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"You are my sunshine"

Send me “You are my sunshine” for my muse’s reaction to yours dying in their arms

“Em, no!” Cayden sobbed as he watched the life fade from his wife’s eyes.

“Please….” He couldn’t do this without her. What would he tell their family? How would they react? She was his everything and now she was gone. He pulled her to his chest and buried his face in her hair.

“I love you. I love you so much. Please don’t let this be real. Don’t leave. Not now…”

have you ever loved someone (raven reyes) so much? and you just want to take them (raven reyes) into your arms and just?? protect them (raven reyes)? maybe kiss their (raven reyes’) forehead, too. just to let them (raven reyes) know how much you care?


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  • Friend:"How are things with your child? Getting along with his step-mom? I heard your ex re-married"
  • Parent:“Oh, well my child just loves my ex-husbands new wife! I'm glad they don't fight. My child just started calling her mommy. I'm still 'The Mom' though! We're so blessed!"
  • Friend:"That's great, co-parenting with a step-parent can be so hard!"
  • -----------
  • Friend:"So, you're raising your child with 3 parents?? That's just going to confuse them. This poly thing is just a fad right? A weird sexual thing?"
  • Polyamorous Parent:"Well, actually we love each other very much an-"
  • Friend:"Ew, why don't you keep that in your bedroom and away from your kid??"
Exo Reactions To Their 3 Year-Old Interrupting Them & Their Wife During Sexy Time

I stole your “sexy time” bit for the title because it’s a lovely term & thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this one too! xo

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Baekhyun: “AH. The door is open! Your son is in the room, I REPEAT YOUR SON IS IN THE ROOM.”

You: “My son? I’m sorry but last time I checked, you were the reason I got pregnant, so…”
Baekhyun: “Yeah, but last time I checked, he didn’t come out of my vagina.”
You: “That has nothing to do with him being in the room right now… You were supposed to make sure he was asleep. Now, deal with it.”
Baekhyun: “Fine, come on little fella, off to bed.”

Chanyeol: “Uhm… Y/N, our daughter is watching us.”

You: “Chanyeol! I thought you locked the door!”

Chanyeol: “So did I… Oops.”

Chen: “Oh god, our daughter saw my dick. She’s going to grow up to be a pervert!”

D.O.: “This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening.”

Kai: “OH HEY, look at papa! Don’t look at mama, she’s changing… Why was she changing in bed with me on top of her? Because… You’re too young to understand.”

Kris: *rolls off the bed into the floor *

Lay: “I don’t think you’re supposed to be up right now, sweetheart. Let’s put you back in bed. No… you can’t sleep with us tonight.”

Luhan: “Oh hell no. Boy, I put you to bed like an hour ago. Get your ass back in there & let me finish playing with your mom.”

Sehun: “Excuse you, child, I was in the middle of something…”

You: “Sehun! Take care of it!”

Sehun: “I’m trying…”

You: “I mean our son, you jackass.”

Suho: “Oh god, our child saw us naked… that’s going to be years of expensive therapy.”

Tao: “LOOK AWAY, LITTLE ONE. You don’t need to see any of this!”

Xiumin: “Well? Aren’t you going to take care of your child? I’ll wait here.”

You: “Seriously? Why is he my child when this happens?”
Xiumin: “Because, if it was mine he’d be learning much more interesting things to do alone at night.”

You: “He’s 3…”

Xiumin: “So was I once.”

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Just curious, I noticed a couple of your Statsbritian posts were Cumberbactch negative. Has something happened?

He kicked my dog, he said it was an accident but I’ve seen the way he looks at Tiddles, he’s jealous because we used to be best friends then he got married, he rightly started to spend time with his new lovely wife, Sophie. I didn’t see him as much so I got a dog, Tiddles, he’s a tall dog with curly hair and thinks flowers are camp so, of course, Ben thought I was replacing him. I wasn’t, I wouldn’t and couldn’t replace Ben, he is, as Beyoncé says, irreplaceable. Well, months passed by, our friendship had gotten worse, when I decided to right it; once and for all. I invited him round for dinner, we had a lovely evening, laughing, joking, doing impressions of Alan Rickman, it really was the perfect night. After dinner we retired to the sitting room for coffee and cigars, and in ran Tiddles. He ran straight for Ben but before he could reach him Ben had extended a leg which hit poor Tiddles square in the jaw. Ben profusely apologised, hugged my dog, and wept. But was it really an accident, do accidents really exist or is it our subconscious periodically piercing the thin veil of consciousness? I may never know but what I do know is that the frost that has gathered on mine and Ben’s relationship will thaw, our friendship is stronger than that, we will weather whatever storm is put in front of us.

Legit Olicity Conversation
  • Oliver:So The Reverse Flash told me I'll live to be 86 and...
  • Felicity:Wow, really, he knew that? That's like 10 years over the average life expectancy, which, y'know is totally awesome and means that you'll probably live to see your grandchildren become vigilantes...
  • Oliver:*Raises eyebrows* Fe-li-ci-ty listen, I was about to say, I want to spend the 56 years I have left with you.
  • Felicity:I don't want to read too much into this but are you asking what I think you're asking?
  • Oliver:Felicity Meghan Smoak, you are my love, my partner and my best friend. You don't put up with any of my crap and your sentence fragments are adorable. So, my beautiful genius, my light, would you do me the great honour of becoming my wife?
  • Felicity:*actually speechless*
  • Felicity:Yes *throws her arms Oliver's neck*
  • *Both are wearing the most adorable idiotic grins ever!*

(Post by S)

“ When I think about how much sacrifice it takes to marry into a royal family, my envy for ladies like Kate and Sofia goes away. To sacrifice your anonymity, your career, basically your soul to be a good ambassador for the royal family and a wife worthy of a prince isn’t easy. I can’t imagine loving someone that much. I applaud these ladies for following their hearts and sacrificing so much.”

what i think about the signs (based on my friends)
  • aries:female: i love you so so much you are adorable and I'm so glad we're friends // male: you little shit<3ily youre like a brother and youre just so chill
  • taurus:female: you've been my best friend for such a long time and you so weird and you really do love your food tbh but youre so amazing // male: you're so kind but you just push my buttons too much sometimes
  • gemini:female: MY WIFE youre the bomb ily // male: youre such a cutie and so much fun and we are the best team at guitar hero lets be honest, we kick ass
  • cancer:female: mm hit or miss, you can be so caring but you can also be such a pain // male: YOURE HILARIOUS but you need to understand that not everyone cares about your opinions omfg
  • leo:female: AY youre so cool, its so much fun having you around // male: you are ADORABLE and we used to be so close but i got vibes that you liked me so it was kinda weird but youre awesome
  • virgo:female: YOURE HILARIOUS ILYSM i dont know how I'd survive without you // male: ughhh you were actually perfect, why did we both have to leave :(
  • libra:female: you are so insane i don't understand you one bit but youre really fun to be around and deep, deeeep down i guess ily // male: best friend, youre perfect and funny and sweet and kind and caring, but very conflicted because I have also liked you ... and still sort of do ...
  • scorpio:i don't know you that well but you're so sweet and smart and don't let the bad vibes get you down <3 // male: you're way too sassy for a skinny white boy lmao, you give the best hugs
  • sagittarius:female: you need to stay away from negative people because youre better than them !! but you're smart and pretty and super fun // male: LET ME LOVE YOU youre smart so smart just really really smart, you're interesting and we have a lot in common but we don't talk as much as I'd like
  • capricorn:female: your my friends little sister and you used to hate me but now we're chill and youre actually really sweet // male: you're fun - sometimes - unless youre drinking/smoking/on drugs and when you get depressed its so tough to pull you out and it just makes me so sad
  • aquarius:female: MON PETIT BÉBÉ ILY YOU'RE SO SWEET AND YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT THE WORLD HAS PUT YOU THROUGH - STAY STRONG // male: no thanks i dated you and you suck, too similar but too clingy and just nah.
  • pisces:female: omg some days are great with you, and some days i want to stab you in the eye with a fork? but ill always love you // male: youre so chill, i've known you FOREVER and youre so sweet and I really love our brunches, we need to hang out more

“Your wedding ring, my husband. I hope you wear it in health all the days of your life. I love you so much. I am honored to be your wife, and mother of your babies.“

Godric beamed and nodded ‘‘ I will wear it with pleasure, my love. and I am honoured to be your husband and a father of your children. ‘‘ he retorted solemnly before adding proudly and happily ‘‘ your wedding ring, my wife. ‘‘


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Like, in your headcanons, where does Justice fit into everything? Like do Hawke and Anders make out for a while then suddenly Justice will be like "Hurry the fuck up we have shit to do" idk just curious

tbh i think justice loves hawke just as much as anders, but because he’s a spirit and he’s sort of discovering humanity through anders (and originally kristoff) he doesn’t really know what to make of these emotions. if you recall in awakening justice took on the feeling and memories of kristoff when he met his widowed wife, and so i don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say he also loves hawke just as much as anders—especially a pro-mage hawke. however, i think justice is trying to protect anders from hawke initially because he knows once anders gets romantically involved with someone he invests so much of himself into a relationship that he might stray from his cause to free the mages, and i think he’d know that seeing anders’s memories of karl and how he stopped trying to escape the circle simply because karl was around. not only that, but i also feel like justice tries to take an active role in protecting anders from a rival hawke because if you go the rivalmance route your hawke essentially gaslights anders until he second guesses everything about himself and his beliefs and his entire perception of reality becomes dependent on hawke—and so justice will step in and essentially try to keep them away from each other. as far as justice having active role in their romance, i could definitely see it and i know felixbug has written extensively on justice/hawke/anders so you should definitely check them out. c:

~continued ;

NOOO! You can’t do that, no! Don’t hurt her, what did she ever do to you? Oh Retta, I love you so much, I’m so sorry it had to end like this…“
Johnny wanted to stab the man, but he could not. The chains were too strong, and restricted him from any movement.
"Operetta, I’ll love you forever, I’ll never forget you, baby. Just close your eyes, okay, Retta? Think of us…”
Johnny crooned, then glared at the man, infuriated. You have a girlfriend or a wife, or someone you love, right? Maybe a family member? How would you feel if I murdered them for no reason? How would you feel? I wouldn’t do it, even though I hate you, cause they wouldn’t deserve it! We’re just like you, okay? We’re just as scared of you guys as you are of us,“
rockabillyphantom/ saltyspectre

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Hi Shena!! I wanted to tell you once again that I love your work and it makes a lot of difference, I enjoy your ideas so much!!! Thank you for everything! Could you write a fic about a future situation where Jane is jealous and grumpy and uneasy because Lisbon has to temporary work with some super-agent because Jane wouldn't want to join the chase? I'd love some fluff at the end with Lisbon showing him who owns her heart and thoughts. Thank you!!!

                               [ Whole Other Beast | 1, 330 words | Enjoy ]

“She thinks you are just being friendly. Me? I know what kind of low-life pond scum you really are.”

Jane eyed his wife’s new partner with a slight dislike. He didn’t need to be a skilled Mentalist to know exactly what kind of man Agent Parker Riley was. The cologne he had worn for a few weeks had been replaced with a new scent; stronger and bolder. He noticed that his clothes changed, as well. Gone were the patterned ties and brown suits, and in came the plain, sophisticated suits.

These things didn’t bother him normally, but they all told a very significant story: Agent Parker Riley was interested in his wife. The quick glances at her when they were huddled together looking at case files and the overdone smiles on his face when she said his name.  This guy knew what he was doing. He was an experienced ladies man.

He watched him interact with his wife and told himself that he shouldn’t get upset about it. His wife was loyal to him, that was a given. She’d never even entertain the idea of something like that. Riley, however, was a different monster. He was a man. Men tended to think with their other head.

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I Just Miss You so Much (you x Ken- VIXX)

“Hi!!! I just discovered you blog and i love your writings. Anyway can i request ken scenario where his wife fall sick because she miss him while he is on tour? I hope you understand :) thank you” - oppatinkerbell

T/N: Thank you for sending this in lovely! I am so sorry this took so long! Thank you for being so patient and understanding. I hope you enjoy it! xoxo

I am sorry that I haven’t really been keeping up with requests, things have just been really busy and finals are coming up along with juries (idk if anyone will know what that it). Please bear with me! I love you guys! xoxo

“I just missed you so much”.

At times we both kind of wished that he wasn’t an idol, just for a day, or even hour, just to spend time with each other. But he was an idol, two minute phone calls, and sporadic text messages was just the way it was. And I was okay with it. At least I tried to be. I couldn’t be more proud of Ken and the rest of Vixx; of course I wanted them to be a successful as possible, but sometimes I just wanted to be with Ken. I wanted him to be my husband, and for me to be his wife. We were married and the most I ever see him is about a day or two when he wasn’t on tour, and when he was on tour, about a few minutes on facetime before one of us fell asleep.

Today was my first day at my new job and it is already hell. I lay on my bed. I am so done. My boss keeps nagging me and the mountain of work that she gives me isn’t exactly helping. My ipad rings; a facetime call from Ken, I answer it. I see his tired face that has aged 50 years and my heart aches. Tears fill my eyes. “I miss you”. He smiles widely.

“Nado, yobo.” Despite his tired out appearance he acts 10 times more lively than I must look.

“Y/N, you look tired, hang up and go to sleep~”

“Ani, this is the first time I got to see your face in a week. I can’t go that long without seeing my husband.”

“As much as I want to stare at your beautiful face all night, it’s not good for your health yobo.”

“ani~ I am not even tired” I yawn. Aish.

“Yes you are. Now hang up and close your eyes.”


“Why are you so stubborn?”

“Because I love you so much.”
He lays down too and seeing him lay down in a bed makes my heart ache to be laying down beside him.

I stare at him and he stares back. He grins. But his eyes can’t help but look sad.

He starts singing.

My eyes can’t help but feel heavy and start to droop. I force them back open but all my attempts fail.

Just as I am about to fall asleep I hear Ken saying, “Goodnight my amazing, beautiful, wife. I could stay here to look at you forever. Saranghaeyo”.

Before sleep pulls me down into sweet oblivion I manage to whisper, “nado”.

When I wake up I can’t help but curse myself because of falling asleep, cutting my time short with Ken. I  look at my phone and find Ken asleep; it’s still on facetime. For 5 hours?! His hair is  displayed all across his face and drool running down his face. How beautiful. His strong arms wrapped around a pillow. How much I wished to be that pillow and wake up in his arms. I hate to say goodbye to my prince but hang up because I have to get ready for another day at work.

At work I look at my phone and see a message that was sent at 10pm from Ken,“baby, you fell asleep~”

and another one, “now get some rest.”

“Did you know that you talk in your sleep? I know it is me that you are dreaming about kekeke.”

“Yobo, you drool is forming a pool on you pillow~” followed by a picture of his screen of me asleep with dried drool on the corner of my lips.

“It’s okay, you are still my beautiful, drooly, princess”

End of messages.

I send a reply, “Yah! You are exactly sleeping beauty either!”

within seconds I get a reply, “Saranghae~”

I smile. I smile even wider at the realization that this was the most about of texts sent at once in a long time. Even though I am smiling tears can’t help but fill my eyes.

My boss sneaks up behind me, “Yah! What are you doing? Slacking off?”

“Ani! I-”

“Just get this paper work done by the end of the week okay?”

And with that she walks away, leaving a mountain of papers on your desk making you want to cry even more.

Each night I stay up late working on the paper work but get distracted because I miss Ken so much  and he is either on the radio or on a reality show, and the sight of him just makes my work 10x harder. I missed him so much. I tried facetiming him. 1 ring, 5 rings, 10 rings, no answer. I call his cell phone. 4 rings, 10 rings, no answer. I text him, “Ken-ah, I miss you. I need you.” a few hours later a no answer.

All the way on the other side of the world Ken was so busy he had no time to even take a glance at his phone. It hurt him knowing that facetime on rare occasions was the best that he can do as a husband. He feels like he has failed. He thought that his wife was his first priority, so why wasn’t he there with her?

At home, after one set of mammoth stacks of paperwork, another one was set in front of me. Day after day, each hour filled with tiny print and high demands. Slowly my body started deteriorating, I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should; frequent headaches, nausea, insomnia, and inadequate amount of food and water.

As I hunch over piles of paper about to pull out my hair in frustration. I try and take a bite of the ramen I had next to me but end up only taking one bite of the air cooled ramen. The ramen tastes so slimy.  I hear my ipad ring, it’s Ken. Finally after several weeks I get to see his face. As his face pops up on screen I can’t help but be able to breath a little easier. I try my best to look happy.

As I speak I try my hardest to make my voice sound perky.

“Ken! I missed you so much!”

Ken looks at me, despite all my efforts he can hear the pain in my voice. He notices how my cheek bones are protruding more than usual, how much more pale i’ve gotten, the bags underneath my eyes. His eyes look sad.


“How are you? Is everything going ok over there?”

“Yeah I am great but are you okay?”

“Of course!” My voice cracks and I go into a coughing fit.

“Y/N you’re sick. Haven’t you been getting rest?”

“Plenty! Don’t worry, I just look this way because you’ve been gone for so long. Don’t expect me to look the same as when you left!” I kid.

“Have you been eating?” his eyes look at the full bowl of ramen in the corner of the screen.

“Of course!” I force myself to take a bite but end up spitting it out and gagging.

My smile disappears along with my “happy, healthy” facade.

“You lied. Y/N. You are always so stubborn and acting so strong” He forces a slight grin.

“I have to be strong…”

“Why? Why do you have to be so strong that you make yourself sick?”

“Because my boss expects me too. and you’re not here… I just miss you so much.” Tears start to fill my eyes.


Tears spill but I immediately wipe them away and put on a smile.

“But it’s okay. As long as I know that you are happy. Don’t worry about me, I just miss you so much”

Another tear escapes and I look down.

“Y/N… I know that I am not the husband you deserve. I know that you wish of picnics, pillow fights, romantic dates, a family, and waking up next to each other everyday. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for not being able to do those things for you…” I look up. Tears start to fill his eyes. Looking at me being so ill just makes him feel terrible.

“I hate myself…I am sorry…” his voice fades and he buries his face in his hands.

“Ken-ah,  there’s not much you can do. I just miss you so much”

I get a call from my boss.

“I gotta go babe. I miss you.”  I quickly hang up. I ignore my boss’s call. I burry my face into my arms and cry. I missed him so much.

I end up not going to work the next day. I ignore and all calls. I just lay in my bed all day looking at the empty space beside me, I stroke the pillow next to mine. Tears stream down my face and dampen my pillow. “Ken…”.

I don’t go to work the next day. And the next day. My friends brought me food in bed, but I only end up eating a few bites and most of the time I end up throwing it up. I left all the paperwork piled up on my desk and my voicemail overflowing with messages from people I probably don’t care about. I climb into the closest and grab one of Ken’s sweaters that he left behind and put it on. I curl up into a ball and bury my head into my arms. I inhale and breath in Ken’s scent. I ended up spending more time asleep than I was awake. I was happy in my dreams, because in my dreams I dreamt about being with Ken. When I was half asleep I would catch myself whispering as if I was talking to him, “I just miss you…” and when I would wake up and swear that Ken was lying beside me, I would reach out to touch his face but my hand only ended up landing on the empty space on the pillow beside me.

Ken facetimed me once one night. I answered, but I ended up falling asleep. As my eyes close Ken whisper, “I just miss you so much, Y/N”. I woke up to find my phone in my hand. This time Ken wasn’t asleep on the screen, the call only lasted a few minutes before he must of hung up. I look at the time, it is 10am. Might as well not bother going to work. Again.

I go back to sleep. Once again I dream about Ken; this time we were at the beach. He was carrying me in his arms as he walks into the water and he keeps pretending to throw me in. We laughed. But somewhere in the middle of the dream I realize it wasn’t real. I step into the ocean and feel nothing. I look up at Ken as I see him mouthing my name, but I hear nothing. I submerged myself into the water and that’s when I open my eyes. I stare at the ceiling. Tears fill my eyes. I turn my head and see a figure looking at me.  It’s Ken. Am I not awake yet? His nose is inches away from mine. The sun shines in. I see the specks of dust float around, dancing in the sunlight. It is so bright I can see the pupils hidden within his irises. His hair slightly moves from the fan above. Out of all my dreams of waking up beside Ken this one was the most vivid and the most cruel. I could almost smell his scent. I swear I could feel his breathe on my face. I look at his chest and see it rise, and then fall, rise, and then fall again.  I look up into his eyes tears begin to pool into his chocolate eyes.“I just… missed you so much” he speaks. This is something that has never happened before in my dreams. His voice is tender.

I don’t speak. Tears begin to fill my eyes. This is only a dream. But it is so vivid. It hurts. I just miss him so much. Still laying down, I take my hand a slowly move it closer and closer to Ken’s face. He looks so real. Maybe if I touch him it will feel real too. My hand is 1 centimeter away from his face and I swear I can feel the heat radiating off his skin. I gently place my hand in his cheek. I freeze at the sudden realization that my hand hasn’t landed on a cool pillow, but actual, heated flesh. A tear spills from Ken’s eyes. I drag my thumb across his cheek and underneath his eyes and wipe his tears. I feel his tears. I feel it. It is warm and wet. Tears begin to spill down my eyes as well. With a whisper I say, “But this is a dream…” my voice cracks and tears continue to stream down my face.

“Ani.” He whispers back and takes his hand a holds mine up against his face. Tears still continue to spill from each of us. “This is real. I am here.” I stare at him with blurry vision in disbelief. “This is… real…?”

my hand falls and rests on his chest as he learns over and kisses me on my lips. I feel his his heart beating hard, and his lips are warm against mine… this is real. I pull away and look around. his luggage is at the foot of the bed and there is a bunch of food set up at the table. I look at the bedside table and see steaming hot tea and packages of medicine.

“I am so sorry Y/N…it is because of me that you are so sick…” I hug him eagerly. “This is real.”

I kiss his shoulder, his collarbone, his jawline, his cheek, his nose, his forehead, his lips. This is real.

He wraps his arms around me and takes a deep breathe, I feel his tears running down his cheeks and spilling onto my sweater, his sweater.

Between a mix of awkward sounding coughing, crying, and laughter, I manage to make out, “I love you.”

“I just missed you so much”.

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Possible premise for your next text post (because I'm not a funny person like you): Mother Russia, The Fatherland, Uncle Sam. Are there counties that refer to themselves as "aunt", "cousin", "grandpa", "brother", etc? I hope this is usable.

I grew up without a fatherland, raised by my single mother Russia. She was very strict and we often clashed, so I spent as much time as possible with my free-spirited (if not misguided) Uncle Sam and his cool wife, my dear Aunt Arctica.

It took me years to fully appreciate what my mother provided for me. While not always the most understanding, my mother always provided me with the tough love I needed. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love you Mom. I may not always agree with your politics or your choice in men, even if they do look good riding shirtless on a horse, but I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Your daughter Georgia

           “You know you don’t have to cook,” Andy said, coming up behind his wife and giving her a quick kiss at the nape of her neck. “We have a housekeeper for a reason.”
           “I know, but I really love it.  It helps me unwind.”
           “Shouldn’t you be off your feet as much as possible?”
           “I’m pregnant, Andy, not ill,” Emily said, laughing. “Besides, I’d go stir-crazy if I had to sit around and do nothing all day.”
           “So you’re feeling OK?”
           “I feel better than I did when I was pregnant with Maddie, that’s for sure. This little guy’s been pretty active today, though; I think he’s anxious to get out and join us.”
           “Not just yet, little guy,” he said, smiling as he leaned down and rested a hand on his wife’s protruding belly. “You need to stay in there a little bit longer.”           “Not much longer, though, thankfully!” she said.  He watched as his wife’s expression shifted subtly before she continued.  “I had to cut my piano lesson short because I just couldn’t sit there anymore.”
           “And how did Professor Payne feel about that?”
           “He was fine with it,” Emily answered shortly, turning her attention back to the stove.  “So how did all your meetings go today?”
           “Long, but productive.  I’ll spare you the boring details–”

           Andy was interrupted by his private cell phone ringing.  He caught Emily raising an eyebrow, but she was otherwise quiet.


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