but OTP!!!

honestly where’s my Beer Snob Bitty content???? like i know he contradicts traditional southern masculinity in a lot of ways but he’s still grown in georgia, u KNOW coach handed him a cold one on his 13th birthday as a welcome to the big boys club. u KNOW he grew up picking coronas out of a trash can full of ice at family barbecues. u KNOW pretty much every social event he went to post-middle-school was a bonfire behind somebody’s house where a bunch of guys backed their trucks up to the fire so u could sit on the tailgates and someone’s older brother got talked into buying a 24-pack of the cheapest thing at the gas station and u burped and threw wooden pallets on the fire till every can was empty. and from what i can tell in canon, he definitely won’t turn down even the shittiest of frat party beer.
when i started this post i thought i’d be talking about craft-beer, $15-6-pack bitty, but it actually makes more sense this way: jack “i don’t drink much” zimmermann, Microbrewery Hipster, despairing over the fact that he cannot get bitty to drink anything fancier than Miller lite Thank U


It’s like Dean and Cas are looking for a house to live in but Dean being a momma’s boy brought Mary with him so that she could approve of this place too. 

And clearly Cas is not amused.