but a lot of folks love them so i try

Want to draw people better ??

Here are some tips that help me draw people that look like actual people

  • References from the internet are good, but references you make yourself are better

Why tho? Because we know what we look like. How we move, what our body does when it twists and turns - we know our own bodies far better than any stranger’s. Taking pictures of yourself in crazy poses helps not only put your own personality into the characters you draw, it gives you a better understanding of anatomy and pose dynamics. Even if you aren’t a model, every human is expressive in their own way, and chances are the fact that you aren’t a model is going to put a lot more realistic depth and likability into your drawings. Why do you think folks at Disney, Laika and more depend on their own footage other than one’s handed to them?

Here are some of mine. I will embarrass myself for education.

  • Draw the human figure every chance you get

I know we don’t all have access to top notch figure drawing classes, but I’m assuming we all have friends (?) that would love to jump in and pose for us every so often. I try and do a session of 1 min poses daily before I start work on my comic. It helps my mind think three dimensional and it’s fun to see yourself improve as time goes on. PLUS you can always go back to a drawing you like and reference that in another drawing too! There are websites all over that have free image drawing sessions you can choose from. Or you can be a creep like I am and go sit in public places and sketch people from afar (or even just go up to them and ask to draw them, I find most people are flattered and don’t mind at all). A good idea is to switch every now and then between pencil and pen. I know, pen is scary, but so is growth. Go nuts.

These are from when I first started figure drawing. Don’t do what I did and leave out the hands/feet just because they’re hard.

  • Capture the pose now, add your own style later

I don’t want to start an art student fight on Tumblr, so I’ll just say this: Ya can’t add the pzazz if you don’t have the pza. If your foundations aren’t strong, guess what, you’re drawing is going to suffer. You can try and hide it with your own stylistic choices, sure, but anyone artist or not can look at a drawing and tell that something is “off” when you don’t have your fundamentals down. Take - your life drawing - seriously. I understand that not everyone LOVES to draw bottles and bowls for three hours, I get it. But if you can’t draw bottles and bowls in front of you correctly, how can you expect to draw bottles and bowls from your noggin correctly? Remember this equation: (Fundamentals)pza + (Your own thang)zz = pzazz.

Cute drawing, right? Wrong. This doesn’t even make sense. Let’s play a game called “how many mistakes can you see in this old drawing” of mine?

  • Accept that drawing people is the hardest thing to draw and take the time you need to make a good drawing

Whoever says that drawing people is easy is lying. Ask all the professionals out there, drawing the human figure takes practice, practice, practice. Folks who have been working at Disney for years are still required to enroll in company exclusive figure drawing classes daily. There are days I can whip out a model sheet in thirty minutes, then there are some days it takes me a good two hours to get a face to look right. You WILL learn the more you do it, but that’s assuming that you are dedicated and will set time aside every day to challenge yourself and take your work seriously. If you desire to go into the animation industry, or any art occupation for that matter, expect the people hiring you to ask you for figure drawings in your portfolio. 

Draw on my dudes!


Witchsona commission for birbycakes of her and her sister.

potion/starlight/cute witch & charms/moonlight/elegant witch.

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favorite blogs to recommend? (naruto)

oOooO boy, will this be a doozy. Settle down this will be a LIST (in no specific order) (I shouldnt be making lists actually since i like a LOOOOOOT of people and not all of them are mentioned here) (I’ll probably keep updating this every 2 seconds watch out)

- @laetia a pro team 7 sasuke stan, enough said. (I think they have my favourite sasuke tag and thats saying something because im very very very picky) (id be hard pressed to do this but possibly, possibly my favourite on this list)

- @asiantwinkies she is so sweet, one of the 2 people ive ever initiated a conversation with on here purely because shes a good bean. cute art but check her ships so you dont get hurt.

- @madara-fate he is all ship positive and his posts are great and always backed up by many facts. I dont exactly agree with every little thing he says, but I hold his opinions in high regard

- @borutopng also all ship positive so an all round positive feed, great mutual too

- @aymaabdullahmalik shes great too..i like her opinions (usually all ship positive) and she posts good art

- @saradacchi she is a good friend of mine and i love her buT most importantly she is the person behind the the icon i always get asked about, her art is adorable check her out

- @sasusakuonly speaking of art, here is a good ss only art blog. @ss-is-beautiful is also great SS blog. For Sakura goodness and sasusaku stuff @dreaming-of-tokyo is great

- annalovesfiction (i think thats her blog name) this person has me blocked for whatever reason but her blog has really good edits and she is all ship positive if you are looking for a positive feed

- @prism17 great blog for reblogs

- @unstable-viper great blog for reblogs

- @sharinghoe positive feed thats good to reblog from, funny as heck!!! i always stalk their tags and am like wow i should talk to this person then i forget then i stalk them again and am like wow i should really-hmu pal u have a great sasuke tag im

- @suna-yodo great to reblog from

- @medicalninja and  @kunoichisakurah  @kakashiskunoichi @gabzilla-z are goodie blogs

- @daily-dattebayo and @dailynaruto @incorrectnarutoquotess good for what their blog titles suggest

- @shiroiraiha great 4 reblogs

- @sanguwin @sanjism @reimz @seiihun ( i think thats their name would be awkward if it isnt) great great blogs wow i cannot emphasize how great

- @illuminatipug and @julccian both great for reblogs, both pretty positive feeds, both great to have as mutuals

- @ichisasu @kyoandyuya @pain-somnia great to reblog from, great to have as mutuals

- @sage-ninja-of-the-hidden-leaf he is probably one of my fav members of the naruto fandom, great fully positive feed, the nicest opinions, great pal of mine..all kunoichi positive, all ship and character positive– just an all round great guy and the first person ive ever initiated a conversation with because i was that impressed

- @shannaro-kamo @cornelia1992 @hope2findthelight @percabeth5599 good folk with good blogs and good opinions

- @fuckyeahuchiha ik im biased since im a mod on it but u kno

- @gangbangedbyteam7 my problematic fav, she is a real good friend of mine( the worst influence ive had only after that girl who talked me into stealing a watch in the 3rd grade) pro team 7 naruto uzumaki stan..she has very vocal opinions so make sure you know them before you follow her lol (she is super open minded tho so she doesnt bite as much as you think she does) also follow @lalody if she is your cup of tea but she is not as naruto intensive anymore since she moved on to bigger things (sormik lmao)

- @jeruk-lemon a lot of harry potter, a lot of naruto..so, good stuff

- @its-naruto-universe  @veenia great blogs love them lots

- @chienakamura is my actual senpai i loVEd her blog 4 the longest time and now we are mutuals and friends if that isnt goals idk what is

- @amitds he will snatch ur wig dont try him,,best pro sakura blog imo

- @thelittlechook shes iconic

- @uchihaharunoss @cakebake @misssarahdoll  @nataliebgdh @xinpaii @theseventhpain  great folk

- @raikis (inactive but GREAT) @chidori-senbon @prosasuke @seiikas @lonelywolf1754 @the-sasuke-sama @moonsuke (good sasuke opinions but fair warning they only ship IS and SNS while being critical of both) @sasukeuchiha-eternalmangekyou  (very very positive sasuke blog i love their blog a lot) @unfamiliarworld @uchihasasukes @uchihasasukerules @narutorememberance @team7fangirl (very positive feed!!) @lawlu (one of my favs tbh) blogs 4thewin!! i have a lot more but that requires a fully different list. @tobiasjc great gifs and amazing Manga caps

also like um i have a great sasuke tag so stalk my ‘sinnamon roll’ tag 4 good wank

(For SS art and naruto art in general i like a lot of blogs so thats also a different list if youd like it)

For my other team 7 ships i usually dont follow blogs (just stalk the tags and reblog) since they tend to be very negative but i like @uzumakura (ns and ks and ms) @fineillsignup (multi shipping translates good doujinshis) @narusakufactory @mister-kh who like blocked me for some reason but i still like their blog lmao they are a ks shipper @narutolesbians @darth-sakura. All these folk hate or are critical of sasuke/ ss btw and are pretty vocal about it so know what you are signing up for. @it-started-over-sasunaru , @snskings @snscomix @asksasunaru are alll great sns blogs that are more sns positive than other ships negative which is really refreshing and great (i could also make an entire different list of really good team 7 ship blogs to follow if you’d like since there is a lot more where that came from)

- @sakura-uchiha-uzumaki great taste tbh..great taste

I like a hella lot more blogs but I think this a good selection since if you follow these people you’ll have the rest of the folk that are worth a follow on your dash you kno,, also 4 good memes that are unrelated to naruto follow my good irl friend @snipurrr -this is just me promoing her since her blog will make you laugh so hard you’ll almost forget the inconsistencies in the plot of naruto 

Have fun!!! Blog safely. 


Yes, I do believe my original idea was made too hastily. However, it was a good idea. The two weeks I’ve been away from this blog have been very good, and I’ve had time to grow and learn about myself.

I recently found out that I’m allergic to caffeine. Now that doesn’t seem super important to this matter, but it is. I had been drinking a lot of coffee before I left, and it was making me have almost constant anxiety attacks. It was making me overreact to everything. Not really my fault, but still.

I’ve also learned that, during the time I decided to leave, my music therapy was in the “disorganization” phase. It messed up my brain a bit. But since then, I’ve been improving so much. I feel absolutely amazing.

During the two weeks I was gone, I’ve written over a dozen pages of notes for my story, drawn incredible pictures, started selling books (and my art) to fix my money problems, and more. My mental health isn’t perfect, it never will be, but it is at the point where I’m not concerned about this website being an issue for me anymore. I have more hobbies now. I have a life now, and while Tumblr may still be part of it, it isn’t the biggest part.

I was planning on coming back anyway. There are so many wonderful people here. There will be a few changes though. I’ve already unfollowed a lot of blogs (if Ive broken a mutual I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I still love you very much.) There will be fewer fandom posts, but of course there will still be some because, well I just can’t escape it, no matter how hard I try.

Now that I know what my real problems were, I know how to fix them. I know how to be better.

Lessley’s back, folks!

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people give you guys so much shit its disgusting. sometimes idk how you manage to stay in this hell fandom, but im glad you do. keep doing you and being amazing ✌️

I’ve come pretty close to quitting since I started running this blog with Ghost. I’ve even had my family get on me about sticking to this and not taking breaks. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve had quite a few breakdowns and my family’s been there to witness a couple of them. It usually causes an argument because on one hand, they don’t want to see me so messed up, but they also don’t want me to keep doing this if it results in breakdowns, y’know? They don’t get why I keep coming back and picking myself up again.

But despite the bumps in the road, I do enjoy running the blog and I do love the ship, so I try to stick through it because I know a lot of folks are counting on us to keep up That Good McHanzo Content™. I’ve made so many friends on this blog and I honestly consider our followers to be friends, which I guess is why I have a habit of making personal posts on here? You’re more than a number to me. I value each and every follower, and you guys are genuinely friends in my eyes.

When I have stuff like this happen, it helps when we get positive messages like this, because I’m a very emotional person and I tend to feed off of the emotions of others. If I’m surrounded by positivity and support, then I’m usually able to overcome My Problems™ (for the moment) and push on. 

So thank you for taking the time to send us a message like this, and thank you to the other folks who’ve sent similar messages. I really appreciate it, more than words can explain. ❤

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Hey Mama, this is my first ask but when I saw your box was open I couldn't restrain the urge to share some love. I can't believe how kind you always are to all your seedlings, it's actually rare to see such a caring and patient person nowadays especially knowing how busy you are. Please take care of yourself, I hope you're having a good day. I can't wait to see where the story is going to go, I'm sure I won't be disappointed, love you!

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! I always try to be some kind of rolemodel, because I know many young folks follow me and I want them to have a place where they know they won’t be judged or put down. Also the fandom can be a very hateful place and I want to provide a bit of peace there. Of course I’m still biased, because I’m only human, but I just want everyone to have a nice time actually. I know I sometimes come off as rude, with the sassy replies, but I never mean them in a mean way, always in a fun way and I want everyone to know that they can always call me out on stuff and tell me if I made them feel uncomfortable. 

I love you too! 

U know what I find off putting. And I can’t really put my finger on it but it’s when some terrorist attack will happen and muslims eventually get blamed for it, non muslims will message their Muslim “friends” acquaintances coworkers whatever, that they are so sorry this happened and the world is cruel and they will stand by our side and I’m always like ok cool? Like why r u texting me this. Make a Facebook post and I’ll like it. Like it’s a nice gesture, it’s coming from a good place I guess but like idc how you feel and you telling me you’ll stand by my side doesn’t really make me feel better. Post that on Facebook and duke it out w your racist aunt and uncle. Educate them. Like why r u trying to make me feel better. I need change, not my emotions to be validated or to feel comfort from you. But that’s just me though, I know lots of folks who love those messages and that’s cool. Glad u found comfort from that but it just seems so 1 dimensional

CW/TW: police violence, pepper spraying, eye washing, police blockades

First hand account of protesting white supremacists in Seattle, from a street medic (and personal friend).

I was attending the GDC march as a medic, to protest the Nazis and white nationalists and bigoted Trump supporters who were amassing in Westlake center. We gathered at a nearby park and tried to walk to Westlake but riot cops with batons blocked ever nearby street.
Suddenly folks darted down an alley, but at the end of it (a block away), the riot cops were waiting and people turned back. I can’t confirm the rumors that one was arrested there, but my protest buddy and I waited for everyone to come out of the alley and there were several people who had been doused in pepper spray. I emptied an entire bottle of LAW (liquid antacid and water) into one guy’s eyes as his whole body shook and he struggled to breathe and hack up phlegm. Physical and verbal affirmations (holding his hand or shoulder, saying “you’re okay” or “we’ve got you”) seemed like the only things keeping him from complete terror/panic at the worst of the waves of pain. We found a clergy member to take care of him as the last of the march went by after 5-15 minutes of treating him, and continued on.
The march kept trying to go to Westlake where the neonazis were gathered, and cops continued blocking the way. Finally, when the crowd was at 2nd and pike/pine? folks had gotten tired of walking around, and stopped marching to focus on the double lines of riot cops currently blocking the path to Westlake. One cop near us was obviously taking really deep breaths, swallowing hard, and trembling.
The usual scene played out: folks yelled at the police and sprayed them with silly string, and cops attacked with brutal violence. My buddy and I were at the front (so we could see the line between cops and protesters well) but off to the side enough that when the indiscriminate pepper spraying began and the crowd scrambled backwards in a mass collective motion, we were not in the midst of the retreat.
Space opened between the riot cops and most of the crowd, but 5-10 people were pepper sprayed so badly that they were immobilized: blind and in excruciating pain. An amoeba-like arm of the black bloc rushed forward to grab many of these folks and pull them into the safety of our crowd, where medics were mobilizing to treat them, but one woman was too far into the no mans land, screaming with pain and unable to stand or walk. One orange-capped person of fairly small stature was trying to help her, but they were going nowhere. SPD began their gut-wrenching “MOVE BACK!” and boot-clomping advance. My buddy and I rushed into the open space in front of the ballooning police line to try to help pull the woman (drenched in a literal chemical weapon) to safety when shit literally started exploding.
Mind you, at this point the crowd had retreated almost completely from the entire intersection we had occupied and there was lots of empty space for cops to advance into. This space was very sparsely populated with only the folks so injured they had trouble moving, and those assisting them. Everyone was trying to move away from the cops. But you have to love the police state: they used at least 3 flash-bangs (or blast balls or something that is incredibly loud and bright and sends shrapnel flying) within *5 feet* of the four of us trying to help get this woman out of the line of fire. One exploded *on* my buddy’s leg. One rolled directly between the legs of another person on the ground nearby, exploding within 2 inches of their ankle before they were able to fumble away. A third went off within 3 feet of us, in the path of our retreat. Not only was each of these somewhat blinding and deafening, but the concussive force was strong enough to make me stumble. There was, by the way, at least 10 yards of empty space between cops and protesters near us–but as usual SPD lobbed their tiny bombs directly at the people least able to run away.
Adrenaline made me feel like a linebacker, putting my entire body into pushing the three of us carrying the pepper spray-soaked woman (who literally couldn’t support her own weight at all) towards the safety of the crowd. She was screaming the whole time (barely noticeable with the deafening explosions), both in pain and because she was completely blind in the midst of a minefield.
We made it to a wall and poured at least 6 bottles of water and LAW into her eyes and over her face for 15 minutes while she screamed in waves of pain. She couldn’t go more than 30 seconds without some kind of eyewash. Of course, she was badass enough to add humor to her cries: “this has to be as painful as childbirth!!!” and “I hope my stepmother sees videos of me like this because maybe that will finally change her politics!!”
At least 10 people with significant chemical wounds came through our impromptu med station, which soon moved to a nearby hose (where I learned that a hard spray can spatter pepper spray onto the medic applying it, and briefly had to get my own eye rinsed out). There were about enough medics but we flew through the eyewash, even with people doing supply runs. I saw many people we hadn’t treated with red eyes and the white stains of dried eyewash, so I’m sure that there were many other medics/medic stations.
My buddy has a cut and bruise on her shin, and my ears are still ringing, but overall we escaped amazingly unscathed. Love to the black bloc and other medics and all the other women and femmes who took care of everyone today!! Fuck the police and fuck Nazis!!! #CopsAndKlanGoHandInHand
(feel free to share via copy and paste, no attribution)


Sorry for posting this same GIF and stuff again, but I don’t want to talk about development as much as what’s upsetting me a lot right now regarding this game.

To put things into perspective, Poppin and Jupa: Pocket Adventure is a game I envisioned not taking much time that I’ve been investing more into as I develop it, wanting to use it to present a good adventure experience involving world-building, story, and character animations. These characters are important to me, and while I have more adventures in mind, I want them to have a good first impression.

However compared to Carrie I worry people will take it as a regression in terms of visuals. Due to how I feel my work compares to other peoples’ games I have a hard time showing Carrie’s Order Up outside of certain contexts already, and it’s more so a problem with Pocket Adventure right now since the art style comes off as more abstract. I personally love it a lot, I like the color scheme and minimalism, and despite how abstract I know it is, it makes sense to me what’s going on. But I can’t expect other people to have that perspective right away, initially they’re going to dismiss it as another 2D platformer with low-rez pixel art. It’s hard to go forward confidently feeling that. You guys can meme up about doing what you love all you want, but with games it can take 6 months to a year to 2 years to finish them; I would feel too guilty not having something more substantial to show for that investment.

I’m not really sure what I’m asking for here since I don’t trust a lot of folk to think much about it, but since I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t had much personal work going on, I might as well share this since it is a big hurdle on being more motivated. I am trying to experiment with pixel styles when I get the free time, but it’s been disheartening.

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Do you know why someone might feel strongly connected to fairies? When I was a child I had an obsession with fairies out of nowhere, they're not even commonly talked about where I live. My friend and I even came up with a complete fairy realm and we used to pretend to be fairies. I'm American but most of my ancestry is British (so maybe it's some kind of genetic memory?). I don't know if this means anything and just thought I'd ask.

It could be for a number of possibilities: 

  • You have fae bloodline which could result you in feeling a strong connection to the faeries. 
  • One of your guides may be a spirit connected to nature or the faerie realm.
  • Your previous life had elements of faeries in it, influencing your connection to faeries in this life.
  • If you grew up on folk tales about faeries or read books about them it may have sparked an interest
  • The faeries are trying to get your attention by influencing your attraction to them.

I live in Britain so I grew up surrounded by faerie lore, and much like you, I also loved the faeries and made my own realms and such too haha :) 

I think you should get a faerie or elemental reading to open up a communication with the faeries (using oracle cards since it is the simplest way) either by someone who can offer them (there are a lot of people who offer readings over Etsy if you cannot find someone in your area who can do them) or you can also do a reading yourself using a faerie deck (remember to always protect yourself before using cards just in case):

  1. Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle Deck is lovely
  2. The Faerie Guidance Oracle Deck
  3. Faerie Messages Deck

Here are some good books that you can read to learn more about the faeries:

  1. Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An Encyclopedia 
  2. A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People
  3. Faeries 101

You can also do a faerie offering if you would like to welcome the fae into your life (preferably in a garden if you have one) which can contain anything from sparkling objects or pretty jewellery to sugary sweets and baked goods. 

However, faeries can be unpredictable. A lot of them have a specific expectation of etiquette and good manners, to insult a faerie can be a dire consequence. 

*I suggest to do a lot of research before you open up any communications with faeries though. Tumblr also has a lot of good sources or blogs dedicated to faerie lore.

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Top 5 placements that would make someone dislike the idea of a conventional family?(like getting married, having children etc)

1.) Sagittarius Moon: a person with this placement literally yearns for freedom and adventure to maintain their happiness so settling down just seems like A LOT

2.) Sagittarius Sun: a lot of the same reasons as above plus this is how the person interacts in life in general. settling down would cramp their style entirely

3.) Sagittarius Venus: haha this is the last Sagittarius placement… but this creates a person who has a really hard time committing to relationships especially! giving up their independence is difficult

4.) Aquarius Venus: with their Venus technically ruled by Uranus, these folks like to be rebellious towards conventional ideas and tradition so they also may feel restricted by settling down

5.) Gemini Venus: they may just always feel like there is a lot more in life for them to try out and constantly change their mind about what they want

*remember: all placements are affected by a lot of other factors, this is just based on the placement alone

*really any of these signs in Sun, Moon, or Venus kind of seem especially challenging when it comes to settling down but I had to keep it at 5 🤷

Thanks for asking, I love answering.🖤

community-created online masterlists for what to do before January


I’ve see a couple of living document masterlists created by folks for what to do in preparation for Trump’s presidency. I have linked them below.

These are community created and have a lot of great information, but are not comprehensive, all-knowing guides. I know there’s many going around, so please reblog and link the ones that you know of as well. We will try to reblog your resources to keep this updated. The more information, the more options, the better it can be for all of us.

Sending y’all love, fight, healing, and resistance.

Oh shit! The what should I do before January guide

Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January

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Am I the only one who d'awww-ed and melted at Muriel's protective mix pouch? I have no idea why shy bear-man cares, but he does and it's so sweet! I never expected a present, much less such a nice one. *sorry, I have virtually no one to talk about this with, and the folks in the main tag didn't mention it either, so I'm being slowly suffocated by supressed squee* Thank you for both this and scenario blogs, I love them! You write great fluff ♡

I’m slightly worried as to what he is trying to protect us from, but I also think he is very sweet to think about us. I guess Julian and Portia’s new face and Asra’s confession took a bit of priority in the main tag, but that just means there was a lot of good content in the new update😊 And thank you for liking the scenario blog, I’m glad you like my writing, darling!

j4ckwynand replied to your post “a few times a month i get a little summary of which search terms have…”

That would be awesome I bet there’s a couple things my sis would love ��

COOL! i’ll try to set aside some time to design some physical cards this weekend and get all that stuff going so folks can purchase them! i hadn’t thought of doing this before honestly, but i feel like come holiday time that would be great for folks (i get a lot of moms around christmas time who are like MY KID LOVES YOUR STUFF BUT IDK WHAT TO GET HELP) so that might help all sorts of folks out

plus i’m always looking for an excuse to make a snazzy looking business card type thang B) i could probably get cute little boxes for the folks who want them shipped too! 

Shipping Olicity in Season 5

So, the last half of season 4 was rough for a lot of us, myself included. And I’m a pretty confident, laid-back fan. In those last weeks, I went through a lot of different emotions and I’m not going to lie to you: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick around in fandom. It wasn’t just about shipping Olicity, it was about everything. It was a hard time to be in this fandom, there was a lot of negativity and we had haters picking at us constantly… it felt very unhappy. 

But I had one of my moments, kind of like an inner “fandom summit”, where I asked myself what I truly wanted. The answer became kind of clear. I just want to ship Olicity and watch the show, enjoying all the elements as they come together. It seems so simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not. 

(careful, guys, this gets a bit long so I’m putting in a cut)

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Is there a Klaine fanfic you always find yourself returning to, no matter how many times you've read it? If so which one is it?

This is such a fabulous question! I’m sorry I’m so late with an answer, but better late than never, I hope. :)

I have about 20 favorite fics, truth be told, but only a handful that I actually go back and re-read, either in whole or in part, on a frequent basis.

Of those that I return to, I mostly return to a specific scene or two–usually of the particularly hot or particularly feelsy variety–and only occasionally reread the whole fic. There are 3 such fics that I have saved on my Kindle right now and that I will return to as “comfort fic” (like comfort food for my brain and heart) fairly often. They are, in no particular order:

Angel in a Red Vest by Dontbefanci

Case Study by Purseplayer

The Anderson Rose by Missbeizy

Of the three, Case Study is perhaps the least well-known, which is a shame, because it really is one of my absolute favorite fics. That isn’t to say that it isn’t well-known and well-loved by quite a lot of folks–because it is–but more Klainers should definitely read it. It is such a sweet, stunning, surprising work of fiction. It’s beautifully written, sensitive, funny, smart, heart-wrenching and heart-filling, and utterly unique. Even if you don’t think it’s your cup of tea, I highly recommend giving the first 2 or 3 chapters a try. I think you will be very glad you did. 

I don’t think I need to speak to why the other two are so fantabulous, since pretty much everyone and their uncle in the Klaine fandom has read them, and with very good cause. But if you haven’t, you should most definitely fix that right away!


On Heroes

Heroes are important…they’re valuable, and I hate to see that eroded for anyone. What should be understood, though, is that no one is going to embody perfection…ever. I’ve done some shitty things in my life…so have you. 

We’re all complicated…we’re all clawing our way through existence lucky to even begin understanding our motivations, much less our actions. That goes for the people I love and admire and idolize, too. 

But what I’ve realized, as I’ve become a person that some people (oddly enough) idolize, is that we don’t really idolize people. We worship ideas that we project onto people. We worship the idea of talent, of success, of beauty, of poise, of humor, of perfection. 

When we separate those things out from the person we’re projecting them on, we can learn a lot about ourselves…and what we find might not be particularly pretty.

And so I try to worship ideas I can be proud of…and even if the people I’ve projected them onto don’t turn out to be the best folks…the ideas are still great. Ideas like independence and equality and curiosity and kindness and dedication and joy and loyalty and love…that’s what I admire…and when I find people who embody those ideas…well…I’ll reblog their gifsets all day and night. 

Can we stop with the posts denouncing “straight girls” for kissing girls, loving girls, referring to their friends as their girlfriends, wishing they were gay, etc? Because that sounds like wlw who have not yet realized they aren’t straight. Can we just stop discouraging people from exploring that aspect of themselves? Not everybody jumps out of the womb knowing exactly who they are.

Compulsive heterosexuality makes it really really difficult for some people to recognize, admit, and explore their attraction to their own gender. So let’s try and go easy on these folks, okay? Especially since a lot of them are teenage girls who don’t need judgmental adults ridiculing them for yet another reason.

I’ve always loved women, but it took me until I was 24 to understand that it was actually a significant part of my nature partly because of shit like this.

Community: Alison Brie on Dan Harmon Returning, Annie Maturing and Season 5's Guest Stars - IGN

Alison Brie talks to IGN about Community: Season 5, Dan Harmon’s return, Jonathan Banks joining and new guest stars like Nathan Fillion.

IGN: So what can you say is going on for Annie this season? How is she doing in her fifth year at Greendale?

Brie: It’s been a really cool year for her. Annie’s matured a bit since we’ve seen her. I tweeted a photo with Joel and Nathan Fillion, and people responded, they were like, “Annie’s in pants!?” I’m like, “That’s right, folks. Annie’s in pants this year! It’s a big deal. It’s a lot of Annie’s in pants.” But it’s funny how something small like that – because it actually does signify a big change for the character. There’s been a little time since we saw them last in Season 4, and she has matured a bit. So it’s kind of back to that great gung-ho Annie that I really love, who’s busting people’s balls and trying to get s**t done. I love that. I have a great episode with Jonathan Banks, where we kind of go toe to toe, trying to work on something together. She’s very challenging to Jeff’s character again. It’s, like, all these things that I think were starting to get a little lost with Annie’s character over the years. She just sort of became like an “Aww!” machine. So now she’s back to that gung-ho-ness, and I’m really enjoying it.

Her analysis of Annie is spot on. Am excited for her. I love the whole interview.