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Hanayo and maki are two gonna volunteer at the Otonoki Daycare? To see tomato princess and cutest cat  @ask-otonokids

Hanayo: Unfortunately, we’re sort of busy right now. But, we’re able to visit and play with them for a bit! They’re always great to play with!

Maki: … Sometimes

These babies are from @ask-otonokids! Go send in asks to the little kids over there! It’s a Good and Pure blog with A++ content all the time! And the Mod’s a cool person too ;3c

my feelings for sourin :((

ever since free eternal summer, we kind of get the feeling that Sousuke just wants Rin to look at him they way Rin looks at Haru, that’s established. after watching the free starting days movie, though, you can see that this has happened even before, from teh start. it’s like, rin is sousuke’s best friend (and love of his life ok) but to rin, he’s just a friend. and sousuke knows that. the letter was a real stab in the heart, but to make that happen for years after that… is heart-wrenching. 

it gives a whole new depth for what happened in free season 2, with all their confrontation scenes.

bottomline, sousuke has been left behind all this time, so i’m just glad in season 2 rin was finally able to see sousuke. (bottomline, too, THEY’RE CANON ENDGAME SOURIN FOR THE WIN) but also makoharuu omg :>


//sobs// I don’t even know if I did this right…But I really wanted to submit something for @sourinsummerfest !! And even though this prompt was for last week, here’s “At The Beach” with a guest appearance of Makoto! ;<;)b Love these gaybies so much! (Also kinda nervous since I’m pretty new to the Sourin ship. ;v;)  

Happy Sourin Summer Fest!!!