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  • ok but Lanni and I were talking about the fact that if villains are meant to get their happy endings in this cursed world and Killian is truly still a villain (bleh), wouldn't that make the outcome upstanding Captain Killian and his supervillain wife Emma Swan? IMAGINE
  • Killian:Swan I am the bloody head of the navy stop murdering people ruthlessly it is becoming suspicious
  • Emma:GoddamMIT Killian mind your SHIP and let me do your dirty worK
  • Killian:(loud sigh but so turned on) as you wiSH
  • ___
  • Emma:KilliAN they are accusing me of murder again fix it
  • Terrified Accusers:we ARE SORRY CAPTAin siR
  • Killian, later:(this is a man. with so much resign. his eyes are tired. so tired.) swan. stoP GETTING CAUGHT. I am quite certain I'd make a better bloody villain love it is CONCERNING.
  • Killian:I am physically incapable of doing wrong and not entirely sure why
  • Emma:worst. villain. ever.

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Hello! Wasn't sure if this was the right blog to ask, but I hope you can help! I remember a Sherlolly fic a while back. It was post RTF and I think Molly ends up going to France to pose as Sherlock's wife while he tracked down leads on Sebastian Moran? Also if you could just rec similarly angsty post-RTF fics, that would be most wonderful! Thank you so much! I love your blog and your fic so much!

The story is “Read this Truth” by elixir.bb, who has several stories that fit that category, and I recommend them all. You might also enjoy “Links of the Chain” by broomclosetkink.

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Hi c: new follower. I love your blog! Can you tell me a little bit about you and whats up in your life right now?

Welcome! Thanks so much for the compliment. You didn’t have to send this one on anon :p

I’m Stuart, 31, living in England about 30 miles north of London. I’m a software tester and I live for my two kids, and to travel.

My life is sort of hectic right now, I spent last week in Estonia and this week I’ve made the decision to seperate from my wife. I’m looking for an apartment right now, and will be single for the first time in *gulp* 13 years. Hoping to meet someone new and share some adventures.

This blog is themed around dreams (and nightmares) which are lifelong passions of mine. It’s a loose theme though and I love chatting to people. If you ever want to talk, ask questions or seek my opinion on something, feel free!

Hope that’s enough anon? If you have any specific questions please send another :)


'Do you want me to finish?' // 5x10 vs. 6x04


My wife’s inviting you to lunch. Good thing is I get to come along too.


FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [13/15] pairings (no specific order)

Sleepy Hollow » Ichatrina (Ichabod and Katrina Crane)


happy 28th birthday dulquer salmaan muhammadkutty panaparambil/dQ

you’re a bundle of sunshine and joy and i hope you continue being the same forever. 


Happy Birthday Muhammadkutty Panaparambil (aka the Megastar Mammootty)

62 years old? are you kidding me? here’s to my favourite actor who probably owns a separate house just to store his awards and trophies AND has a separate wiki page to fit his filmography. may the years ahead of you be great, the roles you do more amazing. live long, stay young. thank you for defining my childhood.   

I normally wouldn’t do this, but I’ve come to ask for your help, Mentalistas! I exclusively shipped Jane and Lisbon when I first joined tumblr, and knowing how much we all suffered to see this otp see the light, I figured that if there is one fandom who could understand this request, it is you!

Recently, I discovered this amazing show called Sleepy Hollow. The leads have so much chemistry and remind me so much of jisbon that I couldn’t help falling in love with them too! We have Ichabod Crane, who’s brilliant, a true gentleman and a devoted husband. That is, until his wife who’s also a witch tried to kill him and his partner and he ended up accidentally stabbing his evil wife in this season’s finale. And we have Lieutenant Abbie Mills, who is brave and good and strong and she’s also tiny and kicks ass and reminds me so much of Lisbon it hurts.

So here’s the thing: this show might not be renewed for a third season because the showrunner of Sleepy Hollow was convinced that the leads were a brotp and insisted on creating shitty convoluted stories to keep them apart this last season. Does any of this sound familiar?

So now, the fandom is trying to prove to the network that we are still in love with the leads and that we want to see what happens to them in the next seasons. One of the things we’re doing is voting for the pair at 2015’s TV’s Top Couple Tournament.

Please, help me, my fellow mentalistas and vote for Ichabod and Abbie and help the sleepy heads! I want to see Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills get their happy ending, like Jane and Lisbon did. They’re still in their early stages and will need time to slow burn like jisbon did over the years, but that can only happen if they renew the show. Any help is appreciated!

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how old was Juan when he finally worked up the courage to ask Emily out?

Ooc: It was his senior year in Highschool when Juan finally got the courage to ask out Emily. She was like, “Fucking finally.”

She left for college though. But they managed to keep the relationship going by having regular Skype dates, meeting during winter breaks, having surprise visits. It was when Emilia graduated, Juan tried to propose. At first, she declined. Not because she didn’t love Juan to bits, but because she felt like she didn’t have a stable enough job to start a marriage, much less a family of their own.

But she rethought it over once she got a contract for landscape mural paintings! So she was like, “Alright, gimme the ring then gimme your face so I can smooch you cause ye I wanna be your wife.”

So the wedding is coming up soon for them.

Doctor Who Barduil au where Thranduil is the Doctor (or another time lord, called something more fitting?) and his wife was an old companion who broke his heart when she died tragically, and he’s been alone and sad for like a thousand years and then he meets Bard in the middle of an alien invasion and this random human makes him feel something for the first time in forever, so they travel together and see the universe and fall in love.

(Except angst because this ship always has angst and Thranduil is still pretty much immortal)

(Bonus for use of the quote “You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone”)


shout out to my lil eggplant karadanversrp for making me this pretty af graphic also to my wife rachelbarbrarps.


A huge thanks to all the people who have decided to follow me and my subpar RP blog. You’re all serious troopers for putting up with my dumb shit and sticking through things with me and sending me cool memes and such. Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve made a Follow Forever and I thought the 500 mark was a good time to finally post another. I love you all, seriously, thank you so much for being mutuals with me. Feel free to hmu any time.


A special fucking shout out to my comewhatmay family. Newbies, oldies and past players in the group, I love you all to my very core. This RP got me through Cory’s passing for the most part and I’d be so ??? without you guys. I’ve been apart of the group for close to three years now and GOD. You’ve all helped me improve my writing, helped me improve as a roleplayer in general. Though, my mediocre activity is not a reflection of you. I’m legit just rp trash.

So, kurterps, blainearps, rachierps, straightuprps, marleyrrps, shysworldofrps, sammiewarerps, billylewisjrrps, darrencrissroleplays, graysonsrps and I’m not too sure if I missed anyone from our group who has an RP page, but you guys are tru famjam and just. Thank you. So much.




we’re the trash twins of rping. I mean, you’re less rp trash, but in other things, you’re more trash. but, my fav kind of trash. thank you for sticking through things with me and being as dumb as I am. I love you a lot, poo.
karadanversrp -
lil squish, eggplant, potato, cinnamon roll that’s too good for this world. EVEN THOUGH YOU RIP MY HEART OUT ON THE REG, I’m glad we started talking and I just checked what we actually talked about and basically, bonding over irrational Tiff, yelling at me for Frozen and then that time all I could think about we brussels sprouts. WHAT A WILD RIDE. anyway, ur my fav vegetable and I love you like I love our lil babes.
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chlooooooe. you’re such a sweetheart and I seriously love when you just come at me with all these fuinn headcanons and I’m SUPER excited about the killer plot! bless u for being such an angel, for real.


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Clearly, I’m more than likely missing a few people on here, but tagging does get tiring at some point, but that doesn’t mean the ones not tagged don’t also brighten up my dash. I look forward to logging on here every single day and it’s all thanks to my followers and the friends that I’ve made here in the community.

You’re all A++ people and never be shy to hit me up with either some memes, headcanons or just if you feel like talking. My ask is always open and I’m usually lurking.

Much love,

Kamikaze if you think that you gon’ knock me off the top. Shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car. Don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots.  —I must admit Rihanna’s new song is definitely my anthem for the week. Also, side note I’m so happy to be home as much fun as the conference was for Rue 21, I am over the hotel life and so ready to be back in my own bed. 

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I've seen your account come up a few times when I searched the polyamory hashtag and while I'm light years away from your serenity, I openly ask how you guys made the decision, more importantly how were the first few encounters? (A little back story for better context) I almost never speak so much here on tumblr (not sure why) but have shared my love and inclination for poly to my wife, I've met someone who has expressed great care for the both of us

Excuse me. I’m a little out of it due to this awful stomach flu, so I may not be as eloquent as I usually am. 

Honestly, we didn’t want it that much. I was dating my male partner for a couple of months when I asked him to have a threesome with another woman. He already knew I was bisexual and it didn’t come as a huge surprise. We were pretty adventurous in the sack anyway and this was definitely something we wanted to do together. We met a beautiful woman online and had one of the sexiest experiences of our lives. He and I felt even more bonded together afterwards and decided to try it again with a few more women. Everyone was honest about their intentions. We weren’t trying to get a girlfriend. Everyone was sex positive and whether it lasted one time or twenty times, we all left on good terms. 

Then I met her. I started a new job and she was my coworker. Long story short, she seemed interested in my boyfriend and I. The chemistry was out of this world. She and I fell in love. My wonderful boyfriend was so encouraging and loving about it. I can not even begin to express how lucky I am to have met such a fantastic man. Then they fell in love. It was so beautiful to watch. Compersion is definitely the feeling that helped us the most. 

Now it hasn’t been all rainbows. We have had very hard times, but the key to making it work is absolute communication. Also, going at the slowest person’s pace. NO ONE PUSHES EACH OTHER. EVER. We only push ourselves. If someone needs catching up, we slow down until they’re there. No one treats each other like shit. That’s a problem I see with poly folks. Many of them say, “I’m polyamorous so I’m going to date whomever I want and you’re just going to have to deal with it because that’s who I am.” You have to still respect your partners. Be honest with your intentions and reassure them whenever they need it.

I hope everything goes well between you, your wife, and this new woman. Just remember to reassure your wife as much as possible and don’t let the New Relationship Energy precede over your respect towards her.