but LOOK


I absolutely adore my latest commission (and belated birthday gift to myself) drawn by the amazingly talented @starrycove/ @shalalalalura! I asked for Shallura in formal wear as I was inspired by their Protect AU and wanted to see my beautiful babes as the ridiculously good-looking power couple that they are. The finished result is just incredible! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!!!

highlights from the 1st deh broadway.com vlog

will roland & michael park hanging out and getting that #merch #promo

this image of laura dreyfuss

“hey! check out this cool door!” -will roland, 2k17

tim!!!! the doorman!!! – people who don’t stan tim don’t interact –

fanart!!! fanart!! fanart!

will opening so much bowling-themed gifts ashgdklag i love… whoever made this thank you

!!!! here’s to week 2!