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“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

- Hey, if death is not really the end, both of us, maybe our meeting that time was not our first. Maybe we were already connected way before that. I don’t know, but I think a bond that was once connected will never be broken. So even if we forget about everything, we will still be connected in other place. 

I want to hear my name from your lips


Pairing : Kihyun x OC 

Warning : explicit content.

Word count : 2177

Summery : Min Ah knows how to rile up her man.


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Min Ah was on the other side of the room talking with the guy serving the champagne, he was smiling at her eying her up and down, taking her in, his eyes lingering on each curve of her body. She was smiling at him and laughing at something he had said, he leaned forward resting his elbows on the counter his head slightly tilted to the side and a small smile playing on his lips. Kihyun was watching the interaction was slowly losing it, the man was obviously flirting with her, yet she staid and giggled along with him, she gave him all her attention. The man had an obvious wandering eye, he seemed unable to look at her in the eyes, his focus often drifting to her cleavage or the curve of her waist. His jaw was clenched, his lips pursed and he didn’t register what Changkyun was saying because he lost all control when he saw the man grab Min Ah’s wrist, running his fingers on the inside of it and over the bracelet he had given her. She shied away pulling her wrist away. Just seconds after, she felt her fiancé’s hand on her waist and his lips on her cheek.

-       Hey babe, he said glaring at the man in front of them as he kissed a fading mark on her neck. It’s getting late we should go home.

She could hear the possessiveness in his tone, the low tone of it was proof of his control. His hold tightened on her waist as he suggested they left.

-       Goodbye Jimin, it was nice chatting with you, she said to the barman and turned to her man.

Kihyun lead her away and towards the others to the others to bid their goodbye, but before reaching them she turned to Kihyun and pouted.

-       But I promised Minhyuk a dance, she said.

-       He can wait until next time, we’re going home.

-       But babe, I promised.

He looked down at her pouting lips and sighed, it took everything he had in him not to go all caveman and throw her over his shoulder. His jaw clenched once more, he looked at her a serious look.

-       Fine! He let out through gritted teeth.

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek before striding towards the others and grabbing his wrist telling him they didn’t have long because Kihyun wanted to leave. Minhyuk smiled at her and sent a wink her way as he wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her excitedly to the dance floor. He placed his hands lightly on her hips and they started dancing, bodies swaying to the beat of the music. He pulled her a little closer so their bodies were barely touching and it wasn’t long before he leaned into her ear.

-       In three, two, …

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EXO Reaction to you rubbing your ass against their… in public (smut)

Against their P.. yeah O///O Enjoy lovelies!
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Clings onto you* Are you sure Y/N that you want to do this in public? *horny voice*

Kris: *Inner fight* “What should I do now? The subway is crowded tho”

Sehun: “Oh Y/N.. can you feel it? I might have gotten a boner…” *naughty boy*

Tao: “Baobei.. that tickles! Stop rubbing my….aah..” *Innocent boy*

Kai: “Oh baby don’t stop! I like risky things!” *groans*

Xiumin: *Pulls you closer and whispers in your ear* “Are you sure you want to continue here? You know I won’t stop once I start”

Baekhyun: “Hey Y/N what are you… oh no not there…” *The feels grow*

Luhan: “You are not getting away from this baby!” *Manly Luhan mode on”

Chen: *Gulps* “Oh girl please… stop.. no don’t.. wait…oh god!”

Kyungsoo: *Can’t control the feels and teases you too* …

Lay: *Can’t function properly* “Why am I feeling.. how should I.. people is watching…”

Suho:”no no stop.. this is not funny.. ahh Y/N! come closer!” *Already lost in pleasure*


aheartmadefullmetal16  asked:

HC: The first time Al falls asleep after getting his body back he does it totally by accident. When he wakes up, he panics, wondering how he'd gotten knocked out and omg is his blood seal intact and is his body deteriorating again? and- oh...

OMG MY POOR BABY !!! AAH i LOVE headcanons about al recovering right after getting his body back and this is something that would definitely happen to him a few times !!! i can imagine him being scared for the first couple seconds, but then really happy because holy shit he can sleep again !!

popandcub  asked:

((Oh my gosh! I have to say, your oc Pearl is so beautiful and yet adorable. ^^ )) Makes me want to huggle her x3

(( Aah! Thank you! She’s my chubby baby, because, I’m a chubby lady myself and I can’t help but love chub haha))

Y-you want… to hug me? *smiles lightly* I uhh, I actually love hugs… *she opens her arms out in gesture* hug away!

Reasons to love Dan&Phil.

100 Reasons to love Dan Howell and Phil Lester:

1. They are cute as f

2. They’re insanely hot and attractive at the same time.

3. Phil’s eyes are like ice and dans are like fire.

4. They’re accents.

5. They’re British.

6. Dan’s dimples are the cutest things ever.

7. Danosaurs and philions

8. They’re Day in the life of Japan video.

9. The way Dan says “What the Fuck”

10. They embarrass themselves by wearing animal costumes(Dan)

11.The adorable way they look at each other.

12. Heart eyes Howell.

13. They spend their time,to do live shows and radio shows for us.

14. “Hello Internet”.Dans first video.

15. They spend endless hours recording, editing, and uploading videos for us.

16. How many videos they have made altogether.

17. They are hilarious.

18. They’re cheeky smiles.

19. How lazy they can be.

20. How often Dan pranks Phil and when Phil tries to prank Dan,he fails.

21. How much time they spend editing and recording things for us.

22. They’re fringes.

23. The way Dan wears his pants.

26. They are actually really different.

25. They’re love for anime.

26. They’re fan-fictions.

27. The way Phil repeats things.

28. ‘Hello Internet!’ by Dan.

29. Phil looks adorable in glasses.

30. The competition when they play video games.

31. Phil’s mum.

32. How neither of them mind that we ship them.

35. How happy they are when they are together.

34. They are pretty smart.

35. How cute they are when they’re together.

36. Black…(Dan)

37. They’re height.

38. Phil’s animal impressions.

39. Dan’s 'what am I doing with my life?’ saying.

40. The way Phil says “aah”

41. Phil’s baby videos.

42. Light!

43. Lions.

44. Llamas.

45. Dan and Phil playing just dance.

46. “Rawr!”

47. Heart hands.

48. How Phil says 'I hate you’ to Dan.

49. When Dan fell off the chair playing a horror game.

50. The way they stare at each other.

51. The way they talk about each other in their live shows.

52. They’re fashion sense.

53. They’re sense of humour.

54. Their constructing skills.

55. How good Dan is at playing piano.

56. How much they have accomplished.

57. They aren’t that bad at at baking.

58. Their friendship is worth so much.

59. How much time Dan spends on the internet compared to Phil.

60. The way Dan says “Gaahh”

61. Pinof.

62. Llama hat.

63. The way Dan forgets to tweet most of the time.

64. Dan’s laugh.

65. Phil’s laugh.

66. Dans Truth or dares.

67. The way they practically do everything together.

68. Dan is a really bad liar.

69. They procrastinate really bad.

70. DanAndPhilGames

71. They’re first time playing mine craft.

72. Dan’s eyes…

73. They’re tweets about each other from 2009-2010.

74. How much they need each other.

75. They’re younows.

76. Dans obsession for green tea.

77. Hand dance.

78. Phils stripy socks.

79. Their internet browsing positions.

80. Dan&Phil’s adorable selfies.

81. They secretly love each other,shhh.

82. Dans jeans.

83. Phil’s shirts.

84. innuendos.

85. The way Dan constantly talks about placenta.

86. Dan’s Would you rather.

87. Phil’s the reason Dan started Youtube.

88. Everything has to be symmetrical to Dan.

89. Dans morning routine.

90. The 'sexy internet dating’.

91. They’ve been living together for ages.

92. They’ve been best friends for 5 years.

93. Phil as a baby.

94. Vidcom

95. Phil’s toxic video.

96. AmazingDan.

97. Dil howlter..

98. They love us.

99. They’re come so far and accomplished their dream from the beginning.

100. Because they are Phan.

anonymous asked:

May I request that you do the newly announced Sophie from FE Fates?

aah of course ! sophie is my precious baby (going to marry cyrus hoshido route haha); had such a difficult time doing her hair though, I’m terrible at drawing pulled back // no bangs ; A ;

also, have a long list of requests, so please don’t worry if i don’t reply to you immediately ! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

theme in mind while drawing her: you can rely on me ! ♡