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I'm crying so much right now I'm so proud that Dan is that happy and confident in himself right now to actually basically say fuck it and paint his nails IM SO SHOOK I love Dan and Phil so much I'm so damn proud oh god I needed this today bless

dan’s come such a long way, he’s practically radiating confidence and i couldn’t be any happier for him

What’s in the box? Part 2

Ichigo: *looking up from his paperwork at Kazui enters the clinic*

Ichigo: What’cha got there, Kazui?

Kazui: *positively beaming up at his father*

Kazui: A present for you and Mommy!

Ichigo: *setting aside his pen and getting up from his chair*

Ichigo: Oh? Who’s it from?

Kazui: *proudly*

Kazui: Mr. Urahara!

Ichigo: *freezes*

Kazui: Don’t worry, Daddy! I told Mr. Urahara what you told me about getting pishikus…nishpeshus…ummm…

Orihime: *entering the room with a box of supplies and says in an ‘I-don’t-know-what-you-two-are-talking-about-but-I-know-what-word-you’re-trying-to-say’ tone*

Orihime: Suspicious.

Kazui: *grinning gratefully at his mother*

Kazui: That’s it! I told him about how you didn’t want me accepting suspicious gifts from him. But it’s not for me, it’s for you and Mommy and it’s looks so pretty!

Kazui: *smiles fondly at both his parents as he holds out the package and expecting them to take it*

Orihime: *sets her own box down, turns to see the brightly colored package, has no idea what is going on and gives her son a huge smile*

Orihime: Why, Kazui? What is that for?

Kazui: It’s a present for you and Daddy from Mr. Urahara!

Orihime: *her smile begins to look rather forced as she slowly looks over at her husband, who still hasn’t moved a muscle*

Kazui: *his smile begins to fade as he looks back and forth between his parents, sensing both their anxiety*

Kazui: Did I do something wrong?


Correa: But today, it’s you I want to get~

Satoshi: Me?

Pikachu: Pika?

Alan: What is this about?!

Correa: Director’s orders.

Alan: …

Satoshi (to Alan): Do you know these guys?!
Hey, Alan!

Correa: Oh, of course he does. We are like colleagues.

Satoshi: The people who were after Puni-chan and Alan are…?
What does this mean?! Alan!

Correa: Right, right! Alan… That child* is under my(/our) men’s protection. Come with me. Director’s orders.

Satoshi: Alan! Don’t believe what that woman’s saying!

*ALRIGHT, unless I’m missing something, it’s a bit confusing: Satoshi, Manon or Hari-san?

Correa just told them she’s here for Satoshi, but she also just cut them short when they were trying to reach Manon (and were stopped by roots). Correa says [ano ko] here, which sounds a biiiiiit weird for Satoshi (could have been [kono shonen], for example) AND is expressing distance, so… really, “that child”, not “this child”. In the meantime, we saw that a grunt was trying to get “Manon-sama” because Fleurdelys had ordered it (before she was helped by Platane), so… I really think that the idea was indeed to implicitly threaten Alan with Manon? When he was already frozen in shock as soon as the “director” was mentioned.