but I really hope for the best for you


Finally all set for the 1989 Tour Edmonton!

I have out so much thought and effort into both my sign and costume and I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. I spent countless hours (AND DAYS) cutting out letters perfectly and measuring perfectly so my lights would fit.
“Didn’t you calm my fears with a Cheshire Cat smile” is such a brilliant lyric and knew I had to do something with that for the tour.

I really really REALLY hope this tour is my chance to meet taylorswift. I have been a fan for so long now and haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet her yet.
I really hope you guys will help get taylor to notice this, it would really mean the world to me. And regardless if I get to meet her or not, I know I am going to have the best time of my life at the concert, and I am so excited to spend the night with my best friend and sister.

If you are going to the show August 4th and see me, say hi! Ask for a picture! I would love to finally meet more Edmonton swifties!
My seats are on the floor, ironically row 13, so maybe it’s a sign?

Anyway, thank you all so much for your help!

Lots of love,
Kris. ❤️

P.S. Taylor, please play Wonderland that night. 😉

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Where don you get your reaction gifs from?

come let me tell you my secrets!

Ok so maybe its not so secret, but usually I use derpibooru this is probably the best mlp image resource out there and I love using it.  

However mylittlefacewhen is a really good resource as well and they’re 100% reaction images its just  a lot harder to find what you want there. 

you can always try google if all else fails by searching an emotion and adding mlp gif to it but its a lot harder to find quality stuff that way so I rarely use this method.

so yeah thats how I get my GIFs 

hope this helps ^_^

So here’s my thank you for 200 followers! I really appreciate all the requests you send me and just all your little adorable faces are great. So thank you so much, and, as always, I hope you enjoy!

Edit: I just decided to turn this into part one! The next request I’m doing would follow perfectly right after this, so I’ll mark that one as part two!

Rating: PG-13 (language, duh, also kissing but eh)

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Hi! You have such a lovely col--HARTWIN blog hehe. Can you recommend the best kingsman fics you've read so far? :-)

Thank you so much! You definitely know what’s up with this sideblog B-) All of my recommendations are completed series (that are pretty popular and are Rated M/E/T so please check the ratings and tags before proceeding) but I hope you dig them!

Kingmaker by manic_intent ⇒ This is one of my favorite amnesiac!Harry fics of all time. It’s really great to the point where I’ve re-read it three times. I want to say more about it but I think I’ve made my point very clear.

Your Highness by Galahard ⇒ V-day happened in this universe but Kingsman is a bodyguard agency and Eggsy is apparently royalty, wew! Crazy and Kingsman are always hand-in-hand.

Oxford, Not Vogue by persephoneggsy ⇒ Kingsman is the world’s most sophisticated clothing brand, Harry’s a designer, and Eggsy’s a model who just so happens to inspire our gent and lands a job. Really good stuff.

One Night by Nickygp ⇒ Once upon a time, this was my life. Here we have rentboy!Eggsy and judge!Harry. I think it’s clear as day that these two are going to have a rough time in this fanfic. You’ll see them struggle, but wow, it’s so worth it.

The Spy who Loved Me (Or so they say) by ToriCeratops ⇒ Harry and Eggsy go undercover as a couple. All I can say is there’s so much pining, like a truck load of it, plus some angst because hell yeah. It’s just so beautiful.

I do suggest reading those authors’ works when you’re done with these because they do not disappoint. I have a lot more fanfics to recommend but I think 5 series is good for now. (I forgot to bookmark the oneshots I loved so much, which explains the “they’re-all-series” recommendation list.) Feel free to stop by again, anon!

Payment to not_poignant for their amazing writing. I can’t give you my soul, so this was the next best thing.

I tried to get augus’ waterweed down, you guys know how I am about plants. Also, Gwyn’s hair? My struggle. I love Augus, but Gwyn?? I’ll have to try again. Please note, these are sketches. I’m hoping to draw them more in the future, heaven knows I reread 600,000 words this weekend, I’m feeling obessed.

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what are your favorite big bang fics ?

i have a lot so im going to pick one or two favs from each year kk


Off the Script


The Learning Curve at Wakefield High

2009 (the BEST year for fanfic omg. i could list so many more but u said FAV so…….)

Apocalypse: Cancelled

The Last Smile I Fake

The Protocols of Friendship



The Lake House

The Play Nice Proviso

2011 (such a bad year for fic omg. these 2 are the only gr8 ones)

You’re the world to me

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star (my FAV j2 fic)


I’m Showing You How Epic We Would Be 

The Extra Light Switch

2013 (a REALLY shit year omg. here’ to hoping no other year was as sucky as this one)

The Colors of My Life 


There’s Beauty in the Broken

Giving Up the Ghost



i havent read anything special yet so

They see you there, there and there. 

They complaint that you are everywhere. 

They blame that you take the position which should belong to another member. They just see your smile. They don’t see the time when you’re exhaustedly practicing to fill the blank of the teams which none of any other members can do. 

I love to see your serious expression when you’re practicing. Because it shows that you little kid wasn’t offered the mission of leading the whole group for no reason.  

I love to see your smiles. Because it shows that you’re a really strong kid who never loses your hope in the future. 

Hard time is coming. She, who always shows her true feeling to you, is about to leave. You’re still there, trying your best to complete your path that still lies ahead, alone. 

But please, be strong. Our big girl will get through this time. 

Everything will be alright. 

I pray to God everyday that you keep this smile forever

No Hesitation, No Delay, You Come On Just Like Special K

I started getting my grill repair from the car accident damage done yesterday, I spent an hour and a half in one of my favorite lands, Nitrous that is. I know I was tripping some serious balls, because I got the full blast treatment and when I came out my friend was like, “you were fucked up. Every time I stopped working on you, I’d look at your eyes and I knew you were on a a fucking ride.” Quite frankly it was one of my best rides yet. I’m hoping when I go back for my crown he lets me on again, if nothing else, what are friends for?!

Alice In Wonderland is truly a really fucked up movie. I mean, the creators at the time were seriously tripping on some serious drugs. I haven’t watched it in like maybe 20 years, but it even in my K-hole last night I was still all whhhaaadaafuuuckkk and finally just gave up and enjoyed the ride.

I finally started applying for jobs yesterday. I think my month long vacation should be sufficient. This also means, I updated my resume like a big girl.

I actually have a date I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Going in all optimistic and shit. Also, I think the last tool finally grasped that it wasn’t gonna happen, he’s lucky I was too drunk on the weekend and didn’t respond when he sent me a message with this stupid emoji, 😘. No, just no.

I’m super stoked, I set me and my gays up appointments next Friday for reiki treatments. I seriously can’t wait after hearing testimonials and Aric has already had it done once and jumped on the suggestion to do it again. Let’s unblock some energy, bitches.

I have to stop drinking bitch beer, Aric told me. My heart sank a little, only be wise I till had a shit ton in the fridge. I’m on strict liquor consumption rules thanks to my angry gums.

I’m sorry if you’re still reading this, I’m not even close to tripping, I’m just bored waiting around.

Marauders Imagine - Never Have I Ever

Hi! Can you do a imagine during the Marauders era where the reader and the Marauders are playing Never Have I Ever? Thank you! - requested by anon

Haha this was a good request.  It was really fun to write.  Hope you like it! :)

     It was almost two o’clock on a Wednesday morning, and I was still awake working on my Transfiguration homework.  It was so late that I was one of the last people in the common room.  The only others still awake were four boys in my grade - best friends and notorious Gryffindors.  James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were usually up to something, but tonight I was too tired to even care what it was.

     I was just about to give up and head up to my room to get some sleep when Sirius sat down in a chair next to me and said, “Never have I ever done homework until two in the morning.”

     Remus, the nicest and most responsible of the bunch, followed him over.  “Come on, Sirius, can’t you see y/n’s doing homework?  Leave her alone!”

     James Potter laughed from the other side of the room.  “It’s not like she was getting anything done.  No one gets anything done after one anyways.”

     Sirius winked at me and said, “Don’t you know how to play?  You have to put a finger down.”

     I rolled my eyes and almost walked back up to the room, until I thought that if I let Sirius win, he was going to gloat for the rest of our time at Hogwarts.  I had learned that the hard way when he had challenged to wizard chess.

     Fine, I thought as I held up nine fingers.  “Never have I ever been a guy.”

     “Hey, that’s no fair!” protested James, who was still lounging on a couch on the other side of the common room.  “Never have I ever been a girl!”

     Eight fingers.  Man.

     But I didn’t have to worry too much about losing, because Peter chimed in with a “Never have I ever been on the quidditch team!”

     “Never have I ever had a crush on Lily Evans!” smirked Remus.  I laughed out loud.  I had never heard Remus say something so devious.

     Sirius added, “Never have I ever been a seeker!”

     It was my turn, and I decided to continue the trend of targeting James.  Before too long, he was out, because he had been out of the country, fallen asleep in class, failed a class, had a girlfriend, had a broomstick, and stayed up all night.

     I almost felt bad that he was out so quickly, but it was actually pretty funny.

     After James was out, I had six fingers up, Sirius had four, and Remus and Peter had seven.  Whatever, I thought, as long as I beat Sirius.

     ”Never have I ever started a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ at two in the morning,” I said, looking directly at Sirius.  He stuck his tongue out at me, and put another finger down.

     “Never have I ever kissed three different girls in one day,” said Remus, also looking at Sirius.

     “No fair!  You guys are ganging up on me!”

     “Never have I ever been a prefect.” said Peter.  Remus frowned and put a finger down.

     “Never have I ever been a pretty girl,” Sirius said with a wink at me.  I left my finger up.

     “Hey!  She didn’t put a finger down!” he protested.

     I rolled my eyes.  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

     “I think you’re pretty!” said Sirius.  “Let’s take a vote. If we all agree you’re pretty, you have to put a finger down.  I vote yes.”

     “I vote yes,” shouted James, who still hadn’t moved from the couch.

     “Me too,” said Peter quietly.

     Remus blushed.  “I vote yes.”

     I pretended to scowl at them like I was mad about being declared a ‘pretty girl,’ but of course I was flattered.

     In the end, Sirius got out, and then I lost, and then Remus, so finally Peter won.  But it really didn’t matter.  All I could think about was how Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew had agreed that I was pretty, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

     I was even smiling the next day as I told Professor McGonagall that I hadn’t finished the homework.

Come On Eileen - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: I looooove your account, could you maybe do a one-shot where the reader is dating Fred and he sees her doing a little dance with her best friend(kind of like Sam and Patrick in Perks) and he thinks she’s really cute and fluff?


I just used the name Paige for the readers friend and I did it as two girls, so I changed it a little bit sorry! I don’t know how i feel about this one because it was hard to throw in the dancing without making it seem totally random but i hope you like it! xx


“Run y/n c’mon! We’re gonna get caught!” Paige screeched laughter filling in the empty spaces in her voice. Y/n lagged close behind spilling the enchanted endless syrup across the previously clean floor sending a maple scent through the hallway, and a pool like hole of syrup to replace the tile. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming but keep it down. Who knows how close Filch-“A sudden shout of frustration followed by a loud thumping sound signaling the fall of their “beloved” janitor, Filch. Y/n covered her mouth in order to keep the giggles in as Paige tugged on her hand leading her through the portrait of the Fat Lady and into the Gryffindor Common Room. Slamming the door shut behind them, the two best friends held each other to keep the other from hitting the floor due to their excessive laughter.

The golden trio, Neville, Dean, and Katie overtook the living room chatting amongst themselves around the well lite burning fire. They all turned taking a glance at the two friends and chuckled to themselves.

“Looks like the two trouble makers have set hell again.” Ron muttered thoughtfully, examining them from over his shoulder. Hermione nodded in agreement smiling at Paige and Y/n while they passed by.

“So how many casualties this times?” Harry snickered. Paige rolled her eyes swinging her brown locks to the side. Shrugging Y/n made her way over to the old black record player set up against the wall and turned the music up a notch.

“Hmmm… I don’t know maybe 10. Paige what would you say?” The pair high fived making their way around the low lite room and crashed together on the couch shoving one another playfully around. The Weasley twins entered only moments later carrying a diamond like box which y/n assumed to be her boyfriend and his brother’s new invention.

Fred winked at Y/n lifting her feet up from the leather couch and sitting down, then resting her legs on his lap. George took a seat on the arm on the couch grabbing with Paige’s head lying on his lap underneath a decorative pillow.

“How are you two ladies this fine evening?” The girls shared a quick side look debating if they should let the twins in on their little prank or wait till the morning for them to see it for their own eyes. Paige nudged her head and y/n let the brothers in on their mischievous actions.

“We’re alright, thank you for asking. Nothing like leading Filch to a pool of bottomless sticky syrup to lift ones sprits.” Fred’s facial features turned into that of pure shock and admiration.

“You did not!” Y/n ran her hand through her hair acting superior to her boyfriend as if she had taken his spot on the chart for pranking.

“That we did, my dearest. Aren’t you proud of us?” The fire roared, flames growing higher spreading a blanket like warmth to cover the room. The other group were still chatting amongst themselves until Katie stood onto her feet approaching the record player and examining it for a moment, internally questioning which button was the right on. Paige shouted at her to turn it up but her words went unnoticed by Y/n while she repositioned herself so she was now cuddling up to Fred’s side. With his hand rested protectively on her waist, Fred too his opportunity to tease her,

“Aw my little bitty baby is taking after me and following in my footsteps, ah that’s so adorable.” He pinched her cheeks making y/n squirm in attempt to get away giggling to herself. Almost too lost in her little world, Y/n nearly missed the lyrics of one of her favorite songs, “Come On Eileen” blaring at the top setting. Snapping back to reality, Y/n gasped rising to her feet and holding out her hand to a confused Fred.

“Freddie, dance with me! This is one of my favorites and usually the music taste the people have here isn’t so great but this one is! Please one dance, babe!” Fred shook his head like the stubborn git he was with a distant smile on his face. George chuckled lightly declining Paige’s pleads similar to his twin. Y/n huffed in annoyance knowing she wasn’t about to get anywhere with him. Seeing no problem with it, Y/n took hold of Paige’s hand dragging her away from the couch into the open area near the portrait.

“Fine, I’ll just dance with Paige.” Drunk on happiness, Paige lifted Y/n delicate hand above her head spinning her crookedly much to Y/n’s dismay. Y/n let her hand slip for her friends grasp and broke out into a series of improvised moves that Paige tried to follow in the best she could but failed going her own route with the moves. Fred and George held their stomachs stuck in a fit of laughter from the girl who were too involved with the dance to notice.
They seemed to catch the eyes of the other students because soon, the golden trio and their friends all had their attention glued on the carefree Y/n and Paige jamming out in the middle of the Common Room without a single worry. Hermione giggled going out and joining them waving Katie over who gave in. The four spun, twirled, attempted to lift each other, and wiggled around until the song came to an erupt end leaving laughter to takeover.

Fred grin smugly wrapping his arm around Y/n and placing a chaste kiss to her forehead,

“My god, you are absolutely adorable and the next prank I want in on.”

Sorry if it sucked!

-Daizy xx

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You and your brother are just children!it's really sad that things are the way they are, I hope everything will turn out fine!

Aw thank you, yeah i guess it is sad but we get by and we will grow up one day and we will move on from this. I’ve always told him to do his absolute best in school because then someday money won’t be an issue anymore and he always promises to try his hardest. I just hope that when we do grow up, we will have things a lil bit easier.


glitchedpurifier off-fuckers leaf-submas askafriendlybatter battertoad and the beautiful off-404 and runwithanelsen !!!

These people made me improve my art because of them and I thank them for making me the happiest person in the world! Thank you again! You people I tagged are the best! You are beautiful and kind, I know we don’t talk but I just really want to thank you again! I just love your drawings and everything especially you! You guys just make my face turn red, and just want to say to you all over that I love you! And your a talented person! And an amazing artist! That’s all I got to say so I hope you see this and love you!

binbons mysstique2cus doughgoong akiramenaisha diygoth maleeable dippyface i’m not on my phone so i’m doing this the hard way. i hope i didn’t miss anyone.

thanks to all of you for your kind words. i truly have the best friends. it still hasn’t totally sunk in or started to make sense yet, and it’s going to be hard no matter how much time i had to prepare myself. i really do appreciate y’all’s love and support very much.

ummm happy belated birthday!! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

i really wanted to draw you something but i had no idea what so i asked my bro for some suggestions and he told me about your oc’s! sorry if they’re not what you imagine them to look like (-。-; my bro gave me some advice but most of their appearance was left up to my imagination hehe

well anyway i hope you like it!

This is straight up the best thing anyone has ever submitted to me. Thank you!

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Hi, I talked to you on wattpad and I wanted to request the Luke U.N.I part 2 but with a happy ending please ❤️

Hi, sweetie! I’ve got this imagine written for you right here - I really hope you like it! Thank you for being so amazing and patient while I wrote this and for being so lovely and kind to me - I really do appreciate it. I hope the imagine meets your expectations! 

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hello! I feel guilty easily, and it eats me up inside! And recently I got a guy at my work fired because he was making sexual comments and being too touchy so I reported it, he was new and had only been here a few weeks so I thought he would get a warning but he just got fired, I know that sexual harassment is serious but I still feel bad. I think about things like "what if he really needed this job?" and it makes me upset.

hi anon… i can see why you’re feeling guilty and upset over this, but i really really hope that you come to realize that it wasn’t your fault and you did what was best for you. that’s awful that he was harassing you like that and i’m sorry you had to go through that. imo if he really needed this, why would he do shit that is clearly unacceptable that would put his job at risk in the first place??? please don’t feel bad!!!!!!!! have a good day ily

Cloudy Heart

Could you do a song scenario for Rain by BTS with Yoongi?


Of course! I made myself super sad making this :( I hope you like it <3 -bb


The rain tapping on the glass was Yoongi’s alarm that morning. Waking up wasn’t the best word to describe it, though, seeing as he’d really not been asleep all night. He had a hard time sleeping lately. The blankets were soft against his bare torso, and the stormy day had began to creep it’s way into his room, chilling him just enough for him to pull his blankets further up. It was the most energy he had exerted in a while. 

His head turned and watched the stormy morning fog the glass that gave him a glimpse of the outside world. A world he felt was worthless. His heart seemed to turn sad and gray as the clouds did, a storm rolling in from every aspect of his life. 

The only light he saw was that of his phone. It lit up the dim early morning. He threw a hand over it, scraping it off the table and into his grasp. Disappointment occurred only inches from his face. Why he expected to see your name on his phone for the first time in weeks, he wasn’t sure, but it hurt to not see it there. 

“Hey, how you feeling?” Jin texted. In a puddle of inability to do anything, or even think straight, Yoongi threw the phone down at his side. Minutes later, another buzz.

“I’m sorry man. Hang out at my place today?” His friend asked again, trying his hardest to help his pal. Exasperated, Yoongi looked out the window, then back at his phone. His fingers dragged across the keyboard.

“Sure. Be there in an hour.” He responded. 30 minutes later, he managed to convince himself to get out of bed. 


While he stood at the stoop, facing the road, he clutched an umbrella in his hand. He began to ponder, asking himself too many questions. 

What was the umbrella for? To keep him dry. But why did he want to stay dry? What was wrong with getting hit by the rain? Would he look pathetic? How much more pathetic could he get than this. Ten minutes until Jin’s house, and he tightened his grip on the umbrella. He stepped out, into the rain, allowing the storm to take complete control over his heart, which it had clouded for days now, and his body, which it drenched in water. Kicking a puddle, he mumbled your name, and a drop fell from his eye and down his cheek. Ten minutes to Jin’s house. If he could even make it that far.