but I laughed hard so I thought I would post it

Just a text dump of some thoughts. In the card scene i also think Sangwoo was testing Bum’s trust and intelligence, too. He gives him the right cards and then indicates the wrong one at the most critical moment. It doesn’t even occur to Bum that he’s being set up for a long hard fall. You’d think someone in his position would be suspicious of anything Sangwoo tells him to pick or do, but Bum is pretty trusting:

He says that one’s ‘definitely’ the right card, that is… /not/ the joker. But of course he’s wrong lol. And then in this following scene, i actually think the laughter belongs to Glasses Guy? Bum does ask ‘why is he laughing?’ I could be wrong! But regardless you see Sangwoo looking exasperated, amused, and disappointed all at once as if to say how could you fall for that, how could you trust me. 

Sangwoo recognises that Bum’s level of trust in him can be so fucking dumb. It’s a different scenario, but it reminds me of the previous scene where he asks Bum why he didn’t run away when he had the chance: “are you stupid? you could have gotten out if you just crawled…or are you starting to like it here?” That’s what’s interesting about Sangwoo: he is messed up but he has 100% control over his state of mind. He is rational and intelligent - and that’s a part of why he has been so ‘successful’ with all his killings.

I definitely think that Sangwoo always intended for Bum to live in that whole card scene, but i think it’s the small moments that showcase Bum’s naivety and mindless trust in him that appeal to Sangwoo’s warped mine. He’s getting attached to him because of things like this lol. What i like is that Bum gives little morsels of trust that are pretty innocent and endearing, even though he holistically doesnt trust Sangwoo with his life yet. And it’s whenever Bum feels like he has received special attention from Sangwoo that he allows his mind get blurry with poor judgment, or rather, that he loses sight of himself. At first Bum was like ‘Is he helping me…?’ He seemed wary, but then after he pulled all the right cards he was so excited by the knowledge that Sangwoo was taking care of him that he totally overlooked the trap. He says himself he felt giddy and happy.

I think in some ways Sangwoo and Yoonbum mirror each other, but my thoughts on this aren’t fully developed yet so i’ll have to think about it some more lol. But I fully expect for Sangwoo to soon have a level of dependence on Bum too, or atleast a powerfully unstable emotional attachment. 

So I see a lot of ‘two types of the signs’ posts, and while I’m not really that sure about them because I think that’s less important than the way placements interact with each other, I thought it would be interesting to do one that’s a bit different than usual: optimist / pessimist rather than introvert / extrovert. Okay!

Aries Pessimist: Is negative about everything. Not a big fan of teamwork. Gets angry or upset easily; finds it hard to control their emotions. Takes offence quickly. Needs a lot of love and adores being complimented / admired.

Aries Optimist: Think of a lot of new ideas very quickly and is always completely convinced that the current one is perfect. So excitable. Can be a bit of a messy worker. Laughs all the time. Can be arrogant.

Taurus Pessimist: Is a bit of an Eeyore sometimes. Doesn’t trust easily. Worries a lot about financial matters in particular. Is a saver rather than a spender. Goes over ideas repeatedly until they’re totally perfect.

Taurus Optimist: Is very sure of their place in the world. A hard worker. Loves to treat themselves. Thinks every relationship is going to end in marriage. Can be a little shy, but will soon become incredibly friendly.

Gemini Pessimist: Low self-esteem so is always changing and doesn’t like to be very honest about their true self. Worried all the time. Lots of nervous energy. Good at masking their feelings but hates doing it.

Gemini Optimist: Very excitable. Talks faster when they’re happy. Most things bounce off them. Rushes off to new opportunities without finishing their latest project. Trusts everyone, but can be untrustworthy themselves. 

Cancer Pessimist: Very weepy and emotional. Is always scared people won’t like them. Intensely protective of those they care about and worries about them all the time. Is hardly every honest because they’re scared of getting hurt.

Cancer Optimist: Can be child-like. Often very naive. Thinks every new relationship / friendship is much better and more significant than the last. Falls in love very quickly and is hardly ever afraid to admit it. 

Leo Pessimist: The most insecure person you will ever meet. Puts way too much store by what others think of them. Obsesses over what they’re wearing to the point of unhealthy. Short temper. Easily offended.

Leo Optimist: Is generally a very confident person. Gullible and naive, but in a charming way. Very generous. Trusts people way too quickly. Loves everyone else, but loves themselves too and is hardly ever afraid to show it.

Virgo Pessimist: Worries way too much about everything. The voice of doom in a group project. Can have unhealthy habits which may be eating related. Works really, really hard; needs very much to be appreciated.

Virgo Optimist: Hard-working; things tend to turn out right for them. ‘Adopts’ new friends and looks after them. Likes to motivate others. Is shy about new relationships, but once in them is very positive.

Libra Pessimist: Can be ‘fake’. Likes other people more than they like themselves, and never does anything for themselves. Very creative, but is meticulous about new ideas and harsh on themselves.

Libra Optimist: The sort of person you want as a group leader. Creative and generous with ideas. Likes to look nice and is generally pretty confident. Is always determined in relationships; wants to make them work out.

Scorpio Pessimist: Is afraid that someone they care about will get hurt, so is very protective. Can be defensive and doesn’t let barriers down easily. Is always predicting the downfall of society. Doesn’t trust easily.

Scorpio Optimist: Good at hiding it when they feel scared or sad. Tends to have a pretty thick skin. Loves change, because they know it’s always for the better. Tends to work hard at projects they believe in.

Sagittarius Pessimist: Doesn’t believe the world is a good place. Always changing their mind because they don’t believe in themselves. Runs away from things. Actually feels guilty for being a pessimist.

Sagittarius Optimist: Believes in luck and thinks they have lots of it. Can make the best of any situation. Always laughing. Looks forward to the future so much that they are sometimes discontent with the present.

Capricorn Pessimist: Is an eyebrow raiser. Has a don’t-fuck-with-me walk. Probably doesn’t believe in love. Is always, always, always negative. No exceptions. Thinks no-one is going to succeed. 

Capricorn Optimist: Works insanely hard for what they want and knows how much they deserve. Generally very confident. Ambitious. Takes a long time to fall in love, but when they do, is convinced it will last forever.

Aquarius Pessimist: Hates anyone and everyone. Is the most contrary person you’ll ever meet. Is disgusted by mainstream culture. Makes disparaging comments. Incredibly snarky and probably actually really smart.

Aquarius Optimist: Believes that the world can be a good place and will work to make it one. One of those people that get inspiring novels written about them. Understands people quickly. Usually pretty confident.

Pisces Pessimist: Gets trodden on because they don’t think they’re worth standing up for. Can be whiny or weepy. Insecure and constantly changes the way they look and act because they expect people to dislike them.

Pisces Optimist: Falls in love so quickly and never learns no matter how much they get hurt. Adorably naive. Thinks everyone is beautiful. Trusts people insanely quickly. In love with the universe.

Note: Some of these are more favoured by traditional astrology than others - for instance Aries is usually expected to be optimistic.

BTS Reaction to hearing you snort

Anon Requested:  Hi! Could I have a BTS reaction for their s/o snorting when she laughs?

Honestly when I read this I started laughing because I snort when I laugh like really hard and can’t catch my breath and it’s just really embarrassing to do so imagining myself snorting in front of the boys would just be mortifying.

Also side note sorry if these are so short I’m still feeling run down but I just had to post something because I didn’t post anything yesterday.

Jungkook: It’d take him a second to realize what noise just came out of you but once he does a big wide smile would grow on his face and a laugh would leave his lips. He thought it was honestly so funny that you snorted when you laughed because you would always get so embarrassed and flustered that you’d turn all red and hide your face.

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V: Taehyung would laugh right off the bat, he’d hold his stomach because he was laughing so hard and once he saw your embarrassment he’d immediately pull you into his arms telling you he wasn’t laughing at you he just thought it was so cute that a noise like that came out of you.

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Jimin: Jimin would honestly be so shocked at first, he wouldn’t believe that you had actually snorted just because he’s seen you laugh hard like this before and you’ve never made that noise before, after the initial shock left him a smile would appear on his face once he saw that you were still on the ground laughing at whatever joke Jin had made.

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J-Hope: The loud noise that you emitted scared Hoseok if we’re being honest, he’d jump slightly when you snorted beside him but once he noticed that you were just a little embarrassed he’d crack a small smile and chuckle, bringing you into him saying how cute you were.

Originally posted by hosoeks

Rap Monster: He’d laugh at you, with you, he’d just be laughing. He couldn’t believe that you actually snorted let alone in front of him since you had been a bit shy in the beginning of the relationship but seeing that you were laughing so hard with him he’d know that you were comfortable enough with him.

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Suga: Yoongi wouldn’t be afraid to laugh at the noise you just made, even seeing that you were a bit embarrassed at the fact that you snorted in front of him he’d still laugh and reassure you that it was funny and not to feel bad, he’d make sure you knew he wasn’t laughing at you but at the noise and how you were acting.

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Jin: Jin like Hoseok would be a bit scared at the sudden noise that came from you since he’d never heard it before but also just like Jimin he’d have to get over the initial shock of the loud snorting sound you made. He’d relax once he saw that you were in no way embarrassed by it since you were still laughing at the pun he made.

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The Mystery of Suga’s 3rd Muster Acrylic Stand

Yoongi hadn’t seen the standee he’d liberated from the BigHit offices since he’d given it to Jin at that crazy gift exchange / Christmas party a few weeks ago.  He hadn’t seen it and - well - it bugged the fuck out of him.  He’d at least expected Jin to make a big show about standing it up in some agonizing part of the dorm.  YOongi hoped it wouldn’t be in the bathroom at the bottom of the toilet bowl to encourage the Kids to aim better - but thought that a distinct possibility.  

However even that would be preferable to - well - nothing.  And there was no sign of his little gift - not even in Jin’s trash.  Not that Yoongi had looked….hard…

It finally bugged him so much he had even asked Jin, who had smiled his little mysterious smile in Yoongi’s direction and had refused to answer his question. Just shrugged those beautiful shoulders of his and told Yoongi to “not worry about it.”  

So Yoongi tried, and tried again.  And then tried harder.  He would almost succeed in forgetting about the fact that his gift to Jin had gone missing, hadn’t been put up on display, had been apparently forgotten and cast aside by everybody but him - INCLUDING by the person who got the gift, his very own Forever Roommate Jin who he thought would care enough for his face to at least want to see him when he had to pee.  

He would almost forget and then Jimin would come strutting out of the bathroom wearing the underwear Hope had given him, or Namjoon would buy another pack of wet wipes (having gone through the original pack given to him by Jin almost right away and getting addicted instantly), and it would all come back  - HIS gift had apparently been thrown away.  

And ok, maybe it hurt more than he wanted to admit.   So he pouted.  

He was pouting a few days later, when Jin called him from the house one night around dinner time.  He asked Yoongi to stop by his office in the BigHit building on the way home from work to pick up a script he needed for one of his classes.  Yoongi didn’t grumble about doing something for his ungrateful roommate any more than usual, ok not much more than usual - but all of his grumbles stopped when he opened Jin’s closed office door and turned on the light.  

There, in the place of honor right to the right of Jin’s pink keyboard, was Yoongi’s acrylic stand, literally inches away from the script he was supposed to find and bring home.  There was no way he could miss seeing it.  And in that second, Yoongi knew that Jin had known he was upset, and this was how he was gently making it better.  Yoongi was thankful it was after hours because he couldn’t wipe the big dopey grin off of his face.  Here he was thinking that Jin had thrown his gift away, when in fact - he had done just the opposite, done more than Yoongi had ever imagined.  

He got home as quickly as he could, jumping in a car and all but running into the dorms.  Dinner smells were beginning to leak through the apartment, and Jin was muttering at the stove, apparently giving a pep talk to the meal they were about to eat.  Yoongi didn’t say a word and just swooped in for a back hug, firmly wrapped his arms around Jin’s waist - burying his nose in the t-shirt Jin was wearing that smelled like cooking and their room and HOME.   

“Hmmmmm,” Jin said, “Min Yoongi I presume…:

Yoongi didn’t answer.  

What’s going on, everything ok, did you find the script??”   

Instead of crying to Jin about how much it really did mean to him to see his little standee on Jin’s desk, instead of causing a scene by declaring his eternal love for his forever roommate right at dinner time, Yoongi just hugs Jin a little tighter (so tight he squeaks) and tucks his smile closer into Jin’s back while he whispers “Everything’s great Jinnie, I found the script no problem. I’m just really glad to be home.”   



I believe that i relmebmer you said we, as us lieutenants, would be able to send you our progress reports for Athoek stuff for you to look over before we turn them in to Uemi if we got them to you by the before you start shooting people. I unfortmately got my anaanananddernder sliced outr and have not not been reacting very well to the surgeryy nor medication I were given/ so I do not thimk that I will be able to habe my report finisherd by then at all. Is tehere any way I would be able to send you my report at any later date??? I wnt to do very good on this undergarden assignment you know becayse i like to do well at my post. please sir I workled very hard and thought that I would be abel to finish it on timme but medic said I will most likelly not be normal again until at least the end of Genitals Festival penis. If you  say no then that is okay but i would be sad and i would reallyyyy lik e if you said yes. Thank you Breq, my dude.

Lieutenant Tisarwat (pronounced Tee-SAR-waaht) (if you were wondering)

P.S. I will answer youpr questions about her so there are not any more awkard silence. and i will buy you bullets for the weird gun (even thougjh I could probably just steal some from the transalator)

love you bye

Photo by Paul Nicklen. He says:

As I promised on the @natgeo site, I am going to be posting this week on @paulnicklen, a series of my favorite polar animals to spend time with and photograph. Each one of these encounters has taught me something of value. My first favorite polar animal to photograph is the leopard seal. They are such individuals and are real characters. They are like hanging out with your favorite big dog. This one liked to sneak up on me through the kelp forests of South Georgia, Antarctica. Whenever it thought it surprised me, it would open its mouth and blow bubbles in my face. It was challenging to photograph underwater when I was laughing so hard. 

rocketdocket replied to your post

“maybe robert betrays aaron by outfitting the mill with the cabinets…”


robertsuggles replied to your post “maybe robert betrays aaron by outfitting the mill with the cabinets…”

aaron gets out of prison and hits the roof because his new kitchen is all white cabinets with no handles ur so right siri      

robert comforting himself with home decor, aaron being pissed off when he gets out. “i thought we talked about this” “yeah, well, we also talked about you talking to me when things got difficult in prison but you didn’t listen to *that* either”

if you think robert wouldn’t be passive aggressive about his cabinets and about aaron, well.

(until he realises he can’t slam his cabinet doors to accentuate his irritation and realises he made a Grave Mistake)  


-reasons I stopped believing

yesantiplier  asked:

Seeing your text post about Felix, I take it that you don't necessarily enjoy his content but agree with what he said about everything that has happened?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy his content – I’ve just outgrown it in a way. Back when Felix started on YouTube, he was literally who I followed daily and who I watched his videos the second they came out and who got me into horror games and the like. I’m so proud of him for the success he’s had – I never thought that watching this guy scream at a camera would make me laugh so hard and that he would get so big. I’m so very, very proud of how far him AND Marzia have both come, and they deserve the success they both individually have. I just personally started to outgrow the content, and it stopped being an every day thing and moved toward a once and a while thing. At the time I had just started watching Smosh Games too so that took over a big part of it. Then I saw a video with Jack and that turned me on to Jack and Mark and they became a big part of me and that’s how it’s stayed for around a year now. But I do agree with Felix on what’s happened – the media has always taken him out of context, which does suck because he is a very easy target. Does he have the best jokes or think things through all the time? No, he doesn’t. But he has come out and stated that this is something that he’s aware of and that he’s trying to fix moving forward, and that he never supported the hate groups praising him. He can’t control who does what with his videos – none of us can. When you make yourself a public figure, things will always be put out there for someone to take out of context. But he is trying to learn from things, and the fact that they took him literally pointing (and it’s very obvious that Felix talks with his hands a lot) and made it into something so horrendous is just over the top and absurd. I feel for him in the sense that he’s worked so hard for everything, and one joke in bad taste (that he has acknowledged as bad taste and will keep in mind) has kind of spiraled that out. Think of all the time and effort that went into Scare Pewdiepie Season 2. I’m not a fan of the show personally, but think of everyone’s hard work on it: the cast, the crew, Felix, Jack, etc - now all of their hard work has just been erased because of it. I don’t support the joke he made, but I do support the fact that he realizes what he did was wrong, that it was in bad taste, and that the media will literally do anything these days for clickbait (and especially with hate being so vocalized now under America’s president, I’ve seen an influx of tons of clickbait articles involving celebrities and ‘hidden messages’ and supporting hate and the like), and we have all seen that. 

“The Bride of the Red Leader” Chapter 1 (TW: Realistic Violence, Grim Dark) (This will hopefully be uploaded onto another site soon)

“Ooh, are you the pizza delivery guy?! :3”

“You again, I thought we kicked your butt months ago!?”



Edd’s POV

I was very, very afraid that the day when he’d return would come.

When he first opened the door, all hades broke loose; Me and Matt where brutalized and tied to a post trying to breathe and Tom was bloody trying to fight our former friend.

He wanted to be called “The Red Leader”, I wanted to call him “Tord”.

”You’re just chicken scratch!!” Tom barked before Tord wiped his insult off with a slap in the face so hard you could have sworn that his brain could have fallen out of where his eyes should be; “GIVE UP!” Tord demanded, stomping on Tom’s stomach as a soldier with big, bushy eyebrows spat on him while the other laughed; “N…never…..I will not give up……just watch me-” *STOMP*! Tord was at it again, stomping and harder as he progressed.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“STOP!” I choked up, begging Tord to stop his cruelty. ”STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” Tord turned his head over to where me and Matt where with a cold, stoic stare and slowly marched over to me, grabbed by chin and rubbed it, almost as if he was going to crush my head.

He finally replied in his cold, baritone voice: ”Why?”

“I hate seeing you like this, you where never this cruel, Tord….please come back to us and become our friend again.” I replied, tears streaming down my face and whimpering.

He laughed a haughty laugh while rubbing my chin some more and when he stopped for 6 seconds, he said in a harsher tone: “I will never return to that pathetic time in my life, wasting it on something other than my glorious reign in the process, you foolish boy.”

Little did I know, these three words would change my life forever:

“I’ll do anything.”


“Anything, any single task I will perform for you.”

He grinned a dark, cold grin and rubbed my chin in a much slower, more passionate pace.

“I would like to rule with some by my side….”

“I’ll become your second in command, heck, I’ll even be your wife!

After 7 seconds passed with the last five words to come out of my mouth floating in Tord’s head, he immediately cut the rope with his swiss army knife, grabbed me by my legs and swung me onto his left shoulder; It surprised me so much that I almost felt like I was bungee-jumping off a 5 story building before getting myself caught in an old, spindly tree with sharp branches that nearly staked me in my heart.

“Deal.” He snarled when he grinned a beastly grin while licking his lips and staring down at me with his bloodshot eyes when he marched over

“NO!” two voices called in the distance; it was a desperate, sobbing Matt and a very angry, determined Tom, whom both reacted as if they where having their hearts ripped out of their bodies.





All I could do was watch Matt screaming and crying in the snow, reaching his arm out for me as Tom tried to run so he could save me, but to no avail, for he was weakened from Tord’s brutality as the man himself carried me into his new mecha, possibly to never see my poor, broken friends ever again.

Yankity Spankity

Ok. So. I literally have no excuse for this other than the original post made me laugh so hard and my dear friend @thehexperiment is an enabler and wonderful beta. This is like, the shhitpost-iest thing I’ve ever written, and lordy, was it fun but difficult. It was inspired by a zodiac post about which line from 50 Shades you are, and I thought one sounded very nalu-esq, and then another, and another, and it turned into a challenge, I guess? So all of the following phrases can be found in this… whatever it is lol. 

Post link: http://waterjugs.tumblr.com/post/150060277835/the-signs-as-50-shades-of-grey-quotes

Lucy gets handcuffed to a street meter and let’s be real, it’s only an average day when you’re dating Natsu Dragneel in NYC. Did she mention he was a cop?

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 4148

Rating: T

Part: One Shot

Natsu was so dead.

Like, ‘Lucy would have to call Juvia and Levy to help her bury the remains of his stupidly perfect body’ dead.

“Natsu Dragneel!” Lucy screamed, metallic clacks urging on her rage as the handcuff banged around the metal of the street meter. “You get your stupid ass back here or so help me God!” She continued to screech at his retreating back. She watched as he ran faster, and blew her an apologetic kiss as he rounded a corner.

Lucy released a loud noise of anger directed at the sky. A small child looked at her with worried eyes before their mother tugged them along sharply, tapping away on her phone urgently with one hand. Lucy’s love-hate relationship with New York was leaning more into the hate aspect right now.

“Bye.” She muttered to herself, mocking Natsu’s departing squeak. “What the hell do I say to my boss. ‘Hi, sorry my piece is late, my boyfriend gently handcuffed me to a street meter and then said ‘bye’.’” Lucy hissed to herself, tugging futilely on the metal encircling her one wrist. “He’s so not getting laid for a fucking week.”

Lucy toed her bag closer, the large tote tipping on it’s side and spilling her phone onto the sidewalk, along with a tube of lip gloss, several pens, and a dog eared paperback. She bent down with a sigh, trying to kick her contents back into the canvas bag after she had retrieved her phone. She glared dangerously as she noticed a young man with blonde hair eyeing her purse, nodding to herself as she watched him shrug deeper into his grey hoodie and scurry away.

“Levy, I need you to come to the corner of twelfth and twentieth. And bring Gajeel’s spare handcuff key.” Lucy sighed heavier as she heard her friend’s baffled voice turn amused.

“Why? What did Natsu do now?”


“Your boyfriend’s an idiot.” Levy chirped, background noise alerting Lucy to Levy leaving her apartment.

“You don’t know the half of it Lev,” Lucy whined, frowning as she shuffled her bag securely between her ankles, and safely protected from more threatening and broke twenty somethings. “When I woke up from a nap two days ago Natsu had managed to somehow get an orange in my mouth. A whole orange! I still don’t know how.” Lucy groaned under her breath and let her head fall forward to rest on the top of the parking meter she was now leaning on.

“… Was it a small orange?”

“Levy Ashley Mae McGarden you swore to me you would never bring that up!” Lucy banged her forehead on the unyielding metal. Her handcuffed clanked in sympathy.

“I don’t know what you mean, Lucy.” Levy hummed innocently.

“I was drunk off of that contraband vodka Cana brought us.” Lucy defended weakly. “I don’t even remember it.”

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AN: I found this little piece I wrote up and thought I’d post for you guys.

“Stop!” You screamed, clutching your leg as it tingled violently. You glared at Dean as he laughed at your outburst. Unfortunately for you, your leg had fallen asleep a few minutes ago and you were hoping that it would go unnoticed by the mischievous Winchester, but he quickly picked up on your unusual stiffness and gave your leg a push.

“Don’t be a baby, (Y/n).” Dean snickered, tapping your leg again. You growled before doing your best to thrust yourself out of your seat. The goal was to tackle that arrogant bastard to the ground, but of course, this didn’t go in your favor. You laid flat on the floor as Dean burst into laughter, and your leg felt like it was buzzing with pain. “You’re an even bigger loser than I thought!” Dean almost yelled, he was laughing so hard.

“Shut up..” You murmured into the carpet. The pain stopped in your leg and was replaced by throbbing. At least you were able to move now.

Belated birthday gift for Mica

Belated birthday gift @thesilentwatcher

Here’s a tiny drabble for you. I know you love Royai and you’ve posted a bit of Yuri On Ice, so I thought you might enjoy a FMA-Yuri on Ice fusion. Well I hope you do.


Arm in arm, the boy and girl enter the ice rink, school bags and homework forgotten in the locker room. It would mean a rush later that evening, but Roy would not swop this routine for anything.

He turns to the girl. “Someday, Riza, we’re going to be the best pair skaters in the world.”

She laughs and throws her head back. “I like your enthusiasm.”

“Aunt Chris says you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

She smiles and he knows he is smiling just as hard.

This how it is meant to be, he thinks, Riza and Roy against the world.

She shakes her head and turns around. “Come on, let’s warm up before the coach comes.”

He remembers when he was lost and sad. Before the ice. Before Riza. New to the country and living with an aunt he barely remembered from his previous life, he was lonely. Chris tried her best back then, but she was new to parenting and drowning in grief herself.

There were whispers about the new boy who looked different. He stood out with his dark hair and dark eyes. He kept his head in his lessons until a kind girl befriended him and everything changed. He started to smile again. He woke up looking forward to school.

It was her birthday party when he first learned how to skate. He fell, and he fell, but he got up and tried again. Riza smiled and he wanted to make her happy, so he kept on going. He realised he was good at it and he grew in confidence.

He was a different person on ice; he wanted to bring that Roy Mustang off the ice. It was easy when girls asked him about his medals and his jumps to pretend to be Roy, the skater. Roy,the boy, was far less confident. Still, there was only one girl he really wanted to impress. His partner and best friend.

There is something about the ice - something freeing and inspiring, and he feels like he can finally make something of himself. And, if he has Riza by his side, he can do anything.


if anyone ever asked me why im falling so hard for you i would say it is your smile, your hands, and oh god that face.
those eyes of yours transport me to another place.
tall body
broad shoulders
its a sight to beholder.
the way we argue in verse is something that cant be rehearsed.​ it all comes naturally with us, my feelings for you go far beyond lust.
We argue like we’re married,
fight like we’re children, and
look at eachother like we’re in love,
you seem to fit me like a glove.
we laugh like old friends,
acting like i dont enjoy it is something i cant pretend.
every litte thing you do makes me swoon. you look at me and i melt, you touch me and im flustered, we talk and im whole, and when you smile its like im gazing at gold.
youre my 10:15 wishes,
11:00pm dreams,
my 3:am thoughts
you drive me crazy, im ripping at my seams.
there are thoughts of you i wanna pursue,
but im holding back until you want me to.
—  M.S

please consider: the warden complains about their muscles being sore and mentions really needing a hot bath. Zevran, the little shit that he is, is like “don’t worry, amore, I’ll draw you a bath” which he actually does, but doesn’t tell them so until after he hands them a literal drawing of a bathtub. 

anonymous asked:

It seems you hate greeny with a passion. That's understandable, everyone has their reasons. Have you thought of blocking, reporting & ignoring? Greeny only bother you if you cause trouble for her, and the people commenting on the post are criticizing your call-out. Because apology, to me it looks like you want attention and use her as topic for your friends to laugh over rather than actually calling her out. It would be much better for you to eliminate her from your mind and life.

Okay so. One of the reasons I actually started this discourse in the first place was specifically to get anon hate. It’s been awhile and I thought it would be funny to get people all riled up. I also had heard a lot of bad things about her in the past and wanted to see how hard it would be to get her to block me. I literally went into this with the goal being to get her to block me and to get anon hate. That’s just me being kinda a shitty person I guess.

Then I actually looked at her blog and realized how big of a piece of shit she actually is. Her viewpoints are atrocious and she clearly has way too much time on her hands if she feels the need to report people calling her a bitch on tumblr dot com to the tumblr staff which quite frankly is probably not going to do anything.

So, to answer your question, blocking and ignoring her was never something I intended to do. It would be too easy. Now, I would block her if it wasn’t so easy and fun to make fun of her. Maybe I do need to find something else to do with my free time but it’s honestly really entertaining for me to see people make fools out of themselves.

Okay so Jaspertale

I had some thoughts, that which i find fucking hilarious so imma try to share them here as best i can, for shits and giggles.
So in Undertale a monster pulls the protagonists “soul” into a “fight” and in the AU Jaspertale, Jasper from Steven Universe is the protagonist. This begs the question of if gems technically have souls. Soul is defined by Flowey from Undertale as “the very culmination of your being”. And what is the very culmination of a gems being? Her gem. So what would happen if a monster tried to pull Jasper’s “soul” into a fight? My thought was that, since a gem’s body is an illusion made of magic and light, if any monster tried pulling Jasper’s “soul” into a fight it would cause Jasper to automatically be poofed. 

Levihan Week – Day 5 – Blue

  In the middle of the afternoon, Levi is walking in the park calmly seeing the view of the nature. A beautiful blue sky is shining as his gray eyes reflect the same color. Kids are running and laughing all the way as birds of different colors fly and couples sit together talking about their daily lives. 

  Just as Levi thought he would have a quiet walk alone, he hears the distinguishable “YAHOOOO” coming at his direction.

  “Leviiiiii look what I found!!!” 

  He turns around and sees his best friend running at his way carrying something between her hands and he notices that she is all dirty with what he assumes is blue ink.

  Hange is always like that. Exploring the world around her with all the curiosity and eccentricity that she emanates everywhere she goes. Although her messiness, he really admires her intelligence and seeing her huge grin and sparkle eyes behind those big glasses makes he think that she is kind of cute. But of course he doesn’t say any of that.

  “You are filth”

  “Aw don’t be such a grumpy, I came here to show you this beautiful little thing”

  Levi looked at her hands and was surprised to see a big blue butterfly in her palm. 

  “I found it as I was walking home from school today and decided to observe and make some drawings of this little guy, but I made the ink drop all over my room and over myself haha”  

  “And why the hell didn’t you clean yourself before coming here and running like an idiot with this blue thing in your hand, shitty glasses?”

  They know each other since they were very young, so she is never taken back by his cold personality. She knows that even if his words come harsh he doesn’t mean any of it and she can see behind his stoic shell how caring he is. 

  For this reason she smiles at him with her big blue grin and they keep staring at each other for a long time. 

  “You are unbelievable”  

  Her grin becomes even bigger and he can’t help it but smile a little at how she never feels intimidated by him like most people do.

  They sit in a grass full of blue flowers.

  As people walk near them, most of them wonder if they are a couple. Honestly, they pass all the time together and talk in such an intimacy with each other that most people think they are a couple. 

  But maybe they really are. The feelings that come when they are passing time with each other are beyond just friendship. It’s a strange yet special feeling that makes them always search for one another. But still, they aren’t aware of what those feelings mean. 

  They are thirteen and dumb.

  As he looks at her carefully observing her new specie and still all covered in blue ink, he thinks that even if they are surrounded by all this stunning blue view, the sky, the flowers, the butterfly, he cannot deny that her messy blue is truly the most beautiful he has ever seen.

what it’s like having OCD (my experience)

Woah. Buckle your seatbelts. This post can end very badly, but who the fuck cares? I thought I should share my experience. 

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with OCD. My mother didn’t believe it. She laughed and said “But how? You’re really messy and disorganized.” I never have face palmed so hard in my life. 

I don’t know how long I’ve experienced symptoms. I guess I just never noticed. I just assumed, like most things that happen to me, that everyone does the same. 

I think the worst part about having OCD is the fact nobody even tries to understand it. 

I went to an therapeutic school and honestly I think that was the worst. You would think people would try and understand. NOPE! When I get very depressed or suicidal, that’s when it gets worse. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

Do you know what it feels like to me when I arrange something and somebody purposely comes and messes up what I did and laughs in my face and tells me to grow up? Especially someone who considers themselves close to me? 

It feels like you just said “Fuck you and fuck your problems. I think you’re fucking pathetic and weak. Just grow a fucken spine and suck it up princess.” 

Thanks asswipe. NEWS FLASH! IT’S NOT FUCKEN FUNNY! I’m doing this because I feel out of control and I need to channel myself somewhere. I don’t give two shits if you don’t understand why I need to have my crayons alined. You don’t understand how frustrating it was to arrange them especially since crayons are annoying because the names of the colors don’t match the colors of the crayon (the word orange isn’t orange in my head. each word to me has it’s own color and texture), they aren’t the same length and the color wheel ugh! 

So friends I leave you with this. Whenever you come across a person you know has OCD, please don’t be a terrible human being and try to “correct” their OCD or “train them not to have OCD”. For me it makes me not want to trust you anymore. 

Mental illness is real. It happens. Don’t be an asswipe. Respect people. 

Xiaolin Showdown + Things I've done
  • Omi: Accidentally drove 20 minutes out of town because "I know how to get there I don't need the gps"
  • Kimiko: Thought I saw someone in my room, punched them, then found out it was my reflection and I broke my mirror
  • Clay: Thought Wu Tang Clan and Blue Oyster Cult were the same band for 15 years
  • Raimundo: Laughed so hard while eating Cheddar Bay Biscuits that I threw up in the middle of Red Lobster
  • Jack: Been so afraid of a monster hiding under my bed that I went and hid under my bed so a monster couldn't get there without me knowing. At which point I became afraid there was a monster sitting on my bed.
  • Chase: Cried because the little girl on TV wasn't as pretty as me so I deserved to be on TV not her
  • Wuya: Skipped a class so I would have time to do my makeup.
  • Hannibal: Rubbed dirt in my own face so that I could blame a boy I hated for it and he would get in trouble.
  • Dojo: Ate salt. Just raw salt out of a salt shaker. I poured it into my hand and ate it.
  • Dashi: Convinced multiple people my house was haunted so that they'd stop asking to come over