but a romance one where he's the bad boy

taz dating sim

• magnus is the easiest to talk to and get Right Answers with but he’s the hardest to actually romance. the boy has an angsty backstory and Layers
• taako has the hardest route. 17 bad endings 1 good ending. all 17 bad endings are variations of him just never calling you back because he forgot
• if you don’t mind coming second to plants merles ya guy. like you have to grow a flower in real time before he deems u worthy and even then he only has neutral endings plus one bad ending where he flirts with some vines
• avi is the buff jock man with a very deep and intricate backstory but you only unlock it if you throw your computer at moon cannonball velocity
• johan is really hard because u gotta befriend the voidfish first before he even Looks At You
• noelle… saddest most angsty route you’ve ever played in any game. teach this robot how to feel again. you’ll die in the process

unlockable routes:

• kravitz: there’s a setting where you can make it so he’s a skeleton all the time
• garfield the deals warlock. only bad endings


• angus is the guy who tells u who’s into who and who likes what. he’s your buddy on the inside. he has ur back. “what would magnus like as a gift” well the boy detective knows

Jimin Scenario: Bad Behavior

Request: I would like to request another Jimin scenario where he’s a bad guy and he wants me and I judge ignore him and whatever… then one day after school,jimin admits his feelings to me and kisses me?

Genre: Romance

You knew Jimin since you were children, your mothers were good friends so you had shared many times together during childhood, that and the fact that Jimin and you had always studied in the same school, in the same class.
He used to be such a sweet boy, all smiles and laughs, always playing hide and seek and sometimes he even played house with you; but now everything was different.

You were in class trying to not drift too much to your thoughts, but that was a difficult thing to do, even more when the teacher was currently giving a scold to Jimin who had laughed at the teacher’s back and had been caught.

-Tell us the joke-

He sat at the back of the room, and the teacher had asked him to stand up. So now everyone had their head turned to the back so they could see how the teacher scolded Jimin. You tried not to look but the curiosity of what was he going to do now was big. 

-I don’t think you would get it professor Choi- he had an arrogant smirk on his face and his two friends chuckled beside him. Although they were still sitting, Taehyung and Jungkook looked as smug as Jimin, daring the teacher.

The teacher was fuming and it was notable how he was trying to contain himself from yelling and losing control to Jimin’s manners. 

-Is that so? You think you are really funny Park Jimin, but this is not a circus, this is a school. So I won’t accept clowns in my class-

Jimin sat down again and the teacher went to his desk to resume the class.
-If this was a circus I think I’d know who would be the clown- Jimin said to his friends who laughed at the comment. 

The teacher heard them though, so he grabbed three papers and gave one to each of them. - To detention right now-

The three of them didn’t seem faced by the punishment and just took their things and left the classroom, laughing and grinning careless. You watched the entire scene feeling heavy inside, how could people change so much?

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The Boy Next Door

Prompt: Imagine moving into the house next to Gerard and finding out he has a kind of a bad boy reputation

Warnings: Fluffy as shit

Pairing: Gerard x reader

Oooo… I like this one~

I looked up from my book, noticing that my dad was waving his hand at me, trying to get my attention.

“Y/N? What do you think?” I internally groaned, not wanting to talk more about this idiotic house.

I put on a weak smile and nodded, “It’s great… Hey, where’s my bedroom?”

The realtor who I had already forgotten the name of pointed up the stairs, “First door to the left”

My mom muttered something about how I should be more interested in the new house but I paid her no mind as I walked up the staircase. I didn’t want to admit to her that she was right… but she wasn’t wrong. The new bedroom was indeed the only thing I was actually excited about in this damn house.

Why did my dad have to get relocated? I knew that the money was great and all but what about our run down apartment in Los Angeles? What about the record store three blocks away from our apartment? What about the corner store where old Jim would let me pet his dog Bailey whenever I felt down? I wasn’t trying to make my parents unhappy, I knew that what they were doing was necessary… right?

But that still didn’t mean I had to be happy about it.

“Y/N! Come down here and meet the neighbors!” I heard my mom call from downstairs.

I growled angrily, dreading having to talk to the damn neighbors. Judging from everyone else I saw on the way here they were probably some picket fence couple who made a fucking apple pie for the new family that just moved in.

“Coming!” I shouted back, draping my headphones around my neck as I walked downstairs and got a look at the neighbors.

I stand corrected. It was a key lime pie.

My mom wore her plastic smile, stepping aside to let me get a clear shot of the three people in the doorway.

The husband and wife weren’t much to look at. They both looked pretty standard as most parents come. I was too distracted with the idea of going back to my new room to hang up my posters to actually care.

“This is Donna and Donald Way from next door, and this is their son Michael” Michael looked just as uncomfortable as me, probably wishing he could be anywhere but here.

My dad, who was seated at the new dining table, said, “Mikey is only a year older than you, right?”

Michael, or Mikey, smiled awkwardly, “I’m 16, sir”

So he’s a year younger than me, big deal. Why do parents always assume that if you’re around the same age as the neighbor you’re destined to be the best of friends?

“Fascinating…” I whispered under my breath, hoping that they didn’t hear.

My mom, who I assume had ears of a bat, obviously noticed and glared angrily at me. Dad coughed, trying to divert the conversation back to something pleasant.

“So! I heard you have another son?” At this the neighbor’s smile fell slightly.

“Yes we do. Gerard is… Well he’s a bit of a troublemaker. Thankfully Michael hasn’t taken after his older brother all that much. If you have any issues with him than all you need to do is tell us”

The idea of talking to the neighbors didn’t exactly thrill me and I eventually weaseled my way back to my room. I thought that I might be able to escape some huge meet and greet with the neighbors for a while.

I awoke to the sound of a loud banging stirring me from a peaceful sleep. At first I was disoriented at the environment before I realized where I was. Only a second later did I realize that the incessant noise wasn’t my alarm. There was someone outside my window.

I was stunned. All that was supposed to be there was a loose mangled tree. How the hell was someone still there?

Turns out I had already answered that question.

“Hey? You gonna let me in or not?” Said an unknown voice.

I could barely make out who it was outside as I scrambled for a T-shirt. It could be a robber or some shit!

Then again, why would a robber introduce himself?

“Who the fuck is out there?” I tried my hardest to sound intimidating but the fear in my tone betrayed me.

The figure chuckled, “I’m a fairy. You believe in fairies, don’t you?”

So my stalker is a smartass. Lovely.

I dug through my open suitcase, grabbing the first T-shirt I saw which just so happened to be my Nirvana sweater. As I walked toward the window I made my steps careful so I didn’t alert my parents who were sleeping in the room across the hall. When I said my mom had ears of a bat I was not kidding whatsoever.

Resting my hands on the windowsill, I tried to squint and make out who was on the other side of the glass. Sadly it was too dark outside to see anything other than a dark outline of the mysterious person.

“Hey I’m not leaving so you either let me in or let me freeze to death outside” The figure said with a slight edge to his voice. Only now did I realize how cold it must be outside in the January air.

I weighed my choices carefully. On one hand I was literally about to invite someone who I can’t even see into my house. But on the other hand… It did sound kind of fun. After all, I don’t get many shadowy figures tapping at my window every night.

“Fine, but if you do anything shady I’m screaming” I said, leaning down to unhitch the latches on the window.

When I pried the window open the figure instantly jumped from his perch on the tree onto the windowsill, balancing his feet on the white panels. He carefully stepped onto the flooring and I was only now realizing that I had actually let an intruder into my room in the middle of the night.

“U-Um…” I stuttered, unsure of what to do. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time but now that he’s actually here I’m seriously regretting letting in this stranger.

“Where’s the damn lamp… Aha!” He quietly cheered as he discovered where I placed my new lamp, flicking on the switch and illuminating the room.

At this time I could finally get a clear look at his face. His hair was dark and messy, carrying some sort of black grunge look. The light from my lantern somehow reached his face and I could see that he was pretty pale, I assumed he didn’t get the much sun.

The teen flashed a cheeky smirk, striking a pose, “Like what you see?”

I shook my head, nervously laughing, “No… Just wondering why the fuck I let you in here”

He hummed, reaching inside his jacket and pulling out a carton of cigarettes, “I was wondering that myself…”

“Hey! You can’t smoke in here, my parents will find out” With the stick held in his fingers he frowned, looking genuinely disappointed.

“Dammit… You actually moved in here?” He said, shoving the cigarette back into the carton.

I raised an eyebrow, “Who are you, the neighbor or something?”

He frowned, “Yeah, actually. I live next door”

Suddenly I remembered earlier today and thought about how the Donna said she had another son. What was his name…

“Gerard, by the way” Suddenly I could see a bit of the resemblance. Both he and his brother Mikey had similar features, same upturned nose, crooked smile, and hazel eyes. Except for the dusty drown hair that skimmed below Mikey’s forehead, much different than the jet black hair his brother had.

“Yeah, I met your brother Mikey today” Gerard collapsed onto my bed, propping himself up on the headboard.

The dark haired teen gave me a lopsided grin, “Nice kid, isn’t he?”

I nodded thoughtfully, noticing that he was right. Mikey did in fact seem like a pretty sweet guy, with his glasses that he had to keep readjusting or how he looked so uncomfortable when his parents talked badly about Gerard.

Gerard coughed, clearing the sappy atmosphere, “So, where’d you come here from?”

A fond smile found it’s way onto my face as I took a seat next to Gerard, feeling oddly comfortable around him. “Los Angeles”

He gaped, “Really? How is it? I mean, how was it?”

I was a bit surprised at his complete turn around, going from a chain smoking badass who comes into your house at 2am to a child getting excited about a far away land.

A small laugh left my lips as I looked at his eager face, “Well… It’s really loud. I mean, people are always walking everywhere. There are a shit ton of tourist spots but some are actually kind of funny,” A bright memory prodded it’s way into my mind and I suddenly felt a pang of raw homesickness, “…And the music stores are amazing…”

Gerard’s expression faltered, “What’s wrong?”

All the wild emotions that I had been packing away ever since I began tearing down my posters from the walls of my room and saying goodbye to all of my incredible friends began overflowing like a tidal wave, swallowing me whole.

“I just… I really fucking miss LA” I muttered, not wanting to break down in front of him.

“Wait, if it’s so amazing then why did you leave?” He asked, sitting up from his position on the bed.

I chuckled monotonously, “You think I had a choice? My dad got relocated and we had to move. I didn’t exactly have a choice”

“And they didn’t even give you a choice!?” He said, sounding a bit shocked.

Only then did I realize that my mom could have probably heard Gerard’s shouts. I noticed this key fact just a little bit too late.

“Y/N? What are you still doing up? Who… Who are you talking to?” I heard my mom call from down the hall.

Our eyes widened and Gerard seemingly froze mid-rant.

“N-Nothing mom! You can go back to bed!” I shouted back, praying that she would be too tired to actually inspect my room.

Silence. It was so quiet between Gerard and I and the entire house that I thought I could hear the dripping of the faucet in the kitchen sink below us.

“…Okay, sweetie” My mom’s voice was blissfully sleepy. She must be too exhausted from moving in that she didn’t have the energy to straighten me out. Once I heard the reassuring sound of her bedroom door closing I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

Gerard let out a shaky, adrenaline rushed laugh, “Wow…”

“Yeah, you should probably go” I said, looking towards the window.

He shrugged, the rage from before dissipated from his face. “That’s fair… I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

“Alright…” I murmured my reply, watching him as he hopped out of the window, shutting the latches behind him and disappearing into the night. Leaving me alone to assess what the hell just happened and why Gerard scribbled his number on the corner of my notebook.

I really like writing for Gerard…

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Punks do it better. Gerard Way Imagine

Prompt::Can you write a Gerard way one where they’re in like school and he’s a punk kid that always hits on y/n and gets in trouble and they get paired up for a project and go over to his house to work on it and smut happens ;)



As much as I hated to admit it. Gerard made me blush and my stomach flutter. Something about his “bad boy” persona.
Everyday I’d watch him strut into class ten minutes late black ripped skinny jeans hugging his legs. Always takes his seat next to me. He soon became the reason I showed up looking so pretty.

“Hey Pretty lady.” He shot my way once he was seated.  

You felt your cheeks get hot. All you could manage what to shoot a smile back.

You glance at him noticing how pretty he really was. How his eyes had speaks of gold in them. How sweet his smile was. Even though he tried to act like such a badass you knew he was awfully caring.

“Like what you see?” He said clearing his throat snapping you from your thoughts.

You felt your cheeks grow warm and red.

“(Y/n) and Gerard!” Your teacher snapped.

“Since you want to talk so much you two can partner up for the project.” She rolled her eyes at you.

“So I need to raise my grade in this class so my house? After school? You can ride home with me if you want.” Gerard asks you smirking.

You and Gerard alone. Together. At his house. Thoughts came rushing in.

“Yeah sure great” you said smiling sweetly at him.

You tapped your feet impatiencely all day. Right when the bell rung you speed walked to the parking lot. You felt your stomach tighten when you see Gerard leaning up against his car.

“The bell just rung. How are you out here already?” You said as you walked up too him.

“Skipped last period.” He told you whilst opening the passenger side door.

He got in and started the car pulling out the school parking lot he placed one hand on your knee the other on the wheel.

“You sure do flirt with me alot” you told him smugly.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it. I see you blushing.” He said smirking.

You arrived at his house in a couple of minutes. It was a nice house two stories.
You Walked in and followed him to his room. Which also happened to be the basment. You sat your bag down next to the door.

“So you said you needed to bring your grades up?” You asked him.

“Yeah. I need to pass. But you know. Kinda distracted in that class.” He said looking you up and down.

You felt your stomach flutter. He had a way with words that’s for sure.

You honestly didn’t feel like studying you felt like laying in his arms watching a movie. He snaps you out your thoughts.

“Thinking bout me babe?” He says placing his hands on his sides.

“Shush” you tell him grabbing your notebook.

“Make me” he said in a dangerously low voice.

“You need to bring your grade up remember?” You said waving the notebook in the air.

“But you look so goddamm pretty. How am I supposed the focus” he said.

A smile instantly grew on your face.

“There’s that pretty smile. ” he said taunting you.

“You know for a punk you are pretty sweet” you said taking a step towards him

“ I can be bad” he told you.

You felt your stomach tighten.


As soon as the word left your mouth his lips crashed into yours.
You were stunned but kissed him back. He pulled you closer to him deeping the kiss.

He moved his hands to your sides and plucked the hem of your shirt. You threw your arms up and he lifted the shirt off.
He breaks away the kiss. And looks you directly in the eyes.

“You want this?” He ask in a serious dark tone.


He picked you up and carried you to his bed. You noticed how easily he set you down. You could feel your breathing getting heavy as you Two fought for domanice in the kiss.

You pulled back from the kiss.

“I’m not being the only one shirtless” you told him pulling  his t shirt over his head.

He tucked his head into your neck and scattered kissed all over it. Sucking harshly at the top of your throat.

“Making your mark huh?” You said cockly.
He left kissed all down your stomach. When he reached the hem of your pants he
Looked up to you almost as asking permission. You nodded.

He unbuttoned your jeans and rolled them off you and tossed them aside.
He placed kisses on your hip bones making you shudder.

“You’re really pretty” he said looking up at you.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” you reply almost in a whine.

You felt heat shoot up your core.
He takes long hard licks up your slit.
He places his mouth on your bundle of nerves.

“Gerard!” You cry out. Not realizing how loud you were.

He looks up at you with a wet mouth and pink lips. He looked like pure sex.

“You ready?” He asked sitting up on his knees.

“You sure you don’t want me to return the favor?” You ask palming his buldge.

“I really need you now!” He whines at you.

You place your hand on the back of his neck and pull him towards you. On top of you.
He lines himself up with your entrance and slowly pushed in.
You both groan out at the relief.

“Okay” you said letting him know he can start thrusting.

He starts with slow long thrusts
He picks up his pace.
You felt your stomach tighten. Each thrust he hits your g-spot.
You rake your fingers nails up and down his back.

“Gee. I’m close”

“Me too. Cum for me baby” he whispered in your ear.

You hit your release at the same time he did.

He lays down next to you chest heaving up and down.
He pulls you close to him and you rest your head on his chest catching your breath.

“Gerard.  Was this a one time thing?” You ask tilting your head up at him.

“Do you want it to be?” He asked looking worried.

“No. I want us to be a thing.” You say smiling sweetly at him.

“Me too babe I’ve actually liked you for while.” He says blushing.

You fall asleep in his arms.
You knew he had a sweet side.

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