but a lot of people see her as just that

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Yeah I wanted to ask for which they'd fit in respectively (mostly because I'm having trouble and I wanted to doodle that combo) so if you wouldn't mind doing the HC for all of them under which Disney movie their character fits best with.

No problem!!

~If you’re comfortable with it, please link or tag me when it’s done, I’d LOVE to see!! ◦°˚(´•̛ᴗ•̛`)/˚°◦

◉ Yoosung

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  • Aladdin
  • Super sweet. Super poor. Feels kind of alone in life. Kind of leads a double life? In one he’s just a poor kid and the other he’s got a lot of power (kinda like Yoosung with his LOLOL account). This is his film for sure.

◉ Jumin

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  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Rich guy. Treats people poorly. Selfish and stubborn. Meets someone who shows him that he can change and open his heart. He becomes a better person through their love and guidance. Has her locked up in his place for a while but FINALLY tells them they’re free to go, he overcomes his possessiveness and does the right thing. This is 100% Jumin Han.

◉ Zen

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  • Hercules
  • Works his ass off to prove to his family that he’s worth something and he can exceed their expectations. Very dedicated to himself, his career and body. Has a ton of fans but runs away from them even though he’s still flattered. Would give it all up for the lady he likes. This is Zen for sure.

◉ Jaehee

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  • Princess and the Frog
  • Works her butt off with some rich person gloating at her. Just wants to follow her dream. Super smart. This is Jaehee.

◉ Saeyoung

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  • Tangled
  • Guy who does a lot of bad stuff for a living. He has a good heart though. Falls in love but doesn’t think he’s worthy. Sarcastic as heck. This is Saeyoung.

◉ V

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  • The Little Mermaid
  • Super sweet, kind, caring rich boy. Doesn’t flaunt his money, he is rich but also just a lax cool guy. Looks past differences with ease. (almost gets tricked into marrying an evil witch) V is for sure Prince Eric and this would be his movie.

◉ Saeran

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  • Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Okay okay. Saeran is not “ugly.” BUT. This is his film. Taken as a child and locked away by some crazy fuck who’s only goal is to brainwash them. Tells him that he can’t trust anyone but them. All he wants to do is look at the sky and wishes he could be just a normal person. Has a kind heart, but people misjudge him and think the worst. He doesn’t get the girl in the end but he’s overcomes his oppressor. This is Saerans film, ok.

I am really really really passionate about Orianna. She is my favorite champion and even though I have talked with lots of people and even a game designer who had different views, I still think that she has one of the best and healthiest kits in the entire game. Also, her design makes my robo loving heart just melt into a puddle of gooey happiness. So I am always quite sad that there is so little fanart of her. I try my best to encourage people to make more, often unsuccessfully.

Artwork by @gouviac

Let's talk about Queenie for a second

We didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of her but what we did get made her my favorite character. So she’s a legilimens and we see that she can read people’s minds even when she’s just carrying on with her regular day (wow, she must be v powerful). If she’s that powerful to always know what the people around her are thinking, she must be plagued with terrible, burdensome thoughts that would make anyone depressed and lose faith in people. I know I probably would, because even “good” people have bad, rude, or mean thoughts sometimes, but somehow she seems incredibly upbeat. She’s compassionate, kind, and gentle. (Please hug me and be my friend.) She’s like the living version of the “never let the world dull your sparkle” inspiring crap that people pin on Pinterest. She cares deeply for her sister and treats Newt and Jacob with affection and warmth.

This leads me to talk about her and Jacob. She’s an incredibly attractive young woman and so she probably overhears a lot of solicitous and perhaps even unkind thoughts about her. Jacob is a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure but for Queenie to love him so deeply seems to me even more evidence of how kind and good he is.

Jacob is to Newt what Queenie is to Porpentina. I don’t just mean that they’re sidekicks, but they clearly care very deeply for the other. Willing to sacrifice and go to extraordinary lengths to protect the other. They’re very similar that way and I think it’s one of the things that attracts Queenie to Jacob.

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I'm sorry people seem to keep on misunderstanding the point you are trying to get across. If people honestly don't see some of the things ISYL has posted as questionable, I don't know what to think. I'm pretty Gillovny myself, but some things just don't add up. What does "for a while" even mean? "For a while" could mean lots of things. You would think if you had a "source" for a long time, you would have a pretty good idea of when their relationship started.

Or, you know…? Evidence. All those back-party rooms…. inside information….if they know he likes to spoil her rotten and send her certain gifts for holidays, I would think there would be a little more concrete proof of a relationship too. But…that’s just me…. Whatever.

People can believe what they want…. (just don’t bitch and moan on the chance it turns out to be a lie/not true, and in that case, please take your frustrations to the ones who perpetrated it - not the Gillian tag where she’s called a “psychotic whore”).

I’m done.

The issue of Gillovny drama is so fucking ridiculous, and The fact that I’ve spent as much time on it as I have makes me nauseous.

Happy Sunday!! What’s everyone cooking for Sunday dinner?

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What's your opinion about Ann Coulter and Tomi Lahren?

Ann Coulter is fearless. I like that in a person.  She can be a bit insulting sometimes to people, but when she talks principles, she pretty much right on.  

I’ve only listened to Tomi a couple of times.  I wished I had the OAN channel, but right now I don’t.  My dad has it and he’s always telling me about her.  I see a lot of links to videos of her from OAN, but for some reason, I don’t watch a lot of them–need to watch a few more, I guess. 

I just love fearless people, especially outspoken, conservative women.  

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wanda teaching natasha about hanukkah and exposing her to it for the first time in her life?? natasha going to a synagogue and maybe a church or a mosque with wanda and checking out the world religions and just learning a helluva lot?? and natasha maybe starting to believe in goodness of humanity again, a belief that was drilled out of her since the red room??? idk


god yes please? especially @ wanda teaching natasha about Hanukkah and other aspects of her religion……… and like maybe natasha never adopts a religion of her own but just learning about other people’s beliefs and seeing the way wanda’s eyes light up whenever she talks about her religion/etc. makes natasha really happy

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Last week Olicity fans mobilized for Olicity on twitter. Why this week people would not mobilize for Emily Bett Rickards this week? I mean her best part in the crossover was on LoT. She deserved better in ep 5x08 that what they did for her. You got more with people who are not in the show anymomre than her. Lot of people are upset with how Eps write Felicity this year. They don't respect her and in the Crossover others character doesn't respect her (and Cisco). It could be nice to support EBR.


It was awesome to see Olicity fans mobilize on Twitter this week!!

I’ve seen that a lot of people are unhappy with the way Felicity’s character is being written this year, not just in the crossover episodes but all of season 5. I am not one of them.

I think EBR has been doing an amazing, outstanding, stupendous job this season! Felicity is not okay - not even close to okay. So her character is always wearing a mask, at the beginning of the season it was tight and she was overly perky - not herself but as the season wears on the mask slips more and more and we are seeing how peaks into her pain. So she is not usually self but that is deliberate. EBR herself said that Felicity will break apart this season - I’m hoping it’s this Wednesday.

But the little signs are there from the first episode when she panicked when Oliver was in the field with the cops to the most recent Arrow episode before the crossover when she was onsite and overly worried about him. I think this may also help explain her non-reaction to her friends, including Oliver, being abducted by aliens. She simply couldn’t deal so she didn’t.

As for EBR not having a role in the crossover - I have to disagree. She had a far bigger role than I anticipated. She helped Barry bring all the teams together on The Flash, she played at least three versions of herself on Arrow including her current masked one, she time traveled, helped Cisco save the team, fixed an alien spaceship and played her Overwatch role to a tee directing all the teams in the big battle on Legends - Felicity Smoak was badass.

So guess we have to agree to disagree as I feel EBR is supported and I hear she has an even bigger storyline coming in the second part of season 5!

Thanks for your comment :)

Oh my god…


I just realized how Rose died.

I’ve only been in the fandom for a few months now but I just realized how Rose Quartz died. See the show and the fandom always talk about how she gave up her physical form to be half of Steven. And I think a lot of people get confused by what she meant.

Like I’ve seen a lot of fanart, metas, theories, etc. which suggest that Rose actually physically gave up her physical form so that she could transform into part of Steven and keep him alive. In other words, Steven is her reincarnation. (Well, he’s half her reincarnation and half of Greg’s DNA.) 

Which never made sense to me but then again I’m new to the show, so I’ve just sort of gone along with it. 

But now I’m here to present you all with a simpler (and ironically, darker) theory.

Steven isn’t a reincarnation of Rose. Steven is just Rose’s child. Which is still impressive and groundbreaking since he’s the first human-gem hybrid. But he’s not a human-gem reincarnation. He’s just their child. All of his powers are inherited from his gem DNA, not from being a reincarnation. I’m going to go so far as to say that even his gem was a product of DNA and not a symbol of the fact that he’s Rose 2.0.

“Ah, but marauders4evr, the show and Rebecca Sugar are always talking about how Rose gave up her physical form to-”

To give birth to Steven.


According to Rebecca Sugar, “Rose shapeshifted a womb for him to be born from.”

Pretty impressive Gem magic.

But here’s the thing.

According to Amethyst in Steven’s Birthday, “Steven, you can’t just keep stretching forever. If you hold it too long, you could really hurt yourself.”


It appears that if a gem shapeshifts for a prolonged period of time, they’ll have severe consequences. And we see this even further when Steven does…


Now for some odd reason, that turns Steven back into a baby, but that’s not what I’m getting at. I’m getting at the fact that Steven’s body took an extreme physical toll after just a few hours of shapeshifting. Because, as Amethyst said, prolonged exposure to shapeshifting can cause someone to “really hurt themselves”. 

Rose Quartz shapeshifted for nine whole months. And that’s not even counting the stretching she did to push Steven out.

My friends…

When Rebecca Sugar and the show talk about how Rose Quartz gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven, they literally mean that Rose Quartz stretched herself out for such a prolonged period of time that her body (ie: her physical form) eventually faced the consequences and withered away into nothingness.

Steven’s Birthday wasn’t just a filler episode. It was the key to showing us the process by which his mother died.


(On Claire Temple stealing the show) What with good reason, my god…I think Rosario has a lot to do with it. You can feel her heart in her work. I think also the character—she’s a strong woman, she helps the people she cares about. – Deborah Ann Woll

She’s got it all, it’s equal parts the character as the actor. She’s an incredibly talented actor. She just exudes coolness, you know? She’s cool, she’s sweet. I just think she’s awesome and she’s highly, highly capable. I get it, I fell in love with her, yeah. – Jon Bernthal

She’s got such an amazing presence and she’s such a wonderful person and actor. But I think also Claire Temple was written beautifully. I think a lot of people, in the same way that Matt—he could open up to her in a way he hasn’t to anyone else. I think she probably made the audience feel the same way as well. – Charlie Cox

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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my fave thing is how this show allows Lexa to be a bad ass warrior queen who kills people and commands the respect of her people and all. but at the same time, let’s her wear nice dresses and have her hair fall over the side of her face and let her be feminine. she even wears dresses and looks pretty in front of her warrior people and they’re all cool with that. there’s no ‘the commander must always be strong (see: masculine)’. it just goes to show how much the 100 values and respects femininity and women in general. i like that a lot.



You can find Yurie hidden in the abandoned Byrgenwerth library on the lake in Bloodborne - unlike a lot of characters in Souls games, Yurie, outside of what can be inferred from her title as “Last Scholar” and her Choir outfit, is very ill-defned. There are none of the usual obliqe references to her you would expect to see, no background info, even her name isn’t surfaced explicitly ingame. For a lot of people, Yurie is just a final bulwark between them and Byrgenwerth’s greatest secret (and she does pose quite a challenge,even with assistance).

Inexplicably, i’ve almost cried over Yurie, alone, last scholar in the halls, holding up the stars by herself.

I don’t chase people anymore,” she said, turning up the collar of her jacket against the freezing cold, “either they want to stay or they don’t.” He handed her a cup of coffee, gently brushing her fingers, so lightly it might as well have been an accident.
“Sometimes you have to chase people for a while, just to make sure they know how you feel about them,” he replied. She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of hot coffee and burning her tongue. “That’s just stupid.”
A knowing smile formed on his lips as he watched her. “See, there are a lot of people like you,” his smile widened while her face transformed into a scowl, “people who are always on the run and unaware of what others might feel for them. Unaware that they make someone else’s heart race, that they make their days brighter and their worries seem pointless. It’s people like you that I need to chase because you’re always too far gone before I can hold on to you, and quite frankly, I’m tired of chasing, too.
—  “So do you want to stay?”
most of you probably won’t care, but

can we talk about kim seokjin? he’s the most underrated member of bts and it makes me sad to see when other members are far more popular than him. i know so many other people have done almost this exact same post before but it clearly isn’t working because he’s still ignored :( (also if you’re going to complain about ANOTHER kim seokjin post then get the fuck out pls thank you) 

a lot of people say that jin is “just the visual”, that he’s only in bangtan for his looks, that the only reason he got in was because of this looks. they point at the fact that he was casted off the street solely for his looks, that he gets the fewest lines and it’s always the easiest ones, that he can’t dance for his life.


remember that jin came to bighit with absolutely no singing/dancing/music experience (and all the other members had some) and look where he is now. have you heard his cover of Ra.D’s mother? it’s fucking amazing i cried and i will fight you if you don’t agree with me. and have you seen that hard ass choreo bangtan performs that mama just fucking looked over because bts is too qualitfied? maybe he is the worst dancer in bangtan, but he also tries so hard to keep up with this amazingly hard choreo and he pulls. it. off. look at how hard he’s working: his singing and dancing has improved miles since debut, he tries hard to be funny in variety shows/bts vids, he always sings live in performances, and he never complains about any of it. and you just recognize his looks?

not to mention the fact that he knows he’s so handsome - and says it all the time. you find it annoying? i think it’s important: he’s self-confident, and he shows it. kpop idols are just that: idols. fans look at them and idolize them, and setting this self-confident example for us is great and so much better than idols that say “oh, i’m not that handsome…” because he’s teaching us to embrace our looks just like him! and it’s just so important that us young people, especially in this society, learn this.

same goes with eatjin - in this world of stick skinny kpop idols that do one meal a day diets and are ALL underweight, jin has a video series of him just eating food? how great is that? and it’s not just him taking a small bite of food, it’s him wolfing down like 2 servings of food and making it seem okay to eat more than a lettuce leaf for lunch

and not to mention that without him, bangtan probably wouldn’t be around like do u think the other 6 members can manage their silly asses without jin? he’s such an important part of the group, and without him it wouldn’t be the same. can you see bangtan without him? stop ignoring him and what he does. please. it annoys me to see other members talked about and idolized and seokjin never mentioned. it annoys me to see people commenting on eatjin videos asking for other members? it’s his fucking broadcast, pleasepleaseplease don’t ask for other members: it makes him feel bad for not being as loved as the others. and the prologue? HE WAS THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER ESSENTIALLY AND I SEE PEOPLE IGNORING HIM. WHY? HOW? his birthday is DECEMBER 4TH and i see like 4-5 people making countdown posts? i swear i saw at least 30 a day for jimin, and tae already has projects going strong even though his isn’t until the end of december. 

tl;dr: stop ignoring seokjin. he’s hardworking and important and a great role model and needs to be recognized. his birthday is december 4th. make him feel loved. participate in jinpreciation week at least. also watch his cover of mother because it’s fucking amazing okay bye.

Tiana Appreciation Week ♕ Day 5 - Favorite Personality Trait
Fantastic Lesbians and where to find them (FemSlash February)

It’s FemSlash February so at least once a week every week this month expect some lady on lady love to be filling your eyeballs. Now that isn’t rare content on my blog at all I write about this stuff all the time but my FemSlash February I will attempt to make it a super positive month (Positive from me, we’ll see).

America Chavez from Young Avengers:

America Chavez is one of my favorite characters of all time. Young Avengers is where we get to see her really shine although she doesn’t get to be in a romance I think it’s important that we have stories were queer people are queer but that’s just their orientation like the heteros get. So Young Avengers really works well with that and makes her just this awesome action hero that on further readings actually has a lot more depth in everything then when you first read.

Undyne and Alphys from Undertale :

One of the very few games to have actual lesbian characters inside of it. Undyne and Alphys in nearly all their interactions (at least in the mercy run) mention their things for one another in subtle (and not so subtle ways).  Anyway in the game you can get them to kiss so there is that. It’s a really cute romance and honestly I can’t think of another lesbian relationship in video games that aren’t with your self insert character (and they are super limited normally). (Edit: Several people pointed out Alphys is Bi, I never saw that inside the game this post was made from my experience with the game. )

Raven and more from Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven (as of issue 4) is the only real confirmed lesbian in this series but I mean she is the lead of the book, with the series named after her so you know expect other lesbians. There is already lots of romantic tension between people and Raven is a fantastic character. Raven is the rightful heir to a pirate dynasty but was sent off to a tower to be rescued (In Princless she is then rescued by a princess and amazing adventures happen for a volume). After going free she swore vengeance on her brothers for convincing their father to send her off. So she is building a new crew, has a new boat and is off to claim what is hers.

Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms

This is a romance I hadn’t expected but it’s truly outrageous how quick I feel for this couple. They are not treated like Misfits for being gay although their Romeo and Juliet esque love affair from Rival bands does cause tension.  These two are the leading romance in this book for sure even when you do have a cast of other awesome ladies.

Connie and Carla from Rock and Riot:

Rock and Riot is a webcomic so you can go read that for free at http://rockandriotcomic.tumblr.com/ set in the 50′s about  LGBTQ people. It’s a romance comic and it’s pretty new it’s first volume only recently went to print. This is a series that is really worth supporting and really worth reading. There isn’t a whole bunch of drama but right now our Lesbian couple and our gay male couple are both hiding their relationships from their gangs and we’ll see how that plays out.

Angela and Sera from Angela Queen of Hel

Angela and Sera are Marvel’s power lesbians. Angela is a goddess raised as an Angel who is in love with a magical trans woman who is also an Angel. She then has to dive into hell to rescue her lover from death because Sera is so clever she managed to let Angela know what had happened. They are both these insanely powerful lovers who are taking over freaking Hel. It’s this amazing Adventure Romance and these two’s love is just so amazing inside this comic. You don’t need any previous context to become totally committed to to these two’s deep love.

Maybe everyone from Lumberjanes:

No one in the janes is confirmed to be straight but we do have lots of gay hinting and straight up gay characters.  Mal and Molly are a cute couple that is there in the comic from the start. Jo seems to be at least at times romantically interested in April. Speaking of Jo Jo is trans and has two dads so that is awesome too. Hell even Roise the leader of the camp seems to have had some sort of close encounters of the feminine kind at some point.

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All space rocks except for the bi one from Steven Universe:

I’ll start by saying I’ll just go ahead and block anyone who wants to be like “The gems don’t have a gender so not lesbians.” Moving on from that disclaimer you want lesbians Steven Universe is gay girls the show. Some of this gayness in blunt and other is just so gushing out of the subtext you have to be homophobic or at least not know gay people not to get it. Spoilers but Garnet is a fusion of two people in love meaning we just always have little lesbians dancing around inside of a main character. Even Steven is pretty gender non conforming so even though he seems straight you never know how straight that is. This show is just so amazing in general and if you haven’t watched it you should do yourself a favor and do it. From it’s brilliant soundtrack, acting, and animation to what it means for kids animation Steven Universe is A+ all the time.


This right here was the best part to me. Not anything cute or funny, but this; this is real. 

This is Amethyst’s reality, and a reality a lot of people live in. I have dyscalculia, and while it’s not a major disability, it still makes simple things difficult for me. Being told as a kid “oh you can be anything!” was a lie; can’t be a scientist, a doctor, an accountant, etc. 

While my issue isn’t to Amethyst’s level, seeing a scene like this makes me feel something for her. Having a scene like this for kids with disabilities to see is fantastic, because they can see themself in Amethyst, relate to her, and see that despite being “defective”, she’s just as good as the rest and just as loved.

Amethyst is important.

The 100 Season 3 Finale spoilers

I decided I don’t give a fuck anymore, the writer’s did us wrong and they don’t deserve respect. Here is what I saw in the underground parking lot. Some of you have probably seen this already since someone I shared it with leaked it, but if you haven’t, beware, this could be Lexa’s final scene, so if you don’t want that spoiled, don’t read ahead.

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i lov that dodie clark has a lot of acne and isn’t afraid to show it online like im sure a lot of people (cough me cough) are insecure about acne u know and u see dodie, a goddess, bunch of ppl lov her and she has acne. like it idk what’s so comforting abt it like it just feels good ?