but I laughed hard so I thought I would post it

Regarding the theory of Belle and Hook being related...

Ummmm…I’m not saying, but:

  • Killy’s father was in a sleeping curse until a decade before the curse, so he can’t be Belle’s bio dad
  • Killy himself was in and out of Neverland on donut runs for Pan for at least decades before the curse (judging from the age of young Ursula)
  • He was an admitted “woman in every port” guy
  • He has “had many men’s wives”
  • Colette has brown eyes
  • Killy has blue eyes
  • Belle has blue eyes

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(Nobody laughed at this yesterday and I’m SURE it can’t be because it’s not funny, so I’m making it a main post.)

This is literally the only way I want to see Daddykins Jones. Killy will have fucked Henry’s mom, grandma, and great-grandma.  Rumple thought his CURRENT father-in-law was a prick! And just imagine if Emmzy marries her boo: she will be her own son’s great-grandma. This is TOO GOOD.

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Oh goodness! I thought I was the only one triggered by recovery twitters/instagrams/blogs, etc. It's so hard when the thing that's trying to like help + encourage recovery is the thing that makes the eating disorder worse! Because we don't go looking with bad intentions, it just happens. Aw. Well, don't feel too bad, hon. I struggled for seven years and came out of it overweight lmao (laughing my anxiety off)

You’re definitely not the only one. I don’t really post on Insta anymore but I know if I did I would make an account that was just positive affirmations, travel/scenery, cute art and selfies. I want nothing to do with food accounts anymore. I mean posting some food here and there is normal but I just am not in a place where I think it’s healthy for me to be posting pictures of my food at all, really. And I definitely will not be posting any body transformations or anything like that. I know it would only be my ED trying to get off


Almost at 700 you guys!!! How many of you would be interested in a 700 follower giveaway? Gifts including but not limited to: DLC, furniture, tools, bells, rare items, non-orderables. Goodies galore! To gage interest, if this post gets a decent amount of notes, I’ll do it! 

I wanna do this cause I love the AC community I’ve built on here. I love being able to share and connect with such an awesome group of Crossers! Plus, I honestly never thought my blog would get followers into the hundreds, so thank you for following me, liking my stuff, and making it that much more special to me. You all are lovely 😊💚

I was talking to someone and my 3 year old brother heard me mention ‘goodbye’ and he started crying a lil… I asked him why and he said that “goodbye was an ugly word” and that he didn’t like it. It really hit me hard, how even just a lil guy like him could be so upset over something like that, but even now we do the same. Maybe we just don’t admit it. I was really in depth with thoughts like so, and I would’ve submerged myself more if my baby brother didn’t add “i like nice words, like chicken”

Sunday Six

“Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project—published, submitted, in progress, for your cat—whatever.”

From an upcoming story inspired by this. And maybe also this.

He jumped about three feet in the air, phone still in his hand, and Jemma was laughing so hard that she could barely see. Upon landing, Fitz immediately twisted his entire torso so he could face her.

“You can’t sneak up behind me and tickle me when I’m on the phone Jemma,” he admonished with a wagging finger. “This phone call is very important!”

Jemma only let her grin widen as she closed the distance between them and kissed him, knowing he would loosen his grip on the phone and she could easily take it from his grasp.

“Dad,” she said into the receiver, “don’t you think you’ve spent enough time torturing poor Fitz?”

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for sleepover friday stories: when i was learning how to ride my bike, my dad would walk me down to this parking lot and run alongside my bike holding onto the handlebars while i pedaled; well, one day he thought i was ready so we started running and then after a few seconds, i looked to my left, and i looked to my right and saw no dad and then i panicked and crashed into a pole