but I just can't help it .

I spent all day trying to write something and I have nothing to show for it. So horribly frustrating. There is a ball of SuperCat fire sitting inside me and I have tried everything to get it to come out today and it just won’t. It is physically uncomfortable. Hopefully I can get something written for the holidays.

((Having a bad day it seems…the medication I’ve been taking for the infection after my surgery is making me feel really nauseaus and nothing seems to be helping. Gotta take 13 tablets a day at the moment and still stuck in bed and in pain. Sorry to moan, please someone send me something to cheer me up….I’m having RP withdrawals but in no fit state to even try and I hate my muse being so inactive, all of this really sucks.))

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We’ve got nothing to hide. We don’t hide behind an anonymous hate blog to spill “tea” for the sake of trying to show your obsession with “people you don’t care about” with “2 active members”. You only have some bitter anons and selfies that you are using to hurt people.

I’ll just re-watch the teaser for “Wonderland” for the 18th time today and help plan our fan event for Christmas.

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ok so ive never actually heard the 4kids opening before, but i looked it up after a few posts about it, and I'm just?? "chopper is doctoring"??? Where is usopp??? Zolo??? Who sat down and thought "ah yes, this will help connect with the young'uns who like pirates"? I didn't understand 4kids before, but now I just have so? many? questions???

THE 4KIDS OPENING IS SO GOOD……my favorite thing to do is try to imagine how they would’ve added the other characters to the opening after “chopper’s doctoring”, like….franky’s shipbuilding??  robin’s….archaeologist-ing???  brook’s singing???

also why is “lady” spelled out before nami’s name loll (i think that’s what they’re spelling???) poor nami, everyone else gets their role/fighting style listed but all nami gets is that she’s a lady and she’s not shy, nothing about the fact that she’s, you know, THE NAVIGATOR

hey guys can I get some positive vibes sent my way? I have an appointment with a new clinic to see about going on T and I’m high-key freaking out (bc it’s a new place that I’ve never been to before, and I pissed off f-sp last night so I might be going alone, and I have a pre-existing medical condition so I’m very very afraid that I’ll just be told they can’t help me).

can you just like this post if you read? I just need a little validation/support rn…

    '' Tea Party ''

there will be people who use you. they are good at getting close so you care about them. when they see your scars, they’ll flash their own. you will feel kin to them. you know what it is to struggle with things.

and at first you think: they’ll help me if i help them.

but it doesn’t happen. you love them deeply so you always pick up the phone. it doesn’t matter that you have a test the next day or that you’re going through things of your own. you support them.

they are good at pretend. they will play like they are your friend, so you endlessly give to them. after a while you realize: it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, some more pressing emergency is always happening to them. it is a hard thing to recognize, because you don’t want people to hurt like you do. 

i have a friend who never asks me if i’’m okay. she only ever texts me to tell me she wants to die, but never goes to therapy or does any of the things i tell her to do to help herself. once when i came back from my grandfather’s funeral she demanded to know why i’d been gone, and when i explained, she said that without me, she’d almost passed out of this world. i had to lay down on the floor; nothing made sense anymore. i want her to get better. i want to help.

but there are people out there who will use you. who don’t care about getting better, they care about you giving up your time, your effort, your everything. until you are drained of it. i don’t mean those who give back, who will gladly do anything for you, who you know you can trust. who you don’t mind giving up the test for, because you know they’d do the same in a similar spot.

i mean those who don’t know you. who pretend that they care about you but are using your empathy as a sore spot. who take more than they need. who demand your attention all of the time but don’t care if you bleed.