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No one posted the Generation X character art so I’m doing it! I’m so excited!

From the commentary, apparently Jubilee’s the fashionable team vampire mom, Morph is the resident Sad Boy, Hindsight’s the new half Korean character (like writer Christina Strain herself) who has psychometric powers and loves vintage clothing, Bling is struggling to find herself and fit in her diamond skin, and Naturegirls going to have a hard time connecting with the others because she understands nature better then people. There wasn’t info for Eyeboy and Quentin, but the art is from Christina Strain’s twitter. Strain chose artist Amilcar Pina to be the penciller bc of his alternative and modern style. Check both of them out on Twitter! Issue 1 of Generation X is coming out in May!

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wonho writes lyrics for mx songs but starshit never lets him take part and ignores his lyrics ( _ _ ;)

wonho is so so so talented and he makes such good music??? esp bc it rly.. idk suits the group and he considers things like vocal range and everything he knows his members so well… i mean “how about you” was so so so lovely but starshit never let it Happen.. even back in no mercy days, his rearrangement of caffeine… i liked that better than the original tbqh… :(

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Hey Mario and Bowser, have you ever had people (I mean haters) try to say you're using each other? Like for Mario 'oh he's using Bowser for money/power' And for Bowser 'oh he's using Mario for the fame.' (I know it's not true but there are some real jerks out there) if so, how did you guys react? Or if not then how would you react?

“Actually, Bowser and I went over those points ourselves. It’s funny, because at the moment, I’ve all but tarnished my reputation entirely.”

“We’ve been over that, and no, you haven’t.”

“Ok, I haven’t. Does it make a difference?”

“Nope. If anyone were to think that I’d need Mario to have popularity with the greater Mushroom Kingdom, I’d tell them flat out that they’re idiots. I can’t even maintain popularity among my own troops, let alone win the favor of the entire Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario’s not going to fix that. I’m with him because he’s the best guy out there, in spite of his hardships and his standing.”

“It’s the same idea with me. Bowser’s position is considered high up there, and he has amassed a strong following of his own. But the strength that I need is the love and support he can give, which is unlike any I know. In spite of the flaws and differences between them, Bowser has a positive relationship with a lot of his subjects, as well as his family. And he knows how to bring out the best from that. Even when I’m at my lowest, Bowser can bring me up. That’s not something that power brings. Love does that.” 

“Geez, Mario. Do you practice this stuff in your sleep, or is it just rolling off the cuff and the top of your head?” 

“I’m just being honest!”

“…Stars above, I love you.”