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I was such an uneventful child that my parents literally tried to pin every single one of my movements down so they could try and see if i was into any bad shit. like, one time when i was 14, my mom and i went to go buy some clothes and when we got home she went to throw them all in the wash and she found like 20 price tags in the back pocket. they pulled me aside and honestly thought i shoplifted all of that. they were so angry and adamant i did it i had to remind them i was 1) 14 and couldn’t drive which leads to 2) you think that my mother would have noticed my bringing out a cartload of unpaid clothing. 

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I know there are terrible jokes and faults in Age of ultron and not really good writing but I don't ignore it or act like it doesn't exist. Most of the flaws and faults belong to Joss. But there is hundreds of people who give their best to movie.

still a shitty movie tho :/

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So I was looking through your art (which is great, by the way. RWBY Toriel is the first thing I saw), and then suddenly there's this super adorable face just looking at me. You need to have, like, warnings. Or something. The ungodly levels of cuteness could have killed someone! Oh, this is an ask. Right... Uhm... How is your day going?

Glad to hear you like my art! :D And I’m having a very lovely n’ lazy indoors day thanks (^w^) – (Idk what face you’re talking about though - was it the RWBYtale Frisk picture???)


Behind Her Mask.

A Fire Emblem, Awakening Comic. Final Chapter, END (5/5)

Well… here it is. The end. Or perhaps the beginning? In any case, this is the story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since I started this project about a year ago…and ever since I experienced the game’s story and characters firsthand.

For those who have been reading it since– or those who just hopped on and plan to read the entire story from beginning to end– thank you, Thank You deeply and sincerely for joining me along this ride. It’s the most dedicated I’ve been to a single fan-project– 107 pages total, 48 on this chapter alone.

I genuinely hope it was enjoyable for you as well. :)

Feedback, if any, is appreciated! In meantime, excuse me as I can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Thank you!

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BOOM. my half of the collab with the super talented @h-otokichan!! her half is here :D we agreed on various ‘draw ur otp’ scenes and she did the sketch for this, i lined/coloured it! and let me just say. her art style is really freaking gorgeous. it was a ton of fun to work with her, and WE AGREED. jason is tulio, percy is miguel in this scenario.

not pictured: leo dressed up like chel while both percy/jason look mildly horrified at the, uh, amount of skin on display.


the saddest point in my life that i can remember is probably about a year and a half ago. this was the point in my life that i was really really struggling with my sexuality. i was really struggling with my identity and who i was and it was eating me alive.

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oh my god the way you portray Luffy in your delinquent AU is so amazing. he's so badass and kinda scary in a cute and innocent way!

I haven’t been able to work on it in so long because of school pffhaha. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though! Alright, I gotta study for my econ test now

AU stuff