but a grown man

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I work at a sub shop, a grown man came in while it was just me (17, girl) and my coworker (18, girl). He says it sucks that they tax our tips, because we "work our asses off!" He then says "I noticed that neither of you have an ass haha!!" I said "Sir, I'm 17." He gave a half hearted apology but it was so awkward trying to finish making his sub then having to ring him up, and the whole thing made me and my coworker so uncomfortable :(

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People act like she killed some puppies or something. She had a fling with a grown man who knew she was fresh out of a relationship. But i guess people really want her to burn for not being 100% happy with whatever man they shipped her with.

it’s also just like….it’s not hurting him that she was unhappy in the relationship? she broke up with him, it was seven weeks, it’s not like she led him on for years in secret misery (which happens all the time btw)

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Honestly Branch has had several moments where he's been terrified by Peppy, but this is hands down the most terrified he's ever been of Peppy and he's not ready to square up with Santa despite the Snack Pack's chanting and cheering for him to

Peppy just shows up at their home, thrusting a racecar toy in Branch’s face

“Do you remember this?”

“Uh. No?”

“I gave this to you 20 years ago when you showed up to my Grotto. You sat on my lap and told me what a good little boy you were. Now here you are, a fully grown man, plotting against the poor old soul who made you smile so many years ago.”

“Dad, for the last time, I’m not after your job. Please relax. Your hair is greying at a rapid rate and you cant afford to keep dyeing it.”

Catch A Chill

Summary: Who knew that being stranded outside in the middle of the night could bring so many people together? 
Pairings: Drew Gulak/Tony Nese (with background Mustafa Ali/Jack Gallagher and Neville/Austin Aries)
Words: 1,549
Content: PG
Note: This is a Holiday gift for my girl @tyedillinger! But also tagging @heelnev, @tozawas, @ariyadaivaris, @where-are-jeffhardys-eyebrows, @even-the-losers, @oh-baby-a-triple-oh-yeah, @artemidi, @205wives, @handsomerusev and literally any other mutuals and followers of mine who had their hearts ripped out on Tuesday night. I hope my dumb writing can cheer you up at least a little bit.
I couldn’t decide when this is actually set, but it’s somewhere pre-Austin leaving and Neville disappearing. 

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles, part two

Publication date: March 28, 2018

High school life is a rough go for Rupert Giles­­ – as if being a grown man living inside a teenage body wasn’t hard enough. Crushing on each other, Giles and his mysterious new friend, Roux, navigate around the bullies in the hallways while they investigate the school-wide threat and missing staff and students – which they are certain is connected to some kind of demon…

Script: Erika Alexander, Joss Whedon; illustration: Jon Lam; colors: Dan Jackson; cover: Steve Morris; variant cover: Arielle Jovellanos.

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in your au where theres only 1 human, alien keith is a full grown lizard man with the same hair who comes from a desert planet and speaks in riddles

Okay so red paladin is an emo desert lizard gay, nice.

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You're not ride or die until you try to beat up a grown ass man, who's like 2 times your size, for keeping your girlfriend away from you.

Omg it took me a really long time to figure out this was in reference to Stranger Things. 

it’s really sad that we have people in our community that drive others out of the fandom. this is absolute shit that users are not allowed to voice there opinions of what harry does on this website. harry should not have said that joke. @ever-since-kiwi was stating the fact and truth that he is a grown ass man and should’ve not said it. it’s sad that people in this community can be so rude and vile that they are driving people to leave it out of there life, when it was something they once enjoyed. i’m so disappointed that this is what it has come to, and unfortunately, this user isn’t the first one. just because you can hide behind an anonymous screen doesn’t mean you can’t still have your morals and dignity.

if you was to talk about defending harry, then how about you do one thing that actually makes him happy and treat others with kindness.

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.