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No worries on the wingless AU ( inspiration is better whwn it comes naturally. I dont mind the Keith centric story 😄😊). If you can, instead, Lance plus Amnesia.

You just love the angst, dont cha buddy?

There are three words that will make Keith’s heart to skip a beat, everytime without fail. Three words that would be either be: mumbled, shouted or whispered against his skin and lips.

Three words that would be full of fondness, love, and promise.

“Who are you?”

These are not them.

Keith’s heart doesn’t do its common flustered beat. It stop, abruptly, setting a sharp cold stone on his stomach and then he feels a hollow feeling inside him when those blue eyes, that once held so many memories and love, stare at him blankly, a faint curious but defensive edge on them.

“You’re kidding, right?” Keith breaths out, eyes wide and blinking in astonishment because this has to be a joke, because there’s no way -

“I’m…I’m sorry? I don’t know who you are,” Lance says, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion before wincing and rubbing his temple, a small whine leaving his lips that makes Keith to almost launch himself towards the injured brunet but Hunk’s by his side before he can even take a step.

“Easy, buddy, you just woke up, it’s okay,” Hunk mumbles quietly, hand rubbing small circles on the Blue Paladin’s back before looking back at Keith, eyes apologetic and sad.

Keith doesn’t want sympathy, he doesn’t need it; what he needs is to know why his boyfriend doesn’t know who he is.

“Lance - “ Keith tries again, because he has to; he needs to try again but the brunet’s response in to flinch away, pressing himself closer to Hunk’s side and Keith’s heart breaks at the sight.

He doesn’t even notice the worry glance Allura and Coran send his way as Shiro drags him away silently. He doesn’t hear Pidge’s soft mumbles as she tries to comfort Lance along with Hunk but he does hear Lance’s voice, he hears his confusion and distress.

It takes him a while to hear anything else, even after the infirmary’s doors close shut in front of him. Keith can only stare wide eyed at the white doors, hands twitching, not sure of what to do with them; trying to reach out for something familiar that he can’t have anymore.

Keith doesn’t notice the tears running down his cheeks until Shiro’s holding his face carefully and wiping them away, a deep concerned gaze piercing through Keith’s heart and it’s then when Keith’s brain finally clicks and then he’s falling.

He tries to follow Shiro’s indications, he tries to copy his brother’s breathing, but it’s no use because there’s a heavy lump in his throat and there’s not enough air.

“Keith, buddy, you gotta breath with me, please,” Shiro says above him, his arms around Keith’s lean frame tightening protectively, “Come on, Keith, slow and steady, follow my lead.”

‘Come on, amor, you’re not going to cradle me in your arms?’ Lance’s voice echoes inside his head, tuning out Shiro almost instantly and Keith’s heart is a mess, ‘I thought we bonded.’

God, bring him back.

‘Okay, but one time I forget our moment and you never let me live it down,’ Lance scoffs, voice teasing and playful echoing in his mind, ‘One of these days, Kogane, you will regret that!’

Please, bring him back.

‘You’re lucky I love you,’ Lance’s voice full of tenderness and fondness echoes and it’s too much for Keith but it’s the only thing he has left to hold on to.

“Bring him back,” Keith whispers, voice muffled and wet against Shiro’s chest, “B-bring him back.”

He gets no answers, but there’s no need for one. He knows he’s praying to dead stars.

50 Things I’m Convinced Tay & Joe Do - Baby Edition 

1. Taylor smirking at Joe who claims that the air in the doctor’s room is dry which is the reason why his eyes are watering right after they found out that they’re having a girl.
2. Joe’s protective hand constantly reaching for her belly at night whenever she’s changing her sleeping position.
3. Joe opening his Christmas gift from her that was casually placed under the Christmas tree and him becoming incredibly emotional in front of both of their families because inside the little box, there is a positive pregnancy test.
4. Taylor and Joe only telling their families and closest friends about her pregnancy at first because Taylor’s too scared to miscarry.
5. Joe replacing all Nespresso capsules in their houses with decaf capsules because he knows how hard it is for her to waive proper coffee.
6. Taylor developing a weird disgust towards roasted meat yet always attends dinner at Joe’s family and eats the Sunday roast even if most of it lands in the toilet just minutes after they get home.
7. Joe always telling Tay that his mum won’t be mad if she’d tell her about her meat related nausea but Taylor still swallows the food anyway.
8. Joe being overprotective, especially on these days when she’s not feeling well and he’s gone for work. So as soon as she doesn’t pick up her phone for a couple of minutes, he’d immediately call Andrea who then has to calm him down with a soft laugh and a gentle “both of your girls are alright, honey. She’s watching TV with me and her phone’s in the kitchen, so don’t worry.” while Taylor would roll her eyes at his protective behavior but deep down knows how incredibly thankful she is for it.
9. Scott always teasing Joe with referring to him as “Daddy over there wants some more potatoes, Andrea” or greeting Joe with “Hi Daddy, how’s it going?” whenever they see each other.
10. Taylor trying to convince him that their daughter needs to have an old classic and British name such as “Hazel” or “Eleanor” and Joe reminding her that she’s giving birth to a baby, not an old lady.
11. Taylor feeling incredibly maternal at the end of the second trimester and most of the time falling asleep with a pull string musical crib toy on her belly that plays one of her songs (a gift from her fans, of course).
12. Joe spending at least half an hour cuddled up to her belly and talking to the baby after not having seen Taylor for a couple of days, always kissing the round belly and telling her how sad he is sometimes because Taylor gets to carry the baby around and feel her all day, but he can’t.
13. Taylor and Joe constantly fighting about her wanting to wear heels tonight, and him getting angry because she could trip and fall.
14. Taylor being mad at him for an entire day because she thinks that he thinks that she’s too stupid to walk on high heels for the length of one evening.
15. Joe figuring out that the only way to deal with her current hormones is to always give in and let her know how sorry he is and how right she was.
16. Joe constantly finding her asleep at the weirdest places in the house. Once on a stool with head on the kitchen isle, once on the floor in her walk- in closet.
17. Taylor feeling like a teenager again because she finds herself crying so often whenever he’s gone filming for a couple of days and she misses him badly.
18. Taylor being mocked by everyone in her family because she developed the habit to “free the bump” whenever she’s sitting on the patio and a ray of sunshine is crossing the sky. “The baby needs Vitamine D, guys. Shut up.” she’d say, enjoying the warmth on her belly.
19. Joe volunteering in applying cream on her belly to prevent stretch marks every night.
20. Taylor having an increased need for sex in the first months and Joe teasing her with it as much as he can, smirking and mumbling a casual “got it out of your system, love? If yes could you please move a bit so I can watch the rest of this movie? Thank you.” after she just came down from the fifth orgasm that day, sitting on his lap and distracting him from watching a movie on the couch in the living room.
21. “So rude.” she’d mumble and receive a mischievous laugh from him before cuddling up in his arms again.
22. Joe’s standard joke being “I mean, I was in the room when the baby was conceived to I might as well be in the room when the baby’s delivered” whenever he’s asked wether he’ll be in the delivery room or not and Taylor rolling her eyes every single time, “He thinks he’s so funny, it’s incredible.”
23. Joe having the shock of his life when Taylor fainted a couple of times during the first weeks of pregnancy because of low blood pressure, which is absolutely normal yet scared the shit out of him.
24. Joe literally calling her every two hours to remind her to drink water and eat something when she’s at a meeting because he knows that she forgets.
25. Joe literally going nuts after some online magazine releases an article calling Taylor “huge and lazy” because she apparently doesn’t work out enough during pregnancy which results in him wanting to sue the media outlet but Taylor calming him down because she doesn’t give a fuck about this kind of stuff anymore.
26. Taylor feeling her baby kick for the first time when they’re at dinner with her parents and Joe really trying not to be too emotional and become a cry- baby but keeping his hand on her belly for what feels like the entire evening.
27. Taylor craving nachos with whip cream on top.
28. Taylor sitting on the examination couch while waiting for her doctor, trying her best to bat Joe’s hands away from the model of a fetus in a womb: “Stop touching it. You’ll break it!” When the small plastic baby pops out of the fake uterus and onto the floor, Joe’s eyes grow wide and she just rolls her eyes while watching him hysterically trying to put the model back together again before the doctor enters the room.
29. Joe thanking her for carrying his baby and giving him his own little family whenever they both lay awake at night, but the pleasure is all hers.
30. Taylor hiding her big bump and boobs under oversized sweaters because she’s insecure about her physical changes.
31. Joe being well aware of her insecurities which makes him comment things like “you’re so stunning, baby. Is that shirt new?” or “you look gorgeous this morning, how’d you sleep?”.
32. Joe noticing how motherly Taylor has become because of all the hormones in her body. So every time Patrick is joining them on a winter walk she’d remind the boy to fix his scarf because „it’s colder than you think“ and every time Patrick has a cold she’d cook him a chicken soup, even If he didn’t ask for it which is why Joe and him can’t help but tease her constantly by calling her ‚mummy‘.
33. Taylor being embarrassed as hell for an entire week because her morning sickness was really bad while she and Joe were stuck in traffic and she had to throw up in a plastic bag after mumbling “I don’t want it to happen, I don’t want it to happen” while sitting next to him which resulted in her having vomit in her hair while crying and him calming her with a hand on her leg: “s’ fine, baby. C'mon. Just glad you feel better now.”
34. Joe’s mum bursting out to tears as she opens her birthday present and finds an ultrasound scan, which automatically makes Tay emotional as well while hugging his mum for more than five minutes straight.
35. Taylor often having trouble sleeping because she either struggles with immense nausea or her baby being super active.
36. Joe not hesitating to rub her naked tummy for almost an hour when she’s feeling super sick and can’t fall asleep while whispering in her ear how much he loves her and how happy he is with her in his life.
37. Joe waking up one night with tears in his eyes because in his dreams he was holding his baby in his arms and he could see what she looks like and smell her and hear her laugh and everything felt so real, which was the most amazing feeling he has ever felt.
38. Joe noticing how Taylor craves his closeness even more since she’s pregnant which is why he pulls her into a long hug as often as he can or kisses her forehead more often.
39. Taylor showing literally everyone she knows her new “trick” that is placing objects on her huge belly like a tray.
40. Joe counting all ten toes and all ten fingers on the baby, first thing: “just want to make sure you’ll be able to write some songs. Or make action movies..“ he’d mumble towards the baby, making Taylor laugh from afar.
41. Baby Alwyn- Swift having all of Taylor’s features, blonde curls included, but Joe’s lips and his rather introvert personality.
42. Joe holding the baby in front of Taylor’s tummy and mumbling a sleepy “we’ll have to put you back in there again if you don’t sleep, love. m’ warning you. The nights were a lot quieter with you in there.” which makes Taylor laugh and the baby stare at him confused before receiving a laugh and a small kiss from her dad.
43. Taylor announcing the birth of her baby on Instagram with posting a black and white photo of Joe kissing tiny baby feet and the caption “Never felt so blessed in my life. Thanks for all the congratulations and kind messages.”
44. Joe pretending to eat the baby’s foot or hand which always makes the little one laugh and Taylor as well.
45. Taylor posting a boomerang on Instagram for fathers day that shows Joe blowing raspberries on the baby’s stomach with a smile on his face and captioning it with “you have changed my heart forever. Happy Father’s Day.”
46. Joe already spoiling his little girl when she’s just a little toddler and Taylor really not liking it: “He can’t say no. Never. Now she’s just a baby but if he keeps that up our child will be a spoilt rat in a few years” she’d complain to her mom.
47. Joe surprising Taylor with a vacation to the Bahamas because the baby hasn’t been sleeping at all in weeks and they both wander around like ghosts all day long which is why they both urgently need some relaxation away from London and Nashville.
48. Joe realizing that his baby daughter has a miniature version of his lips which is why he always holds her tiny face right next to his for comparison when they’re with friends and family.
49. Joe giving the newborn on his arm a tour around their house when both of their parents came over for a first visit at home. He’d stop with her on his arms in the bedroom and mumble “..and this is where you were made, my love” which results in her family’s laughter and an embarrassed Taylor yelling “oh my god, Joseph. You are unbelievable.”
50. Joe teaching his little girl how to give kisses and always claps his hands to cheer on her whenever her lips made the right move to meet his. After some time, the baby girl loves to give her daddy wet kisses and afterwards automatically claps her little hands as well which makes Joe and Taylor burst out in laughter every time.

Through Glory’s Rise and Grace’s Fall

Fenris/f!Hawke, 4113 words, sfw. Hawke tries to make up for her failures by staying in Kirkwall in the wake of the Chantry explosion, but soon comes to realise that she will be of more help by leaving the city altogether. At least she doesn’t have to be on her own. 

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Words never bothered her before.

Apostate. Refugee. Basra. Shem. Bitch—usually in combination with “Fereldan” or “dog lord,” as if that made it clever.

Words never bothered her—and she’s been called many—until Kirkwall snatches the title it bestowed upon her and spits it back in her face.

Thanks for nothing, Champion.

Void take you, Champion.

Shove your help, Champion.

Funny how that works. Save a bunch of plump nobles from the big bad oxmen and you get a title and a medal, but keep a towerful of mages from getting slaughtered by their gaolers for a crime they didn’t even commit, and Kirkwall retracts its favour at head-spinning speed.

It was home, once. The mages she frees aren’t stupid enough to stay, but she does—tries to put the city back together as she did her mother’s favoured tea plate as a girl, though her hands were always more suited to breaking things than mending them. Some glue and a bit of magic made the plate serviceable again, but all she could ever see thereafter were the cracks, the split second when the porcelain slipped out of her fingers to shatter at her feet. All she sees now is the red hue of the blast, seared in shades of blue on the inside of her eyelids.

Never again will Kirkwall be the same. Never will it be more than the collection of its scars, a grim reminder of her failure, a pretty plate lost to a girl’s carelessness. At once she knew it, standing there with her heart about to fall out of her chest: the same terrible certainty that dawned on her when the darkspawn horde rose on the horizon of Lothering like a black sun, the sort of soul-rending moment that one ought to suffer only once in a lifetime, if at all.

Her second home, lost—and the second home she lost, too.

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Reminder Ficlet

Our cute little Halloween even is in 2 weeks! You can find the post HERE We can’t wait to see everyone’s adorable/spooky entries!

Kolivan watched Lance work; it was always impressive to see. Not because Lance working was rare, but because of how focused Lance would become on his project. This time was no different.

Currently Lance was hunched over his work table. A variety of cloths and fabrics littered the space. This was the third day in a row that Kolivan had found Lance’s desk, and consequently Lance, in this position.

Kolivan walked over to Lance’s space, setting a mug of hot chocolate down beside the other. Lance startled, nearly piercing himself with a needle.

Kolivan gave him a sympathetic smile. “I didn’t mean to startle you, Starlight.”

“It’s alright, love.” Lance leaned back in his chair, stretching. “How long have I been working?”

“A few hours,” Kolivan replied, rubbing gently at Lance’s shoulders. “Are you almost done?”

Lance tilted his head back with a grin, “Yeah! Our costumes are going to be the best ever! Everyone’s going to be jealous.”

“Don’t tire yourself out,” Kolivan said with a chuckle. “We still have two weeks until the party.”

“I know,” Lance looked down at his work with a small smile, “I just want this to be great.”

Kolivan leaned down, placing a kiss onto Lance’s forehead. “It will be, Starlight. I know it will.”

REMINDER: Our cute little Halloween even is in 2 weeks! You can find the post HERE We can’t wait to see everyone’s adorable/spooky entries!