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Chart Overlay Series

Sun in your Partner’s House  (Synastry/Compatibility)

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your sun, in your/their house:

Your sun in their first 

A really good blend of energies, as it builds self-confidence in each other because of how complimentary this placement is. Both of you seem to click together very well because of how alike you guys are to each other, always being on the same page. In fact, you guys probably drive each other to do the best. The sun has a strong sense of expression that opens the first house person thirst to do the same; it’s often a cooperating energy or competitive energy. I definitely think their is potential to click well though, similarities smoothen and compliment the bond like icing on the cake; there is a promise of attraction. 

Your sun in their second 

The sun person admires the house person a lot and builds their esteem. It makes them feel loved and talented so in turn the house person spoils and treasures the sun person. It can help put the house person’s energy to create more material security. The problem is that the Sun person may become too dependent financially on the house person and make them feel used, or the house person can become too dependent on the sun person to build self-esteem. All in all, this is the house of possessions so you guys help each other financially grow and feel secure. This isn’t necessarily all work and no play, you guys desire each other a lot and can become possessive of each other. 

Your sun in their third 

Both of you will have strong mental connection, creating intellectual rapport and similar interests. Their won’t be many misunderstandings, as the sun person makes the house person feel understood. There’s promise of deep talks and conversations that seem endless and have no expiration timing, they could go on forever. It also means that you guys can communicate well in other forms other than verbal communication, such as writing, texting, and perhaps ways a long-distance relationship can benefit from. This placement actually plays well if you guys are around each other physically, as you guys feel very comfortable with each other. It’s not an emotional connection, so make sure planets or other overlays form that. 

Your sun in their fourth 

It may feel like a deep and meaningful connection, almost an instant attraction. You often find home within each other, and perhaps make each other get a taste of home or family that’s far away. The house person makes the sun person feel comfortable with talking about family and other deep issues/topics ,letting them confine to the house person. The sun person always wants to protect and defend the house person, as the house person is deeply sensitive towards them. You both can be emotional dependent on each other, as it lets out the youthful aura in the house person. Regardless there is a strong connection between you two. 

Your sun in their fifth 

It’s a very playful and beautiful overlay; it unleashes love, playfulness, romance, and so much more. Both of you are active together and perhaps risky, always having fun in life. The problem is you look at this house for dating (dating is short-term) so you have to make sure the flame doesn’t die out, because it’ll be frustrating for you both when the honeymoon phase dies out (of course other placements matter). You guys may want children, and this can be challenged if the sun is harshly aspected. Both of you may be jealous and possessive but this is more shown from the sun person. Nonetheless you both have romance boiling between each other with a zest of fun. It screams fire, just like the sign ruling this house. 

Your sun in their sixth 

With this overlay, you have to be careful not to give too much servitude to each other as it can go unbalanced, as one can do too much. You guys seem to build and understand an orderly routine together, even if it’s discussing work or helping each other with health and/or other duties. You guys may be critical of each other. The sun person can help their health a lot, as their efforts in work too. It makes me paint the picture that you both are reliable and stable to each other, it’s very supportive. Difficult aspects can make many of these things a burden, like being completely criticized and overly watched over. Almost like being babied, yet this placement works between with flowing aspects between personal planets. As I said, it’s highly supportive. 

Your sun in their seventh 

You both have traits that you both admire in each other, yet balance each other out in the areas you guys lack in. This placement indicates respect, admiration, romance, support, and a strong connection between each other. You both love each other’s company and yet help each other blossom in the world too. This placement is great for not only partnerships, but business too. The strong, “meant to be connection” is more felt for the house person,as the sun person has traits of the ideal partner they need. The sun person has to be wary about this because they’ll demand more alone time and be protective as well. The match can also go downhill and have lots of resentment and more. Nonetheless it’s a magnetic attraction that can go both ways depending on how you allow it to manifest. 

Your sun in their eighth 

You guys can make great financial partners or/and the sexual attraction sizzles between you guys; the sun person helps the eighth house person go through the transformation their 8th calls them to do so. The sun person is deeply, deeply attracted to the house person that it often feels magnetizing. Or the sun person can feel uneasy with the house person. The affect is more detectable on the house person, as you affect them greatly. The house person sees the connection as very intimate and strong. They have more sensitivity towards their partner but the problem is that the sun person may not feel the same, yet they can (it goes both ways). 

Your sun in their ninth 

Extremely, extremely good for romantic compatibly. You’d except the seventh to be but that’s merely the house of opposites and learning from the partner. The ninth house is of second marriages which makes sense. In fact I rather have my partner have their sun in my 9th than 7th (why would you want the first, when you can have the last). The Ninth house is about everything being elevated; truth, expansion, growth, happiness, and profound love. In the long run you want a love that has respect, shared ideals, and makes you feel hope. This person has a high possibility of being your life long partner, because the relationship is constantly growing and expanding. It never gets stale. You two inspire each other and share many ideals. In fact, you guys help each other open the eyes about world. It’s like becoming a newborn baby and exploring every layer and corner of the world, mentally and physically. There’s also a possibility of adventure between you two, is this the person you travel the world with? Possibly so. 

Your sun in their tenth 

The sun person values the house person’s identity a lot in society. The house person may see you as someone with status or class. The problem is not a lot of attraction can fizzle here, but that depends on compatibility as a whole. Such as other planets in the houses and the compatibility of the planets together itself. You guys inspire and improve each other’s work, pushing each other. This is much more evidently done by the sun person. You have to be careful not to be overbearing or overwhelming for the house person. The sun person may feel strongly awed by the house person; they admire you, want the qualities you have, and have the desire to impress you. You’re the sun person’s precious gem. The sun person may even be more responsible and patient with you. In return, you help them with their career and ambitions a lot, something they want. There’s a lot of admiration between you guys but other aspects and placements will help build more chemistry. 

Your sun in their eleventh 

You both want friendship and find it in each other, finding an equal in each other. Both of you may share common interest and even friends. It helps you guys express your individuality, freedom, and greatness, often creating a relationship that is even a “best friend” bond. Both of you are nonjudgmental of each other but at the same time you have to look for other aspects and placements because you guys might just see each other as only friends, which doesn’t necessarily have to happen but it can. I feel like air signs would benefit from this, in a sense of gaining comfort and freedom with a partner. 

Your sun in their twelfth 

Both of you are fascinated by each other, but it’s this mysterious aura that can cause misunderstandings under the illusive charm this overlay creates. The sun person is capable of making the house person feel an array of emotions. It’s a sacrificial match as the house person can give up much; it can cause heartache and it also may cause the relationship to be too private or a secret as well. Nonetheless, and just like the 12th house, it can be highly rewarding. There can be a strong karmic connection between the two. The sun person can put the house person on many, and sometime extreme, emotional highs and lows. Yet the sun person helps them discover themselves when the waves aren’t crashing in. In return the house person makes the sun person dig deeper to discover themselves too. It’s a very spiritual and sensitive bond, yet confusing. It’s highly influential. 

Ready to Run | uno

Summary: (Modern-Day AU) In which a two youngsters come to know how important it is to live your life to the fullest, leave an imprint of every single moment you’ve lived, on your heart, because you’re given the chance to live only once. [Movie AU]

Word Count: 2053

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (female)

Genre: RomCom (a wee bit of drama)

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I think I love marrying Bucky with everyone except the reader. But y’all will read it anyway, bc I know you guys love slow burn. So here’s my Road Trip au that I promised you guys! Enjoy reading and please give me feedback, bc I love reading your comments and opinions. 

A special thanks to my wifey, Yvy ( @minervaem ​) for reminding me and pushing me to write this and also for being my beta reader. You know I love you more than dinosaurs

“Ready to Run” Masterlist

Main Masterlist

The Beginning

Could there be any other place where he could do this?

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anonymous asked:

yo lemme request MC as Terry Crews ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). particularly seducing every member of the RFA

A/N: i hate this and i hate you (kidding ((not kidding))) <3 ~Admin 404





           -You’re so much taller and more muscular than him he’s s h o o k

           -Confused for the longest time and just can’t wrap his head around it??? Like???

           -Definitely not who you thought you were????


           -Muscles even bigger than his

           -wHaT tHe FuCk

           -Both of you are dramatic as hell

           -It’s a contest to who can be the most dramatic

           -It annoys everyone else if they’re honest but do y'all care? no




           -Your role in “Everybody Hates Chris” actually helps her save money


           -Instantly in love because wow okay you’re funny AND an actor like Zen is oml


           -You…. are not what he expected

           -How in the WORLD did you hide that

           -Isn’t Terry Crews famous? MC is famous?

           -A famous, built, black man



           -THE MEMES


           -Obviously new from the start but loved that you were able to hide it from the others

           -Both always throwing jokes around

           -Always a contest who can be the loudest



           -Always accepting but WOW definitely just a surprise


           -You’re loud and it scares him sometimes but that’s okay

           -Reminds him of Saeyoung with the jokes and randomness, but enjoys it


           -He HAD to know from the start


           -You’re teRRY CREWS

           -Maybe he’s just a really big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and was like “gotta save him”

           -Y'all have NOTHING in common I don’t understand

saiki kusuo/hp crossover where saiki is reincarnated as harry potter with all his memories intact, and the “power the Dark Lord knows not” is just saiki’s ungodly arsenal of psychic powers. 


  • the dursleys are the worst kind of bullshit saiki has ever seen, and saiki either a) puts an end to it within the first few days, or b) just straight up leaves, no one finds him until he’s twelve and it’s time for him to attend hogwarts 
  • “you have been accepted into the hogwarts school of w–” [saiki incinerates the letter in his hand and goes back to reading his book] 
  • saiki’s greatest ambition in life is to live a perfectly normal, unassuming, peaceful, boring life. an ambition so great it immediately lands him in slytherin. 
  • saiki finds himself saddled with every awful “chosen one” trope that has ever graced the earth. he thought being the protagonist of a gag manga was bad but this is worse
    • this is so much worse, he can’t even play along with the narrative anymore. he is going to turn this into a comedy if it kills him
    • saiki surreptitiously solving the problems of everyone around him. finding neville’s toad. making sure people’s potions don’t explode. dragging draco malfoy’s broom back down to earth when he tries to show off during the first broom riding class. saiki is not going to tolerate any bullshit and he most certainly is not going to tolerate anyone trying to go into the third floor corridor
    • and you know what, since quirrell and voldemort are apparently sharing a body (which – how, actually, it’s so disgusting he doesn’t want to know–) he might as well take care of the problem within the first week of school 
    • voldemort shows up again second year. WHAT THE FUCVK
  • all of his dorm mates are intolerable, and saiki very quickly figures out a system where he will pretend to go to sleep in his dorm, but then he just teleports to an unused hufflepuff dorm and enjoys himself greatly on his own. a triumph. a triumph slightly ruined by the house elves knowing he’s there, but a triumph nonetheless. 
    • “but it’s impossible to apparate within the hogwarts castle!!” saiki stares hermione dead in the eye and then teleports anyways 
  • saiki is very carefully mediocre in every single one of his classes in an attempt to kill any notoriety that comes along with the name “harry potter.” except potions class, because snape always gives him a far worse grade than he deserves and saiki is a mean and spiteful soul. saiki makes a point to be the best god damn potions student that snape has ever had
  • fred & george weasley catch saiki doing something ridiculous with his powers, and they’ve been bothering saiki ever since. saiki is full of regret 
  • fourth yr: saiki stays far far far away from the triwizard tournament. he is perfectly happy when cedric is elected, and claps enthusiastically. the goblet of fire turns blue. it spits out his name. saiki is so furious the goblet of fire cracks in half 
  • but the most important part of this au is 
  • saiki with a wand 
  • he doesn’t even need a wand he’s just pretending to use it 
  • someone: augh, this levitating charm is so difficult! how does anyone do it?!
  • this au is 9x better if you imagine that saiki doesn’t even have magic powers – he just has psychic powers, and he’s very good at pretending he has magic. except transfiguration, everyone thinks he’s a bad student cause he has never done a transfiguration spell in his life – but hermione is convinced he’s some kind of secret genius at wandless magic because she caught him levitating a book to himself in the library once. saiki has deliberately failed every magic task appointed to him in front of her since. hermione is convinced saiki is spiting is spiting her specifically by not doing well in class. she’s right 
  • EVEN MORE HILARIOUS TO CONSIDER: saiki doesn’t even bother pretending he has magic, he just shows up to hogwarts and never says anything and never talks to anyone else, he turns in impeccable classwork and homework, but he never performs a single spell because he doesn’t see the point. it gets to the point where the teachers are genuinely worried he might be…. perhaps… a squib? is he a squib? 
    • saiki figures it would be really troublesome to let this go on any longer, but he is also extremely against saying anything out loud ever, and he is also extremely against showing any wordless or wandless magic because who knows what kind of attention he’ll get then 
    • cue incident in class where a student’s spell goes wrong, badly, and everything is in chaos, and saiki is so tired he decides, fuck it, he does not want to deal with this today, and he uses his psychokinesis to forcibly subdue everything that is going wrong. he’s in the corner of the classroom, so he thinks he’s safe & no one will notice – but nope. professor flitwick noticed. professor flitwick is staring at him with starry eyes. god damn it 
    • saiki briefly considers erasing flitwick’s memory of the event, but, well, if flitwick tells the other teachers about what he saw then no one will wonder if saiki is a squib anymore. probably. 
    • but you know what would be great? if everyone thought saiki was a squib and he got fucking chosen by the goblet of fire. everyone riots 
  • there are so many good things that could happen when you combine saiki’s deadpan self + sheer OP ability with the entire ridiculous hp universe and i love it
Chart Overlay Series (Pt. 2)

Moon in your Partner’s Houses 

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your moon, in your/their house (it’s where you guys are emotional invested):

Your moon in their First

Both of you become blended together like the finest paints on a canvas, as you guys have a intuitive bond. Both of you emotionally click really well and often feel “bonded” because you both can feel out each other’s emotions. It’s so strong that your moods can affect each other, it almost acts likes a Pisces moon (receptiveness). Due to these similarities and that connection, you guys may often want to spend time together because of the familiarities present between you two. The house person feels very at home with the moon person, and often finds emotional security together. Home life and daily life plays well for you two. This is usually common overlay amongst married couples. Not only will their be a nice bond, but if the moon person is the man, they’ll be a strong connection for him. 

Your moon in their Second 

Having this overlay indicates a deep feeling of emotional security and safety for the house person. The house person will still be helpful towards the moon person, but it’s really the moon person who wants to provide security. Even with financial security. Both of you share many values and interest, but can be jealous and possessive about each other. You can build the house person’s self-esteem and they may need you so much or love you so, they’ll become protective. Ambition grows here as does sensuality. 

Your moon in their Third 

This kind of acts like if your mercury signs were to conjunct; you both share same ideals and understand what the other is thinking. You guys will have an array of conversations; you may tend to converse about things associating with the sign of the moon and the sign ruling their 3rd. The mental stimulation is strong here, but make sure you have overlays, aspects, or/and planet compatibly that helps build romantic dynamic. Nonetheless, the house person will be able to talk about their emotions with them and even get along with the people in the moon person’s life. The moon person knows how to use their words to coax the emotions of the house person. The moon person may also become emotional vulnerable, as they’ll be sensitive as to what the house person can say or even do. 

Your moon in their Fourth 

Just like the sun with this overlay, you guys feel at home with each other. Both of you are supportive and nurturing towards each other. There may be a chance of connecting to the sense that you guys had the same type of childhood, or one that can make you guys relate to each other. This overlay is really good for marriages, and amazing in friendships. The moon person knows how to make the house person feel emotionally safe, therefore it builds trust. While the house person feels so close, they can even imagine a future with kids together. It makes a strong bond that usually doesn’t want to separate; it feels like home and reminds each other about family. 

Your moon in their Fifth 

This is a very romantic partnership when other aspects allow, as this overlay allows sparks of romance and playfulness. Everything that the fifth house represents is enjoyed greatly between you two; romance, dating, creativity, self-expression, and even children. You guys can actually want children together. It’s an extremely colorful and vibrant overlay, because it’s very supportive when it comes to expressing yourself creatively but intimate even one on one. This is another indicator of long-lasting romance and emotional attachment. The house person’s want for pleasure is stimulated and often depends on the moon person for emotional support, they love being at the center of their attention. While the moon person can be protective of the house person, only wanting to be the one to please the house person. To make them happy and to be the one by their side, not to watch another by the house person. 

Your moon in their Sixth 

This acts a lot like the overlay of their sun being in the sixth, of course with a lot more emotional depth. The problem with this house is there isn’t much focus on romance, but just the daily chores, health, and work routine. Love can still blossom here but it’s almost acts like a late bloomer at times. If you have a weak natal sixth house with no planets and/or a iffy sign to have it in, your partner’s planets can really help you. It’s really supportive and gets you on your feet and that emotional help can create a bond of gratefulness. If it helps, it adds a sense of maturity to a relationship, which can help trine relationships between fire signs since the passion and excitement can be blinding. 

Your moon in their Seventh 

This is another overlay common in marriages, as the house person sees you as their ideal mate and loves how you carry out your emotions. It’s a very intuitive bond between you guys and since it’s so strong, you guys can have emotional ups and downs. A long term relationship can happen but if it goes wrong, it can get nasty. This is also good for business partnerships and creating work together. After all partnership isn’t necessarily always a romantic aspect. Both of you can be sensitive towards each other, but the beautiful thing is you both feel attractive around each other. It’s a very emotionally tuned match where you guys always know what the other feels, having experienced this I feel like the house person can have the ability to do this more. 

Your moon in their Eighth 

The eighth house is about extremes and when the moon is here, well it’s nothing but extreme, and this is not to be taken lightly. The house person can feel suffocated or flattered. The moon person begins acting like a Scorpio moon; they have strong desires for the house person, they want to dig deeper, control, become jealous, and become intensely attached. The moon person deeply and intensely, is attracted and magnetized to the house person. In fact when things get shaky, the displays of their relationship can be dramatic and scenic. It will always be a bond of tight-knitted lovers or toxic enemies. It’s blinding, challenging, but sweetly and painfully intoxicating. If handled well, it can work but you have to be careful with this overlay. Just being friends might not even work, you guys are hauntingly attracted to each other. 

Your moon in their Ninth 

Both of you have the same ideas, strengths, and beliefs. Since the ninth house is home of Jupiter, optimism, happiness, and expansion blossoms between you guys. This is another indication of someone who can be your traveling partner but at the same time you need other aspects for something more romantic and sizzling to blossom. The beautiful and unbeatable thing? Your values, interest, and goals will compliment each other in the long run. Both of you feel good together and experience life together with everything it offers, the moon person is very supportive and the house person helps the moon person expand their horizons. Both of you will have fun together in life and create some sort of intellectual rapport as well. 

Your moon in their Tenth 

Admiration blossoms here, often the moon person can idealize the house person a lot, as they often feel proud when they’re seen in public. There’s a lot of mutual respect here and at some point, you guys can even work together. This is more prominent if the moon person is the girl, as the moon person is extremely supportive and helps the moon person with their career. Of course this is just as sweet when the moon person is the guy. The problem with this is that their relationship, including their downfalls and crisis, can become very public. The moon person may also feel like their image is protected by the house person. It makes you two very supportive of each other. 

Your moon in their Eleventh 

This is actually a very nice place for the moon to be in for synastry. You guys view each other as equals and hit it off right away; you guys instantly like each other and merge groups together. Both of you are very supportive of each other and become great friends; it’s like dating your best friend. Both of you are accepting to each other and love spending time together, blossoming a sense of familiarity. You guys even encourage each other to reach goals and grow socially. This can actually create a long-term relationship despite this being the house of friendship.  

Your moon in their Twelfth 

The intensity of emotional connection is strong here, as you guys always know what the other is feeling. Since it’s so eerily strong and potent, the house person can feel uncomfortable and fearful they’ll get hurt. Since the 12th house ties with karma, it can bring out a “soulmate” or an “enemy” feeling. One of them could feel the need to confine in each other or save each other, but the saving part comes more strongly for the moon person. The moon person can deeply hurt the house person, or they can live together like if they were in a fairytale. There’s a deep connection residing here. 

Original Twins

Summary: Reader is Nik’s twin sister. She arrives in New Orleans just as Nik is being attacked by Marcel’s Vamp Gang.

Character: Reader, Niklaus Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Rebekah Mikaelson, Marcel’s Vamp Gang, mention of Elijah Mikaelson and Mikael

Fandom: The Originals

AN: I wasn’t going to post this today but I thought what the hell right? So I’m posting it and I really want to know what you guys think about this one.

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Couldn’t (Draco Malfoy)

Pairing: Draco X Gryffindor!Reader
Warnings: Dramione, jealous reader, ANGST!1!1, and a lil’ swearing
Prompt: “I’ve been so alone.”
△ I haven’t really seen any X Reader’s with Dramione present so I decided to make one :))  
You were strolling down the corridor on the way to the library. You were going to the library to do some calligraphy. You would’ve done it in your dorm, but you were pretty sure your roommate, Hermione herself, had Draco over and was probably snogging him and would tell you to leave anyway.

You weren’t exactly fond of their relationship, but whatever made Draco happy, made you happy as well. You had known Draco all your life. He was your best frenemie. Even if you were sorted into the Gryffindor House the Malfoys accepted you and your family nonetheless, you and your family were purebloods after all.

You entered the library, took a seat right next to one of the windows, and took out your sketchbook and your brush pens. You took out a book from your bag and started skimming through it, hoping to find a quote that you would use for your practice. You find a quote and smile to yourself.

You could cut the tension with a knife and kill.


It totally described you and Draco’s friendship at the moment.

You know, all you wanted was to talk to him.

You missed him, you really did.

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t take him away from his happiness. Who were you to do that?

You loved him.

You didn’t even need to question your crush towards him. You couldn’t deny it. You couldn’t.

You were about to put the final touches on  your masterpiece when you heard muffled voices.

Being relatively bored with a hand cramp that was starting to go numb, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Draco! Stop! Someone’s here.”

You immediately knew who was there.

The one and only, Dramione.

Stupid ship name, I know. The whole school shipped them. And that was when your crush, crushed you.

“Hey guys.”, you get up from your spot and head over to them.

He’s got his arm around her, and her head is nuzzled into his neck.

“Hey (Y/N), uh sorry to bother you.”, Draco says to you after a whole 3 months of not talking.

“No! Um, I can leave if you guys want me to? I know how hard it is to find a place all to yourself.”, you fake a smile and start packing your things up.

“NO! (Y/N) you don’t have to. We’ll just go somewhere else, right babe?”, Hermione giggled.

Disgusting, you thought.

“No, it’s fine. I was about to go meet up with Harry anyway.”, you say with a smile.

There was an awkward silence for a moment.
Draco locked eyes with your (E/C) ones.
He didn’t like Potter, everyone knew that.
That’s why when he was suddenly a thing with Hermione, everyone was shook.
You knew this look. All too well, actually.

“I guess, I’ll be going then.”, you wave a hand at them, walking out of the library and making your way to the Gryffindor Common Room.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You turn around and see Draco walking after you,

without Hermione.

“You needed something?”, you say with a sly smile.

“I wanted to talk.”, he says whilst catching his breath.

“About what?”, you reply.

Girl Advice probably, you think to yourself.

About us.”

You take his arm and drag him over to a window.

“Five minutes, Malfoy.”, you say after glancing at your watch.

“What did I tell you about being with that Potter?! You’re my best friend for fuck’s sake! What will your parents think if they found out you were hanging out with a halfblood like him? I thought you would’ve known better than to-”

“First of all, Malfoy”, you put a finger to his chest, “ My parents don’t care who I’m with! As long as the people who I have befriended treat me like I’m an actual decent human being. Just like Harry. Second, you don’t own me, Malfoy. Never did and never will. And last but not the least, you’re with Hermione. Why do you care about what I’m-”

“Because your part of my clique. And I can’t have you associating with that Potter. It would ruin my reputation.”

“So now you own me? *scoffs* And here I thought you actually cared. I thought you wanted me back. I thought you had actually missed me. Just like I did to you.

You lean against the window, blinking back tears.

“Draco, I’ve been so alone. These past few months, have been utter complete torture. Of course you wouldn’t feel this way because you have everyone. And everyone has you.

You sob.

Just like when you cry yourself to sleep, after seeing them together throughout the day.

You are now on the floor, your knees up to your chest with you face buried in your hands.

You wanted him to hold you.

“Hey, (Y/N), I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt this way and I’m sorry. I’m a selfish git and you know it.”, you hear him say.

He was now sat beside you, looking at you thoughtfully.

You heard footsteps coming towards you two.

“(Y/N), hey what happened?”, it was Harry.

He pulled you up and held you.

You were full out crying now. You didn’t care, Harry was here now.

Harry let go of you suddenly, and next thing you know, he was about to punch Malfoy.

“Don’t.”, you say with a shaky voice, “ Harry let’s go.”

Even though you hated Draco for isolating you, you couldn’t hurt him.

You couldn’t.


Part two is up my lovelies

she’s a keeper//lewis redman

request: please could you do one where lewis takes you home to meet his parents and you get along with them and while you’re sleeping next to him you overhear a conversation he’s having with his parents about you

i love Lewis and i have loads of requests for him that i can’t wait to write

requests are open!

love you all xo

“You’re quiet,” Lewis stated. You your head off of the window at his words and looked towards your boyfriend, his eyes didn’t leave the road.

“I’m just a little nervous,” you explained before your teeth began to gnaw on your lip; a terrible habit you couldn’t shake off.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about,” Lewis shook his head and repeated the same words he’d been saying to you ever since his parents invited the both of you down for the weekend. The two of you had been together for five months and you had met his friends not long after you started dating, which was absolutely nerve wracking, however you were yet to meet his parents. It was safe to say, this was far worse than meeting any of his friends. 

“What if they don’t like me?”

“Don’t be silly,” he scoffed and without even looking towards you he raised his eyebrows, “stop chewing your lip to pieces.”

You rolled your eyes as you sometimes hated how well he knew you, but you stopped nonetheless. Lewis pulled to a stop outside of a house and you could immediately imagine him growing up there. The nostalgic feeling quickly ended as you realised you were about to meet his parents and panic quickly arose.

“(Y/N), it’s going to be fine,” Lewis said softly. “They’re going to love you, I know they will, there’s nothing they won’t like about you. Plus, the guys love you and they were very hard to impress.”

The guys do love you and you loved them. After you’d first met them Tobi leaned over and whispered ‘she’s a keeper’ a little too loudly into Lewis’ ear which made you smile for weeks.

Even though Lewis’ words were extremely reassuring they didn’t quite manage to stop the pounding in your chest. 

"Ready?” You nodded and Lewis got out of the car before opening the door for you and grabbing your overnight bag from you.

As you walked up the path to the front door, your stomach was twisting in knots however you felt a little bit better when Lewis grabbed your hand in his and squeezed. Almost immediately after you knocked, a woman opened the door with the biggest and most warming smile on her face. She greeted her son and pulled him into a hug before turning to you with bright eyes.

“And you must be (Y/N), Lewis has told me a lot about you,” she grinned before giving you a warm hug. “I must say, you’re even more beautiful than you are on all of the pictures he showed me.”

“Thank you,” you blushed and from the corner of your eye you saw that Lewis’ cheeks were a shade of pink. “It’s lovely to meet you.”

His mother ushered the both of you inside where you met his father who was just as welcoming. Within minutes you were sat in between Lewis and his mum with a baby album on your lap and a pain in your rib from laughing so hard at his mother’s commentary for each picture.

“And here’s Lewis’ ‘experimental’ phase when he would dress up in my clothes and tell us he was going to be a weather woman during the day and a superhero at night.”

“Mum,” Lewis whined as you cried with laughter at the picture. “It seemed like the right career path at the time.”

After many embarrassing pictures and even more laughs, you all sat down and had dinner before settling in front of the television for the night to watch a few films. You couldn’t believe how welcoming his parents had been and you felt so much more at ease than you did hours before in the car. It felt as if you were being treated like family and you hoped you had received the right signals from them, you hoped they really did like you.

You couldn’t remember drifting off until you woke up some time later with your head on Lewis’ lap with his fingers running through your hair. Just as you were going to open your eyes, you heard your name mentioned.

“So, what do you think of (Y/N)?” You held your breath as your boyfriend’s left his lips.

“Oh, darling, we absolutely love her!” His mother gushed, “she’s sweet as pie and extremely beautiful.”

“She’s hilarious, too, when we were drying the dishes she had me in bits!” His father joined in with a chuckled and you had to hold back a laugh as you remembered the jokes you and his dad were telling each other.

“I’m so happy to hear you guys say that,” Lewis said and you could imagine the smile on his face and the brightness in his eyes as he spoke. “Because I’m in love with her and I honestly think she’s the one.”

You almost jumped up when he spoke, butterflies had a rave in your stomach and the insides of your cheeks nearly bled from your teeth desperately trying to stop your from smiling.

“Well, I think she’s a keeper,” his mother replied and his father hummed in agreement.

Relief flooded your whole body at her words; they were all you needed to hear.

You squeezed Lewis’ hand that was in yours just to let him know that you had listened to what he had said and right before you drifted off to sleep happier than ever, he squeezed yours back.

A short SwanQueen/SwanMillsFamily oneshot. Their four year old daughters stumbles across Henry’s storybook where she sees a picture of the Evil Queen causing her to push Regina away and leaving Emma to pick up the pieces. Fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :)

Emma frowns as she walks through her front door to hear screaming. Admittedly, it’s not an odd noise in their house. Between the four year old, the teenager and their newly acquired dog (just one at the moment but knowing Regina the next time she visits the animal shelter, there’ll be more), the mansion is normally filled with noise.

It’s that noise that Emma loves. Silence reminds her of loneliness and rootlessness. Noise, even if it is shouting and sometimes too loud, is the marker of family. When she walks in to hear a chorus of hello’s or to a house filled with laughter, it’s a reminder that she is loved and a part of something truly remarkable to her – a family.

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Donghyuck x reader

Word count: 2013

A/N: im sorry to the anon who requested this like forever ago ok im sorry but i made it long and i hope its worth the wait okay also like i worked hard on this so uh here u go 

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anonymous asked:

Actually m8 Liby is whole different character, idk who view on the whole "incest" stuff but it's the sin daughter Lucy and Lincoln.

Is that a Liby? Oh, dear… I didn’t even know there were names for sin-children. Either way, thank you kindly for the clarification! It was needed. ♡

anonymous asked:

Ndrv3 guys crying over something and their s/o comforts them and cuddles them?

Need me a S/O like that… Especially when I’m mourning the death of yet another one of my favourite characters T_T

This became a mixture of angst and some humour/fluff ones, hope you like it!

NDRV3 Boys crying over something and their S/O comforts and cuddles them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You just found him curled up and sobbing on the sofa

- “Eh?! Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! What is it?”

- You’ve never seen him crying before, it must be something serious

- You place your hand on his shoulder and gently shake him which causes him to look up

- “S/O - san…”

- “What happened?”

- You wrap your arms around him and he hugs you back, tightly

- “I… I thought…” His sobbing is getting more intense

- “Shh.. It’s okay… Take your time… I’m here for you… Shuuichi - kun..”

- He seems to stop for a second, did the use of his first name trigger him?

- “I… I was working on a case…”

- You stroke his hair as he chokes out an explanation

- “She… She looked like you… I.. I…”

- “It’s okay… I’m here aren’t I?” You smile at him and kiss his cheek

- “Don’t cry okay? It breaks my heart to see you cry”

- You wipe away his tears with your thumbs and keep reassuring him that everything is okay now

Kaito Momota:

- You were just sitting together, you were reading a book whilst he was just scrolling through his phone

- “NOOOO!”

- You literally drop your book and see Momota with tears in his eyes

- “M-Momota - kun… What’s wrong?”

- He just shows you the phone screen

- “Pluto is no longer considered a planet.”

- Oh no

- You quickly sit in his lap and hug him

- “Shhh… It’s okay Momota - kun… It’s all just a bunch of lies… Pluto will always be a planet…. Shhh”

- He nods and hugs you back

- “How can they insult Pluto like this”

- “I don’t know, who has the nerve to say things like that.”

- You kiss his forehead and tell him more reassuring words

- He seems to eventually calm down, he even flashes you a smile before hugging you tightly once more


- You didn’t even know robots could cry

- And yet here he was, tears making their way down his cheeks

- You walk up to him and cup his face, wiping each new tear with your thumb

- “What happened Kiibo - kun?”

- “S/O - san… Do you love me?”

- “Eh? What’s that all of a sudden? Of course I do”

- “I… I want to say the same but… I don’t really know what love is”

- “Awh Kiibo - kun..” You move your arms so that you’re hugging him tightly

- “Don’t cry okay? In my eyes you’re showing me as much love as you can… I’ll do my best to make you understand it, I promise”

- He just clings onto you, sobbing into your shoulder

- “It’s okay… It’s okay” You stroke his hair as you try and shush him

- After a while, he finally calms down 

- “S-Sorry.. S/O - san… I made your shoulder all wet…”

- You giggle and kiss his cheek “I don’t really mind, are you okay now?”

- He nods and gives you a small smile

Rantaro Amami:

- You were just doing a few basic chores such as dishes and dusting whilst he was playing a game

- When you walk past him you notice the controller on the table and his face is in his hands

- “Huh?… Amami - kun?”

- You kneel in front of him and take hold of his wrists gently pulling his hands away

- He’s crying

- You look up at him with a shocked expression, you’ve never seen someone as calm as Amami to cry

- “What happened? Why are you crying Amami - kun?”

- “The feels hit me hard”

- He points to the screen. You look over your shoulder and finally see what game he was playing

- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

- Oh no… He got to that part…

- You stand up intending to hug him but instead he just ends up clinging to your knees

- “H-Hey…” You stroke his messy hair “It’s okay Amami - kun… I played this as well”

- You continue stroking his hair, occasionally you make stroke up and down his back until he calms down

Kokichi Ouma:

- Ouma sent you a message with nothing more than

- Come over now, please

- It was kind of late but nonetheless you made your way over to his house

- Before you could even ring the doorbell, the door swung open and Ouma pulled you inside

- “Woah! What’s up with you Ouma - kun?”

- He doesn’t say anything he just clings onto you

- Huh.. Is he… Crying?

 - “Ouma…Kun?”

- “You’re okay…”

- “Huh? Of course… Why wouldn’t I be?”

- He looks up at you, there is very limited light but you can see that his eyes are red

- He’s not faking it

- “I thought… Someone took you…”

- You kiss his forehead and stroke his cheek

- “Don’t cry Ouma - kun… You’re a Supreme Leader after all right?” 

- He smiles a little before burying his head in your chest

- The two of you stay like that for a while

Gonta Gokuhara:

- You were just napping in the garden until a scream woke you up

- You literally sprint towards the direction it came from and find Gonta on his knees crying

- “G-Gonta - kun! What happened?”

- He just turns towards you his face full of tears

- Your eyes travel down until they find the reason why he’s crying

- He’s holding an insect in his hand but it looks like it’s not moving anymore, upon closer inspection you find that it’s dead

- “Gonta found it” He then sobs some more “How can someone do that?”

- You place a hand on his arm and squeeze it gently

- “I don’t know Gonta - kun… But would you like to bury it?”

- He nods. You hand him a tissue and gently take the insect from him

- You let him wipe his face before you take his hand and find a nice place to bury the insect

- Once the two of you are done you hug him and gently rock from side to side

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He barely ever showed his emotions (his mask also helped)

- That’s why when you found him with tears in his eyes you were majorly concerned

- You sit by him and put your hand on top of his

- “What’s wrong?…”

- He just shakes his head and squeezes your hand

- You don’t ask him again, you just shift so that you can hug him

- His sobs are muffled due to his mask so you gently lower it for him

- He cries into your chest whilst you stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head from time to time

- “Shinguji - kun… I don’t know what’s wrong but… I’m here for you, okay?”

- He nods

- You’re slightly concerned he might have a panic attack but you do your best to calm him down

- It takes a while but eventually his sobbing stops and you can just hear sniffling every now and then

- Once he can speak again, he tells you that from time to time he will have moments like these

- “Only… This time you were here to help me… Thank you…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- From the stories Hoshi told you, you saw him as well a champion

- He was always winning tennis matches and he told you all about how he defeated a gang all by himself

- That’s why when you saw him curled up in a ball crying you honestly had no idea what to do

- You walked up to him and sat in front of him

- “Um… Hoshi - kun?”

- “Leave…”

- “Huh?”

- “Leave me… I… I don’t deserve someone like you”

- “What are you talking about?”

- He looks up at you then, eyes puffy from crying

- “I’m a killer S/O! You don’t deserve someone like me! You deserve much b-”

- You don’t let him finish, you just pull him into a hug and hug him tightly

- “Don’t ever say things like that. If I wanted someone else, I would be with them but I don’t all I want is you, and I want you to be happy!”

- He shakes a bit before returning your hug and sobbing into your chest

- He cries quite a lot which causes him to have a terrible headache

- “Hey… Let’s go have a nap okay?”

- He nods


For anon…enjoy the gif ;)

A supersonic boom quaking the earth beneath you caused you to look up from your book. You shot your gaze to look out the window only to see smoke rising high into the atmosphere. You were surprised there weren’t any flames considering how loud the impact was. Nonetheless, in your panicked state, you rushed from your house and to the crash site.

Upon further inspection, you realized it was a rather large ship-like structure. Or was it a plane? A hybrid of the two? Whatever it was, half of it was in the dirt. You skid to a stop when you heard a rather angry voice.

“You just had to say something.”
“I am Groot.”
“Don’t give me that!”
“I did not see him give you anything,” a third voice spoke.
“That is another expression,” a female voice spoke.

Despite your confusion, you hurried over to a door near you that seemed to be only slightly open. As you were inspecting it, a hand shot through the small opening and waved around. You gripped the back part of the bent piece and placed your foot on the side of the vehicle. Seeing as how your adrenaline was still pumping, you managed to pry the hole even wider. With a final pull, you slipped on your hold and fell onto the ground with a grunt.

“Woo! Thanks for opening that, Drax,” the voice paused, “You’re definitely not Drax.”

You flicked your eyes up to see a shirtless man. Recognizing your childhood sweetheart immediately, your eyes widened. He seemed to do the same.

You glanced around quickly and rambled, “How-What happened? And why aren’t you wearing a shirt? Not that I’m complaining because, mmm. I thought you ran away after-”
“Who’s she?” the first voice asked a bit irritated.

You glanced back to see a talking raccoon. A tree-man thing stood next to him along with a tattooed man and a green-skinned girl. With a yipe, you scrambled to your feet, gripping tightly onto Peter.

“That’s…a talking raccoon. And a walking tree,” you continued to panic, “Her skin is green! What-How-Huh?” You gripped your head. “Oh boy, I’m dizzy.”
Peter chuckled as he steadied you. “It’s a long story. Let’s get you back to your house.”

He began to walk you in the direction you had come from. You nodded as you tried to make sense of everything.

“Yeah. Home makes sense.”

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Dramione AU #27

A week before Halloween, Hermione and Draco carved their pumpkin and put it outside of their house. Draco didn’t understand the tradition but nonetheless was fascinated. The next day when Hermione got back from work, she found carved apples, oranges, watermelons and many other fruits and vegetables carved and laid out on her porch.
“You’re only supposed to carve pumpkins, Draco”
“Stop being racist towards the fruits, Granger”

Menace In My Bed

My fic for @grab-my-boner‘s 1k Writing Challenge, based off the song Trouble by Halsey

Summary: Rick isn’t sure what the hell he and Negan are doing when they fall into bed together. It started off as something brutal, and now…now it’s something else.

Pairing: Negan x Rick Grimes

Word Count: 4,283

Content: Language, some blood, rough sex, a fistfight, and some more smut

Ao3 Link

Rick would love to say it was always messy- rough and hard and fueled by a hateful, burning lust. He would love to say it was always like it had been the first time- with split lips and bruised knuckles and the metallic tang of spilled blood in the air and on his tongue

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Sleep - pt 13

Originally posted by jminies

Maybe the hostess felt bad for you, probably not, it was probably the two handsome guys by your side. Nonetheless you got the best seat in the house.

It was only noon but the restaurant was dimly lit, as if it was already evening. A candelabra in the middle of the table, pushed away by Jimin because he said it was too romantic.

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The House of Beasts, Part 3

Another update. I felt inspired today, and it actually came out really well! Here’s part 3. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it, and happy sunday to those who don’t! Have a lovely day, nonetheless ;-)

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2555 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 3: Secrets

Once the weekend had blown over, a quiet Sunday spent with my music and my paints in the study room, school came back full swing on Monday. I’d planned my schedule so I had all my harder courses packed early in the week, so Thursday and Friday were much more relaxed and spaced out. Sometimes it was a blessing, lazy Friday mornings when all I wanted to do was get out of school and spend the night with Tamlin, and some days, like today, it was hell, and I had no motivation whatsoever to step foot into a single classroom. I stopped by the Good Bean, ordered a double shot of espresso, and hurried my way over to psych, planting myself in the back of the room with my laptop and my coffee, my fingers hovering over the overpriced keyboard of my Mac Book that Tamlin had bought me at the beginning of the year. A good start to the year, he’d called it.

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Dating a young Severus Snape would include:

requested by: @winterelf94, we hope you like it! :)

► Meeting Severus in your fifth year; he’d be your tutor in potions, a subject you usually failed miserably. Your head of house would talk you into taking extra lessons and in the end you’d agree after hearing that Severus would teach you. His talent for potions was remarkable and you would be stupid to give up the opportunity to learn from one of the best students in school, especially if you wanted to pass your O.W.L’s.

► Him already being there when you’d enter the classroom. He’d look up from his potions book and your eyes would meet for the first time. Before that day you never really had anything to do with each other since you are in different houses and your group of friends couldn’t be more different. Nonetheless you always admired his talent for potions and you made sure to tell him that during your first lesson.

► You not knowing at first, of course, that ever since that first encounter he took a liking to you because, unlike so many other people, you didn’t flinch away from him, insult him or look at him in disgust and during those lessons you’d get to know each other better. You’d do homework together in the library and work together in the classes you had with each other. Sometimes he’d even walk you to your next class without saying a word about it. Time passed and during the holidays you wrote each other letters every week and as soon as term started again you’d greet him with a bone crushing hug. He’d always hesitated to hug you back at first but in the end his arms would circle around you and hold you close.

► Him finally building up the courage to ask you out at the end of your sixth year and you agreeing happily. Your first date was the last Hogsmeade weekend and even though he never really liked the visits, he knew that it would made you happy and went to the village with you. 

► Missing him over the summer holidays enough to lie to your parents about visiting your best friend. Instead you went to see Severus and when he saw you standing in front of his door one of his rare, genuine smiles broke out on his face.

► Affectionate glances when you pass each other in the corridors, while you are both sorrounded by your friends.

► Stolen kisses in empty classrooms, and secret touches behind the greenhouses, where noone could see you. Severus would be extremely uncomfortable with public displays of affection, and therefore even more eager to show you how much you meant to him when you two were alone. 

► Comforting him after a fight with James Potter and Sirius Black, reassuring him that their words meant nothing, and that he should not listen to them, while holding him close, your face lying against his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat. 

► Inventing usefull little spells with him in your free time, like the Muffliato charm. He even trusts you enough to show you his potion book, where he scribbles his notes in the margins and everytime you read it as if it were the most fascinating thing he’d watch you and couldn’t help but smile slightly at you.

Protect You

Fandom: Hawaii Five 0

Pairing: Steve Mcgarret x Reader

Warnings: None

Writer: @rightwhereiwantyou

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: I love your blog, I just logged into Tumblr and I saw that you posted a list of fandoms and I was so happy that you will do Hawaii Five O and i was wondering if you could do a oneshot where Steve Mcgarret and the reader are dating and they have to go on a dangerous mission. Could it be fluff/angst

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