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Dainty, Good Tipping Louis

A series of anon messages sent to @banana-louis. Reposted with her permission.

i feel so glad for the way i got to meet louis. it was at work where i’m not allowed my phone and where i got to talk to him for a solid 10 mins about crap, he was asking me about my uni and stuff. a+ would recommend, got a hug at the end and my skin was clear for weeks

okay okay. i was trying to stay calm and do my job and not be a freak ahaha and i basically said i thought mitam was sick? and he was like ‘ahaha thanks’ and he asked me if i worked full time? and i said 'no, i’m just doing this part time’ and told him i went to med school and he asked what kind of doctor i wanted to be and i told him i’m stuck between ob/gyn and paediatrics and he told me about jay being a midwife and about the eden dora thing :) and he’s about 5'8" but he’s v dainty???

he is dainty thats the only way i can describe it! you know how they sometimes say about marilyn monroe that she was very curvy but still teeny overall? that’s louis hands down ahaha, he’s not bony or anything when you hug him but i’m pretty sure i can wrap my arms twice around his waist u know? also he tips very well king of pop KING OF POP

he also ordered a load of corona and he was like 'ahhhhh don’t worry you don’t have to open them all’ and whacked out his own bottle opener because there were about 10, what a beautiful soul, i didn’t have to stand there awkwardly trying to open a load of bottles as fast as i could. i’ve had other celebrities in but none of them have been as pretty or tipped as well as louis lmao

it was an after business thing i think, there were a load of older men with him. but he was in jeans and a jumper so who fucking knows haha, i just know i didn’t see oli or calvin or anyone

no idea haha, he got led to the private car park we reserve for vip and had a set time he was going home though so i assume someone was picking him up. i went and asked security after my shift who they’d seen just in case and they said they didn’t know who it was (head of security has met harry and his family, plus all the other boys, so i’m assuming it wasn’t them)

i bled my own blood after he tipped, ngl. other info - harry bought robin a private box at old trafford (manchester united’s ground), niall is a fucking idiot who wandered out to say hi to people without telling security first so they had to go and drag him back in, zayn stood up the rest of the band at an event they did and anne was telling him about it

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When I was in high school and started putting on weight in the stomach i was p self conscious about it. That kinda fluctuated over the years after that, usually not super postitive about it

When I went on my paxil though, I gained more weight (20-30 lbs) and tbh started really liking how I looked. Like, my stomach is really cute. It looks good and it’s soft and comfy and warm.

I’m not really “"fat”“ per se and my stomach isn’t super big but it isn’t lean at all and I like it. I have a cute body tbh

anonymous asked:

Hi please help!! I'm in my freshman year of undergrad and it's really really hard for me. I'm really struggling with chemistry and I don't have any motivation to kill my social life in order to study more but there's nothing I want more than to be a doctor. I'm really stressed about getting into med school with my current gpa. Any advice is super appreciated thanks so much!!

So I see stuff around the pre-med community all the time talking about how you have to give up your social life to study – or that stupid triangle diagram where you can only have two of the three things (sleep, social life, or good grades). 

Honestly – all that’s crap. 

There’s no rule that you can’t have a social life to get good grades. There’s no rule! 

Often times, it means being smarter about how you use your time – or studying smarter instead of harder. Instead of spending 3 hours making perfect notes, why not try spending an hour making notes and an hour doing practice questions and then take that last hour to go have coffee with a friend. 

I’ve found that tasks take as much time as we give them – so if I give myself an hour to answer emails, it will take me the whole hour, but if say this has to be done in 20 minutes, I will finish it in 20 minutes. 

I don’t think you have to stop seeing your friends to get good grades – instead think about how you could spend your study time more productively. 

One of the doctors my mom works for just finished his fellowship and he’s really handsome and has this bangin’ hot dentist for a wife. He gave me his personal number to talk about any med school stuff and I’m very happy.

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Do you have any dating advice for girls in med school? I've never been too popular but since I've started med school 3 years ago, guys started to like me more (I'm more confident and I grew up), and I go on dates sometimes. But med students only talk about school stuff which is boring, and the non-med guys don't understand my worries and struggles, not to mention my dreams. Some of my classmates do the dating stuff well, some of them are already married (we're 20-24 years old), it feels weird.

Hi anon!

I was initially going to tell you I am the last person to ask because I consider myself a relationship failure and romance is my Achille’s heel (I’m a hopeless INTJ). But…I thought about it and I think even I could offer some suggestions in this department.

So I present unto you…

MD-A’s dating advice to med students (initially requested for girls, but can apply to most everyone)

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