but I really hope for the best for you

really quick sketch of domestic posh and beck AU  for birthday best friend smurfmeintoyou !! :’D  sorry i was late to realize when your birthday is, but i hope you have an amazing one!! Loads of love tiwi!! <333

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Beleive. Otherwise the dreamscapers will just be beings, that still exist, although can't do anything so then it's pretty much like they don't exist? (Basically it's just like the movie 'Rise of the guardians' with Jack frost :) I really hope that you've seen the movie! ouo (part 2/2)

Yes! ( never saw the movie tho )

People believe that they can get over their fears. Vince is alive.

People believe that they can learn new things and teach others. Jasper is alive.

People believe that they can take over they love and share it with others. Powder is alive.

People believe that they should be the best at what they do. Olivia is alive.

People believe in being a guardian of your friends and protecting them. Tybalt is alive.

People believe that anyone can change and learn from their mistakes. Sasalina is alive.

People believe that anyone can stand up to their bullies or inner demons. Darren is alive.

People believe that recovery takes a while but not forever. Vine is alive.

People believe in world peace or peace amongst everyone in the world. Shanta is……..

Laurel Lance Defense Badge

I’ve been meaning to make Laurel badges for ages but didn’t know how. I finally messed around on photoshop for a while (far too long) and finally figured it out!

I made it with both spellings of “defence/defense” for the American and non-American folks!

Feel free to use on your blogs if you want! Lets show our support for our leading lady!

I’ll probably make more later but for now, I hope you like it!

EDIT: For those wondering how to put this or any badge on your blog, I actually answered this question in an ask ages ago so you can refer to that (x). Its not the best answer (because I’m really not the best person to ask) but hopefully it should help you figure it out. 


Look at that! #1 across the board!  Way to go, Olicity fans!  But it’s not over yet, so if you haven’t bought yet, please do.  Add your voice to your fellow Oliciters by purchasing the Arrow Season 2.5 #16 comic (digital first) and let’s get that “Best Seller Ranking” (currently 1,681) to an even stronger position.  The better the position, the longer that comic sits at #1, the more we show our numbers and our “vote” for Olicity… all for 99 cents.

iTunes users, I keep checking, but I still see no pre-order link up for you yet.  I’m really hoping that comes this weekend so you can start working your magic on their sales charts, too.

Until then, you can buy #16 from most ebook retailers but here are the most common/popular links


DC Comics Read Central

Google Play


emt!Ashton comforting you during the ambulance ride to the hospital, doing his best to patch you up and stop the bleeding while talking to you to keep you conscious and he ends up holding your hand because you just looked so scared and he was really hoping that they were almost at the hospital because he hated seeing you so hurt and scared


Thank you guys! :u: I’m really thankful for your supportive attitude towards me or my blog, we all know I had those shit of a moments where I usually became very obnoxious with my behavior in certain moments, and for this post I need to thank those who, literally have the guts to tolerate me helped me along in this website or in other junctures, real life. 

This is also dedicated to those who I usually stalk here, people whom I never interacted with but I still hope we can build up a affable nearness. I may not be the best Raph blog around but I really hope ya’ll lil adorable pieces of shit notice me before this Therefore, even if I haven’t added you, I will still be very appreciative over your company, so don’t misunderstand that I don’t like you or bring out any of the series of negativity in your thoughts .

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I’m so sorry for doing this

It’s green actually. Best Song Ever in Manila 

And this…

Just a necklace and other ring.

I’m sorry again. I know you want believe in something. Me too. But for me Zayn is really fucked up. I love him but i don’t like the way he left the boys. Crying Liam, lost and desperate boys in Jakarta is too much heartbreaking.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Still dealing with a lot of emotional pain/ stress right now, but did manage to get a bit of motivation. What I’m really hoping to see in Fukkatsu no F.  A little doodle of an extremely pleased Super Saiyan God Vegeta. Was seriously debating whether or not to post this, along with any future art (which is still a big maybe.) Not my best work. Enjoy or don’t…

Please DO NOT repost, trace, claim to be your own, edit/modify or de-face in any way. Also if reblogging, DO NOT remove my artist comments. Really appreciate it, thank you.

My followers are the best. Everyone always so supportive and generous to me. I appreciate that ya know. I have reached out to many of you here over the time I have had this blog and it’s been really nice actually. Just I wanna say thank you for putting up with my weird ass shit. I hope everyone feeling good, or on their way to being happy. Have a good night.

hey all, I’m KT, and this is my best friend Chester. He’s the best cat anyone could ask for. I’m so lucky to have him!

I’m 20, genderfluid, ace, panromantic, and a huge nerd. Chester is almost 2, male, and very cute.

(I’ve submitted a selfie before in the past so I hope it’s ok to send another.)

Two hundred of you

So, wow I finally hit two hundred followers, I really didn’t think I’d ever even get pass one hundred so yay.

So I want to do something for this but I am uncertain as to what but have a few ideas.

But firstly I wanted to thank all of you for following, giving my blog the time of day and all that good stuff. You’re all wonderful beautiful people and I hope you get the best out of life, I really do.

So now then. I want to do something special so here are my ideas:

I lifestream a game on twitch, like Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of the Storm etc and answer questions from you guys

Or I let the first five voice requests in my inbox be the next five I do for you guys.

After that I am a bit skint for ideas so if anyone has one let me know. 

Again, thank you all, you’re amazing and wonderful in your own fantastic way and I love you all <3

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i try to be

im aslso nervosu but im in rokc bottom and im going to climb out!! a comfortable rock bottom. hrm. i miss everyone and i love everyone thank u all for ur support i cant organize mty thoughtsd

dear followers and frindsd and everyone swho supports me im always surprised how many notes my arts gottn over to this day even excludin fanrt(lmao) but youre all so supportive and ive just had anxiety and all so i couldnt really talk to all of ya though i wished to like the other Cool Kids and een then im not the best confversational partner but i love you all and im grateful that yall exist, friends, memes, eveyrnoe you are anmazing and i hope ill be braver after ive reached a more stable?stabiilne?? nonfluctuatin point of life again and then i can talk to all of you and be cool and yuou all dont have to be afraid at all to talk at me too okay?? oaky!!! okay!! hugs all of yuo!!!! oh my god i havent been up so late in ages im goign to shiT

I’m honestly so thankful for every single person on this website. This website has shown me humor and has really impacted the way I think about things. I’ve been inspired to read more and make discoveries and travel more. I really have changed for the best and I could not be more proud of this family. Yes, we will all be problematic at times, but think about it this way, you wouldn’t have good if there wasn’t bad. You wouldn’t have happy if there wasn’t sad. You wouldn’t have love if there wasn’t hate. So try and make someone smile today, be kind to people, and be happy. I consider all of you my friends and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Hehe~ Can I request a scenario with Akaashi where he studies in the library and notices someone leaving lyrics on the old table he sits at and decides to leave a message for them? They start leaving messages for each other until curiosity gets the best of one of them and they just have to meet~ please?!?

*wipes sweat off* phew okay so i kind of fell in love with your request so i wrote a really long thing :’D posting a modified short version but i’ll be posting a longer version here. It’s still rather long so I will put it under a cut. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it *bow bow*

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I didn't know you had cancer! ;-; I wish you the best and I hope you get better soon <33 Ps I love your art so much ^^

Yeah ^^;;; I don’t really talk about it much unless there’s news / I’m on chemo which is every other weekend unless I negotiate with my nurse. It’s just… Y’know, I get like a wet blanket when I’m on it, and I want to be a positive, happy blog. But thank you very much!!! I’m glad you like my art too <3333

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If it's not too much to ask, could you do m!mu pining for the f!shepherds? Like m!mu thinking cordelia is still in love with chrom, but then her telling m!mu that he's the one she loves? Sorry if this doesn't make sense!!!

No, no! It makes sense. Sorry for the delay! I just did Cordelia, because my mind died and I couldn’t figure out how to make m!MU pine for the rest, haha. But I made Cordelia’s really long, at least? Hope that’s okay!
-Mod Olivia

There it is again, you can’t help noticing - a sort of wistful, longing gaze, directed right at Chrom, and the hard knot of envy grows in your chest yet again. Cordelia is the girl you’re head-over-heels for; Chrom is your best and most trusted friend in the Shepherds. You’ve made up your mind to confess your love to her, but looking at her staring at Chrom, you feel the most discouraged you’ve ever been. Even now, when your heart is pounding like the beat of a battle drum just from being beside her, your stomach is twisting itself up into a hard, searingly hot ball of envy that just won’t get smaller, no matter what you do.

You love her. You really do. You’d give up your life for her.

But even though it’s just so damned selfish, you don’t want her to find happiness if it means being with Chrom. You’re well aware that if it comes down to it, you won’t object to their union. Not outwardly, anyway. Because what kind of horrible person would do that?

You unconsciously let out a long, heavy, rattling sigh, and rest your elbows on the surface of the table with your fingers forming a sort of roof above your eyes to block out the light. You need to think about something else - anything besides this stupid enviousness.

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So when this video is done, are you going to send to Mark? I think he might really like to see it :)

I’m not sure of the best place to send it. But I shall put it on my YouTube channel and hope through the power of social networking he sees it.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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Hello sweetheart; if you're taking prompts from that au list you just posted, pretty please could you do 'your best friend and my best friend think we’d be really cute together and keep trying to set us up I am so sorry' for John Smith/Donna Noble or Alec Hardy/Sarah Postern? Thank you so much I love your writing!

Hiya! Thank you so much!!! I went a bit of a different direction with this so I hope you enjoy dear nonny! This is John Smith/Donna. 

Send me a prompt from here

On paper, he supposes, she’s everything he should want.

She’s young and lithe with clear eyes and a button-nose and she’s just plain cute.

But still, he’s mortified.

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Apparently a lot of you already know me (Steven really likes to share stories i’ve learned) so maybe it won’t be so hard to get people’s attention.

I’m Peridot. This is my blog. I like memes so send them to me. They help pass the time. Questions are also okay but nothing too serious.

A lot of humans that have the ability to will draw a picture of themselves, so here’s the best I can do.

Just a warning though: the other gems might but in on this blog. After my containment they don’t trust me with anything, especially that nervous one. 

Imagine #77 Fiancé on set (AU)

Request: Could you write thomas brodie sangster imagine were he and the reader are engaged and they are both famous and she is an actress on the walking dead and he visits her on set one day to watch her film (her cast loves him who doesn’t)

Note: I thought this was going to be a hard one, and it was. Sorry, but I don’t know anything about the walking dead. But I tried as best as I could and I know that I diverged a little from your request, but I hope you still like it! Sorry if the writing is shitty, because I really didn’t know how to portray the walking dead. (I have to admit wikipedia helped a bit)

AU where the reader and Thomas Sangster are engaged. Both famous actors who visit each other on set if their busy schedules allowes them to. 

Thomas Sangster x reader
Words: 862
Warnings: None

You sat on the chair with the script in your hand. You read it and tried to remember it as best as you could. It wasn’t really that hard. It was a scene where you ran away from a zombie, or a Walker as your script said. You had to shout some words during the run, you could remember that. Then you were pulled aside and had a scene with your co-worker, where you discussed how to escape from the zombies. Couldn’t be that hard. You were an actress and had done this before, but you still felt a nervous feeling somewhere inside of you. You knew you could act, you where good at it, people told you all the time. But that didn’t keep you from having insecurities. You always wanted to show the best you could. You didn’t want to let anyone down, especially not your fans. And The Walking Dead had a lot of fans.

‘’You ready?’’ You heard the director shout at you and you gave him the signal that you were ready. You put the script on the chair and walked over to the stage.
‘’We first shoot you when you’re running and shouting the words.’’ You nodded and looked at your co-worker. It wasn’t your first scene with him, so it wasn’t weird.
‘’Scene 7, take 1, action!’’ You heard someone shout and then you weren’t you anymore. You were still yourself of course, but not the actress-you. You were in the Walking Dead, running to survive. You needed to get away from the Zombies. That was what you loved most about your job, to get lost in a character. When you didn’t get lost, it didn’t feel like you could put yourself hundred percent into it. It was easier to get lost in a character that didn’t look like yourself. You really felt like you could be someone else. But sometimes it was good to play a character quite similar like you. You could put pieces of yourself into your acting which made it even better for you.

You finished the scene, a bit tired from the running and waited for the director’s shouts. Would it be a do-over? It probably would be, since no scene ever went right in the first take. Then you heard the familiar words. ‘’Take it from top.’’ And you moved back to the place where you started, getting ready to run again.

It was weird how acting made you tired. Normally it wasn’t that physical, but this was. And sometimes it was mentally hard, too. To be someone else took some time and could get you really tired. But you didn’t mind, you loved your job. You walked back to your chair and were surprised to see that your seat was taken. You wanted to make a witty comment, but kept your mouth shut when you saw Thomas sitting there. His blonde hair looked a bit wild and you could still see the make-up on his face, which made him look dirty. Your fiancé met your eyes and you smiled at him.
‘’Hey, what are you doing here?’’ You asked him. Thomas Brodie Sangster was an actor himself and you were both filming these days. It was rare to see each other before dinner, but you enjoyed it even more when you had the chance to see him earlier.
‘’Not even happy with me?’’ You could hear his British accent and smiled. It was good to hear his accent between all the American ones. ‘’Of course I am.’’ You said. He stood up from the chair to kiss you and he pulled you in for a hug.
‘’We had a short day of filming.’’ He said to you. Thomas was currently filming a new series and looked really excited to tell you all about it.
‘’If you had a short day, you could’ve taken the time to get that stuff off of your face.’’ Someone else pointed out. You looked at your co-worker and smiled. Thomas laughed and a few others did too. He tried to visit you as much as possible and bonded with the cast. He wasn’t one of them, but he had made friends here.
‘’I saw your script.’’  He said. You loved his low voice. You had been with Thomas for over a year and you still loved every little thing about him. You were still amazed by how good his voice sounded. Amazed by him in general, actually. ‘’You’re not supposed to read that!’’ You said, poking him the shoulder. ‘’Yeah, yeah I know. Didn’t read anything but I was it was your last scene for today.’’ A smile appeared on his face, as if he just revealed your darkest secret and he was proud for finding out.
You nodded at him. ‘’Yep.’’ You collected your stuff but looked back at Thomas when you felt two arms on your waist. You turned to look at Thomas. ‘’I thought we could have some dinner and then have a movie night with lots of food and lots of blankets.’’ He said, winking at you.
‘’Sounds lovely.’’ You answered before planting a small kiss on his nose.