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Dead Girl Walking - Tom Holland

Prompt: @nerkybowtie “Can you write an image where the reader is rocking out to Heathers, singing and dancing around the kitchen.(I do this every time I’m cleaning my apartment) Tom hears the music and ends up watching and recording the whole thing. The reader is embarrassed once she finds him, while in the middle of singing Dead Girl Walking.(and not the reprise just to let you know lol) Awkward fluffiness ensues with the reader trying to hide in a blanket.”

Words: 652

Summary: The reader is dancing and singing along to Dead Girl Walking from the musical version of Heathers. Tom ends up sneakily recording their adorable dance moves.

A/N: I tried my best and I really hope you enjoy it, even though it might be a smidge different than the ask. ♥♥

You slid across the kitchen floor over to your speaker, turning it up as Dead Girl Walking from one of your favorite musicals came on. It had been quite a Heathers: The Musical filled day, as any cleaning day was. You’d already listened to the album twice and were more than ready to listen to it twice more.

Humming the first verse, you put away a stack of dishes into the cabinet and began putting away the silverware. Your hips swayed slowly back and forth as you mouthed the words as the song progressed. Grabbing a wooden spoon to put it in the designated drawer, you began to sing the lyrics out loud into the spoon

“I’m in your yard,” you paused dramatically for a second, “I’m a Dead Girl Walkin’!” Belting out the lyrics as if you really were in the musical. The music continued in the background as you kept cleaning up the kitchen. You rocked from side to side, grooving to the lyrics.

“Before they punch my clock, I’m snappin’ off your window lock,” You acted out the words and continued to shimmy around the confined space.

Tom walked past the kitchen on his way to get something off the dining room table. The music filling the air caught his attention and he peeped in the doorway to see you sliding across the kitchen in one of his sweatshirts and cutesy socks with pandas on them. He chuckled to himself and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He swiped up and began recording your singing and dancing.

Later that night Tom sat down on the couch and started rewatching the video of you. He could not help but laugh at your terribly coordinated dance moves and how committed you were at executing the singing. You stood in the bedroom hanging up your last shirt in the closet. Familiar songs you knew by heart played softly. You stopped for a second wondering if you’d become so obsessed that you now heard the Heathers Ensemble everywhere. Placing the empty laundry basket by the door you walked out of the room and into the rest of the apartment. You called for Tom and he replied with a laughter filled shout.

Standing by the couch you looked over his shoulder and saw a video of you on his phone, dancing around the kitchen. Tom was practically in tears from laughing so hard.

“Oh my god,” You stopped in shock and filled with so much embarrassment.

“Hi Darling,” He managed to say through broken laughs. You flopped next to him on the couch and covered yourself with a cover. Tom tried to pull the cover down but you fought him.

“Come on,” He pleaded still trying to remove the cover. You gripped it tighter and yelled, “You better not have posted that or sent it to Harrison,”

Tom was finally able to remove the cover and looked you in the eyes.”Y/N, I promise I didn’t post it,” He smiled softly and kissed you.

Your cheeks flushed and you looked down at your lap. “Why did you record it in the first place” You sighed and took his hand in yours, squeezing it.

“Uh- I heard you performing the entire ensemble in the kitchen and just couldn’t resist,” He laughed and watched as your cheeks grew even redder.

“Nope, That wasn’t me,” You joked and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Eh, I’m pretty sure it was you in those panda socks,” He kissed the top of your head and rubbed your shoulder. You looked back up at him and kissed his cheek, “Want to watch it again?” He asked and smirked at you.

“No Holland, you know what gimme your phone,” You took his phone and deleted the embarrassing video. “Oops, Looks like we can’t,” You shrugged playfully and got up from the couch. “Not fair!” He yelled at you.

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I’ve been kind of sad about my friends situation and stuff the past year, and today something kind of bad happened again and I was really sad so my mom’s friend told me that she met her best friends in her junior year of college (that’s the year I’m going into) and they have been been friends for 27 years since and it just gave me some hope and I thought I would share it with all of you

Make it Official - Zach Werenski #1

Originally posted by jackeichel

about/request: Hey hope you’re doing well .. can you possibly do an imagine where you and Werenski are kind of a thing but he doesn’t wanna put a label on it but he sees you talking with another guy somewhere and gets jealous so he just comes up and kisses you?

warnings: some mild cursing and one kick-ass kiss

authors note: thank you, i am well!!! ngl i skipped ahead to do this one, i really liked it and thought it was cute. i hope it’s what you wanted!!! 

word count: 1441

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I really hope the Guardians reach a point where they are healed so far that they can joke about some of their dangerous experiences and laugh together about them like inside jokes.


Gamora and Peter carefully and loosely holding hands while everybody else is busy with themselves, and Rocket catches sight of it, immediately commenting, “Now that’s a terrible idea.”



“I’m just saying! Last time you held Star Munch’s hand, you almost died, I mean, that’s not the best thing to start off from.”

“Oh, shut your muzzle, before I start holding your hand, too,” Peter shoots back while Gamora laughs next to him.


Or somebody calling Groot a “twig” and everybody just, freezes.

“He did not call him that.”

“I think ‘e did.”


“Preach for that poor guy.”

And there is just a loud, growled “I. Am. Groot!” and then the screams of the fools who were dumb enough to call Groot by a nickname they had no right to call him by.


And, last but not least, Peter crash-landing – no, let’s be honest, it’s just crashing – the ship into an enemy and when Gamora snaps “Peter!” afterwards he calls back, “What?! I’m honoring a family tradition here!”

“That is not why you did it, and we both know it – Rocket, you stop laughing right now!”


Just, them to be so far healed that they can deal with that stuff, instead of swallowing it down until they break, you get my meaning?

And some happy, dorky family moments on top of it.

♡fanfiction writers appreciation day!♡

Yes, you probably already know it’s this time of the year again! A day to show your favourite writers that you truly appreciate what they do! Even though i’ll always try to do my best to show some lovin’ to the people creating those little universes where i can escape to when real life tends to, you know, suck. Without further ado, here are some of my personal faves!

@onlylovekpop​ ♡ @xhixtape​ ♡ @gukvory​ ♡ @floralseokjin​ ♡ @jheartseok​ ♡ @tayegi​ ♡ @workofteaguk​ ♡ @roseok​ ♡ @inktae​ ♡ @ricepot-jisung​ ♡ @jungblue​ ♡ @kookingtae​ ♡ @baeseoul​ ♡ @yoongihime​ ♡ @trbld-writer​ ♡ @thules​ ♡ @dailydoseofdia​ ♡ @hobibliophile​ ♡ @btssmutgalore ♡ @versigny​ ♡ @1honeypot​ ♡ @taesthetes​ ♡ @wonhopes​ ♡ @youmakemebacon​ ♡ @jiminniemouse​ ♡ @chimdeer ♡ @infireation​ (i will never get over serial killer tae istg) ♡ @lthyl ♡ @seoulscapes ♡

unfortunately i don’t read as much as i’d want to (and lbh same goes for writing which i hope will change very soon after my last presentation) so this list is relatively short… i also plan to change that!! 

furthermore, a big BIG thank you to all writers who pour their hearts and souls into their writing, or even try to crank out a drabble a day to practice even though you get little to no feedback. Thank you for not giving up, and keep doing what you love. You are just as much appreciated, thank you for selflessly giving to this fandom. You are loved, all of you <3

feliz aniversário @chof-art  muitas felicidades ( atrasado ) ! Eu gosto muito de você é uma pessoa maravilhosa e gentil, o meu presente para você está um pouco atrasado, espero que não tenha problemas com isso.Te amo <3

Happy birthday @chof-art best wishes (belatedly)! I really like you, you are a wonderful and kind person, my gift to you is a bit late, I hope you have no problems with that. I love you <3

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Hey! Hey! I adore your art style and would just like to ask how do you draw basic faces? Sorry if it's a bother D;

dont worry its not a bother at all!!

the thing is, i dont have a lot of technic, i mostly improvise 100% of the time (and im SUPER bad at explaining things in english). the best things to do is studying and acquering some kind of automatism by practicing with references??

anyway!! i tried!!! hope it will help but really dont take anything i say too seriously because i dont really know what im doing myself,,,

(personnally i often draw the face at the end because i often draw the body too small in comparison…) thanks for asking! and good luck!

“Better With You” - Oneshot

“Better With You” - Oneshot

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Bruce Banner x Reader

Word Count: 1,829

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Injuries, All of the Feels,

Summary: An away mission goes awry. The captain and your best friend try to keep calm while waiting for help.

Originally posted by bluemoon86

Author’s Note: This was one of my 1AM ramblings that the ever beautiful @the-witching-hours12-3 beta read and made sense of. I really liked this story, I hope you do too!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

This mission was like so many before. Get in, take out Hydra scum, get out in relatively one piece. Simple. That is until you were on your way out and a sneaky son of a bitch popped out of nowhere and shot you.

The building was falling apart in various places. Knowing this, you took extra care when it came to navigating the building. Getting to the room you needed, you took out all of the Hydra douchebags that were in there and got the files you needed from their computer.

“On my way out. Got the goods,” you spoke into your comm that was connected to everyone.

“Still working on the big crowd from the front. Head to the jet and be careful,” Tony struggled to respond. He was either on the ground fighting or shooting from the air with Rhodey.

“I’m coming to help you guys.”

“No. They’ve got it. They’re more than halfway through them. Just get back to the jet safe with the files,” Bruce spoke up this time. He was on the jet as a back up. The two of you had become very close and helped each other through the best, and worst times. The team knew he didn’t like to let the other guy out unless absolutely necessary, so you talked them into letting him just stay in the jet for medical help and backup.

“Alright. Leaving the west side of the building now. I’ll see you guys–” A sudden sharp pain shot through your side, causing you to yell out. You looked in front of you and saw that one of the Hydra soldiers hadn’t been knocked out completely and shot you. The shot caused you to fall back onto the floor. You reached for your gun to shot him but then got distracted by a noise.

Looking behind the soldier, you see a column cracking at its base. You crawled away enough to not be squished to death, the Hydra soldier was not so lucky. And while you saved your life, you weren’t completely in the clear; your left arm was pinned down under the concrete blocks and metal framework of the column. You couldn’t help the loud scream of pain from escaping your lungs.

Your ears were ringing so loud that you could only barely make out Bruce’s panicked voice calling out your name. You did your best to call for help.

“Fucking shit! Guys… West side… Room 324C.. The fucking room broke and I–” You tried to wiggle your arm free but another painful cry came out. “Yeah, I’m stuck.”

“(Y/N)! Rhodey and I are on our way!” Tony was panicked too. You were like a little sister to him. You could hear him and Rhodey making their way through the building.

“Stay with us! Keep talking!” Bruce was pleading through the comms. You tried to imagine him with you. You love him more than he knows and would give anything to see him right now.

“Please fucking hurry. I– I’m getting tunnel vision. Bruce, I’m scared!”

“You’re going to be fine, sweetheart! Tony and Rhodey are almost there and then you are going to be out of there . Just try to breathe and–” You heard more cracking.

“No no no no! Fuck!”

You saw the ceiling above you starting to splinter more and more from where the column had broken off from. Right as you saw Tony and Rhodey come through the window, the ceiling crumbled and buried you, knocking you  unconscious.

The last thing you heard was Tony screaming “NO!”

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The End Of All Things (3D Cover)
Panic! At The Disco
The End Of All Things (3D Cover)

another cover with the,,, fucking artists that is @notconsolation. i’m honestly so happy & honoured to be able to make music with her holy shit

this is a layered, 3D version - which means it’s best if you listen with earphones!

we really hope you enjoy it. hannah did most of the work with the layering and stuff so, thank you, hannah. 

and she asked me to put this in though it makes me blush to read: 

in putting layers on this i ended up listened to elia’s singing for a good hour and i would rank it among the best possible uses for an hour

or, alternatively,

celery surprises you sometimes and cauliflower tastes better than you think

(stay healthy kids)

hannah’s covers! || my covers! || know you can request songs!

anonymous asked:

how about something like in third person so like the gang reflecting on malec and how happy they make each other when they see them be all in love at the insitute

Okay so this went in a very different direction than I had originally planned and I realized halfway through writing that they were supposed to be at the Institute, but I was in too deep by then. I hope you like it anyway! (read on ao3)

send me malec prompts and i’ll write them asap! (sorry if it takes a while)

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anonymous asked:

I feel like I'm the only one who wants jughead and Veronica to develope more of a friendship in season 2 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.... and not just cuz they're dating each other's best friends but because idk .... they're supposed to be the core four . I feel like all four of them should be close

you’re not. i want to see that too. i think for the core four to really be the heart of the show, they need to have all four characters be close. veronica and jughead have the weakest connection due to time constraints in s1. i think working together to squash the ghoulies is going to bring all four of them closer. at least, i hope so. i want them to really feel like a team and like they are the most important part of the show 

anonymous asked:

Trans!anon-the one that said you were transition goals-here! you really inspired me. I'm finally coming out to my family and I'm hoping that I'll look as handsome as you when I do! Thank you so much <3!!!

I’m so very proud of you! And again, it is difficult to express my level of gratitude for your kind words <3 I wish you the best and hope everything goes as smoothly as can be!!

astrangetypeofchemistry  asked:

Hey Ash, I just wanted to let you know that it's almost been a year since I opened up Truthful Scars and read such a well-written story. You always write characters' emotions so well that it draws your readers in and makes them feel the same thing. And you art is so beautiful as well. My friend was looking through all the art for the calendar project and immediately pointed at yours as her favorite. I know it's tough with all the reposting, but I hope you make the best decision for yourself.

it’s actually almost been a year since the fic ended (next month, which is CRAZY!)

thank you so much for such a sweet message!!!! i had a really long hard day and this was so nice to come home to ♥♥♥♥ it really put a smile on my face!

just in case anyone missed the memo since i haven’t really posted about it in a while i am 10000% pro artist, pro recasters make me unbelievably angry to think about (the amount of reaching and willful ignorance is unbelievable and baffling)

however having said that if  you are former pro recast going pro artist i will welcome you with open arms, it’s hard to admit to have done wrong and  own up to it

  i hope others will follow my example because i think that is the best thing we can do for this hobby and to encourage people to move on from buying fakes.

if we continue to shun them even after they have decided to make the right choice what incentive will they have to keep making it? out of the goodness of their heart may be nice but might not be enough, make people feel good about making the right choice!

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii! It says requests are open so I'm going to send mine in <3 How would the Chocobros react to their S/O telling them she's going to be studying in Niflheim for a year as part of a new peace deal? Would they try to visit her, discourage her, ect? (Sorry for bothering, I hope you have a wonderful dayyyy! 💝)

If Gladio found out that his s/o was going away to Niflheim of all places he’d kind of get this sick feeling in his stomach.  He’d likely try to get them to maybe rethink the whole thing, arguing that with everything going on this may not be the best time to be going over there.  If his s/o was really adamant about the whole thing tho he’d do his best to be supportive, but it’ll be somewhat easy to realize that he’s still not 100% behind it.  He’d definitely attempt to try and visit when he could ((being the Shield doesn’t exactly make this easy)), but the reasoning behind doing so is largely to make sure that they’re safe.

Prompto would definitely be supportive of the idea, but he’d highkey worry a lot.  He’ll probably internalize it a lot though as he does try really hard to always support what you want to do.  It’ll be a random night that he finally voices his worries, telling you out of the blue as you both just lay there that he’s scared something will happen to you while you’re gone.  Prompto would visit but his anxiety would likely become somewhat worse because as he’s on his way, he’ll be making all of these random scenarios up in his head – none of them good.  He’d make it a point to video call every night before going to bed.

Ignis would react somewhat similarly as Gladio, but he’d be much more subdued about it.  He’d voice his concerns, and maybe even attempt to get you to reconsider.  He makes some very good points.  Ultimately though he lets you make the final call as it is your life and he doesn’t control you.  Visiting would be difficult as Noctis is certainly his highest priority at that point in time, but I feel like with you being away in a place that could potentially be dangerous to you, he’d learn to stop making Noctis the center of his world.  He’d learn how to balance his love for you and his duty to Noctis throughout the whole ordeal.

Noctis knows about the peace deal before you tell him as his father decides to discuss the whole thing with him.  Regis decides to tell Noct partly due to the fact that Noct is to be king and it’d be a good way to witness how foreign relations work, but also because you had signed up to be one of the people to be part of the first group to leave.  Noctis knowing before you told him was both a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because it meant he had time to processes everything, but bad because it left you feeling a little…vulnerable I guess?? Like the fact he knew something before you had told him yourself was a bit unsettling.  Unfortunately Noctis can’t really go and visit as there is the security issue, but he does his best to text and call whenever he can.

anonymous asked:

you're highkey a huge inspiration to me!! i struggle a lot with depression, and as a result, slowly drifted away from making art. but now that im following you, i've noticed that i'm getting more motivation to make art again and that im actually beginning to do more creative things!! im just v thankful and wanted to show you some much-deserved appreciation <3

i’m truly so touched wow gjdhkghd thank you so dearly. i really struggle with my mental health & adhd; making art has always felt a bit more difficult than it should be. i’m wishing you all the best and sending you my love and warmth, i hope the coming years bring you all the success and good health that you absolutely deserve ❣️💓‼️💕❤️


Lily’s POV

“Thank you for helping me look for him, I really appreciate it,” The streets were eerily quiet; people slowly turning off their lights to hit the hay. Windenburg was a completely different place at night, at least in my eyes.

“No need to thank me, I just hope he’s alright,” The whole Chloe and Mark fiasco seemed to come completely out of the blue, she seemed to care about Tony so deeply. I guess you never really know a person.

“He’ll be alright, it’ll sting awhile for sure since it’s been his first relationship but he’ll heal, he always does,” I tried to be as reassuring as possible, though I wasn’t so sure myself. It’s not like Tony had the best track record of self care. He needs family and friends right now more than ever.

“I’ll believe you, millions wouldn’t.” He stifled a laugh, shaking his head.