but a hot douche

  • straight friend: wow this boy is hot
  • me: no he's not
  • straight friend: you just think that bc you're a lesbian
  • me: honey i may be gay but i ain't blind and i can tell you for a fact that is thin white boy with the douche bag haircut is not hot but looks like every other decent looking fuckboy at our school believe me i'm not blinded but your weird ass hormones besides you find more girls hot than i do so stfu

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Who's cuter: Willy or Latts?

B R U H. I thank you for asking this but also feel bad for you for asking this because I am about to do The Most™.

Latts is cuter. Willy (in all honesty) is more physically attractive, but there’s something about Latts. He’s so Good and Lovely while also being a Thirst Trap, and Tom just seems more like the Hot Douche™

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*wishes i was alzy* gentl

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softe family photo (ofc with a dog)

softe and artsy and good with kids i lov

end me plz

i’m cry

PREPARE TO BE SHOOK (aka examples of thirst trap latta)



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What Winston Says

           Winston was standing in his bathroom with the house all to himself. His parents had gone to drop his sister off at school in Wisconsin, so he had free rain for a few days. He stood in his bathroom in front of the floor length mirror, wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Well, that and the amulet the lady at the mall gave him. Her kiosk was knocked over by a bunch of college assholes, and he was the only one around who would help her clean up the mess.

           When they were finished, she glared at him with one green eye, one blind pale eye. She looked like she was ninety, but she had a cetin strength in her presence that made her seem younger.

           “Thank you, young man. Take whatever you want from me as gratitude.” Winston picked the orange-green amulet on a black cord. She smiled a gummy smile. “I like that one too. But here,” she said, cupping it in her hands and breathing on it, like one would do if their hands were cold. The smell of burnt coffee and stale breath filled the space between them, Winston pretending not to notice out of kindness.

           “Here,” she handed the amulet back to him. “Now whatever you want shall be yours. All you have to do is say it.”

           Back in his bathroom, he took off his bathrobe and looked at his body. Weak. Frail. A seventeen-year-old nerd’s body. Hardly any chest hair. No muscle definition. No meat on his bones. He looked down. Not so much as a manly bulge in his boxer briefs.

           Well, let’s see if we can’t change that. He put the amulet around his neck, the stone touching his chest. He felt the smooth, cold stone begin to heat up a bit. Not hot, but warm, as if it was alive. Awake.

           I have to start with something small. He cleared his throat. “My hair is not brown. It is blonde.”

           Nothing happened. His reflection stayed the same. He frowned.

           As he turned to leave, he noticed something. The light in his head got a bit brighter. He looked up at the lights, but they stayed the same. He slowly brought his gaze back to the mirror and sure enough, his hair began to lighten. Dark brown, dirty blonde, sandy blonde, and then…blonde. Jessica Simpson blonde. Beach blonde. BLONDE. Not brown.

           IT WORKS.

           Shit. What now?

           He looked at his body, and smiled a devilish grin.

           “I have an athletic body. Abs. Pecs. Strong legs. The works.”

           He glared at his image, nearly shaking, heart pounding.

           Sure enough, it began to happen. His body began to feel strong, hard like rocks. His arms began to swell up, hardening with muscle as he flexed. His chest began to push outward, looking as if he had been working out for years. His core tightened immensely, producing hard, deep-cut abs. He ran his hands over them, feeling his dick get hard in his underwear.

           His dick. He almost forgot.

           “My cock is six inches soft, ten inches hard. My balls are the size of eggs and sag low and sexy.”

           As he felt the tingle in his underwear, he pulled them down to see it happen. His cock began to get longer, going from two inches soft to a steady six, getting thick and round. His balls began to drop and swell, taking the shape and size of eggs. He felt like he might cum, but he was going to save it.

           Winston looked in the mirror yet again and felt like a man. A god. He felt strong, big.

           “Wherever I touch, I will grow thick hair.”

           Placing his hand right off his chest, his hand met skin and slid across pec to pec, then down his core. Sure enough, brow chest hair started to grow across his torso, around his nipples and down his abs. “That’s enough,” he said, making sure he wouldn’t touch his face and grow hair where it didn’t belong.

           He gazed at the man before him, someone he didn’t recognize. Someone no one else would either. He thought about how when his parents came home, he would have to go back to normal, at least for a while.

           Then his thoughts switched to Daniel Faye, the school jock. He wasn’t the most popular because he was hot or good at football, but he was a douche, and a cute douche at that. In his school, that was enough. Winston would look at Daniel in the cafeteria and feel his then small cock grow in his pants.

           Daniel was tall, but kinda chubby. His decent looking pouch was visible in his shirts, where his teammates would sometimes pat his belly. His puffy nipples were always outlined in his shirt, and best of all, he always wore sweatpants. And never underwear. That cock would swing around like it didn’t have a care in the world.

           That’s what Winston wanted.

           “Daniel Fay will appear in my bathroom.”

           Within a few seconds, there stood Daniel, sweatpants and tank top on. He was laughing, but immediately stopped when he noticed the scenery around him had changed. He looked around, and his eyes fell on Winston.

           “Who the fuck are you! And where am I?” Daniel demanded.

           “Winston Jenkins. Remember me?”

           Daniel had to do a double take. “What the hell? That’s not you. Winton is a little fag twerp!”

           Winston smiled. “Well, sorry you feel that way, but that’s who I am. And you’re going to do what I say.”

           “You better let me out of here or I’ll…” Daniel began to say, as he stepped closer towards Winston.

           “Freeze,” was all Winston had to say. Daniel stopped mid step and couldn’t move.

           “What? How? Winston what are you?” His eyes were wide open with shock.

           “Stand upright.” Daniel’s leg came down, feet together, arms to his side. Winston laughed and smiled. “What are you, you freak?” Daniel shouted.

           “Shut up, dammit.” The talking stopped and the bathroom went silent.”

           Winston walked over to Daniel, who not was trembling as he tried to speak and move. Winston stood at Daniel’s side, getting a good side view of the man. He placed his hand on Daniels’s belly and gave it a little shake.

           “Tell me, how much do you weigh?”

           “Two hundred thirty pounds.” That’s all Daniel could say.

           “Hmm. That’s good. Take your tank top off.” Daniel stripped away his tank top, revealing his chubby frame. He had ginger hair around his navel and a small amount across his puffy chest. His nipples were pink and puffy.

           “Well, Daniel, you’re certainly a little chubby. Could do with some more if you ask me.”

           Daniel didn’t know what to make of this. He just stood there, shirtless and soundless.

           “Every second, you’re going to gain a pound of fat. It’ll go all over your body.”

           The defenseless man’s eyes opened wide, since he knew Winston held some sort of power over him. His gaze turned down as he awaited his sentence.

           The change was subtle as first. It took fifteen second before you could see a good change in his body. His belly began to slowly move outward, taking a fatter ball shape. His chest, after thirty seconds, began to follow the same pattern, looking more like moobs than a man’s chest. But the change wasn’t fast enough for Winton’s liking. He wanted this hot jock bully to be the center of the scrutiny, as well as the center of Winston’s eroticism.

           “You’re going to gain weight until you weigh three hundred thirty pounds. One hundred pounds from your previous weight.”

           Daniel’s body really started to balloon. His gut began to swell bigger, rounder, and start to sag over the waistband of his tight pants. His chest swelled and sagged also, his nipples getting wide and puffier. His ass jutted out, becoming a bubble of bouncy fat.

           When the growing stopped, Winston freed Daniel’s power of speech.

           “You made me huge! I’m a fucking whale now.”

           “You’re so sexy now,” Winston said, feeling Daniel’s fat with both hands. He jiggled the immense belly, kissed the pink nipples, cupped the fat ass. A moan escaped Daniel’s lips, stopping Winston in his tracks.

           “Are you enjoying this?” He asked. The fat man nodded. “Do you want to do something?” He nodded again. “What do you want to do.”

           “I want to suck your big cock,” the ex-jock admitted. It was then that Winston realized he was still naked. His monster of a cock was hard, throbbing, and spewing precum all over the floor and his legs.

           “Suck it then.” With that, the mammoth of a man slowly dropped to his knees and started to suck the big dick. Winston moaned, feeling the fat man suck his dick, hearing the slurps and gags coming from below. He rubbed his taut, muscular body as Daniel worked his dick.

           Daniel came off with a POP and asked, “Will you please fuck me?”

           Winston nearly came on the spot. “Sure,” he said. He walked Daniel to his bedroom, where Daniel shred his tight sweatpants. Even with a sizeable fatpad, his cock stood eight inches out in front of him, thick and veiny. Winston sat him on his bed, and working passed the sexy ginger belly, he began to lick and such Daniel’s dick. The fat man moaned and guided Winston further onto his cock, Winston surprisingly, able to handle the cock down to its freshly shaven base. He grabbed Daniel’s balls with one hand and massaged them as he sucked his first dick.

           He licked his was up the big belly and sucked the fat tits, until Daniel grabbed him by his blonde hair and pressed his lips against Winston’s. They kissed soft at first, then more ferociously as Winston found himself on top of Daniel’s large frame, his cock at Daniel’s entryway. He slowly pushed his wet cock inside and after slow and easy fucking, he picked up the pace and thrusted faster and harder. Daniel moaned as his fat jiggled and shook like a river when rocks get thrown into it. He tried to hold down his tits, bit it was no use. There was just too much fat.

           They fucked for a few minutes before the site of Daniel’s body was about to drive Winston to the point of orgasm.

           “You are going to swallow my cum. Every shot will make you fatter.”

           Daniel sat up right and pressed his lips against the swollen head of Winston’s cock. “How much do you think you’ll cum?” he asked as Winston’s jerked off fast.

           “Ohh….you’re going to….oh fuck….get so much fatter…hundred more pounds…OH FUCK ME I’M ABOUT TO SHOOT!!” Daniels lips wrapped around Winston’s cock as cum began to flood his mouth. Whether he wanted to or not, he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of warm sweet cum, feeling his body get hot and begin to expand yet again. His gut lunged forward, filling up space in length and width. His belly sat on his thighs as it swelled and his tits inflated with fat, his nipples growing in diameter and sensitivity. His ass widened beneath him, and all he could do was drink his fill of Winston’s cum.

           The orgasm died down and Winston’ stood there, panting and spent. Cum dripped from the sides of Daniel’s mouth, down onto his fat body. Although he was turned into a hog and fucked by the guy he used to bully, and all in twenty minutes, he was smiling.

           “That was great!” Daniel exclaimed, using his fingers to feed the remaining drops of cum into his greedy mouth.

           “Really? I mean I did make you fat.” Winston surveyed the damage, and although he found it hot, he was afraid for Daniel.

           “Nah, it’s cool. I mean, if you can make me this fat, you can make me normal again, right?”

           Winston wasn’t sure. He never had the chance to take something back. “Daniel will go back to how he was before.”

           Daniel looked down as his body slowly started to go back in on itself, the fat disappearing from his body. His belly withdrew to reveal his flaccid cock. His moobs shrank back into his chubby jock chest, his nipples shrinking to their formal size. Soon, he was back to normal, naked on Winston’s bed.

           “Fuck, do you sure know how to show a man a good time,” he said admiring his body.

           “Yeah,” Winston said, almost disappointed.

           Daniel stood up. “I’m sorry, for being a prick to you. I’m just an asshole.” He hugged Winston, their naked bodies touching. He stepped back. “Damn, you’re huge. Those muscles look so good on you.” He rubbed Winston’s hard body and gave his ample ass a smack, before kissing him again.

           The two men eventually laid down on Winston’s bed, still naked, holding each other close. Winston didn’t want this to end.

           Maybe it doesn’t have to.

           “My parents won’t be home for a few weeks. They got temporary jobs in Wisconsin.”

           “What was that,” a half-asleep Daniel asked.

           “Oh, nothing.”

Ten Characters I Would Kiss -- Tag Game

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Many thanks for the tag, my friend! I loved being tagged in things like this! c: This looks like a fun tag game!
Tagging… Whomever want to tell me their smooching crushes, I guess! :D *finger guns*

But can I, like, post ten pictures of Ravus and just call it good…? Because I’d be okay with giving him a cheek smoosh and smooch. o//U//o
Okay, okay. I’ll give ya ten characters I’d smoosh my lips on. vUv HERE WE GO!

*proud nod because she took all of these shots and colored them herself*

Ten Characters I Would Kiss AKA Ten FF Characters That I Like Screaming About

1) Ravus Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV

2) Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV

3) Cindy Aurum from Final Fantasy XV

4) Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV

5) Tidus from Final Fantasy X

6) Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII

7) Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII

8) Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

9) Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII

10) Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII

It’s Okay (Draco Malfoy)

Summary: You are smelling Amortentia for potions and Draco smells your scent and gets really defensive

Warnings: None? Shitty plot and kind of short

A/N: This was based off this really cute wolfstar text thing I saw. Enjoy :)


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The last guy I dated off tinder was really hot but he was a total douche bag. I matched him because he superliked me and I knew from his appearance the kinda guy he was so I thought I’d just mess around and talk to him. After like a few days of talking he was already trying to bang me (I’m a virgin). I was planning to just drop him but my friend said he was too hot to pass up. After a few more days of toying with him I finally agreed to a date. He picked me up and oh my god was he fine irl like my exact type. We got along so well and he took me to lunch, a movie, and ice cream…all his treat. And ofc I got some action ngl… Anyways We spent like the whole day together but we established that neither of us wanted to date and we can just be fuck buddies basically.

So fast forward a day or two later after him not texting me, he finally says “you wanna fuck?” And although I wanted to I knew I wasn’t ready so I turned him down. Then he just shoots me a quick “well I only want sex so bye” and I thought it would end at that.

The next day this dude texts me saying he wants to see me again and that I should…do some stuff with him. So at this point I just said fuck it and agreed if he took me out to coffee. He comes over an hour later and We started hanging out at my house and eventually made our way inside. I knew where this was heading…things got heated….I stayed a virgin tho.

Ok so this is where it turns…

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So Ed Helms, who voiced the Onceler, is now going to voice Captain Underpants.

Am I worried that Tumblr Fangirls are gonna obsess over Captain Underpants the way they did with the Onceler?

Of course not!

Tumblr Fangirls only had the hots for the Onceler because he was a skinny douche bag with an emo hair cut. Captain Underpants is a fat funny bald guy, and everybody knows that Tumblr Fangirls would never find that attractive.

People who are saying The DUFF is fatshaming obviously hasn’t read the novel. There is ONE character - the main dude - who brings about the term DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) but all of that changes throughout the novel.

Seriously people.