but aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Klance Headcannon that I NEED

Keith and Lance go to a state fair somewhere, and compete in all of the games. They eat greasy, unhealthy food, ride the questionably safe rides, and almost get sick. Lance ends up winning a hippo for Keith, and Keith wins a shark for Lance. They end the day eating cotton candy and funnel cake and churros, laughing the whole way back. And they steal little kisses that taste sweeter than all the food they had.


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

mary shelley was the daughter of one of the first feminists as we know it, she met & ran away with percy shelley when she was 18, she wrote BOTH the first sci fi AND post apocalyptic novels, she was at the forefront of romanticism AND gothicism, two of the most influential literary and artistic movements in present day, she suffered from depression and only one out of her four children lived, her husband, who had several affairs, died when they were in their twenties, a majority of her friends and romantic poets also all died in their twenties, and yet she still continued writing poetry and novels and creating art throughout the rest of her life and lived til she was nearly 60. mary shelley is incredibly underappreciated she went through so much and has contributed & influenced so much to the english lit. canon as we know it she is one of the most remarkable writers & women of this era & i love her