but I started working on this last week and just finished it

I had to do an animated typography-style video for a client. I told her to have the script ready by a certain date so I would have enough time to finish the video before her deadline. I contacted her the day the script was due.

Me: How’s the script coming?

Client: I haven’t started it, but I made an outline, so you can go ahead and start creating graphics.

Me: No, I’m going to wait until you have the script done, in case you end up changing your mind on things.

A week later:

Me: Is the script ready?

Client: I’ve had writer’s block, so I’ve spent the last week making graphics for you in Microsoft Paint to save you some work.

Me: Thanks, but I can’t use those. You should just worry about writing.

Client: It’s no trouble! I want to help you since you’re so far behind the deadline.

She ended up submitting the script four weeks late.

just a little tattoo artist!luke + tattoo artist!y/n thing I started writing last week and decided to finish tonight :)

Luke never really considered that in hiring you as an artist at his tattoo parlour, he’d be around you all the time. He understood the concept, in theory, but in practice having you sitting beside him all the time, leaning over his broad shoulder to peek at his work, laughing at his stupid jokes – in practice it was overwhelming.

It was especially difficult when he realised his feelings swayed away from just thinking you were hot to thinking it was cute when you laughed and feeling an annoying warmth in the pit of his stomach when you leaned against him at the end of a particularly long day. At some point among the jokes and watching you work, he’d developed feelings.

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Challenge Yourself

Life is a battle. We’re constantly fighting against other people growing up, at school, in social situations and in family life. It’s always about getting more attention, being better and just generally winning. 

Well I’m here to say STOP. It’s time to start looking at yourself, not at other people. We’re all different and however much we strive and work to look, act or be like someone else it’s not going to happen. 

I had a totally epiphany as I was slogging my way round the triathlon course a couple of weeks ago with a bloody great grin on my face. Every person on that course (apart from one man who was 3 times my age) overtook me and with each one that flew past my smile got bigger and bigger. 

I was racing for me, against my previous personal best and no one else. I was the last woman to finish that triathlon and to be honest that only made me prouder that I’d gone in there for myself, conquered some demons and given it everything. 

Here are some of the methods that I’ve used to challenge myself and not compare myself to others:

- Take comparison photos of yourself if your goal is a physical change. Use ‘instababes’ as motivation rather than goals

- Note down PBs if your goal is a strength or speed change

- Fall in love with yourself. I know it sounds cheesy but rather than beating yourself up about your weaknesses try and identify your strengths. Then champion your strengths and be proud

- Surround yourself with positive people who will celebrate your victories, however small

- Listen to your body and don’t push yourself past what you can do at that point. Rest when you need to, reduce weights or resistance and eat that piece of cake if your body needs it…

How do you make sure that you’re challenging yourself rather than comparing yourself?


Hey everyone, commissions are open and now with lower prices.

I am in desperate need of money and I really hate to post my sob stories, but I’m really grasping for anything I can get at the moment. In 2012 my mother died suddenly and out of nowhere, which gave me a ton of mental issues and problems added onto the ones I already had. I started to go to therapy, but my sessions at my university ran out, and I began to see my therapist at her private practice. My father said he would pay for one visit a month, but now he is trying to skirt his promise. I just got the bill last week for my combined visits, and it’s over $700. My father is incredibly financially and emotionally abusive, and I’m too scared to even show him the bill. I’m trying desperately to look for a job, ontop of working out my girlfriend and I moving to NY sometime in the near future after I finish school. 

So that’s why these prices are so low. I just want to make as many sales as possible to try and pay off my bill and not have my dad threatening me and whatnot. 

- SKETCH: $4, add character +$2 each
- LINEART: $10, add character +$3 each
- FLAT COLOR: $12, add character +$3 each
- CHIBI THINGS: $15, add character +$5 each
- DIGITAL PAINT: $25, add character +$7 each

Contacting to arrange a commission via ask on tumblr is fine with me. You can also e-mail me at mguth1[at]student.gsu.edu if you like.

I accept PayPal.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy, I would really appreciate signal boosts. Thank you, guys.


I usually do at least 20 versions of a phrase or word before I call it final or deem it “good enough" – these were quick initial sketches I drew last week cut out of my grid moleskine –  But I’ve been so on the go this month > Finished up contracting for a non for profit (to make more time for drawing) > started working out of a local studio once a week > then Analogue Digital Brisbane & Melbourne this weekend and last.

Anyway, I found what CJ Hendry and Sam Yong had to say really affirming that I’m doing the right thing and can spend less time worrying if I am or not from now on and more with my head down and bum up.

Some notes I took: Just go in 100% and give it all you’ve got - its about building a lifestyle, put the hours in, embrace your flaws, absorb as much reference as possible then make your own shit, don’t be so precious, don’t let what gets the most likes dictate what you make next, sometimes you have to start from zero - look inwards and spend time finding your inner strength and ask yourself who you are and what you really want to do.

March 5 / 5:21 PM

I just finished watching the last three episodes of How To Get Away With Murder.


I must now go back to work, and revise my article (which was due three days ago), and then start studying for my law exam, which will be on Saturday.

Prelims week is not yet over, but it will be in two more days!

(Prelims week or Preliminary exam week was our college’s version of midterms)

My nearly 80 year old grandmother, who has been living with us since last year, passed away this morning around 6:45 AM.

I may not be completely finished cleaning out the submission box in two weeks like I said yesterday. I have to wrangle my mom into not making a huge show out of my dead grandmother to everyone and school starts in two weeks and I have to come up with tuition and get my schedule finalized and this has been an insanely hectic day at work and will continue to be hectic for the rest of the week.

I’m really, really sorry. But I figured you guys all deserve to know why I may not be active on here for a little bit. <3 I will be here, though, and I am coming back. Just give me time. Please. Thank you.

Sherlock's Amanda Abbington: 'actors need to remember how lucky they are'
The star of Sherlock, Mr Selfridge and new BBC series Cuffs reveals her hidden passions, career highlights and why she can't stand privilege on set

“ I’ve just finished doing Cuffs, a BBC police drama set in Brighton, and am filming my last series of Mr Selfridge at the moment. Then in February we start shooting the fourth lot of Sherlock. I’m sworn to secrecy, but the story arc is brilliant. Before that there’s a Christmas special set in the Victorian era. It was so much fun to film, and felt like a real caper. Everything becomes clear as to why we’re in Victorian dress, but it still follows the path left by the third series.

Professionalism I love working with Martin. He’s one of my favourite actors. I’d work with him every day of the week if I could. We met on a job 15 years ago. He is so professional, and knows his lines better than anyone. I’ve worked with some real nightmares: actors who haven’t read their lines, turn up late and demand things. I cannot stand that privileged attitude. They need to remember that there are hundreds of people who would love to do their job.”

for more follow the link.

Lots of nice bits and pieces of Amanda & Martin & Family


“There in the Forest”

This is the illustration that I’ve been working my butt off on for the past several weeks to finish up. I started it last year, put in 20 hours and then felt like I lost direction in it and just couldn’t figure out where it was going or how to fix it. I didn’t want to just throw it away so I put it aside. I picked it up again recently and things started to come together once I added the water and stepping stones, and then added in the woman. SO glad I stuck to it and didn’t give up! It was hard to work through parts of it….it really was. I felt like it was turning out  horribly and I couldn’t save it. But I kept working through it and it came through in the end. Hurrah!

I will have prints of this with me at Emerald City Comicon! I’m going to be on the 6th floor - that’s the very top above the main hall.


GIFT FOR @keksbela

I literally worked weeks on this picture, gawd
You can see a bit of the progress here, the last 2 pictures are the finished one

It’s wallpaper sized!! You can see (and download?) the pictures in their original size here:

With keksbela

Without keksbela

I hope you like it :D ♥



I just worked alone today 9hours ONLY FOR THE CHARACTERS. I started to speak to myself and, WELL I listen the same song since 9 hours and realized it NOW. Aaaaahhhhhh…


(this song)

This is an excerpt from an interview in next week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu that was published and translated by Gematsu.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new. How’s development coming along?

Hashino: Things are really coming along and we’re starting to hit our quality benchmarks in terms of what goes into the game, so at this stage, we’re hard at work building the game and fleshing it out. We’re just as eager to bring this game out finally so they can enjoy what all we’ve been working on and day by day, we’re getting closer to the finish line. It’s just going to be a little while longer now before it’s here.

During our last interview, I remember you talking about how you wanted this game to depict things like the cathartic feelings that come from freeing yourself of your own chains in life and being ale to yell out to the world you’re free. Now that we know more about the game, I’d like to ask you to elucidate about the themes of the game again.

Hashino: I don’t think it’s a stretch to say in this day and age that there are a lot of people out there who feel like they aren’t moving forward, that they have no future, and carry a lot of weight on their shoulders every day. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, emotionally speaking; on the one hand, they might not be keen on living by the same rules and values that defined previous generations, while still lacking the will to go out and actually break those barriers down themselves. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5.
In the midst of all that, though, you got these high school punks who are trying to bite back at a world that’s trying to pin them down. If our game can give people a little courage to keep going in their day to day lives, to face things head on and do something with themselves, then we’ll have done our jobs here.

But the main characters… are they thieves!?

Hashino: It’s interesting you refer to them in that way specifically because one of the things that inspired us to make this question to begin with was how, say, a classic, iconic thief in the vein of Lupin III might win the hearts and minds of people in today’s day and age if they were out running around today. There have been a lot of books and films over the years that explored the sorts of lives that thieves live and how they’re able to shake up the world with what many would perceive to be sheer brazenness, but that’s not ground that’s very well covered in games and we intend to rectify that. We want our players to be able to empathize with these characters and enjoy seeing what they get themselves into and we’re giving it everything we’ve got to make sure that comes through loud and clear in the final game.


Well, hello everyone! It’s been a while and I thought, well, why not do a new follow forever? I wanted to do this when I reach 3K, but then I got lazy and didn’t work on it for two weeks or so and then I reached 3.5K today, so I thought maybe I should finally finish and post this one. :)

I started following some brilliant new blogs in the last few months, especially since I joined the Merlin fandom, so yeah - the list got even longer! I guess that’s a side effect when you have a multifandom blog, haha.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you and I’m happy that you all make my dashboard such a nice place. Of course there many more blogs that I follow, but couldn’t include in this, so just for the record: I really do love all of you, that’s why I followed you in the first place. You’re all awesome and beautiful, never forget that!

I also wanted to thank every single one of my followers! You manage to make me smile every day with every like or reblog or nice message. Watching that little number grow makes me incredibly happy and sometimes I can’t believe that you all chose to follow me and actually like the stuff that I make or my writing or whatever. Thank you so much for that! :) I love you all so much! ♥

Note: I follow you as travelling-in-a-tardis-firstblog!

The bold ones are mutuals. :)


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*Quick side note i’m normally quite good at getting your scenario requests out fairly quickly but basically I feel like some of my recent scenarios have been lacking in quality and I’m genuinely incredibly sorry for that because thats  something that I never wanted to happen so i;m going to start taking even better care in what i write so that means that it will take t lot longer for them to come out so I apologize for that but I hope you guys understand that I just want to write good things for you guys* (There’s a Mino Au that was requested a while ago that I’m still working on so I hope you anticipate and thank you for your patients sweets~)

Heya my little dumplings! the point of this post is that like I said before I passed my follower target by a lot and I wanted to do something to celebrate. In two weeks I finish my last exam and one of the things that I will do is release the final Unsaid words (Even if it means that I’ll have to possibly split it into two parts) and the other thing is that i’ve had a lot of requests for smut but thats something that I’ve never felt comfortable doing since I don’t think i would be any good at writing it however since you’ve all been  so lovely I thought as a way to celebrate why not at least try and write you guys the trashiest smut you’ve ever read. Below I’m going to list the Kinks that I could possibly write about and I want you guys to message me the Group member you want (It can be any member from any of the 7 groups that are listed on this blog) and what kink you’d want from the list below and I will write a scenario according to the most popular voted member and most popular voted kink.


Daddy kink



Breath play

Role playing (like Master/Slave type thing)

Cosplaying (Nurse etc)

Dirty talk

Public Sex


(You have a week  to send in the member and Kink before I close the voting and start writing it, just thought i’d day I won’t be replying to the messages just taking down tallys, thank you~~)


Bruce WIP

I had to take a break from painting/sculpting activities today since my back is hurting but here are pictures I took yesterday! I’m busy painting Beau now. I also took a picture before I started painting, I thought people might like to see how I set up my things :) (I’m a lefty by the way).

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Jo Im is a Korean-American jazz singer who I was lucky to grab an interview with this week. Check out her cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like a Star” above!

Can you give us a little background? What do you do besides music?

I just graduated this last year, and right now I am working as a waitress. However, I am working on applying to grad schools for teaching social science and music. Besides working on music, I also like to hike, do pilates, and cook!

How did you get interested in singing and music?

I first started in the same way many children are introduced to music in a Korean family – through classical piano lessons. In high school, I was a piano accompanist for a choral group called the Women’s Ensemble, and it was mandatory for every student to take a sight-singing test. Right after I finished taking the test, the choral conductor, Mrs. Alderman, told me she was surprised to hear my voice and encouraged me to audition for her other advanced choral ensembles. From then on, I auditioned for many vocal groups and fell in love with singing even more. 

Who could you list as your major influences?

I have many major influences! But these would be the ones I can think on top of my head: 

Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Sarah Vaughan, Rihanna, John Coltrane, Katy Perry, Kurt Elling, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Rachelle Ferrell, Amel Larrieux, Leah McFall, Ariana Grande, and Rita Ora.

What are the top 10 most played songs in your music library?

“Happy” by Pharrell, “Problem” by Ariana Grande, “Nature Boy” by Kurt Elling, “Yonce” and “Ghost” by Beyonce, “In a Sentimental Mood” by Sarah Vaughan, “Phresh Out the Runway” by Rihanna, “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, “My Favorite Things” by John Coltrane, and “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.

You release a lot of your covers on Youtube through Arella TV, can you tell us a little about that?

My friend Jay Arella asked me to do a Christmas music video with him; it was a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” After that we just started making more music videos, and before we knew it, we made six videos together. However, I am planning to make my own Youtube channel soon!

What does your family think of your venture into music?

At first my family was a little cautious because the pursuit of a music career is very risky financially. However, once they saw that my professors truly believed in my musical abilities, they began to support me in creating music. My mom feels nervous about me pursuing music as a career but the rest of my family supports me but would encourage me to have a back up plan. 

Do you feel that your ethnicity or identity has helped you or held you back in any way?

I felt being Korean-American in America held me back when it came to pursuing a singing career because singing was considered risky and unprofessional. You don’t see any Asian American women in mainstream music. Not only that, but for one to possibly enter the industry, they must fit certain stereotypical roles that degrade and pigeonhole Asian and Asian American women. This held me back because in the past, I was always hesitant and afraid to show my family my passion for singing. However, when it came to being a classical pianist, my family had supported me more because like many Koreans believe, the classical piano was considered a “dignified” and “virtuosic” solo art. 

When it came to a musical performance career, the classical piano is one of the most stable instruments to play. Nevertheless, playing the piano gave me an advantage because I was able to sight-read and use my knowledge of music theory to enhance my progress. In addition, I learned a lot about discipline and ambition from Korean culture, so that helped me excel in my musical skills because my work ethic was built upon those values. 

What’s next for you? What can we expect in 2014?

I’ll be experimenting with music a lot since I’m still trying to find myself musically. I will also be releasing my own Youtube channel and posting a lot more videos there. Hopefully, I will start writing and producing my own music!

Is there any advice you’d give to someone pursuing music?

Do not let fear stop you from being original. Continuously experiment to discover yourself. When it comes to covers, try to find a way to change and find your own identity, whether it is through a concept of a music video, variation of melody, arrangement, instrumentation, and improvisation. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, embrace criticisms, ignore hate, and spread love!


*coughs* …Ever since I finished playing Undertale, I’ve been quite enamoured with it. Everything is positively delightful, from its story and characters to the terribly catchy soundtrack. Definitely up there as one of my absolute favourites!

For almost every warmup I did last week, before starting work on commissions, I did a small canvas of Undertale sketches just to see how I would render various characters and monsters in my style. I think I might make a proper illustration out of that last picture of Muffet, if I find the time!

(PS: The robot form of Napstablook is based on a design doodled up by ScotchTapeOfficial, which you can see HERE. Gawd it’s so cute.)


Some more roughs! Because of the holidays it might take me a while to finish this one, but here are some process images for my next painting. There are still some kinks to work out but think I’m going to go with the final composition on the bottom. The value-rough up there is just a grayed out version of the color one but that helps me check my values as I go to make sure I stick to them when I paint. :) Do you guys like seeing this much process? I’m not sure, haha.

By the way, hello to the new followers I’ve gotten in the last week and welcome! :) I’m going to have to start thinking about another give away soonish…


The Making ofEyes Only For You

Didn’t get the chance to create a new PLAKKI piece for this today. As always, to make up for it, I’m going to share with your guys how I made last week’s piece starting from the initial sketch all the way down to the final saved finished painting. Sorry there’s no piece this week you guys.

I struggled this week to make up my mind on a concept to produce. Though I had some good ideas, in the end, I decided just to skip this week and save those ideas for future PLAKKI pieces time when I can work on them freely.

Besides most of my arting time this week was spend focused on working on my contribution to an upcoming Miraculous Valentine’s Day collaboration project. Here’s a small teaser WIP of that:

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Something happened today and I’m not entirely sure what to call it. Since I ran yesterday (all .8 miles in its glory), I took off running today because I want to take it nice and slow. I did the elliptical and the bike instead with some weights. As I was finishing the last 10 minutes of cardio, I just started smiling. Smiling so big in the midst of the crowd of people also working out. I don’t care if I looked silly, I felt something in me so deep that I’ve only ever felt a few times before: after or during a breakthrough run.

For so long, I felt I couldn’t be happy without running, but for the last few weeks, I’ve been learning that’s not the case. I’ve learned to appreciate my body for the wonderful machine it is. Granted, I have some bad moments, but how would I appreciate these kinds of breakthrough moments without the bad?

I am happy for the smallest things my body can do for me. It gives me strength to wrap my arms around those I love. It gives me fingers to interact with all of you on here. It gives me strength to walk, jump, climb, skip, and run. It gives me a mouth to smile to show the world I am feeling joy. It gives my eyes the ability to produce tears to show that I feel. It gives me skin and fat and beauty marks to show that I’m living and growing and thriving and protecting my body. The scars show I’ve survived hurting. The freckles and wrinkles show I’ve had experience.

I wanted to hug my body and squeeze it and continue to tell it, “Thank you for all you do. Thank you for all you do. I love you so much. I’ll never treat you less than a goddess again.”

So I’m sending you all that same hug today. And don’t wait for something or someone to be happy. Be happy now. Cherish putting even the most seemingly minuscule one foot in front of the other. Celebrate you. Celebrate every victory, every step, every smile, every memory.

SonAmy Week - Childhood

Hoooooooookay, its finally done. This fic is the death of me and its the first thing I worked on before SonAmy Week started but I hadn’t finished it until now. I know I’ll make another post about this whole week once midnight in my time zone comes, but I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has taken part in SonAmy Week – literally, every single one of you are amazing and unbelievably talented! The amount of art & fanfictions I’ve seen have made my every day this week. I know that this years SonAmy Week hasn’t been as popular as last years but the fact being that you all still wanted to be apart of it has made me so humble. Making SonAmy Week a thing was a good idea after all, seriously you have no idea how happy this makes me feel. Just thank you for making this a once a year thing. <3

Anyway, I’ll stop my rambling xD Here’s my contribution to the last day of a wonderful week.

Prompt: “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar” AU

Sonic had never been much of a socializer

It wasn’t that he was antisocial he just never went out of his way to go to social gatherings, despite his laid back attitude and the fact he got along with anyone he spoke too. He just didn’t like being trapped in a tight coffee store where being close to a stranger meant touching their shoulder. He much preferred being by himself within his personal space and nothing else. In this case he had no choice.

He felt so awkward. Peachy, he thought to himself while watching Tails poking Kunckles’ shoulder to get his attention. The reason for their visit was because it started raining as the three friends were walking home. The rain started when they got one mile down the street and this coffee shop was the only shelter available as the other stores had closed by then. They ran across the road, Sonic getting there the quickest and stumbling inside like a drunk with two left feet.

That’s just it. You’re nervous…No. He wasn’t nervous. Just…okay.

So if he wasn’t nervous, then what was that jittery feeling clawing in the pit of his stomach that made him feel uncomfortable?

Hello, I’m Sonic. I’m supposed to feel agitated and fidgety. It’s just who I am.

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