but a happy birthday


Because this exact leaf had to grow in that exact way, in that exact place, so that precise wind could tear it from that precise branch and make it fly into this exact face, at that exact moment. And if just one of those tiny little things had never happened, I’d never have met you. Which makes this the most important leaf in human history.

Happy Birthday Clara Oswald!!🍁


Yura to Beka: WELCOME TO THE MADNESS that is my unbelievably extra family.

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happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes



Happy 21st birthday to GOT7′s dancing machine, Kim Yugyeom! You keep bullying your hyungs, but it’s obvious how much you love them deep down. You also never forget to express your love to ahgases, always including #igot7❤️🐥 in your Instagram captions. I believe that you’re a giant maknae because you have so much love inside of you. Just like your birthday wish, I hope that GOT7 and ahgases will go on together forever. Always stay healthy and never stop dancing! #DandelionYugyeomDay 🌻🌼

pidge: (walks into the team’s halloween party dressed like a floppy disk)

everyone: awwwwww pidge your costume is so cute!!! :)

pidge: thank you!


pidge: (to the camera) i’m actually dressed as the floppy disk containing the morris internet worm source code, a computer worm that was released onto the internet by robert tappan morris on november 2nd, 1989 and accidentally caused between $100,000 to $10,000,000 in damages