but I wanted to do something at least :T

kaijuslayer replied to your post: I DID AN OPERATION. It was surprisingly easy??…

*alec guinness voice* “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world… a terrible world with shitty people and full raid wipes, to be sure, but… larger.”

yeah, I remember being scared shitless when you would raid wipe and scream at the computer, I’m gonna try my damndest NOT to do that but I’m probably never tackling hard or nightmare modes if for no other reason than I have really a unreliable keyboard that likes to stop??? working??? for like 30 seconds of a time for no reason at completely unpredictable times and intervals??????

so yeah, I just want to be able to say I’ve gotten this done and because I’m frankly bored of heroics and veteran flashpoints, this is at least something i haven’t tried yet *shrug*

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Do you get annoyed if you see Sonic eat something other than a chili dog?? Like I'm watching Boom and the argument could be made that it's modern Sonic so he can eat whatever, but deep down it hurts lmao And I guess he technically hasn't eaten anything in Boom onscreen so w/e (at least not in the episodes I've seen, but I'm not caught up)

I mean…he can eat whatever he wants

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Can you tell us a little about food in Finland, like... What do you eat day to day? What are sweets like? Which fast food chains are the most popular? or something else you think is interesting. Thank you! :D

Thank you for the ask! I can tell you a lot about food in Finland, fortunately, because both of my parents happen to be cooks, so I can ask about stuff from them. A lot the information I’ll tell you probably came from them.

Well, first off, I want to say that today Finnish people often eat food that isn’t necessarily traditionally Finnish or anything, for example my town has at least 5 pizza-kebab restaurants, and spaghetti is very popular. This thing called “raketti-spagetti” is sold in stores, it’s just normal spaghetti but cut into shorter pieces, and the name literally means rocket-spaghetti. I’m not sure how that name came to be, but it rhymes, so maybe it just sounded funny…? I don’t know. Stuff like rice is pretty common too, even though it’s in no way traditionally Finnish. Anyway, I’m sure that a similar phenomenon (the international foods thing, not raketti-spagetti) exists in almost every country.

Also, the Finnish cuisine has gotten a lot of influence from our dear neighbours, Sweden and Russia. Especially Sweden. So anyway, if you’re from either one of those countries and I say that something is Finnish when your country has the exact same thing, please blame my ancestors for not being more original. Although I’d like to hear about foods or customs similar to these I’m about to mention from other countries, so if you’d like to, please share them in the tags!

Okay, so I think I’ll start with the fast food- part of the question.

Finland doesn’t have that many fast food chains, really. We have McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and soon a few Taco Bells. Like, three. BUT! We do have a chain of our own, Hesburger, which is my personal favorite out of these. It is the most popular fast food chain in Finland, with 268 restaurants. For comparison, McDonald’s has 65, Burger King 32, and Subway 155 restaurants here.

If you want to have a taste of Hesburger’s food, but don’t want to come all the way to Finland, that’s totally fine! There are Hesbugers in eight other countries, too: Estonia (42 restaurants), Latvia (44), Lithuania (47), Russia (34), Germany (3), Ukraine (3), Bulgaria (3) and Belarus (1). Pretty impressive for a chain from such a small country, huh?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like an ad, this post is not sponsored by Hesburger. I just think it’s pretty neat. I don’t know where the restaurants are more specifically, but I’ve been to Tallinn and there were a few Hesburgers there. They have really good paprika-mayonnaise! Just saying.

Scratch that, I now know where is the Hesburger farthest from Finland: 

Now, for sweets, I think I’ll have to make their own post, but we do have a lot of different kinds of candy in Finland, since we have two bigger and several smaller candy manufacturers, the two big ones being Fazer and Panda. Fazer also makes bread and cookies.

Popular candies are suklaa (chocolate) in different forms - bars, slabs (?? I hear that is also called a bar sometimes? Like smaller bars like Snickers and then slabs like the one I’ll show a picture of), chocolates, like the ones sold in a box, with filling or without, you get the idea, a lot of chocolate - and, of course, salmiakki, salty liquorice. Salmiakki candies get their amazing/awful taste from ammonium chloride. Mmmm. Potentially life-threatening chemicals combined. Delicious. (pic source)

Here is perhaps the most iconic Finnish sweet: Fazerin sininen, Fazer’s Blue. It’s just simple old milk chocolate and yet is the most popular candy in the country. Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The shade of blue used in the wrapping is copyrighted, by the way.

Okay, moving on to the day-to-day stuff…

In Finland we drink the most maito (milk) in the world per capita, a bit over 360 liters. The 2nd is Sweden by the way, with around 356 liters. We also consume the most kahvi (coffee) per capita, the national average being around 2.6 cups. Seriously, people here drink coffee all the time. In the morning, after lunch, when you come to visit you can be sure you’ll be offered a cup of coffee, at weddings, at funerals, with dessert, I mean, all the goddamn time. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason I’m sure. You know when at work there are those shorter breaks? In Finland a break like that is called kahvitauko. It means coffee break, which I’m sure is a familiar concept in other countries too.

But yeah, people do drink milk at every meal - not everyone, of course, but most people - and for people who are lactose intolerant there are special kinds of milks where the lactose has been processed already, so lactose intolerant people can drink it safely.

This is our fridge. That milk probably lasts like half a week. The light blue one is fat-free.

‘There is also this thing called piimä, which is a drinkable product made from milk with Lactic acid fermentation. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

Maito versus piimä. (source

Apparently there is a strict divide in Finland between west and east, where west likes piimä better, but east prefers something called kokkelipiimä, which, to me, sounds very suspicious, and I did not know it even existed. It’s piimä with something more solid also made from milk mixed into it. Looks like this.

I seriously had never heard of it. I do live in the western half, so I suppose the divide is real. Huh. (source)

A traditional Finnish drink, kotikalja, is often drunk at fancier occasions, for example at the Christmas meal or at some other celebration, like weddings or such. It has a bit of alcohol, but so little that it doesn’t really count as an alcoholic beverage. Wikipedia tells me that it’s similar to Estonian kali, Swedish svagdricka, Dutch oud bruin and Russian kvass. It’s not the same, but it’s similar. People drink it with food.

(source also includes a recipe for kotikalja)

 There is a Finnish word ruokajuoma, which means any drink that is often drunk at meals, like water or kotikalja or milk and sometimes also juice.

This post is getting really long, sorry about that. Anyway, we eat a lot of different keittoja (soups) here too. Most of the time they contain potatoes (perunaa), carrots (porkkanaa), possibly other vegetables, and some meat (lihaa). Kalakeitto (fish soup) can be creamy (I love it) or clear (not so good). Lihakeitto (meat soup) and jauhelihakeitto (minced meat soup)are usually clear as well. There is also hernekeitto, which is made from peas, minced meat or ham or something and some carrot. People can add mustard and onion to it. It’s often eaten on Thursdays, a habit that has spread from the army. There every Thursday is hernekeittopäivä, hernekeitto-day. With hernekeitto the dessert is usually pancake with jam. (pic source)

The pancake, pannukakku, doesn’t look like what you might expect, though. It’s like this.


What is the closest relative to the other kind of pancake is called lettu here, or räiskäle, and it’s closer to a crêpe or a blin. (An actual blin, in Finland there is some misconception about blinis being small and thick… things, but maybe people would otherwise mistake them for a räiskäle?) (source)

 They are usually eaten with jam or sugar or whipped cream, or ice cream, or berries, or all of them. There are also muurinpohjaletut, which are cooked differently. (source)

A very basic dish we eat a lot here is potatoes and some kind of kastike (sauce). The sauce usually has pieces of meat, or sausage, or minced meat. We use a lot of minced meat. The picture example is made with makkara (sausage). (source)

When it comes to leipä (bread) I might be a little biased, because my parents bake a lot of bread themselves. Most households usually have at least two types of bread available, some lighter bread like piimälimppu for example, and ruisleipä. It is very Finnish, even though rye bread is eaten elsewhere too. In grocery stores you can find many shelves full of it. There are even rye chips here! Not French fries, or potato chips, really, more like nachos. But made from rye. Weird. (source of pic below)

One of the many forms of rye bread. (source)

Usually the shelves would be full but it was late and almost juhannus. That’s all for rye bread there. (Don’t mind my sister’s hand btw)

You can get rye bread in dried from too, all crunchy and pretty tough. Examples of this, dry, crunchy, though perhaps not that tough bread are näkkileipä and hapankorppu. Näkkileipä is often served in schools, since it doesn’t go bad easily. Both näkkileipä and hapankorppu are the best when they have some butter (voi) on top, at least I think so.

Hapankorppu in the front, näkkileipä in the back. 

“Which side do you put the butter on?” is a common topic of debate between Finnish people. (It’s the side without the holes, fight me)

And yet another traditional Finnish food that’s eaten like bread and has rye in it, is karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pie. It’s basically rice porridge in a crust made from rye flour. It is also called riisipiirakka. There are other versions of it as well, for example they can have mashed potato instead of rice in them. It’s traditionally eaten with munavoi, boiled egg and butter mixed together. It is heavenly. It’s the stuff in the picture way up there, actually, but I’ll refresh your memory.


Another pretty basic, and quite traditional Finnish food that is still pretty popular as I understand, is makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole, made of macaroni, minced meat, and a mixture of milk and egg. All the ingredients are put together and mixed, and cheese is put on top, though not in traditional versions. Then the whole thing is put into the oven and cooked for some time, and then eaten usually with ketchup. It’s one of my favorite foods.


Fish is eaten fairly often, but pork, chicken and beef are probably more common. In summer we eat a lot of sausages and nakki (frankfurters) (?? I have never heard this word). Most common spices are salt, suola and pepper, pippuri. There are also a ton of prepared foods in markets, and I mean a lot. Whole aisles, many meters, of foods like makaronilaatikko or jauhelihakeitto that you just need to warm up. Convenient. One of my favorites are pinaattiletut, small lettus with spinach in them. I like them a lot. There are also the same kinds of small lettus made with carrot. Oh, and also blood. They’re called veriletut in Finnish.


Well, I’d love to tell you more, but this post is already way too long, so. I’ll end it here. If you want to know more of something specific I mentioned, ask, and I’ll try to get a post made. I’m planning on covering a few topics here more in depth in the future, but we’ll see.

Oh, also, a lot of the sources for the pictures in this post also feature a recipe, though they’re in Finnish. If you’d like me to translate one of them so you can try it out, just ask!

Thank you for the ask again!

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can we expect some colorings from you during yumeweek? 😆👌🏻

Yesss!! In fact I already have a colored edit ready for Yumeweek. I won’t do one for each theme though, since colorings take me so much more time and effort compared to b/w edits, but I want to do at least one more! 

What’s certain is that you can expect a lot of content. I’m working hard to make something for each day right now ^^

- Roxy

Just putting this out there to people who send asks or want to send them. It’s more than okay to tell me that I misunderstood something or that what I had to say wasn’t helpful in my answers. I’m much more concerned with helping you than proving my smarts. If I’m not giving you the answers you need, the very least I can do is try to help you find another person who can do a better job than I did and I’m more than willing to do so.

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Maybe a Headcanon for Tate's first time (tate losing his virginity to his s/o)? I LOVE your blog so so much 😍😍😍 (Sorry for my english)

  • He would be pretty nervous
  • Wanted to make them feel good, but was scared he would do something wrong
  • Foreplay would last for a really long time because he knew he could at least make them feel good through that
  • He would be very slow at first
  • Eventually he would get into a groove and go a little faster
  • He would still be really gentle though because he still wasn’t sure what hurt them and what didn’t
  • They would have some scratch marks on each other
  • A couple of hickies
  • Cuddles afterwards
  • “Are you okay? Did it feel good, god I hope I didn’t hurt you.”
  • Wants to know how he did

… this trend of telling people there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to do makeup is so weird to me. So.. you make a video, telling people they do things “wrong” just so they’ll praise you and assume you’re a makeup god…? uuuh, chill, why do you care, unless you’re seeking to be deemed “the best at makeup 4ever?” If people want to do thin eyebrows, or lots of blush, or whatever, I don’t think they’re doing it “wrong” I think it’s just them using a product… ? 

idk, I wish we could move away from assuming there is only one beautiful way to do makeup. i don’t even wear makeup (everyday at least, cosplay tho…)  LMAO?? I’m just like, feeling so sorry for the people that do because damn, it’s like you’re ridiculed for trying something different. 

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7, 18, 38!

I wasn’t sure if this was for the personal questions or the writer’s one. But if you meant it for the writing meme I will also gladly answer those.

Thank you for the ask!! <3

7. Do you have any pets?

No, but I do have my brother’s doggo, Eko (who is really dumb and looks weird and I love him) and I am desperately trying to convince my boyfriend to get us a kitty.

18. Do you want children?

I really do. A lot of my friends don’t and that’s cool but there’s like, something inside me that just really really wants to be a mommy. And I don’t know why but I hope if I have children someday, I’ll at least be okay at it.

38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

Maybe like two days? And even then I don’t think it was a full 48 hours. I actually have this dumbass bacterial infection (not contagious, it’s just chronic and fucking annoying) whose main symptom is chronic fatigue, so I have a lot of trouble staying awake for more than like 14 hours at a time, though I do my best to stay up anyway.

10 Ways You Can Support Black Women

1. Stop slandering our natural features. Stop with the dark skin jokes. Stop with the natural hair jokes. Stop dehumanizing black women for our features. Black women–especially young black girls–internalize these “jokes” and grow to sincerely hate their blackness. Cut it out.

2. Respect our choices. All of them. You don’t have to like it but you need to respect it. If we choose to wear our natural hair, respect it. If we choose to wear weave, respect it. Stop chastising us for the choices we make for ourselves. Stop policing how we choose to live our lives. Let us be great. Gahdamn.

3. Stop with the respectability politics. You can’t say you love black women and then pick and choose which black women you’ll respect based on your standards. You still give a black woman respect regardless of how she chooses to live her life. You respect all black women because we are human just like you, not just the ones who wear natural hair, listen to erykah badu and shit.

4. No means no. If you approach a black woman and she says she’s not interested, oh my fucking god, my nigga, just leave her alone. Move on. Let it go. Please do not persist. Take the rejection gracefully. Don’t call her out name, don’t follow her, don’t assault her. Let her be. She doesn’t owe you an explanation. Her “no” is enough and you will deal my friend. 

5. LISTEN. Bruh, when black women are telling you something you’re doing is harming them, can you put your ego aside and just L I S T E N. Why is that your first reaction is to get defensive? If you love black women like you say you do, wouldn’t you want to know when you’re doing something harmful to them? Stop getting defensive every time a black woman calls out your misogynoir. Stop brushing that off as “bashing black men.” Stop calling black women “shea butter bitches” for calling out how you harm black women. Black women are just asking for empathy at the end of the day. That’s the least you can do.

6. Stop slut-shaming. Stop shaming black women for their sexuality. Stop calling black women “thots” and all kinds of hoes because her sex life is something YOU disagree with or because she presents herself in a way that conflicts with YOUR standards. Someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with you and you don’t have the right to police what a woman does with her body. Stop reducing a black woman’s worth because you don’t like what she does with HER body.

7. Understand that our identity intersects. Stop telling black women they have to “pick a side.” Black women aren’t black men or white women’s “side kicks.” We are our own people with our own unique struggle that, yes, may have similarities to BM’s and WW’s struggles, but is not identical to theirs. We are black and we are women. You can’t be an ally to black women and not be intersectional when our existence is the epitome of intersectionality. Black women don’t just experience racial violence, we experience gender violence as well. Stop insisting that we have to divide our identity down the middle to suit you.

8. Say something when you see black women being attacked. When you see black women being harassed online and offline, do something. Ya’ll gotta start holding each other accountable. Stop @-ing me telling me how terrible it is that I’m being attacked. @ ole dude who’s attacking me. Tell them to stop. Have my back. Intervene in the best possible way you can. Stop allowing the violence against black women to persist right in front of your eyes.

9. Please kill the “strong black woman” narrative. Placing this title on us constantly, denies us humanity. Black women aren’t allowed to be vulnerable like everyone else. We’re constantly told be strong or we’re written off as only angry and bitter. We’re told how we’re suppose to feel and how to respond to violence against us. Black women are humans. We laugh, we cry, we smile. We can’t be your idea of “strong” all the time.

10. Show up for black women. Black women consistently show up for everyone else but when it comes time for us, hardly anyone is there to be found. Police brutality doesn’t just happen to black men. Recognize it. Know the names of the many black female victims of state violence. Know their stories. Share their stories. Fight for them like you fight for Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Sean Bell. Fight for black women like black women fight for you. Organize and show up for black women. Stop leaving us hanging. Stop expecting our support and giving us little to none in return.

Taking requests because I want to draw many stuff :D

I will make sketches for the first 12 requests on my Askbox . I will close the askbox when the slots are full. 

What  I can draw:

My OCs
Your OCs (I’ll let you know if your request was chosen. Then you must post your OC’s reference in your blog and tag me so I can check it. )
Characters from TV Shows
Characters from videogames
Ships (Yeah I’ll do it, BUT not about real people, only about the things I mentioned up there, and remember, no weird ships, or at least a ship that could make sense a  bit lmao)

If you want the character(s) doing something specific, don’t forget to mention it in the ask!

What I can’t draw:

Three or more characters interacting.
Machines and all those kind of complex stuff
Nsfw/(+18) content
Hard gore stuff

I’ll post all the skecthes when I finish all of them.

One of my least favorite things about our love-and-sex obsessed culture, is that I can’t actually hang out with anyone. If I go “hey wow you’re cool do you want to hang out sometime,” it always sounds like I’m asking them out. And as an ace person, I’m not?? i really don’t want to? please don’t date me I just want friendship??

So, I propose that we scrap the idea of asking strangers on dates, and institute “friendship dates.” You give out your number to someone who looks cool (wearing a geeky t-shirt, overheard them talking about something you like, etc) and then you invite them out with some other friends of yours and have a good time.

Am I wrong, or can we please just have some, like, platonic relationships? For once?

since a lot of people send underverse fanarts i tried to draw a different one

i really like this guy ! really wanna know something about it!

Jakei’s response: AAAAAAA I love his face I love the colors!! GUYS you’re really forcing me to show you more things about Metadora, but don’t think this is bad, I really want to!!! I hope I can do it when I finish at least this Underverse episode ;w; 
I’m in love with all your fanarts asdashfbjgajfd!

One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

Keep reading

Sensual Healing | Bucky Barnes *Snippet*

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

“That sounds like the plot of a bad porno, Bruce. You’ve finally lost your God-damned mind.” 

(y/n) threw the thick stack of paper down on the work bench, her hands immediately flying to her temples in a vain attempt to soothe the ache there. She knew that Bruce was still standing beside her, his presence trying to lie low until she was ready to say something else. Suddenly, a hand was pressed to her shoulder, squeezing in a gentle sign of reassurance. 

“You’ve already tried everything, (y/n). The hypnosis, medication, counseling - I know you want to help him as much as we all do - Isn’t this at least worth a shot?” 

She sighed at his words, her hands falling from her forehead to her lap. The big black title of the research paper stared her in the face, almost mocking her with its block letters. It wasn’t new, sex therapy had been around for ages, but it had never before been used to treat PTSD and certainly not on a super soldier. Bruce’s fingers tightened on her shoulder for a moment before retreating back to his side.

“He likes your company, we already know that. What harm could come from trying? It’s just skin.”  

(y/n) snorted at the implication, knowing full well this was not nearly as innocent as he was trying to make it seem. 

“Yeah, skin on skin.”

Here is another walk I did before the start of production on Season 2. One of the reasons I wanted to do some walks before we started with a new vendor studio was because I spent a lot of time going over walks in season 1. I knew doing some walks up front wouldn’t necessarily eliminate the need for doing retakes on walks but I wanted to at least give them a starting point. In general the idea of a character walking exactly the same way all of the time is a character killer. No one walks the same all the time. We all certainly have unique movement because of how we are built and our personalities but our emotional state changes our movement even within those set parameters. There is a whole world of different ways a character can move to tell the audience something.

So, for me these were more for their functional purposes than anything even though I tried to figure in character on top of it all.

officialbyzelofilm_:녹음이라도 해서 뭐 좀 입혀보고싶은데
굉장히 못한다
그냥 별로다
진짜 못한다
뭘 하든 안에서 인정 못 받는데 밖에서 어떻게 무슨 수로 인정을 받으려고 하는거지
맨날 창피해서 올리다 지운다
남들이 안 하는 것도 좀 해보고 싶은데 요즘 잘 하는 사람들도 너무 많다

I want to at least record and make something out of it
But I am rather bad at it
It’s terrible
It’s not much at all
I’m really bad at it
Whatever I do I can’t receive any acknowledgement from
inside so I try all means and ways to receive
acknowledgement from outside
Everytime because of embarrassment I post then delete
I want to try doing what others don’t(,) but these days
there are too many people who do well

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit