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P L A Y E R but...

So if you follow me on twitter ( @iridescentpj ) you would know i lost the ebg game challenge whatever, and the punishment is to write smut. NOW, my ass has never written smut and i don’t particularly read it but a promise is a promise. 

NOTE: this is supposed to be from my POV, but i really can’t write in first person so i’m doing JIMIN X READER, i know this isn’t what i agreed to but its better than nothing! Enjoy i guess… 

Genre: Smut

Pairing: jimin x reader

Fandom: BTS/ARMY

SUMMARY: He was the year player… every girl wanted to be in arms reach of him. Including yourself but you would never admit that aloud. Gentle stares it may seem but he wanted to devour you there and then. “The next project is in pairs, work with the person behind you.” Fuck.

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TwitchyWitchyOne’s Aggressive Home Protection Spell Bottle

I used every item I had on hand for this spell bottle, because we’re going through a mildly nasty separation from our roommate. I went for equal parts aesthetic and function (because I want it to be on display in my living room), so I’m going to include the order in which I added ingredients, but it’s not really necessary. Feel free to use as is, modify for what you have on hand, or for your personal preferences.

A bottle/jar/container with a cork/lid.
A brown candle.

Ingredients (remember you can use whatever you have or prefer instead):
Black Beans (dry): protection, defense, strength.
Red Beans (dry): health, energy, compassion.
Chilli Powder: repelling negative energy.
Cinnamon (ground and stick): protection, strength, prosperity.
Cloves: banishing, protection.
Cumin: protection.
Garlic (ground and whole): protection, guard against negative energy.
Nutmeg: protection, prosperity.
Rosemary (ground and whole): good health.
Black Pepper: protection against evil.
Salt: protection.
Ginger (ground and whole): strengthens the other ingredients.
Charged/Infused Water (feel free to charge however you want or infuse with any herbs or crystals you feel would be helpful. I spit into the water for a mild taglock and spoke to it about what it’s purpose was.)

While adding each ingredient, focus on the property you need from it. Say “I/We are ___” inserting the property you are focused on. When something had a property other than protection, I used it. Protection is the point of the bottle as a whole, so you don’t need to say it with every protection herb you add. You know?

The order in which I added ingredients:
1. Black Beans (“We are strong.”)
2. Salt (“We are safe.”)
3. Cloves (“We banish negative energy.”)
4. Cumin (“We are safe.”)
5. Chilli Powder (“We repel negative energy.”)
6. Nutmeg (“We are prosperous.”)
7. Ground Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
8. Ground Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
9. Black Pepper (“We protect against evil.”)
10. Ground Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
11. Ground Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
12. Red Beans (“We are compassionate.”)
13. Whole Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
14. Whole Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
15. Whole Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
16. Whole Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
17. Charged/Infused Water (whatever you charged or infused it with.)

Close the bottle/jar. Heat the bottom of a candle to make it stick to the cork/lid of your bottle/jar. Light the candle. Think (or say) “Our home is safe. Our home is whole. Our home is blessed.” Let the candle burn out to seal the bottle/jar.

If you want to, at this point you can add any sigils, symbols, ribbons, anything else that will have meaning and also be nice to look at.

EDIT: 1. Please don’t leave a burning candle unattended, and be extra careful if it’s burning on a cork! Make sure to put it out before it can catch on fire! 2. I didn’t think about it when I made it, but happened to put exactly the right amount of water in. If you’re using dry beans, they will expand in the water! Make sure there is plenty of room for them to expand so it doesn’t overflow!

Trump being president is affecting so many people.
I can’t really do anything, so I’m using my ability to create to tell everyone affected by this that I’m here for them, and I will do whatever it takes to help them out.
So I want to guys, a so many more to draw poc, lgbtq+, muslims, women, disabled, and so many more to show that you care and so much more, I myself already draw these things, but that’s not enough, so that’s why I’m asking every other artists to do so.
And when you do draw stuff including poc, lgbtq+,women, Muslims, disabled folks, and etc., put it under the tag #wedrawagainsthim
And add any other tag that’s needed to get the attention to others.
Spread the word, reblog this, share this with big artists, do whatever it takes to show that piece of shit that he’s not going to bring us down.
I know drawing them probably won’t help, but it’ll maybe it will, maybe showing that we care will stop people from taking their lives, through fear and pain.
Let’s at least show them that we support them, and that we’re here for them.

tips for ppl with hyperempathy from a fellow hyperempathetic pal

• dont be afraid to blacklist tags on tumblr about negative stuff. even if it’s incredibly important, i know it makes me v stressed out

• it’s ok to hate drama and not want to watch tv shows/movies/whatever that include arguments or fighting.

• a lot of people nowadays who aren’t kids like stuffed animals so people won’t really think you’re all that weird if you bring your stuffed animal everywhere

• it’s ok if your empathy fluctuates!! it’s ok if you only feel empathy for inanimate objects!! it’s ok if u have hypoempathy! all ‘not normal’ levels of empathy are super ok and there are lots of people who experience them

• hyperempathy isn’t always a bad thing. we have a lot of love in our hearts. always try to remember that


Voltron meets Deadpool (insp.)

dating remus lupin would include...

- okay okay okay
- like when he first started liking you he was really shy about it
- and the marauders would tease him RELENTLESSLY
- “Y/N isn’t remus just the greatest???”
- “shut up shut up shut up you idiots”
- but like over time once you started dating
- he’d become so comfortable with you
- he’d want to hear all about your day
- i mean every single detail
- when you had a bad day
- he’d stop whatever he was doing and bring you so much chocolate
- and he’d hold you in his arms
- and draw little patterns on your skin
- you guys could just sit together in the common room
- looking at the fire
- he’d read you his favourite books
- and you would hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke
- after every full moon you’d sneak into the hospital wing
- with a shit ton of chocolate and sweets
- and curl up w him on the tiny bed
- and try and make him smile
- he’d run his fingers through your hair
- and fall asleep next to you
- until of course madame pomfrey runs in and kicks you out
- you’d have long walks along the lake
- and all around hogsmeade holding hands
- you’d pretend to disapprove of the marauders pranks
- but you and him would be so clever
- and just come up with the best ways to get them
- and they’d never suspect you
- him being so freaking nervous for your first time
- because oh god he just wants everything to be perfect for you
- and him being insecure of his scars at first
- but you assure him he’s absolutely perfect in your eyes
- sometimes he’d just sit and stare at you
- as you read or did homework or cuddled with him
- taking in how beautiful he thought you were
- and wondering how he got so lucky as to end up with a girl like you

i love this boy sm

THE KIDGE AU MANGA HAS A TITLE!! (we’re at ten pages and counting!)

     I Hacked The School Website and Now I’m in the Service Club

Why the long title? It’s more as a little tongue-in-cheek prod at long-ass Japanese short novel titles. lol SO!

I’d like to see what shortened versions of the manga title you, the fans, can come up with! It can include the Japanese title shortened up, or it can be something that involves the name The Service Club, plus a subtitle or whatever! It’s up to you! The best sounding name will be used for the main title on the final cover (plus a credit for the name as well!)

I’m so excited for this, guys. It’s really coming along super well. :D Who knows? the first chapter could be done by January ;)

If you want to be involved and wanna help out! Please refer to this post!

(what’s this?? backstory?? a flashback?? ohohohoho)

Thanks everyone!!

That’s How I Feel

Characters - Sebastian Stan, Reader

Pairing - Sebastian x Reader

Summary/Request - No summary….

Word Count - 796

Warnings - None…unless you count Fluff as a warning :P (I mean, like when ISN’T it? -Wren/Grace @wrenwritesometimes)
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Because…The “Boo Bear” Feels Are REAL!!! <3
How Your Love Makes Me Feel Diamond Rio

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Sebastian sat with Y/N wrapped in his arms -lying in companionable silence on the couch - just watching whatever romantic movie happened to be on the TV. They weren’t really paying any attention to it at all, they just stared at the television, enjoying each other’s presence.

Suddenly, Y/N spoke. “Seb?”

“Hhmmm…” he hummed in response.

“Can I ask you something?”
She looked up at him expectantly.

“Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya princess?” He smirked.

She hit his chest lightly with a smirk
“I’m serious, you jerk,” she chuckled.

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Protect My Home Spell

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So I saw this Youtube video teaching you how to make an origami house box and I thought to myself ‘how can I use this in my craft?’. I love origami and I’ve been using it in my own practice for a few years now. From origami boxes filled with witchy goodness to origami bunnies decorating my altar (to help bring me lucky of course). So of course I came up with a home protection spell. And because I’m someone who never seems to have the supplies I need to do what I want I also included some alternatives and some extra little tips. Enjoy

What you’ll need:

  1. An origami house box in whatever color you associate with protection, for me that is black. 
  2. Whole Cloves (but you could also use cinnamon or holly instead) for protection.
  3. Dried Orange Peels (you could also use pine instead) for blessings. 

After you’ve made your origami house box (be sure to really envision your intention and main goal while making this box) put it aside for now.

Grab your dried orange peels (be sure they are dried) and cloves and begin poking the cloves into the orange peels, again while envision and really focusing on your intention. You could even say a mantra while doing this.

[Alternatives: If you’re using cinnamon & orange peels just sprinkle the cinnamon onto the orange peels. If you’re using pine with any of the other choices just simply mix them all together. ie. pine and holly or pine and cinnamon or pine and cloves.]

Place your orange peels (or mixture) into the box, close it and place somewhere that you’ll see it everyday. You’re altar or by you’re front door would be a great idea.

Extra Tip: If you live in a home on wheels (tiny home or RV) and you’re traveling a lot place a tigers eye in your box for extra protection while traveling. If you don’t live in a home on wheels you could add a clear quartz.

Extra Tip: Draw a sigil on the inside or the lid of your box for extra protection or blessings. Here’s some helpful information on sigils

If you find you no longer need this protection you can do what I do and burn it. Or do whatever works best for you.

Kay, I’m seeing parts of the FNDM complain about Tyrian saying ‘bitch’ but it’s actually not the first time someone swore in RWBY.

Qrow says ‘damn’ during the first meeting with Ozpin, Glynda & Ironwood. Jaques also clearly says he doesn’t give a single damn about Weiss’s feelings (father of the year, amarite?).

And on the bigger picture, Rooster Teeth has no censorship holding them back from doing whatever they want, including turning RWBY into an all-out swear fest. But they don’t. As far as I’m concerned, they’re at least being pretty sparse with the swearing and saving it for times it’s appropriate (let’s be real, it would be hard to take that scene seriously if Tyrian wasn’t swearing in it).

So I don’t think it’s RTX trying to be “edgy” all of a sudden, the whole ‘the series is gonna get dark really soon’ thing was known since the trailers leaked. It doesn’t feel like edginess for its own sake, at least not to me.

So without further ado, let Tyrian say bitch.

The Final Problem: my final opinion
  1. I know that there are some fans, on Tumblr and elsewhere, who actually liked this episode. THAT’S OKAY. SERIOUSLY. You’re entitled to like whatever you want. It doesn’t mean anything other than that we have different taste in movies/different priorities when it comes to what we want from Sherlock, and that kind of opinion divide is pretty much inevitable with a show this varied and this popular. So if you belong to the TFP Fans Club, I want to clarify that I mean you no hate :-)

  2. Personally, however, I did not like The Final Problem. My reasons included, but were not limited to:

    a) The disproportionally rapid, action-reliant and melodramatic storytelling, which wasn’t really consistent with the series’ tone so far. (This encompasses everything from that crazy Hollywood explosion to the fake cell Euros built for Sherlock - not to mention the the ‘video game’ set up of her puzzle system. Also, the age-old idea of throwing someone down a well. There were a lot of clichés at play in this episode).

    b) The suddenness with which Euros was introduced as a character, and the unfeasibility (IMHO) of Sherlock not remembering her at all.

    c) Speaking of unfeasibility - I also had issues with Euros planning the entire torture session in five minutes, building all of that underground lair, ferrying herself between Sherrinford and London so easily, getting everyone to Musgrave Hall/into their various cells so quickly, and getting John/Victor down that well without causing them serious injury.

    d) The oversimplicity of Euros’ psychological arc also frustrated me. I mean - there is loneliness, and then there is clinical psychopathy. They are two separate things. It’s true that there’s some overlap between the two groups, but not enough to pin all Euros’ behaviour on her being a scared little child with ‘no one’ to turn to - someone who later becomes 100% complacent just because she’s finally been hugged. Plus, when they decided to oversimplify Euros’ psychology Mofftiss basically dropped the chance to create a really complicated, really nuanced villain like Moriarty (remember all that amazing analysis about whether he wanted to beat Sherlock or just wanted the distraction, why he killed himself, whether boredom had driven him almost to the edge of insanity, etc., etc.? Euros doesn’t get any of those interesting conversations, mainly because she’s been automatically typecast as a ‘creepy loner child in need of attention.’)

    e) Speaking of emotional oversimplification - I also didn’t like the maximum emotional milking that Mofftiss brought to EVERY SCENE. Entire sequences, like Sherlock’s phone call to Molly and Euros forcing Sherlock to choose between Mycroft and John, seemed explicitly orchestrated to stir up audience feels as quickly as possible, instead of doing it slowly, skilfully and in-context (eg. I found Sherlock’s conversation asking for Molly’s help at the end of TRF much more feels-worthy than his phone call here, because it tied back to a conversation they’d already had about her ‘not counting’ and didn’t take place in a completely staged, high-tension situation.)

    f) And now for a big one - inconsistent character development. I feel that there were a lot of characters who acted quite OOC in this episode. First up, I think that John would have shot the governor. After all, he’s a soldier, he knows the pain of losing a wife, he’s very morally self-assured and he has killed before (see ASIP for evidence of the last two points), so even though he would have found it difficult I think he would’ve pushed through. I also think he would’ve tried very, very hard to talk Sherlock out of suicide, not just stood there dumbly and watched. Especially considering that he’d been prepared to die for him literally twenty seconds beforehand.

    Now for a second character: Molly. I understand that the scene with Molly was really effective for a lot of viewers, but - I wasn’t one of them. In TEH, it seemed that Molly was finally getting some character development beyond her crush on Sherlock - she recognised that he was using her as a replacement for John and cut that behaviour in its tracks, despite how difficult it might have been for her. In this episode, she spends every second on-screen looking totally lovesick, and proceeds to sacrifice her dignity just to answer a request that - from her perspective - must look a lot like either a cruel prank or a childish whim. The Molly we knew had grown beyond that - and, while I’m happy she survived, I’m not happy she had to fall apart to do it. Plus, what about that quick glance of her in the closing sequence when she pops into Baker St, smiling and seemingly totally okay? Did the phone call really have that low an emotional impact on her? To me, it just seems like a quick, lazy fix.

    And now, last but not least: Sherlock. This episode throws some spanners in what has been, up until this point, a very consistent and well-written subplot about his emotional growth. Throughout all the previous episodes we can track his ‘becoming a good man’ - he knows he’s hurt Molly in ASIB, he soothes a hysterical Henry Knight in THOB, he can talk down Major Sholto in TSOT and understands John’s grieving process in TLD. He even goes from subtly intervening in John’s suicide in ASIP to explicitly saving ‘Faith’ in TLD, which is an amazing example of how much he’s grown as a character. But in this episode - all of a sudden - he starts fluctuating wildly between ‘emotionally incapable’ and ‘emotional paragon’ when he shouldn’t really be at either end of the scale. The kind of man who can’t understand why Molly isn’t picking up, and who thinks “But it’s me calling!” is a valid excuse, can’t possibly be the same person who charms his sister out of psychosis with a hug and explicitly tells a DI that his brother ‘isn’t as strong as he thinks.’ Personally, I think that the episode’s latter actions are slightly more in-character for Sherlock than the earlier ones, but that’s not the point. The point is that this episode muddled a lot of very good character development back up again.

    g) A more minor thing, but - this episode was literally full of plot holes. Including, but not limited to, how the furniture in 221B possibly survived the blast, how Euros (an adult woman) sounded like a little girl on the phone, and how John climbed out of a well he was chained to.

    h) Another, less minor thing - ALL THE LOOSE ENDS FROM THE SERIES THAT THIS EPISODE LEFT BEHIND. Irene Adler was brought back into the picture, only for nothing to come of it. Rosie Watson was born and then featured for a grand total of two seconds after TST. Euros had a working partnership with Culverton Smith (? How did that exist while she was confined at Sherrinford?) that was neither explained nor justified. And, perhaps worst of all - this whole ‘final problem’ promised by Moriarty ended up being organised by someone totally different.

    i) And finally, one of the most disappointing elements of the whole episode - Mary’s final video. Put bluntly, it contradicted everything that I see the show as being about. Sherlock has always been very much about the two people behind the legend, putting the spotlight on Sherlock’s fragile flaws and John’s dangerous addictions where ACD just smoothed them over with a Victorian gloss - ‘there’s always the two of them,’ as said in TAB, and the focus is on the relationship in between. But what Mary is saying in this speech is that nothing the show gave us apparently matters. Only the legend does. The ACD stories are apparently the important part. It’s a very, very demeaning way for the series to summarise itself, and it’s this, over anything else, that makes me suspect we might have a secret 4th episode upcoming.

  3. Now, you might notice something - reading the above list. You might notice that I didn’t mention Johnlock. That’s right. I, personally, didn’t mind whether Johnlock happened or not. And it’s getting really frustrating seeing people dissatisfied with TFP get dismissed because ‘they’re just angry that their ship didn’t happen.’ There was a lot, a LOT wrong with this episode beyond the ship, and while it might be a valid reason for people not to like TFP (I’ll get to that in Point 4) it’s not the only one. Please, don’t write off some very legitimate, very reasoned disappointment as some kind of ship-driven whim just because you can.

  4. Now, all that said - I have to add that the queer-baiting in the lead-up to this episode was absolutely horrendous. Like I said, I’m not a Johnlock shipper and always had doubts about it happening, but the trailer editing and publicity stunts - Sherlock saying ‘I love you’ right after the Culverton Smith ‘darkest secret’ quote, the flickering rainbow letters on the PBS TV spot, Benedict saying ‘Love conquers all’ and Amanda saying TFP ‘makes television history’ - all those things were pointing in one pretty obvious direction. Now, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it had happened with literally any other potential plotline on the show, but the thing about queer-baiting is that it exploits a highly vulnerable and extremely under-represented group - the LGBTQ+ community. It lures them in with something they sorely want and need - media representation - and then not only fails to deliver but thumbs its nose at their disappointment. It rubs salt into the wound. It’s cruel and not okay, and as an experienced partnership with one gay member Mofftiss should have known better. So, even if you think disappointed Johnlockers are ‘just being petty,’ you have to remember that the experience of being denied this ship can carry a lot of emotional impacts other ships don’t.

  5. And, finally - there were things about this episode that I liked, even loved wholeheartedly. Sherlock calling John family. Their re-decorating the flat, and the two-second snapshot featuring a happy Rosie. Sherlock remembering Greg’s name, and Greg calling him a ‘good man’ (it was a bit on-the-nose, but still). Mrs Hudson sassing Mycroft about the kettle. Even the idea of Euros as a little girl on a plane was fundamentally a good one, if oversimplified, over-focused on and overdone. So yes - this episode did have its moments. And it’s not affecting my enjoyment of Sherlock as a whole, but still - that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Um… If you’ve read this far, congratulations! I didn’t mean for this post to get so long, but it feels good to have vented a bit :-)
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I actually don’t care how you want to identify.

Hey - if you feel like you’re half boy a quarter girl and a quarter something else instead, fine. I don’t really understand it. But fine. To be honest I don’t care if you think you’re a fucking plant and believing that gets you through the day. 

But don’t take the name and definition of my medical condition and bastardize it. Be your own thing, make your own term. Don’t warp a serious condition so that it now includes you. 

Believe whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anybody. But saying you’re trans when you don’t have dysphoria IS hurting people. 

Stop fucking doing it. 


Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook

A/N: finally finally finally finally (contains a few mentions of nsfw words so be warned)

  • a e s t h e t i c
  • really cool and chill most of the time so lots of people admire him
  • but when it’s just the two of you he has these sweater paws and is apologizing for accidentally burning the pan when all he wanted to do was to make you breakfast
  • takes you out on library dates that are really educational but also often include sneaky kisses behind the farthest book shelf
  • or even museum dates where you’re admiring paintings for a few seconds and then making out somewhere secluded the next
  • ya boi is down for literally whatever you want
  • you’re craving italian??? ok he’ll meet you at that fancy ass restaurant in downtown at 8
  • you want to stay at home tonight??? sure he’ll bring your favorite movies and drop by at mcdonald’s to get some chicken nuggets first
  • and pUNS
  • he’ll be dropping them randomly in the middle of nowhere
  • “i’m reading a book about anti-gravity and it’s impossible to put down.”
  • but ofc let’s not forget
  • deep conversations about human life and existence and basically everything else
  • and it always feels like the both of you are in another world whenever you talk and you love it (you’re pretty sure you started talking around 9 pm but before you knew it your phone is screaming 1 in the morning)

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This gif pack includes 51 textless/small/medium gifs of Amandla Stenberg. I’ve done a gif pack of them before so combined there are 80 gifs.  All of these gifs were made by me but you are more than welcome to use them for whatever the heck you want. Repost them, make gif icons out of them, put them in bio graphics.. I really don’t care. Please like or reblog this if you run a rph blog or plan on using it for rp purposes.

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Playing Too Hot with Hoya would include:
  • Him letting out an odd laugh when you asked him to play 
  • “Really you want to play that?”
  • Him trying to find the best place in the house to play it
  • He would pick the couch  
  • Once you two would sit down he would get nervous
  • “So I can’t touch you at all? And if I win I can do whatever I want to you?”
  • “Yes” 
  • When you guys would start, he would almost lose instantly before he caught what his hands were doing he stopped them
  • He’d end up sitting on his hands
  • You two would be kiss for awhile before you pulled away and moved down to his neck
  • “Isn’t this cheating?”
  • “I can’t use my hands, I’m not so I think it’s fair”
  • His eyes would close, enjoying your lips on him
  • He’d let out soft moans and groans as he starts to lose himself in the moment
  • Soon enough he would feel you smirk against his neck as you pulled away
  • He would be very confused 
  • “You lose”
  • He would look and see that his hands had made their way to your hips
  • He would sigh and look at you
  • “What do you want?”
  • You would smirk and shove him down on the couch before grabbing onto his pants and begin unbuttoning them
  • He would be shocked but excited to see where this was going
  • “I’m gonna make it simple baby. I want you”

Okay, some of you wanted to know what I’ve been reading lately so here are a few of them, along with the cover art because sometimes I really like cover art.

I’ve included the links to goodreads so if any of you are interested in learning more you can follow up on them there (especially as whatever I say about the books will never do them justice).

In absolutely no particular order.

1. Uprooted by Naomi Novik

I basically bought Uprooted in a panic because I didn’t think I had enough books to last my holiday and the cover art was pretty. I ended up loving it because it was surprisingly beautiful. It’s not particularly YA and I wasn’t particularly bothered by the romantic relationship introduced but I enjoyed the fairytale aspects very much.

2. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

A magical Library with librarian spies who enter into alternate worlds to steal dangerous or important books. A little bit steampunk in feel and not YA. It was lent to me while I was on vacation and I was a little unsure whether I’d like it, but I completely fell in love with the heroine and can’t wait for the sequel.

3. The Queen of the Tearling (& its sequel) by Erika Johansen

I totally loved this book (and it’s sequel). Originally I came across when I heard Emma Watson was attached to the adaptation due to its feminist nature. Considering the heroine is chubby and has to change what she eats in the books to get fit enough for war I am assuming the film adaptation will gloss over all of that and have Watson skinny from the start. Which is a shame. Also, this is one of the few fantasy books I’ve read where the heroine’s period is addressed. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has loved it. There is a same-sex relationship but it’s mostly background (though may feature more in the third book??).

4. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Magic smuggling through four alternate Londons: Red London, Grey London, White London, and the mysterious Black London. Male protagonist, but the female sidekick is brilliant and appears to be the protagonist in the upcoming sequel. I keep forgetting the title and calling it ‘50 Shades of Magic’ but don’t let that put you off. It was very enjoyable.

5. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

This book first came to my attention when a friend who works in publishing mentioned it to me and said it was getting a lot of buzz. It took me a couple of chapters to get into (and I couldn’t quite peg whether it was SF or simply F at first) but it’s a very interesting book and I can see why it received so much buzz (plus, apparently the author was only 22 when it was published).

6. Graceling (& Fire & Bitterblue) by Kristin Cashore

I really enjoyed this series. Each of the books follows a different heroine within the same world and all of them are fantastic. Plus, there’s racial diversity among the heroines and the supporting cast, and same-sex relationships feature. Oh, and Fire addresses the realities of periods in a fantasy world. TW for implied/referenced sexual abuse of minors in Bitterblue. Bitterblue is the darkest of the three but is all the more powerful for this. (Graceling remains my favourite though because I can’t help adoring the protagonist’s uncompromising independence.)

7. Shadow and Bone (& the rest of the series) by Leigh Bardugo

For some reason I resisted reading this series for ages. It’s a solid fantasy trilogy, borrowing certain aspects from Russian culture. Definitely enjoyable and I liked the bittersweet ending. The love interest Mal, was a tad irritating and you just know that if you met him in real life he’d probably be a jerk. The story was good enough to overlook that quibble though.

8. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I totally judge books by their cover art and an such would never have picked up this book if it weren’t for my publishing friend who convinced me to pick it up. I 100% fell in love with it and sent tvtheinternet a very embarrassing email about how much I loved it. It’s a retelling on Beauty and the Beast, except way better than that. Although, if you are not interested in love stories then this is not the book for you.

9. Throne of Glass (& the rest of the series) by Sarah J. Maas

I hate this cover art. Hate it. I completely ignored this book series every time it popped up as ‘Recommended’. I mean, it’s awful, right? But then I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses and realised I needed to read something else by the same author asap. Against my better judgment I figured I should give this a try. I have now ready every book in the series so far (including the novellas) and have sent multiple embarrassing emails to tvtheinternet about my emotions and these books.

What I particularly love is that the protagonist is so wonderfully arrogant, and deservedly so. She’s an assassin - she’s literally the best that there is at killing people - but she also loves luxury and expensive dresses and all the trappings of femininity. She loves food and music and disemboweling men. She develops superbly throughout the series and I can’t believe I have to wait a year for the next one to be released.

10. The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

I am hesitant to recommend this. Not because I didn’t enjoy it but because it felt like it could have been so much more. It’s beautiful and haunting and I love the idea of the floating circus, but ultimately the ending wasn’t satisfying. And yet I still think it’s worth reading.

Other books I haven’t read recently but recommend: Wool, Ready Player One, anything by Gail Carriger, The Night Circus, The Paradox Series.