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Bellamy & Octavia Blake’s growth from childhood on the ark to now.


Music Station [2017.06.23]
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s3e08 - wizard battle

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excuse my french but antiLams shit is fucking ridiculous. like….

LGBT+ person: realizes an influential founder of the United States was not straight and, enthusiastic to find representation in a powerful figure, throws their focus on the most loving relationship Hamilton had with another man rather than his heteronormative relationships that dominate academia…

but see, if you really like Lams- or any m/m ship, it’s not that you crave representation that validates your existence and ambition or that you prefer relationships with equal agency and characters that are not only fleshed out by their canon but also easily able to engage with the major conflicts therein, you just hate women. you just want smut with schlongs. you’re horrible. sexist. perverted.

there’s a difference between using fandom as a vehicle for your validation or creativity and using it for jacking off. let’s not assume the worst of people.

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He's in LA while her "boyfriend" recently lost his stepfather okayy

Yes, he is. You’re part of the relationship? Part of the family? Part of anything but your little hatred mind? No, yeah didn’t thought so. People grieve in many ways, many different ways. Louis was there for weeks, for days, he got responsibilities too. Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when tragedies happen. I had to go back to college the day after my godmother passed. I had to go to places, to work, to everywhere. I couldn’t stay with my grandmother who had just losted her daughter, couldn’t stay with my father who losted his sister. No one could, everybody had to keep going. That’s how life works and I hope you learn how to be decent sometime soon, cause you’re needing. Have a good night 

I just got home and i finished reading the chapter, here are a few thoughts:

  • BLESS YOU, NISHIKI 🙏 heroe of heroes. 
  • kaneki’s interrogation session ccg style to figure out if she’s pregnant 👀 i know he suspects.. and his reaction didn’t seem to be negative at all, for what i can see…
  • Kaneki “not ‘no’, but, well…” he can’t deny himself.
  • fuck you mutsuki .l. 
  • *grabs crucifix and prays for toukachan*

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yeah, can you rec me some exo/aes blogs then? thx

yea sure! this isn’t in any particular order, but these are the blogs i recommend:

@yiixingsgf @soft4baek @fyeahchanyeol @subaek @angelksoo @roses4ksoo @suhosoo @florese @thicksehun @honeymyeon @unpopularblackgirl @exosdancingqueen @88gf @exolq @emokai @chootys @yiffxing @ilovezyxsomuch @raspberrydae @chanyeolcide @daddychefsoo @irlbaek @asintu @kyungsoosgrl @yeogibuteora @1yixing @sunflowersoo @eggheadsoo @zyxsthighs @letmecumbaek @bearhugged @starlightkai @dazedjongin @frea1luv @kyungsoo-kim @whatifbyexo @1bread @royalnini @sekaisoosgirl @sehunoh @dazzlingkai @ksooslipring @elluts @asshun @chensguns @kyungsohs @peechsoo @intokai @kaizzzi @iluvpcy @death-by-jongin @jongdaeshappytrail @dyorable @oohsenun @pathkode @baekshitbyun @sehuntiago @peachysuho @lottomp3byexo @lawlliets @brbcrawlingtokorea @tellmewhatislove @kaislover @jonginence @saintksoo @305heaux @jonginssoo @beautyeol @suavesehun @solozhangrise & @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner …and i think that’s it?? there are obviously more but these are the main ones i recommend :) sorry this took so long but i hope this helped!

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wheres jungkook manliness (concept like Dope) nowadays i just really want a jungkook manily concept ugghh (cry's in fangirl language) i feel like us jungkook biased fans and jimin would REALLLY (wiggles eyebrows) appreciate it♥i think we can all agree jimin dies for jungkook manliness or i am not a bts fanatic <3i need it NOW gimme it PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE bts compnay cordis people who control thier mv concept SOMEONE SOMTHING helpahhhurggh

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)