but I laughed hard so I thought I would post it

please consider: the warden complains about their muscles being sore and mentions really needing a hot bath. Zevran, the little shit that he is, is like “don’t worry, amore, I’ll draw you a bath” which he actually does, but doesn’t tell them so until after he hands them a literal drawing of a bathtub. 

  • Brother:*pours salt into food*
  • Mum:why did you even get the salt what
  • Me:he craves that mineral.

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Photo by Paul Nicklen. He says:

As I promised on the @natgeo site, I am going to be posting this week on @paulnicklen, a series of my favorite polar animals to spend time with and photograph. Each one of these encounters has taught me something of value. My first favorite polar animal to photograph is the leopard seal. They are such individuals and are real characters. They are like hanging out with your favorite big dog. This one liked to sneak up on me through the kelp forests of South Georgia, Antarctica. Whenever it thought it surprised me, it would open its mouth and blow bubbles in my face. It was challenging to photograph underwater when I was laughing so hard. 

if anyone ever asked me why im falling so hard for you i would say it is your smile, your hands, and oh god that face.
those eyes of yours transport me to another place.
tall body
broad shoulders
its a sight to beholder.
the way we argue in verse is something that cant be rehearsed.​ it all comes naturally with us, my feelings for you go far beyond lust.
We argue like we’re married,
fight like we’re children, and
look at eachother like we’re in love,
you seem to fit me like a glove.
we laugh like old friends,
acting like i dont enjoy it is something i cant pretend.
every litte thing you do makes me swoon. you look at me and i melt, you touch me and im flustered, we talk and im whole, and when you smile its like im gazing at gold.
youre my 10:15 wishes,
11:00pm dreams,
my 3:am thoughts
you drive me crazy, im ripping at my seams.
there are thoughts of you i wanna pursue,
but im holding back until you want me to.
—  M.S
today my teacher asked me what love was to me and i instantly thought of you and it made me really realize just how much i miss you and our talks. it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the world, laughing at something my sister said to me, you’re making fun of my height, or whatever, i enjoy talking to you no matter what. it also made me realize just how much i do not want to lose you. i know that sometimes i fuck up and i do not really open up anymore and i am hard to handle and so much more, but i am good at listening and i will always be there for you when i can be and if you ask me to, i will stay up with you and talk to you about everything or nothing at all if that’s what you want and so much more. there’s very few things i would not do for you. i know that you are going through a hard time right now and i understand that you probably need time or space or whatever you want to call it, but i dont want to lose you. im not really good with words, but im really trying to express how important you are to me because you are extremely important to me. i tell everyone they are important to me because they are, but you’re one of the most important people to me and that list has maybe three or four people. you are on the top though and no, i do not mean that in a sexual way unless you know, you want to be on top or whatever. otherwise, i just want you to know that i would be incredibly sad if i ever lost you and my life would be different if i had not met you. thank you for sticking around for so long and especially for existing. i love you. like a lot. a lot, a lot.
—  raxndrvps

saying you will willingly end someone’s LIFE because of their ship preferences shouldn’t be taken as funny or a joke.

it doesn’t fucking matters if you thought that copying what myotpkissed said would be a good reply to someone who was mad because YOU ultimately decided to make hateful comments on a post I worked hard to create.

I am okay, but I could have not been. that *joke* could make me wonder if my life really matters. that *JOKE* could’ve trigged every little bad thought I had of myself and made me do something really stupid.

joking about murdering and beating someone to death is not and will NEVER be okay to make fun of.

so please, think about it before saying another shitty thing that could legitimate kill someone just for the sake of a good laugh.

what it’s like having OCD (my experience)

Woah. Buckle your seatbelts. This post can end very badly, but who the fuck cares? I thought I should share my experience. 

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with OCD. My mother didn’t believe it. She laughed and said “But how? You’re really messy and disorganized.” I never have face palmed so hard in my life. 

I don’t know how long I’ve experienced symptoms. I guess I just never noticed. I just assumed, like most things that happen to me, that everyone does the same. 

I think the worst part about having OCD is the fact nobody even tries to understand it. 

I went to an therapeutic school and honestly I think that was the worst. You would think people would try and understand. NOPE! When I get very depressed or suicidal, that’s when it gets worse. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

Do you know what it feels like to me when I arrange something and somebody purposely comes and messes up what I did and laughs in my face and tells me to grow up? Especially someone who considers themselves close to me? 

It feels like you just said “Fuck you and fuck your problems. I think you’re fucking pathetic and weak. Just grow a fucken spine and suck it up princess.” 

Thanks asswipe. NEWS FLASH! IT’S NOT FUCKEN FUNNY! I’m doing this because I feel out of control and I need to channel myself somewhere. I don’t give two shits if you don’t understand why I need to have my crayons alined. You don’t understand how frustrating it was to arrange them especially since crayons are annoying because the names of the colors don’t match the colors of the crayon (the word orange isn’t orange in my head. each word to me has it’s own color and texture), they aren’t the same length and the color wheel ugh! 

So friends I leave you with this. Whenever you come across a person you know has OCD, please don’t be a terrible human being and try to “correct” their OCD or “train them not to have OCD”. For me it makes me not want to trust you anymore. 

Mental illness is real. It happens. Don’t be an asswipe. Respect people. 

I just read a post where someone told a story about how when they were little they accidentally stole a can of pringles from a store while their mom was shopping because they forgot to hand the can over to be scanned and so they thought they were going to be arrested as a thief so they ran away, and the cops found the kid walking on the side of the road and the kid freaked out and tried to run again and fought the cops to escape and broke down in tears but when the cop heard the kid’s story he laughed so hard he cried and took the kid back to their mom and paid for the can of pringles too because it was so funny to him. And like that’s a cute and funny story about childhood or whatever sure–but all I could think the whole time I was reading it was, “and if you were black they probably would have shot you instead.”

This should not be a thought that goes through my head in 2015. Or ever.

anonymous asked:

Actually in the bath selfie, he isn't naked. If u zoom on the reflection on the tap to the left U can see his phone and that he's wearing a white tank top. I LAUGHED SO HARD. HE KNOWS WE'LL LOOK


idk if i should laugh or cry because first of all the fact that the fandom thought to zoom into the faucet #nochill, bUT EVEN MORE SO BECAUSE HE KNEW THE FANDOM WOULD DO IT I’M LOL NO ONE CAN OUTSMART PCY

he knows the thirst is real and yet he still posts a provocative photo park chanyeol hdu 

Xiaolin Showdown + Things I've done
  • Omi:Accidentally drove 20 minutes out of town because "I know how to get there I don't need the gps"
  • Kimiko:Thought I saw someone in my room, punched them, then found out it was my reflection and I broke my mirror
  • Clay:Thought Wu Tang Clan and Blue Oyster Cult were the same band for 15 years
  • Raimundo:Laughed so hard while eating Cheddar Bay Biscuits that I threw up in the middle of Red Lobster
  • Jack:Been so afraid of a monster hiding under my bed that I went and hid under my bed so a monster couldn't get there without me knowing. At which point I became afraid there was a monster sitting on my bed.
  • Chase:Cried because the little girl on TV wasn't as pretty as me so I deserved to be on TV not her
  • Wuya:Skipped a class so I would have time to do my makeup.
  • Hannibal:Rubbed dirt in my own face so that I could blame a boy I hated for it and he would get in trouble.
  • Dojo:Ate salt. Just raw salt out of a salt shaker. I poured it into my hand and ate it.
  • Dashi:Convinced multiple people my house was haunted so that they'd stop asking to come over
Shitty K-pop things that should stay in 2015

Since 2015 is winding down, I thought I’d share some things that I think fans should let rest in this year.

1. Making fun of idols’ English/calling their English “Engrish”

Really, it’s old, rude, and just plain ugly. They try so hard to speak English to interact with intl. fans more and it’s not their first language so stop making fun of them. You wouldn’t want them laughing at your “Kowean” when you try super hard to learn it now would you? Exactly. And “Engrish” is so racist and ugly just unfollow me if that word is in your lexicon at all.

2. Over-sexualizing idols (ESPECIALLY THE MINORS!!!)

/side eyes certain blogs/ This one should be pretty self explanatory but some people can’t get this through their thick skulls. Sexualizing idols and especially minors is not okay. “But they’re legal in /insert some western country/ so it’s okay and it’s not like they’d see it anyway haha” FUCK YOU DISGUSTING CREEP. If they aren’t legal in Korean age, they aren’t.fucking.l e g a l. Idols aren’t your little “kimchi fucktoy” no no no no N O. They’re humans and they have feelings. (P.S. Pedonoona/oppa is fucking disgusting and not funny or cute at all stop using it to describe yourself you nasty bitches.)

3. Saying inappropriate things to idols online

If you weren’t aware, BTS recently stopped reading comments on Bangtan Bombs and replying to twitter comments. Why? Because they’ve been getting things like “fuck me” “xx and xx fuck each other a lot” and other things. They don’t wanna see that. It’s disgusting and creepy. Keep it on your blog if anything. And also, tumblr humor doesn’t translate well. As you’ve seen with BamBam and everything that happened, comments like “i hate you” and “stop” or “delete” may be just jokes here, but can be taken negatively by people that don’t use tumblr. Again, keep it on your blog.

4. Fetishizing Koreans/Korean culture and language

/side eyes certain blogs with more intensity/ Again, very self explanatory but some people just have thick ass heads for that tiny ass brain but I digress. HUMANS ARE NOT I REPEAT NOT FETISHES. Idols weren’t put on this earth to carry out your creepy racist kinks and fetishes. Same goes for culture and language. Languages shouldn’t be accessorized. They’re not jewelry. “Oppa omg saranghaeyo jjang annyeong gomawo~~” Stop. And stop using Hangul to get in touch with your “Korean side” because unless you’re mixed with Korean you don’t have one. It’s not an aesthetic, it’s a language. Learn at least the basics or you have no place to use it.

5. Using AAVE if you aren’t black

I would side eye but I can see where a lot of people may do it unintentionally. Terms like “bae” and “slay” are AAVE, not just slang. @jonginsmama explains this very well. The media capitalize on our vernacular and make it more mainstream and people think it’s alright, but it’s damaging. This isn’t just a K-pop thing, but a worldwide thing. (And please for the love of GOD stop using the term FUCKBOY! It’s not a cute term and has a really negative connotation which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to call an idol. I don’t care if you’re joking. If you aren’t black and don’t know what it means, don’t say it or use it in any way. /SIDE EYES THE FUCK OUT OF CERTAIN BLOGS/)

6. Being racist to non-white/non-Asian K-poppers

“/insert race outside of white/asian/white or asian passing or light skinned people/ don’t belong in K-pop” “Kpop wasn’t made for people like you” Literally you can shut the fuck up. Music is global. We should be able to enjoy this without bring color into it. It’s disgusting some things I’ve seen on here and should have been left in 1960.

7. “Your Fave Is Problematic”

My fave is problematic, your fave is problematic, his and her fave is problematic, their fave is problematic, EVERYONE IS PROBLEMATIC OKAY? Including you. Don’t act like you’re some pure higher up devoid of wrongdoing. It’s fine to point out problematic behavior and to correct and teach people on why it is, but don’t be like “oH MAi GAwD oPPar/OONiE REEEEEALYY dINT SAY ThAt?!? UNSTANNING I HATE THEM THEYRE DESGUSTING AND SHOULD ROTT IN HELLLLL AND ANYONE THAT DOESNT AGREE SHOULD TEWWW” (this also goes for the “oppar/oonie didn’t mean it” people too, way too many of those. And don’t disregard other people’s feelings on subjects or say they’re over reacting, everyone’s feelings are valid.)

8. Disregarding colorism within the K-pop industry

Colorism isn’t a joke. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not “just how they joke around.” It’s hurtful and said with some degree of malicious intent if the person has mentioned they dislike it. Even if they haven’t, they have no reason to make “jokes” like that. You don’t know how much some people wanna bleach their skin to fit into a mold and to be “beautiful”. You don’t know how many people go to extreme measures to lighten their skin. It’s disgusting and no one should be excused for it.

9. Bringing groups/idols up while bringing others down

Everyone in K-pop works their asses off to bring you a good performance/good music. Some may not but there still is no excuse. You’re entitled to an opinion, but don’t force it onto people as if it were fact. If whomever you like is as good as you claim, you wouldn’t have to pull anyone else down in the process of praising them.

10. “You’re not a real fan”

EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS A GROUP IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM IS A REAL FAN. You don’t have to know every birthday, every little fact about them, their exact height and weight, or anything to be considered a real fan. Just supporting them is good enough. You don’t need every edition of a CD or posters covering your walls from top to bottom to be a fan. Lots of fans (like me) can’t really afford albums or posters/merch, but we still support. Does that make us any less of a fan? Of course not. It’s more important to be a good fan (by respecting idols and other fans) than being a “real fan”.

I’ve done a lot of these things that I’ve listed, but I’m teaching myself out of it. There are many more things that should be dropped but then we’d be here forever. Part of the responsibility is within us fans to make K-pop better for everyone. It will be a slow process, but the outcome would be amazing. I hope 2016 will be a better year for K-pop. Happy New Year and best wishes!

Okay other funny parts in interview LOLZ


Okay remember this touching scene? When Yuya sent letter to Yuzu via Tsukikage:

Ono director was like

“According to the original scenario, Tsukikage was supposed to relay Yuya’s message to Yuzu in his own voice, not letter. But then we thought about it and making Tsukikage say “let’s go back together” is just weird and way too embarrassing for Tsukikage so we changed it to letter.”


-Do you have any questions you want to ask each other? (To director and Yugo’s VA)

Shinpei: Um…….what would happen to Yugo and Yuto?

Director: That……I can’t say….at least not yet. But they’ll get their on screen times so rest assured(smiles)

Shinpei: Oh thank god


I know right especially since we saw the spoiler and it looks like Yugo’s about to die too XDDDDDD

……….But what exactly did the director mean…..?

Was it,

“It’s okay I’m not gonna kill them. They’ll get their screen time” ?


“I’m gonna kill both of them but you’re still gonna get some screentime…..as Yuya’s behind the screen ghost just like how Yuto is now”……(not as long as before and only sometimes muhahahaha)

There’s a huge difference you know T^T

-Yugo fought Shingo in ep.72 and Serena in ep.84-85 how did you think about that?

Shinpei: Oh man I loved that, Sawatari’s a character so full of explosion. I think Yugo definitely matured through that duel and I feel like I showed some new part of Yugo to the viewers thanks to that ep!

As for Serena’s duel, that was my first time 2-week duel which was awsome. And Since Serena looks like Rin, I could definitely tell how Rin was such a huge influence in Yugo’s life.

Director: Yeah Yugo was naturally able to show how duel is supposed to be for enjoyment and entertainment.

Just added that interview part for appleshipping moment :) Yay even Yugo’s VA acknowledges it.


Shinpei: I even talked with Manpei at home about this too. “okay our voices are way too similar we gotta do something about this!” (laughs)

Director: Oh yeah you told me you always eat together and sleep together right?

Shinpei: Yeah cause when we work as actors most of the times we get to act twins on the series we are on as well. so we always do things together in real life so we can get used to each other’s rhythm. But that also means we fight a lot. Like that one time he yelled at me “You’re STILL AWAKE?” cause I was sleeping late, when we’re supposed to sleep together. So there’s a rule we have.

Director: Wow, but I really loved that you guys tried to make your voices different in arc V.

……………God this is just…….so cute they always do things together….>_<

((why is it so hard to learn how to give a person respect? It doesn’t take 12 years-worth of school and other classes to learn about this. You don’t need any degrees. i dont understand

i thought everybody in this community would get along. really, it’s only a majority of this small community that actually does. A majority seems like alot, but as i said, its a small community. If one person fucks up, then another person does, too. and that continues.

But making jokes of somebody’s sexuality/(other)orientations is not funny. What i mean is, “THAT PERSON IS GAY” and anything similar. 

i think we all remember those “the person below me is gay” posts, right? Those weren’t insults. nor jokes. They were simple posts. It doesnt go DIRECTLY to you. did the original poster say that you’re legitimately gay? no. THAT is something you don’t take seriously.

Nobody is laughing at these jokes. They aren’t funny. And, even after you make these “jokes, you CONTINUE with this bullshit, and it’s still not funny. Calling them stupid or a crybaby doesn’t make anything better. 

you’re just making it worse for yourself. Nobody did anything to you, so don’t do anything to anyone else.))

nightingales replied to your post: OMFG I FORGOT ABOUT THIS LMAO we were …

ohmy god but can u imagine if she WAS ACTUALLY STANDING SHE WOULD BE LIKE. THE HBEIGHTOF A CHILD WHY AM I LAUGHING SO HARD OH MY GOD!! oh my god. oh my god,.


tsun-doge replied to your post: OMFG I FORGOT ABOUT THIS LMAO we were …

(she kneeling cause she proposin’) (i just like the idea of her proposing on one knee in like full armour idk why)

i think my dude proposed but thats cute so yeah same i can dig this

reviseleviathan replied to your post: OMFG I FORGOT ABOUT THIS LMAO we were …

Wow what, I thought she looked really tall in the official art.


also like speaking of official art does anybody have an actual source for tall henry other than approx chara models because he looks so short next to sumia and their art’s proportions look almost equal

this has been confusing me forever

No Photo Needed

There is no photo needed for this post,
it would only take concentration,
                      and sincerity,
away from what I have to say…

and here it is,
i’m frigging happy,
        enjoying life,
and loving myself right now.

I’m still finding obligations hard,
                          school is hard,
             emotions can be hard,
                              life is hard,
but I still find myself dancing as I dress in the morning.

I’m finding myself laugh when I make a mistake.

i’m finding that it’s not so difficult to be happy,
despite what I once thought.

TRANS 140308 SWC3 Seoul Day 1 (Jonghyun's Ending Ment)

Jonghyun: Everyone, thank you so much. I feel like this year, next year, and the year after that will be the most important years for SHINee. As a group, we’ve shared that all 5 of us will work very hard. Recently, I posted on my SNS that Onew hyung, me and Minho drank soju and talked about how thankful we are for our fans. Truthfully….. you can get used to a person who’s really bad and think that they’re not bad at all. I’ve thought about it before and I’m trying not to do that. If I ever change and become someone different than before, please scold me.

Onew: Ddaekki! (the cute sound effect of hitting someone)

Minho: Ddaekki! I’m going to scold you! Our hyung changed, ddaekki!

Jonghyun: (laughs) Our members haven’t changed at all and are doing well so, I wish you would all stay with us til the end. Thank you.


GMM 1000

First of all: Wow. Never had a GMM episode that made me cry and laugh so much. Jeez. 

Second of all: This is my attempt at filtering some thoughts about a show that is so meaningful to me and getting them out so bear with me. 

I felt insecure about making a video, because, well, my ex-teacher could see me and a lot of other people and then they would know but gosh, I just need to get this out. I love them so much. So, so much. Rhett and Link have been there for me, when even I couldn’t be there for me. They made me laugh, when all of my emotions could have been described as just.. a gray… pile of… mud. 
And they still proceed to do so. 

I’ve had times, where I was so close to giving up. Especially during school, especially during a very hard time, where my parents had issues accepting me as who I was (and am to this day), when they had problems, that impacted me so greatly and didn’t open their eyes to how THEY made me feel and how I was “feeling” already. When they just couldn’t offer the help I would have needed. 

When I lost my home, when I lost my loving parents. When I lost my past, my safe place. Moments in my life, when I didn’t know where I belonged to.

GMM was there, when I came home after a day of surviving, after a day of pushing through, just so I could watch Rhett and Link, eating horrible stuff, laughing about dad jokes or doing other WACKY stuff. 

GMM kept me alive. Not as in I wouldn’t be here without it (but who knows) but as in: They kept me laughing. Kept me going. Inspired me. Motivated me. 

And I know this sorta thing applies a lot of pressure on all of them, so I’m not gonna dwell on it. 
We shouldn’t forget, who they are. They are people, two men, who love creating and acting and singing and making music and enjoying their lives with their wonderful wives and kids. Their crew, containing people with past and present and future lives, significant others, kids and so much more. 

They all work together on something that we need so badly, that we enjoy so greatly, that we love So, SO, so so much. That impacts us in the best ways.

Can we make this an episode where, for once, nobody hates on the people that mean so much to Rhett and Link (and therefore us)? Their crew, their YT colleagues? 


heroau  asked:

that post you made about the solo lauren album concept actually made me laugh so hard omfg do u have any other similar thoughts on the #others i would love to hear ur onion

Tbqh I haven’t thought deeply about it Except this: in a Dream alternate reality I would have lauren and normani record a duet album together thats like blues rock, and not just in the production I mean I want to hear them bring out the grit they both have in their voices.

Im undecided about normani solo album direction Bc everyone’s like oh she can dance but isn’t a great singer so she should just be like all the other whisper r&b singers but idt that has that much character.. also tinashe is already doing the intense choreographed dancer passable singing thing so

Camila I feel like would be one of those ppl you don’t even know has her own sloppy album she’s just featured on other peoples songs and DJ collaborations all the time and maybe sings someones rap hooks but people don’t want too much of Umm that tone all at once

I always have a hard time pinning down what I think allyson would do Bc she doesn’t really have a pop voice necessarily it’s like, theater… so she goes on broadway and then does movie musicals and EGOTs. And/Or she does like tejano and is the next selena

Ms dinah jane… idk she has a very powerful voice so Ive kind of always wanted her to sing like a power ballad lol. Like I know she wants to be beyonce, but normani is a better performer while dinah is a better singer so what if dinah were.. celine… I also kinda could see Leona lewis’ sort of material suiting her