but actually a badass little boy

Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

Player: William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs


Mentions: Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly, Matt Martin, Kasperi Kapanen.

Warnings: Actual Fighting & Swear Words (So like a hockey game 😏)

Preview: Most of the time, it wasn’t even a second thought that you were a girl. Your teammates had taken you as family from the start and besides a few chirps here and there, the opponents didn’t seem to mind. You were a pretty calm and collected player so when the chirps did come it didn’t bother you. Plus, your teammates never let stupid shit slide.  

Characters: 919 words.

The masterlist is here.

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Willy was coming to a game of yours for the first time in a while. With him playing and both of your hectic schedules, it was hard for him to attend. You always understood, plus you didn’t expect to be playing for your college’s hockey team anyway.

Your school only had a boys’ team sadly so you just stuck to the beer league. After the coach got word of who your brothers were, very highly thought of graduates, and he watched you play a game, he insisted you join the team. After jumping through what seemed a million more hoops than it was worth and some opposition, you had made the team.

Most of the time, it wasn’t even a second thought that you were a girl. Your teammates had taken you as family from the start and besides a few chirps here and there, the opponents didn’t seem to mind. You were a pretty calm and collected player so when the chirps did come it didn’t bother you. Plus, your teammates never let stupid shit slide.  

Today was different, you could feel the glares from the other bench as you skated out. You tried to shake it, searching for Willy in the stands. You chuckled to yourself when you saw him. He was accompanied by Mitch, Morgan, Matt, and Kappy. They were all wearing T-shirts sporting the logo of your school. Your teammate offered you a playful shove and laugh when they all turned around to show your last name and number. Looking at the crooked numbers and letters you shook your head thinking of the boys using an iron.

You refocused on running drills and shooting at the net. The shivers you felt up your spine were not from the ice but the glares shot at your back as you practiced. You tried to ignore it and continued skating.

You were succeeding pretty well until you were face to face with one of the players at the faceoff. The ref seemed to be taking his sweet time, giving him the opportunity to offer you some chirps.

“Think you are tough shit huh princess.”

You ignored him, focusing on where the puck would be dropped and praying it would fall soon. 

“What think you’re better than me? With your big hockey star boyfriend? Yeah I know who you are princess.”

Luckily the ref dropped the puck and he was more interested in chirping you then paying attention. You won the faceoff and the game continued. 

The game continued, your newly made friend and one of his buddies kept sending chirps your way and even pulled a few dirty hits. You kept your cool all the while. You knew your teammates and your cheering section were becoming more and more irritated.

You had somehow survived and had made it to the third period. There were only a few minutes left, and the score was tied. You were passed the puck and went for the breakaway. You sailed past a defenseman and watched as the puck slide between the goalie’s legs. You began to celebrate when you were interrupted, being slammed into the ice. The same player from before hit you hard and stood over you chuckling. You stood up finding your balance with a scoff. 

“Don’t play if you can’t handle it, sweetheart.”

That’s when all hell broke loose. He swung at you, hitting your facemask. You knew it wasn’t the best idea but you threw gloves, you weren’t going to just take it.

Before you could even process what happened, both benches were cleared and you were being pulled from the fight by one of your teammates.

But as much as they wanted to, your teammates didn’t have to take on the culprit. He was laying on the ice clutching his face.

You pulled from the grip on your shoulder. You had lost your helmet in the scuffle, your hair pulled from its tight pony. You spit a bit, the blood running down your cheek spilling into your mouth.

 You didn’t dare look towards the stands, unsure with how the boys were reacting. You skated off until you reached the bench, ducking and following the team doctor to the locker room.

After changing and receiving some stitches above your already bruised eye, you were placing ice to your swollen face when you heard footsteps approaching. You expected it to be someone checking on you but when you removed the ice you were met with your concerned looking boyfriend.

“Fancy meeting you here” you tried with a smile.

“Are you okay?” he asked examining your face. He cringed

“Is it that bad? At least I didn’t lose any teeth.”

He chuckled.

“I’m sorry I worried you babe. I’m sure me getting into a fight wasn’t attractive.” You said placing the ice back onto your face.

“Morgan and Matt almost jumped over the glass when it happened, but they are quite proud and actually, You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” You rolled your eyes. 

“Matt wants you to teach him that sucker-punch you got on you.” Willy quipped.

This caused you to laugh.

“Now come on my little goon, the boys say they want to celebrate your first fight and game-winning goal” he smiled placing a sweet kiss to your lips. 

You giggled hopping off the table.

“Who knew I would be dating such a badass”

Grey’s Anatomy appreciation day.

Today is the day to appreciate:

The dark and twisty leading lady, who can be both a mom and an amazing surgeon.

The sassy Cardio-Godess, who stayed focused on her carrier and made her dream come true.

The evil spawn that ended in peds and showed that he will never give up on the people he loves.

The model that showed she belongs as a surgeon and showed that there’s nothing wrong with getting emotionally involved with a patient.

The sweet, nerdy 007 that became a soldier and gave his own life to save a stranger.

The virgin Mary, who became a trauma soldier.

The pretty boy, who showed everyone wrong and who will never forget the legacy of his teacher.

The Nazi, who’s actually the softest little muffin.

The badass resident, who dances in her underwear, ended up in Ortho and found herself.

The kind, positive peds surgeon, who can be hard when she has to be.

The world class neuro surgeon, who was just a guy in a bar(with amazing hair).

Satan, who turned out to be smart and kind and funny and ambitious.

The manwhore, who turned out to be loyal, smart and a great mentor.

The badass trauma surgeon with a heart of gold.

G.I. jane, who married a total stranger to save his life.

The lost daughter, who teaches us that it’s alright to like to be alone and that if you feel like an outcast, you’re not the only one.

The wise teacher, who became their equal.

The little sister, with a photographic memory and her heart in her vagina. 

The ‘Other’ dr. Shepherd, who became the boss of her brother and has a lot of things she needs to manage. Also, she’s a freaking superhero.

And the next generation, who will follow their predecessors’s footsteps and become great doctors:

The princess, who lived in her car.

Grumpy, who is dedicated to her education and very loyal to her superiors.

And the anesthesiologist, who wanted to do more. 

Ooooh… and also…

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i know little to nothing about andi mack and i don’t trust google to do it justice convince me to watch it please

in short it’s a disney channel show about an asian american girl who finds out that her sister is actually her mother (meaning she had her as a teenager which is Big for a disney show like what the heck) and her best friends are a badass black girl named buffy (obviously named after the vampire slayer) and cyrus the Mess of a gay jewish boy whom i adore. 

it’s obviously very child friendly but it’s still enjoyable for older audiences imo, even if i’m admittedly mostly watching for the coming out storyline because holy fucking shit the disney channel is having a canon gay character what the hell

When it comes that I’ve been asked if I would ever ship sasu//saku and why I do not, I can narrow it to this, though it’s still long and tedious, bear w me:

• Sakura has potential to go past that now. Her dream as a child was very shallow and simple - she wants Sasuke. A childhood crush based on looks did in fact grow into a love of the actual hurting, silly and torn boy beneath. Once they became friends on team 7 Sasuke wouldn’t be impartial to claiming Sakura as having the best chakra control of the team and is undoubtedly smart and able to realize the genjutsu they were first put within - he says she did so before he even did, a skill set he ultimately admired. When Sakura is being childish and scolding Naruto’s behavior and brings up his parents in a rather cruel way, Sasuke is there to tell her she has no idea what she’s talking about, proceeds to say she “made him sick/she’s annoying.” This inspires Sakura to be more accepting of Naruto - this is one of the many examples of how their friendship has been developing. It’s not about the surface or allure of Sasuke, she is beginning to know him, as he with her.

• Sakura sees the evil and hatred coming from Sasuke and hugs him, which calmed him enough to withdraw the mark. This shows me that Sakura has deepened her feelings, it’s not about being a cute, mysterious badass boy that matters - she’s afraid for his well being, his sanity, her composure cracks and she just holds him, overflowing with compassion for him, for him to not lose himself to darkness. Sakura’s feelings are no longer superficial. They are actually quite pure.

• Sasuke tells Sakura he is an avenger, that this life he leads there is no place for her or Naruto in it. This makes Sakura cry and though her words are a little selfish, “I’ll be all alone without you.” She does acknowledge that while she does have family and friends, without Sasuke there too - she feels empty, even offering to give it all up to follow him blindly. While this is devotion, I’ll tell you why it’s selfish:

- A family. She has the very thing Sasuke lost and is easily willing to leave that behind just so she can be with the boy she wants

- Most importantly, she doesn’t seem to care where Sasuke is going and the dangerous circumstances he will throw himself within, she would follow him blindly and mindlessly. That loses the phrase of innocent love, and becomes a concept of greed: she would literally sacrifice her ties of family and friends to allow and willingly follow Sasuke down a dark path.

• In between all that time, Sasuke and Naruto have been morphing between rivals and friends. They admire one another’s abilities, seek out one another as a staple of whom they want to fight and surpass (at this time Itachi is still the main objective driving Sasuke) They train together, bicker and argue. Naruto is never willing to let Sasuke’s attitude pass without some retaliation and he demands his respect and attention nearly constantly. In the land of waves arc, Sasuke “moves without thinking” stating he was intending to make it to the very end, until his older brother was killed but he sacrificed that goal and told Naruto not to die or let his own dream die. Sasuke admires that dream and goal and tenacity that is Naruto, enough that he would die for it. This is when the concept of friendship shifts to love. You do not give up your life and dreams for someone you do not love, consciously or not - Sasuke saw Haku’s intention and thought “Naruto, I HAVE to make it.” The worry, the absolution in his desire to save him is palpable.

• This is when Naruto’s seal breaks and he unleashes Kurama for the first time. Signaling the death of Sasuke as more triggering than Mizuki incident and all the collective years of neglect and hate from his own village.

• Now Sasuke has truly begun to see his family in Team 7, he calls them precious to him and that he could not bear to lose them. To watch his loved ones die all over again would be a pain he could not take. He entrusts Sakura to Naruto, because Sakura is unfortunately no match for Gaara in beast mode (which is to no fault of her own as he is way OP but she fought bravely) and is now pinned to a tree, likely to die without Naruto, because of Sasuke’s weakened state and let’s face it, Gaara has the upper hand. Naruto surprises Sasuke and gains a great deal of praise at his ability to create as many shadow clones as he was. Sasuke tells this to Sakura, furthering her tenderness of thought to Naruto.

• When it comes to Naruto attempting to stop Sasuke from leaving the village, the reasoning and intensity of it is much, much different then that of Sakura. Naruto tells Sasuke he can’t allow him to willingly put himself in danger, he can’t allow him to let orochimaru use him as a vessel, he won’t and can’t let Sasuke put himself in harms way. Though Naruto doesn’t want to lose that bond they are forming, his main reasoning is selfless. He simply wants Sasuke to be safe. This is where Sasuke admits to Naruto that he had become his closest friend.

• When they finally meet again after all that time at Orochimaru’s hide out, Sasuke devotes all his attention to Naruto. He is curious about him in particular, how he has grown and developed. He basically tests him but leaves Sakura out of it. Not because he no longer cares for her, but because Naruto after all this time is still his rival, this is where he meets Kurama.

• Kurama tells Sasuke that he will regret it if he kills Naruto and that he has the same eyes as Madara (his previous incarnate) Sasuke really doesn’t give a shit at the time and pops Kurama like a bubble.

Back to Sakura:

• Sakura becomes a disciple of the fifth Hokage and becomes a medic, she will eventually unlock the 100 healing jutsu and develop a physical strength which rivals that of her sensei, a sannin. Sakura has been gaining depth. She wants to be able to stand by Sasuke and Naruto and not behind them, her dreams are becoming more self realized and interesting.

• Sakura is no longer a fangirl of Sasuke. Her feelings remain but she has grown into them. She has created her own form of fighting, mastered her own strength and yes, is still in love with Sasuke but continuously is at war with herself on what to do.

- First, she feels guilt at the idea of putting this enormous task of saving Sasuke on Naruto. She has begun to show real compassion towards him, running in the line of danger just to help him and save him many times over.

- Sakura decides to take this burden herself and kill Sasuke with her own hands as to protect Naruto from this burden.

- Sakura realizes that she cannot do it, even as Sasuke was about to kill her, she still doesn’t even find it within her to hate him and she cannot muster up the willpower to kill him.

• Sakura bears witness to Naruto’s confession. Sakura is astounded and admires Naruto’s conviction and dedication and it literally nearly brings her to tears. Naruto, is there, telling Sasuke that he would bear all this hatred and die with him.

• This is also one of the few times Sakura stands up to Sasuke on behalf of Naruto, by saying:

“Do you have any idea how much he’s gone through? When everyone else turned on you - Naruto (alone)* wanted to save you, even now.”

• Sakura is defending Naruto while ridiculing Sasuke.

• Sasuke first loses his composure to Naruto here by shouting at him: ‘why are you so fixated on me?’ Sasuke himself can’t believe Naruto is still this dedicated to making sure Sasuke is safe. I think it’s both a nuisance and an aggravation to Sasuke because he is desperately attempting to severe all his ties.

• This is when Naruto reveals that Sasuke has become his goal. No longer is being Hokage the focus point, it’s shifted to saving Sasuke. Kakashi tells Naruto that he shouldn’t worry about Sasuke that he will handle it, and to focus on his dream. Naruto retaliates by saying “How can I be worthy of being Hokage if I can’t save my friend?” The word friend sounds very lacking in the depth of what is behind his words but it is what it is.

• It is not until much later that Sasuke reveals that he too felt all the same feelings Naruto had shown him. The admiration, the longing to speak to one another since they first met, the interest, the mutual loneliness and sadness.

1. Evolving this competitive rivalry from a deep desire to connect with one another is not an uncommon facet among people who have trouble conveying feelings, particularly young, troubled boys

“You made me feel warm and fuzzy.” - Sasuke to Naruto

“Whenever I saw you, I’d get sort of giddy.” - Naruto to Sasuke

• During the war Naruto literally broadcasts via Ino how intense he feels about Sasuke “I should have called out to him.” Sakura feels this, her face is one of almost shock/yet also tender. She probably always knew but perhaps did not feel the almost irrational dedication Naruto holds for Sasuke.

• Sakura confesses her love again before his fight with Naruto. This drags us almost back to the beginning, where all this inner strength is put aside as she tells Sasuke her feelings/even begins to cry. Now, this isn’t a horrible thing, Sakura is frustrated and knows she cannot physically stop Sasuke, so she tries a case of futility at halting him with her love. Sasuke is, sadly, not phased, uses a harsh genjutsu and proceeds to mock her honest feelings and Kakashi is like “BRUH.”

2. This isn’t the darkness. This is Sasuke. Would he have been so harsh if he had not been in this darkness? Of course not, for he still fundamentally cares for Sakura. Yet he also is not lying either.

3. The whole letting Sakura and Kakashi fall in lava is just another example of his narrow thinking: Naruto was the only one necessary to keep alive, so he essentially said “well sucks for u bye lol.”

- this is not a man who is in love. Sorry.

• During their final fight Sasuke claims that he has to cut Naruto out of the picture for the only way he can achieve absolute darkness is to live in a world without Naruto

- aka to be absolutely consumed by hate, Naruto cannot be there = Naruto is love + I cannot live in total darkness with you alive = you are my light.

• At the end, Sasuke apologizes to Sakura, for berating her feelings and attempting to kill her. Sakura, being the girl she is, has probably already forgiven him and would have never needed an apology

* it’s also important to note that Sakura never knew the truth about Itachi herself, so how she sees Sasuke’s actions will always be veiled in comparison to Naruto and Kakashi - who DO know the truth.

• Sakura, the girl who kept Naruto’s heart beating, got so much growth from that uncertain and shy girl, to this woman with monster strength isn’t negated by the fact she can’t let go of Sasuke, it’s compounded into her personality of being unable to relinquish her feelings for Sasuke at any turn.

However, Sasuke has never shown the same type of love in return. It’s been caring, it’s been protective, it’s been harsh….

Sakura deserves someone who will cherish her fully, will encourage her, will put her first.

Sasuke deserves to be happy and feel safe.

Sasuke needs someone who will not be as submissive as Sakura cannot help but be around Sasuke, to no fault of her own, Sasuke needs a Naruto.

Naruto who will give and take his names, his attitude, his temper. Along with being able to relate to what their shared childhoods were like.

Naruto matches and meets him where he his, whilst Sasuke seems to be a spot of insecurity and unrequited devotion on Sakura’s part. In other words, unhealthy.

Ino took Sakura’s insecurity and told her not to worry, that she was going to bloom into a beautiful flower, she removed the bangs she wore to hide the forehead she loathed and gave her a red ribbon, which Sakura kept for years.

IMO Ino is the perfect match for Sakura - both challenging and yet supportive, loving and playful

Sasuke and Naruto are playful too

That’s what a beautiful ship is all about. That connection, being bestfriends, being one another’s goals.

That is what they were for each other.

• I will always love the headcanon of Sakura’s love for Sasuke changing from romantic, to simply just love and them becoming really good friends. I see endless potential in their ability to goof off and make fun of Naruto together.

• I want them to be happy

P.s Arm wrestling AU where she kicks Sasuke’s ass and Ino cheers on saying “THATS MY GIRLFRIEND.” While Naruto laughs at a sulking Sasuke who honestly should have known better.

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I've seen the picture you have of all the dark bois, but I was wondering which version of Natemare do you prefer; the mangled version or the Halloween town version?

I’m actually really conflicted between the two. Because the version in Halloween Town is adorable with his little mask, but the Mangled version is so badass looking. 
Can I just have both? 

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Dating Damian Wayne Headcanons

Dating Damian Wayne/Robin would include:

>Before you start dating he ‘doesn’t have any feelings for you at all’. None.
Maybe he does have feelings for you.

> Probably tried to avoid you for a while in hopes of ‘getting rid of the feelings’ turns out that only made him want to see you more and he just gave up in the end. Obviously didn’t miss you.
Maybe missed you a little more than he’d like to admit.

> Speaks to you in Arabic sometimes, mostly for nicknames or compliments since that way you don’t know what he is saying and neither do the majority of his family. Unless you speak/learn Arabic and say something back to him and he’s a little horrified because shit, you understood him this whole time!

> Probably calls you beloved after a while as a way of expressing how he feels.

> Still has difficultly expressing emotions and prefers to show them with his actions. Whether it be displays of affection, gifts or simple things to make you happy.

> “Why did you buy me this, I didn’t think our anniversary was until next month.”
“I know just open it.”
Damian made the mistake of leaving the price tag on this one time and it has never happened since, he always remembers to take it off from now on.
“How much?! No take it back, I cannot accept this - you don’t have to win me over with gifts I love you already. That is too much money to spend on me Dami.”
“Beloved, do you like the gift?”
“I love it but I can’t -”
“Then I’m not taking it back, besides Father has plenty of money.”

> Doesn’t mind PDA but it’s not for anything heated, that is saved for when you two are alone, light kisses and hand holding are perfectly fine - it shows everyone that you are his s/o.

> Quite protective of you, Damian doesn’t want you getting hurt under any circumstances. Will happily lay down his life for you if the need ever arose.

> Damian can get jealous but doesn’t usually show it because he has complete faith in you, though if someone is becoming a little touchy Damian is by your side in seconds with an arm around your waist, placing a loving kiss on your lips, cheek or neck.
“How are you doing beloved?”
The offending party normally takes the hint and leaves or finishes up their conversation. Damian is not afraid to use the ‘bat glare’ on them.

> After a couple of months, Damian likely tells you that’s he’s Robin out of the blue. It’d be a causal moment and he’d just calmly state it whilst you’re low-key freaking out and thinking he’s kidding.
“Oh by the way I’m Robin.”
“Damian, what the HECK?!”
“You heard me beloved.” And Damian is so chill and doesn’t quite grasp the weight of the conversation he’s just started.
“That’s so dangerous! You could die! Every night you could just die, with the villains and the guns and the fights and the ninja skills. How are you still alive?!”
“Because I’m the one with the ‘ninja skills’ as you call them.”
“Right, yeah. Just please be careful out there, I can’t lose you okay?”

> Shows you the Batcave soon after he’s given you his identity and you’re just awestruck because this is the Batcave you’re standing in and then you meet Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman - also very casual about that fact.

> Once you know about the Batfam, Damian starts to train you. It builds your self defence skills and he gets to spend more time with you. It’s a win win in his opinion.

> Training can get intimate and I mean, it can be a turn on for Damian sometimes. If you actually manage to pin him when practicing a move he is putty in your hands omg. His s/o is a beautiful badass that’s now capable of using moves that can pin him, he is just congratulating you even if it wasn’t Assassin Class stuff because you are amazing.

> When Titus decides he likes you and happily sits on your lap Damian has decided you’re the one. Apparently Titus’ approval matters.

> Having to meet/endure the rest of the family and you both probably get teased by his older brothers sometimes whilst Barbara and Stephanie find almost every little thing adorable and tell the boys to leave you alone.

> Jason does most of the teasing and sometimes it gets annoying.
“Yeah well at least Damian has a partner to be with.” Has been muttered once or twice by yourself and Damian is just smirking proudly.

> Cassandra just rolls with it to be honest, Damian has a partner? Good for him. Anyone tries to hurt (y/n)? You better fucking run.

> Tim is 77% sure that Damian has paid you be his s/o.
“Wow, you’re acting skills are amazing. It’s been what 4 months now? How much is Damian paying you today?
“Nothing at all Tim - except affection.”
“Are you sure (y/n)? The demon spawn doesn’t just get a partner.”
“Drake, leave my beloved alone. I assure you that they’re here by their own choice.”
“Uh huh. Sure.”

> Dick thinks it’s great, Damian having an s/o and gives him dating advice even when Damian doesn’t want it.

> Bruce and Alfred are basically the stereotypical proud parents and Bruce is really glad Damian has found someone like you. Has no idea how Damian is going to react if he ever loses you and that thought actually worries his father because he sees how much he cares about you.

> And then there was Talia, she was dead set on getting a strong woman from the League of Assassins to marry Damian in order to produce the next heirs. Damian wasn’t having it, he is in love with you and does not require permission from anybody to date you (except maybe your parents but that’s not the point right now). She seemed satisfied, you’re capable of making her son happy, that was enough for now - though the Al Ghul bloodline is still open to discussion.

> Generally just a strong relationship and standing by his side through thick and thin, Damian being there for you whenever you need it, this means cuddles and kisses if you want them.

So i’m not really in Supernatural fandom, but my roommate is and I’ve seen the series (except for the most recent few episodes), and I wanted to share a revelation I had.

Some fans have noticed the inconsistency between the episodes “After School Special” (4x13) and “Bad Boys” (9x07).

The flashbacks in the two episodes should only actually be a few months apart.  But in “Bad Boys” Dean is shown to be a fumbling teenager who has his first kiss…

We don’t see him and Sam together, but the glimpse we get of Sam is a little kid playing with a toy plane out the Impala’s window.

In “After Schools Special” Dean is portrayed as a towering badass love ‘em & leave 'em sex god

And Sam is a realistic highschool freshman.

Anyway… I figured out why this makes PERFECT SENSE!  Because “After School Special” is a Sam-centric episode, and the flashback we get is thus shaped by his POV.  So remembers himself accurately, but remembers Dean as this mature badass.

On the other hand “Bad Boys” is entirely Dean’s POV, so he remembers himself accurately, but remembers Sam as a sweet little kid, even though he should have been pushing into his teens at the time.

So in other words Dylan Everett (2013) and Colin Ford (2008) accurately reflect high school aged Sam and Dean at the same time.  Brock Kelly is just how Sam saw Dean.  And the little kid with the plane is how Dean saw Sam.

Conversations I wish had been in Inquisition
  • Alistair: (having drinks with Cullen at the tavern)
  • So, my wife tells me you two knew each when she lived at the Circle Tower.
  • Cullen: (with a little too much adoration in his voice)
  • Yes, I was at her Harrowing actually. She's a lovely woman.
  • Alistair: (suspiciously) Lovely huh? Is there something I should know about you two?
  • Cullen: (face turning red and stammering) Um, no-no. I just meant I remember she was very talented and beaut-I mean sweet-(gulps, takes a long swig of his ale)
  • Warden Amell and Inquisitor Trevelyan (also a mage) sitting nearby.
  • Inquisitor: What do you think they're talking about?
  • Warden: (nonchalantly taking a sip of her wine) By the look on Alistair's face, probably how Cullen was in love with me when we lived together at the tower.
  • Inquisitor: (jumps up, angrily, her hands glowing with magic) Excuse me? I don't care if you killed the Archdemon. I will kick your ass.
  • Cat fight ensues. Tavern in chaos. People yelling. Cullen looks horrified. Alistair goes back to his drink.
  • Alistair: (casually taking another sip) Guess your secret is out Commander. Eh, whatever. She married ME.
A Brief Guide To Some of My Favorite Kirby Anime Episodes

As you might’ve already known, I’m a big Kirby fan. I love my brave orb son. Specifically, I love the Kirby anime, which you might know as either Hoshi no Kaabi or Kirby: Right Back At Ya! I dig it so much that I spent a sizable chunk of my time going through and screencapping every episode, including the all-too-short 3D special and the… interesting pilot. If that doesn’t sound like much, let me remind you that the anime is exactly 100 episodes long. That’s a lot of Kirby content!

Naturally, that much material means a lot of K:RBAY’s run goes through the motions with the show’s usual formula – copying abilities, saving the Cappies, and admiring the power couple that is Dedede and Escargoon – and spotting the diamonds in the rough is trickier than you’d think. Luckily, this guide is here to help! I wouldn’t say these are objectively the best episodes; just that these are the ones I enjoyed the most for various reasons. At the risk of blabbing your ears off about this beloved children’s cartoon, I’ll stop right here and tell you all about my favorite episodes! I’ll try not to list too many of them. (I should mention that this guide mostly focuses on the subbed version, which can easily be found on Youtube for the most part, though the dub is even easier to find and, admittedly, has its own charm.)

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So this whole time, Nijimura and Akashi were actually talking to each other and still on a friendly basis? He left after graduating Teikou, when the miracles were in their second year of middle school, so if he gave Akashi his phone number before leaving, that means that Akashi would've been able to contact him in his third year at Teikou, when all the angst hit and the miracles start to lose their motivation and everything pretty much went to shit for them. Did they talk during that infamous third year, or did they only start talking recently, like say, around the Winter Cup? Do they talk often? Or only every once in a while? Does Nijimura know how Kagami and Kuroko defeated the GoM and how the miracles all grew up and improved a lot from back then? Did Akashi tell him everything, including the Seirin vs. Rakuzan game? Did Nijimura know about Akashi's two personalities? Did Akashi ever tell him, or did he ever figure it out on his own if they talked regularly? Did he get pissed off at how pretentious and angsty everyone became? He looks rather fond of the miracles in the last panel, commenting on how happy they look, as if he's still their #1 Team Dad™, so does he actually know about how much they've changed thanks to splitting up and going to high school and having new experiences with new partners and senpai? Does Nijimura know that Haizaki's still a little shit? Does he know about all the new cool moves that the miracles have (some with their new partners), like Midorima and Takao's Sky Direct 3P Shoot? Does Nijimura know that Himuro Tatsuya, the boy he met in L.A. and fought gangsters with, the boy he thought was really pretty and good-looking and badass is actually the "older brother" of the new redhead that teamed up with Kuroko during their first year of high school? And how long has it been since he became friends with Kiyoshi in America? How much time has passed between when the actual Extra Game and when Kiyoshi was rewatching it on an iPad with Niji? There's so much that Nijimura missed when he left for America and since it was only revealed that he and Akashi still talk in the final chapter of Extra Game, which is likely to be the only KnB sequel we get, we won't ever really get answers on how much he actually knows about what's happened since then.
Unexpected Congratulations

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,279

Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, language, I think that’s about it

Request: Cas pops in to talk to Y/N but he notices that she has conceived a baby. He’s confused and and poofs out , saying nothing, only to return later to congratulate Dean on being a father. Dean has no idea what he’s talking about & Cas explains. Funny & fluffy when Dean ends up telling Y/N she’s pregnant. Y/N is a little hesitant but is reassured when she sees how excited Dean is :) 

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anonymous asked:

I've been following your blog for a while now and I wanna know your opinion on something. It might be insensitive so don't answer if you don't like it! *sweatdrops* What do you think about Oda being called Dazai's closest friend? Since I ship both Oda/Dazai and Soukoku I'm conflicted. Does this mean Chuuya was never Dazai's friend? And does this mean Oda is more important? From what I read Chuuya wasn't even around in the Dark Era novel. Maybe Oda/Dazai is more canon if Oda lived.

Hello friend! First of all, thanks for liking and following my blog! I’m getting inactive nowadays, but it pleases me to know that there are people who still read what I occasionally write.

Next, these are all loaded questions that, frankly, I wanted to address at some point but really couldn’t find the time or the motivation to. Add that to me just being a general Incoherent Mess™ half the time and you get all these weird pseudo-meta(hah!) posts that go around in circles. But anyway! I’ve been asked for my opinion so I’d do my best to lay out my thoughts without being too confusing.

Since there will be spoilers, I urge everyone to first read the ongoing translations being done by @nkhrchy​. If you only want the summary, head on over to @riecat​‘s page. And if you’re a real masochist, read the ending translated by @snowyesque​.

So with that out of the way, here we go~~~~

>The Non-Importance of Nakahara Chuuya

Yikes. Writing that makes me feel like I’m bullying everyone’s lovable hat store. But what I meant to say was that Chuuya didn’t fit in with the Dark Era novel. He didn’t have anything to do with the story and in the unofficial rules of good writing (and in life in general, I suppose), you must throw out that which is unnecessary.

But why is Chuuya not mentioned at all?

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I had a great dream last night.

—The marauders were all evil
—Peter died because he pissed off lily.
—James and Sirius had a battle with the dark lord and killed him
—Sirius took the roll as dark lord and disbanded the death eaters.
—He killed lucious before he could corrupt Draco.
—jilly wedding and wolfstar wedding are a joint thing.
—regulus lives a long and happy life with some red head in Hufflpuff with two girls
—Harry has three siblings two girls and one other boy
—Remus and Sirius adopt a litter of kittens and two puppies before having a little girl with Tonks’ help.
—Marauders are cleared of all charges on account of McGonagall forgiving them.
—McGonagall gets Dumbledore sacked for being a moron with no idea how to hire the right people to teach children
—She takes his place and children actually learn all kinds of shit.
—Sirius becomes a D.A.D.A teacher
—Remus is transfigurations
—James is Potions and Lilly is a badass auror
—tonks marries Bellatrix(who isn’t evil and psycho because Sirius got ahold of a time turner and fixed that shit) and they use Remus as a donor.
—Mary and Frank live and raise a bright and strong Hufflpuff Neville and Griffindor Aurora
—Harry and Draco Get Married a few years after school ends and they are both Aurors

It was magical.
Then my dick of a brother woke me up.

Prompto’s behavior is a little bit odd sometimes. He’s too shy to compliment Cindy to her face, but he wonders out-loud to Noctis if Aranea has a boyfriend. Like, boy crushes on every girl who says ‘hi’ and wants to get together with the most intimidating, strong and cheeky one. Which is understandable… for someone with Gladio’s level of self-confidence. Prompto either aims too high or is too self-conscious to ask out a girl that’s actually less badass than he is.

"Person A is this big 'badass soldier' who's all rough and tough and their best friend, Person B, is this quiet small boy---only, when the war ends, or even during it, they find out their best male friend is actually a woman who took her little brother's place and holy fuck you have boobs how do you even keep them hidden? (Bonus if it's more angsty; Person B purposely injured their chest to have a reason to bandage it without suspicion)” AU

- (ANON)

Fallout characters - an accurate description

Feel free to add your own!!

Ada - Kick ass robot, its a pleasure to serve you. Looks good in an assaultron body

Butch Deloria - Thinks hes a badass,just a scared litttle boy with mummy issues. Sweet jacket though.

Cait - I’ll kick anyones ass. Would be the perfect lesbian lover.

Cito - Me Cito, me probably have massive dick.

Codsworth - Annoying robot butler. Great british accent but I don’t need you following me around all day. Probably made a great breakfast before the war.

Curie - Actual dirty french lover once she get’s used to her synth body. Cute laugh. 10/10 would fuck.

Danse - I do love a man in power armour. Big strong hands, that voice. Needs to loosen the eff up though.

Deacon - Actual secret ninja. Sarcasm at it’s finest.

Des - Stuffy up herself bitch. Likes to think she’s so important.

Dogmeat - Good boy!

ED-E - He has frikkin lasers!

Elder Lyons - Seems a little less fanatical than the other elders. Kinda a nice old dude…

Hancock - Can anyone say ‘ghoulf**ker much? There’s something about that voice of his….plus he’s fun to have around. Doesn’t care if you steal which is great.

James - Didn’t really give a hell of a lot of thought to leaving his kid behind while he ran off. Good job.

Lone Wanderer - Wasteland badass. At 19 I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and what kind of cereal I wanted to eat for dinner (yes,dinner). Good kid, needs to punch Deloria in the face a few times.

Mama Murphy - Spaced out old lady. Can’t knit or do any of those old lady things they do.

MacCready - Whiney little snot bag…in both games. However genetics were kind to him…but not his teeth. Needs a dentist asap. Likes it when you do the thing with the mutfruit.

Madison Li - Kinda a bitch. Ok..more like a totel bitch but hey, she helps create some oretty cool stuff. Still a bitch.

Maxson - Ego the size of his damn ship. Thinks he’s hot shit. Has a sick battlecoat. Despite being a prick, all the ladies want the D.

Nate/Nora - Started out as a normal person, got turned into a human popsicle, then became a total badass.

Nick - Semi - good looking toaster. Knows his stuff. He’s the cool dad who tries to look out for everyone.

Piper - Fiery reporter, her big mouth and take no shit attitude get her in trouble a lot. Not bad looking.

Porter Gage - Life is sure messed up when your a raider. Worse teeth than MacCready but still good looking for someone his age. Will happily f**k shit up with you.

Preston - If I hear ‘another settlement needs your help’ one more time I’m sending him to Spectacle Island and leaving him to battle the Mirelurks on his own. Has a cool hat.

Robert House - Weird creepy old dude. A genius…but still creepy.

Shaun - Really messed up old man. Seems to have mummy and daddy issues. Wants to make everything better but kinda just makes it worse for everyone else.

Shaun (boy) - Instant son, just add water. The newer,less annoying version of your kid.

Strong - Hulk 2.0. Wants to smash stuff all the time. What do you expect?

Veronica - Pissy coz she didn’t get what she wanted. Neat follower, but still annoying at times.

X688 - Sticks to the rules,has no fun. Boring…..

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Hello, it's the anon who sent the Sakura Trick opinion ask (I'm sorry again for sending it two times)... Thank you for providing a detailed opinion of it! I'm curious about which anime/animes (not even sure if that's the correct plural form) you think are a better representation of wlw.

lol you’re fine, i would’ve sent it again too if i wasn’t sure it sent. 

to answer your question, like i said, i’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t a whole lot to choose from with yuri in general, so when you wanna start adding in actual good rep and idk… morals.. to the checklist, the results are even slimmer so bear with me here. it is anime we’re talking about. 

so here’s the best i can do in no particular order (i’ll put it under the cut so this isn’t as long):

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