but a mixture of positive emotions

How I imagine BTS when it comes to love and relationships:

(This took so much time and research oml. Based on astrology.)

Jin: Needs a deep bond with emotional intimacy. Partner will be very important to him; he will try be reliable and helpful. Rather than being a crazy, passionate lover, Jin will be affectionate, tender and sensual. Might be a mixture of hot and cold, although being devoted, he cannot help but get lost in the clouds and may sometimes seem aloof. He needs to know he is trusted, respected and loved. He responds greatly to positive feedback and compliments. He has a fear of commitment in truth, but once he does commit he will be warm, caring and loving. Takes charge quite easily and won’t find it difficult to make executive decisions, especially with things like travelling. He wants fun and will joke with his partner. He needs a partner who he can be spontaneous and adventurous with. He’ll want to take them around the world. Can easily read his partner and will be very thoughtful towards them.

Yoongi: Yoongi can be a bit of a difficult boyfriend to figure out. At times, he can be very straightforward and blunt, and at other times he can be extremely sensitive and impressionable (gives into your wants easily). Although his sex style can be very direct, spontaneous and passionate, he needs a loving, warm and sentimental partner who makes him feel safe. Yoongi is one complicated dude, right? But that makes it all the more fun. Again, he has a contradiction between his need for independence and space and also being incredibly needy towards his partner. He can be moody and volatile, a bit dramatic actually- this is when his inner child will come out and he needs his patient partner to sooth him with their warmth and wisdom. Flirtatious but still reserved. One day, he can be incredibly attached and attention seeking, the next he can be flirtatious and mysterious and the next he might just be aloof and in his own world. He is actually a very romantic man but tries to protect his heart, causing him to open and close himself to his partner. Unpredictable. Insecure.

Hoseok: Very sensitive and romantic! Seriously, Hoseok will put a very, very high importance on his partner’s pleasure, and will love to entertain, amuse and inspire them. He will keep up a very light-hearted appearance, often hiding his deep sensitivity from his partner. Understands and respects his partner’s freedom and individuality, and will highly encourage them to do what makes them happy. But, of course, needs an attentive lover. Sounds like the perfect boyfriend, yes? Yes. Falls quickly but hesitantly, the time before actually becoming his partner might be quite confusing and will create a lot of tension and passion, making things kind of explosive when he or his partner finally makes a move. Although he is very people-orientated and very friendly, it will still take a lot of time and effort to crack open his reserved nature- his partner will be one of the few to really be lucky enough to indulge in his whole, complex character. Can be contradictory with sex. He can see it as an emotional experience where he can release an almost overwhelming amount of emotions and sentimentality, or he can be quite cool and intellectual about it- making him seem a little detached. He is charming and playful, but can be quite tricky to please as he needs both freedom and vulnerability.

Namjoon: Very much desires, actually rather needs, affectionate and emotional expressions from his partner, and will give that back as well. He is reserved and protective of his heart, but once he makes a deep and special connection with his partner, he will do almost anything to protect and cherish it. He will develop an almost intimidating sense of unity with his partner, and will rely heavily on the silent expressions of love- meaning he will need an intuitive partner. Namjoon is very much a feeling, sensitive and passionate lover rather than a logical one. He will be very respectful and warm to his lover; he will admire them and wants the same. Because he is so sensitive and feeling orientated, he might become broody and silent when hurt- leaving his partner to figure out what’s wrong. Fights may come from him being insecure and scared to get hurt, even because he’s scared of his own intense feelings, he will need a patient lover who doesn’t make him feel bad in these situations. Namjoon will find it more difficult than most to ‘share’ his partner and can be very possessive, but at the same time he is very accepting and understanding. He might react very emotionally before taking the time, which he will do, to understand and forgive his partner. He will rely too much on his partner being able to ‘read his mind’. Sex is very important to him and he is very giving in bed.

Jimin: Very emotional and committed, he will put a lot of effort into nurturing his partner and their relationship. He needs a very expressive partner as he can be extremely insecure. He might smother his partner a little bit, he just loves them so, so much and needs to know they love him back. Jimin is similar to Namjoon in the fact that he expects his lover to be very intuitive to his feelings and needs, and this is influenced by the fact that he is very intuitive to his partners feelings. He picks up on his lover’s energy easily. He might find it difficult to verbally communicate, which flows into his sex life- he relies on sex heavily to show his love and prove his connection. Sex will be almost otherworldly intense. He is very sensitive and his feelings run very deep, meaning his partner will have a lot of control over him, and he will want to do anything for their praise. Although he might anger quite quickly, he is actually too forgiving. His partner needs to be extremely, and I mean extremely, loyal and he must feel they are absolutely committed. In this case, he will thrive and be endlessly happy- as romance makes him feel complete in a way. He can get extremely possessive and jealous. 

Taehyung: On the surface, Taehyung might seem like quite a flighty and light-hearted lover, but deep down he is very earthy and sensual, putting a high importance on his romantic connection. He is very passionate. He will be a very fun and entertaining boyfriend, but also a very grounded lover who needs security. He will want to have a very intellectual relationship, and cleverness, maturity and stability actually really turn him on. He is a mixture of being surprising and spontaneous and also being very supportive and loving. He will be a great boyfriend as he is thoughtful, caring and fun with an interesting and unique mind! He might be a little too stable and dependable, sometimes not being sensitive enough to the emotional partner he needs. He can be a confusing lover as he is unpredictable- a strange mixture between sensitivity and aloofness, capability and stupidity, spontaneity and groundedness. He will always be surprising his partner, keeping thing fresh and youthful, but also confusing. Although he needs quite a bit of space and freedom, he can be very possessive over his lover. He will be in it for the long run, if his partner can adapt to his unique and lovable personality. He is versatile and ever changing but can also be very logical and full of common sense when it is needed.

Jungkook: Jungkook has a huge heart. It is youthful, spirited and passionate. He is also intelligent and is attracted to people with these same traits. He likes space and freedom to explore, even within his romantic relationships. He is very curious. He doesn’t like being possessed but, in stark contrast, can be highly possessive himself. He needs to be stimulated by intellectual things, but he also needs more gentle and subtle ways of expressing love. His partner needs to be his friend as well as his lover, or it won’t work. He can be insecure and will be put off if his partner is uncommunicative or dull. He can be difficult to please as he needs a spontaneous, youthful and fun partner, but also one who is grounded and dependable and not too outgoing. He is a real big flirt, but what’s truly wonderful about him is that he almost always delivers on even the smallest of promises. He can be moody or indifferent, these moments will confuse his partner especially because of their contrast as well as them being different to his normal warm and loving nature. He literally loves emotional and physical affection, and needs a ton of physical attention- sex giving him a buzz and giving him energy. Although he is passionate and intense, he can also be very logical, rational and fair. Making him a great boyfriend. His emotional and sexual needs often get mixed up and it can be difficult for his partner to know what to give him. He might find it difficult to be fully satisfied unless both his emotional and sexual needs are met, which means he might need to wait a few years before being in a committed relationship.

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you give love a bad name

Draco was having a lovely Thursday evening, spending the time reading books on new Quidditch techniques and scribbling down any potion ideas that came to mind. Of course, Draco could be more productive.

Wait. No, he actually couldn’t.

Because Harry was playing unnecessary, loud, cantankerous garbage. Usually, Draco can drown it out and chalk it up to Harry going through a ‘hardcore’ phase.

But it’s been over a year.

His so-called “music” booming from underneath Draco’s room was trembling the floorboards, shaking the windows, and rattling the thoughts inside Draco’s mind. Which wasn’t “punk rock” at all.

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absolution; act of absolving; a freeing from blame or guilt; release fromconsequences, obligations, or penalties.

acquiesce; accept something reluctantly but without protest.

asterismos; a rhetorical term for an introductory word or phrase that has the primary function of calling attention to what follows.

astronomy; the scientific study of matter and phenomena in the universe, especially in outer space, including the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial objects.

ataraxia; a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

aura; a distinctive and pervasive quality or character; atmosphere.

boisterous; noisy, energetic, and cheerful.

bling; a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious, or elaborate jewellery and ornamented accessories

brontide; a low muffled sound like distant thunder heard in certain seismic regions especially along seacoasts and over lakes and thought to be caused by feeble earth tremors.

burgundy; a deep red colour like that of burgundy wine.

cacophony; a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.

camaraderie; mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

capricious; guided by whim rather than reason.

cosmic; relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth.

decadence; moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

defenestration; the action of throwing someone out of a window, or, the action or process of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority.

effervescent; vivacious and enthusiastic.

eloquence; fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.

ephemeral; lasting for a very short time.

epinephrine; another term for adrenaline.

epistemology; the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

ethereal; extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

eunoia; comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking.”

fantastical; based on or existing only in fantasy; unreal.

furtive; attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.

gossamer; a light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate material or substance.

halcyon; denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

ineffable; too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

intoxication; the state of being intoxicated, especially by alcohol.

lactescere; (Latin) to turn to milk.

leonine; of or resembling a lion or lions.

loquacious; tending to talk a great deal; talkative.

machiavellian; cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics.

mischievous; causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

momentum; the impetus gained by a moving object.

myriad; a countless or extremely great number of people or things.

nebulae; a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter.

nefarious; (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.

nonchalant; feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.

opalescence; the quality of being opallike, or milkily iridescent. 

obligatory; required by a legal, moral, or other rule; compulsory.

orphic; of or relating to Orpheus or Orphism.

parenthetical; relating to or inserted as a parenthesis (explains or qualifies something).

partial; existing only in part; incomplete.

pastiche; an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.

petrichor; a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

phosphenes; a sensation of a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.

plethora; a large or excessive amount of something.

pleasure; a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

pretentious; attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

prosaic; having or using the style or diction of prose as opposed to poetry; lacking imaginativeness or originality, commonplace; unromantic.

resilience; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

ricochet; a bullet or other projectile rebound off a surface.

sempiternal; eternal and unchanging; everlasting.

serendipitous; occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

sphere; a round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equidistant from its centre.

soliloquy; an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.

sonorous; (of a person’s voice or other sound) imposingly deep and full.

tenebrific; causing gloom or darkness.

twilight; the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere.

vespertide; the period of vespers; evening.

vicissitude; a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

waltz; a ballroom dance in triple time performed by a couple or to act casually, confidently, or inconsiderately.

Nighttime Sharpens, Heightens Each Sensation

Fandom: POTO
Summary: The Phantom has a secret - the reason he shies away from the gentlest of Christine’s touches, the reason he guards himself from affection, even from those he trusts. He’s just really, really, really…ticklish.
Warnings: Fluff and domestic bliss. Almost angst but quickly turns into a whole nother heaping helping of fluff. Truly raunchy stuff.
Word Count: 1,052

The Phantom had accepted long ago he was born as, and would forever remain, a sensitive creature. Any true artist, creator, and angel had a softer side. The heart often ruled above the head as the arts ensnared every sense.

But that was not the only sensitivity Erik was plagued by.

The first time he came close to letting it slip was when kisses with Christine had become fervent for the first time and her fingers had curled against his neck. Abruptly, he had drawn away, somewhat surprised that his nerves remembered how to be ticklish after spending so many years untouched.

She had questioned him, of course, afraid she had hurt him or offended him in some way. He had only stuttered slightly in his reply, mumbling something about inspiration and rushing over to his organ, pretending to compose.

(He had, incidentally, managed to compose a piece so light and bubbly afterward he was almost ashamed of its likeness to playful glints of daylight dancing on stained glass.)

It had happened again when she had reached forward to smooth some wrinkles in his shirt. Her hands had brushed far too lightly over his sides and he had found it impossible not to twitch and bite back a smile at the sensation.

Since then, the…incidents…had grown more and more frequent. Almost every day, there was an elbow to the ribs, a few nails scratching at the shoulder blades, a squeeze to the sides when they were mid-hug. It was as if she was testing him, trying to prove a theory. Something inside him glowed with anticipation whenever he pondered it.

One day, every passing tickle, every minute poke and prod, culminated into what appeared to be the inevitable inquiry.

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Jupiter and the Sign Souls

I was just thinking about the timeline of the signs, and how Aries is the youngest soul transitioning up to Pisces who is the oldest, and it occurred to me that Jupiter divides the timeline into 3 parts.
For those of you who don’t know, the signs lay out an age timeline. Aries being the new born child, Taurus being the infant, and so on until you get to Pisces being the elder. There is also a theory that we go through each Sun sign as per the life we are on in our wheel, for example a Gemini has been to Earth 3 times. In this theory, we must learn lessons from each life in each sign to move onto the higher realm.
Jupiter represents growth and expansion, and it seems to me that Jupiter is most at home in Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer for a reason. They appear to mark where age transitions: young, mature, elder.
The first part is the youngest souls. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and then Cancer. Cancer is the first marking point. Jupiter exalts in Cancer. Jupiter for Cancer is about expansive emotion and feeling, and a growth in emotional understandings. It seems no coincidence that Cancer is the transitioning side of the young naïve souls into the maturing ones.
The second part is the souls that are middle aged and finding their feet. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and then there is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is dominated by Jupiter. For Sagittarius, Jupiter is about expansive learning, and growth in experience. It makes sense considering Sagittarius marks the end of the ‘adult’ signs: the ones who have been learning through experience. Moreso, Sagittarius takes philosophical, deep lessons away from their experiences. This fits in with the transition from the signs experiencing life, to those reminiscing.
The last part is the souls that are elders: the wise ones. Sagittarius also fits in to this section, followed by Capricorn, Aquarius, and then Pisces. Pisces is dominated by Jupiter. Pisces Jupiter is very much a mixture of Sagittarius and Cancer, and it’s not surprising when it is the oldest sign. It is about expanding on all the emotions they have experienced, and growing even deeper than they already have. Being the last sign - and by the theory mentioned above, last life for us - being ruled by Jupiter appears to symbolise the growth into a higher realm, or consciousness.

*None of this is certain, it’s just a really nice theory I wanted to share with you all! I hope it makes you think of things in a more positive light, and remember to always look forward to the future!

[FIC] Unbound (T)

Prompt: Stepbrother!Mingyu Sequel
Word Count: 4,911
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Mild substance abuse

A/N: Y'ALL ASKED FOR IT, AND HERE IT IS, FINALLY. I really wanted to get this done in time for Mingyu’s birthday, but I guess fate had other plans :( But still, it’s done! THE SEQUEL TO TIES IS FINALLY COMPLETED, THE FATE OF OUR HEROES SHALL BE DETERMINED *cough*.  I know it’s been a while since that monster-sized fic, so I’d recommend giving it a read again before delving into this one. Thank you so much for the love you’ve shown for this story. There would not have been a sequel if it weren’t for the support <3 ENJOY!


Read the first installment, Ties, here!

Originally posted by hanwooz

Short Recap:

“I understand,” he says again, as though trying to convince himself, and he crushes you into his arms tighter. “But for now, please… Let me hold onto you for a little longer before I let you go. Just for tonight.”A little longer, that’s all the time the both of you have. Compared to the past thirteen years you’ve spent together, five hours seems like a laughably, cruelly short amount of time now. You sniffle and manage a nod, and he takes in your consent with by nuzzling his nose against the crook of your neck. “I understand.”

It seems like your mind had been playing tricks with you the whole time.

Whenever you tried recalling moments spent with your older brother Mingyu, you recalled of the countless times he had given the you cold shoulder in Junior High, how he avoided you at all costs in the halls of your high school, embarrassed by the thought of being seen with the bottom percentile of the school.

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A Small Surprise

Hello if you still do the 390 prompts thingy can we have #53 please ^-^

53. “Guess who’s going to be a father?”
warnings: fluff and like one swear i think
771 words

Snow whirled furiously around Storybrooke, tendrils of icy air whipping the windows. A mild storm was brewing, but you were safe inside your small apartment, cozy in your chair next to the fire. The air scented of cocoa and spice, and as you sat swaddled in a blanket, your fingers idly fiddled with a pregnancy test. Your eyes gleamed with uncertainty, but you couldn’t ignore the unmistakeable feeling of joy tugging at your heart.

You jumped at the sound of the door creaking open, anxious as to what you would now have to face. What if he doesn’t want it? Fear crept in at the thought. Lately, the pair of you hadn’t bothered to use any protection. Not that you were trying for anything, but you both had decided that it wasn’t necessary to take precautions anymore, and that it might be best to simply let nature run its course. And after waking up this morning with an immediate urge to vomit, you already knew what was happening. You shrugged off Peter’s concern, reassuring him that it must be some mild form of stomach flu, and that perhaps calling in sick to work would be best today. Little did he know that what you really needed was some time to cope with the idea of being a…

Mother. You were going to be a mother. The idea was enough to make your head spin. Were you two ready for life as parents? It had been a while since you both arrived in Storybrooke, and together you had adjusted just fine. You were no longer going to stay young forever, and the pair of you were growing up quite nicely. This would just be another adventure, right? The sound of Peter’s boots clunking against the floor immediately brought you out of your reverie, and you were once again reminded of the news you had to break.

“(Y/N)?” His voice rang clear as he made his way towards you, and you smiled at him as he shucked off his sweater. “How are you feeling, love?” You stealthily hid the test beneath the folds of the blanket as Peter felt your forehead with the back of his palm. “You’re a bit warm,” he said, and you chuckled softly.

“It’s the fire.” Poor guy. He had no idea what was coming. You smirked, and his brows rose.

“Alright,” he said, a bit warily. “What’s going on?” Would he really want to know? Maybe you two weren’t prepared for this. What if he got scared and wouldn’t want this new addition in your lives? You panicked, and your mind racked itself for reasons as to why you shouldn’t tell Peter the truth. The agitation must have been visible in your face because he cupped your chin and faced you to him, green orbs searching your eyes for a reason as to why you were distressed. “What is it, love? Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong,” you sighed. You never meant to worry him. Peter sat on the arm of your chair, brushing back stray locks from your face. “You know that we’ve stopped contraception for a while, to…to just see what would happen.” You fumbled with the words, and Peter’s brushing paused.

“(Y/N),” he began.

“So it really isn’t a surprise that,” you couldn’t help the smile that now grew upon your lips, “that something like this would happen.”

“(Y/N),” Peter repeated, quickly shifting as he crouched before where you were sat, peering up with incredulous green eyes. His lips quivered as he struggled to find the words. “Are you…?”

You were practically beaming now, unable to smother your glowing smile. Your hands brought out the pregnancy test from beneath the folds. His gaze was fixated on the positive sign. “Guess who’s going to be a father?” In that moment, you weren’t afraid of his reaction, because as soon as he smiled, you knew it was going to be okay.

“I’m…” A mixture of emotions danced along his features. “You’re… We’re…” You laughed at his loss of words, nodding as your eyes filled with tears. His smile was radiant as he continued his attempt at conveying his currently scattered thoughts. “Shit, (Y/N). We… I’m going to… A baby?” 

And there it was. It was the sweetest word you ever heard.

“Yes,” you whispered, taking his face in your hands as you brought your lips to his. “We’re going to have a baby.” He threw back his head in laughter, and crashed his mouth to yours for a breathtaking kiss. Yes, you thought to yourself. We are going to be okay.

(A/N): I enjoyed writing this so much that I’m now thinking about doing a part ii. What do you guys think? Are we having a boy or a girl?

Right now I am a mixture of very happy and very sad. And I am trying to figure it all out, all these feelings and emotions, and words and thoughts, and what they all mean. Everything I feel is a contradiction of itself, and I do not understand any of it.
—  Anonymous

PART ONE  (Companions react to losing the wedding ring)

Featuring: Cait, Curie, Danse, Deacon, and  Hancock

I’m terribly sorry for writing so much. I really liked this prompt. <3 Enjoy these mini stories!!  Also, thank you for the compliment, anon :)

CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO: MacCready, Valentine, Piper, Preston, X6-88


Cait: “If ya keep that up, you’ll be getting’ a right good kick in the arse,” Cait says threateningly as Sole tickles her side for fifth time.  She doesn’t really want them to stop, though.  She’ll never admit it, but she loves it when they tease and flirt with her in such a childish manner.  It makes her feel like they’re making up for the lighthearted childhood she never had.

The two had just finished dinner and drinks at a local bar near Boston, and are now slightly stumbling home, aggressively flirting like they did when they first took interest in one another.  The way Sole makes Cait feel is like nothing in the world.  It’s a good change she’s needed in her life, and you know?  She really loves them.  More than she ever dreamed of loving someone, in fact.  What she loves most about them is how much she learns just by being in their presence.  Every day she learns something new about them, the world, or even about herself. “Alright, alright, I’m done,” Sole says, throwing their hands up in surrender.  Biting her lip to hold down a smile, Cait reaches out and takes one of their hands into hers, locking her fingers to theirs.  They continue walking, hand in hand, and then come to a sudden halt.  “What is it? We got company?” Cait asks, looking around eagerly for a fight to pick.  

“Where’s your ring?” Sole says, holding up their right hand—Cait’s left hand still laced with them, missing the gold band that usually hugs her finger.  Her mouth hangs wide open, for she doesn’t remember losing or taking off the ring. She feels the bottom of her stomach drop like a trap door.  “I—I dunno, babe.  Fuck.  Maybe I left it back at the bar?”

The two hurry back to the bar, and the whole way Cait is praying the ring is there somewhere.  When they arrive, it’s nowhere to be found.  She can feel her insides twisting around.  That ring means a lot to them, and she’s gone and lost it.  As they’re leaving for the second time, she notices a man outside the door who is holding her golden band in his hand.  He’s about to pocket it when she decides to take action. “One minute,” she says to Sole, before approaching the him.  “That’s my ring, and I’d like it back.  Please.” The man laughs in her face and declines, setting off the fire within her.  With one swift movement, her fist meets his face, and she then walks away with her ring.  The two head for home once more.

“I’m really sorry for misplacin’ the ring in the first place.  I should take better care of the things you give me.  God, you’ve given me so much, Sole.  I know how much it means to you, and I hope you know that it … it means a lot to me too.  I really love you.”  She feels relieved and vaguely embarrassed as her true feelings spill out of her mouth. Sole kisses her on the cheek, and she responds by grabbing their face and planting a big ole wet one on their lips. A tickle fight commences.

Curie: Out of all of the experiments she’s tried and medicines she’s created, Curie believes she’s finally on the track to achieving her greatest accomplishment yet:  a serum that makes a human being immune to radiation—permanently.  She works so very hard; using the information she has stored from before the war and the information she’s learned from living in this strange, new world.  She leans over the table in the lab Sole built for her, every so often catching herself gazing at the beautiful golden ring they had given to her just days before.  How happy it makes her heart to feel such love!  And ah, how she loves them.

Scattered around her neatly organized table are a variety of flasks full of acids and chemicals, minerals and powders, and a small flame burning to heat the mixtures. Curie is severely precise with her measurements, making sure everything is exact.  She knows she is capable of messing up, as she has done so countless times, but she is determined to succeed.  “The future is hopeful,” she says aloud in a chipper voice, looking at the last two flasks of strangely colored liquids.  “All I have to do is boil zis liter of chemicals and zen mix with ze acid base, and all will be finished!”

For the first time, Curie experiences the emotion of pride and is positive nothing stands in her way.  Carefully, she moves the liter of chemicals above the open flame and holds it there for quite some time as she waits for it to boil.  After a while, a pain begins in her left hand.  A few more seconds pass and the pain grows stronger, until it’s unbearable.  The fire has not only heated the chemicals, but also the wedding band on her finger.

With a shrill scream, Curie drops the acid liter onto the counter, breaking and spilling over and onto the floor.  The ring is burning her hand, and out of terror and pain, she pulls it off.  In the chaos of things, the band slips out of her hands, right into the beaker of acid, disintegrating immediately.  “No!”  Heartbreak. Intense heartbreak is all she can feel. Within moments, Sole is in the room. “Curie, oh god.  What’s happened?  Are you hurt?!”  Crouched on the ground, she looks up at them with wet eyes, hiccupping through tears. “N-no, my love.  I am f-f-fine.  B-but my ring!”  she cries. Sole pulls her away from the table of another failed experiment.  They hold and sooth her as she weeps, her heart heavy.  “Curie, it’s okay.  The ring? It’s just an object.  I’m glad you’re not hurt … we can replace things like rings, but we can’t replace people.  Well, unless you’re the Institute.”  Curie begins to smile at Sole’s kind words and gentle voice.  She feels better after they tell her she hasn’t done anything wrong, and they promise to take her shopping for a new ring.

Danse: The Vertibird finally connects to the breathtakingly massive Prydwen, and Danse dismounts alongside Rhys and Haylen. He’s been off on a small mission while Sole completed work aboard the airship, and though he succeeded with his assignment, he undoubtedly was thinking of them for the entirety of his time away.

He is granted permission to board the Prydwen, and after entering the main deck, he goes to drop off his power armor at the station before meeting Sole in his living quarters.  He exits his armor, and after making small talk with a few others on his way to his room, he reaches the door and hastily opens it.

There they are.  Sitting on the edge of his bed in nothing more than undergarments is Sole reading a pre-war book.  He averts his eyes for a moment, slightly embarrassed at their surprised expression. “I’m back early,” he says, clearing his throat.  They close the book and set it on the dresser, rising to meet him.  Without a word, they express how much they’ve missed him through the kiss they place on his lips.  It’s slow and tender; exactly what he’s needed for the past few days. His hands set on the base of their hips as he kisses them back, closing the space between the two of them.  Their soft skin beneath his hands is over stimulating.  How is it possible to love someone as much as he loves them?

Sole is everything to him.  He would risk anything; sacrifice anything to keep them safe. He knows he can be stubborn and hard to get along with at times, but they are always there for him, loving and supporting him all the way.  Not only are they an outstanding lover, but they’re also the best partner he could ask for.

“I have missed you,” he says gently, his eyes gazing into theirs.  Sole kisses him again and teases, “how much?”.  Without hesitation, Danse brings his lips to theirs and kisses them fiercely, his hands holding their body as close as possible to his.  In moments, the two are on his bed, Sole pinned beneath his large body as he kisses them all over, smiling like a fool.  Their hands running up and down his back, they begin tugging off his jumpsuit.  He helps make it easier for them by taking it off himself, but stops as soon as he sees his chest.

Around his neck is always a chain necklace that holds the wedding band Sole had given him.  His fingers are too big to fit the ring, you see.  But no chain hangs across his chest.  “The ring.  The ring you gave me is gone,” Danse begins.  He feels like he’s failed his most important mission yet.  Sole can see the look of horror and confusion on his face and places a hand on his shoulder.  He continues to stare at his chest.  “I am so sorry.  I never should have let this happen.  Whatever it takes, I will find your ring and make this right.  I … I hope this doesn’t change the status of our relationship, but I can understand if—.”  Sole stops him with a kiss.  They explain that it’s okay, that it’s only a ring.  Danse doesn’t understand, however.  A wedding ring is surely something of sentimental value, yes?  It sure means a lot to him, and he’d like to have a piece of them near his heart at all times.  He makes up his mind to set out and find it right away.  Well, right after he finishes showing Sole just how much he’s missed them.

Deacon: He realizes it’s missing as he stands in front of a sink, washing his own cum off his hands.  Sole had been away for two days with another companion on a mission he wasn’t allowed to take part of.  Something to do with the Brotherhood, he guesses.  He told Sole he was fine with them going without him, but in reality, he’s worrying himself sick over it.  That’s what he does—he bluffs.   But what if something happens to them while he’s not around?  In Sole’s leave of absence, all he can do is think of them, rubbing himself empty a couple times a day.  It can get pretty dull down in Head Quarters, and he’s not about to be completely miserable the whole time.

As the last bit of his cum washes away, he notices that his hands feel different.  “Shit, where’d I put my ring?” he mumbles, his left hand naked.  He checks around the sink, but wait—he remembers taking it off right before he started jerkin’ the gherkin.  Deacon can feel a sense of panic rising inside of himself when the ring isn’t where he thought he’d put it.  Minutes go by and there’s still no sight of the only thing Sole has left of their dead spouse.  Keep it together, you’ll find it, his minds says. His mask of smile is slowly diminishing.

For the rest of the evening, he searches without success.  Sole is to arrive in the morning, and he can’t fathom the look of disappointment he knows they’ll give him when they find out.  Then, he gets an idea.  Deacon approaches someone who he knows will have his back.  Despite the anxiety almost crippling his entire body, he maintains his cool air.  “My man, Tom! How’s it going pal?”  He explains the situation to Tinker Tom and asks for his help.  “It’s a simple gold band.  Would you have any kind of anything that’ll pass as the ring?  It doesn’t have to be perfect—just something I can use until I, you know, find the actual ring.”

Deacon knows Tinker Tom isn’t pleased with him, but the thought of putting them through heartbreak when there is so much other shit going on in their life is unbearable.  A few minutes pass and Toms finds a gold band for him.  He can feel the nervousness inside of him ease away. He scuffs the ring on the stone walls of Head Quarters to make it look “aged”, and sleeps the night away peacefully.

In the early morning, Sole arrives just as they said they would, and to Deacon’s delight, they are unscathed by the dangers of the Commonwealth.  He can feel his heartstrings tighten when they look at him with those beautiful, wide eyes.  “There’s my monkey,” he grins, pulling them into a tight embrace.  God, how he missed the feeling of having them so close to him. “I love you, Deacon.  I missed you more than you can know,” Sole says, kissing the edge of his jaw.  “I love you too, and I—I … need to tell you something.”  He pulls the fake ring off of his finger and holds it up.  As hard as it is for him to say it, the words come falling out.  “You see this?  This is me lying to you.  Something I’m never going to allow myself to do ever again.  I lost Nate/Nora’s ring.  I didn’t mean to lose it, but I did … and I don’t know how I’m supposed to make it up to you.  I just couldn’t let myself lie to you.  I can’t do that to someone I love.”  Sole isn’t upset with him, but they make a slight whimpering noise, and then bury their head into his chest.  He clutches them and apologizes over and over again, promising to make it up to them in any way that he can.

Hancock:  “Christ. That was good,” he says, leaning his naked body back onto the bed. He pulls Sole close to him and kisses their forehead.  The two of them always have wild, passionate sex, but nothing beats the feeling of holding each other afterwards, in his opinion.  It’s so warm and relaxing; like coming down from a particularly strong high. He feels nearer to them than ever, breathing in their rich scent as the sound of rain patters on the window of the Old State House.  Only a few candles are lit, but in the glow of the firelight, he sees the glint of gold on Sole’s left hand.  Heh.  All his. The day they asked him if he’d wear the matching gold ring was one of the happiest days of his long, long life. This person—this beautiful angel is his.  He cracks a toothy grin just thinking about how happy it makes him.

Through hazy eyes, heaving with an hour’s worth of sex and a few drags of jet, he looks down at his hand; only the matching gold ring isn’t fitting snug around his finger.  His perception seems to snap back to full clarity as his heart picks up. What in the hell?  Hancock doesn’t move, but instead continues to run his finger through Sole’s hair as they fall asleep on his chest.  Nothing to worry about yet … he’ll find it in the morning, surely.  He’ll make sure not to take any chems so that it’ll be easier for him to remember when it comes time to look.

Only, he doesn’t find it.  The following day, while Sole works on modifying their weapons, he retraces his steps.  The last place he remembers having it was at The Third Rail, but after a thorough search, it isn’t anywhere to be found.  He has Ham and about ten drifters help him look for it, but the sun starts to set once more, and he knows Sole will be finishing up their work anytime now and will want to see him.  “We’ll call it a night, brothers and sisters,” Hancock says to the search party. He genuinely appreciates their help, but he’s feeling internally angry for losing it in the first place, and he can feel himself getting more and more irritable.  Doesn’t want his people to see him like that.

As he trudges up the stairs of the State House, he realizes he’s been sober for the entire day.  “That’ll explain why I’ve been feeling extra prick-ish,” he says to himself. It’s kind of nice, but unsettling at the same time.  He doesn’t like himself when he’s sober.  He thinks too much, feels too much of his past and all of the troubles that dwell in the shadows of his mind.  And now this guilt that’s eating away at his stomach feels 100 times worse than it usually does.  When he reaches his office, he sees his favorite chem of all: Sole.  He plops down on the couch next to them and releases a long sigh.  Instead of taking a hit of jet, he takes their chin in his hand and kisses them softly. “Love, I don’t like keeping things from you, but I lost something of yours, and I don’t think I’m gonna be able to find it.”  

He tells them how he’s been searching for the ring all day and that they’re allowed to be furious with him.  They aren’t, though.  In fact, Sole breaks out into laughter and nods to the coffee table in front of them.  On a small white plate is a dispenser of jet sitting beside a golden ring.  “I set the plate on your desk this morning before you woke, but I guess you didn’t see it since you weren’t working in your office today. Out looking for the ring, yeah?” Sole says in a teasing voice, tugging on the collar of his coat.  He is impressed.  “Well, well.  You’re one clever devil.  Look, I’m sorry for not sayin’ anything to you last night.  Didn’t want to worry you is all.”  Sole accepts the apology, but says it isn’t necessary, then takes his hand into theirs and slides the ring back on.  There is a moment in which he feels total completion.  A missing piece of himself has been found once more.  “I’m all yours.”

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You hear the familiar whooshing sound of your boyfriend arriving home and curse, knowing you’re not going to be able to hide before Pietro gets in here.

Pietro runs into yours and his shared bedroom, still in his mission suit. “(Y/n), you’ll never guess–”

He stops in his tracks when he sees you perched on the edge of your bed in your (f/c) suit, medical kit open next to you. His eyes move down to the needle and thread hanging out of the 2 inch long cut in your upper arm. “What happened, printessa?”

“Pietro, I wanted to tell you, you were just so busy,” you explain, trying to stand up.

He gently guides you back into a seated position before using his speed to stitch up your arm perfectly in a matter of seconds. Once he’s done, you sigh in relief. “Thank you.”

He sits next you, taking your hand in both of his warm, calloused ones. His blue eyes have a mixture of emotions in them, and you can tell he’s trying to suppress his anger. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I already told you.” You sigh, looking at your joined hands. “I didn’t want you to worry while you were on your missions.”

“(Y/n), I worry about you even when I’m not on missions,” he says, blue eyes burning intensely into your (e/c) ones.

You blush a little before saying, “Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Wanda.”

He nods and kisses your forehead. “As long as you’re careful and keep me updated on what’s happening.”

You smile. “Deal.”

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If they had a kid meme | @xxboyishswearsxx, @thecrystalizeddemongirl, @that-satanic-skeeball (I saw it as I finished this XD) |

  • Name:  Cressida
  • Gender: Female 
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality: She is twitchy like tweek, but doesn’t express his emotions like Craig does, she hates her life and the people around her, she wishes to stay all day in bed and playvideo games. She is usually super nervous, and when she gets panic attacks she screams, whether she is in school or at home she screams and gets out running, he eventually learns how to control her anxiety. 
  • Special Talents: She is a very good listener.
  • Who they like better: Tweek, because he understands her the most.
  • Who they take after more: it a mixture between both.
  • Personal Headcanon: She locks herself in the room in fetal position and listens to Hasley - Gasoline on repeat to make the voices and shadows go away.

He hadn’t been positive he believed that until he said it out loud. A mixture of things passed through her eyes at that declaration. Confusion and a pain-filled emotion he couldn’t identify. He knew what it was like to think the world might be better off without you, but to be too much of a survivor to just go quietly. He also knew how it felt to have someone tell you it wasn’t so and to wonder how they could believe that when you didn’t.

What No One Else Sees by Aggie2011

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anonymous asked:

I am awful at communicating my feelings with people. Most of the time people don't understand how i feel because I can't identify the problem or key emotion other than my feelings are hurt. Other borderlines that have an awful time with this?

Oh man, I wish I could share some of the stuff from my Skills Training Manual with you because it addresses exactly this (if you want to buy the book yourself we have a link in our FAQ).

While a lot of the borderlines on this blog (particularly our mods) are very self-aware, a LOT of borderlines struggle with identifying, processing, and articulating their emotions.  Sometimes you just can’t find the word for the thing that you’re feeling.  It might be that you don’t even know there IS a word for that feeling.  DBT (a type of therapy aimed specifically at borderlines) spends some time at the beginning teaching people with BPD how to identify the emotions that they feel.  There’s basically this wheel with emotions on it that looks a lot like a colour wheel:

This is one of the many out there, there are ones that are colour coded but I just picked the first one google brought up.  These wheels can help you find the words for emotions that might be lost to you in the moment.  If you don’t know what you’re feeling at all, you could be feeling a mixture of things which makes everything muddy and confusing.  But generally, try focusing first on the circle in the middle (ie are you happy, sad, disgusted, angry, afraid, or surprised) and then proceed to narrow down how that feeling fits into those general categories.  Feeling “inquisitive” is not the same as being “happy” but it’s a positive feeling, if you get how that works.

When it comes to processing an emotion, people with BPD can take longer than someone without the disorder to process our emotions because often we feel more than one thing at a time so we have to sort through the layers of our emotions.  For example, I have a hard time processing my emotions during a conversation so I try to stay neutral and polite and then afterwards I will discover that I was actually really uncomfortable, or distressed, or angry.  It takes time and practice, first learning to identify the emotion, then process it and decide how you feel about the emotion and how the emotion feels in general, and THEN you can figure out how to articulate it with the words you’ve learned to describe your feelings.  Easier said than done when you don’t even know what you’re feeling.  

It’s frustrating for me to answer this question because I’m not technically allowed to share my DBT stuff with you guys because of copy-wright stuff, but if this is something you really struggle with, I really recommend you pick up The DBT Skills Training Manual which goes into this in really clear and understandable ways that I wish I could share with you guys.

But rest assured, this is something that a lot of borderlines struggle with.  You’re not alone, okay?


  • They work when the work comes to them…meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, dance, or write out business plans when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.

  • They probably don’t have a “normal” job. The creative spirit feels dampened by a job in which it doesn’t get to roam free and do as it pleases. Many creative types turn to entrepreneurship to make money, because it fulfills their soul while still allowing them to get paid.

  • They see inspiration in everything. Creative spirits become inspired by anything and everything, from an unusual pattern on a leaf to the bright lights of a city at night. They see the world as their oyster, and have a knack for finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

  • They never stop questioning. The creative mind always wonders and always wanders; creative people have highly active imaginations, and ponder the big AND small questions in life. They want to know it all.

  • They aren’t afraid to fail. They don’t even see failure as a bad thing, because they know that the only way to grow in life is by putting yourself out there and making mistakes.

  • They are very independent people. They don’t like being told what to do or when to do things. They work best alone and feel totally confident walking their own path in life.

  • They are risk-takers. Creative people don’t just love doing new things, they actually seek out dangerous or uncomfortable opportunities because this makes them feel alive. It unlocks new doors of creativity, and might even give them insight into previously undiscovered talents.

  • They use their pain to fuel their passion. Creative people have likely been through very hellish and traumatic experiences, but these experiences give life to their work. They feel inspired by what they learned from their setbacks, and transmute the negative energy from the pain into something positive.

  • They practice self-development. Imaginative people know that a foggy, unproductive, negative brain will block their creativity and not allow them to express themselves fully. They read self-help books, practice mindfulness, meditate, do yoga, and say positive affirmations. They know that a positive attitude is the cornerstone of achieving a high level of creative success.

  • They daydream. Creative people let their minds wander, and don’t ask any questions until later. They simply enjoy traveling to new lands and thinking up new concepts through their imaginations, and know that daydreaming can lead to the most profound, unparalleled ideas.

  • They enjoy spending time alone. Most creative people are seen as loners or misfits, and never really fit in to any stereotype or clique. While this may not always be the case, creative people usually feel most comfortable in solitude because they do their best work in their own company.

  • They aren’t afraid of being different. They know they’re different, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They own their uniqueness, and feel honored to show it off.

  • They only want friends who uplift and inspire them. They don’t want to be around people who don’t have big dreams and visions – they seek out friendships with people who they can bounce ideas off of and who truly understand their soul.

  • They often act before they think. Despite the stereotype of creative people, most of them actually take huge leaps of faith without going through all the scenarios in their minds first. Why? Because they know that they must live it, not just think it, in order to reach their goals.

  • They do things most people aren’t willing to do. They don’t give up easily, they put themselves out there, they fail over and over again but see it as growth, and they put in hard work even when they’re tired. Creative people are troopers; they have a strong will and don’t let anything stand in their way.

  • They have a “yes” mentality. They say yes to life, because they know this will create more opportunities for them. They do things even when they’re scared or unsure – they realize that momentum coupled with a positive attitude create the perfect mixture for exciting things to happen.

  • They have a strong work ethic. They might work fifteen or more hours a day, depending on how they feel. They know that dreams don’t work unless they do.

  • They are complex people. They might feel that no one understands them, but they don’t care. They have an intricate web of personality traits and deep emotions, but they feel proud to have so many layers. They think this makes them a more interesting person!

  • They get bored with the same old routine. They thrive off of new experiences, and actually cringe and feel caged in by doing the same things at the same time, day in and day out.

  • They move around a lot. They don’t like staying in the same place too long, because their creative energy thrives off of new places, faces, and activities.

  • They are highly emotional, intuitive people. Most creative people identify with being an empath, or highly sensitive person. They feel things very deeply, and let out their emotions through their creative work.

  • They may have a hard time falling asleep. Because of their active brains, they might stay up into the early morning hours some nights, either working or just thinking.

  • They take care of themselves. They realize their creative energy can’t move through them if they don’t keep their mind, body, and soul healthy. They likely care about their diet, exercise often, and meditate daily.

  • Life means nothing to them if they don’t follow their heart. They don’t relate to people who see everything as a means to an end. To them, their passion is both the means AND the end.

  • They live life on the edge. They know that they must always feel excited and challenged in life in order to live to the fullest. They want to live a life that is anything but ordinary.
April Fool


Word count -425

Genre-Fake relationship au,confession of feelings

Extra tags-Phil/other but endgame Phan,Happy ending

Summary-Tired of being caught offguard every year and being pranked by Dan,Phil decides to take things into his hands this year.As a way to prank Dan,he decides to pretend to be married to a fellow Youtuber,but all doesn’t go according to plan or quite as he expected it to…

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Here are #207 gifs of Harry Styles looking happy/smiling/laughing, with a random mixture of recent and old small/medium gifs (none of which I own or made myself). This gif hunt derived from my original Harry gif hunt in order to organise them into emotions. Enjoy!

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smilealwaysbeth said:

Hi, I have a prompt, S19, Val & Z meeting up in his trailer after Val & Janel’s elimination, Val is in his feels about losin, Z comforting him, them headin over to a dinner held for the contestants by the DWTS show, Janel getting jealous/hurt over Val & Z relationship them never leavin eachother’s sides, though she’s very passive/aggressive in her actions w/ them. Would U or would U know another Fic writer who would B willin 2 write this?

Babe I hope this is what you were looking for I tried sticking to the prompt, but my mind just took over. :)

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A little pre-relationship hugs and kisses anyone? 

Based on this post by @lumosinlove. I saw you were having a bad day. I hope you feel better soon. <3

  • Remus could always tell when Sirius needed a hug.
  • Likewise, Remus was Sirius’s go-to person for hugs.
  • (Besides those sweaters were so large on Remus that Sirius could fit himself and maybe James in there with him.)
  • Anyway, today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and everything got under Sirius’s skin. 
  • Remus knew something was wrong when he turned down the chance to get a good prank in on Snivellus. 
  • He had actually known before. He could see it in the way Sirius’s lips were pursed and how he kept sighing during Transfiguration every time he had to scratch out something in his notes.
  • But he could see it most in his eyes. They almost always had a particular sparkle to them that didn’t seem to be there today. 
  • Now that they were back in the common room (and mostly alone, save for three sixth year girls that were gossiping over tea), Remus approached him. 
  • “It’s okay to have an off day, you know,” He said as he leaned over the back of the couch Sirius was occupying. 
  • Sirius looked up at him and there was definitely a brief reprieve of the tension that had settled on his face. 
  • “Thanks, Moons. I’ll be all right.” 
  • As soon as the words left his mouth his grimaced. Honestly, he was a terrible liar. 
  • “You’re positive?” 
  • The only response Remus received was a half-hearted nod
  • And that just wouldn’t do. 
  • Remus rounded the corner and grabbed his hands with a certain kind of smile that was something between playful and concerned, which Sirius thought was an odd mixture of emotions.
  • “Moony…? Hey! What the-” 
  • Remus held Sirius against him and Sirius couldn’t help but notice that their bodies lined up with some sort of precise symmetry
  • Something that hadn’t gone over Remus’s head either, but he pushed the thought from his mind and lifted Sirius onto the tips of his toes,
  • Which was just enough for him to bury his face into the nape of his neck where he rested his lips until Sirius finally relaxed. 
  • But Remus made sure to take the time to bask in the scent of leather and citrus that only Sirius Black could get away with,
  • And Sirius felt at ease being surrounded by the distinct scent of dark chocolate and old books that was uniquely Remus Lupin. 
  • It was like all of his issues seemed to melt away with Remus.
  • And Remus rather enjoyed bearing the weight of Sirius pressed to his body. 
  • So it really wasn’t surprising when Sirius’s lips brushed his cheek at the same time his own lips began leaving a trail of lazy kisses along his neck. 
  • And there was something in the back of Remus’s mind that screamed ‘KISS HIM YOU FOOL! JUST DO IT!’
  • But there was no way that Sirius felt the same. He probably had a better chance of courting Albus Dumbledore than ever having even the smallest chance with Sirius. 
  • Even despite the soft noise that fell from Sirius’s lips as he pressed his lips to the juncture between his neck and jaw. 
  • Suddenly he was nervous. He had never been nervous about just hugging Sirius before. Why should now have been any different?
  • But it was different. 
  • So the words that spilled from his lips were vastly different than the ones he actually wanted to say. 
  • ‘I love you. Please don’t let go.’
  • “Did you catch the way Snivellus was staring at Lily at dinner? I thought for sure his hands were going to fall off from how hard they were shaking every time James spoke to her.” 
  • *snort*
  • And there it was.
  • He had broken the moment no sooner than it had begun and he could feel Sirius’s shoulders shake against him with laughter. 
  • Sirius lifted his head. That missing sparkle in his eyes had started to appear once again. 
  • “Thanks, Moony. I needed that.” 
  • Sirius kissed his cheek again, and then he was gone. The warmth, the scent, had left him alone with the three other girls in the common room who had stopped talking long enough to watch the exchange between them. 
  • Remus sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. 
  • “Hey! Aren’t you coming?” 
  • Remus looked up. Sirius had bounded back down the stairs and waved to him. 
  • He smiled, and Remus couldn’t help but to smile back. 
  • “Yeah, I’m coming.”
Tall, Dark and Handsome - Part 9

Characters - AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Cas, other misc. AU characters

Word Count - 3395

Warnings - Angst, Fighting, Fluff (Fluffy fluff fluff), Smut, Dean’s POV

A/N - Sorry this part took so long. I work from my phone and I’ve had A LOT of bad going on. Anyway, I decided to try something different here. This part is written entirely from Dean’s POV. It’s written how he sees, thinks and talks. Thank you to the always lovely @winchesterenthusiast for reading this over for me. Also, four gifs because I couldn’t pick three.

Mutual love tag: @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @fvckinpayno @mrswhozeewhatsis @kayteonline @oriona75 @manawhaat @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond if I forgot anyone, I’m sorry.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Kiss Me | Cake | Dress Up


That was my first thought as I watched Y/N hit the ground clutching her face. There were a mixtures of sounds filling my ears, a mixture of emotions running through my veins. Worry took the forefront, I dropped to my knees by her and rested my hand on her shoulder.

“Y/N, shit.” She was curled in the fetal position writhing in pain, “Baby, are you okay?” As the words came out of my mouth, a brush of air and a small figure darted past me.

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