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Selena was super nervous after receiving news that she had been offered a role in a movie with no audition because she wasn’t sure that she was ready to go back. After being home with the kids for so long she had adjusted to the no work life, stay at home mom life. However, she knew that it’d be a good idea to get back out there and was now seriously considering it. Eden and Eva had been in bed for awhile now and Selena walks out of the nursery to search for Nick. She looks around the upstairs until she finds him and smiles softly, walking into the room. “Hey, babe..all the kids are officially asleep.” She tells him and sits down, crossing her arms over her chest a little bit. She doesn’t know why, but she’s a little nervous talking about this.

It’s almost five months. It will be at the end of the month. But I never took a before selfie in sports clothing. I’m not sure I could actually GET into any of my workout gear then. But here we are this morning for comparison. My tummy today looks bloated as I’m still getting over the bout of gastroenteritis I just had. But it looks better huh. The work is paying off. Looking forward to the official five months progress now 💪🏻👌🏻✌🏻️👊🏻👍🏻🎉

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hey there friendos

well…hnngg…im sorry to say that im not fully back, wish i was but its not possible. today i was lazing around with nothing to do and i ended up watching some stimmy videos on youtube about making victorian candy and thought “golly gee these sure would go nice on ma humble blog…..my..MY BLOG!!!” its not that i’ve forgotten about this, but my much-needed break from tumblr had kinda…put it out of my immediate memory. so i’ll do a lil work on it today, but i can’t officially say im back until at least new years. (thats when sherlock season 4 airs and i will need to get all the latest theories on tumblr, and right now my dash is littered with spoilers so i dont wanna look at it anyways), most likely i’ll only be 100% active again by the summer. as for an update on my situation, i’ve… deteriorated. i mean im not dying (at least i hope not, guess ill find out for certain on wednesday but its unlikely) but things have definitely taken a turn for the worse. im very weak, spending most of my time out of school lying on my couch, i’ve developed chronic pain in my back and neck from my tourettes syndrome and anemia, my adhd has in turn gotten worse because of this and i’ve basically lost my appetite therefore losing weight. which makes the situation worse. again. i really shouldn’t be complaining, its not the end of the world and im not going to die (there is something funky going on with my side but its unlikely that its anything deadly) im basically just trying to say that i dont need anymore negativity in my life than there already is, and although tumblr is full of some lovely little beans it is also full of some negative little beans and i dont need that in my life right now. i also just…cant handle the distraction that is the internet. its quite the love/hate relationship. anyways that was one huge tangent, i originally just wanted to say hey there friendos, i miss you all, please accept a friendly (electronic) hug from me, and hello to the 2.5 new followers i gained since i went on hiatus, sorry for not being active. 

A note of thanks

Thank you to those of you who continue to visit my tumblr. Your support, attention and trust in my posts and opinions has always been greatly appreciated (and somewhat baffling)!

While I am still very much a Hooligan, I chose to step away from being an active contributor in the fan community. As some may have noticed, original content (and eventually reblogged posts) had been tapering off over the past couple of years. Just as Bruno started 24K Magic promotions, I decided that it would be best to completely step out.

Blogging was something I enjoyed as a hobby, especially as it was my own way to promote Bruno’s outstanding work. However, there are other commitments in my life now that must take priority - and this is something I am very happy with! I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I thought it’d be fair to give this statement as an official sign off. I’ll pop in and out every so often but obviously I won’t be doing the same things as before. Thank you to you wonderful people who still check in and/or send messages. Sorry for not being able to continue!

I had a great time on here sharing my love of Bruno with you all. I am very proud of the blog I’ve built and cherish the memories we had together as a fanbase. The blog won’t be deleted, but everything will simply remain as it is. Think of it as perhaps a time capsule of the pre, during and post Unorthodox Jukebox era in Bruno Mars’ inevitably long and successful career.

Sincerely wishing you all the very best. Continue to respect the artist and above all else, each other. 


RhapsodyInColour xxx

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anonymous asked:

So..where do we go from here? Genuinely asking because I don't know. There HAVE to be repercussions, right? Can they really just sweep all of this under the rug?

Democrats and some republicans, like Lindsey graham and Marco Rubio (yeah really) are all for investigating this matter, which is a good start.

But democratic leaders really need to be more aggressive and speak more loudly on this, coz we can’t really count on republicans to act forcefully on this. If it was the other way, Jason chaffetz and trey gowdy and Paul ryan and Mitch McConnell will be conducting for congressional hearings and investigations RIGHT NOW, instead of going on break.

The only one speaking strongly, to the point of calling an investigation on James Comey, is Harry Reid, but Harry Reid is officially retired.

But as far as it changing the results of the elections, I’m not sure. The most obvious is with this latest information, electoral college have the moral and even some argue constitutional obligation to not cast their vote for Trump on dec. 19.

Lawsuits can be filed to challenge the results of the elections, maybe? But given the time constraints, 40 days until inauguration, a lawsuit won’t be quickly settled.

The most we can do is 1.) prevent Russia from further interfering in American democracy and 2.) not allow what happened in this elections to happen next time.

The only way to do that is to have a full investigation on the Russian hack and to audit the vote (not just recount), and not let trump continue to compromise and weaken our institutions. As you can see, it requires democratic leadership and citizens to act now and speak up loudly. The only way we can stop trump and Putin is to put up a strong resistance, not wait and see first what they’ll do or think they will act in good faith on “common ground” issues. Bernie and al gore already fell flat on their faces thinking they can do that and trump will take them seriously.

Entry #30

Sorry for the break. I’ve been taking some time to myself.

Robert is officially dating the new guy. I saw it on Facebook. I could be a lot more upset than I am, but we didn’t date for very long. I’m not totally fine now, but I can be happy for him. I wasn’t in love or anything.

Wirt is single. And I’m still single. And we haven’t done anything. We’re friends again, just doing normal friend things. I think I still have a thing for him. I don’t know. I’m sure it won’t go anywhere. I’ll just let it die on its own.

I talked to Wendy. She was really sympathetic. She’s done worse things than kissing someone while dating someone else, so she was hard on me but not terrible hard. She told me to go for it with Wirt, but I don’t know. That would be a pretty big step. I’ll just stick to friends for now.

The wedding planning is going really well. Stan is pretending not to care, but he’s actually doing a lot of the planning. I know he’s really happy for his brother. I can’t wait for the wedding. Ford and McGucket are cute, in a gross grandpa way. I’m really happy for them.

I wish I had what they have.


Krista stared at herself in the mirror, why she’d even bothered trying the oversized clothing on was beyond her. It was obviously not hers, but she’d been curious by the small bit of scent that lingered among the dry cleaning chemicals. It was wolf, possibly Alpha, and her curiosity was officially peaked. 

She quickly changed into her own pair of clothing, placing the others neatly back into the dry cleaning bag and glancing at the tag. She could probably bring it back to the cleaners, but they were closed for the weekend by now and well she wasn’t sure how important it was for the owner of these to have them back. 

So it was decided, she would track him down and make sure that he got his clothes. She just had to figure out where he was first.

im gonna keep on making college au! posts because i practically live at college now :-)

[i still have one more project to turn in but consider me off hiatus because thats nothing compared to all the stuff i had to do until yesterday]

Victor’s Thought Process and his Decision to become Yuuri’s Coach

So I’m sure a bunch of people have talked about this by now but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. We can now clearly see Victor’s mental journey when it comes to his decision to be Yuuri’s coach and that, unlike what we had previously thought, it was never just based on a whim in the first place.

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終わりのセラフ Episode 1 ✩ “…Hey, that must’ve been hard. But starting today, we are your family.”

Okay but what if...

Instead of the post-GPF banquet this year, they turn it into an impromptu wedding for Victor and Yuuri? Would that not be the most fitting place for them to get married? At the same party where they first met? Thanks to Yuuri, I’m sure the banquet is expected to get a little rowdy unlike previous years, where it’s been nothing but stuffy and boring. Now, even if the competition is fierce, they’re all friends. Chris breaks out his stripper pole, Phichit brings the champagne, Yurio sits in a corner with Otabek and refuses to leave in fear of being challenged into another drunk dance-off. Victor and Yuuri dance the night away and then Minako grabs a microphone so she can gather everyone in a circle around Victor and Yuuri to officiate the wedding. She then hands it to the two lovebirds so they can say their vows. Victor starts telling Yuuri how much he loves him and how he’s found his true home and happiness through Yuuri and Yuuri, with a bit of alcohol already in his system, can’t stop the tears from streaming down his face. Victor hands Yuuri the microphone for his vows and he has trouble forming a coherent thought for the first few minutes. Eventually he just tells Victor how happy he is that he came into his life and showed him what real love is. He says he hopes they never stop skating together. Minako grabs the microphone back from Yuuri and pronounces them married. They kiss and everyone’s hooting and hollering. Phichit takes a million photos and blurry selfies and they all dance until they can’t feel their legs.

Day 12 of the Pokemon x Halloween Illustration Series!


Chandelure’s design is really fun but for today’s piece I decided to give him some extra flare.  He’s now 100% more dapper and I hope you enjoy the flames I painted up sa well.  Not sure if they look like crystals or flames but it felt like the right way to go about it~ 


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What time is it??? Time for me to go into detail about something that is so pointless but i’m gonna talk about it religiously. Todays topic: Tsukkiyama phones/dogs 

I’m sure you all remember this legendary photo of Yamaguchi taking a picture of the dog. This is what built everyones belief of Yama being a dog lover. 

Now you see that phone. Seeing it the first time i always thought it was a flip phone. Now i’m not so sure. Because look at this. 

Recent official art of Yamaguchi with an Iphone. NOT TO MENTION LOOK AT THE DOG STICKER ON IT. But what we all can agree on is the phone in the first and second photo are completely different. 

Now here is a manga cap of Tsukki with an iphone. So what does this mean?? Is Yamaguchi listening on Tsukishima’s phone?? or did he just buy a new phone?

and if it is Tsukishima’s phone who put the sticker on it?? I’d like to think Yama.

one last question: why do i even care about this??? i honestly just.. i dont’ know i’m sorry 


Shut Up and Dance With Me has officially begun!
It exists now and @wittyy-name and I are super hyped to work through this project! As the fic continues to update, I may or may not draw more pictures for previous chapters in the fic, but I’ll make sure to let you know when/if I do such a thing. 

>>Read the first chapter here!<<
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Koei Tecmo has officially announced the content coming in Hyrule Warriors Legends’ last batch of DLC: Including the new fighters Ravio and Yuga from A Link Between Worlds! Ravio’s weapon is listed as a hammer, but the description tells us that he’ll be using a wide variety of weapons from the game. Yuga will use frames and his magic paintbrush to attack.

The DLC also comes with the standard assortment of adventure map, costumes, and My Fairy gear. We don’t know an exact release date right now, but we’ll update as soon as we know for sure.