but a are you using your skills to do something

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done, go do it. If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to develop, go practice it. Or something you’ve always felt the urge to chase after, go catch it. It may be your calling. And regardless of what society deems as successful, we need to do what’s right, and that’s following the path towards what makes us truly happy.
Handwriting Magic: Introduction

As your handwriting reflects your entire personality and the way you think, changing your handwriting can help you to develop yourself in more desirable ways. Handwriting can be used in all sorts of magic, as writing is something we already do on a nearly daily basis.

Handwriting General Associations:

  • Shape: determines general traits (Round = nicer/softer, sharp = sharper/meaner, etc)
  • Neatness: only determines communication skill to an extent, and/or organizational skills
  • Speed: only determines speed of the person (in general)
  • Signatures: Your public face; how you present yourself to the really broad public (like acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances)
  • Left: Introverted/past-associated
  • None: Balanced/Present-day 
  • Right: Extroverted/Future associated
  • Large = Call to attention
  • Small = avoid attention/notice

Size: How much attention you enjoy calling to that specific aspect. 

  • Of Handwriting: How much attention you enjoy calling to yourself in general.  Does NOT dictate personal expression- you can still be extroverted but not personally express yourself (which would manifest as large writing, but with a left slant).
  • Of Certain Letters: How much you want that specific aspect of yourself (that the letter represents) to gain notice. 

Zones: Represent different portions of your thinking and emotions. 

  • Upper Zone: Superconcsious/higher thinking/intellectual-ness,
  • Middle Zone: conscious; the self; regular daily thoughts
  • Lower zone: sexuality, subconscious

Slant: Dictates personal expression; expression of very personal emotions

  • Left: low personal expression
  • None: Balanced personal expression
  • Right: High personal expression


  • Between Letters: “Space” in personal expression; how closely you guard your personal emotions
  • Between Words: Spacing in large social situations; short spacing may be very outgoing and/or crowdy/intrusive, large spacing denotes introvertedness/someone who may not like crowds

How to Apply:

  • Writing spells: write your intention down a certain number of times (can be done for many days, as a daily ritual thing), changing your handwriting to fit the intention. 
  • If making sigils out of words, change the letters for whatever associations to add a bit more oomph. 
  • Actively try to change things in your handwriting that reflect parts of yourself you don’t like. 
  • Edit your handwriting while recording things in a physical grimoire to weave spellwork into the words and book itself. 

Note: The above is my information that I have gathered over the years.

Recommended Readings: 

  • Handwriting Analysis Putting it to Work for You by Andrea McNichol 
  • Handwriting Analysis, by Dorothy Sara 

Please don’t ever feel bad for wanting to know Korean because of your favorite Kpop group. My mom, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, told me that the main reason she learned Spanish when she was a teen was because of a popular Latin band in the 70’s and now she gets paid more for knowing another language that she uses everyday. So don’t ever think that learning a new language because of something you like is a terrible thing to do. Whether you stop liking Kpop at some point or not, you still have this skill that will benefit you in the end and help you enjoy a different culture.

Right, here we go with my brand new series of tutorials, entitled How to THINK When you DRAW. I’m going to hit a massive range of subjects, techniques and approaches in this series, so there should be something for everyone, no matter what your interests or ability level.

Oh, and if you have any area of drawing that you’d particularly like to see a tutorial for, TWEET US HERE with your REQUESTS, and I’ll do my best to tackle them for you :)

The first two tutorials are looking at how to draw draping or hanging fabric and creases, enjoy!


Having trouble visualizing?

I’ll be honest. As soon as someone says “Antheia, think of a bright light between your hands,” I’m out. While visualization works very well for me when I’m grounding, meditating, or shielding,  I find it hinders rather than helps when I get to actual spellcraft and more complicated energy work. While visualization is a skill that is very useful and good to practice, here’s a few solutions.

  1. Do something physical. When you’re putting up your shields, lift your hands with your shield. When you’re cleansing yourself or something, rub it down as though you were washing mud and grime off of yourself/the object. Imagine the heat of your skin is the energy that you’re putting into something. While you might feel a little silly at first, I’ve found that doing something along with your energy work can be really helpful in putting you into the right mindset. In terms of spell craft, sometimes making something that you can hold physically will help, as well.
  2. Command it. You will do as you please. Saying it out loud can also be helpful if you’re having trouble visualizing. “I’m raising my shields/My shields are up.” “The energy will…” “My intent is…” Simple commands can be very effective, just don’t get too caught up in having good grammar or anything. Sometimes one word works. Sometimes you might want to dictate what you feel or what you want to happen.
  3. Do some breathing exercises. These are not for everybody, but again, something physical for you to do. A very simple exercise is to imagine your shields swelling big big bigger when you inhale, and then coming in tight around you, right against your skin, when you exhale. Works with energy, works with some spells, helps with meditation and grounding.
  4. Close your eyes. Sometimes, especially when you’re a beginner and can’t see what you’re doing, just closing your eyes can make a difference. By taking away that sense, you sharpen your other senses a little more, and it gets a lot easier to practice. When I’m in a very high or low part of my mood disorder, I have a lot of trouble concentrating on magic and on energy. I find that closing my eyes can help me by disconnecting me a little from what I’m seeing and I can pay more attention to what I’m actually doing.

Again, these are things that I do when I’m having issues with visualization. If they don’t work for you, try something else! These aren’t the only ways, and you can combine them however you’d like. I’d also love to know the practices that other people use in energy work, be it visualization, one of these techniques, a combination, or something else entirely!

How to Become an ALT in Japan

Basic Requirements

1. A university bachelors degree
-Any degree is ok, Latin American Studies, German, Linguistics, Astro-Physics, Sociology, doesn’t matter as long as it’s at least a bachelors 

 2. A clean criminal background check
-Have you been convicted of a murder? Are you a pedo? Do you have outstanding warrants in 3 states? Did you go to jail for a hit and run? Japan doesn’t want you. 

 3. Appropriately healthy and able bodied
-If you have a something that will prevent you from doing your job well, you will most likely not be hired. For example; you can’t use stairs, you can’t stand for 45 minutes at a time, you have a severe speech impediment (I know people here with lisps), things like this prevent you from teaching at full capacity and most places don’t have the time or resources to make special accommodations for you. 

What other skills might recruiters be looking for?

1. Japanese language ability
-NOT required for most positions, but helpful for communication both in and out of the workplace. Unless you live in a metropolitan area, the average Japanese person’s English is VERY limited. I know many people who came here with zero Japanese, but nowadays there are many with at least rudimentary Japanese. People rarely come here fluent, but many people study Japanese while living here to take the JLPT and their level improves by leaps and bounds. I am not one of those people, so don’t ask me for more details lol

 2. TESL/TEFL certification
-NOT required for most positions, but some private companies are starting to lean more towards certified individuals. And honestly, those give you a lot of skills you will absolutely need when teaching English. 

3. Teaching degree
 -NOPE, not required in 99.9% of the cases. I know a few people with them who are ALTs, I’ve heard mixed opinions on how well it helps them as an ALT. Some find it demeaning to work subordinate and be given limited control/responsibilities, other find it freeing because they can spend more time teaching and less time with test related paper pushing and discipline management.

4. Good attitude, flexibility, people skills
-You need to be able to present yourself as someone trustworthy and amiable to recruiters. The environments ALTs work in are often high-paced, prone to sudden last second changes, and being able to make friends in the office and keep a happy face with students is incredibly important. 

5. Prior experience
-Have you worked in a daycare before? Have you volunteered in tutoring centers? Have you led discussion groups as a major requirement?  Have you ever studied abroad? Have you ever volunteered in foreign classrooms? Have you taken charge of a club and organized events? Did you dorm with international students in university? Have you worked for an international program before? Have you given private language lessons before? These are the kinds of things that show you have experience in things that ALTs frequently encounter.

Can I mention my love of [INSERT JAPANESE CULTURE HERE]?

Yes, but keep is professional, relevant, and brief. 

“I became interested in Japan after watching Spirited Away, the cultural aspects of the movie fascinated me and made me want to learn more about Japan.” OK
“I have a collection of anime pillow cases, my favorite is Miku Hatsune in this pose.” NO 

“I started listening to Japanese music in high school. I eventually started learning Japanese to better understand the lyrics.” OK
 "When Pierrot broke up, I was shattered that the fanfic community would move on to other ships.“ NO 

“My school offered a short course on Japanese tea ceremony, and I thought the way that it formed historically was extremely interesting.” OK
“I want to learn the way of the samurai.” NO 

“I’m very interested in Japanese video game production companies. I went to college and majored in game design and I want to further study it by living in Japan and experiencing the community in person.” OK
“I want to play Resident Evil on fiber optic LAN with Japanese players so I can pwn more n00bs when I get back to America.” NO

What kind of ALT positions are available?

First and foremost: READ AND RESEARCH

If you do not do your own intensive research, you can get taken advantage of. You hear horror stories from people here all the time, and those mostly come from people didn’t research what they were getting themselves into. I cannot make a comprehensive guide to the THOUSANDS OF KINDS OF ALT positions across the country, this is only an overview. Look at that link, and always do extensive research of the companies/programs you’re interested in working for.

1. Government
 AKA JET Program
-The JET Program is the only government ALT program. It makes the Japanese government the middleman in your arrangements, which takes less money from your paycheck and gives you a more trustworthy means of income. It’s very competitive and the application process takes about 6 months. They only hire once a year. It’s arguably the best program, as it pays well, you have a lot of guaranteed vacation time, and they pay for your flights to and from the country. On the downside, you don’t really have a lot of say in where you are placed. Also, you cannot get a transfer unless VERY specific requirements are met. Also some prefectures/localities are nicer to their ALTs than others, but if they try to fuck you over you know you have the Japanese government backing you and they will keep you from being taken advantage of.

 2. Private Dispatch
examples: Interac, AEON, Borderlink, JIEC and MANY others
 -These are private companies that workplaces hire to provide them with ALTs. Workplaces do this because some of the intricacies in hiring an ALT and getting them a VISA and housing are really complicated, and they’d rather pay a middleman than deal with it. Upsides, you get a little more wiggle-room with being transferred. Downside by far is the pay. It depends on the company, but that middleman definitely takes a big chunk of your pay. If you work for a place like this, you need to VERY carefully read your contract. Research dispatch companies carefully, check their ratings online, see what former employees have to say about them. 

 3. Private Hire
 AKA working directly under the local government office, a private company, or even one-on-one’s in wealthy households
-These are places that will directly hire you without a middleman. Obviously, you need to look carefully at the details of your contract before working privately. Most local government places won’t hire you without prior ALT experience in Japan. Private English Conversation Schools (Eikaiwa) have non-9 to 5 working hours to provide for business workers and students. They sometimes require you to already have a VISA prior to being hired. Private Hire really is outside of my experience, but from what I understand they can pay as well as JET, but don’t usually have as many perks.

Where do I look for open positions?

GaijinPot is the website I’ve heard of the most. Check there and research research research. There are scammers, be careful. 

JET hires once a year starting around September or October. It’s available online on their official webpage.

There are a bajillion different dispatch companies. I couldn’t possibly name them all, I don’t really have a lot of experience with them, and don’t know which are particularly good or not. Check Google-sensei for their applications, websites, and reputations.

Other than that, please be wary of Craigslist. Although legit job openings do show up, there are scammers. If it’s someone looking for a “private female in-home English tutor from ages 19~25” or something like that, don’t be dumb. Many will require you to have a VISA with a minimum of 1 year on it already. Many will require you to already live in the area of the position. Research everything carefully.

Words of warning

If you think mental health issues are stigmatized in your home country, oh honey you ain’t seen nothin` yet.

If you have mental health issues, Japan may not be the place for you. You may think going to Japan, being surrounded by your hobbies and interests, and just “getting away” will make things better… IT WON’T.

Please be aware that you most likely will not be able to get your meds over the counter in Japan. And it’s not uncommon for your meds to be banned entirely even with a prescription. Bi-polar, anxiety, OCD, depression? Your meds might not be available here. Oh and having people send them over from home by mail can get you detained and deported if you’re caught.

You’ll also be leaving the support of friends and family by coming to Japan. The ALT community is pretty cool, but people come and go so quickly, it’s hard to find groups of people that will stick together through really tough spots.

Supervisors and coworkers aren’t much help either. In Japan, people don’t talk about mental health issues at all. If you take meds for anything other than a physical illness, you do it in private where people can’t see you. If you see a psychiatrist, you do it in a different prefecture, where no one can see you. It’s not uncommon for Japanese people to be asked to leave their jobs because their boss or coworkers have suspicions.

If you self medicate with something like marijuana, be aware that recreational drug use here is VERY VERY VERY illegal. Marijuana use is treated with the same seriousness as crack cocaine. You WILL be caught, you WILL be detained, you WILL be tried without a lawyer present, you WILL be held in solitary, you WILL be convicted of drug possession, and you WILL be deported.

Some ALTs will replace their marijuana use with alcohol. That goes about as well as it sounds :|

For LGBT, if you’re used to a very supportive queer community, it’s not the same here. Japanese people are extremely closeted and unless you live near a large metropolitan area, getting into the gay scene is nearly impossible. I’m fine because I was never in the gay scene back home, but for some people it’s very hard.

If you’re trans and want to come here to transition, please reconsider. I would suggest not coming to Japan as an ALT if you intend to transition in the immediate future. If your gender dysphoria is pretty bad, you’re gonna have a bad time. Gender segregation and enforcement of gender roles will probably seriously affect your mental health. The paperwork for transitioning is even harder from overseas and lot of things need to be done in person so you’ll have to fly back and forth from your home country a lot (which is damn expensive and needs vacation leave). Even if you do get everything done, there’s no telling how your work will respond. They won’t outright say they’re firing you for your gender identity, that’s illegal, they’ll come up with some other reason.

People who come here with a goal like paying off college loans or wanting to experience another culture usually have a better time that people who come here because OMG I JUST LOVE JAPAN. Please keep that in mind.


Halsey lyrics // aesthetic things

Rules for Alfred’s kitchen

- Master Bruce you are not allowed to cook under any circumstance.

- If I have not cleared you to use the kitchen please go straight to the take out menus in the left hand drawer.

- Science experiments are not to be done here. The Batcave is there for a reason. Please use it instead.

- I don’t want to find any of your weapons in here. If I do you will be on dish duty for a week per weapon.

- Jason may have full reign of the kitchen as I trust him to not blow it up

- Banned members from the kitchen now include Roy

- If you would like to learn to cook please just ask me. I promise it will be better then me finding my kitchen in a mess.

- If I catch you drinking straight out of any container you are on dish duty.

- Chemicals, especially those known to have poisons are not to come across the kitchen.

- If there is a food fight, I will check the cameras and all parties involved will be in trouble.

- I do not care if you are not a member of this household, I can still put you on dish duty for breaking my rules.

- Master Tim is now banned from the kitchen along with Master Dick.

                                                                         (based on this video)

  • dear boy… 
  • bogus! another one?
  • shows what you know, buckaroo! 
  • so when is this class over? 
  • did you just throw a sword at me? 
  • oh, you’re fine! i didn’t hit anything important! 
  • oh, honey, we gotta do something about that get-up! 
  • you’re a butt, you know that? 
  • i still don’t get why you’re so interested in a scrub like me, anyhow. 
  • go for it, big guy. 
  • oh honey, stop. 
  • well that was a thing. 
  • honestly, your people-skills could use some work. 
  • don’t you get in my face and threaten me like i’m some basic bitch! 
  • you want the truth, do you? in that case, hold onto your ass. 
  • be a good little dog and take to the collar and leash already. 
  • i put my heart in your hands and you squashed it like an eclair! 
  • i will kill you in the name of deliciousness! 
  • you perfect cinnamon roll…! 
  • hold onto your butts! 
  • good lord you’re rank! 
  • yaaas queen! 
  • not to sound all stalker-y, but could i get a hug? 
  • you’re a god among insects! of course you’re bored, the world’s an ant farm!
  • oh darn, you’re not in a coma. 
  • the worst thing ever! you don’t even know! 
  • wow, if i were a gigantic weeb, i’d probably be impressed by you. 
  • we don’t need you anymore, garbage-tier anime! you’re dead to me! 
  • boy, i’m a hooker for innuendo at inappropriate times!
  • now to watch the butt-hurt blossom. 
  • yeah, sorry. still a dude! 
  • oh, crap. why you gotta jam? 
  • you can’t hit me with detention, like a normal teacher? 
  • if i wanted a riddle, i’d eat a fortune cookie. ❞ 
  • how pedestrian. 
  • what door could he possibly want me to choose? 
  • oh my god! you’re so squishy! 
  • this game is stupid! 
  • bitch played me like a fiddle. 
  • what the holy hell is going on? 
  • stop interrupting my villain monologue! 
  • ideals, philosophy, art, culture. they live and die by the meme, an infection. 
  • come on, hit me with something out of left field. say you love me! 
  • oh, it’s a date, big guy! 
  • i wish i could quit you. 
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah no. 
  • such terrible pr. whole organization’s tits-up. 
  • get over yourself, slut. 
  • oh… his hands were so soft… 
  • yeah, i don’t get this either. pretty sure i died. 
13 Impressive Psychology Tricks that Will Make Your Life Easier

Originally posted by thelucidnation

Every human being is a unique universe, but psychologists who have a keen eye for details keep discovering new behavioral patterns that are believed to be rooted in our childhood and can be applied to everyone.

We decided to share these useful psychology tricks; maybe they will positively affect your communication skills and make your life easier in some way.

  1. If you have the feeling that someone is watching you, just yawn and look around. If someone is really stalking you, he will yawn too, since yawing is highly contagious.

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Damian Wayne: Over-Protective

Imagine having a sibling like relationship with Jason Todd and having met members of his family before but when you meet Robin you both instantly hit it off, much to Jason’s dismay.

Warnings: Swearing


It was unexpected bumping into Red Hood and trying to help him out a little since he’d saved your life. Considering you were only young and so willing to repay your debt he taught you some useful skills and found you to be entertaining company, especially after being brought back from the dead himself. It was nice to have someone so fun and carefree around and after running into him a few times he decided to keep an out for you, plus you learnt a few things from him.
It took you some time for a proper friendship to develop, but as a young child you soon realised something.
“You care about me.” You smiled up at the vigilante across from you.
No, I don’t.” Red Hood breathed, waiting by his motorcycle to drop you home since you’d decided to sneak out in search of adventure again.
“Yes you do, or else why would you be teaching me all this.” You justified proudly.
“I knew it! Thanks Jay!” Your joyful grin returning upon hearing no response from the vigilante and you were quick to wrap your arms around his waist in gratitude.
“Whatever kid, let’s go.” Jason replied nonchalantly, awkwardly patting your back signalling that you can let go now. You both hopped onto his motorcycle ready to go home.
“Hey - helmet now!” Red Hood ordered, noticing your lack of safety gear.
“You big softie.” You muttered under your breath, but apparently he heard you.
“What was that?!”
“You total badass.” Was your instant correction, voice raising an octave this time.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The vigilante responded, his tone holding a hint of amusement.

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Emergency Commissions OPEN - VA + Jingles

Hey guys. RecD here.

I’m in a really difficult situation right now; I’m out of food, money, and transportation for at least the next couple of days, and we’re not sure if things are going to hold out even that long. We can’t go out and grab goods until transportation comes in, so to tide us over, we’ll need to order in some food.

However, due to said lack of money, this is also kind of impossible. If you’d like to help me and my housemates order a pizza to buy us some time, I’m more than willing to do something in return using the skills I’ve built over the years doing UNDERSONG and the Sonic Heroes Musicals; namely, voiceover and jingle-writing commissions.

If you can help me out tonight, I can get your commissions done anytime between the next few hours to the next few days, depending on how many I get and how complex it is. If you can help out, even a bit, here are my rates.

Voice acting commissions are $5 for 100 words or less. My post popular voices are Papyrus, Sans, Waluigi, Sonic and Mario, but I am fully willing to give any character or voice type a try. Here’s a demo I was working at last year to give an example of my range and ability.

Jingles are $15 for 10 seconds or less, limited to four instruments and a drumline. add $5 for lyrics/vocals. Some of my specialties include…

Chiptune, especially useful for gamer YouTube channel/LPer intros.

Swing, for a classier feel to your product/work.

Electroswing, for a slightly more modern take on the old-fashioned:

Or straight-up Rock.

And, of course, I’ve got a lot of experience with vocal songs, as UNDERSONG shows. I’ve got an entire playlist of that here.

Some rates are negotiable depending on what you’re looking for, if you want to help but can’t afford this pricing.

If you’re interested, please PM me and discuss what you’d like. I reserve the right to refuse any commission that goes against my moral standards or personal viewpoints.

Thank you for your time reading this. If you cannot afford a commission but would like to help, please consider reblogging this post.

Why Use a Shop?

Something I’ve seen from time to time are sentiments along the lines of “Oh, I don’t need to meet a spirit through a shop because I actually know how to do spirit work.”

First off: statements that imply using a shop means something is wrong with your skills are inaccurate and might rub people the wrong way. So don’t do it. If it’s not your preference then that doesn’t mean people who do enjoy it are somehow less qualified than you to do spirit work. Perhaps check up on your ego there.

But using shops is a style of working, not a diving board for people who don’t want to do the work themselves.

1) Cooperative Spirit Work

Using shops can be a social activity compared to spirit work you might have done entirely on your own. You’re meeting spirits that have been verified by others and can share your thoughts on specific species that you now know others have met. I won’t go further into this point because it depends on whether or not you choose to integrate yourself, but there’s a large community aspect to working with spirits on the shop side.

2) Different conjurers bring different spirits

So we have three different shops run by three different conjurers: Nickel, Hobbs, and Noodle.

Nickel loves fire. Most of his offered spirits are related to fire in some way and he’s known for his skill with fire elementals. Hobbs, on the other hand, started his spirit work with the dead and progressed to working with the undead before stepping into living spirits. Noodle is an astrology fanatic and loves space spirits, and she always gives the astrological sign of her spirits.

You get a hellhound through all three conjurers. It’s the exact same species of hellhound from each, canis hellis. Although, in reality you have a big chance of getting completely different species from different conjurers with many types of spirits such as this, so keep in mind that there’s a way larger chance of there being huge differences between the spirits you’ll meet through different places.

The hellhound you meet through Nickel is a bit more fiery than any hellhound you’ve seen before. Since Nickel naturally draws in spirits from the hottest planes imaginable, this hellhound comes from a plane that is made of liquid fire and they are constantly burning as a result. They leave smoldering footprints and stink like a forge, but you find that this extra hot hellhound is exactly who you needed to meet.

When you go to Hobbs for a hellhound, this pup is well affiliated with the dead even if they are not a psychopomp themselves. Hobbs always draws in hellhounds who are associated with the dead in some way, so yours is one who was charged with watching over the lost dead. They’re almost cold compared to Nickel’s hellhound, but they’re an entirely different kind of protector and will sit with you on long, fearful nights when your spirit anxiety kicks in.

Lastly you go to Noodle. You stated that you wanted a protector just like with the previous two conjurers, and Noodle’s hellhound turns out to be a scorpio who is a little quiet but watches over you from the shadows. Everything Noodle conjures shows signs of her cosmic energy, and your pup is no different, gazing wistfully at the stars when you walk together at night. When you see the twinkling of the stars reflected in their eyes, you can almost feel the same cosmic radiance sparkling from somewhere deep within their energy.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you, too, are a skilled spirit worker and perform conjuring services for others? You’ve met plenty of canis hellis by yourself and even though they are definitely the same species as the ones met through shops, they are nothing alike because the conjurers’ own energies and affiliations had such drastic effects on their spirits.

I’d like to end this particular point with another couple examples: If you’re a fantastic artist and offer commissions… does that mean there’s no value in commissioning yet another artist? Once someone is pleased with their art results, do they feel that commissioning other artists to support them and see their unique style is below them? People only commission art because they suck at it themselves? Or say you’re proficient with tarot, does no one who can read tarot ever goes to others for readings? Is there no value to a service performed by someone else simply because you can also perform that service, especially when no two practitioners are identical?

3) Exclusives

Now we get to exclusives, the spirits who were discovered by someone in some way, are not something you will find any earthern mention of (so not mythological spirits, although perhaps a subspecies of one), and are essentially species that you will not find on your own. The common etiquette is to not approach these if someone is kind enough to share knowledge about them. There are many other posts detailing this etiquette so I won’t go into details.

When shops offer spirits like these, it’s their way of saying “Hey, so I don’t want others intruding on my work with these things I discovered, but I’m giving you a means of doing so through me if you would really like to meet them!”

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, the universe is endless and you will never come anywhere close to discovering everything out there. When people offer a way to meet their personal discoveries, it’s a wonderful opportunity to experience what others have found. The money charged in shops is already for a variety of purposes - the energy of the work, the vessel, shipping - but with exclusives, you’re also supporting someone’s personal spirit work and encouraging them to keep doing what they’re doing.

4) Getting into new areas

You do not have perfect skills with every type of spirit in existence. No one is good at everything and most people will have a few things they’re bad with, even if they desperately wish to work with those types of spirits.

Even if you’re not a beginner, shops are a good starting point for types of spirits who you have difficulties with. It could be that your energy doesn’t mesh with the species and you need a specific individual who happens to click with you, you have a bad rep among the species, you simply cannot find them or figure out why you are offending them, whatever. And if you work with those spirits fine but they’re not your natural talent, then it can be an amazing experience to meet one through someone who is incredibly skilled with them.

You may have worked with only one extreme side of spirits before, and now that you’re looking to move into a different area you have no idea where to start and would like the help from someone who is an expert in those spirits. This is also fine. There’s nothing wrong with not being proficient at everything in existence.

One last thing I’d like to cover: why should you pay for this service?

The fact is that no one is required to offer their skills for free. It takes a large amount of time, effort, and prior experience. Artists and tarot readers do not offer their services for free either, because being intangible does not mean you should receive work for free.


Because there’s just way too much salt out there sometimes.

♥ What’s the absolute best experience you’ve had in RP?
♦ What’s your favorite thing about RP, generally?
♚ Have you ever made any lasting friends through RP?
⚜ Have you ever met anyone from RP in real life?
✮ Do you think you’ve improved as a writer through roleplaying?
☄ Has roleplay positively affected your life in some ways?
☯ Tell us all about your favorite muse you’ve ever written and why they meant so much to you.
☼ Have you learned any new skills from being involved in RP (coding, editing, making GIFs, etc)?
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If you act kind towards us to make us happy, is that not itself a kind act? I'm a little confused on this. - T,,

Dark slid one of his fingers up towards his mouth, and glided one of his nails between the sharp curve of his teeth. In one swift bite, he cut away an unsightly side of his nail, making it smooth yet again and more neatly rounded. Hand swiping across his chest to rid of the saliva, he provided a grin.

“My manipulations go to a greater extent than some may believe. It is because of your happiness and trust that you remain, isn’t it? So, it is my duty to regard your happiness, or sadness, and maintain a healthy connection to insure that you do not go anywhere. I use my skills to give you what you think you want, perhaps what you think you need, and in return you feel a certain level of devotion, and for some, that I am owed something in return. The even exchange benefits me to the point that I am still followed, lovingly, and with a level of loyalty I would not have received had I not been nice… or… pretended, to be nice.”

Improving your writing

How to Improve your writing

So all of us roleplay here, but how many of you wish to truly improve your skills, gain a better style, learn and drive yourself to be better? I know that’s something I’ve always wanted to do no matter how well I write, I always strive to be better.

One thing to understand is that in roleplaying, there is no end. Even if you meet the end of a thread, it doesn’t end there. There is so much to realize. So in a sense, there is no goal in roleplaying, you are simply here to write and develop. Just like you develop as a person, you are developing your writing AND your character.

Another is to understand that you ARE your character. Let go of yourself, let go of everything you are and dive into your character. Become one with that person, see from there eyes. Don’t take the 3rd person point of view, standing above like god watching his children, join the heart and soul of your character .

How to Write

First and foremost, remember that role playing takes effort, time, and dedication. This shouldn’t, however, make writing any less fun!! But as writers, one thing we are all striving to do is improve, develop, and define our own writing style.

Let’s start with the basics. These are questions and comments you should think about when writing a post.

  • - The time frame. You need to know the date, it will determine what exactly happens to your character and what has happened before.
  • - The Season. This will determine what your character is wearing, what is going on around you, the environment and more.
  • - The Situation. What is going on that day? Is it changing your characters emotions? Could there be conflicts?
  • - The overall attitude. Your characters personality is going to shape how they look. If they are angry, it’s obvious they should appear that way. If they are happy, why are they happy? Write all this in.
  • - The appearance. People can’t read your mind, so state in some way what your character is wearing. How is their hair? Do they have anything odd about them that day?
  • - The Area. Again, people aren’t mind-readers. Describe the area you are in. Is it night or day? Is it wet? is it hot? this goes hand in hand with your season as well. 

Please, do not be afraid to get descriptive, get in there, place yourself there and let people see what you have. If you barely give the minimum what you see in your mind the other play can see completely differently.

Do not get this confused with having to write a lot. Word Count is not important. Your beginning post can be pretty lengthy  but do not let this intimidate you. If you give a good basis then the roleplay will become more enticing, allows a story to unfold and you will find yourself addicted to the scene.

Roleplaying Fluidity

So you have reach a point and you don’t know what to do, do you? How do you keep a thread liquidity moving so that you don’t feel stagnant and bored?

  1. Don’t linger in the same spot. This means that you want to reply to what a person has given you but also add a little more to the end. Always go with the Who, What, Where, When, and How. Maybe someone interrupts you? Maybe you move to a new spot and it makes your character think of something? Maybe you find the time is short and suddenly you are late. Always keep a thread moving in some way. This will help you move a thread on for many posts.
  2. Be Flexible. Allow for change, get into things you don’t expect. Don’t be firm on what you think will happen, roleplay is a fluid movement and if you don’t allow yourself to bend then you won’t get anywhere and the post can easily be killed.
  3. Don’t be a dictator. You are not going to control the other person’s character or decisions nor will they to you. Play your character how you see fit for the coming post. So maybe things will end there, or maybe something crazy will happen!
  4. Don’t focus on size. Word counts, the number of paragraphs, this doesn’t mean anything. What is most important is the fact that you give what you receive. If you give very little, do not expect much in return. This is where the effort comes into play. You want to give people something to work with. The more you give the more you receive! 
  5. Take a step in their shoes. Become your character. I can’t say this enough, get in their shoes, their body, their mind. Think of all those questions!!! There is so much that can happen within in a five minute period and you should touch base on it all.

I need the FEELS!

You see so many people writing these feelys threads and you want to do one too but you don’t know how?

Feels engulf everything. Happiness, passion, sadness, pain, hurt. These are just a few of those words that can touch on the feelings of people. So how do people cause others to feel such emotions. Like I’ve stated, you must BECOME your character.

Think about these questions. What is their heart saying? What is their mind saying? How do the feel? Are they scared? How are they showing they are scared? Why are they scared? What caused such fear?

These and more will help you develop the emotion and drive of a certain feeling. Dive into the questions, don’t be afraid to think of them and to really feel them.

Connect with your other readers/players. Let them KNOW how you feel. Metaphors and similes make for great ways to connect. Bring to view history that has caused these emotions. Don’t be afraid to get into the meat of the emotions. Just what is drawing out these feelings that could cause such a deep rooted emotion.

But how do I describe?

Description is a major part of the thread, and as I’ve stated above you need it. But just HOW do you describe? The best way to describe anything is to think of the five senses. Many would think this is obvious by thought, but in truth you have to active think on it, not just realize it.

  1. Sight: What are you seeing? What colors, people, trouble,s dangers. This makes up most of what is going on in the roleplay. If you don’t know the set up how can you reply? Set it up.
  2. Hearing: This is probably the second easiest way and usually always in the thread. What do you hear? Any conversations? Fighting? Crying? Is there a crash somewhere. What sounds are around so that someone else can react.
  3. Smell: This is one sense I rarely seen used unless it’s obvious. Think about what is around. The scent of the forest, the smells of the sea, is there food cooking or do you smell something rotten? This will help you better know the role play and what to expect.
  4. Touch: Touch is one that is obvious yet so unused. Just think about everything you touch, from what someone wears to the things around them such as grass and trees. Clothing, armor, there is so much to go about. Uses this sense will make you ‘feel’ it and become more connected to it.
  5. Taste: Taste is probably the hardest sense to try, but if you think about it, you do taste the world around you. It’s not just when eating, but you can also taste things like the dirt in the air, the taste of smog and the stenches. Smell and taste can go hand in hand as your nose is connected to your throat. Expect the detail of the taste.

Be sure to be descriptive, but not OVERLY descriptive. Don’t talk about a flip of your hair for three paragraphs, that’s outrageous. This is known as 'floof’.

Describe the meat, but don’t overcoat it with gravy.

Words, So many words! 

Sometimes words and word count can be intimidating. But the beautiful think about this site is there is no demands on how much or how little you can write. This is known as relative word count. You write what you want, but I think it would be respectful to also, like relative word count, to give what you received. This doesn’t mean match word for word, or match count for count. 

You should give the quality that you received.

First off, read the post. Don’t think about writing, just read it. Afterward, go back to the top and read the first paragraph and respond to that. Sometimes you can’t respond to the paragraph, and that’s okay. Sometimes when you respond to that paragraph you write two paragraphs. All that matters is that if you can respond, do it.

Ignore how long the post is. Like I said, count isn’t important, its the quality.

When writing, try not to reuse words over and over. Try to expand on them. The thesaurus is a wonderful tool for this. Connect with your audience as well as bring in things they may know. 

However, be aware of the word, use the dictionary as well. There is nothing wrong with the word said! or fingers, or anything like that. The theasaurus is a great way to find a variety in a word but you also need to be aware of what that word means. Just because two words are synonoms doesn’t mean they will mean the same thing in your sentence. Don’t be afraid to research up words and expand your plane of knowledge. This is what makes you go from good to excellent.

 This is where metaphors and similes are so useful. This allows you to write something that may not actually be in the time period but not expressly state in character. 

Being Pro-active, not Re-active.


Awesome! But remember, when you a replying to a thread, you don’t want to just reactive. This style is bad form, being just a reactionary type person. This will definitely kill your thread, causing people to just stare and go 'nope’ cause they have no real reason to reaction.

So what I mean by proactive. You need to actively engage the thread. React to what happens, but push it forward as well. Like I’ve stated above, there are things you should do and reply to, but always give a little nudge at the end of the post.

Now, as it is, I do not mean 'shove’ the thread. This can always kill a thread, sending something so off the wall people are just going to go 'WTF?’.

Don’t be afraid to close the thread if you think its done. You can always start a new thread, a new plotline and more. Some threads can last for only five post, others for twenty, and even more. The joy of roleplaying is you never know what will happen! You don’t have to involve everything in the one thread, so simple react how you need to and move on.

Moments an ENFP experiences as intense and how they experience them

You never really just exist. You’re always doing more than that, usually feeling it strongly too. Since Ne is a percieving function, the experience and emotions you get from doing what you love is what drives you. Doing something fun, where you get to use your first functions, feels challenging and energizing at the same time. And if it’s something creative, something you get to put your skills into, something that makes you feel so very much alive, you’re happily content with your life. That is probably one of the best things for an ENFP. The emotional experience they’ll get from something.

Holding onto the person you love after being apart for a long time, never wanting to let go. Feeling safe inside their arms, certain that they love you back just as much as you love them. If that’s even possible.

Whenever you see someone being wronged, someone doing something that goes against your Fi value system of what’s right and wrong and are hurting others. The urge to stand up for the little guy is strong. (note: ENFPs are usually very open to most things as a Ne-dom, however crossing their Fi is the one thing they’ll never tolerate).

Having a crush. Looking forward to seing them, hoping you’ll see them, getting to act cute around them. Trying to match their schedule so you’ll “casually” bump into them every time, having a super tuned-in radar picking up everything they’re saying even from across the room (and then using that inferior Si to actually remember something). Trying to figure out who they are, what their passion is, what they love. What makes them who they are, which events in their live made them become such a wonderful person. Love almost becomes a mystery, and you’re determined to solve it.

And then - of course - the terrible feeling if they don’t love you back. If the crush was strong and lasted for a while, you’ll spend a night or two crying yourself to sleep, trying to cope. After all the crying, you’re kinda cryed out, and that’s how you move on. Since you never really were together (only in your dreams which you wanted so hard to become true), you never got to develop strong feelings for them and therefore it’s not the end of the world.

But having to call it quits with someone you really loved, deeply too, that’s killing you. I f the relationship was very serios you may not date again druing the next years to come, and you may feel like it’s the end of everything. But you’ll cope, and one day you’ll find someone you loved just as much. Because the person you last loved will always be the person you loved strongest. However, unlike some other MBTI types, you never really stop loving the ones you left behind and they remain in your heart until death.