but I thought it was funny

That feeling when you’ve heard/sang along to a song enough times to feel tempted to do a cover of it 

  • Cruz: Do you ever see something that just completely changes your life and you're just. Huh.
  • Natalie: I saw you.
  • Cruz: Honestly that's so gay and so sweet and it makes this really awkward because I was gonna show you a drawing of Owen Wilson dressed as a turkey.

Sam finally points out their height difference. 

Sam walked into the dusty motel room and sits next to Dean on the couch, “So I’ve been thinking…”

Dean put his beer down and looked at Sam “About what?”

“I may be the younger brother, but /you’re/ the little brother.”

Dean glares at Sam, “Screw you.”

Fourth wall

I absolutely love when characters in movies/shows break the forth wall, cause no matter the situation it will always make me laugh.

So I saw in the news that a new Avengers movie is being made(infinity war), and in the headline it was Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey jr. so immediately I screamed because 2 Sherlocks will be in the same movie.

So there is a 50% chance that this is gonna happen:
•The superheroes are kicking ass as always while destroying everything in their path

•Dr.Strange and Iron Man are working together to kill some bad thing

•Iron Man makes snarky comments on the powers that Dr.Strange can do and asks questions like
-“So you are really going into some random dimensions to get power”
-“you went from best brains surgeon to saving the world”

•Dr.Strange rolls his eyes and says “no shit Sherlock”

•Both stare into camera for 5 seconds while people die in background

Shinobi Courting Code Reform

Tsunade blinked at the couple in her office. “You what?”

“We need to update our forms,” the kunoichi repeated, “we want to break up.”

“So do it,” Tsunade said. “Why are you bothering me?”

“The code.” They said together and then glared across the room.

The Hokage sighed because she still had no idea what they were talking about. She sent Shizune to go find out in the dark closets of archive rooms.

When she came back with heavy books of files Tsunade was alone. “I sent them away. The bickering was intolerable.”

She took a book from Shizune. She groaned reading the first page and just a few names. Some she recognized as people who had died during the war, or names of people she had signed marriage agreements for only not to the name next to theirs. It was going to be a long annoying day.

Kakashi was summoned to the Hokage’s office quite regularly lately. If he wasn’t going out on a mission he was staying to do office work.

She was helping him get ready to become the next Hokage.

He wasn’t really sure he was right for it but a lot of people wanted it for him.

He smiled seeing Iruka as he entered the tower. “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t have a shift today.” Because they had made plans for later.

“I don’t,” Iruka shared. “I was summoned.”

“Huh,” Kakashi slid his hands into his pockets as they walked the Tower halls. “Me too.”

They stopped outside the Hokage’s office. They could hear the shouting inside.

“We broke up because you’re a pig!”

“No! We broke up because you can’t take an apology!”

“Me?! I’m the problem?! You were-”

“ENOUGH!” Tsunade shouted. “Get out of my office!”

Kakashi and Iruka moved away from the doors, watching the grumbling pair walk out. They’d probably go finish their shouting match in the street.

“You two! Get in here!” Tsunade fell back into her chair.

Iruka smiled tensely. “Good afternoon, Tsunade-sama…”

“Tell me you’re still dating,” she wasn’t about wasting time today.

They both were shocked. Iruka touched the edge of his scar, blushing. Kakashi was running a hand over his hair.

“Um, we are…” Iruka answered.

Tsunade seemed relieved. “Good! So there’s nothing I need to change in this idiotic thing?”

“Actually,” Kakashi said quietly. “We, um, needed to talk to you about that.”

Tsunade groaned. “No. Not you too! You both have been so professional I didn’t even know you did have a relationship!” She couldn’t stand playing witness to another parted couple. She was going to take the code and shove it in the Third’s grave.

“We don’t want to break up,” Iruka shared. “But Kakashi’s getting ready to become the next Hokage…”

“So?” She put her chin on her hand. “The Hokage can date.”

“Me?” Iruka asked.

“Sure. Why not? Go get married for all I care.”

“Um, Tsunade-sama,” Shizune leaned closer. “That’s illegal..”

“What?! Since when? Why? I’m going to change that right now! Shizune, get the council!” She was walking out of her office before anyone had a chance to respond. “AND BURN THAT STUPID CODE!”

“Well, if she does it I won’t have to,” Kakashi chuckled and looked over at Iruka. “Because one way or another I’m going to marry you.” He spun and walked out of the office, hands still in his pockets.

Iruka stood there, unable to fathom what had just happened. They hadn’t ever talked about it. He had no idea Kakashi even had plans.

But a smile grew as he followed him into the hall. “…Okay.”


Concept: Lance gets into the habit of talking about his feelings with the people he meets during missions, so there’s like this group of people scattered all across the universe who don’t know each other but are connected by the fact that they all occasionally take a minute out of their day to wonder how that chatty blue kid’s doing

A blond-haired, blue-eyed actor named Chris is playing an American named Steve, who’s fighting in a world war. Along the way, he meets a scary foreign brunette woman and takes an unlikely band of friends of different nationalities through an event, and goes up against a couple of Germans, one large and deranged, one smaller and a scientist. Steve, at some point, hijacks a plane and destroys it (and a weapon) for the greater good. Someone is looking back at it from the future, and will eventually team up with a millionaire with daddy issues and cool toys. There’s also a shield involved.

Am I talking about Captain America: The First Avenger, or Wonder Woman?