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bagginshield???? my city now


my hair looks blue in this but I’m not blue about my place in the lgbt+ community

(all pronouns)

Fill-a-Page February day 23!

I was in a Kuroo kind of mood today. His hair is such a disaster zone omg.


northern downpour - panic! at the disco

katie mcgrath/supercorp fans, we need to have a tiny chat.

i’m assuming (hoping, mostly) that the majority of fans that are doing this are young, but yall really need to cool it a bit with trying to speculate and dig into katie’s personal life. she is obviously a very private person, if her lack of social media, and her stating as such in interviews is anything to go by. and apart from that, it’s just… incredibly rude? and weird. and a boundary that needs not to be pushed. (this goes for all actors/musicians/etc. fyi, holy shit! it’s not a new concept.)

like, it’s great that more people are becoming fans of hers! but ho boy, some of the stuff yall are saying and doing just isn’t cool. just, relax a little. leave her personal life alone. it’s not that hard.

also, this isn’t actually a problem like digging into her personal life is, but can yall just cool it with the kashy mcgra thing? it’s how her name is pronounced. just, relax.

Can I have an alien who is genuinely eager to learn human gestures since they already have an Intergalactic Translator strapped on so talking in each other’s languages is no problem but THIS ALIEN. THIS ALIEN WANTS TO BOND WITH US AND AT FIRST THEY OBSERVE FROM AFAR BUT THEN THEY COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND APPROACHED US AND GREETED US WITH A SUPER AWKWARD YET HELLA CUTE FIST BUMP THEY SAW US DO WITH ANOTHER PERSON AND A N D–