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did she just…… did she just make a post?

Well YES SHE DID. I’ve been brutally busy the past year with everything from moving city to starting a new concept art job to hitchhiking for 3 months and I just…. didn’t have the spare energy to actually complete anything worth posting.

So I thought I’d start creating comics about my adventures whilst hitchhiking! Cos im certainly useless at fuckin WRITING these stories down..

I’ll make this into a lil series of all kinds of tales and stories if people are interested? But for now, here’s a few of the stupid animal problems I had at night….. super goddamn rough because that’s all i can achieve at the moment

Lost (Jimin x Reader) Part V

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The following morning, you woke up without feeling any emptiness within you, actually for what it was worth you finally felt complete - it was as if the last and most important piece of the puzzle was yet to solve the overall image. You strongly suspected your feeling of completeness to have been triggered by the conversation you had with Jimin the previous night. Looking around at your surroundings you began to feel slightly baffled as to how you had gotten in your bedroom. You could have sworn that yesterday you had spent the whole night on the couch talking with Jimin … Actually, you couldn’t quite recall most of the stuff that had happened last night.

As usual, your hand would wander around for a couple of seconds along the fabric of the bed sheet that laid on top of you mattress in the hope that you would find Jimin’s body laying restlessly next to your own and for once in a very long time your hand came into contact with his own. Almost immediately you felt obliged to pull away, yet, you were gravely tempted to hold on to his hand even if it was just for a second. Hesitantly, your hand made its way to his own before you let out a loud gasp due to him enclosing your wrist delicately in his fingers. 

“Hey” he greeted you in a sleepy voice as a faint smile tugged at both corners of his lips.

You wanted to reply but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to let the words leave your mouth. You were speechless and completely mesmerised by the beauty of your fiancé ‘ex-fiancé’. Slowly, his fingers let go of your wrist to comfortably intertwine themselves in yours. Truthfully no moment could ever be as perfect as the one you were currently experiencing and you honestly wouldn’t mind getting used to waking up to this everyday. However, knowing that he was still in a ‘relationship’ with Nari just made this overpowering current of guilt flow through you, even if rightfully this was where he belonged. 

You threw him an apologetic glance and it was as if he knew exactly how you were feeling, he let go of your hand while his eyes bored into your own - searching deep into your soul. “_____, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I’ve just been thinking a lot about what was said last night so I thought you would be okay with it.” 

You sighed as you tried to recall what the actual conversation was about, though, no matter how hard you tried, it seemed to have completely slipped from your mind, “Jimin, I-” 

You were interrupted by him “It doesn’t matter… Thanks for letting me stay for the night.” Before you could say anything else he got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom. You couldn’t understand why you couldn’t bring yourself to say what you wanted to tell him. Throwing your blanket aside you quickly got out of bed and made your way to the open kitchen to prepare a small breakfast for him. The entire time you spent cooking all you could only think about how stupid you were for not speaking out to him or letting him know how you truly felt. After Jimin had closed the bathroom door you could hear his feet dragging themselves along the wooden floor of your apartment, his steps seemed to be approaching closer to where you were. Once he finally entered the open kitchen he gave you a longing look, “I’ll get going now” he said as an exasperated sigh left his lips. 

“No. I mean, I made breakfast so if you’re hungry then please help yourself” you said, seeing his eyes dropping down to the food you had finished preparing thus causing his eyebrows to quiver ever so slightly in astonishment as his whole face radiantly lit up, he appeared to be content with the effort you had made “_____~ah you shouldn’t have …” 

“Listen, I really want to say sorry for what happened earlier. I only pulled away because I’m not used to that, it’s been such a long time that I’ve had anyone do that to me so I was just shocked. Jimin, I do like you. For what it’s worth I like you a lot but I feel as if I have to restrain myself because you’re still in a relationship with Nari.” Everything had happened so fast, immediately after you were done Jimin had yanked your wrist promptly pulling you closer to him before he wrapped you in his arms, holding you as if his life depended on it. The hug was so sudden yet you were able to ease into it without any problems. “_____, can we just stay like this for a bit, please?” you nodded in response whilst laying your head against his chest to distinctly listen to his heart beat. There was something about the way his heart beat pounded at his chest that made you feel as if you had entered one of your peaceful dreams. You then wrapped your arms around his waist, closing your eyes as you inhaled his scent. The hug lasted for a couple seconds more but when you opened your eyes, you began to feel tears welling up in your eyes. Some of the tears were due to you missing the contact of the warmth of his body against your own, but, most of the tears were due to you missing the way things used to be.  

Jimin’s cheeks were flushed in a soft pink colour as his nerves started becoming apparent, he tried biting on his bottom lip to hide them, though, this only made his nerves become more obvious. “A-are you okay? What’s wrong?” 

You shook your head whilst attempting to fight the tears that threatened to roll on to your cheeks “I don’t want you to leave. I want you to stay, I can’t lose you again.” Jimin started wiping away at your tears with his thumbs with a mere expression of confusion written all over his face “_____, you’re not going to lose me, I’ll always be there for you.” … If only he knew. Deep inside, he knew he wanted to cry as well but he did well to restrain himself, instead, he brushed off the thought that seemed to sadden him and replaced the minor sorrow with a broad grin. Of course, when you were dating you knew that he would hide his pain by making you believe that he was fine. Although his expression was very convincing - it didn’t fool you, at all. “I don’t like seeing you upset so maybe we should eat first, before the food gets cold and then we could just have fun together.” he suggested and that’s exactly what you did.

You sat opposite each other at the dining table, nearly wolfing down the food as you both exchanged jokes that installed a presence of an enjoyable atmosphere in the room. Hours later after you had finished eating and talking, Jimin turned on the TV in the living room. Flickering between channels before he stumbled across a music video channel. Instead of clearing the table you watched him, as the rhythm of the song travelled through his body, influencing the flow of his movements as he danced. He continued for a while but then stopped when he realised that you were watching him. A smirk presented itself on his lips as he gestured for you to come over. Without even leaving yourself time to think, you went to the living room and joined him to dance a little bit. The music was drowned by the sound of yours and Jimin’s laughter, the both of you danced until you could feel your energy slowly draining.  

Once you were done, you both lazed into the couch - trying to catch your breath. Jimin’s phone started ringing causing him to stare at the caller ID in complete shock, if anything, he seemed afraid to answer. His hands started trembling a little bit as he pressed a button that ignored the call. Without saying a word he grabbed his coat and made his way over to the corridor to grab his shoes, you had followed him into the corridor. You stood there, trying to figure out why he didn’t want to stay or if you did something that made him feel the need to leave. Jimin was about to leave without even saying ‘goodbye’, therefore, you grasped on to his wrist as tightly as you could so that he wouldn’t go - which subconsciously made him turn around and caused his eyes to widen, you could tell that he didn’t expect you to grab on to him like that so you released your grip. To your surprise, Jimin had cupped your face in his hands before carefully entrapping your lips inbetween his own. He savoured the taste of  your lips as fresh tears starting rolling on to his cheeks, only this time he knew there was no way he could hold them back. He broke from the kiss, as he tried so hard not to look at you, though, instantly his eyes met yours. “Jimin, please stay” you said feeling your voice break a little. 

He sighed “One day, we’ll be together. I promise, but first I’m going to have to confront Nari” 

He started putting on his coat, without realising that something had fallen out of his pocket. It was a small object. At first, you weren’t quite sure what the object was - before your eyes started analysing it as you went to pick it up. You glanced up at Jimin feeling your heart pounding so much quicker than it’s usual steady pace. “Jimin?” he hummed in response but, he wasn’t paying much attention to you considering he was preoccupied with something else. He started patting his pockets finally realising that something was missing. “Why did you have my car keys in your pocket?” 

He scratched the side of his head as he stared at you in disbelief “You wouldn’t believe me, if I told you.” Your gaze stayed fixated on him as you clutched tightly on to the car keys “Go on, why did you take them?” 

You could see him starting to get frustrated, he acted the exact same way he did one month ago when you had gotten into that argument and for the first time in a long time, you could finally see the ‘Jimin’ you were used to, “Because I keep seeing them in my dreams. Every single night, when I go to sleep I have this dream and I don’t quite know why so I’d really like to know … I thought that maybe if I familiarise myself with the keys I could finally understand why I keep seeing them.” 

“What’s the dream about?” you asked while raising an eyebrow. 

“It’s stupid. Basically, I keep dreaming about this girl … I don’t really know who she is but in my dream she takes the form of a dark silhouette and in the dream she’s my fiancée, we were arguing but I got so angry that I just wanted to leave and clear my head. I grabbed the car keys and slammed the door on my way out. I went for a ride in her car and before I knew it a random car came crashing into hers. But I didn’t die, instead, I got taken to a hospital … Ah, I told you it was a stupid dream but I’d still like to know why I have the same dream every night,”

You shook your head finding it immensely painful to keep in mind what Doctor Kang had told you to do, “Jimin that’s not a dream … It really happened.”

Jimin started ruffling up his hair as you could see his anger starting to rise “It doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t I remember it actually happening!?”

“Because you’re suffering from memory loss … That’s also the reason why you can’t remember me, either”

“Wait! What? Do you mean to say that you’re that girl in my dreams? You’re my fiancée!?” He put a hand over his mouth in attempt to silence his whimpers as you nodded your head.

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