but a sword

DLC Gladio is near and I didn’t feel like drawing something bad-ass to commemorate the occasion also cuz I’m really busy with school right now. So have Gladio and Cor in the beach xD 


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)

For your consideration: Emiya Shirou is ace

  • Has a strong aesthetic attraction to people (and weapons/objects/food) but doesn’t describe them in sexual terms, necessarily
  • Thinks about food during lovemaking because he’s not actually that into it, leading to weird metaphors
  • Please just consider it for the irony I mean can you imagine
Some RQ Characters as Classroom Stereotypes
  • Maven: that kid that chews gum with his mouth open so that he can keep smiling at the girls but really, it's just annoying
  • Evangeline: that person that tells you to "stop breathing so loudly"
  • Cameron: the person that everybody asks, "are you on your period?" constantly.