but I love your wife so much

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I love you and high key want to marry u bc ur an amazing human being and deserve the best ever ever so I hope u have the most wonderful life ever and I'll be back to give u a pretty diamond💍ok I love you bye future wifee

This really made me smile :) Thank you so much! I would be honored to accept your diamond tbh❤️❤️

I though I share this with you guys because I actually feel confident in a picture for once. Also I thought Mama AJ should her face once more, or at least some of it. And yes I’m in my pjs but that because I feel comfortable around you guys. I’m just happy that this is such a loving and caring community and I thank everyone for making it this way. Ahhhh I just don’t know what to say but I love you all

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ~~(つˆДˆ)つノ>。☆)ノ AJ MY WIFE YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL YOUR EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE HECK I LOVE YOU SMOTHER YOU WITH SMOOCHES ❤ ❤ ❤ hdfjsdf but really~ you’re one of the people making this community much better so don’t forget yourself, mmkay? we love you too!! ❤

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2 with Bucky and a sick reader?

shout out to @mculove for giving me inspiration to get these out to you all who asked for these. I’m so sorry there all so late!!! 

But nevertheless I love you all so much 

Bucky tried to hold your long curled locks that kept slipping from his metal arm as you had your head thrown over the marbel toliet. “H-Hair… tie.” You cried, pushing away his hand, Bucky looked sadly over at his wife that cried as she had another wave of nausea hit her once more. 

     It had been hours, and nothing was working in helping the stomach that refused to give up. By now; *YN* was throwing up nothing. Just air, and Bucky was scared that soon it would something more than that and then they’d need more than just Bruce’s new nausea medication and a cold, wet cloth over the back of her neck. Grabbing a tie, he rubbed *YN*’s back again; this time with his cold hand that made the rumbling noise in her stomach somewhat barriable. Softly, Bucky his let cold, soothing fingers rake down your back, whispering how sorry he was, for the pain you had to go through. “I’m so sorry, baby… I wish I could be the one with this, you don’t deserve this…” 

With a cough, spit and flush, you threw yourself into Bucky’s arms unexpectedly, as the cold metal pressed onto your skin, a sigh lifted out from your throat and drifted out your dried lips. 

This was the only time Bucky allowed this arm to touch your silky skin, let alone sooth you.

 “I’m sorry, Bucky…” Looking down at your small body shaking in his arms, he saw tears falling from your eyes. The dark circles around your beautiful *YEC* were shaking from your eyelids trying to close from exhaustion. “Hey, hey, your alright.. come on doll. It’ll be alright. Bruce said the remedy will be ready in an hour.” 

“Baby, please.” his voice breaking, Bucky wet the cloth again in ice cold water again, pulling you back into his arms tightly and placing the cloth back onto your eyes. making you smile a bit but again it turned down in a frown, as the nausea sat in your stomach still. 

Fuck the flu. 

“Buck- can you.. get me back into the bed, nothing else can possibly be in my stomach…” 

       “It’s done, Buck.” You panted, folding into Bucky as much as you could. “Are you sure babes?” Nodding, Bucky accepted and got up with you, helping you take the cloth off your eyes, and guide you back to your bed. But you’d been sitting on the bathroom floor for god know’s how long, and sudden blood rushing to your head caused you to suddenly let go of Bucky and feel stars in your eyes blind you like a shining light suddenly pointed at you. 

But you had the one man who could catch you faster if this was a cliff off the Applacian Trails. 

Bucky felt your body go slack and picked you up in one sweep: carrying you bridal style back to bed. “Buc-buck I’m fine, I- I.. it was fro-” Laying you on your side of the bed, Buck smiled at you before kissing your forehead softly, 

“Shh, don’t worry doll. I’ve always got you.”



Sorry this was so bad omg! I’m rusty :/ but I promise it’ll get better… 

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My totally unbiased scientific evalution of the instinctual variants as dating material based on their face composites alone - Part 1

(source: http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/265-Instinct-Stacking-Face-Composites)

Ladies first (the guys will follow tomorrow):

The kindest person on earth. Sweet, gentle and caring. Perfect girlfriend/wife material and your average mom friend. I would trust her 100%. You just know she would never cheat on you. Prepares healthy but tasty lunch boxes for the children you have together. Loves cute animals and collects pretty pictures of wedding dresses on pinterest. Values routine. If she has a single flaw than maybe that she’s a bit too boring and that vile people use her as a doormat.

Cool, calculating and probably super smart. That type of boss who doesn’t talk much and still can make every employee do what they should, because you just instinctively know not to mess with them. Ice queen. Would sell her soul to the devil if she would have a soul. The woman you secretly long for but you know that she is way out of your league. And if you, miraculously despite all odds, end up with her, the dream doesn’t last long. She would leave you after 1-5 years, heartbroken and with an empty bank account because she has a better lawyer than you and you were just a forgettable phase anyway.

Seems to be fun and ready for every party, but is actually socially anxious deep down inside. Desperately wants to belong to the cool trendy girls and 4 out of 5 times actually manages to do so. But at what cost? Will be a facebook wine mom once she gets children. Talks behind other people’s backs but only because she thinks that’s what’s necessary to stay on top of the food chain. Actually wishes people were more kind to each other. Has a collection of teddy bears holding plush hearts at home. Only get her as a girlfriend if you are so-first yourself, otherwise she will make you a scene in public because you forgot your 8th wedding day and she will scream at you that her daddy was right all along and you are a loser who doesn’t deserve her.

Super nice and friendly in public, will be the first one to greet you with open arms and offer some snacks if you are new to a group. Is actually super crazy. Pinterest mum on cocaine. You can actually see the manic craziness in her eyes if you know how to spot it. The overly attached girlfriend meme (link), that’s her. Will probably stab you if you wrong her while laughing and saying something like “I did it for both of us!”. Wife material? I don’t know, if you are into this kind of shit maybe, otherwise stay away as far as you can.

Actually a dude or just classic butch aesthetic. Drinks beer and knows how to lumber wood. Probably also owns some flannel shirts. Out of all six the least likely to use makeup. Doesn’t talk much. Could live in a lonely cabin in the woods or on an oil platform for years without missing anybody. Don’t expect to hear an “I love you” from her more than once in a lifetime. Doesn’t understand why other people need affection. Trustworthy and reliable when you are looking for someone to build you a stable oak table, but only date her if you are prepared to wither like a flower in a cold dry desert.

Undeniably the hottest one out of all six. Easily charms everyone. Loud but endearing laugh. Always ready for a raunchy joke. Probably into some cool sexy sport, like beach volleyball. Dog person. Travels spontanously to exotic places without any money on her hands but we all know she would never have trouble finding a place for the night. Her love for something burns intense but is over quickly. Unable to commit to anything longterm. May be the most electrifiying girlfriend for a day but in the next morning already sleeps with somebody else because you bored her and the other person his more of her soulmate anyway. If you are extra unlucky she left you an STD as a farewell present, but at least it was fun while it lasted, right?

Happy birthday to my amazing wife, my soul mate, the love of my life, my better half. I hope you’re going to have (bc it’s pretty early (or late but u know)) an amazing day with your family and friends and that you’re having fun an smiling all day because you know how much i love you beautiful smile💖 Everything about you is amazing from your perfect face to your beautiful art! You’re so nice and amazing and you deserve only the best on your big day👭 I love you so much my angel, Su 💍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💍 @su-pectrum

The Secret Of The Apprentice [a James March imagine]

Request: Can you do a James March imagine where he tries to subdue ofc and she overpowers him and he pretty much falls in love with her and make her his wife and apprentice? I love your stories!

a/n: i just watched Ten Commandment Killer and i cannot and thank yoooouuuuuuuu

You walk into the Hotel Cortez with a broad smile on your face. Heels clomp on the dark red and gold carpet, towards the elevator. You already have a room so there’s no need to talk to Iris. Besides, you had other business to attend to. Fingertips meet the buttons before yours do; your red lips frown.

“Allow me.” A tall man says in a 1920’s accent, bending slightly as he ushers you in. You must admit, he’s quite dashing, with his plum colored vest over a white dress shirt, gray trousers below his bellybutton, topped with a dark purple ascot tucked around his neck. “James Patrick March; owner of this establishment.” He tuts, standing up straighter and holding his arm out.

Cocking your head to the side, you purse your lips, hesitantly stretching your arm out. “Charmed. Y/N Y/L/N.” You mutter, holding your bag in your hand tighter. He grabs your hand, kissing your knuckles. Eyes widen just a tad and you pull away, pressing the button for your floor. “Yes, well, I must get going. I’m sure my…patient is dying for me.” You make a pun, smirking to yourself as you step out of the elevator.

James watches you sashay down the hallway with squinted eyes. He must know more about you. You are so intriguing and mysterious. Also, judging by the clinking sound in your bag, he is sure it has knifes or some torture device inside. The screams from your room only confirm his suspicions.

Weeks pass and so does the victims that you bring to the hotel. Every time you kill, James somehow always shows up afterwards; asking you multiple questions which you gladly answer.

“You captivate me, my dear.” His voice rings through your mind, sending shivers down your body. Shutting the tan door behind you, you turn your head to look at him. His blackened eyes are wide while his thin mustache twitches slightly. “I have a proposition for you…” He muses; that thick accent drawing the last word out.

Interested, you cross your arms over your chest; the short green dress swaying while you peer at him. “I’m listening.” You murmur; eyes raking over his slender body. He has on the everyday white dress shirt under a pair of bright red pair of suspenders; showing off the toned torso.

The sheen black cane pounds against the carpet, supporting him while he struts slowly towards you. “You enjoy the art of death, such as I, do you not?” He inquires, tilting his head down to gaze upon you; strands of his dark hair escaping the gel, falling on his eyebrow; you nod. “Splendid. Now, you see, dear, it seems I have fallen for you. Therefore, I must have you, do you understand?” He purrs in your ear. Cautiously, you shake your head; not fully catching his words. He sighs, “I must make you my wife; that is clear, yes?”

Biting your lip, you jut your hip to the side. He stares down at your motion with a confused smile. What does that mean; is that supposed to mean something to him? “What do I get in return?” You question condinsendly, licking your lips. Soft material of the dress hits your thigh.

His eyebrows raise and he bends down a bit more, gritting his teeth, “What do you mean?! You get to be my wife in return, that’s what you get!” He screams; the vein in his neck popping out subtly. You simply stare blankly; he doesn’t phase you. Noticing this, he shakes his head, waving a hand in front of his face. “Apologies, my dear Y/N.You should not yell at a beautiful lady. What I am saying, dearest, is that you will be my wife and apprentice.” He draws the last word out, giving you a devilish grin.

For a moment, you ponder, searching his face. He is very handsome; it definitely would not be complete torture to be married to him. Plus, he can teach you more about killing. You sigh, “I’ll marry you.” He grins, knowing he caught you in his trap. James is never letting go.

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I heard that "anata" is what a wife calls her husband. Is it true? And thank yo for your work, love you so much and hope that you have a good day.

It’s true! However, please note that the ‘anata’ for the general 'you’ and the 'anata’ which wives use to address their husbands are written differently! Same pronunciation but different usage.

your fav is problematic: me
  • gets too attached to video games in a short amount of time
  • “this is my wife” “shes a video game character” “no didnt u hear i said my wife”
  • probably cries at the end of every video game ive played
  • doesnt have the money to buy video games
  • buys them anyway
  • “i love them so much” “they are not real” “did i ask for your opinion”
  • the last time seen outside was in 2007
  • replays fav video game 75986 times
  • never gets tired of it
  • gets emotional thinking about how far my fav character went in life
  • let video games ruin my life



Just both of them knowing he’s dating this girl and just “idk man this is a bad idea but I guess you know what you’re doing”

He gets engaged and like “what do you mean your fiancée wants to meet us WHA T T H E FUCK???”

Bonus, after they get married he’s so excited to talk about his wife like

“She’s my wife and I’m married to her. I love Megan so much.”


Legacy Play - Generation 4 - Dwyer Family

In front of their campfire Gage got to his knees.

Gage: Sana Dwyer, you are one of the sweetest and strongest women that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Would you do me the honour of agreeing to be my wife one day?

Sana: Gage! Oh this is so romantic. You lovable fool. Yes, yes of course I will I love you so much, yes I want to be your wife!

( @neopixiesims )

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How do you think jai would react to you (his girlfriend or wife) getting hate? Loved your red carpet answer by the way :)xx

Thanks so much :) Okay so I think…

  • He would be extremely upset which would then turn into anger.
  • I think he would try to hide it from you at first because he wouldn’t want to see you upset.
  • Constantly reassure you and call you his princess.
  • Kisses and lots of them.
  • Bear hugs too. (Jai would straight up give the best bear hugs of all time.)
  • He would make you feel beautiful and loved by doing small things like a back rub etc.
  • He would definitely hit back publicly.
  • A lot more pda, such as ass grabbing. (I feel like he could really grab an ass well!) 
  • There would be some swear words and he’d go full out on the aussie slang.
  • There would probably be a middle finger or two. Especially on Instagram.
  • “I’m fucking lucky to be with her, she’s my everything and no one’s going to bring her down without hearing from me afterwards.”
  • He would verbally hit back at any haters when he got the chance to.
  • Interviewers would ask him about the hate that his partner is getting and in the end he would raise his eyebrow and just say, “fuck ‘em. They’re not worth the shit.”

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No, Jai, you are not 

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No matter what happens, John dreamt about you when he was in bed with the wife. That's canon. It happened. Oh my god. I just realised it really did happen ! He loves you so much ! Oh my goood ! Sherlooock ! He loves you so much, goddamn it !!

Dreaming about your best pal while in bed with your wife in your happy solid marriage and then abruptly waking up and pulling away from said wife’s embrace is completely normal and means Nothing

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I just wanted to say that I really love hearing about you and your wife. Like just hearing about little updates, small things that go on, how she reacts to you writing fic, just always makes me kinda happy?? Like you can obviously see how much you two love each other and that's such a great thing and it's so nice to just see those offhand mentions, and every time I see something I always smile and feel a bit of hope that one day I can be happy like that with someone too. Sorry if that's weird 😅

Aww, thank you! Bet is really the greatest reason for happiness in my life, so I’m very glad you don’t mind hearing so much about her. I know I have a tendency to ramble where she’s concerned. :)

I hope everyone in the world can find someone to make them as joyful as Bet makes me. We’ve had our problems, but she really is my best friend, and I love her so much I sometimes just - can’t believe it’s real. 

It’s somebody’s birthday...


I love you so so so so so so much and I know you love me so so so so so so much, so for your birthday this year I thought, nah to presents. Let’s just hug it out!

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I know you’re married and you love your wife, but if you could just tell me that you still love me, I swear I wouldn’t mind if you spent the rest of your life with her. I just need to hear you say it again. I’m struggling so much and the only person I want is you. I’m sorry I fucked it all up. I miss you very much.