but I really wanted to include it so whatever


This was inspired by something that recently happened to a friend. Might considering posting my source of inspiration for B if they still do not see the error of their ways after being informed by various people including the artist themselves. People. OTL

If anyone identifies with B please understand and change? I’m sure you’re not a jerk inside but just behaving so due to ignorance/convenience/pride/whatever. Do you really want to continue?


Peyton Sawyer appreciation week: day 2 | favorite relationship

When I think of everyone else out there in the world that goes through their life alone, and then I think of all the amazing years I’ve gotten to spend with my beautiful, beautiful best friend, Brooke Davis… I kind of feel sorry for everybody else.

TwitchyWitchyOne’s Aggressive Home Protection Spell Bottle

I used every item I had on hand for this spell bottle, because we’re going through a mildly nasty separation from our roommate. I went for equal parts aesthetic and function (because I want it to be on display in my living room), so I’m going to include the order in which I added ingredients, but it’s not really necessary. Feel free to use as is, modify for what you have on hand, or for your personal preferences.

A bottle/jar/container with a cork/lid.
A brown candle.

Ingredients (remember you can use whatever you have or prefer instead):
Black Beans (dry): protection, defense, strength.
Red Beans (dry): health, energy, compassion.
Chilli Powder: repelling negative energy.
Cinnamon (ground and stick): protection, strength, prosperity.
Cloves: banishing, protection.
Cumin: protection.
Garlic (ground and whole): protection, guard against negative energy.
Nutmeg: protection, prosperity.
Rosemary (ground and whole): good health.
Black Pepper: protection against evil.
Salt: protection.
Ginger (ground and whole): strengthens the other ingredients.
Charged/Infused Water (feel free to charge however you want or infuse with any herbs or crystals you feel would be helpful. I spit into the water for a mild taglock and spoke to it about what it’s purpose was.)

While adding each ingredient, focus on the property you need from it. Say “I/We are ___” inserting the property you are focused on. When something had a property other than protection, I used it. Protection is the point of the bottle as a whole, so you don’t need to say it with every protection herb you add. You know?

The order in which I added ingredients:
1. Black Beans (“We are strong.”)
2. Salt (“We are safe.”)
3. Cloves (“We banish negative energy.”)
4. Cumin (“We are safe.”)
5. Chilli Powder (“We repel negative energy.”)
6. Nutmeg (“We are prosperous.”)
7. Ground Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
8. Ground Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
9. Black Pepper (“We protect against evil.”)
10. Ground Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
11. Ground Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
12. Red Beans (“We are compassionate.”)
13. Whole Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
14. Whole Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
15. Whole Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
16. Whole Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
17. Charged/Infused Water (whatever you charged or infused it with.)

Close the bottle/jar. Heat the bottom of a candle to make it stick to the cork/lid of your bottle/jar. Light the candle. Think (or say) “Our home is safe. Our home is whole. Our home is blessed.” Let the candle burn out to seal the bottle/jar.

If you want to, at this point you can add any sigils, symbols, ribbons, anything else that will have meaning and also be nice to look at.

EDIT: 1. Please don’t leave a burning candle unattended, and be extra careful if it’s burning on a cork! Make sure to put it out before it can catch on fire! 2. I didn’t think about it when I made it, but happened to put exactly the right amount of water in. If you’re using dry beans, they will expand in the water! Make sure there is plenty of room for them to expand so it doesn’t overflow!
tips for ppl with hyperempathy from a fellow hyperempathetic pal

• dont be afraid to blacklist tags on tumblr about negative stuff. even if it’s incredibly important, i know it makes me v stressed out

• it’s ok to hate drama and not want to watch tv shows/movies/whatever that include arguments or fighting.

• a lot of people nowadays who aren’t kids like stuffed animals so people won’t really think you’re all that weird if you bring your stuffed animal everywhere

• it’s ok if your empathy fluctuates!! it’s ok if you only feel empathy for inanimate objects!! it’s ok if u have hypoempathy! all ‘not normal’ levels of empathy are super ok and there are lots of people who experience them

• hyperempathy isn’t always a bad thing. we have a lot of love in our hearts. always try to remember that



I made these fair while back and they’ve been sitting in my computer just waiting to be used, but I don’t really have a use for them so… yeah :) 
There’s some weirdness in these previews because of the clothing and height differences so probably want to keep that in mind or whatever.

TOU: Do not re-upload or re-post any of my creations or the download links. Do not claim them as your own. Tag ‘ellechosim’ if you wish

Download includes poselist & non-poselist with codes



Voltron meets Deadpool (insp.)

Right Heads Up:

Fan Mail - it’s a beautiful thing -
Just want to say and get the word out because people need to get a response and this is tricky as I like to sign and read everything personally. I’m not going to show off and say how popular I am. It was always something that the boys would say to eachother with a big head at school “ yeah mate and I bet you’ve got so much fan mail to get through at home!”
Truth is - i genuinly do though and it’s becoming a problem. Problem can be solved easily though - here’s how

1: send a stamped addressed envelope included with whatever you want signing. And I’ll get it turned round really quickly

Reason being -

I get 3 different variations

Some requests no photos no envelope no stamps?
Some requests no stamp but an envelope and postal orders international included and i don’t have a team of people it’s just me and some friends that help out over pizza night and we’re getting a bit boggled over the plastic bags of genuine requests.
And the last Some with envelope and stamp a photo but then no address on the envelope so some poor buggers almost got it and then all i’m left with is holding an envelope at the post box guessing where you live?

Write to Tom:

United Agents

12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE


Page 1-5 / Chapter 3 / first - previous - next 

“ Whatever part of him was responsible for the whole ‘joy’ business had been blocked off. “  

thats a quote from this chapter

felt like i needed to include it for the full effect of heartbreak!!

FiNaGLC belongs to @unrestedjade


dating remus lupin would include...

- okay okay okay
- like when he first started liking you he was really shy about it
- and the marauders would tease him RELENTLESSLY
- “Y/N isn’t remus just the greatest???”
- “shut up shut up shut up you idiots”
- but like over time once you started dating
- he’d become so comfortable with you
- he’d want to hear all about your day
- i mean every single detail
- when you had a bad day
- he’d stop whatever he was doing and bring you so much chocolate
- and he’d hold you in his arms
- and draw little patterns on your skin
- you guys could just sit together in the common room
- looking at the fire
- he’d read you his favourite books
- and you would hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke
- after every full moon you’d sneak into the hospital wing
- with a shit ton of chocolate and sweets
- and curl up w him on the tiny bed
- and try and make him smile
- he’d run his fingers through your hair
- and fall asleep next to you
- until of course madame pomfrey runs in and kicks you out
- you’d have long walks along the lake
- and all around hogsmeade holding hands
- you’d pretend to disapprove of the marauders pranks
- but you and him would be so clever
- and just come up with the best ways to get them
- and they’d never suspect you
- him being so freaking nervous for your first time
- because oh god he just wants everything to be perfect for you
- and him being insecure of his scars at first
- but you assure him he’s absolutely perfect in your eyes
- sometimes he’d just sit and stare at you
- as you read or did homework or cuddled with him
- taking in how beautiful he thought you were
- and wondering how he got so lucky as to end up with a girl like you

i love this boy sm

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BTS' Kisses

Okay, let’s start this with Jin. Jin is basically the mother of Bangtan and just has that caring side to him, so I think his kisses would be really soft and, of course also really sweet. He would want to have you close to him and he would also kiss you a lot. He would love to kiss your cheek or forehead or nose and always tell you how cute and pretty you are. One of his hugs would of course include a kiss. And not only one. If he would finally have you in his arms, he would shower your whole face in kisses and laugh when you would blush. He wouldn’t leave the house or apartment or whatever until you gave him a goodbye kiss and he also wouldn’t get out of bed until he got his good morning kiss. And then there’s the thing with the good night kiss. He wouldn’t be satisfied with one. Let’s say like five would be a minimum before he went to bed. Just like hugs, kisses are important to him because he wants you to know that he loves and he also wants to show you that he loves you. Besides, through a simple kiss on the cheek or temple he can show other guys you are taken. His kisses would be sweet no matter what. You two could be making out and he would still sneak some sweet pecks in there. He would always have you close with at least one arm around your shoulders or waist. As I said when I explained how I think his hugs would be like, I think he would be all about warmth and making you feel loved. His favourite places to kiss would of course be your lips and I think also the tip of your nose and your cheek. I’m not sure if he would be that into kissing your neck. Maybe if you were sitting in his lap or if you two were watching a movie and he would be a bit bored. He would also really like surprise kisses. Like when you are looking for something he’d come up to you and kiss you on the cheek or something.
So, Jin’s kisses would be really sweet and soft and there would be a lot of them! In the mornings, while cooking or in the evenings, it wouldn’t matter to him as long as he got to kiss you.

Okay, Taehyung is next. I think he would be really, really playful. Just like Jin, he would want to kiss you a lot. And he would always come up with something new. Taehyung would kiss you at times you would least expect him to. For example when you get something out of the fridge or when you are doing your makeup. Back to the thing with the fridge. If he saw you wanting to do or get something, he would most definitely jump in front of you and demand a kiss in order to let you pass. He would literally use every opportunity he had to kiss you. If he once had trapped you in his arms, he would shower your whole face in kisses. Even your arms and hands! He would comment on how cute you are and say something like ‘You are mine!’ or something around those lines. Of course he would want to hold you in his arms, but I don’t think he would mind if you two were standing a bit away from each other. Since he is pretty playful, I think, if you wouldn’t want to kiss him because you have cold or something, he would tickle you or chase you around until he would have gotten his kiss. He would even pick you up and spin you around after or while kissing. If you two were making out, I think he’d really like pulling on your lip. We all know he’s weird, so if you were in his arms, he’d kiss you and then maybe even lick your cheek, giggling at your reaction before wiping your cheek for you. Another thing I think he’d do is try and distract you while you are doing your homework or cooking or something like that. He then would kiss your neck and just try to get you to give him some attention. I think Taehyung would really like kissing your temple. You know, one arm around you and just press his lips to your temple or forehead or the top of your head. That way he could also show that you are taken.
Taehyung’s kisses would be really playful and just fun! Be always ready to get kissed by him, even in the strangest situations. You shouldn’t be too shy about kissing when being with him because he would want to kiss you 24/7 if he could.

Third one on my nonexistent list is the maknae Jungkook. And because he is the youngest, I think he would be really shy at first but then soon dump all his affection onto you whenever he had the chance. And he would do that by hugging and kissing and all that jazz. In the 'shy phase’ he would probably kiss your cheek from time to time, maybe even peck your lips if he was extra confident that day. But as soon as he would have gotten through that phase, he would literally always be onto you. Don’t get me wrong, it would probably take him a long time until he would finally build up the courage to kiss you a lot, but if he once did, he would never stop kissing you. I think it would even go to the point where the other members or his other friends would get annoyed at him if he brought you along and would only be glued to your lips and just face and neck in general. I think he would also be the type to leave at least two hickeys somewhere on your neck. Besides that, I think he would be really soft and gentle. His kisses would be rather short, sweet pecks instead of really deep kisses. And of course there would be a lot of them. If he once had you in his arms, he wouldn’t let you go any time soon. You would be showered in kisses. He just shows his affection that way. If it was getting a little hotter I think his kisses would get rougher. If you two where shopping or something like that, he would either have his arm around you or hold your hand and kiss your temple or cheek from time to time. If you two were at home, sitting in the couch while watching he movie, he would try and concentrate on what you two were watching but would probably end up kissing you most of the time. I think that he would be that clingy only in like the first few months and then it would get less, but he would still kiss you a lot. But not as much as pecks but more like really deep kisses. He then would hold you close to him and wouldn’t let you go for the next few minutes.
There would be a lot of kisses when dating Jungkook. He would always be sweet and gentle and make you feel loved and secure.

Number four is Suga. As we all know, Yoongi is quite the lazy one. So, I personally think that his kisses would be rather lazy as well, like, lingering kisses where he would just leave his lips on yours although he wouldn’t really be doing anything. He would just enjoy the closeness and smile into the kiss. He would generally want to be close to you, preferably laying on the couch or in bed. Since his kisses would be rather long as well, he wouldn’t kiss you as much in public but rather at home. I also think that in public his display of affection would be limited to maybe a few short pecks with his arm around your waist. But at home, he would be really cuddly. I think he would be most likely to kiss you after taking a nap. Then he would wander around and look for you. His kisses would be really soft and light. And long. He wouldn’t let you pull back, and if you tried, he would pout before kissing you again. If you two were laying in bed, he would love to kiss your neck, collarbones and shoulders. But I don’t think he would be into giving you hickeys. Instead I think he would like it more if you wore one of his shirts, but that’s another story. I think that he generally would be a lot more affectionate when being tired because then he would let his guard down. Not that he would even need to keep his guard up around you, but maybe around the younger members. He then would also make you a lot more compliments and tell you that he loves you a lot more and in a lot of different ways. If you two were on the couch, he would love to rest his head in your lap and sometimes pucker his lips so that you would kiss him. If it was getting a bit more heated, his light kisses would be a lot deeper and also rougher. But his normal kisses would be the exact opposite. You would always feel loved and appreciated when he kissed you.
Yoongi’s kisses would be soft, long and lingering ones, always making you feel loved. He would most likely kiss you while cuddling because those are two of his favourite things.

I see a lot of long kisses happening here. I think Hoseok is a very passionate guy and puts a lot of time and effort into all the things he loves. And, in this case, that would be you. He would want every kiss to be something special and wouldn’t be one for only a short peck. If he’s going to kiss you, he’s going to do it right. He wants to make you feel appreciated and loved and therefore would show you that he loves you through various acts. And one of those acts would be kisses. Lots of them. And long ones. When he left, he wouldn’t be someone to rush anything, even if he was late. He would still make time to kiss you. He would want to have you close to him, your arms around him. His kisses would be the exact opposite of Yoongi’s. His kisses would be heavy, but not smothering ones. They would be heavy because he would put all his emotions in them. It’s kinda hard to explain. Besides being heavy, they would also last really long. You would still be able to feel his lips on yours even after the kiss has ended. He wouldn’t kiss you as much in public, just because of the fact that he doesn’t like short kisses that much. And if he only had the chance to kiss you for a short amount of time, he would put as much kisses in there as he could. So, either a long kiss or a lot of short kisses. He would prefer kissing you at home. Talking about things he’d rather do at home: Hickeys. He would like to give you one or two hickeys, just because he thinks it’s fun and also because he would like to mark you as his. Not necessarily because he needs to make clear you are taken, but just because he likes it. The only thing about his kisses that would change when you two were making out, would be that he’d get more dominant and also rougher with you. But he would still be really passionate and would hold you close.
Hoseok’s kisses would be long, deep, passionate and heavy because he puts all his feelings in them and wants you to know what he feels when he’s with you. He wouldn’t be one for short kisses, so make sure you always have some spare time before leaving.

Jimin is a push-and-pull kinda guy. He would shower you in kisses and then turn his head away when you attempted to kiss his lips. He would try and avoid your lips as long as possible and when you got upset, he’d shower you in kisses again. He would always like to tease you, maybe even to the point where you’d get mad. But then he would feel horrible and would try to make it up to you. His kisses wouldn’t be as long as Hoseok’s, he’d rather give you a lot of cute, short pecks all over your face and body. I also think that he’d be a bit playful, like chasing you around and then pepper you in kisses when he caught you. But he’d also have a very passionate side to him, where his lips wouldn’t leave yours for a long time. His kisses could be very teasing as well, where he would bite your lip and get you all excited before he would just leave you there. In public, he would pull you into a small alley or a fitting room or something so that no one could see you and then just shower you in kisses. He would love to hear you giggle and laugh and then just grin at you before continuing. I think he would actually be able to leave the house without getting a kiss from you if he was in a rush, but when he got home, he would definitely catch up to all the kisses he wasn’t able to give you. Jimin would like you to have a hickey and would also want it to be visible, but if you said you didn’t like someone seeing it, he would be okay with that. Let’s get back to the push-and-pull thing I mentioned earlier. He would be like that towards you, but he wouldn’t like it the other way around. He would want to be the one teasing and not the one being teased. But, if that happened to be the case, he would either act like he’s mad and pout a lot or 'get revenge’ by making you unable to walk for the next few days. He’d also tease you more and get more dominant if you two were making out.
Jimin has a lot of sides to him, so there’s something for everyone. Cute, short pecks, long, passionate and sometimes hot kisses. But you’d have to put up with his teasing, which may or may not get a tat annoying.

Rap Monster
I had to think a lot about him. I think that on one hand, Namjoon would act all silly and cute to get you to laugh and get you to kiss him. If he had a day off, he would be very playful and cuddly. He would chase you around and pull you onto the couch with him where he would either tickle you and then shower you in kisses or immediately skip to kissing you. He would shower you in sweet pecks all over your face and body. I think he’d be the type to fall asleep right then and there because he often stays up the whole night, working on songs. If you two were out shopping, he’d be the type to wrap his arms around you from behind while you are looking at something and kiss the back of your neck, then rest his head either on top of yours or on your shoulder. But on the other end, he’d be someone for really deep and heavy kisses. For example when he was tired, he’d go to bed and demand a good night kiss from you. And I’m not talking about pecks. He wouldn’t let you go for approximately four to five minutes. Sometimes even longer. I think, if he was in a rush in the mornings, he’d give you a peck if you were lucky. Otherwise, he’d just rush straight out of the house. If you two were making out, he’d get a lot rougher. Biting and pulling on your lips while tugging on your hair. And that would be the only time he’d give you hickeys. He’d make sure that they would be visible and I’m sure that there would be plenty of them, not only on your neck. I talked about what he would be like at home, but not what he would be like when you visited him in the studio. In the studio, he’d be completely in his own world. You’d maybe get a short peck if you were luckily, but not much more. But if you two were walking around Seoul, just like Jimin he’d pull you into a fitting room or such and then kiss you. But only if you had been teasing him and he’d be kinda frustrated.
Namjoon has two sides to him, a playful, silly and cute one and a passionate, kinda rough side. But you’d have to be able to put up with not getting as much attention when he’s working.


Open all day TODAY ONLY.

So, starting now until 12:00am PST (that’s 18 hours) my slots are open. These will be the commissions I’ll take in for this month, rent is coming up in a couple of days and my hospital stay really set me back.

Here’s how it works:

Send an email to jitterbugcommissions@gmail.com

Offer whatever price you want within the price limits below.

Include a reference of up to two characters and a small bit of info on them. (Simple meaning like their basic personality, occupation, etc. I have a hard time reading long bios, so summarize them if you can, I would appreciate that)

I can also design or create characters if you do not have a reference or want to just let me create a mystery adopt for you.

Ask about character reference sheets if you want one, minimum $15

I will take any species but might reject anything too complex like detailed robots.

DO NOT PAY until I respond to you with payment info!

I will then draw a single image with a quality reflecting on the price, and you agree to allow me to draw what I want with the provided info. (I will draw your character in whatever way I feel matches their info)

Minimum price: $3

What you get at minimum- A simple sketched headshot

Max: $200

What you get at maximum- High detail, full background.

Limit: 3 (Yes, you can order more than one, so you can split up an offered price however you want!

*Yes, you can get three $200 commissions if you really want to. Just note these will take time so you may be waiting longer for them.)

This offer closes at midnight!

Garlicky Pasta with Spinach & Carrots

I started making this dish when I got bored with eating pasta with plain old tomato sauce. I was also trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet, so this worked out perfectly! The ingredients aren’t too pricey or difficult to procure, and once you get the hang of it the whole thing comes together in about half an hour.

I’m really bad at judging measurements and usually just eyeball everything when I cook, so I didn’t include any measurements here. I trust y’all to judge amounts on your own!


  • pasta of your choice (I think penne & bow tie pasta work best here)
  • spinach
  • carrots chopped into 1- or 2-inch sticks
  • minced garlic
  • salt & pepper
  • Italian seasoning (or whatever pasta-friendly herbs you have on hand)
  • crushed red pepper (optional, for those who don’t want the extra spice)
  • parmesan cheese (optional)
  • lemon juice (optional)


  1. Cook pasta according to packaged directions. Drain and set aside for the time being.
  2. In a separate frying pan or saute pan, heat some olive oil on medium heat. Throw in your chopped carrots and saute for a minute or two.
  3. Add garlic, Italian seasoning, salt & pepper to taste, and crushed red pepper to taste. Continue to saute for another 5-7 minutes, or until carrots are tender but not mushy.
  4. Add some handfuls of spinach (how many handfuls depends on how many people you’re feeding). Stir it around a bit for no more than a minute in order to let it wilt.
  5. Add the pasta and cook for about 5 more minutes, stirring consistently. At this point, if you feel that the pasta looks a little dry, feel free to add a little more olive oil or butter. You can also add a little more of the seasonings if you feel that the flavor is lacking.
  6. Turn off the heat. At this point, I like tossing in some lemon juice to add a little freshness and brighten the dish up a little. This can come from an actual lemon wedge or you can just use some lemon juice from concentrate.
  7. Dish it out onto a plate, add a sprinkle of parmesan if desired, and enjoy!

Additional notes:

  • If you find chopping difficult or just don’t like doing it, I’m pretty sure you can find carrots pre-chopped at your local grocery store. I’ll often just use baby carrots and cut each one in half for these. You can also pre-chop your own vegetables on a high-spoons day so that they can be used later on a low-spoons day!
  • Same with the minced garlic: if you don’t like chopping your own garlic, the pre-minced kind in the jar will work just fine. 
  • I’m not too familiar with gluten-free cooking, but I’m sure that there are gluten-free pastas that would be a great substitute in this dish.
  • This is also vegan if you don’t use parmesan!
  • On the flip side, I’m sure this would also be great with some shredded chicken tossed in.

Hey everyone!

I was gonna tweet this but figured whatever I can write as much as I want on Tumblr AND include GIFs so I do what I want.

Anywho so with the glorious (I hope omg) return of Swords & Stitches, I’m realizing yet again that all attempts at making a logo for the show turn out really dumb or look like a lame copy of Threadbanger’s logo 

^this goddamn once you see it it’s like how can I ever beat that you assholes have the best crafty logo ever made I’ll never win

BUT since you guys are always far more creative than I could ever be, I figured I would throw the ball in your court. If anyone wants to take a shot at a logo for the show, please please please don’t hesitate to draw something up and send it to pressheart2continue@gmail.com.


I would love to have it involve my avatar face somehow. If not, that’s totally fine but that’s how I’ve been coming at this and it might be holding me back.

^this thing my sweet bb how can we ever part 

ANYWHO, if you guys wanna take a shot at it, by allllll means. IF WE USE YOUR LOGO it would be used on every episode and we’d give you credit in the description of the video + $50 via paypal <3 

THANKS! You’re all wonderful.


Margaret was only seven when she was first stung. It was the only time she could remember being in a hospital. Her entire face was swollen, and she was having trouble breathing. She woke up a day later in the hospital, and since that day she had been afraid of bees. 

Margaret was a junior in college the second time she was stung. She was walking alone in the park on a warm summer’s morning. She leaned down to look at a lone rose along the side of the path, pulling up the camera app on her phone. While she was taking pictures, a small honey bee crawled up over the rim of the rose. Startled, she took a step back, but quickly regained her senses and went back to taking pictures as the bee took off. She moved to another set of flowers, a small collection of orchids. She was bothered by a small itch on her neck, which she quickly scratched, returning to her work. The itch reappeared, this time directly underneath her right ear. She swatted at it. A small but angry buzz responded. Realizing what she had done, she made a dash for her car. Not before making it 20 feet, a hot pain, not unlike a doctor’s needle plunged into her shoulder blade. Halfway to her car, her breath became short, and difficult. She started wheezing, and she could feel her throat closing up. She dials 91- but was interrupted by the taste of mud, and the hard ground against her face. She is too tired to get up. She finishes dialing, and passes out. 

A small honey bee floats gently to the ground, settling into it’s final resting place, most of it’s abdomen missing. 4 minutes pass. A paramedic’s shoe crushes the bee’s small body.

someday, maybe

waves the ‘team hasn’t banged yet’ flag. but they’ve wanted to - they really really wanted to.

so maybe the conditions don’t have to be just perfect for you and your true love to get it right. even thought perfect’s not the reason they’ve been waiting.

(includes spoilers from that 6.01 sneak peek that csers on the moon, mars, and beyond have seen by now, i hope.)


Lost boys, poisoned arrows, vicious mermaids trying to kill you before you even stepped foot on the island? Emma figured she had been prepared for whatever danger Neverland would throw at her. 

Physically? Perhaps not all the time. 

Mentally? See above for the answer. 

The minute she dove into the waters, the minute she almost drowned to stop her parents and Regina and Hook from fighting, she knew she was prepared to do whatever it takes, ready to face whatever challenge this island has for her head on, if it meant saving Henry. 

After all, getting him home safe is all that matters. 

She isn’t ready for one of those challenges to be Captain Hook, of all people, and controlling the urge to pin him against the nearest tree next time they find themselves alone. 

She shouldn’t kiss him. She should’ve just said thank you, ignored the way he tapped on those stupid lips of his, and carried on with her day. 

(Night? It’s hard to tell sometimes in this place.)

But she was curious and sometimes curiosity got the best of her. She wished it wasn’t here, of all places, where her only thought, her only focus should be on getting her son back from Pan and not split with Hook and that kiss. 

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A Birthday Wish

Fic Request: it’s Stiles’ birthday and Lydia bakes a mini cake for him and leaves it in his locker with a card and balloons (kind of like she did for Allison back in season 1). They aren’t together, but she does have feelings for him but is afraid to act on them because of everything that’s happened with the nogitsune which of course has left Stiles a bit emotionally unbalanced. I would prefer it if they get together in the end. Also, if you could include Meredith, like helping Lydia with the baking or whatever, it would be awesome because I really want to see those two interacting and being badass banshees together.

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: The General

Admin notes: This is the 2nd prize for @bellohmyblake for coming 2nd in the 1000 followers competition. Sorry it took me so long. 

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Finally, I am releasing my Walter White Sim as a gift for Valentine’s Day! I know I promised to release him ages ago Christmas but I am nothing if not lazy. Better late than never? 

Walter White is mostly Base Game Compatible. His (lack of) hair, his beard, and everything he is wearing is all Base Game. However, he is pretty slider heavy, and is wearing some makeup to get an aged look. 

In the download is my slider folder, the makeup I used for him, and the ND skin. I did not include my default eyes since I assume you have your own! 

Walter White does not have a TOU. What am I gonna do if you do something with this Sim that I tell you not to? Nothing! I am not badass like Heisenberg! If you download him, he’s yours to do as you please. Do whatever you want with him, although he does look really funky if you switch his age around. If you can improve him, do so (and please show me!) Credit is nice, but of course it is not required! 

I would love to see anything you guys do with him, especially if it’s funny! Enjoy!

Download Walter White

COOKBOOK: Nutella/Chocolate Hazelnut Lärabars (RAW, VEGAN, NO SUGAR ADDED)
External image

Hey guess what?

These Lärabars come with a secret.

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