but I love bossy clara and twelfth doctor

My Two Cents...

Everyone’s talking about the Doctor’s behaviour towards Clara in this last episode, so I just thought I’d add my thoughts now that I’m calm:

1. I’m happy that the Doctor said goodbye to Amy, I was honestly expecting that. But Clara was still the last face he saw (and the first!!)

2. The way the Doctor treated Clara in this episode was really bipolar, half the time super flirty and the other half like she didn’t even matter. And I could be mad…but it just solidifies how much I love Clara.

It’s why I loved Martha so much. Because they were true heroes. They were practically ignored all the time, told they were second best but still saved the Doctor and didn’t even need a thanks in return…Now that’s a woman

Also, this helps my headcanon that the twelfth doctor teases Clara about everything (her height, heels, hair, her love of dresses, funny nose, bossiness….ect) but the one thing he’ll never do is let Clara think that he doesn’t need/love her. He somehow always let’s her know that she’s the most important person in his life.

Also…Clara and the twelfth doctor will learn how to fly the TARDIS together!!