but I might do some more things over the next couple days

Programming Note

So I only have a few more days here in Moscow, so I’ll be out gallivanting around and doing all the things I’d been planning to do for over a month and hadn’t gotten around to. Which is obviously quite a few because I’m a procrastinator. The point being I might not have a whole lot of time to queue stuff up, so there may not be a whole lot happening here in the next couple days. I’ll try to get a few things in, but have no fear, I’ll be back by next week, and when I get home I’m planning on doing a full series Castle rewatch to gear up for season 8, and because it’s been a while, so I’ll probably do either some like ‘live’ posts or like post-ep recap thoughts or something like that. In case anyone cares. Ok, that’s all, carry on.