but I'm gonna stop now

So Apparentl I should try messaging people while drunk

Idk what I’m doing but teen titans is fear I called God a bumble bee and im thanking God for auto correct of shit would be so messed up right now

Please donts room while drunk that shit is so tripps and my eyes rent keeping up there is a taking dog on TV who I think is an alien woah wtf
My hen again beast boy turned into a cockatoo wearly so no recent surprises

Why am I even on tumbkr right now


Happy Birthday Osric Chau! :)

I honestly wish I had the pleasure of truly knowing this adorable ray of sunshine! He is super talented, as both an actor and a singer, and I hope I get good enough to work with him in the future :) Happy 29th birthday, Osric! Hope it’s an awesome one, and that you have many more that are even better :)

  • Me:*tries to write*
  • Me:*writes two paragraphs*
  • Me:fRICK
  • Me:*goes back to watching cartoons*

Honestly, i was having a great time on tumblr with shizaya feels…

then someone had to ruin it with varona hate… 

srsly why. why hate on varona. no really. why……………………

good grief I’m still watching just in case and I can’t deal with the way that… It’s like written for the most ignorant of cis people and I just don’t know how to sit here and listen to this like. Being talked 2 like I’m an ignorant cis who doesn’t know anything about trans anything when here I am trans and gay and here to stay.

No gender was found but wants to get down

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Blame downtoncottage (can I hyperlink that? WHAT IS HAPPENING??) but here I am. On tumblr. So hi.

I love Downton Abbey. In particular, I love our silly beggars the Bateses (and their child/ren that Fellowes will of course bless us with). Banna, and of course the actual angel that is Joanne Froggatt.

I have been lurking on the Banna side of tumblr for a good six months. I squealed silently when the ‘is that a bump?’ photoshop thing that happened, I read far too much fanfiction than is healthy (I’ve been reading for over a year whoops) and I totally think that the adjustment of Anna’s coat button means something. (wishful thinking? Surely we’re entitled to some of that after 5 series of prisons and whatnot.)

Kimmy (downtoncottage) gave me the final kick to get a tumblr. Probably because she’s sick of me snapchatting her tumblr posts because I couldn’t reblog them. Thanks Kimmy and goodbye good grades.

The internet is worrying, right? I feel like I know you all already. But you don’t know me so hello there, I’m Natasha and I have an unhealthy obsession with Downton Abbey. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.