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Growing Up Batty: Part 4

Prompt: really love your Damian Wayne series! I was wondering if you are willing to do another Damian series where he’s around 13 and Bruce forces Damian to go to school and he has to face what is it like being in middle school with the help of his brothers and he starts to develop feelings for the reader and they get really close and Damian tries to keep her safe and keep her from finding out that he is Robin??

Words: 858

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You don’t have any delusions about yourself. Your parents had been honest about your heritage from day one. You know you’re different. While you understand emotions, you have a hard time expressing them. Deep down you know the truth. Your mother was an emotional being, dedicated to your sperm donor like no other. She let her emotions rule her and had ended up having a mental break that haunted the whole of Gotham.

    So yeah, you and emotions didn’t get along too well. You kept them closely guarded, and occasionally you let them out. Typically only around those you trusted. Like your parents, and eventually Damian Wayne.

    You can see it in him. That battle with emotions, the battle between doing what was right and what was needed. It hadn’t taken long for you to figure it out. Especially, with the hint Bruce Wayne had dropped. If someone knew who your birth parents are, then they knew everything about everything, and the only person who knew everything about everything, was the Batman.

You choose not to say anything. It’s their secret to keep, and since Damian obviously doesn’t know your secret, you figure it’s only polite to let him reveal his own. That is, until the academy is attacked by a gang of psychopaths, and Damian comes dangerously close to revealing his secret to the whole school.

You grab his hand before he can do anything. You grip it in your own, and when he tries to pull away, you dig your nails in. The look he gives you is one of confusion. You mouth the words, “Some things need to stay secret.”

He understands what you’re saying. You see the reluctance in his eyes, as he backs up into the shadow with you. The shadows are your friend. While for most they hide the scary things, for you they hide friends.

You don’t let go of Damian’s hand until Batman and his merry gang of birds arrive. You stay put in the classroom, while Damian runs to help his family. He never orders it, you just consider it common sense. You tuck your legs underneath you and grab your book. It won’t be long now before the police arrive and start clearing the school. You find it best to remain helpless when it comes to men with guns.

There’s also the fact that your classmates had already run screaming from the room. Foolish in your opinion, when there were men running around with guns. You enjoy the peace and quiet, right up until the door creaks open.

The lack of noise tells you the person is barefoot, which only slightly interests you. Self preservation wins over interest though, and you slide back farther into the shadows. That doesn’t stop her from finding you. She seems just as drawn to the shadows as you are. You meet her eyes without hesitation, and you can see the curiosity there.

You can see the dots slowly connecting behind her eyes, and when it clicks she frowns. As she crouches downs in front of you, her hand slowly reaches out and plucks a hair from your head. You scowl, at the slight pain. It’s almost as though she’s able to analyze your DNA, and as her scowl deepens, you know that’s exactly what she’s doing.

She straightens and stares at you before shaking her head, “Stupid, stupid Harley. She actually had you. That liar. I should have known better.”

You raise an eyebrow at her, “You should have known better? Shouldn’t she have known better than to screw a murderous clown.”

The grin that takes over her face, is more than a bit unsettling, “So you know.”

“What I come from, yeah. My parents think it’s better to be prepared.”

“Does being prepared cancel out genetics?”

Your eyes narrow, “My family does not define me. I choose who I am.”

This time, when the woman smiles, it’s a bit more kind. A small flower blooms out of her hand, and she reaches out and places it behind your ear. She straightens and says, “As always I’ll clean up your mother’s mess. Be well little Arlecchino.” Then she leaves.

You lean back against the wall, and let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. Then the sounds of footsteps, this time boot clad, catch your attention.

He’s dressed in his typical outfit. Black suit, cape, mask, and utility belt. He kneels down in front of you, and you give him a half hearted smile. “Hi Mr. Wayne.”

He smiles, “Y/N, I see you received a visit from Pamela.”

You nod, “I’m guessing that’s the green plant lady.”

He nods, and reaches forward, to remove the flower. “You’re at a crossroads.”

“This where you convince me it’s time to throw away my family’s legacy, and join the side of heros?”

“I’d be happy as long as you don’t go on a murderous rampage.”

You nod, “I can understand that. But if I do want to join …is that an option.”

“I’m not a nice teacher.”

“Never thought you were.”

He smiles, “Then maybe we can work out a deal.”

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Ever think about the amount of times throughout the day Harry just looks at Louis and says "I love you" apropos of nothing and how many different meanings they have throughout the day? The "I'm lucky to love you, I love you", the "he's the cutest, I love you", the "my boy is so brave and beautiful, I love yous", "god, he really loves me back, I love yous", "I'll love him forever, I love yous", "damn it, I tripped on your shoes, I love yous".

“You laughed at my stupid joke, I love you”

So...what is in the suitcases?!

All that luggage and only three different items of clothing used for days?  Maybe…

  • tea kettle and pot and relevant paraphernalia
  • Mickey Mouse nightlight

  • favorite pillows

  • his Golden Globe Award

  • notebooks of rehearsed pick up lines

  • boots

  • a spare cravat or two (if the pick up lines work)

I did a Thing today
There’s a free creative writing group at my local library and I actually… went to it… on my own… There were about 10 people with an average age of 65 (possibly 70), mostly women, and each week someone puts forward a theme and everyone has half an hour to write something related to the theme and then reads it out to everyone, and they comment on it. The theme was ‘going on a journey’, which I duly forgot about, and after about 10 minutes of staring at the paper thinking ‘oh god what am I doing here’ I finally thought of a starting sentence. I wrote about an eight y/o boy called Theo who is at the beach with his older brother and finds a stray kitten. I didn’t actually get to the kitten part. But I wrote about a page and shakily read it out (quite badly, because a great deal was messily crossed out) and they seemed quite impressed haha. Most of the other people wrote anecdotes about their train journeys… They were more fluent/confident writers than me but their writings were more like diary entries than fiction. But the people were all really nice, anyway. The organiser said I wrote well, and the lady next to me liked my descriptions. Others were very complimentary. An old seacaptain-like man with a soft Northern Irish accent sat opposite me, and told us about the time he was away in France and went to a patisserie and the lady behind the counter was so pretty he forgot all the French he had learned and stumbled back out of the shop without buying anything. There was a woman with Alice in Wonderland syndrome who has a fear of travelling on the tube on her own in case she has an episode. I remember these things because I relate to them, to some extent. In short: woo I left the house and did a really scary thing which doesn’t seem like a big deal really but reading out a story that I wrote in 20 minutes without editing it to a group of strangers is……. An Awful Lot for me

So what if Mystic Messenger did become a show. But like. With 5 different seasons?

Like each route is a different season, each with 12 episodes. (11 days + after ending) The start is the same but the options chosen are different depending on the route/season.

The bad or normal ends could be like Special Scenes?

I would honestly watch that!

Like at the end of each season, the credits just say, 


and a finger pressing yes.

But like at the end of season 5 (the last season) it says. 

‘Would you like to uninstall Mystic Messenger?’

and a finger pressing yes (but hesitantly) and everything glitches out and that’s the end of the show.

I feel like I don’t have any idea what I actually look like. I look at myself in a mirror every single day and each day I look really different and I don’t have a clear image of what my body actually looks like or what my face actually looks like and I have super conflicting feelings about my image. One day I’ll see myself and be perfectly content with my face and my body and then the next I’ll just feel so disgusted by what I see and I’m like “is that really me? There’s no way that that’s what I actually look like.” And some days I feel like I look really big while other days I feel like I look smaller, like I legitimately have no idea how much bigger or smaller my body actually is compared to how I see it. I hate it so much!! And I have no idea what to do!!!

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I feel like Tim’s probably chews on things, but like, he has standards. Even if he’s doing it absentmindedly half the time, he has never in his life chewed on a pencil, but he will chew on things that have similar shapes, like a stylus. It has to do with texture and how likely it is for the paint/wood/eraser to peel off from the chewing. (1/2)

He probably discovered that one website that sells stim jewelry and now owns at least 10 necklaces of various shapes and colors. His favorite is the mushroom because it’s easiest to get it to reach his molars. (2/2)

YES GOOD. this site has lots of cool stim toys, and i bet tim owns a ton of them. like every day he chooses a different toy to fiddle with and everyone is like “wtf how many do you have
“uhm. a lot?”

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i like to window shop at stores like forever21 and h&m and im very inspired by the fashion idols in kpop wear and also instagram??? i have a fashion/inspiration blog if youre interested 

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2 weeks ago I was married and had only had sex with my husband for 3 years. This week I'm divorced and have had sex with 4 different people in 6 days.

That’s das to hear but also good for you I suppose

music tag game

I was tagged by @felicityollies Thank you dearie :)

Directions: You can tell alot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No Skipping!

Note: I did this the other day, but what the hell not doing it again ;) Different day, different songs

  1. Immigrant song - Led Zepellin
  2. Supermassive black hole - Muse
  3. Points of Authority - Linkin Park
  4. I see the fall - Blake Neely
  5. Ojos asi - Shakira
  6. Someone that you’re with - Nickelback
  7. Escape - 30 seconds to mars
  8. Night of the hunter - 30 seconds to Mars
  9. International Luv - Backstreet Boys
  10. On my Own - Three Days Grace

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DAY THIRTY – Will you play SisRyder or BroRyder first?  Why?

My first playthrough will be with SisRyder.  Where possible, I always play as a woman during my first playthrough of a new game and Andromeda is no different.

DAY TWENTY-NINE – What is your Ryder’s name?  Do they go by any nicknames?  What would you name their sibling, father and mother if you were able to choose?

Her full name is Sara Helena Ryder.  The only nickname she uses is Ryder, which she shares with both her father and brother.

Speaking of her family, her brother is named Scott and her parents are named Alec and Jean.  If I were able to choose names for her family, her brother would be Dominic, her father would be Arthur (a homage to my own father and a reoccurring name for all my fictional fathers), and her mother would still be Jean.

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT – Are you going to use the default appearance or create a custom Ryder?

Sara Ryder, the default SisRyder, wins the honour of starring in my first playthrough.

(Mass Effect: Andromeda 30 Day Countdown)

Music Tag Game

vI was tagged by @stygian-omada-fan! Thanks!!

Directions: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No Skipping!

Note: I did this the other day, but what the hell not doing it again ;) Different day, different songs

  1. Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
  2. The Wrong Direction - Passenger
  3. Years - Amelia Curran
  4. 4 and 20 - Joss Stone
  5. In My Own Eyes - Brandi Carlile
  6. Key - Devics
  7. Same Script, Different Cast - Whitney Houston
  8. Rag Doll - Aerosmith
  9. Just a Friend to You - Meghan Trainor
  10. Better - Lily Kershaw

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