but I really hope for the best for you

RWBY Vol 3 finale tomorrow

I’ve never been more excited / nervous / anxious about the release of any of our episodes.
I’m so proud to be part of this team and of what we’ve done this year. It’s been tough for several reasons, but we made it somehow and made what I believe to be easily the best content RT Animation has ever produced. Maybe RT in general, but that’s a biased opinion :P.
I say this every time, but we really put everything we have into this thing. Lots of hard work and long hours. If you enjoy the show, let the crew know!
It’s been a crazy year and I’m really excited for the future. I hope all of you enjoy it.
Remember, if you’re not a sponsor, you can get a free trial! You don’t want it spoiled!

See you guys tomorrow morning.

Hi all, I’m Kai, and I am 3 days on testosterone. I’m really lucky to have a family that’s trying their best to understand what it means to be trans.

I’ve gone back and forth on my decision to take T for a couple years now, as I’m more non binary and gender queer than a man. But that being said I’m happier with this decision than anything I’ve ever done in my life. I’d like to thank Andrew for being so open on his blog and helping me realize that it’s okay to be non binary and still transition.

I love you all and I hope your valentines day is full of love ❤️

Share the Love is an event being run here at Ways2Raise. Until  February 14th everyone whoreblogs the opening post featuring our current ongoing campaigns, and all nonbinary and trans individuals who submit a selfie or story about how they’ve learned to find love either for themselves or for the special person or people in their lives, will be entered into a random drawing to win a free Out of This Binary tee shirt, an End Transmisogyny Sticker Pack, and one of our recently announced Queer Sticker Sheets. You can submit your selfies and stories here.

So hey, Kaiden here. I wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me to this fandom. It’s only been a few days and I already feel warm welcomes and comfortable. I’ve seen how family like it is and how happy I am to be here is just insane. I read the books a while back what seems like years ago and Alec was a character that stood out to me. Just recently I finished Clockwork and somehow through that grew even closer. Then the show came out and so far it’s been picture book perfect for me yes somethings are off but I really like it more so I adore Alec more than I did and I didn’t think that was possible. Being able to roleplay someone I adore and being welcomed into a family I had no idea about is a huge comfort so as a thank you there is this if you are not mentioned I apologize this will have quite a bit of people I will try my best.

thank you for the amazing threads so far (I hope to continue because all of you are lovely writers); @asealuponthinearm , @warlcck , @lunaee , @oftrueblood , @imxnlyhuman , @lupinctuum , @finestglitter , @mundaneraised , @haveheirlooms , @liberatress (hot babe)

other amazing little ducklings (like wow); @itsjustflu , @heroicresolve , @jxcewxylxnd , @taiintcd , @partyingstag , @hammercd , @redhairmundane , @rebeliousxargent , @mencumbui , @dirtrepellent , @iincantatriix , @brooklynowned , @gcnercgue , @ravcnlocks , @scarlctspeedster , @angelicveined , @seraphicdemon , @llongbottcm , @whipwiielder , @noblehero , @erchommai , @polesliced , @sacrfie , @remembcr , @magnumbang , @athcnian , @postvoided , @killerjewelry , @clxrissxfrxy , @swordgiven , @swordriven , @ceasedtime

other bow babies if I missed any I’m sorry (if you aren’t checking them out you are missing out); @bowstrung , @darkstcr , @shadcwbcw , @rarerthangold , @oflightwood , @heartguided , @defenderofmxnkind , @datinghazard , @oftrxestheart , @faiithed , @thearchxr , @silverwilled

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Hi! I know you must get this a lot, but I want to tell you how much I admire & appreciate your beautiful artwork! I have not gotten into any type of fandom for years until I myself have fallen into the Undertale trash after questioning & developing a soft spot for Sans. Your works inspired me to return to fandom art, which went beyond my old style back at art school (I'm 28..old right?). I want to say thank you for creating Echotale and I look forward to seeing the updates! Take care :)

:’) It’s more than a pleasure! ♥ I am indebted to a lot of artists here and on Devart who made me try my best and aim for new goals… so it’s really fullfilling to hear I might have this effect on someone out there. I hope you can regain your joy of creating and discovering many new things about your self and art! Bestofluck!

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Jeonghan and "I feel alone." please and thank you ^.^

“Why are you curled up in a ball like that?” He asks, a hint of a laugh leaving his lips as he observes the bundle that you’ve created on the corner of the couch. You were curled into yourself and you had wrapped a numerous amount of blankets around your body.

“I’m cozy, leave me alone.” You say, tucking your head further into the warm mass of comforters.

“Only if you let me get in there with you.” He says. You do your best to open a spot up for him to slip in beside you. “Now, tell me the real reason why you’re wrapped up on the corner of your couch looking like you’re about to cry.” He says. You rest your head on his shoulder.

“I just feel really alone without you.”

I cannot believe these have taken me a week to do and I still have more…. anyway I hope that was cute


Words: 1,264

Rating: General. Nothing explicit.

Hope you guys enjoy! :D I apologize in advance if it’s bad!


It was 2:54am. The dark Los Angeles sky was brilliantly dotted with distant stars, the streets were a lot quieter, and the wind was blowing steadily. It was such a calming environment and it could’ve put any one to sleep within a matter of minutes. Anthony Padilla especially loved these kinds of nights and found that he got the best rest under these conditions, but tonight was different. He couldn’t sleep. Not even a wink. It was not because he wasn’t tired or because he was uncomfortable. No, the true origin of his sleepless night was due to the absence of his best friend, Ian. He missed his touch, his scent, his laugh, his cute little face that was peppered with freckles, everything. The restless 28-year-old let out a breathy sigh and looked over to his sleeping girlfriend, watching the sheets rise and fall softly with each breath she took. Anthony truly did love her and would do anything for her, but if he really followed his heart, it would lead him strait to his short friend with an everlasting bowl haircut. Anthony wrapped his arms around the woman sleeping next to him and brought her closer, inhaling her scent and placing a gentle kiss on her temple. He hoped that holding the woman he loved so dearly would help get the image of his freckled best friend out of his mind, but it didn’t happen. He couldn’t focus on the small feminine body in his arms because his heart longed for a more masculine presence. He tried to fight it anyway, closing his eyes and relaxing against the small body as he inhaled the scent of sweet shampoo and fruity body wash. Not even a minute later, his eyes were open again, thinking about Ian. Finally, Anthony had enough. He let go of the sleeping woman and sat up in bed, grabbing his phone and going straight to Ian’s contact to send him a message.

“I can’t sleep.” Anthony wrote. He locked his phone and sat it on his lap, hoping to receive a reply from his best friend. A few moments later, his phone vibrated from within his lap. Anthony quickly picked it up and read the new text. Ian had replied.

“Same.” Anthony smiled.

“Does someone miss me?” He joked, sending the text with a smile on his face.

“Nah. I think I just drank too much coffee this evening.” Anthony laughed a little, knowing better than that. Anthony then typed another message in more serious manner.

“Well, I miss you… :’(” This time, Anthony didn’t put down his phone. He wanted to see Ian’s reply as soon as he received it. It didn’t take too long.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Ian replied.

“Come over.” Ian took a little while to reply after that, making Anthony a little nervous. Relief washed over him when he saw the little reply bubbles come up on his phone.

“I don’t think I should…”

“Come on, please? I won’t be able to sleep if you don’t.”

“Anthony… We both agreed that we wasn’t going to do this again… You have Miel, I have Pam and that’s that.” Anthony leaned his head back against the headboard, letting out a light sigh as he typed another reply.

“I know… But I can’t get you out of my mind. Please, Ian? I know you miss me too. We can’t stay away from one another… Just please let me see you and hold you even if this really is the last time…” It felt like an eternity before Ian sent a text back.

“No sex, right?”

“No, none. I just want to hold you.” Anthony smiled when he read Ian’s reply.

“Meet me outside in about ten minutes. Wear a jacket. It’s a little chilly.”

“Okay. See you in ten.” Anthony sat his phone back down on the night stand and placed a kiss on Meil’s cheek.

“I’m sorry… I love you.” He whispered to her before peeling back his comforter and placing his feet on the floor. Eight minutes later, he was outside in the LA streets, leaned up against a streetlight as he watched some cars drive by every so often. The city was eerily calm and quiet, dense fog surrounding everything as the chilly wind whipped through Anthony’s unstyled, curly hair. Anthony perked up when he saw a dark figure turn the corner. As it approached, Anthony could tell that it was Ian. Not only by the way he walked, but also by the lime green running shoes that was on his feet. Anthony’s heart rate increased with excitement. When Ian walked into the street light, Anthony’s heart skipped a beat. His pretty face that Anthony had missed so much was suddenly brilliantly illuminated by the bright street light as his blue eyes reflected the florescent bulbs perfectly. Anthony ran over to him, reaching his arms out for hug, but Ian denied him.

“Let’s get inside first. It’s cold.” Ian muttered, pushing past Anthony and towards the front of the building. Anthony followed closely behind him. Once they were inside and within the small lounge area of Anthony’s apartment complex, they each shed their jackets and looked at one another, not saying a single word.

“So… C-Can I hug you now?” Anthony asked. Ian nodded.

“Yeah.” Anthony smiled and slowly walked up to Ian, wrapping his arms around his waist and laying his left cheek on Ian’s head. As he held the smaller man close, he smelled of his hair. It smelled sweet just like Miel’s, but with a more masculine tang.

“God, I miss you…” Anthony whispered, placing a small kiss on the top of Ian’s head. Ian returned the taller man’s hug, not squeezing him as tight, but still holding a tight a grip around Anthony’s body. Anthony pulled away from the embrace to look into Ian’s eyes, feeling himself smile as Ian kept a strait face. “You’re so beautiful… I wish we could do this all the time.” Anthony whispered, cupping Ian’s cheek with his left hand while caressing the pale freckled skin with his thumb.

“I know…” Ian replied. “I do too… But we can’t.” Anthony kissed his forehead and brushed his hair a little to the side.

“Maybe we could work something out.”

“No. We can’t.” Ian replied, looking away from Anthony’s loving gaze.

“Why not? We obviously have some strong feelings for one another. Why don’t we at least try to work something out?” Ian bit his bottom lip, obviously trying to hold back a sob.

“Can… Can you just shut up and hold me? I don’t want to have this discussion right now… All I want is to be in your arms for the next hour.” Anthony placed a small kiss on Ian’s forehead.

“Okay baby.”

“Don’t call me that, please…” Anthony let out a quiet sigh.

“Can I have a kiss at least?” Ian hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Anthony bent down to Ian’s height and brought their lips together in a small yet passionate kiss that soon deepened and resulted to them making out on the lounge area couch with Ian laying on top of Anthony. Ian was the first one to break apart, lips wet and flushed deep red as Anthony stoked Ian’s hair and face with his left hand. Ian leaned into Anthony’s touch and smiled slightly.

“I love you…” Anthony whispered. Ian wanted to say it back, but he couldn’t bring himself to it. Instead, he just laid his head on Anthony’s chest thinking to himself:

“This is the last time. This is the last time. This is THE LAST time.” But Ian knew that his love for Anthony was too strong for him to ever resist the temptation and that he would definitely be back in Anthony’s arms soon.

Ghost Town Heart(Villain!AU)

(( Another musical fic and I deeply want to thank @empanadadooblez for showing me this song and telling me it reminded her of Villain!Genos. In all honesty this is my favorite musical fic and possibly over all fic I made so far because when I heard the song I could immediately see the story to it. So, I hope I’ve written it well enough that others can see how I pictured it. So here is the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlkncEP_dI4  and it’s best to listen as you read. I really hope you enjoy it!))

  The wind kicked up dust through the empty streets as the whir of moving mechanics echoed through the breeze, a form walking down the empty roads. His dark hair messed, and eyes tired as the cyborg moved through the haunting quiet. He was tired, not just physically but mentally. The one part of him still human was worn from this hero business. His bright eyes scanned the area, seeing fliers of enrollment instructions for the heroes association as he ripped one from the wall aggressively.

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Ahh, thank you! lol, now I know you and @look-its-a-nunn talk about me; I hope it’s always good things….?? I think it’s actually I who doesn’t deserve you both.

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I’m not really good with these nor how to do one really, but I’m going to try so here I go! IN CELEBRATION OF 500 FOLLOWERS - ] 

I want to thank each and every one of you for being with me through this writing journey. I’ve learned a lot from you guys and it’s been more than an absolute joy being here with you all. You guys are really wonderful people, just being able to share with you all our love for the muses we play and their verses whether Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts and much much more, has been really fun and will continue to be fun I’m sure! Thank you, all of you! 

As a little something for all of you, if any of you would like any icons edited for you - feel free to message me! I can’t do much, but I can certainly try. :)

You all are my precious owlies - helping this mama owl grow and come to fall more & more in love with Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII. For giving me the chance to write with you guys, to support me, to encourage me, baring with me when my activity fluctuates. - Just, thank you beyond all words. I love seeing you all on my dash and that you guys are unique in your own ways - writing your muses in your own perspective that I’ve come to learn and adore.

I’ll also be handing out my skype - just please tell me who you are when you add me or else I will not accept your request. [ rinii5134@outlook.com - Upon those wings ]

Dear Followers,

I hope you guys are all having a good day, I just wanted to say thank you to you all. I truly hope that this blog has brought you as much happiness as it has brought me these past couple of days. I enjoy your sweet messages so much and it makes my heart happy to think that I might be making your tumblr experience a little bit better. Although I do not reblog what is going on right now the our larents, I do try to keep up and I just wanted to say that I still completely support Harry and Louis. I would not be here if it wasn’t for them, I have had some of the best memories here and I hope that soon everything will get better. I also wanted to say that if for any reason you want to talk about anything going on I am more than happy to listen. I would love to talk about Louis beauty for twenty hours as well, or any of the boys really, but you can aslo come to me with your thoughts on anything else. Remember, be nice to nice. I love you all. :)

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I have just rejected a big offer in my life just because I want another university better now I'm hoping for the best the university I want will accept me. I'm all caught up and stressed out! But your recent art 😍

aww :”) just know that everything will be okay. i really hope that you made your best decision and just be happy :)

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BTS and EXO ship please? I'm Korean-American and 5'4. I'm an ambivert and slightly reserved. With friends/family I become more playful and like to tease. I'm open minded and hard to anger and I'm told I'm down to earth. I may not know what to say/give the best advice, but I will always listen to/help family/friends/anyone, really. I also value honestly so whatever I say will be the truth/what I really think so I can be blunt. I'm ambitious, a dreamer, very curious, and can get bored fast.

Whoa okay this turned out to be way too long, but I hope you enjoy anyway! I got a little overexcited with both of them, my god; they’re so long! 

BTS: Suga would undeniably be yours, mhm, without a doubt. Where should I start first? Let’s start with your personality. Yoongi would definitely love your various personality traits, especially how you can be so down to earth and honest. He’d love a girl who can speak her mind and is faithful. The fact that you have deep thinking would deeply intrigue him, and he’d find it easy to have heavy conversations with you. You’d spark up his muse and he’d sometimes write songs about you. Don’t feel burdened or overwhelmed because it’d be Yoongi’s best way to show him how much he adores you. For the same reasons, he’d love your open mindedness and confer with you about his worries. The two of you would be each other’s stress and burden relievers, along with each other’s problem solvers. Suga would really be himself around you and a little bit more lively along with being more lazy. It’s nice that you love sleeping because he does too; I can already picture the two of you cuddled up on the couch, dozing off with earbuds in your ears. Yoongi has said continuously that he loves a girl who loves music, so it’s nice that you love music as well and that you can play various instruments. As for your other passions, such as going to to the gym and your various other physical hobbies, Yoongi would like, but I don’t think he’d join you that often because he’s not really into hardcore physical activity, only sports like basketball. He’d still adore the fact that you like to be active and would cheer you on from the sidelines. As for your hobby to take pictures, Yoongi would share that with you and I can see the two of you sharing pictures that you’ve taken. Because of all the likes that you guys share, Yoongi would never lose interest in you, and even more so because you’re hard to anger. As a side note, he’d love that dreamer side of you and would encourage you to keep striving.

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EXO: Suho would fall head over heels for you. If your looks don’t seal the deal, he’d definitely be attracted to your personality and your passions. He’d love that down to earth and open minded side of you and would continue to indulge himself in it by sharing long conversations with you. He’d never be tired of hearing you talk, and the feeling would be mutual because you’d be a great listener to him. As a leader of a famous idol group, Suho would have a lot to talk about, so it’s great that you’re willing to listen. Although he might be slightly shy about doing a lot of skinship, just know that he’d never be afraid of doing simply yet loving forms of skinship with you, such as bringing you into his side and cuddling with you on the couch while you read. He’s always said that he’d love an intelligent girl, so the fact that you love to read, learn different languages, and your dream is to pursue different cultures is just amazing. I can see the two of you recommending each other books. He’d find your tendency to get bored fast cute, and would work his butt off trying to get you interested into something else. He’d love that curious side to you as well along with your tendency to dream. Honestly, he’d just adore everything about you, even the way you’re always looking for time to sleep in the midst of all your physical activity. He’d admire you for your various physical talents and would ask for you to teach him when you can. He’d join you whenever he has the time and would even follow you to the gym. Of course, Suho would always insist that the two of you eat something afterwards XD because he’d be starving by then and he’d want to buy you something yummy to eat. He’d be super sweet to you, and would love the fact that you like to tease because it’d urge him to be playful around you as well. He’d be much more loose when he’s with you, showing you both his tired but his humorous side as well. <3

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~ Jade

Supplies Masterpost

Another masterpost! (I’m kind of on a roll.) The topic of this one is… gorgeous office supplies!  I live in a very rural area so there really isn’t anywhere I can go to buy cute stationary.  To compensate, I’ve been obsessively bookmarking shops, items, and inspo over the past several months.  This post is basically a more organized version of my bookmarks.  I hope you find it useful!


  • simple, classic Muji notebooks
  • I think Moleskine is a bit overrated, but this post wouldn’t be complete without it
  • poly cover notebooks are the absolute best in durability and you can get really great deals on them if you buy them in stores (Target, Shopko, OfficeMax, etc.) during August
  • inspirational journals

Pens and Pencils


Other Stuff

More Supplies Masterposts


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I think that joining this fandom was the best thing I could do. I used to stan another girl group (SNSD), and it was the most frustrating thing ever, with fans constantly at war with each other to decide which of the girls is better. Joining the Twinkles was like a relaxing bubble bath after like two years of non-stop war. I'm in love with all the girls, and with this fandom. So thanks to all the Twinkles who will read this, admins included, for making being a Twinkle such an enjoyable thing. <3

This is so sweet ;; And I agree. I really do hope that we’re able to maintain this peace among the fandom, I know that the more we grow, the more difficult it becomes to stay this way, but I hope that for the girls, we work hard to stay as we’ve been until now. I too really love this fandom, and love the girls. Thank all of you for being the best at being Twinkles. ♥

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Can you please start making more vlogs? I love them SO SO SO much, just seeing your beautiful smiley face makes my day better :) I personally love just simple, day to day vlogs and when you give us advice and show vegan foodies you eat (fellow vegan here hehe)! So yeah, it would be really cool if you made sort of like daily / weekly vlogs if you feel comfortable doing that! Hope I don't sound 'demanding' or anything like that as I know you're really busy right now and I wish you all the best!! x

Editing one today and going to film more now :) I liked making them as well and I want u guys to meet all my friends

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have to admit though that Ryan and Danny's on screen charisma is on point. I know that they are both friends in their personal lives so I know this helps! i've heard that the whole cast are close so this is good too :)

YOU’RE SOOO RIGHT MY LOVELY NONNIE!! They’re on screen charisma is incredible!!! Danny did an interview recently where he actually said something along that he and Ryan had great chemistry off camera so he hoped that reflected on what people saw on their screens when they watched scenes between the two of them…it was just SO lovely!! The two of them really ARE SO AMAZING TOGETHER!!! ED did so well when they cast Ryan for the role of Robert Sugden - BEST THING EVER!!! :D

That’s true! It seems to be generally acknowledged by practically everyone in the business that Emmerdale is the best show to be on in regards to how everyone just gets along and how they really are like a proper family! Danny mentioned this as well on This Morning last week - how he just loves working there and how they’re all like a family really!! It’s just amazing!!

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Kagami, Kise and Takao...I've had a filling redone today and the stupid pain's making my head loopy 😢 Could you possibly cheer my cranky self up please? I promise to roll up my baking sleeves for you all when I'm better as a thank you 😊

KAGAMI: “Aw, man, that sucks. It’s really painful but I do hope it feels better soon.”

KISE: “True! I’m sorry but hey, it’s for the best right? After this, you can eat sweets no worries.”

TAKAO: “Sweets are life and you’ll be able to enjoy them to the max.”

Thanks for 406. I was going to wait until 500, but I’m impatient and drunk and this is a lewd side blog for shits and giggles, so 406 it is. I hope y’all have enjoyed it. It arouses me to know that people have become aroused by something I’ve posted, or gotten off to something that I’ve posted. So please don’t be shy, messages are always welcome!

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I want to binge read all of your full-length Stydia fics over the next while, but I don't know which one to start with. Is there one that you're most proud of, or one that you think is the best introduction to your writing? Thank you! I love your blog :)

Oh, wow! I’m so excited that you want to read my fics! Thank you for doing that and I hope you enjoy them :)

I think Move Like You’re Stolen is my best fanfic, but if we’re going by number of hits, I believe Ground Rules is the one that is the most popular. As Easy As Knowing is the most recent, so it’s the most accurate reflection of what I think about Stydia right now (in some of my older fics, I hadn’t built my niche-verse yet. I actually didn’t solidify it until I finished MLYS. Plus, in some of my earlier ones, I didn’t know the characters as well because I had only watched TW through once.)

Based off this with @fortisgladio

Somebody should really give Yuichiro a gold medal for his loyalty. His concept of family is like, “I don’t care if you have six wings or an extra arm, as long as I consider you family, you are FAMILY and there is no escape”. When Yuichiro loves someone, he loves wholeheartedly ( as Chihiro is finding out ), and that’s one of the things I really admire about him.