but I think they're ok for now :)


Ok SM better give us something to work with EXO-Ls are starting to lose their shit 😂😂😂

Trying to explain OTPs
  • Friend: So I don't get the difference between shipping and OTPs? Like they're the same thing?
  • Me: No, think of someone you think is cute together.
  • Friend: Uh, ok.
  • Me: You ship them, but times that by about a thousand and they're you're OTP.
  • Friend: I still don't get it.
  • Me: Ok so think of something that you love.
  • Friend: Got it, cake.
  • Me: Now does it make you happy to see that cake everyday? Would you die for that cake? Would you travel thousands of miles just to see that cake? Would you get on your hands and knees and crawl into the fiery pits of Hell for that cake?
  • Friend: But it's just cake.
  • Me: Oh my god.

if dan and phil really are together, i’d be so happy. and it’s not because i ship them, or they’re really cute together, or it would be every phangirl’s dream come true, or whatever (though that is part of it). i just feel like it would make such a great love story, y'know? like, these two people, who were complete strangers, met through some miracle or twist of fate or whatever, and decided that they liked each other enough to spend the next 8 (and hopefully, many more) years of their lives together. they liked each other enough to create an entire life together, to the point where you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. it’s always dan and phil, phil and dan. i guess, i just love that someone can find their, well, life partner like that. it gives me hope that maybe someday, i can find someone like that for myself.


A bunch of sketches doods cause I’m gonna be on another trip and this one is long so here, have this before my short hiatus

I’ve been looking at Mick Jagger and Keith Richards photos anddd welp

This is my kind of photo study =)))))

Ref for the first one is here, I don’t think I saved the link for the second one sobs

metalkai04  asked:

So I know that Asriel has all the human traits. So by technically he also should be able to kill Betty just like Frisk Right? BTW I like the fact that when Sans died, Frisk was on the floor. But when Alphys dies they're just like "ok that happened"

asriel might have the same strenght as… ehhhh idk above asgore i think … for now that is, asriel is still awakening his powers…

Now, what it takesd for him to get stronger, that lies in the M-BK entries, i think you guys should notice a constant in those entries regarding power

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Wake up!!! Wake up!!! Wake uuuuuuuup!!! Her latest reply!!! 😍 I don't even care if she was talking about the real Ibiza or if that's just an inside joke only they know (is it weird I think this could actually be even more romantic? ❤). She said "always" and "mealS", as if that's their thing, and even when not everything goes as planned, they're just happy to be together and to make memories together. I love post-ECCC Sam and Cait even more, if that's possible. ❤❤❤

Ok ok ok…. I’m uuuuuuuup. 


They had a picnic in the winter?  In a car park?  Maybe in Ibiza!  Or he just pretended it was for her cause she was sick of the cold. 

And now I am squishy mess of emotions because this is wonderful!  


Luke and Han the first time they're alone after rotj
  • luke:
  • han:
  • luke: so you're dating my sister now
  • han: Luke listen there was
  • luke: no it's fine!!!!! Listen. It's fine.
  • Han: i mean you were away for so long and you know Leia and I got really close on
  • Luke: it's. fine. I'm happy for you two like it's fine
  • han: are you SURE
  • luke: YUP!!
  • Han: and you don't think I strung you along or
  • luke: ahahaha listen Han you're not that irresistible like I've been over it for a while
  • Han: oh.
  • luke: yeah
  • Han: ok. Well, um, I need to, pee but I'm glad we talked
  • (Han passes Lando on the way out)
  • luke: han's a fucking bitch
  • lando: WOW RT

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Hey um so I was wondering how to put yourself out there more artistically? Like ok so long story short I'm not bad at drawing but I'm definitely still learning. But I'm too scared to make an account or sell my stuff. But my friends irl think I should. And like my art teacher thinks I should sell stuff too cause like I have above 100% in there and shit but like I'm really scared to. But honestly I wanna do it to help my parents out with money issues they're having right now but Idk what to do

You could start by offering up commissions, and advertising your samples! See my commission info post here for a kind of guideline to follow! 

Also you could start with a store like RedBubble, which is a platform that allows you to upload your artwork and have it “mounted” onto many different types of products at once. They handle the manufacturing and shipping, and you get a small cut of the profit. And then, once you have more confidence and presence with online shopping platforms, you could try a more independent store platform like Etsy or Tictail, where you handle everything. 

You could also put yourself out there at local conventions, if there are any near you. Rent a boothing space - maybe start with a half booth, and share with a friend or someone more experienced - see how they do things and learn from them! 


“What episode of “Glee” have you revisited the most?”

Probably the one when we went to New York in Season 2. That’s one of my most favorite episodes, and it was personally such a special episode for me because I had just left New York a year prior, and the next thing you know I was coming back one year later with this hugely successful show being followed by, I think, close to, like 200 fans and paparazzi. So, for me, it was crazy to be in these places that I’d walked through hundreds of times in my life, but now in such a different way. So, that was such a pivotal episode for me.

honestly just fuck ABC. the fact that they think they can get another season without the main character??? they’re truly out of touch with the fans. also Adam and Eddy should’ve known there is no show without emma swan. i get they’re thirsty for their show to stay on the air, but their fans deserved a proper goodbye. a chance to prepare for the show to end. we should’ve known about the show ending before 6x01 aired. but now it just feels out of nowhere and everyone is in shock. like i don’t think it’s fair to ask people to process this in 1 week? to know that next sunday is the last time we’ll see emma?? they don’t deserve their fans tbh. 

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I got a prompt!!! How about... Oh oh... Ok... *Clears throat, steepling my fingers* this might be a lil long winded but here's what I got. Viktor is retired and Yuuri is still skating, viktor still his coach. They bought a house in heastu, and are walking home from the rink... They're walking up the drive when they see a basket on there stoop... Mewling coming from the basket.... A lil baby with a letter on top of it's belly laid in the basket... What do you think???

HELLO FRIEND!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE NICEST PERSON EVER AND REQUESTING THE NICEST IDEA EVER!!! (we now have Lori’s custody, we own her lol) Anyways…I hope you like this!! Even though I first thought you meant a kitten and yeah XD 

Life and Love.

Viktor had thought he knew what those words meant. He didn’t need to look them up in a dictionary to define them, they rolled out his tongue on a casual daily basis, he spit them, voiced them a thousand times with the security only habit could provide. He was Viktor Nikiforov, after all. Owner of a great life, five gold medals, a beautiful poodle named Makkachin, and a smile that could set any stare on fire.

How could it have been possible, in any way, that someone like him didn’t know about Life and Love?

But all of a sudden, this clumsy guy stepped in with his awkwardness and his glasses, making music with his body, and giving a completely new meaning to two terms that, before, had seemed completely obvious.

They weren’t as obvious anymore.

What he could so easily define in the past, the solidity of those words, would now melt into meaningless babbles when he looked at him, when he heard him laugh, when he felt the needy press of fingers on his skin. Suddenly, words weren’t enough.

He had built a whole new definition for Life and Love. A wordless definition. That was so easily summarized into a specific shade of brown, and that he only got when he stared at Yuuri in the eyes.

However, there were times when the meanings escaped his restrains, and they flew in the empty air and away from his hold.

There were times when Yuuri wasn’t there, maybe at the rink practicing or hanging out with Phichit. There were times, when Yuuri was busy or uninterested, and Viktor’s roaming hands weren’t enough to convince him. There were times when he was alone, maybe staring at the sea, feeling he still had so much Life and Love inside of him he didn’t know where to fit, where to pour.

It wasn’t Yuuri’s fault, he knew. He had no one to blame but himself.

Sometimes Yuuri would find him sitting on the couch, looking at his old performances, those in which he still had his long hair and way before he started to question the meaning of Life and Love. Back then, both were found on the ice. And Viktor sometimes desperately wanted to feel that again, that youthful, innocent certainty, that precise definition. In those moments, his husband would reach for him and hug him from behind, massage his neck with loving, caring hands and plant some few kisses on his hair.

And right then, when Viktor stood up from the couch to pick him up, carry him all the way to the bedroom and make love to him for hours, he knew that was it. That was Life and Love.

But he wasn’t sure if it was all of it.

One afternoon, they were returning from the rink after a busy day of practice, walking the warm streets of St. Petersburg with summer being just around the corner.  They were holding hands, just like they always did, chatting about the routines and the moves Yuuri was having trouble with, or even gossiping about some other skater or two. That was Viktor’s favorite moment of the day. And he believed it was Yuuri’s too, judging by the relaxed smile on his lips and the occasional caresses his thumb traced on the back of his hand.

He was thinking just about that, of how lovely he looked as he talked about his skating, eyes so shiny with passion that they reflected then sunset thrice as strongly, so submerged into his favorite definition of the two Ls…when he suddenly heard him cut off mid-sentence, and he followed the path of his bugged, widened eyes that were resting somewhere that wasn’t Viktor’s own.

A basket. At the side of the road.

Only then, with the silence generated by shock, he was able to hear the faint noise of whining, and he shared with his husband a simultaneous panicked look.

Of course, they both had heard numerous stories about kids being dumped on alleys or porches, waiting for someone to pick them up and care. Of course they had heard about the cruelest crime of all, which was abandoning a child. Of course they knew this was it.  But hearing the story from the news has nothing to do with actually hear the crying, the blabbering, the sobs of a one-year-old inside a basket.

And by the time Yuuri was kneeling, picking the creature between his arms, desperately rambling about how they needed to contact the police right away…Viktor wasn’t listening.

His attention was fixed on those big, teary eyes, that small furrowed nose and sobbing lips. Little hands instinctively reaching for the heat of Yuuri’s chest as he was rocked back and forth, crying, desperate for a bit of warmth. For a bit of Life and Love.

The immediate course of action was to feed him. They didn’t know what was the last time the poor thing had eaten, and so they took her to their apartment and gave her some milk. They had to stop by a store to buy some supplies, even though they were obviously planning to contact the authorities as soon as possible. But they needed some diapers and special food for the meantime.

The basket had a little note inside, written in Russian of course, and Viktor could easily tell a huge amount of grammar and spelling mistakes, and he couldn’t help but make assumptions. Maybe her parents couldn’t take care of her, maybe they didn’t have the money…but why leave her there? In the middle of nowhere?

By the time they got her to eat and sleep, it was already nighttime. Viktor could see just how stressed his husband was. He could read him very easily, and knew his empathy and kind heart were the culprits of his silence and the tension accumulating in his shoulders. Viktor told him to relax, that they could decide what to do the next day, and that he should probably go take a shower.

Yuuri complied, carefully putting the sleeping baby into the basket again, but this time with a much comfortable cushion underneath and the heat of a cozy blanket.

Viktor was still in daze, not really sure of what he should be doing, or what he should be feeling. He was numbed by surprise, the impact of seeing such a scene. But he was forcefully taken out of his shock by the surreal sound of crying he still couldn’t believe that was coming from his own living room.

He picked the girl up, not really sure of how babies worked, but the yelp the poor thing let out as he held her by her feet was enough of a clue to understand he was doing something wrong. He grabbed her from under her armpits instead, warily, almost afraid, as if she could start breathing out fire at any second or jump at his neck with sharp teeth she didn’t even have.

How did someone stop a baby from crying?? Shaking it??

Nope, definitely not shaking it.

Maybe turning her around?

Ok he wasn’t good at this.

The baby kept crying and Viktor kept fearing he would lose all of his hair in the term of one night. Didn’t these things come with…instructions or something? Just to satisfy some sense of curiosity and ridiculous hope, he pressed a finger to her belly-button, as if it were an actual button that would stop the whining. But the only reaction he got, was an instant kick on the face.

“Oh fuck!”

Much to his surprised, however, the crying ceased. But it hadn’t been the belly-button, the baby was laughing at the way he held his nose in pain.

“What are you laughing at, you meanie!” he frowned, getting nearer, but the baby didn’t seem to take him seriously as she extended a hand to grab his nose “hey, let go! I know it’s a pretty handsome nose but you can’t have it”

She chortled merrily, grabbing his eye-lid next, and laughing even harder as Viktor blinked in pain.

Well, at least she stopped crying.

“Ouch! Keep those hands to yourself, young lady!”

He booped her nose, and realized that might have been the button he had been looking for, since she gifted him the purest, fondest smile Viktor had seen in years. He did it again, mouthing silly noises, enthralled by the happy yelps and giggles he got for an answer, feeling the joy beginning to rub on him.

He didn’t know how much time he spent playing with her, ticking her belly and pinching her cheeks. But she was laughing, she was beautifully laughing and Viktor was laughing, too. He felt cloyed, overwhelmed, so full of emotions he couldn’t fit anything else. There were no worries, no stresses, and no need to define Life and Love. Right then, he felt complete.

He hadn’t even noticed when the hum of the shower had stopped, nor how much time Yuuri had been staring at him from the bathroom’s door frame, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, smiling to himself. By that time, the little girl had fallen asleep, and she was clutching Viktor’s finger in her tiny hand, occasionally taking it to her mouth to suck on it affectionately. He was fascinated.

“Seems you get along quite well, huh?” Yuuri chuckled softly, hugging him from behind, and planting a kiss to his temple. He seemed to be feeling better.

“Yeah, Lori is perfect”


“That’s how I named her”

“Vitya, no” Yuuri sat beside him on the sofa, and Viktor got to see the previous worry back in his eyes “We can’t name her, love. She’s not ours”

“Yeah, but…” he debated if he should say the following words, but they just burst out before he could find a gentler way to phrase it “…what if she was?”

Yuuri blinked, staring at him with what he recognized as disbelief, gaze torn between his husband and the baby on his arms.


“Yuuri, darling…wouldn’t you like to be a father? We talked about this already, and you said you would like to someday…” the look in Yuuri’s eyes made him stop mid-sentence.

“Oh, Vitya” he sighed rubbing his face, giving a long sighed onto his own hands “I would love to, you know I do, but I just…this is so sudden! I still have one or two more years at skating, I don’t know if I could handle a baby and my career, I just…”

“But we can do it together, Yuuri! Together we can do anything!”

“A baby is not a joking matter, Viktor. We can’t just try. Maybe we should wait until I retire…”

“But look at her!” Viktor hugged her close, as if someone may try to take her away from him “Lori is so beautiful! And she needs us!”

“I think that Lori-” he stopped himself “the baby, needs a family who will take good care of her…You are my coach, and you are just as busy as me. And I’m afraid…”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid to be a bad parent”

Viktor saw the beginning of tears shining in his husband’s eyes, and he immediately closed the space between them, letting him hold Lori so that he could hug him instead. He had been selfish and impulsive, he knew Yuuri was an anxious, insecure person, and he hadn’t considered his emotions. The idea of being parents was way too overwhelming for him to decide in just one night. In fact, it was way too hurried for anyone. He was being irrational and acting out of mere raw emotions. He needed to think things out.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, watching Yuuri’s gaze getting lost in Lori as well, but immediately forcing himself to look away “You are right…we shouldn’t hurry things up”

For the next week after they contacted the authorities and left the baby at their custody, Viktor wasn’t the same as before.

He knew he shouldn’t act so mourning, he hadn’t lost anything. His life was just like it was before, and he had always been a happy man. He still had Yuuri, his friends, skating…yet, he couldn’t pretend he didn’t notice the feeling of emptiness.

He returned to his habit of watching his old routines. Only that he did it every day, and he spent an alarming amount of hours at it. And when Yuuri walked in, tracing his fingertips down his neck and kissing him soothingly, Viktor didn’t stand up to take him to bed. He just stood there, silent, eyes fixed on the screen.

He noticed his husband was conflicted too, but they just seemed unable to deal with the commotion together. They didn’t talk about it. He would sometimes find Yuuri in the kitchen plainly staring at the wall, the kettle boiling and whistling loudly in the stove, asking to be turned off. But the man would just stay still, in trance, holding the cup and the tea bag in hand but not moving at all, lost in thought.

One day, Viktor had decided to go for a walk. Sometimes, staring at the sea cleared his thoughts a bit. But the salty scent of the water didn’t seem to help at the moment. He returned to the apartment with his hopes down, trying not to sulk as he opened the door, so that Yuuri didn’t feel even worst at the sight. But as soon as he got in, the false solemnity of his face broke into curiosity, as he saw a bunch of papers sprawled on top of the coffee table, and his husband sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed.

“What’s this?” Viktor asked, warily, taking a document into his hands.


His eyes widened, and he put down the paper to stare at Yuuri in disbelief.

They were adoption papers.

“Are you serious?” He asked, his voice a thread.

Yuuri stood up coyly, with tears in his eyes, and in no second Viktor was hugging him close, kissing him, and crying a little bit himself, too.

The paperwork took weeks, but after signing many documents, answering many questions, and buying many baby items online, Lori was finally at home.

They talked to Yakov, and asked him if he could be Yuuri’s coach whenever things got busy. Mari was glad to help, too, and took good care of Lori when her parents were way too busy with competitions. Yuuko offered some help as well as soon as she heard the news, being so happy for her friend to finally experience the joy of parenthood, and willingly giving him a hand whenever he needed.

Even Yurio was enamored by the baby girl, and sometimes he held her and played with her when they took her to the practices.

And Viktor? Viktor was obsessed. Viktor would pamper his daughter and rant about how he was PERSONALLY going to teach her how to skate as soon as she could stand on her feet.

“We are the luckiest people in the world” He would always say, watching his husband as he changed her diapers or lulled her to sleep between his arms.

Because, from that moment on, Viktor had a new definition for Life and Love.

Life and Love were ephemeral, volatile, and constantly building themselves, changing, morphing, absorbing more and more meanings, smells, eye colors and feelings.

Life and Love would always have different significances.

And, maybe, he may have found his third L.

Now I can’t take Lori out of my head…what did u do to me gurl. You just gave me a killing headcanon 

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✨Say there's an au where the turtles got to go to high school. They're at a typical high school party and they've been talked into playing seven minutes in heaven. Now the one they get paired up with is their crush. How do they handle it?

Never in my life have I played this game and I don’t think I want to.


He’s a gentleman, and doesn’t make a move unless you say it’s ok, or else he’ll just stand there with you and make conversation.  He doesn’t make it awkward, but rather enjoyable because he’s charming and funny.  It really does feel like seven minutes in heaven.


He was forced into this game, just an fyi, but you have no idea how friggin awkward and uncomfortable he is.  You’d think he’d make a move, but he just stands there and chuckles and is just… being unbearably cute right now.  That last minute, you give him a little kiss and it makes him more comfortable.  He then asks to give one in return before the both of you leave.


He can barely put out any words.  Why him?  Why now? With his crush? Why WhY why wHY WHY!!!

Yes he gets a moment with his crush, but he wishes it wasn’t in this way!  He’s so uncomfortable, so fidgety and soooosososo dreading coming to this party; he’ll never hear the end of it from his brothers’.  He’ll try to start up a conversation with you, trying to make it less weird, but it’s really hard when this beautiful person is standing right in front of him.  


This guy brings up a conversation so quickly in there, he even starts talking before you get in there.  It’s not awkward, it’s not uncomfortable, but actually nice and pleasing to be in there with him.  He might ask to give you a little kiss or a hug before the two of you leave the closet, but that’s about it.  Yes, you’re his crush, and yes he loves you a little more than anyone else, but he wants you to feel comfortable.  The other stuff will just have to come naturally. 

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Exactly. I don't think it's cool that we've domesticated animals, either. I just think it's hypocritical that some people claim to care about dogs yet wouldn't have an interest in adopting one from a shelter because it'll behave sooooooo badly. As if people don't adopt them all the time & the dog is perfectly fine. Lol. You act like they're all gonna bite your face off. Oh & want a specific breed? Cool. My grandma loves dachshunds. Guess what she did? Waited & looked for one who needed a home.

@the-dog-without-fear, did i do it right? 

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Bellarke + one is a superhero and the other is a supervillain that thinks they're Bffs. Congrats! Your writing is WUNDERBAR

ok im REALLY SORRY but all i saw when i read this prompt was… captain america/bucky barnes AU

Clarke finds him sitting on the edge of a building, his feet dangling off the side.

It’s so typically Bellamy she has to hide a smile. All the secret agencies in the world are looking for him, and he comes to the now old and decrepit apartment building where he and she had grown up. Better times.

He doesn’t even look up as she approaches, or when she says, “You should have picked a better hiding spot. The first place they’re going to look for you is here.”

Bellamy doesn’t respond until she sits down next to him, their shoulders barely brushing. “Who said I was hiding?”

Clarke frowns at his bitter tone. “Please tell me you’re not thinking of turning yourself in.”

“I’m tired of running,” he interrupts, now turning towards her, eyes wild and desperate and so full of pain it gives her a pang in her stomach, “I’m a bomb waiting to go off and we both know it. Maybe it’s better if they put me somewhere I can’t hurt anyone ever again.”

She moves closer, puts her hand on his shoulder. “Bellamy. We’ll figure it out. I snapped you out of it last time it happened, we can do it again—”

“Clarke,” he says, anguished, “all they did was show me the damn red, and I was theirs all over again. Helpless. I can’t do that anymore.”

Her mouth thins, knowing who he’s referring to. The Mountain Men, the ones who made him a— a Reaper. She’s spent so long fighting him without recognizing him, because she thought he was dead. But he wasn’t. He was just made into a weapon. Like she was. Just for different people, and with a different purpose.

“Then don’t,” she says firmly, desperately and he looks up in surprise. “Let’s end this. Let’s take down the Mountain Men, together. We can’t rely on the government for it. There are too many spies there. Too much corruption. It has to be just us.”

“You can’t help me,” Bellamy says hollowly. “Not without painting a target on your back. You’re their hero. Their princess.”

“No, I’m your princess,” she tells him with an almost hysterical laugh as she grabs his hand, and she can see the glimmer of surprise on his face. She clings to it. “Do you remember that you used to call me that? When we were kids?”

Bellamy looks down at their joined hands, seeming lost at the affection. She wonders how long it’s been since he felt a friendly human touch. Without even thinking about it, she leans forward and presses a kiss to his mouth.

He freezes for a moment but then, when she doesn’t draw away, he responds, threading his hand into her short blonde hair and tilting his head into it, drawing her into a deeper kiss.

When they part, he says roughly, “We didn’t do that when we were kids, did we?”

She laughs, breathless. “No.”

“Didn’t think so.” He pauses, and a small grin peeks out finally, distinctly boyish. “I think I would have remembered.”

She’s bolstered by his smile, and tightens her grip on his hand. “And I’m not letting them put you away, by the way. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me ever again.”

His eyelashes flutter down at her firm tone. “I’m not worth the trouble it’s gonna cause you.”

Her hand tightens its grip around his. He will never understand, Clarke thinks, how much he means to her. “You had no choice. All those things you did, it wasn’t you. Besides, don’t you remember?” She bumps his shoulder and gives him another line from their childhood. “I’m with you til the end of the world.”

finishing up 5(+) sentence fics