but I think it also has potential


So, per usual, I have a lot of feelings about this episode. In particular the scenes pictured above of the first meeting of Flint and Billy after Billy’s fall from The Walrus last season. I thought I’d go back to my original format and include some visual aids and gifs to make this ramble a bit more interesting!

Don’t mind me, just writing a jumbled, almost 3,000 word essay on about five minutes of air time… 

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Hey friend! The casting dept. of the Lili Elbe movie has stated publicly and explicitly that they would have cast a trans woman in the role if for this specific shoot didn't require them going off hormones, out of respect for the potential actresses

Hmmm. Good to know! But I also feel like… there are trans actors who are not taking hormones. There are trans actors who have not yet transitioned, or never will. There are a lot of options. A LOT of options. And yet we have another straight actor playing a trans character, so. :/

Like, kudos for them trying/thinking about it/addressing it? But only like. One kudos. A half a kudos. A “u tried but not that hard” star.

At least that’s my opinion. 


While I don’t ship Komamiki, I don’t think it’s the worst pairing in the world either. Sure, it has the potential to be unhealthy and I don’t believe they’re necessarily the right people for one another, but the degree of hate it gets from people who put it on the same level as, say, Junkomaeda seems a little over the top. As for the sexuality issue, Mikan is definitely bi and a case can be made for Nagito also possibly being so; it needn’t be queer erasure if those things can be established.

Simmons in 2x11 speculation

AKA Brainwashed Simmons pt 3

Everybody speculates about Simmons being brainwashed. I think it would be something else. Some change like making her character stronger. Maybe ignoring Coulson’s order in the name of science? She did stand up to him once about this. Or her disagreeing about something regarding Inhumans, Skye’s treatment or Raina? Maybe she will want to run some not-so-nice test in the name of science? Her loyalty to SHIELD was never as strong as Coulson’s, May’s or Fitz’s, so maybe this one?

Brainwashing her has a lot of plot potential but was heavily hinted and the writers love surprises (remember Victoria Hand’s death and Ward being Hydra?). Also as I wrote before, we have this time problem and trigger problem (I tried to find that one and link it, but I think I wrote about it in a comment, sorry, I will add it later). Plus, it could be interesting but I think brainwashed Simmons arc would be hard to handle for the writers. But at least we can expect the team to make an effort in helping her instead of leaving her like they did with Agent 33.

Plus character development. Brainwashed Simmons is not a character development for her, it’s programming her, and Elizabeth said she will be more independent in the rest of season 2.

PS. “Changed” means different than before. So maybe we can rule out the possibility of Simmons being a Hydra sleeper all along?

Episode Thoughts

Late because I have to wait for very nice people to DVR it and put it online as I don’t have broadcast TV or fast enough internet to livestream it.

This episode made me wonder if its ok to ship CS/SQ and Rumbelle at the same time. Is that a thing?

Also the amount of sass and camraderie is making me love ALL the villains a lot more than I thought I would.

Lastly, I’m thinking much better of Hook. His self doubt and the fact that he told Belle ‘Hey he actually does love you’ was really sweet.

Most shady characters currently: Snowing

And of course the blue fairy…don’t trust her guys.

I feel bad for Emma. She doesn’t seem to know that she has a great potential for darkness!

And lastly…my word…woobie!Rumple SO MUCH WOOBIE. I’m gonna die. 

Him making ramen is gonna be my favorite scene…so much sass and woobie and very very handsome at the same time.

And A&E apparently haven’t forgotten Rumple’s backstory, or they wouldn’t have referenced it so directly when Cruella and Ursula kicked him down. (Major feels right then too) Foreshadowing?

Also, I think that the ignore they’re giving his sacrifice might be deliberate. As in the other characters (especially Snowing) might get called on a hypocrisy thing.

All in all I have a slightly more optimistic view of their writing, maybe. And I think they definitely read fanfic, or at least have noticed the amount Rushbelle around…because there some very easter egg like moments in that episode.

Another thing I’ve had in my head for a long time. They are working on it (and it’s slowly paying off) (bless these two)


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Can you just write all the things? Please? Like, damn, now I really want a Peeta as Katniss's bodyguard story. You're killing me. In a good way. Basically, you're amazing. Bye.

okay I couldn’t resist :)

Peeta’s grip on her arm is firm, potentially bruise-inducing, and he holds her close to his side as he rushes her through the hotel lobby. Katniss follows him obediently (like she has a choice), staring dumbly at the side of his head. She doesn’t even think her feet are touching the ground, actually; she’s pretty sure he’s carrying her single-handedly at this point.

She’s still trying to piece together the scene that just unfolded outside the hotel mere minutes ago, as she was making her way to the car that was supposed to take her to the gym. Peeta, her relatively new bodyguard, was there to escort her directly from the revolving door through the car door. Additionally, there were a few paps out there to take some “candid” shots of her—she has no doubt her agent Effie alerted the tabloids about her workout plans—her assistant Flavius, and a few fans or bystanders milling around the sidewalk. Katniss stopped to snap a quick picture with a couple of girls on the verge of tears, when she heard the commotion behind her—some angry shouts, cries of protest and alarm

She whipped around in time to see Peeta bodyslam a hulking brute of a man to the ground. Bewildered, she watched them struggle on the sidewalk, Peeta very quickly pinning the man onto his stomach and wrenching his arms behind his back, a knee pressed between his shoulder blades.

"I’ll kill that fucking slut!" The threat bellowed down the street, but Katniss knew it was meant for her. She recognized that voice now, that spiky blond hair and red, bulging face.

Suddenly, Flavius and some hotel staff were whisking her back inside the building under the blinding flood of camera flashes as security rushed out to help Peeta detain the man. The paps swarmed, yelling at her, torn between photographing her and the struggle on the ground, but the doors shut and Flavius was simultaneously fretting over her and shrieking at the staff to call 911.

Agitated, Katniss brushed Flavius off of her, insisting she was fine, but when Peeta barreled through the front entrance a moment later and grabbed her, she didn’t resist, letting him pull her toward the elevator bank.

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I’m counting on Sansa surviving through the series, and not only because I love her and therefore she must live.

Sansa’s arc, in my interpretation, is one that is all about survival. In the first book, she went through a loss of innocence and naivety. Through her father’s death and those she trusted (because in the stories, the queen and prince are always good and can be trusted!) betraying her, Sansa begins growing. It’s a journey that consists of abuse and trauma of the likes no one deserves,and through it all, Sansa adapts to the world she was thrust into. There’s a part of her that still holds onto that child-like ideality, that she can be kind and make people love her, that there are still people she can put her faith into getting her home again (it’s been a while since I’ve read Clash, but I’m thinking Ser Dontos, and later on Littlefinger), but I think she sheds her disillusions, and in time, even her hope (she goes from wishing for a happy future with Willas, to reminiscing her childhood in Winterfell, but not for one second thinking that she’ll get to return to the way things were). She learns to say what she needs to say in order to get by, and to avoid losing her head. She begins to learn the machinations of THE GAME, and she seems to have a penchant for it. She survives Joffrey’s reign of terror, and now she must survive anonymity, Littlefinger’s plans, and whatever else Westeros has got in store for her. Whether or not Baelish’s plans for her marriage and subsequent revealment carry out, I don’t think it’d make sense plot-wise for her to remain as Alayne. I don’t know what GRRM has in store for her, although the idea of Sansa as Queen in the North seems popular in the fandom. The only thing I’m counting on is that Sansa Stark survives the series, because cutting off all the character development (SURVIVAL) and recurring themes (ADAPTATION) will just seem too abrupt and, well, out of character for George R.R. Martin.  

"…they kept every belonging they ever owned - kind of like me and my storage shed. I’m starting to think our whole family has a problem."

Greg mentioned something that caught my eye in the episode “Space Race”.  

Most people I know would laugh at me for reading into this, thinking that it’s no big deal that his aunt and uncle kept everything and so does he.

The thing is…this has a lot to do with Greg’s character and what makes him, him.

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resistlessrestlessrace replied to your photoset:Praetors of New Rome + wolf glares

Do you think Hazel will end up praetor?She’s awesome but I’m not really getting the praetor vibe.

That depends on Reyna’s fate in BOO ʘ‿ʘ;;;;;;;
Trade Me: teaser #1

I’ve been meaning to put up teasers for TRADE ME for a while, but because I am bad at promo I have put it off way too long. I’m going to try to make up for it by doing a handful a week until the release date—January 20th.

In any event, here’s teaser #1—in which Blake & Tina exchange notes.

Are we nine, I scrawl in return, and passing notes in class? Apparently we are.

Instead of frowning when I hand this to him, the corner of his mouth lifts in appreciation.

Don’t blame me, he writes back. If I had your number, I would have just texted you.

He catches my eye as I look up from the paper. He holds my gaze, and a hint of electricity arcs between us.

I swallow and scribble out a response. I can’t tell if that’s a hint you want it or a simple statement of fact.

He ducks his head. Cut me some slack. My media training didn’t cover the old-fashioned art of paper-based flirtation.

That last word hits me first—flirtation. I feel a wave of heat. Is that what he’s doing?

Maybe. I look over at him, look back at the paper, and feel that stupid, illogical flutter. I don’t even want to consider that maybe.

And that’s when the first part hits me. Media training?

If I needed proof that we are totally different animals, this is it. I’m not sure what media training entails. Thousands of dollars, I suspect. At least. And I can’t even afford a smartphone.

Graceland Name Meanings: Paige Arkin

Paige: Derived from an English surname meaning servant or page, the personal attendant of a person of rank or a boy in training for knighthood. 

Arkin: a Hebrew surname derived from the ancient name “Aharon,” the first High Priest of the Israelites. The name is believed to translate as “mountain of strength.”


Avatar Rewatch: The Avatar and The Firelord

Born in you, along with all this strife, is the power to restore balance to the world.

whoa wait hold the fuck up 

did dave just canonically imply that he himself (and not just an alt dave) has a thing for jade

WOW! Holy cow, Olicity fans, you really did a fantastic job with this week’s trend for “When Oliver Met Felicity.”  I saw it pop up in the Worldwide trend box on twitter about 6 or 7 minutes in.  I think that’s pretty close to a record. LOL.  It also kicked up a couple of trending alerts (both global & USA) during the trending hour, which is always wonderful to see.  The longer it trends, the more impact it has on potential viewership.  :)

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dracodormiensnt: Reasons why Sophie Hunter’s PR has had a too difficult task to handle

I’d like to show everyone why I think PR for Sophie Hunter has a too difficult task to handle, so I am summarizing many of the very clever remarks that I have read on skeptics blogs. A lot of times the real food for thought comes from small posts, but I also find that submitted posts which try to look at the bigger picture (like NBD-Anon, GN Anon and many more!) are really useful if anyone needs an overview.

1. Sophie Hunter has almost no potential to become a star

Admittedly, PR for people, brands and products can be quite genius. Some PR-moves and strategies are undeniably great, for example Gambles’ tumblr-campaign for Beyonce is very impressive. However, there is only so much PR can do, and one major factor that determines a campaign’s success is obviously the product itself. Unfortunately for SH-PR they got a very difficult object to work with, i.e. Sophie Hunter. 

Sophie Hunter has a very unlikable demeanor and seems very smug. Even the Nans have admitted that SH has an “unfortunate face” which made it difficult for her to appeal to anyone. Btw, her “not too gorgeous” appearance could have been a reason why BC’s team agreed to use her for the Showmance, because fans/the public wouldn’t have a too difficult time to “let go of her” after the split in the narrative.

Sophie Hunter is not talented enough which explains the polishing of her CV. Notice also how her labels keep shifting: actress, avant-garde artist, theatre director, fashionista and now playwriter. Even in the comments in e.g. the Dailymail regular people are posting their doubts about SH’s CV and how they are fed up with this constant push to emphasize SH’s allegedly brilliant achievements.

Sophie Hunter makes very odd style choices so she unfortunately for her she hasn’t been able so far to establish herself as a fashionista or, simply, a well-styled person. The furniture-looking clothes speak for themselves.

These facts about Sophie Hunter made it impossible for PR to set up official websites for her. She is kind of a hopeless case for a celebrity. It would look ridiculous for her to run an official tumblr like e.g. Beyonce’s tumblr. So PR set up fake-fansites for SH really fast and which still looked ridiculous. Why would SH have gained obsessed fans THIS early in the narrative? The annickpass tumblr, which started even before the French Open, first tried to imply that they were SH’s own blog. This was also pathetic because why would an unsuccessful theater artist run such a pretentious show-off- tumblr? The tumblr compared her to Sophie Marceau and British filmstars! Later the tumblr tried to pretend to be a fansite, but when they were exposed as a PR-site by skeptics, they posted a message that they were “just friends”, and then they shut the tumblr-blog down for good. These were major backtracking moves from PR. The whole debacle of annickpass tells a lot about PR’s struggle to successfully campaign for SH, who is simply not the right candidate for all of their efforts.

The authenticity of the other “fansites” that have stayed (BenophieDaily.tumblr.com/SophieHunterPhotos.tumblr.com) can also easily be questioned. Why did PR even bother with fake-fansites? Because SH-PR has always known that the length of the showmance was limited, so they needed maximum amount of buzz for their client, but they moved too fast and became unconvincing. Sure, some BC-Nanny-fans have by now set up real fansites for SH, because they took pity on her, but SH PR couldn’t have foreseen that. And  their own fake-fansites are, of course, easier to use for PR-purposes. Thanks to PR’s fake-fansites, it is really easy to see which image for SH PR is trying to be accepted as the truth. Too bad though that those sites are themselves too shady to be trusted.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch is the wrong celebrity to be paired up with a fake girlfriend who has got a selfish and harmful agenda

BC is one of those celebrities who gained popularity because casual and enthusiastic fans (among other things) liked him for his rejection of typical Starlet behavior. The worst case of famewhore-behavior is e.g. Kim Kardashian’s antics, and BC’s demeanor is quite the opposite of such a celebrity. So this explains BC obvious unwillingness to take part in a showmance. Otherwise he would have tried to sell the narrative of his relationship with SH with more effort.

But PR’s biggest problem with BC is that he has a huge fandom with too many clever fans. These are fans who are very observant, resourceful and intelligent and who can read subtle messages and have called out on PR-moves. Many of BC’s fans originated from his Sherlock-TV Show. A TV-Series that is loved by people who like snarky, clever characters and mysteries. This is, unfortunately, for SH-PR not the type of audience that would easily be fooled by PR-shenanigans.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this as well, but PR had been trying to paint BC-Fans as a bunch of crazy Belieber-Fans. Slightly younger, foolish and easy to discredit. Apart from articles which paint this picture of BC-Fans, there have been Anon-posts made by PR that imply that and PR has also written some lovely intimidating messages to Skeptics. So they like to discredit anyone who challenges them, but they don’t mind at all if embarrassing fans, who think they want to be in SH’s good books, write silly fan letters to her. 

3. We are in a new age of celebrity gossip culture

PR is facing more challenging times. Fans and people interested in gossip and in talking about their favorite celebrities have turned away from the traditional gossip media. These days, intelligent gossip takes place in specialized gossip blogs and forums where a community of “experts” for each celebrity meet and dissects events. These forum-posters or bloggers get to know each within the sphere of the forum so that it is somewhat easy for them to identify trolls and posts made by PR-people, who, of course, monitor the discussions as well. If you have so many snarky experts for a celebrity, it becomes really difficult to try to control them and feed them a PR-narrative. And with BC, the skeptical gossip talks have shifted to the tumblr-blogs because this is where BC Fandom takes place. He is after all tumblrs’ most reblogged actor. The means to communicate about BC have become too fast and too advanced (e.g. making of gifs) for SH’s PR to keep up with and to manipulate with messages.

anonymous asked:

So if Davos brings Rickon back in one piece, then am I correct in assuming that he now has the true heir to Winterfell? (Can't Imagine Bran ever returning to the normal world.) This could pretty much ruin almost all of Littlefinger's plans involving Sansa, no?

Well, here’s the thing, I think there’s going to be a good deal of conflict, or at least potentially: 

  1. Rickon will no doubt have the support of the Manderlys and probably Stannis too, but other people might be resistant to giving the southerners that much power, especially if Rickon is hastily betrothed to a female Manderly (Manderly is a loyal northman, but he’s also a loyal northman who makes sure he gets rewarded in full). 
  2. Sansa is older, and is being championed by the Vale. OTHO, she was married to Tyrion Lannister before, and the North isn’t going to like that her first husband might try to assert a claim. 
  3. Robb’s will naming the significantly older Jon Snow as his heir may be championed by the Glovers, Mormonts, and Reeds.
  4. The Liddles and the other hill clans might back Bran Stark, who they know is alive and the older of the surviving trueborn sons.