but a parallel was just begging to be done!

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

Another great parallel between Yondu and Ego:

Ego begged for his own life until the very end – begged the son he had just wanted to use as a battery and whom he had coldly told that he had murdered his mother to spare his life and work together with him.

Yondu never begged for his life. He used his last moments and last words to save Peter, to make sure the boy would live, to apologize for what he had done wrong, and his very last gesture was a soothing one to calm Peter down while he himself died a horrible death.

Ego’s last moment was about himself, and he begged for his life.

Yondu’s last moment was about Peter, and he was content with dying as long as his son was safe.  

Parallels between Jessica Jones and Tony Stark

This is going to be a long post comparing the literal plethora of similarities between Tony Stark and Jessica Jones that made watching the netflix series so much more fun.

1. Superficial Similarities

They are both brunet, attractive, and can be incredibly rude, crass, and deliberately bitchy if they want to be. They both have a drinking problem and are emotionally stunted. 

2. Similar Origin Stories

The circumstances are very different but the general theme of their origin stories are very similar. Before Kilgrave and before Afghanistan both of them were urged on by friends that they are wasting their potential. Trish would keep badgering Jessica about using her powers for good, while Rhodey point-blank told Tony “You are more than what you are.” In both scenario’s we can see both of them using their “powers” for selfish reasons. First, Jessica uses her super strength to embarass a douchebag at a bar and get him to pay for their drinks. Meanwhile Tony uses his intellect just doing a job when he could be making giant feats of science and using his money to help people. Though Tony does use his money to help people before he learned to be a hero, it’s still squandered potential. Neither of them live up to spiderman’s “with great power comes great responsibility” line. There are some differences, however. The first being that Tony was nihilistic and living a very unfulfilling life before Iron Man, while Jessica seemed much more at peace in her life, but still could be more. Another is that Jessica tried to become something more before her traumatic incident, while it took trauma to force Tony to value his life and see his purpose.

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Come Back When You Can

Summary: Guilt’s a powerful emotion, one Newt has never been good at escaping.

Word Count: 2,336

Pairing: Newt x Reader

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Easy. It would be easy to fix this all. Just the flourish of the wand to send the quill into motion, one knot to tie it to the owl’s foot, and one whisper to give away the address. All too easy.

Which is why, as you chew absentmindedly on the end of your quill and stare at the blank parchment in front of you, you want to scream.

The ticking of the clock is the worst, you think, as it keeps a steady pace of seconds, minutes, hours, and days spent without Newt.

Love, I could never-blame

Darling, please understand you couldn’t make me-stay

Sweetheart, I’m not angry, I promise, you can’t take fault

Sighing, you slam the quill onto the short desk. It’s a weak quill, one that snaps as soon as it hits the sturdy tabletop, and the sharp crack breaks your will.

The nurse in the corner startles at your frustrated shout.

She straightens the cap teetering on the top of her messy red hair. She’s tried to tie it back, but the curls must be near impossible to tame, and she has to hold her hat as she rushes to your side, eyes wide in alarm.

“What hurts?” Her hand’s cold as it grips your wrist, feeling for a pulse.

“Nothing.” You mutter, dropping your head against the stack of pillows she shoved on your bed an hour earlier.

“Oh please, darlin’, nobody screams for no reason. What is it? Is it your stomach?”

You fight the urge to yell again, to scream at her to go away, to find him and bring him back here. They don’t understand, none of them do. The words, you need the right words.

Her eyes drift to the small desk on your lap, to the two halves of the quill. “Oh, darlin’, is it that old thing? Don’t worry about that. We’ve got a bunch more sitting in a cup up front. Doctors break them all the time.”

She smiles, a grin that’s supposed to placate you, but all it does is make you angrier, make you want to grab the cup of quills and snap each and every one. Perhaps then you could find a way around this knot in your gut.

Fault. Blame. Such worthless words when it comes to love.

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CS in 3.20 & 'Come Back To Me'


I just needed to talk about this for a minute. Because really, this whole episode we saw Emma lashing out and pushing Hook away. There are little moments throughout the episode where you can see her recognizing how ridiculous she’s being (right when Hook says that telling her about the curse would’ve been a death sentence for Henry, before she snaps back that his safety is her concern), or expressing concern (when Rumple throws them in the barn), but for the most part, Emma spends the entire episode keeping Hook at arms length.

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immblueversion-deactivated20160  asked:

I disagree when you said that Lucy forgave Flare and Minerva "just like that". She only pitied Flare at first, and wasn't at all happy to see her in Chapter 298 until she apologized. As for Minerva, consider that a whole year had passed since she and Lucy saw each other. Not only did Lucy have plenty of time to put aside any animosity, but she considered it to be part of their guild's rivalry than a personal issue, which was already resolved with the guilds reconciled and Minerva redeemed.

Maybe I should have elaborated more on those parts, so please bear with my long reply. Everything below is just my opinion though, and I understand that different people might interpret things differently.

I do think that Lucy to some extent pitied Flare at first. And to me, her expressions when she saw Flare in chapter 298 look those of surprise and some fear. It’s as though she didn’t know whether Flare was there to attack her again. I don’t think her “unhappy” expressions necessarily indicate a lack of forgiveness. I personally feel that Lucy never really held a grudge against Flare because she sensed that there was some unspoken reason behind her actions. That’s my opinion though.

In any case, Lucy had definitely forgiven Flare after Flare apologized. And I say “just like that”, because she accepted her apology with grace. Lucy had never tried to chew Flare out for what she did, or make her beg for forgiveness when Flare apologised.

And about Minerva… This might not be the best way of comparing things, but let me try to draw some parallels between Minerva’s situation and Natsu’s.

Yes, I agree that Lucy considered what happened between Minerva and her as part of their guild’s rivalry instead of something personal, and I attribute that to Lucy’s logic and reasoning. She knew that Minerva probably wouldn’t have done something like that to her outside the GMG. It was a battle between guilds; they had to fight, and their battle turned out the way it did. However, if Lucy was a very emotion-driven person, or if her emotions had gotten the better of her, I can see her then holding a grudge against Minerva. It’s obvious that Minerva had taken things too far, and even Minerva herself admitted that.

Now for the situation with Natsu: As mentioned in the original post, Lucy knows that Natsu had his reasons for leaving, and because of that, she knows it’s unfair to blame him for it. However, it seems that her emotional side takes over at times, and her hurt caused by his departure surfaces from time to time.

Lucy met with Natsu a year after his departure. She had plenty of time to convince herself that she should treat Natsu normally and not blame him for leaving. They’re officially just friends, and even though they’re a team, he’s not obliged to bring her everywhere she does. But she fails to do so in this case. I think that getting Fairy Tail back is Natsu’s way of apologizing and making things up to her, and I feel that Lucy is aware of it (to some extent) as well. However, their interactions still haven’t gone back to the way that it was before the one-year gap because Lucy isn’t fully able to let go of what had happened.

Even if Natsu apologized verbally, I don’t think Lucy is able to fully put the past behind her at this point of time. Which is why in comparison, I feel that Lucy forgave Flare and Minerva much more easily. Of course, this also has to do with the nature of the hurt that the different individuals has inflicted on her, and how close her relationship with them is, but no matter what, I feel that Flare and Minerva had it much easier.