but a romance one where he's the bad boy

bad | 02

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 02

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 4 589

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, badboy!taehyung, cussing, mature

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A/N: you people wanted more, so I’m here to give you more. this is not the last part. again, tell me if you want it to continue. I don’t wanna keep writing if no one cares. and tHANKS FOR 500


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taz dating sim

• magnus is the easiest to talk to and get Right Answers with but he’s the hardest to actually romance. the boy has an angsty backstory and Layers
• taako has the hardest route. 17 bad endings 1 good ending. all 17 bad endings are variations of him just never calling you back because he forgot
• if you don’t mind coming second to plants merles ya guy. like you have to grow a flower in real time before he deems u worthy and even then he only has neutral endings plus one bad ending where he flirts with some vines
• avi is the buff jock man with a very deep and intricate backstory but you only unlock it if you throw your computer at moon cannonball velocity
• johan is really hard because u gotta befriend the voidfish first before he even Looks At You
• noelle… saddest most angsty route you’ve ever played in any game. teach this robot how to feel again. you’ll die in the process

unlockable routes:

• kravitz: there’s a setting where you can make it so he’s a skeleton all the time
• garfield the deals warlock. only bad endings


• angus is the guy who tells u who’s into who and who likes what. he’s your buddy on the inside. he has ur back. “what would magnus like as a gift” well the boy detective knows

It was one of those nights, those hot summer afternoons where the heat is almost unbearable. A fan ran in the background as they grew bored while they stayed inside.
Making a small pile of the movies she had, she pulled out a cheesy movie that she liked. It was a romantic film that any guy, or maybe even a girl, would find cheesy. The movie was a very stereotypical romance movie of a bad boy in love with an innocent girl.
“Find anything yet?” Eric asked in a bored tone as he laid down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling.
“Yeah, actually.” Y/N got up and walked over, looking at the movie in her hand. She handed it to him, seeing his face scrunch up.
He took a moment to respond,”Um..I guess so.”
She smiled, not caring about his expression before, and took the movie away from him, walking over to the tv and putting it into the movie player, the retreating back to the couch.
She sat down next to him, now Eric was sitting up than lying down and had his arm around her, making her come close to his right side.
As the two watched the movie, Eric cringed, rolled his eyes, mumbled something under his breath as the love parts came on the movie. He found it stupid, how vulnerable the girl was to the bad boy and how she turned from good to bad. Then when he cheated on her–which was obvious, she was heartbroken and he wanted her back. There was drama between them and she took him back finally, making a happy ending at the end of the movie. Cheesy shit.
The movie ended and Eric was relieved, he looked over at her and saw her twinkling eyes and large, happy, grin.
“So, what do you think?”
Shitty. “Uh..alright?”
She shrugged it off, not acting/appearing offended like most girls would. “Well I mean you’re a guy, so..” She didn’t continue.
Eric got up and looked through the pile of movies that were mostly cheesy chick flicks like that one. When he found a decent film, he got up and walked over to her. He handed it gently to her. “Why not this one?” he asked with a comforting and relaxed smile.
Y/N shrugged again as she studied the movie and read the back. She peered up at him, her eyes under her hair as she saw bits and pieces of it above her eyesight while she stared up at him. “Okay.”

Hope you enjoyed this shortish one, anon.


Bad Boy! Namjoon:

The silent, but incredibly intimidating one who dresses in all black and seems to have a resting jerk face. He’s naturally intelligent and gets by without really having to study. People tend to avoid him like the plague because their are always mass rumors being spread about how he’s in a gang or how he’s secretly part of some wild underground cult when in reality all he does is red books in his spare time on the school roof, smoke cigarettes, and think about the hardships of life quietly to himself. You meet him one day hanging around the back of the school, scribbling something in the margins of a book and you curiously see that it’s actually one of your favorite books so you strike up a conversation and at first it shocks him, but after a while you come to know that he’s not insane or violent or anything like that - he’s just a smart guy who likes dark clothing. 

Bad Boy! Yoongi:

For the most part all he does is sleep in the back of the classroom, but the reason he’s got a bad reputation is because he has the shortest temper anyone’s ever seen. If someone as much as looks at him funny, he breaks out of his usually sleepy and tired gaze and grabs the person by the collar with no intention of being nice and asking them bluntly if they have a fucking problem. People claim that he’s fought like ten people by himself once - and won. He’s basically this ball of rage that when you annoy him get unleashed on you and no one wants to deal with that. Once you accidentally woke him up while he was taking a nap in the library and you thought, ‘oh no I’m dead’, but instead he got rather flustered after seeing you and just sort of murmured that it was fine, he’d go sleep somewhere else. Curious as to why he didn’t blow up on you, you ask him about it another day and he just shrugs and goes “I guess I can’t get mad at pretty people that easily.” 

Bad Boy! Jin:

A flirty guy who just gets way too ahead of himself sometimes. He’s not bad per say, it’s more like he just doesn’t know when to stop and that causes a lot of people a lot of heartbreak. Basically everyone’s had a crush on him and he’s been a total sweetheart, but when they end up confessing - he just sort of tilts his head, smiles, and says “Sorry, I never felt that way about you.”. He doesn’t mean to be ….. well ….. mean, but it lots of people have shed tears over being ‘lead on’ and so he’s kind of gotten the reputation of being a player. You haven’t spoken to him much, but one day you two are paired together in home ec class, and Jin sort of turns to you and expects you to be all heart eyes, but you’re not and that throws him off. Since then, it seems he’s actually sparked a genuine interest in you. 

Bad Boy! Hoseok: 

A class clown who keeps landing himself in detention and in the dean’s office because he can’t cool it with the entertainment and jokes. He’s not really doing anything ‘bad’, but because he doesn’t focus on school and instead spends a lot of time goofing off - the people he hangs around with or who encourage him to keep doing stupid jokes in class, aren’t the best group of people. One day the dean calls you in and pairs you up with Hoseok in hopes that you can help teach him that school is more important then dumb antics. After a while, you learn that Hoseok’s confident and rowdy self is just a front for a boy whose scared of being abandoned or left out of the group. Hoseok even confesses to you that your the first person he’s ever told this too, but sometimes he really wants to just focus more on grades in order to make his family happy and plus, he doesn’t feel like the friend he has now are really his friends…..

Bad Boy! Jimin: 

He’s more of a naive, lost kid than he is a bad boy but because of this sometimes he does stupid things in order to have ‘fun’. Likes to wear leather jackets and snapbacks because they make him feel a little more ‘wild’. He goes around drinking beer with some other students and like setting old TVs and stuff on fire for the ‘thrill’ but other than that he isn’t really a bad person at all. Once his friends tried to convince him to steal from this supermarket, but he couldn’t do it all and that’s how you meet after seeing him walk out of there with a sad look on his face. You know him from class so you’d asked what was wrong and he just kind of sighed and was like “are there fun things to do that aren’t like….dangerous?”. You’d laughed because you thought he was joking, but after figuring out that he wasn’t you’d taken Jimin out to karoke where you’d found out he has a really strong voice. After complimenting him, Jimin had taken your hands in his and confidently thanked you for helping him find a new outlet that he could focus his energy on! 

Bad Boy! V:

Reckless and wild, V barely shows up to class and when he does, both the students and the staff end up questioning his sobriety. He apparently loves the nightlife of Seoul; that means the drinks, the one-night hot romances, and the many many clubs that litter the city. He’s basically your party boy without a care in the world. Everyone wants to be his friend because they can only imagine how fun of a lifestyle that is to live. But one day, you find him walking the streets with a bloody lip late at night and you ask what happened and he kind of just tries to laugh it off, but you find out that there was a fight at the club he was at and he had tried to protect this girl from this creep, but had gotten beaten up for it. You offer to nurse him back to health because hey, he’s your classmate and while you’re cleaning his lip up he kind of chuckles and admits that although it’s true he likes to party and all that - he can’t help feeling like drinking can really turn people into monsters. You end up having a conversation about it and V ends up opening up a lot to you and learn that the wild, reckless boy is actually a very concerned, protective boy who keeps getting into fights with drunk creeps that try to hit on scared girls rather than living it up at parties. He even tells you that the reason he goes out so much used to be because he was bored of everything else, but now it’s more because he doesn’t want someone innocent to get hurt. 

Bad Boy! Jungkook: 

A star athlete and a perfect student, Jungkook is literally everyone’s dream - minus the fact that he gives everyone the absolute cold shoulder. No one really likes him because he refuses to make friends and is down right rude to most people. All the student mumble behind his back that he’s stuck up and puts himself on a pedestal. One day you end up having to do classroom chores with him, but when he doesn’t grab a mop like you, you get frustrated and tell him that he can’t throw all the work on you. When he doesn’t answer, you slam a bucket down on his desk and that startles him and you just point to it like “Jeon Jungkook you better clean with me, I don’t care if you’re going to Seoul National University, that doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” After that, being the only one that’s ever been truthful to his face, Junkook started growing a soft spot for you. For a couple of weeks it freaked you out, but after a while you two grew close and under all those cold stares and uninterested shrugs - turns out Jungkook’s just a cute kid into video games and stuff. 

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Can you pls write some domme!Emma smut (in canon). Thank you <3

<3 anon, I hope you like this!

want, take, have

There’s an itch under her skin.

It’s familiar…an urge to escape that had sent her running from foster care and group homes…a rush from slipping something into her bag when the cashier’s back was turned and walking out without paying…an ache between her legs that wouldn’t be satisfied by her own hand or some quality time with a handheld shower head.

It needs to be scratched.

But Emma Swan is not fifteen anymore and Storybrooke is home now, a real home, with a family (a mom, a dad, a brother, everything she ever wanted) and there’s too much at stake now to pack a bag and take off in the middle of the night (even though somethings she dreams of doing just that, old habits and all that jazz). She’s got a savings account and a credit card and she can buy candy and lipstick without needing to lift it (besides, she’s sheriff now and it would be awkward as fuck to get caught shoplifting in the town’s lone drugstore) her days as a thief are behind her and she doesn’t miss it, not really.


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SECRET: At 15, I finally worked up the nerve to approach a cute girl. She turned to me and said "hi" & I managed to get out a "hey" but it was extremely squeaky because my voice cracked at the PERFECT moment. Not thinking, I tried to cover it up by making DJ scratching noises as if I purposely made my response that high pitched.

Oh my god, I’m so sorry that happened to you! That’s gotta be one of those things where you’re falling asleep at night, and your brain’s suddenly like “Remember 20 years ago when you did the thing? Let’s replay it and burn with shame for the evening!”

And I think we can all relate… teenage romance is like some sort of torture chamber for the damned. I liked a boy in high school who was OBLIVIOUS to it. He pretty much rejected me so thoroughly there wasn’t even room to feel bad about it. But then in college… he asked me out on a date. And I WENT on the date… and I never realized it was a date. I spent it talking to him about a guy a liked. I was SO sure he had NO interest in me that the idea never crossed my mind. It took about ten YEARS before I realized it was a date. No wonder he never asked me to hang out again…