but I still don't know why we're just noticing

one of the purest moments from any form of media ever
  • caleb: how could you not notice that?
  • adam: i don't know, i wasn't paying attention i guess
  • caleb, laughing: you are so bad at this
  • adam: sorry, i'm just distracted
  • caleb, still laughing: adam, we're in a park, and there's barely anyone around, what are you distracted by, the pigeons?!
  • adam:
  • caleb: oh no, stop, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed. pigeons are...cool?
  • adam, laughing: god, you're such an idiot sometimes. i... was distracted by you.
  • caleb: what? why? i've been sitting here doing nothing. i mean, look at me!
  • adam: i am! that's the point!
  • Diane: Robert! Why aren't you at work?
  • Robert: What's the point?
  • Diane: The point is you need to keep yourself busy. Sitting round here feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to do any good. And nor is drinking yourself daft. (takes the glass away from him)
  • Doug: It's barely midday! Have some dignity, for heaven's sake!
  • Robert: Says the man whose best mate's a prize marrow.
  • Diane: Hey! I know you're upset, but there's no need to take it out on us. You'll need your family round you if you're going to get through this.
  • Robert: Yeah? What do you know about it?
  • Diane: Plenty. You're not the first person to have their heart broken.
  • Robert: Aaron was my whole life. Now I've got nothing. Except two pensioners pretending they know what it feels like. It's obvious you gave up ages ago. And if he left, it'd take you a week to notice.
  • Diane: That's enough. I might be old, but I can still give you a clip round the ear if you carry on.
  • Doug: Our relationship might not be perfect, but we're prepared to work at it. That's the trouble with you young 'uns. You've got no staying power!
  • Robert: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just... I wish me and Aaron could have been more boring like you two. Not boring. Just... normal.
  • Diane: It's okay, pet.
  • Doug: Look, why don't I get you a coffee? Get you sobered up.
  • Robert: I'm all right. I need to be on my own. Get my head straight.

i don’t even really ship this but I’m just imaging Wash having like a giant crush on Dr. Grey and big sis Lina is all “why don’t you just go talk to her?”

so Wash is like “That’s easy for you to say when was the last time you tried to hit on someone?”

And Epsilon snickers while Lina stares at Wash for a good 10 seconds before going “Wash I have literally been sleeping with Kimball for 3 months have you honestly not noticed?”

“…why does no one ever tell me anything? also I didn’t need to hear that.”

anonymous asked:

I was going through some astrology blogs and something reminded me of how capricorn are very good at hiding their emotions. I think it's hard to find it, but it's not impossible. This sparked a flash back of how I would half way cringe at something I don't like and stop because I was involuntarily realizing I was showing emotions. It's like people have to learn how to read micro expressions (if they want to of course) just to find out what we're feeling. Lol.

You know what’s weird though? Even though I know that there is no way others to pick up on my moods or why I’m upset…I still get shitty because no one notices my micro expressions yet would be shattered when they do. Isn’t that the most ridiculous contradiction?