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Dating Steve Rogers would include...

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  • Introducing him to movies, TV shows and bands
  • Calling him “grandpa” just to tease him
  • Steve rolling his eyes at you on a daily basis
  • Him liking to walk around the city holding your hand
  • Or just with an arm around your shoulders
  • A lot of PDA because he’s not afraid to show that he’s in love
  • Taking you to some old fashion restaurant
  • Slow dancing with you
  • Opening doors for you, pulling chairs for you, etc
  • Just being a truly gentleman
  • Steve telling you everything about his childhood and how he have never loved a woman the way he loves you
  • His kisses being soft and gentle, making you feel comfortable on his arms as he’s holding you close
  • Him pressing his forehead against yours and whispering “I love you” whenever something bad happens
  • Never saying goodbye to you before missions because hey, he will come back, okay?
  • Tony teasing the hell out of you two
  • But deep down he’s happy that Steve has found you
  • And he does everything he can to protect Steve on missions because “Cap gotta come back to his girl”
  • Becoming friends with Bucky
  • And laughing whenever Sam gets jealous about you because you’re stealing Steve from him
  • Burrying your face on Steve’s chest while hugging him
  • Because he’s tall and big and he loves to give you bear hugs
  • Him giving you massages
  • Working out together
  • Trying to keep up his pace while running and failing
  • Steve drawing you in the morning, while you’re making breakfast
  • Drawing you while you’re sleeping
  • Drawing you while you’re working
  • Just basically always drawing you
  • Slow and deep sex because he’s all about making love, and not fucking
  • But getting a little rough whenever you want him to
  • Or when he just got back from a mission
  • Glorious shower sex
  • Steve making you laugh whenever he understands a reference
  • And you being proud of him for it
  • Riding on the back of his motorcycle
  • Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him for a breathtaking kiss
  • Trying to convince him to let his beard grow
  • Him calling you baby girl, darling or honey
  • Playing with his shield
  • “It’s not a toy, darling!”
  • Cooking together because damn, that man have some good recipes from his mom
  • Steve taking care of you when you’re sick
  • And drunk, which he finds hilarious
  • Saying “I love you” to each other constantly

On this day in music history: July 27, 1984 - “Purple Rain” opens in US movie theaters. It is the feature film debut of music icon Prince, co-starring Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day, Jerome Benton, Olga Karlatos and Clarence Williams III. The film directed by Albert Magnoli, and produced by Robert Cavallo, Stephen Fargnoli and Joseph Ruffalo (Prince’s management team), is the semi autobiographical account of musicians rise to fame. Prince develops ideas for the story prior to and during the “1999 Triple Threat” Tour" (circa 1982 - early 1983). He enlists the help of veteran television and film writer William Blinn (“Eight Is Enough”, “Roots”) and director Magnoli to craft his ideas into the final script. Filmed on a modest budget of only $7 million, it is shot on location in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, CA between November - December 1983. Released through Warner Bros, the film opens on 917 screens across the US. “Purple Rain” tops the box office chart in its first weekend of release, taking in $7,766,201 (knocking “Ghostbusters” from the number one spot), going on to gross more than $68 million domestically during its original theatrical run (more than $80 million currently). In an unprecedented move, Warner Bros announces that “Purple Rain” will be made available as a sell through home video release (on VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc) list priced at $29.95, rather than as a rental (normally list priced at $79.95), in time for the 1984 Christmas holiday season. The move proves to be a brilliant decision as the film sells in then record numbers for a home video title, becoming one of the best selling films in the history of Warner Home Video. The films soundtrack wins Prince an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score in March of 1985.

greatfay  asked:

Have you ever seen a character's type change because of poor writing or different writers? I'm really into comics and it's something that happens so much there, it's frustrating. A character might appear in three storylines/runs at the same time (like Wolverine starring in Wolverine & the X-Men, but still appearing in All-New X-Men because it takes place partially at the school where Wolverine's story is taking place) so they're handled by different writers. But they change them in little ways.

I don’t change the type. Bad writers happen in comics, tv, etc. What I do is type what is consistent. Usually, even in bad writing they are using a different part of the same personality. Just like when we take the test in real life, with characters we have to ask, what is true historically, not the exceptions, but historically?


Michaela Pratt, a known badass [requested by anon]

Twitter Tag: #NygmobblepotSeason4

This is a post we’ll be able to signal boost and hopefully get a lot of people to join up on. This post is your go to on how to help Nygmobblepot shine in season 4. Despite what you think about trending tags and petitions, it truly does make a dent in media and if we want the production team to see our wants and needs we need to band together. 

Please don’t add comments or reblog this post saying we shouldn’t be doing this or it’s a fruitless effort (or anything rude and degrading), because you can make your own post and this is for fans who want to see Nygmobblepot come to pass in season 4.

As a date I’ve chosen, and I thin we should do this sooner rather than later since filming starts soon and I’m sure the scripts are still being written.

Date: 6/10/17 

On this date go to twitter and make little comments about Nygmobblepot and what you’d like to see for them in season 4. Include the hashtag #NygmobblepotSeason4 and @ the writers (@GothamTVWriters) or the show’s official twitter (@Gotham) or both in the same tweet.

But for this date in particular you MUST include #NygmobblepotSeason4 if you want it to become trending.


  • be polite
  • don’t be convoluted
  • don’t demand, suggest
  • be polite!!!

We got this. Let’s turn some heads.