but actually a badass little boy

Grey’s Anatomy appreciation day.

Today is the day to appreciate:

The dark and twisty leading lady, who can be both a mom and an amazing surgeon.

The sassy Cardio-Godess, who stayed focused on her carrier and made her dream come true.

The evil spawn that ended in peds and showed that he will never give up on the people he loves.

The model that showed she belongs as a surgeon and showed that there’s nothing wrong with getting emotionally involved with a patient.

The sweet, nerdy 007 that became a soldier and gave his own life to save a stranger.

The virgin Mary, who became a trauma soldier.

The pretty boy, who showed everyone wrong and who will never forget the legacy of his teacher.

The Nazi, who’s actually the softest little muffin.

The badass resident, who dances in her underwear, ended up in Ortho and found herself.

The kind, positive peds surgeon, who can be hard when she has to be.

The world class neuro surgeon, who was just a guy in a bar(with amazing hair).

Satan, who turned out to be smart and kind and funny and ambitious.

The manwhore, who turned out to be loyal, smart and a great mentor.

The badass trauma surgeon with a heart of gold.

G.I. jane, who married a total stranger to save his life.

The lost daughter, who teaches us that it’s alright to like to be alone and that if you feel like an outcast, you’re not the only one.

The wise teacher, who became their equal.

The little sister, with a photographic memory and her heart in her vagina. 

The ‘Other’ dr. Shepherd, who became the boss of her brother and has a lot of things she needs to manage. Also, she’s a freaking superhero.

And the next generation, who will follow their predecessors’s footsteps and become great doctors:

The princess, who lived in her car.

Grumpy, who is dedicated to her education and very loyal to her superiors.

And the anesthesiologist, who wanted to do more. 

Ooooh… and also…

B.A.P reaction: The girl they like is tall and looks badass, but is actually really sweet and shy

Bang Yongguk: Boom. Perfect match. He looks badass too and is actually a teddy bear, so i think he would find it kind of funny that you resemble his personality. 

Kim Himchan: He would be quite surprised when he’d notice that you’re not as badass as you look (in a positive way). I think he would take that as an indirect invitation to protect you a little bit more. 

Jung Daehyun: He would be cutely shocked when he’d notice that you’re actually more sweeter than you look like (again, in a positive way). I think he would compare you to Yongguk, but actually find it adorable that you have this hidden personality. “Now there’s two of you, huh?”

Yoo Youngjae: I don’t think he would mind it at all. He looks sweet and innocent but is a little bit sarcastic ( a.k.a a shithead ), so he’d be the opposite of you and he wouldn’t ‘judge’ your personality by your appearance or vice versa. 

Moon Jongup: I don’t think he would mind it too. He would find it more cute than surprising that you’re actually not as badass, but he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Maybe he would try to be a little bit more 'protective’ around you, so you don’t have to feel shy. 

Choi Junhong: He would find it a-fucking-dorable. He wouldn’t believe it at first when he noticed that you’re shier than you look like, but then he would just continue with his daily life. Sometimes he’d chuckle when he notices how 'intimidated’ people are when they first see you, because he knows how sweet and kind you actually are.


~Admin Tatsmato~

"Person A is this big 'badass soldier' who's all rough and tough and their best friend, Person B, is this quiet small boy---only, when the war ends, or even during it, they find out their best male friend is actually a woman who took her little brother's place and holy fuck you have boobs how do you even keep them hidden? (Bonus if it's more angsty; Person B purposely injured their chest to have a reason to bandage it without suspicion)” AU

- (ANON)

I had a great dream last night.

—The marauders were all evil
—Peter died because he pissed off lily.
—James and Sirius had a battle with the dark lord and killed him
—Sirius took the roll as dark lord and disbanded the death eaters.
—He killed lucious before he could corrupt Draco.
—jilly wedding and wolfstar wedding are a joint thing.
—regulus lives a long and happy life with some red head in Hufflpuff with two girls
—Harry has three siblings two girls and one other boy
—Remus and Sirius adopt a litter of kittens and two puppies before having a little girl with Tonks’ help.
—Marauders are cleared of all charges on account of McGonagall forgiving them.
—McGonagall gets Dumbledore sacked for being a moron with no idea how to hire the right people to teach children
—She takes his place and children actually learn all kinds of shit.
—Sirius becomes a D.A.D.A teacher
—Remus is transfigurations
—James is Potions and Lilly is a badass auror
—tonks marries Bellatrix(who isn’t evil and psycho because Sirius got ahold of a time turner and fixed that shit) and they use Remus as a donor.
—Mary and Frank live and raise a bright and strong Hufflpuff Neville and Griffindor Aurora
—Harry and Draco Get Married a few years after school ends and they are both Aurors

It was magical.
Then my dick of a brother woke me up.



“Dean!” Sam shakes his older brother, hoping he’ll wake up. “Dean, don’t do this to me.” Sam slaps him hard on the cheek in hopes the shock would wake him—and it did.

Dean jerks his eyes open and gasps, staring up at his baby brother in surprise. “S-Sam?”

Happily, Sam picks Dean up in a hug and holds him as if he may lose him again. It was a scary few minutes, seeing his badass older brother get knocked out by a werewolf. Luckily, Sam was able to kill it before it actually hurt Dean.

“Whoa, I’m okay.” Dean furrows his eyebrows together and looks around. “Dude,” he pats his little brother’s back and pulls away just enough to look into his face. “Thanks.”

The two boys walk inside, both exhausted from the drive home. Sam mutters something about heading to bed and Dean sluggishly follows behind him. It’s clear they won’t make it another ten minutes at this point, as they drug their feet down the hallway and to their rooms.

“I need some cuddling time anyway.” Dean stretches as he reaches his door. Sam stops in his tracks and looks over his shoulder at Dean, who is pushing his door open.

“What are you talking about?” Sam asks.

“I mean—“ Dean stops when he realizes what he said. “She’s not here…”

“Y/N?” Sam looks at his brother in amazement. “Dean, do you remember something?”

Dean scans his memory, his eyes making a little trail on the floor as he thought of you, a warm feeling spreading through his body. First it was happiness, then it was guilt. How could he have forgotten you? A lightbulb went on in his head as he looks back at up Sam with his eyes wide.

“The accident… Sam, tell me where she is.” Dean said, his voice rising. He completely forgot about being tired and all he could think of now was finding you and apologizing. “Sam!”

Sam held his hands up. “We haven’t talked in a few days, Dean. I don’t know where she is. But dude, you remember?”

Dean ran out of the door with his phone in one hand and his keys in the other. “Come on, baby. Pick up.” He mutters as he hops in Baby and takes off without a second glance to see Sam standing in the doorway.

Dean knew where to go. He steps on the gas and heads down the long stretch of highway between you and him, closing in on the town he was so positive you were staying in. He remembers now, exactly. It was a mystery to him how he could forget such a pretty face.

He drove all night, only stopping for gas once right before his tank ran empty. It didn’t even occur to him that his stomach was fussing at him on the stop and he left without grabbing anything for himself. All that he could think of was you.

When he arrives at the house, Dean puts the Impala in park and stares at the door. It was so inviting and yet he was sure he wasn’t allowed. By now, you probably didn’t care about him. But it was worth a try to get you back into his arms.

With a heavy sigh, Dean walks up the steps and knocks twice. For a second, he wonders if you’ll even bother coming to the door. It’s all quiet inside except for what might be soft, instrumental music.

Finally, the door swung open. Dean nearly lost his breath as he saw you standing there. You’re eyes grew wide when you saw him and your mouth was left slightly open. Dean put on a crooked smile, opening his arms.

“Sweetheart, I’m home.”

“Dean?” Is all you can say as you search his face.

“It’s me.” Dean reaches out and takes your hand. “As soon as I remembered, I jumped in my car and came down here.”

“You remember?” You ask hesitantly.

That goofy grin still plastered across his face, Dean nods.

Relief washes over you as you jump into his arms and hold him close to you. This was the best way to start your day.

Rex is such a badass.

The funny thing about the next thing, with Anakin and Obi-Wan teasing each other about their clone commanders being too much like them, is that Cody is a little more like Anakin and Rex is more like Obi-Wan.  BOYS, PLEASE.

(Actually, Cody’s not that much like Anakin, but Rex and Obi-Wan have a fair amount in common, which is one of the reasons he and Anakin work together so well.  “Rex, you’re beginning to sound like Obi-Wan.”)

Imagine: Tricked (requested by anon)

request: could you maybe write an imagine where Cora comes to Neverland looking for (Y/N) and Pan swears to protect (Y/N) but is actually working for Cora?


I was standing in the middle of the Enchanted Forest, a magic bean in my hand and Cora, the Queen of Hearts chasing after me. I escaped from the prison in her castle and now she was searching the land for me. I threw the bean onto the ground and thought about a lovely place called Neverland. As a little child I’ve always been there. It was my dreamworld and I wasn’t even sure if it really existed but I had no choice but to try at least. It was the only place that nobody else but me knew about. I could hear the trampling of hooves not too far away and started to panic a little. I was running out of time. I had to jump. Now or never. “Think lovely thoughts” I mumbled as I jumped into the portal. The last thing I heard was one of the guards screaming: “We lost her!” then the portal closed. Arriving in Neverland I hit the ground very hardly. My breath stopped when I landed on my back. I felt like passing out, stars appeared in my sight. Suddenly I noticed someone picking me up from the ground. It was a handsome tall guy with brown hair and shiny green eyes. I remembered him from my dreams. His name was Peter Pan. He ruled the island and was in charge of a group called Lost Boys. It really worked out. I was in Neverland the paradise of my childhood. And now that I knew my plan worked out I also knew that I didn’t have to worry about getting caught by Cora or her guards anymore. Peter put me on a bed in one of the tents. I tried to sit up but my head hurt as hell. “You’re back.” Peter mumbled as he sat down on a chair near the bed. “You remember me?” I frowned. I didn’t expect him to. Sure I had a lot of fun back then with him and the Lost Boys but that was about six years ago. All the memories came back into my mind. How Peter always took care of me and how the tallest of them all, Felix was his name, always carried me around on his shoulder and played stupid games with me. A smile appeared on my face. I loved the memories and even if I tried to deny it I always kind of loved Peter. Ever since I first visited the island I had a little crush on him but back then I was ten years old and never even thought about having a chance with him. But now I was around his age and eventhough I didn’t want to admit Peter was handsome as hell.. His smile was the most flashing and beautiful one I’ve ever seen in my life. And the look in his eyes devilish and attentive but with some soft features in it. “Of course I remember you. You were my one and only Lost Girl, (Y/N). I’ve missed you!” I blushed and my stomach was literally exploding with butterflies. “I’ve missed you too.” I said while I got up and sat down on the edge of the bed. I looked down because I didn’t want him to see that I was nervous. “Why are you here?” He asked his eyes followed my movement. “It’s a very long story.” I said and that wasn’t only an excuse. I never told anyone about it but it was also very complicated and simply a long story. “I have time.” He said reaching out his hand pulling me on my feet. “Come on I know a place where we can talk. Alone.” He said while leading me out of the tent. When I walked out everyone was already waiting for me. Everyone was so happy to see me again I couldn’t even believe that a single one of them remembered me. Everyone hugged me and told me how much they’ve missed me and in the end I was dancing with them around the fire just like in old times. When they finally let me go Peter and I distanced from camp and walked into the woods. “Were there any other girls in Neverland since I was gone?” I asked him not sure if I really wanted to hear the answer. “No. You were the one and only for us.” He said smiling. I couldn’t even explain how happy I was about all that. I was in Neverland with Peter Pan the boy of my dreams and didn’t have to worry about my chasers anymore. I released a sigh of relief. Suddenly Peter grabbed my hand and my heart skipped a beat. We walked over to a rotted log and sat down, Peter still didn’t let go of my hand. “Now tell me why you’re here.” He said looking me right into the eyes. His beautiful shining green eyes captured me. I blushed and had to look away. “I don’t know if you know Cora the Queen of Hearts..” I started and looked back at him searching for any recognition in his gaze but nothing. “Never heard of her.” He said with a puzzled look in his eyes. “Well back home in the Enchanted Forest she’s the ruler. She’s the cruelest and most frightening queen you could ever imagine. She’s called the Queen of Hearts because she’s ripping people’s hearts out and destroys them so the people die. And I have a very special heart she’s in need of. She only needs to destroy one single heart to be immortal forever and that has to be mine.” I paused. Peter’s look was worried. “What’s so special about your heart?” He frowned. “I have the heart of the truest believer. Actually I don’t really have a clue about what’s so special about it but it has something to do with my way of believing in things.” He took my hand and looked me right in the eyes. His gaze soft and caring. “Listen (Y/N)… No matter what, I will not let anything happen to you. Me and the boys.. We’ll protect you with our lives. You’re a very special girl (Y/N)..” And before I could even take another breath he was already leaning in to kiss me. His soft lips touched mine and I felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest. I’ve never felt that way in my entire life. When we broke apart we were both so amazed that we had to laugh and smile at each other. “I’ve never told anybody about this.” I said giving him a trusting look. “You wanna know something about me nobody else knows?” He said getting up from the log reaching down for my hand. “Sure.” I said letting him pull me to my feet. He signaled me to come closer. I did so until I was standing in his arms. “What is this good for?” I asked him as he pulled a little snifter with some strange dust in it out. “Don’t you remember? It’s pixie dust!” He sprinkled it all over us and we lifted from the ground. “Pixie dust! I totally forgot about it. Or the amazing feeling while flying with it.” I said while I watched us slowly losing sight of the ground. The view from up there was amazing. We headed to Skull Rock, a place I’ve never visited before. Peter never allowed anyone to go there. When our feet touched the ground again we entered the cave which was shaped like a skull, from which the island obviously got its name, and walked up some stairs. We arrived in a room which obviously retrieved Peter’s secret. In the middle of it was a giant hour glass. “What is this for?” I asked him puzzled. There wasn’t much sand left. “That hour glass shows you how much magic there’s left in Neverland. If the time runs out Neverland will lose its magic and we will all die. For saving everyone I need a special magical item and I’m very close to getting it. But I need your help.” He said smirking. “My help?” I asked quizzically. “How would I be able to help you?” “You’ll see.” He said again taking my hand. “Enough for today. Let’s talk about this all tomorrow.” He held something back but I didn’t know what it was. Was it something dangerous we had to go through to get the item? I fought my questions back I didn’t want to annoy him. I really liked Peter and he seemed to like me too. I didn’t want to let him think that I didn’t trust or believe him. When we arrived back at camp the Lost Boys were again dancing around the fire. When they saw me they built a crowd around me and asked me several questions about my life in the Enchanted Forest and my flight to Neverland. I just thought something up because I didn’t want them to worry and especially because I wanted to keep Peter’s and my little secret. We all sat down near the fire and had endless conversations until we all got tired. Peter lead me to my tent and gave me a cute last little peck on the lips for the night. When I threw myself on my bed I fell asleep immediately. I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was. But my sleep didn’t last very long. In the middle of the night I jumped awake because I heard footsteps and leaves cracking right in front of my tent. Through a little slit at the entry I could see that fire was burning. How could that even be possible? It already died down hours ago. Suddenly someone entered my tent and tried to drag me out of my bed. Surprisingly it wasn’t any menacing stranger it was Peter acting menacing towards me. “Peter! What the hell are you doing? HELP!” I shouted. “Don’t worry, love. Nobody’s gonna help you. Told them to stay away or I’d slit them open and feed them to the animals myself.” He said with a devilish smile on his face. What happened to Peter? Was it really possible that I was so mistaken about Peter’s behavior and especially his personality? After a while I wasn’t able to fight him off anymore and he managed to drag me out of my tent to the burning fire. He forced me to sit down on a log. “If you don’t stay put I’m gonna hurt you so badly that you wish you were dead. Come on be a bright girl and do what I tell you to do. You don’t wanna get in trouble, do you?” He lifted my chin and made me look at him. His soft lips were only an inch away from mine. The urge to kiss him was still there but the feeling of betrayal was increasing steadily. It reached its maximum when another person came into my sight. Cora. The Queen of Hearts was in Neverland. “What the hell did you do Peter? Why is she here?” I asked with a hurt look in my eyes. I couldn’t understand why Peter would do that to me. “I can’t believe that I was so wrong about you.” “Are you really surprised, (Y/N)? Peter’s a villain. And villains have to stick together. Especially when they’re up to the same thing.” Cora gave me a sneering look. “It’s amazing how people react to this thing called love. They literally turn into idiots.” She added with a deprecate tone of voice and with a suitable look in her eyes. I turned to look at Peter. I didn’t see the slightest idea of regret or sorrow in his eyes. “I don’t believe that I trusted you. That you’re so cruel to me. That you exploited me so shamelessly because of my feelings for you. How could you do this to me? Think about everything we experienced together, all the time we spent together. The kiss. Do you really not care about me at all?” I asked him in disbelief. I tried to fight my tears back but a single one rolled down my face and dropped to the ground. He came closer and knelt down so he could face me. He looked me right in the eyes with the most expressionless and evil look a person could have and stayed in that position for a while. He came closer until our lips were almost touching. I felt his hot breath on my skin which caused me to shiver. “No.” His only answer was as he pushed his hand into my chest to reach for my heart. I screamed and winced in pain as he pulled it out of my chest and put it right in front of my face so I could watch it precisely. I felt like passing out from the pain and the feeling of seeing my beating heart right in front of my face. “Did you really think that kiss actually meant something, little princess of Neverland.” He hissed sneeringly. “Too bad that you can’t see the next part of the show.” He turned away from me and faced Cora. I fell to the ground and landed on my left side. The last thing I saw was Peter flooring Cora with an easy wink and him pushing my heart into his own chest. Then my sight got black and I died in Neverland where I thought I would be safe from my enemies for the rest of my days but the truth was that I never saw the real danger. Peter Pan.


I hope now you excuse my little inactiveness… It’s anon request one of currently six AND YOU GUYS CAN GO ON AND SEND ME REQUESTS I’ll do all of them! I hope you enjoy! I’ll go on writing the next days:) You’re amazing guys love you all!

Felia || BlueSuitStrawberry

I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years actually. Uhm, I’m not sure if you’ve done a lot of voice over stuff, but you know how stuff is always quite delayed, because of the animation process takes a bit of time. So that’s another dream come true! I get to be a transformer, man! […] I tried to make it as badass as possible but within the confines of like a kids show but, uh, ‘They call me Sideswipe.’ […] He’s the cool kinda renegade car, that like, every little boy wants the toy of- speaking of it, I bought it! Like, I went to go buy my own transformer’s toy, 'cause it looks SWEET!
—  Darren Criss on working on “Transformers: Robots In Disguise” (On With Mario)

Know what I love about The 100 the most? Is they don’t fuck around like Clarke, Octavia and Raven they were so naive and now? They’re hard as fuck. Raven maybe a little less hardened but still hardcore. But Clarke and Octavia? Who we were introduced to as little girls who might fight over a boy but no SURPRISE THEYRE ACTUALLY RUTHLESS FUCKING KILLERS because that’s what they fucking had to become and it’s probably just the coolest thing in this show how they where just like JUKE YOU THOUGHT IT WAS CLICHES BUT ITS BADASS AS FUCK