but I'm busy with school rn

I tried ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  and I know they’ll be great moms~

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hi!! i want to get into nct bc i've been seeing your (beautiful) gifs around tumblr and i was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on videos to watch to get into them?? i know they have nct life but i was wondering if there were any shorter vids to start off with ;;; i'm just a lil busy atm so idk if i can afford to watch longer vids asdfghkl if this is too specific, then pls feel free to ignore >< thank you so much!! hope you guys are doing well ^^

hello and of course we’re happy to help!!! for the most part, all of these videos should be around 5-10 minutes or are even shorter~ hopefully these help:

good luck with everything and hopefully you won’t stay too busy for long ;; have fun watching these videos when you find the time!! 

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Are you going to Animecon this month? (It's in the same place as Pyrkon is every year)

you mean the polish con?? it’s a lil too far away from where I live so I’d need to stay there for two days and……. rn I’m really busy with school and stuff, so nah, I ain’t going to this one :0

(I might go to Falkon in november tho! 👀)

me: *too busy to join any rps. has long days at college every week. already stressing about exams. running weeks behind on school work* i cannot and should not join any rps rn. just sticking to my 1x1s and my rph. i cannot handle any more stuff rn.

new rp: *looking hella perfect beautiful wonderful original and alluring w some amazing skeletons* hELLO THERE!!

me: pls… send help… lock me up. chain me. talk this out of me head.

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Hey! I know you're busy and probably already answered something like this, but I was wondering what are your current fave fics? (Feel free to ignore!)

ahh, I haven’t been able to read much because school and work but I’ve really enjoyed:

orange tulips by @kainks

devil’s sonata by @sugajpg

merlot murders (this is including both oneshots and the drabble she has!) by @cosykims

blue orchids by @inktae

paper hearts by @taechubs

myosotis by @jeonesque

painting the meadow’s void by @jungblue