but a sleep mer is really bad

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Shance (My heart. My soul. My reason for living and putting up with the fandom)


• Werewolf//Hunter (Lance would suck at it. He’d mess up all his traps. He just caught Shiro by accident but refused to admit it)

• Fisherman//Mermaid (Because I’m weak for Mer!Lance…)

• Familiar//Witch (This one was hard. But Lance is already enough of a cat as it is. Plus Shiro would be the best familiar in the world who are we kidding. He’ll keep Lance from casting spells on himself.)

• Addict//Barista (Shiro needs a caffeine IV and there’s no way Lance would subject his eight hours of beauty sleep to something as draining as coffee. But he can make a hell of a latte.)

• Professor//TA (Featuring pining!Lance because Shiro is unfair and likes to wear glasses and Disney ties and make really bad puns during lectures and Lance is a weak man save him.)

• Princess//Knight (Because…. reasons. But Shiro is the princess who will tear his dress to reveal throwing knives or some shit come on.)

• Single Parent//Teacher (Shiro bringing little Keith to his first day of Kindergarten with Mister Lance someone kill me)

• Writer//Editor (Lance is subjected to reading through Shiro’s sparks of “inspiration”- which is when he writes at 4 AM and has finished his 9th Redbull. Lance also leaves pick up lines in the margins of the manuscript after editing.)

Once upon a time anon said:

I had a dream about your FlipFlop verse last night:  Due to over stressing himself working Wing managed to catch a bad case of pneumonia and had to be hospitalized.  All the mer are super worried while he’s away. Then, the doctor recommends warm baths and steam to help clear his lungs some and WRC sets up a tank of warm water for him and sticks Ratch in.  Ratchet just holds him while he sleeps surrounded by all those warm, comfy tentacles. 


edit ALSO this Ratchet design comes from sweetpupperoo so YES *facepalm*