but I would have liked to have known that from the get-go


Prompt: “Your home is a wreck… you could’ve at least cleaned the bathroom.” “Had I known I was going to have guests at three o’clock in the morning, I’m sure I would’ve.” with Dean
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Warnings: blood, mention of bar fight.

Authors note: This is really short but I’m hella tired and I have class in the morning but I wanted to get something out tonight! I changed the prompt a little but I promise you’ll like it!

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There is a 9-year-old out there named Will who, like many of us, is obsessed with the musical Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda. He followed my tweets from the ALA Hamilbrarian listening party. He can spit out of all “Satisfied” with feeling and precision (I’ve seen the video). He falls asleep reading The Duel and has been known to call his mother “best of moms and best of women.”

So when his awesome mom saw my Hamiltines  she knew Will would love them. Then Will decided to go the extra mile. In his words:

“I really want to do Hamiltines. I know most people won’t have any idea what they mean. That’s why I am going to write an explanation to go on the back of them. Then they’ll have some idea. I don’t really care if they still don’t get it. I will have done my part." 

He wrote the explanations, which his mom typed up for him. Then they made these wrappers for candy bars to give out along with the Hamiltines. He asked his mom to point out to me how he matched the ribbon on the Jefferson one to Jefferson’s outfit. 

I think you would agree that Will is a fairly extraordinary kid. He doesn’t know it yet, but next week he and his mom are going to fly across the country to New York City (the greatest city in the world…) to see Hamilton. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 

I wish I had known about Toothiana when I was a little girl.  She would have brought me a lot of hope and courage.  I wish I had known about the sword wielding Tooth Fairy of Indian descent whose wings were like a jewel encrusted hawk’s.  I wish I had known about this amazing heroine who is fiercely loyal to her parents even though they are lost to her, who prefers the company of children to anyone else, who chooses mercy over hatred even though it burns.  These days I try to be like Katherine: quiet, thoughtful and wise, but in my heart there is still a little girl who thinks Toothiana is just about as good as it gets, a little girl who says “I want to be just like her.”

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In an a where everybody's a highschool student do you have headcanons for what everyone (m/f ss, companions (lets just say the nonhuman ones are human here) + maxson, and maybe a couple of your other personal fave npcs) would be like?

I had this idea that they are all totally different but they are also all best friends that sit at the same lunch table and are friends outside of school, most of them have known each other since grade school and others have just joined in, also they are all seniors obviously. I really enjoyed writing this and I’m really considering writing a neat little fanfiction about this, thank you friend.

I also added dogmeat, codsworth as a human, stong as a human, sturges for a redneck character, and cricket as an extra female because 3 wasn’t enough.

Cait; She’s the foreign exchange student from Ireland that can’t get over how stupid Americans can be. She’s known around school for going to every party, getting plastered, and sleeping around, but anytime she’s asked about it she threatens to “beat their ass.” She usually walks to school, she likes to listen to music while she does and she always just wears jeans and too tight tank tops with way too many bracelets on her wrist, she also has her navel pierced and shows it to literally everyone.

Codsworth; He’s very wealthy as the son of a British diplomat and he’s a major nerd. He has managed to hack into the school computers and intercoms on several occasions, but because he’s so kind and gentle no one really notices his mischief. He’s very classy and proper and he’s a total germaphobe that cannot stand being hugged but he does cry a lot. He’s always wants things his way but he will do anything for his friends and always pays for everything. He doesn’t drive, he is picked up by a driver for his father, although he can’t stand it because it makes him feel like a child.

Curie; She’s the artistic one, always attending art events and having her art displayed on the halls. She always wears cute little dresses with little pockets on them and always gets annoyed when bigger guys (like Maxson) throw her over their shoulder because she’s so tiny. She also hates being made fun of for her little French accent that she has from living in Paris until she was 13. She drives a cute little cruiser bike that is green with purple flower decals, and she insists on wearing a little pink helmet.

Danse; He is a football player, He’s the super hot guy that everybody wants but he’s too shy and will never make a move himself. His parents are wealthy and he dresses very nicely and drives a Cadillac Escalade. In the football team he is tight end and although he is popular he tends to just be a listener and not much of a talker. All he cares about is the football team and getting into a good college so he can make his parents proud.

Deacon; He’s constantly getting in trouble for acting up and being put in detention. His favorite class is woodshop, He’s super loud and flirtatious, and he likes to brag about getting head in his car after school every day by Curie but everyone knows he’s full of shit. He drives a Honda Civic and he always wears a different beanie every day, and he goes around the school telling everyone reasons why aliens do exist.

Dogmeat; He’s the schools mascot and everyone loves him very much.

Hancock; He’s the school drug dealer, he typically wears a Baja jacket and he never cuts his hair. He skips school way too much and is a sarcastic asshole to every teacher. He seems to have a new girlfriend every week and he drives a junky ford crown Vic covered in stickers with fast food bags filling the back seat. He always says that he wants to drop out because school is making him too soft but he always comes back.

Maccready; He’s the motorcycle driving, stoner, that flirts on everyone but never seems to be in a relationship. He likes gym class because he’s a pretty athletic guy and also because he can walk out whenever he wants to smoke a cigarette.He knocked up a girl freshman year but doesn’t see the kid much because he lives a few towns away. 90% of his wardrobe is slayer t-shirts and converse, he also has a nostril and septum piercing and stretched ears and before he was even 18 he already had 4 tattoos. He drives a Harley shadow and almost always refuses to wear a helmet. He’s actually a total dweeb and loves comic books but he doesn’t want anyone to know that.

Maxson; He’s the school Quarterback and he’s cocky about it. He’s also overly confident because he has 4000 followers on Instagram and has fucked every single cheerleader. He wears pretty expensive clothes but they’re always black and he has a weird chain wallet and a large silver watch. He drives a black 90’ Camaro, nobody says anything out of line to him because they know that he will beat their ass for absolutely nothing because his awful temper, and he hates relationships because he won’t be tied down. He acts much softer around those that are his friends though.

Nick; He’s obsessed with theatre, and pretty much everyone assumes he is gay, which may or may not be true. He dresses nice, always wearing khakis and button ups, and to everyone’s surprise he always carries a pack of menthols in his shirt pocket. He never shuts up about his obsession with sherlock, and Benedict cumberbatch, and he drives a champagne Toyota fj cruiser.

Piper; She’s the writer from the school paper, you can usually find her hanging out in the library. There’s been a rumor that she is a lesbian since Jr high but because she is too busy for a relationship, no one really knows. She’s a waitress at a little vegan diner so she usually leaves school early so she can provide for her sister. She drives a sky blue pinto with coexist and vegan stickers on the back and it has a stack of worn books in the backseat with a laptop buckled in in the passenger seat. She always wears long flowy skirts and headbands with big bottlecap glasses but she hates being called a hippy.

Preston; He’s a straight A student and he’s in the student council. He’s pretty stuck up, always refusing to drink or smoke, so he just sits around watching everyone else. He is in JROTC as the core commander and takes it very seriously. He drives A green 80’s Jeep Wrangler and wears a boonie hat while driving. He always wears polos and cargo shorts and although he’s a prude everyone Love’s him because he’s a really nice guy.

Strong; He’s big and a little slow he’s been held back a few times so he’s older than the other students and he’s pretty much a bully. He’s always throwing kids in dumpsters and torturing freshmen. He always wears crappy cut off t-shirts and he laughs at his own mean jokes too much. He rides the bus because he’s too broke to buy a car and nobody really likes him, they just deal with him.

X6-88; He usually hangs out with the goths but he himself isn’t, he wears all black, sunglasses, a leather jacket but he hates being called a goth, he in general hate labels, and he hates just about everything. He has high grades but falls asleep in school all the time, he gets in trouble a lot for getting angry and borderline killing people and he is definitely bipolar. He doesn’t talk much at all, he just minds his own business but if he gets angry, regardless of if he knows you or not he will let you know. He’s a history buff and loves learning about historical serial killers. He drives a Subaru Forester that is all black and is lowered.

Sturges; He’s the redneck, He drives an old ford truck and always comes to school with oil smeared on his head from working as a mechanic. He is always with his girlfriend, which annoys everyone because they don’t really know her and she will never be quiet. He wears torn, dirty, jeans and stained white t-shirts with a comb always sticking out of his pocket. He’s a naturally super buff guy and nobody really knows how he is so buff, he just is.

Cricket; She’s A jumpy, spastic, little girl with snakebites and pink hair. She’s a Jr so she annoys the hell out of everyone so she’s not around a lot but when she is she is usually talking about some lame band or hitting on maxson. She’s not old enough to drive so she rides the bus and around school she’s known as the last existing scene chick.

i’m so proud of 5sos and where they are in life and with all the fans and the amazing opportunities they get and everything but i kinda wish they wouldn’t have toured with one direction at all like i wish they were a lesser known band but still big like all time low like they could have all the respect they deserve and more of a gender neutral fan base and they’d be able to get chances to play warped tour and shit like they can’t play warped tour now because fans would only go to see them, and they’d lose the little respect they have because of that like fans would take advantage of the fact that warped tour’s tickets are so cheap and go see them a ton of times and take away the fun from people who like the other bands. i’d love to see 5sos play warped tour but not how they are now, it’d just make shit worse for them and it pisses me off that they can’t have the chance to play at warped because of how big they are

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Do you think it's possible Jasper was randomly assigned to Peridot, but they still developed a parental relationship? We've seen that Peridot can get attached to people quickly, and the journey itself must have taken a while.

I think they’ve known each other longer than that, because presumably it only took from The Message to The Return for the ship to arrive. I don’t really agree with the theory that Lapis transmitted from the ship itself, because that would imply the ship has the ability to transmit to wailing stones, which raises the question of why Jasper didn’t use the ship to phone home and let them know she was coming back ahead of schedule in the ample time she had to do so while Steven was out cold.

Admittedly, I’m biased in that I think they have history, because like… the Crystal Gems have a pretty rigid mission structure because of their situation- it’s generally, go to a place, get a Gem (or an artifact), and the exceptions (such as in Coach Steven) we still understand why they’re doing that. But the idea that Jasper and Peridot have done things together, as nebulous as that seems- it can’t all be invading new planets, especially since the war seems to have taken a lot of chunks out of Homeworld and disinterested them from even sending someone to check on Earth before now, so it raises the question of what they might’ve been up to.

It’s basically glorious fanfic fuel. I would also be very interested in seeing a “mission” dynamic between Peridot and Jasper, honestly- we’ve seen them volley off each other in a serious/tense context, but we know that’s definitely not the only side of Peridot. How does Jasper respond to Peridot getting excited over something- would she be irritated or dismissive, or would she echo it with her own enthusiasm?

I think a lot of people thus far in their speculation of Jasper’s character assume that how she is in Jailbreak- tense, businesslike, focused on her own goals- but we don’t have any guarantee that’s Jasper’s baseline any more than Warp Tour is Peridot’s- and look at how far off the mark a lot of early Peridot speculation was!

I like to think of Jasper and Peridot having history because it’d be really interesting to see what exactly they were up to.

Ok, can I just take a second? So lots of the older generation hates on phones/ social media/ texting ect…
All of these things do have their downfalls, but so does everything.
There are so many good things that come from all of these.
Let’s start with social media. Social media gets hated on a lot for making people “anti social” and other things like that. However, what those people don’t seem to realize is that it is called social media for a reason, because it is in fact, social. Because of social media I can talk to and become friends with someone who lives halfway across the world, who I other wise never would have known existed. It also connects people with other people who have similar interests with them. Also, social media keeps people updated on what is going on in the world, stuff that the news won’t tell us. Social media has taught me more about rape culture, feminism, lgbtq rights, ect… then I ever learned from school or the media. Also, social media lets people know some of the stuff really going on in the world, as told by people living it. It also connects people, creates support and keeps people in the know when things such as the bombings in Paris happen.
And next there is texting. Texting is literally social as well, because people are literally talking to their friends, family ect… Because of texting I am able to keep in touch with my friends and talk to them so much more. Calling someone isn’t always possible in all situations, texting makes talking to someone so much easier. So while I’m sitting listening to some middle aged person tell me how bad technology is and how it is ruining this generation, I’m going to message my friend who lives 12 hours away or text my best friend, both of which I actually want to be talking too

things I need answers to: how do the monsters, who have likely been underground for millennia, have knowledge of ‘God’ and 'hell’, like. They obviously don’t know what Christmas is and they would have been underground before 0 AD, so they wouldn’t have known of Christ.

So who do they think this God is. Why do they know what hell is + know that is it a bad place where you burn. Why do they only have basic knowledge of the Christian religion + nothing else.

Where did they get this information. Was it from an anime. Because I’m going to assume it was from an anime.

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Did you ever thought about Rory being pregnant/getting kids in the revival? If so, what kind of (grand)mother would the girls be? And do you think it's likely? If not, will it happen and when? (Just what do you think about rory with a kid hahaha)

It’s been nine years since the series ended, so it would have been a possibility she could’ve come in as a mother or soon-to-be mother. She would be 30 or 31 by now; she could easily be married with kids by now. I could see it happening. 

However, it’s not going to happen. ASP has already given some things away about Rory’s life today, including her relationship status. From the sounds of it, Rory is returning to Stars Hollow single, and I am, honestly, good with that. 

I feel like if Rory would have came in with a husband and kids of her own, the fans would have revolted. We would’ve known nothing about this guy, and we would have forever compared them to the Three Musketeers from the original show. Why not any of them? Why some random guy off the street? It would be a dangerous zone because fans of the three original guys would immediately hate the new guy. He would be beheaded before he even got a running chance, I’m sure.

I think Emily and Lorelai will be wonderful women in the child’s life, though. I’m hoping once Rory does have kids, she’ll move closer to home so her child will have a chance to grow up in the magic of Stars Hollow. The only difference would be Rory’s child would have both Lorelai and Emily in his or her entire life instead of the later years. That kid would be loved. 

Rory will have kids eventually. I have no doubt, and when she does, like I said, I hope she’ll raise her family in Stars Hollow. 

New Director!

Even more exciting news! 

Today we are very excited to announce that we have a new addition to The Asatru Community Inc. Board of Directors!

We would like to welcome the well known author, Bryan Wilton as the new Director of Religious Affairs!
We are going to get a lot done, and have a lot planned, as we said, this is the year we focus on spiritual development! Off to a good start!

A quick comment from Mr. Wilton;

“Big things to do. I’d like to see all of them empower heathens to adopt a confident & purposeful attitude towards life based on our principles in heathenry”

Versailles - oh, what have you done?

really? really? are you seriously going this bullshit way? what the hell, first episode and I´m done. EVEN ME. I have read some bits and pieces about Louis XIV because he was brilliant (mean, cruel, powerful, I like that) and Philippe, his eccentric brilliant brother but I´m no expert, truth to be told but I´m sure Louis XIV didn´t live in Versailles as in his full-time residence !!!!

Philippe was known for being shut from having anything to say against Louis because pretty much everyone knew after Fouquet´s death to shut up and keep swimming. Philippe was actually clever and in some ways better than Louis (style definitely…. wait, wait  before you start to laugh, we all know that Louis was a fashion whore as well, so it mattered) and better at war tactics (but Louis forbid him to have a say in it because he would outshine him). Basically Philippe was clever enough not to get killed. WHAT WAS THAT WITH HIS WIFE? I´ve thought they all knew he was gay and all but they were amicable? sorta living in respect and friendship and occasional uncomfortable sex?

I don´t even know if I should continue watching it or not, I fear it is gonna get even worse and I don´t want to spend 20 out of 40 or something minutes watching how Louis screws every woman in the palace (palace? mansion maybe?).

what was that baby about??? do I even wanna know?

and I was soooo happy to see George Blagden in a new TV show but WHYYYY. Alex Vlahos is nice too, though he doesn´t have a decent photo to show you, I dunno man is not that photogenic I would say.

I´m not that geeky about French history but Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and WWI are my fav periods and my heart is bleeding now.

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I saw one of those posts from people who like to shit on you for supporting actual equality and calling out racist shit LOL. Like I read all their bullets and it was so sad to me because almost everything on there they were saying you did wrong was you telling people to be decent to all people - including CIS and white people - ( Wow they're people with feelings too? Who would have known) and not be racist/bigoted pricks. People are so twisted on this site. Anyways I did some unfollowing.

Also, my paypal is officially up and running, FINALLY so I’ll need to post examples. I keep putting it off because I get busy on the weekends when I have access to older drawings for reference LOL oops.



Like for real. Their attempts at demonizing me reek of desperation, and they make sure it’s going to appear on my url’s tag just because they’re absolute butts. I bet they’re just frustrated/jealous that the ger x ita week is taking off. Tumblr radicals are just….. sad. And they’ve distorted so much stuff in their bullets… like who did you hear that from, a third source?? Get real fella. The only one yelling at people here is you P:


I can’t believe we have a snow day

Let me explain why this is a big deal

First of all, Colorado is known for snow. It’s our normal winter weather. Thus, the local government has a decent investment in plows and other street-cleaning services so we can still go about our lives

Second, universities have a specific amount of days they absolutely have to be open each semester in order to receive public/government funding (if it is a public university). Thus they tend to be reluctant to close, as that would cut down on pay. There’s technically like 3 days of leeway but they still like to be picky about what days they choose to close

Third, the president of my university in particular likes to use the “no snow days” policy as a point of pride. Like “ha, our students are so tough that they can get to classes in horrible weather even though literally every other school in the state is closed!!” ……which, for the record, is an actual thing that once happened

Another thing that once happened at my university is one year a GIANT TREE BRANCH had so much snow on it that the weight snapped it off and it fell and HOSPITALIZED a student that was unlucky enough to be under it and that was literally the only reason they closed school the rest of that day

What I’m trying to say is, for my university to completely close down due to snow……. YOU NEED A HELL OF A LOT OF SNOW AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS CONDITIONS OUTSIDE

and here we are

miracles happen

I’m going back to bed

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I met this girl on tumblr and I really like her. I have never felt this away about anyone ever. She lives 5 states away from me though. I can't stop thinking about her..I've never known someone that I relate to this much. I wonder if I should find a way to see her or if I should just forget the whole thing. xoxo :) p.s. i love your blog!

Thank you! :) and I mean if ur of age to have that kind of relationship then I think you should totally go see her! But if ur not of age I would prolly get to know her a little more until your able to have that kind of relationship. Because…why not? If it works out, it’ll probably be the best decision you’ve ever made and if it doesn’t work out then that’s a bummer but atleast you went on an adventure! Then you have a cool/awesome story to tell. I mean like..it seems like a win win to me🤘🏻😌

P.S. Make sure she’s real cuz that would suck to be catfished ✌🏻😎Peace to you my fren.

Teen Mom OG

So, I am a major 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2/Teen Mom OG fan. I have watched it since the very beginning and I still watch it. I love this show, but for real…Farrah has to go. She literally annoys me so much. The way that she speaks to people, especially her parents is just disgusting. I know that I can get snippy with my parents when I am irritated, but my parents would slap me if I treated them like that. I know that her childhood may have not been the best, but since she had her daughter, her parents have been there to help and support her. She should be thankful for that and not taking their help for granted. Where would she be without their help?

Also, the way that she treats the crew is horrible and her opinions about the show are just asinine. While she may make money from other outlets now, she would not be known if MTV didn’t cast her for 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. She treats the crew and show as if they are beneath her when they gave her a start. The girl literally had a porta-potty set up outside her house for the crew/producers to use because she would not allow them to use the bathrooms inside house! 

Anyways, I just had to vent. Haha, I get so caught up in this show sometimes. 

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For OOC Day: If something happened that ended Corey and Lily's relationship, would Lily be able to ever enter another long term committed relationship? Would she be able to love again? On another note: Will Corey ever be able to hide a pair of mandals from her without them going up in flames eventually?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

She is so completely in love with Corey and convinced that they’re meant to be together. She has never known love like this. If something were to happen that breaks them up (it would have to be something really, really horrible) it would be world-shattering to her and she would be broken. She would never allow herself to grow that close to anybody again, because that would make her vulnerable to having the same thing happen again.

Corey will never get a pair of mandals past her, like ever. It’s like she has a radar for them. Also Corey can’t lie to save his life lol

I love that my bosses have an open door policy, in that I can go into either of their offices and tell them about any issues I’m having with students or if I have any trouble with any part of the job.

On the other hand, though, to get any information from them is like pulling teeth. Like this thing with the field trip tomorrow. I would have come at it in a completely different way it I had known that we were going to be meeting a Supreme Court Justice. It would have been nice to know two weeks ago that that was purpose . 

I love my bosses, but a freer flow of information would be nice.

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Ellie giving Marcie a piggy back ride.

“You’re lucky I found you out here.” Ellie muttered as she adjusted Marcie on her back again. “What the hell were you doing?”

“It was work related.” She retorted with a nasty tone.

“Care to elaborate?” Ellie wasn’t having any of it. She wanted to just drop her and go home, but she knew that wasn’t right and they’d be back to square one like before.

“No. All you need to know is what you saw.” She explained no further while her ankle swelled from the sprain.

She wanted to tell her she was worried, but it would get her nowhere. The man got rough and Ellie got there just in time. Well.. Just in time would have been before he pushed her and twisted her ankle, but it went no further once Ellie made herself known. Scaring him off instead of cracking his skull was the better option, for Marcie’s sake at least.


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   I have absolutely no idea what to put so, here we go.
1) I am actually doing a Karma Akabane cosplay from Assassination Classroom for a convention, its my first one so I hope it looks decent.. 

2) I have never known anything about pop culture and probably never will. XD Movies, new music, tv shows, I will probably not know of them. But ask me about the latest episode of an anime and I got chu covered. 

3) I am always willing to talk about food. Always. I may not eat much, but I appreciate food. Food is good. Most of my friends I made because of food. 

4) I like hugs ^_^ I really do. I get sad when I see someone and I can’t hug them because it would be too awkward. 

5) My whole life is  awkward, literally yesterday I was talking to a friend and there was a hair on the desk so we started flicking it back and forth and then it disappeared. So I pretended to pull one out, when my friend couldn’t find it I said “ Don’t worry I checked before I pulled out” It doesn’t get more awkward than that. Also the day before that some people were stuck behind a closed door and I kept staring at them wondering if they wanted me to open the door or not because they weren’t making any attempt of saying open the door, so I stood there for a good 10 seconds until someone else opened the door and I was like oh, they did need the door open. Same story with a teacher I had, except for some reason I thought he was trying to beak into the school. *cringes at whole life*

6)I speak Russian. Yay.

I’ll tag @niamhnotishleen , @ask-the-sexiest-weapon, @frusciantes-lips, @staralaxy , and anyone else who wants to do it .