but I still hate you


There are very few things on this God-forsaken planet that truly make Edward Nygma happy. A stimulating puzzle, a clever pun, a particularly inventive method of delivering a well-deserved death. But not a single one of these things could ever hold a candle to Oswald’s pale, bloodshot eyes staring into his own.”

The Bird and the Worm Chapter Five: Hysteria

By: @okimi79 and @riddlelvr

I fell deep into the water and you had the rescue boat. But all you did was turn a blind eye. I drowned, and you don’t get to say that you were there for me because the water in my lungs says otherwise.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Just a lil disclaimer you’re a sarcastic lil bitch that won’t stop asking me what’s on my mind bc you’re too obsessed with me and whatever you’re going to read next isn’t true, I still hate you…
First of all we have known each other for about a year now, I always used to diss your texts and snaps because you just wanted me to always Reblog your selfies 🙄 but like I always did because I low key thought you were so attractive.. And I still think that but we won’t go there yetttt. You’re heart and soul is so pure and wonderful. The feeling at the pit of my stomach gives me this vibe that you are so much different from the rest. And I don’t mean the rest of me exs but the rest of the world.. You’re more than just some girl ive met from tumblr, You are worth so fucking much. You have so much love to give and haven’t received any back. You seriously deserve to be treated like EVERY SINGLE ROMANTIC TUMBLR QUOTE OUT THERE. You deserve to be looked at the way Lexa looks at Clarke.. It’s the way you prey before you fall asleep, the way you pronounce your words, how you play soccer( center mid), the fact that you are 5'2" and like white Lilly’s… You pay attention to everything around you and take in everything. I just I can’t wait to come visit you because we will have the times of our lives together, I’m sure of it. From long walks at 3am, to making breakfast and possibly burning the house down. All the laughs and new experiences and adventures together.. It just constantly consumes my mind. I’m so happy I’ve become closer to you. Learning about you is amazing and already connecting on so many levels is beyond words can explain… Bottom line is, it’s 11:18am here and 4:18am there and no matter what time it is I will always be there for you. I won’t let you be anywhere without me being one call away. Everything and anything.

Ps… I don’t like you much and I hope you fulfill your dreams with Jen and I’m lucky I have had you there for me every step of the way this summer

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I hate how I can go back to you so easy. I hate the fact that our relationship was like nothing to you. I hate how I still have feelings for you for after a year, and you've lost all and any feelings you've ever had for me. I don't get why you called me last night when you were depressed and lonely. Out of all the people you know, why me? I haven't talked to you in almost a year, and you think for some reason, you have the right to come back into my life when you need help.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest.

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that question about life after death... I don't know I kind of expected something different from a paranormal-oriented blog like yours? like something more spiritual, idk. not hating though. I love your blog xx

You can still look at things scientifically if you believe in the paranormal

We all stop

Guys….we need to stop. Don’t you see we’re tearing things apart. We’re ruining friendships. We’re making people turn on each other. This is not okay. I don’t like to see this. I’m sad,angry,and confused and all these emotions. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. We ALL need to stop and just drop it. We ALL need to stop and just…. Be friends again. This is hurting people. “That’s the shittiest thing about this….others that aren’t even involved are being hurt. The whole thing is fucking ridiculous….”
That’s what one our friends said. We’re making others cry. Breakdown. Sad. Mad. And that’s not ok. Even if it’s the people against us. I still care about you and love you. I hate to see you like this. EVERYONE like this. Let’s just stop and be friends again. And maybe even understand each other…..alright.

~the mean one (can also be nice)

And there they go ‘w’

Did these two pagedolls to show my support to Sheith, feel free to use them in your blog, credits not needed but I will appreciate it tho!

Remember that you are free to unfollow me if you feel unconfortable with the ship because after all I dont care what you think of it!! Same if you want to send some hate because with past experiences in other fandoms I already became inmune to it!!

does anyone else think it’s kind of disrespectful when fans type out the way the boys say english words (like “bikeu” “hearteu” etc)??? like english isn’t their native language and they’re trying their best so if they have accents or whatever then we shouldn’t make fun of it like that? and i know people don’t do it to be intentionally rude but it rubs me the wrong way lol