Her efforts fail and she looks a little disappointed, but she walks off stage arm-in-arm with Angelica, smiling, Alexander slightly forgotten. It’s really creepy and a strange brand of suffering porn to imagine she spent two decades of marriage pining at the window for Hamilton. Just going off my knowledge real Eliza Hamilton’s life, she had a large extended family she adored and who adored her, friends, a small army of children to raise, philanthropic efforts, and Jesus. Thinking of her life post-duel it seems obvious she was a person with a great deal of internal resource and an ability to craft meaning from her life.

But all this to say: to imagine Eliza as a purely selfless being takes away all meaning from her arc from “Burn” on. To take her forgiveness as a foregone conclusion because she’s just wired that way makes it meaningless. For me I always read “It’s Quiet Uptown” as a transformative, transfigurative moment for Eliza, something she could have never imagined herself doing. It’s a defining moment of her life, and internally so. The enormity of Eliza’s soul becoming apparent in the moment of  action. And it’s made so moving by what comes before, when she is pretty tightly blinkered and forgivably, humanly, wonderfully self-interested.  “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Her Story” is the final fulfillment of this; Alexander’s legacy never mattered to her and in fact injured her, but she upholds as an act of love for him. Which if you don’t take Eliza as a being made of PERSONIFIED FEMININE LOVE could be taken as a negative subsumption or Eliza learning the self-effacement she never before demonstrated. But I find it incredibly moving. Recognizing the needs and inner life of another person, even those we love most, as equal to our own is one of the hardest things to do as a person. Both Alexander and Eliza are pretty bad at it until they aren’t. Eliza has the chance to get it even more profoundly than he does. Which I think is pretty great.

He talks about your child(ren) during an interview (SEVENTEEN)

only doing the older ones 

Y/S/N= Your son’s name

Y/D/N= Your daughter’s name

S.Coups: -he’s a dorky dad and he’d do anything for Y/D/N but she hadn’t gotten used to the fact she now had to share him with the world. So she was 1 ½ and wanted nothing more than her daddy so she would throw fits often before he preformed but would get over it when they started singing Adore U. It was actually caught on video of her meltdown and her cheery expression right as the song started.- “She loves our songs but she loves me even more/ I hope she gets over her breakdowns soon and concerts won’t be difficult anymore”

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Jeonghan: -your 1 year old son was blessed with his father’s hair. You recently posted a picture of Y/S/N with his long hair up in a cute little bun as he watched tv in your living room. Most people found it adorable and Jeonghan talked about it in their interview- “she sent me many pictures of him with his hair up she did it because she was tired of his hair getting in his face. She wants to cut it but he cries everytime it’s mentioned so we won’t cut it at least not yet”

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Joshua: -Your daughter mainly spoke Korean and when your visited his relatives in America she had some grasp on the English language because you and Joshua spoke it to eachother. You and Joshua took he to a beach but when she said it it sounded like ‘bitch’ because neither of you used the word in English so she just said what she thought it was- “my daughter’s a good girl honestly English is the hardest language to learn so she’s doing decent. She’ll get it”

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Jun: -it was always an iffy topic with him because he liked keeping you and Y/D/N out of the way of cameras. He valued your privacy but he had a few pictures of your baby girl on his phone that he showed during an interview- “she’s almost 3 and I like keeping her out of the public’s eye for the reason she’s so young and doesn’t need tons of people bugging her. But if you look hard enough there’s pictures of her out there”

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Hoshi: -Y/S/N was known for not having a normal look on his face whenever he ended up in pictures. Soonyoung loved posting the pictures because the fact his 4 month old wasn’t capable of being normal even for a picture. They brought up a montage of pictures during an interview- “I think there’s one normal picture of him and it’s the only one that’s not on the internet for the reason he actually looks normal and we treasure it like we do him”

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Wonwoo: -Your daughter didn’t like smiling it seemed like but it really was she didn’t like all the people so she didn’t want to smile. Even when you held a camera near her the smile would drop and Wonwoo loved it.- “Y/D/N is simply the shyest little creature ever she just wants to be around a few people and she’d be all smiles. She just got used to all the other boys recently and actually smiled at them”

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Woozi: -when daddy was working around the recording equipment your son would be in his lap ‘helping’ which was pointing out sounds he heard and making them back at Jihoon. It was his little distraction during his work that he enjoyed. And you took a pic of them and posted it on Instagram and it went popular- “I like to say he’s getting a head start in the business. Y/N calls it he really wants to hit all the buttons but won’t because I’d scold him”

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SMH Favorite Christmas Songs

@prettygeeks and i have the best conversations

Holster: This boy is half Jewish but he is SO into Christmas and is that person who listens to music November 1. Like the true rom-com nerd he is “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey is his #1 (though he also attempts to sing every harmony to “Carol of the Bells. It’s only a semi-disaster)

Ransom: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Mariah Carey. Actually, he and Holster are constantly blasting her Christmas album and sometimes they both end up in tears marveling at her talent. These boys. 

Bitty: “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”. He rocks around the kitchen to this, in a festive holiday apron whipping up enough cookies and pie for every person he has every met in his life. Jack Zimmermann’s heart grows three sizes each time he gets to witness it. 

Jack: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra like the big ol’ sap he is. “From now on, our troubles will be miles away” Damnit Jack.

Shitty: Listen, this boy will rant for hours on how problematic Christmas is, but when “Dominck the Donkey” comes on he LOSES HIS MIND. 

Lardo: “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses. No explanation needed. 

Dex: He tells everyone it’s Bruce Springsteen’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” but it’s actually “Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters (#SecretSoftie). 

Nursey: “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder but he also has a love for “Sleigh Ride” and a secret desire to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy forest. He tells everyone this when he is drunk. Chirps fly. (On their first Christmas as a married couple, Dex makes this dream come true.) 

Chowder: The entirety of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. And when “Linus and Lucy” comes on, everyone must dance like a Peanuts character. And they all do.

+ bonus Parse: “My Only Wish” by Britney Spears. Good god, Kent. 

Matching Rings on Fingers; Hachi and Nana

One of my favorite… I dunno what to call it… Concepts? Themes? I dunno, in NANA is Hachi and Nana’s matched engagement rings. Whether you wanna read Nana and Hachi as platonic or romantic, it is just a fact they are soulmates and I think the rings are great symbolism of this fact.

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The Other Girl (Part 3) - L.H

Alright…I’m already warning you that part 4 will have smut and be significantly longer. Enjoy loves

“So…is that a yes to doing a duet during soundcheck?” Luke looked towards y/n waiting for her response to Cameron’s question before giving his own not wanting to upset her in any way. He was just happy she had started saying hello to him in the halls and asking how his day had been for the past week of their tour, currently at Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

“What song, specifically, are we singing?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest clearly not amused by her brother’s request for the duet, but it had been requested by fans on twitter lately. She knew they’d have to give in at some point.

“I was thinking, and I don’t know how you feel about this Luke because I don’t know if you know the words, but  either Heaven by Bryan Adams or Lips of an Angel by Hinder.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Cammy…love songs?” she questioned, her eyes wide giving her a vulnerable look as he shrugged.

“Fans and the media would eat it up alive. But, you two need to be okay with this first. I don’t want to throw you out to the wolves if you aren’t comfortable. It was just an idea our managers threw out there.” Luke suddenly wished he had a management team that was as understanding as Black Stallions, making sure they were comfortable with the things they were doing and wanted every part in them, unlike his own who had thrown him to the pack of wolves…or wolf, in his case.

“Are you okay with it, Lu?” she questioned looking towards him. He couldn’t read her expression knowing she wanted him to give an honest answer without thinking about how she felt. Ultimately, the rumors spreading could either damage his career by saying he was sneaking around behind his girlfriend’s back with y/n, boost it by having the media and fans ship them together, or both.

“I’m fine with it. You just need to pick a song,” he said back smiling at her, having it reciprocated immediately. She already knew which song she wanted to sing. It was a no brainier.


“So, we all have a surprise for you,” Luke said into the mic when he returned with his acoustic guitar, y/n having Laurie hand her her own. “We’ve noticed a bunch of you have requested for a duet.”

“And Luke here and I decided why the hell not. We do shit like this all the time off stage, so why not bring it on stage and see how much you all love it during soundcheck, maybe add it to a show,” she teased through a lie giving Luke a wink as fans in the audience cheered loudly. “So, I don’t know if you all know this, but the first song I ever learned how to play on the guitar was Lips of an Angel by Hinder, and it’s actually what got me into rock music.”

“You’re kidding. I didn’t know that,” Luke said as he stopped tuning his guitar to look at her a bit shocked only causing her to grin at him and nod. For once, she wasn’t acting with Luke and trying to be civil, it was just a natural thing coming out, something she hadn’t felt hearing the name Luke Hemmings in over a year.

“Learn something new every day, Hemmings. Anyways, I’m honored to be able to sing this song on stage here today with a very close friend of mine. Want to tell them what it’s about, Lu?”

“Well,” he started as he adjusted the large guitar so it rested comfortably on his lap while she tuned her guitar quickly. “It’s about this guy who gets a call from his ex while he’s with his current girl who’s asleep in the next room and he pretty much tells her how much he misses her and wishes his current girl was his ex.”

“Scandalous, right?” she questioned into the mic, sliding the pic out from the strings on the neck of the guitar. “Alright, ready to go?”

“I’m ready when you are, sweetheart,” he said waiting for her to start the melody for him to sing the verse following in with his guitar when they started the chorus, y/n joining in for that part. They looked towards each other more frequently than they probably should have, flirty smiles on their faces as each one giggled at times they weren’t singing.

When the song had finally finished, those seated for soundcheck erupted into loud applause, as well as the rest of the two bands who had been seated off to the side either on the floor or in a chair. “That was amazing you two,” Ashton said into the mic causing the two to smile towards each other. Before looking towards the audience.

“What did you all think?” y/n questioned as they cheered again causing her to laugh. “Alright, guys, does anyone have any questions for us?”

“Yeah, when are you two going to get together?” a girl in the audience asked causing y/n to bite her lip, Luke deciding he would be the bad guy in this situation.

“Neither of us have taken that into consideration due to the fact I have a girlfriend,” Luke said trying to sound professional and not as if he actually liked Arz. She was alright sometimes, but he wouldn’t go as far as to say he liked the girl enough to date her, let alone love her, especially in public when something like that could be posted throughout all of the tabloids.

“Well, I think you should reconsider. We ship you guys. We have for two years now,” another girl chimed in causing both to laugh a bit awkwardly.

“We appreciate it, but it doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon,” y/n said not exactly denying that it wouldn’t happen, and Luke caught on to that quickly, keeping his head facing forward not wanting to cause a scene in front of so many people. “How about more questions directed towards the two bands as a whole and not just me and Luke, yeah?” Luke could tell she was growing uncomfortable from her constant shifting around.

By showtime, they had become a trending topic on every form of social media, good for publicity, bad for y/n’s emotions, and bad for Luke’s sanity.

“Arz, can you calm the fuck down, we did a duet,” Luke said into the phone as his girlfriend continued to argue with him. After Mansfield, she was told she should go home and that she couldn’t come to visit them until they got to Texas, where she’s from. “Yup, I know that…alright, you’re being a cunt right now so I’m hanging up.” Everyone watched Luke toss his phone onto the chair in front of him before heading out of the dressing room, y/n following behind knowing he was in this mess partially because of her.

“Luke, wait up,” she said walking behind him as his pace quickened. “Alright, you fucking bread stick, not all of us have ginormous legs like you so stop fucking walking.” He did as he was told, back still facing her as she made her way to him. “Talk to me, Lu.”

“This whole thing is bullshit. It’s so hard to pretend like I’m fine and like I’m happy when I’m not,” he said back turning to face her, jaw tensed up.

“Why aren’t you happy?” she questioned, concern flooding through her words as he grabbed her jaw, pressing his lips to hers roughly catching her off guard. Before she could even react, he pulled away and started walking backwards.

“Because I want you.” He turned away from her starting to walk away once again, this time leaving her where she was. She didn’t try to chase after him, still confused as to what had happened thirty seconds before as she touched her lips before groaning and sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, her head in her hands.

Calum stood off to the side as he watched everything unfold, his stomach dropping when he watched the kiss knowing damn well that if Luke hadn’t pulled away, she would’ve kissed him back. He didn’t have a right to, especially after everything he put her through. But, Calum couldn’t compete with his best friend when he knew that Luke still had her wrapped around his fingers.

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hi I was wondering if you could do some dad!warren head cannons please? i really need it in my life!!! thank you

MMM i feel u

  • He is the reason your child’s first word was ‘fuck’
    • Warren didn’t mean for it to happen it just kind of did. He always meant to watch his language but he never did. Old habits die hard.
  • When you’re absolutely exhausted and you just can’t get up, he takes care of the baby when it cries in the middle of the night
    • Your first child, Olivia, was colicky and constantly cried through out the night and the only thing that consoled her was Warren flying around with her, tucked close to his chest.
      • When you first found out, you freaked because, even though you trust him wholeheartedly, that is your daughter and you are scared shitless that he might drop her
      • He never dropped her though
        • You feel better about it when he promises to only stay a few feet off the ground with her
    • He sings Olivia and Benjamin to sleep quite often
      • Mostly rock songs but also the occasional lullaby
      • He sounds like an actual angel to you even if he sings just a bit gruffly
    • You sing mostly off key disney songs
  • He is his kids #1 supporter
    • He wants his kids to have a better childhood than him. He doesn’t ever want them to ever feel unwanted or unloved
  • Warren is scared to death he is going to be like his father
    • You know better and have no problem reassuring him
  • The kids are fascinated with his wings and will beg him to fly them around because they had developed a love for the way their hair feels in the wind and the rush that they get just like their father

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I'm happy we got the duet we did. It means something and I think it's great that Blake was inspired to write something for Gwen and wanted to sing a real, meaningful song with her. He hadn't done that before, so it's very special. I don't really get why Mirandas fans think that's something to gloat over? I mean poor Anderson only got to sing backing on her album.

I actually really like that he discussed that it came about naturally. While contrived - even in the best sense - songs can be excellent, all I was wanting to hear was that it’s still something they’re open to and desire to do in the future. And that’s what I heard (again!), so… And it is special. The song was released only a couple of weeks after I became a fan, and I was on the way to work at the time. I spent the whole remainder of the bus trip almost shaking whilst listening to it. It was just so raw and nakedly autobiographical, which is basically my favourite thing in the world.

And I have literally no idea. Again, as I said earlier, it’s not a competition. If M sings five duets with A on her next album, I’d be perfectly happy about it, lol. After all, long before I’d heard Blake’s music, Anderson East’s song with Jill Andrews (Say Anything, IIRC?) was something I’d enjoyed and downloaded… 

Chapter Thirty-One

A/N: Yay! Finally an update! I’m sorry for the wait, and there’s a bit of an abrupt time jump, but I really hope you enjoy this one… xx

The next two weeks were plagued not only with engagements but with preparations for the wedding. After recovering from their hangovers, they fell back into their normal routine, with Harry undertaking engagements every day of that week. On Monday night, he attended a concert for Wellchild, at which Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed. Lady Gaga asked him about whether he and Emmy had had ‘bachelor and bachelorette parties’, which led Harry to say, “We did, the second best thing about getting married, after the marriage, of course”.

The next day Harry was at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and the day after that he and Emmy launched 100 Days until the Rugby World Cup, before, that evening, Harry and all his cousins took Philip and Elizabeth out for drinks to celebrate Philip’s birthday. The following day, Harry and Emmy were at the National Memorial Arboretum, to inaugurate the new Bastion Memorial. On the Friday, Emmy found herself with Harry, William, Edward, William’s private secretary Miguel and a cameraman in the gardens of Kensington Palace; the princes were recording a video message to congratulate the Queen’s Young Leaders, and Emmy wasted no time in distracting Harry and making him giggle, disrupting the filming and eventually being forced to go back inside by Edward, so that they could finish the message.

The next day was Trooping the Colour, and Harry and Emmy headed to Buckingham Palace for the celebrations for the Queen’s birthday.

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wait, that phantom cast got no professional training for the movie? wtf ppl


As far as I recall it Emmy Rossum had sung in an opera chorus as a child and Gerard Butler not at all.

The only one of the main trio who had musical theatre expirience was Patrick Wilson who played, for example, in Oklahoma and even had Tony nominations.

And it showed, he was actually a great Raoul, despite the wig. ^^

The only one who got a dub was Minnie Driver as Carlotta, because she can sing, but just not opera.

Her singing voice in the movie is soprano Margaret Preece, though the song “Learn to be Lonely” at the end of the movie was sung by Minnie Driver herself.

I saw an interview where ALW and Joel Schuhmacher talked about the deal that Joel wanted a young and unknown cast, and ALW said he’d just agree if they all would do their own singing.

I don’t think that was a wise decision. Phantom of the Opera is score wise for singers one of the most difficult pieces and the whole point of the musical is that the singer, at least the Phantom and Christine, are expeptional. It doesn’t make any sense to neglect the vocal aspect so much!

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"I didn't think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this." For the Manorian prompt, ly ☺

I didn’t think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this.

Dorian held back a yawn as he looked at the large crib next to the bed. He cringed at the thought of it being empty, despite the item being made of the finest materials in the whole kingdom. A loud cry echoed across the room and the King rubbed his messy hair back as his gaze went over to Manon, who kept walking back and forth from the bathing room to their own.

“Need help?” He asked, making sure to keep his voice sullen and quiet, lest he further irritate the small bundle in her arms.

She looked at him, but shook her head before turning back toward the bathing room. As with everything, Manon was quick to take her new role as a mother in the form of a challenge. A week into the job and already she was wonderful at it, surprising Dorian with every little thing and sometimes impressing him so much he felt almost unfit as a father.

It didn’t help that the tiny witchling would outright wail the second anyone but her mother picked her up and while the witch midwives and Manon assured him this would pass after a few weeks, his spirits still dropped when he realized he couldn’t pick up his little girl unless she was deeply asleep. Most of the time the child was indeed asleep, but for once Dorian just wanted those beautiful dull gold eyes to focus on him without that cherub face scrunching up immediately after.

As Manon did another round back to the bedroom, the King finally decided to get up and join her. He wasn’t sure how he could help, but he wanted Manon to rest, if only for a few hours. “Let me try,” he offered and although the witch stared at him unconvinced, Manon slowly let him take the baby.

Immediately as Sorrin began to fuss, Dorian quickly rocked her, humming a song he used to hear the servants sing to their children when he was young and scurried around the castle at ungodly hours of the night because no one bothered to actually put him to bed. He could never see his father after dinner even when he tried and his mother merely gave him a nod before going to bed. She never went with him to his room and the maids assigned to him had given up on trying to get him to sleep because he always sneaked out.

He would go to the servant quarters, hiding in dark corners and listening through the thin walls as mothers and fathers sang and told stories to their sleepy children. His soft humming seemed to work as the small witchling in his hands quieted down. He caught the smile on Manon’s face as the child let out a tired yawn. “You must teach me your songs,” she muttered as her fingers came up to touch the baby’s head.

Dorian looked up at her. “You don’t know any nursery songs?” Her silence said it all and the King thought that perhaps hearing other parents sing to their children was better than hearing nothing at all. “I’ll teach you some,” he told her, smiling while he reminded himself to keep his voice down. “I bet Chaol and Nesryn can help, too.”

Manon huffed in amusement. “It’s hard to imagine your First Hand singing a song meant for children.”

The King bit his lip to keep from chuckling. “I want to hear you sing.” He had caught her humming once, before they had Sorrin, and had hidden behind the half-closed bathroom door as her voice filtered from the accidental acoustic in the bathing room into their shared bedroom. He had been both awed and fascinated even when she cut the melody out as soon as she caught his scent. It had been a tune she had gotten from hearing the newly formed orchestra, one of his favorites. When he has asked her about it Manon had pretended it never happened and that he had been ‘clearly imagining things.’

“Witches do not sing.”

As he thought about the way she had naturally taken to the tone and pitch of a tune she had only heard once, he pursed his lips. “Not even to your witchlings?”

The Queen’s eyes went to Sorrin, but she didn’t answer. Dorian hoped she would try it, even if he didn’t get to hear it. As the silence stretched, Manon turned back to the bed. “You should try to lay her down.”

He nodded and they both went to the crib. Dorian slowly lay the baby down on the small bassinet at the top part of the crib, and after making sure she was warm and comfortable, he took Manon’s hand and dragged them both into bed. Her sigh as they lay down made him smile. “Parent life isn’t as easy as we though, huh?” Silence for a while, but he wasn’t bothered by it. Emotion rose through him as he muttered his next words. 

“I didn’t think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this.”

She remained quiet for a bit, before he felt her shift closer. “Neither did I.”

He leaned in to kiss her forehead as her hand came up to his neck. 

They were asleep within the next few minutes.

Thanks for the promt! I’m sorry I take so long with these, but I haven’t forgotten them! I hope you enjoyed!

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sonder ; calum au pt 2

part one

She sipped the hot liquid tentatively, the warmth spilling onto her tongue with a splash. She had found a booth in the back corner of the café, but it still had a perfect view of the small stage near the entrance. She cupped her coffee between her hands, finally regaining feeling in her frozen fingers.

She leaned back in the booth, resting her head against the cushioned seat as she listened to the act that was just starting. He sat down on the lone stool, guitar in hand as he introduced himself before launching into the song he had planned.

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