but I have a lot feelings about this show

  • me:i like that Soul Eater showed two protagonists in a deep and meaningful relationship without necessarily making it romantic. i feel like a lot of works shoehorn romance in clumsily to check off a box but Soul Eater showed Soul and Maka caring deeply about each other without having them get together romantically in the end.
  • also me:...i'm still gonna ship em though. i'm still gonna ship em

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Okay so my girlfriend is a virgin and I want to make everything as special as possible for he first time. I mean ive heard the rose petals, candles, and dinner gist but do you have any other possible ideas? sorry if its a weird question

I mean, I think honestly you need to make sure that’s something that she wants. Not everyone wants candles and rose petals and a dinner. That can be way too much for a lot of people and just leave them feeling incredibly uncomfortable, which is not a feeling you want to be exacerbating during someone’s first time. Have a conversation about what she wants from her first time, if she wants to be full on cliche romanced that’s great, do the rose petals, the candles, the dinner, throw on some romantic music, buy her a nice present to show her how much she means to you, go for it; but it’s just as likely that she’ll want something lowkey and/or spontaneous. What makes it special is the person you’re with, nothing else.

My first time was special completely because of the person, I wouldn’t change my first time for anything, you know when it was? Outside at a Classic and Contemporary Broadway and West End workshop we were both in, at lunchtime on a Wednesday. It was quick, and verging on public, and arguably not special. But I loved who I was with, it was my first love, it was both our first time, and it’s perfect to me. I think if someone had done the whole rose petal thing with me if I’d have walked the hell out haha. Just make sure it’s what she wants, not just what you think she should want based on stereotypes of first times.

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you?? eat paper too? i always thought i was alone oh my god

i think paper is a fairly common inedible thing people eat! (usually people just dont like talking about it) pica is an eating disorder that makes people crave inedible things (a shit ton of people on my strange addiction prob have pica. half the show is about people who eat strange stuff a bunch) while i dont really have pica level cravings so i dont claim to have it, i do tend to indulge myself occasionally. lots of people eat paper and you shouldnt feel alone friend

I feel like collectively we need to have more discussions about how Scott is mentally ill. Just because I feel like he gets a lot of flak for showing symptoms of varying things and it feels kind of unfair.

Like from being dependent on people to pushing them away and showing levels of emotion that are somehow never appropriate whichever way he shows them, whether he shows emotions or not, to his over-perfectionism to having hallucinations, a lot of things are because he’s mentally ill tbh.

I’ve been going through shows, trying to find one I like enough to keep going. I finished Scorpion (I have about 6,000 criticisms, #1 being the way everyone enjoys telling, or rather ordering Paige how to raise her own son). I finished Jessica Jones and liked it a lot. I started Friday Night Lights and am enjoying it so far but I’m watching only a few episodes per week and I really need something else to watch at the same time. 

Sigh. I feel like I’ve watched every show in existence and won’t be able to find another one that I like. 

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👎💢💙 for the ship meme

Ship that you can never see happening: 👎

SHOW YOU WANT ME TO THINK THAT GARAK/ZIYAL COULD EVER POSSIBLY HAPPEN BUT I’M SORRY GARAK AIN’T GONNA GO FOR IT.  I talk about bouncing of Kira/Odo but that is nothing compared to how hard I bounced off of Garak/Ziyal hints.  It helps that Robinson played Garak as utterly terrified of her having feelings for him in every way and did not show so much as an ounce of reciprocation.

Ship that is most misunderstood: 💢

My possibly actually controversial opinion… I do ship Garashir but don’t read mostof the fanfiction for it because not a lot of it really strikes me for the characters.  Like, for one, really dominant Garak is super popular but doesn’t really click with me at all personally.

Like, he dominates conversations as a habit, but that is very much part of his facade and his public face.  Which has very little to do with what his actual self is.  I think dom/sub games would be too much of a link to his past, where he had to stay on top of a dozen games at once, not to mention rank on Cardassia is hardcore ingrained.  So I just think that his and Julian’s dynamic in bed would be very different from what most fic of them shows.  

Besides, his flirtations with Julian are all really seductive teases meant to entice him into a verbal chase and I think that’s really fun but haven’t been able to find much of it before I got tired of combing through the HEAPS of fic for it.

Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙


I still even like Tavros/Gamzee from my Homestuck days okay, I don’t let go ever.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:i can't believe people actually ship nancy with jonathan, because that completely goes against what the writers are trying to do. they set up your basic trope: good girl is trying to be #edgy and is dating your stereotypical "bad boy", and then this "nice guy" comes along and pays attention to her. listen, jonathan is great and all, but i don't trust pretentious creeps that like to take pictures of girls making out with their boyfriends in privacy without anyone's permission. jonathan also tried to put nancy in this box. "you were trying to be someone else." the writers totally destroyed the idea of nancy simply being that straight A student that wants to rebel. she's not dating steve, or drinking, or shooting guns because she thinks she's being "different". she's doing those things because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. you can get straight A's and want to do well in school while also partying and dating a hunk. speaking of the hunk, steve is actually wayyy better for her than jonathan (i mean i'd be happy if nancy decided not to be with anyone but let's be real i'm a total stevexnancy person) and here's why: he paid attention to her, like really noticed things about her. he didn't make fun of who she was in a condescending way, and he also supports her. like, yes, he's problematic in that he has shitty friends and horrible parents (from what we've heard) and while his initial decisions are rude and selfish, he becomes self-aware and tries to make it up to people. i.e., going to jonathan's to try and apologize and buying him a new camera, or coming to nancy to tell her he confessed to the police even though it got him in trouble, or telling his friends where to stick it and then going to help wash off the graffiti. in short, jonathan romanticized this version of nancy that wasn't really all of who she was and people paint him to be this great guy (would you trust a guy that took pictures of you without you knowing, and then only feeling guilty once you found out?) and steve is this beautiful work in progress that wants to understand how nancy works as a person. so basically the fact that the writers didn't leave nancy with jonathan means that they destroyed that basic story line where the "nice girl" leaves the "bad boy" for the "nice guy" and they did it in the best way possible without completely bashing any one character and i just really love this show.
Clexa Rikleimt

Good morning/afternoon/evening Clexakru,

Aren’t you tired of always feeling bad about all the DAMN wasted potential of that show? All the things that COULD have been?

We can make them happen.

We’re going to retcon season 3. I’ve seen so many head canons and ideas that would have worked way better than the disaster that was this season, so we’re going to rectify what Jason did and rewrite the story. Together. Every single one of you can contribute.

There’s a lot of talent in this fandom, and there’s also a lot of people with ideas about what S3 could have been, what Clexa could have been.

So this is a call to arms – we want everybody. Writers, artists, musicians, cosplayers - a ton of other stuff I’m probably missing. We want to give you a platform to channel your creative energy.

@clexa-affairs and I have been talking for the past few hours and have come up with a fandom project that would essentially harness all the talent and excitement in the fandom to rewrite season 3 as well as whatever goes down in season 4. We’re calling it “Clexa Rikleimt” for now, it roughly translates to “Clexa Reborn.”

Here’s what we’ve planned so far, keep in mind that this project was literally conceived hours ago and this is only a very, very rough plan:

  • A team of writers will work together to rewrite season 3B onwards and our very own S4. Anyone volunteering as a tribute?
  • These “episodes” will be published on a weekly basis.
  • The fandom will actually vote on certain some big stuff, ex. whether you want our S3 to also focus on the ALIE plot or be about a Grounder civil war. We’ll take headcanons in for the writers to play with.
  • Artists would contribute illustrations of key scenes and new characters 

There’s a lot more that can be done too. Music, voice overs, costume designs – we’re essentially creating our own show, so if anybody wants to contribute things like that they are more than welcome to. We want to engage the fandom in as many ways as possible and we want to give you guys something to look forward to.

I know this post is really vague but we wanted to start circulating the idea. Expect more official documents and forms for getting involved soon, in the meantime, feel free to message me or @clexa-affairs if you’re interested.  

For now the best is to do all you can to spread the word about Clexa Rikleimt.

Ask your favorite blog to promote it, ask your favorite writer if they are interested and stay tuned for more details. SOON!

Rikleimt, what that? It’s our own made up Trigedasleng word for ‘reborn’, ‘rebirthed’. By begin reborn you reclaim your place in the on Earth, and we all know Clexa deserves to rule the Earth. We are reclaiming the characters, the show and hopefully bringing them to their full potential which the loo could not see.


You can join us here.

We want to include as many people as possible. Clexakru can make it’s own canon. (We’re that lextra!)

We’re going to retcon season 3 together, as a community!

What we are looking for:

-your creativity

The plan would be to have everyone and anyone to send headcanons to [link will be added tomorrow, details still in progress]. We’ll wait 24 hours for everyone to send their headcanons in, then we’ll group them and make a poll (this fandom loves polls, you know it). The most popular headcanons are going to be passed on to the writers team for them to work magic on them. Tell us all your ideas! We are most likely going to have a theme each day: today’s grounder clans culture, tomorrow’s what trouble will Klork get into again? Sent you own OCs (there’s waaay too little named grounders).


A number of writers will be divided in groups (hope you like working in a team). Each team will be doing one episode/chapter including as much as the general opinion of the fandom as possible. Team dynamics will be settled once we have enough tributes.


As soon as our amazing writers will publish something I challenge every single artists to create something based on it. A drawing, digital art, a video edit, an amazing gifset - anything you can think of!


There are so many things that could be done:

  • spread the word, contact people that would be interested in helping or just ask people to share this post
  • providing fashion references for different Clans/characters (Clarke is the only one who’d wear the same outfit for 3 months)
  • providing images for different landscapes of clans (writers need inspiration, right?)
  • music playlists (we need an amazing soundtrack)
  • fancasting of new characters
  • voiceovers
  • making a logo for Clexa Rikleimt
  • anyone up for a trailer?
  • we can make an audiobook of it even (I’m sure there’s enough voiceporn in this fam)
  • find some fortune-cookie quotes Lexa would say

For as much as I’m in love with Stranger Things and want season 2, like, right now please, there is one this about the show that bothered me: that Lonnie didn’t get eaten by the monsters but Barb did.

From the moment Lonnie appeared on the screen, I wanted him to die, and by all the rules of the horror genre he absolutely should have. Let’s take a look at his introduction alone:

  • Before you ever see him, you learn he called his youngest son homophobic slurs, likely to his face.
  • Your first look at him is literally him lunging at his own son, even though Jonathan announced himself.
  • He backs off, but only after Jonathan successfully pushes him away.
  • He tries to cover being bested with a laugh and a, “You’ve gotten stronger.” And he tries to force a hug.

Originally posted by youremrlebowski-imthedude

Now, add to that he’s not even slightly concerned that his son has been missing and didn’t even bother to return the call informing him of the fact. THEN he uses his inaction to gaslight Joyce. AND THEN he tries to convince Jonathan to move to the city so he can “see him more,” like. This guy is unequivocally an abuser—physically, emotionally, mentally, you name it—and I’m so proud of Joyce for divorcing his sorry ass and of Jonathan for having exactly zero tolerance for his shit and giving Will the tools to protect himself the best he knows how.


Lonnie shows up for Will’s “funeral,” right? He tries to be the consoling and remorseful ex, and Joyce eats it up. Who wouldn’t? Who would be suspicious of someone who just lost his child. Answer: Jonathan. The instant he sees Lonnie sitting next to Joyce, he immediately launches at him. He goes from 0 to 100, ready to fight his dad to keep him away from his mom. It’s Joyce who has to get between them to calm him down—a scene I imagine has played out more times than any of them would care to count. It’s not until Joyce finds the flier for an ambulance-chasing attorney that she realizes the same thing Jonathan did immediately. Lonnie’s there for Lonnie, not Will.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

And bonus: he plans to manipulate a grieving mother into giving him free room and board while he does it.

This guy is an utter piece of shit, but worse, he’s a believable piece of shit. And the writers do nothing to redeem him, bless them.

Lonnie is exactly the sort of character a horror story eats whole and spits out the bones.


Who does it eat instead?

Oh, that’s right, Barb.

Barbara, who tries to tell her friend she’s acting out of character and to stop and think for a second. Barbara, who tries to get Nancy to be honest with herself about her relationship with Steve. Barbara, who is more socially aware than Nancy, or anyone, gives her credit for—who is also aware of tropes and how she fits into them. Barbara, who agrees to be Nancy’s guardian. Barbara, who clearly doesn’t enjoy being in the presence of unrepentant assholes but endures it for Nancy. Barbara, who has heart eyes for Nancy so big, you wonder how she sees anything else. Barbara, who notices when Nancy gets a new bra.

But let’s break down Nancy and Barb’s relationship just a little more.

One thing I think is masterfully done in Stranger Things is the actual structure of the story. The first D&D game that foreshadows Will’s disappearance and the final D&D game that acknowledges the questions the season left open and again foreshadows what the next season might hold (both of which campaigns run about 10 hours when the season itself was close to the same length) are such a fun and clever nod in an otherwise grim story that is, by turns, both terrifying and horrifying. One other structure I really love is how well Nancy’s relationships to Barb and to Steve are juxtaposed.

Every scene with Barb is immediately followed by or included in one with Steve, Nancy’s apparent love interest. Barb comes to Nancy at her locker and enthuses about her new beau; Steve summons Nancy to the bathroom to makeout as long as possible, even through class if she doesn’t resist him enough lets him, regardless of how important her academic life is to her. Barb eagerly and attentively helps Nancy study for her upcoming test; Steve shows up and snatches away her flash cards (he does this so many times oh my god), saying she’s “studied enough.” Barb tries to remind Nancy of what she said she didn’t want to do; Steve pressures Nancy (again) into a thing she told him directly she didn’t want to do (repeatedly).

(Quick interlude: I think there’s a lot going on in Nancy’s relationship with Steve that acknowledges how difficult it is for women, especially young women, to be frank about wanting a sexual relationship [and with whom]. Nancy’s reluctance to be seen as a slut and her dismay when Steve’s friend [and lbr, Steve] apply that name to her later on and so publicly are pretty strong evidence for why Nancy isn’t able to speak honestly about wanting to have sex with Steve. However, I also think she feels quite a bit of pressure to want to want those things—a theme that’s consistent with Jonathan’s advice to Will that he doesn’t have to like things just because other people want him to. But this is a whole different discussion and I digress.)

The final juxtaposition between Barb and Steve is her abduction and murder. She screams for Nancy at the same time Steve and Nancy have sex for the first time. (If you want to take the metaphor a little further, one might see the usual connotation behind screaming someone’s name … turned upside down.) The camera cuts back and forth between Barb’s horror and Nancy’s love-making. It’s as if the story is blaming Nancy for how disastrously her choice of an SO turns out. It seems to say “way to go, choosing Steve. if you weren’t busy with that asshole, this might not have happened.” Given how much the show appears to resist slut-shaming otherwise, I’m disappointed in this message that indicts Nancy for her sexuality—and kills Barb for hers.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be. This story also has a chief of police who suggests that Will’s sexual orientation (A FUCKING CHILD FFS) might be a mitigating factor in his disappearance and a father who only appears to care about his children if they can be “manly” enough or, failing that, if they can make him money. Certainly, some of the homophobic undercurrents of the show can be assigned to historical climate and individual character traits, and Joyce is usually the one to call it out.

Not when it comes to Barbara Holland. Her safety and disappearance are routinely downplayed by everyone except Nancy. Even Barb’s own mother seems only casually concerned, which I find extraordinary, given that people in her town are currently going missing. She doesn’t get a vigil. She’s a distant afterthought, a low priority. Hell, her disappearance rates a lower concern even than Steve getting in trouble for drinking a few beers or Nancy lying to the police about what she and Steve were doing in his room. And after Will comes home and the monsters are assumed to be defeated, Nancy is the only one who mourns her.

Furthermore, the only people killed by the monsters appear to be people who either deserved it or were at least nominally capable of protecting themselves. Will and Holly (both children) are both rescued before it’s too late (or so it seems so far); the two hunters and everyone involved with the CIA team all die. Barb is the only defenseless and blameless person killed by the monsters, and I think it’s important to ask why.

Horror is a genre long-known to work on the principle of punishment, and Barb is the only innocent person to die. She’s also the only one to get a graphic death scene. She’s the only one whose fucking pieces are put on display for the viewer—more than once, even. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day. She’s clearly being punished for something, and the most likely something we can infer from subtext is who she loves.

I really want to know. Why is Lonnie, a character who screams to be punished, spared? For that matter, why is Steve or any of his asshole friends? Any other horror story would’ve disposed of them. Why Barb? I think we all know why.

Stranger Things is a fantastically written show that’s masterfully performed and produced. It gives us so many wonderful, important characters. It aims to and succeeds in undermining an impressive number of tropes. Just not when it comes to burying its gays.

Barbara Holland deserved so much better.

I saw this post a while back about how characterizing Hunk as a big beautiful lover is great and all, but it’s also super one-dimensional and neglects the complexity that Hunk deserves (that I don’t feel like he’s getting from the fandom OR the actual show but wtv). So, here are some Hunk headcannons that don’t have anything to do with him being super nice, or into food:

  • One thing that’s pretty cannon is that Hunk is very scared, and has a lot of anxiety. He’s afraid of being hurt, of hurting or failing others, and seemingly his first instinct is to run from conflict (though he fights through this fear, and was given some character development on this front in s1)
    • imagine how afraid he must be before every fight. every time he goes out in ol yellow he’s gotta psych himself up bc he’s scared and he doesn’t want to do this and it isn’t fair he’s just a teenager he shouldn’t be saving the universe he just wants to go home and be with his family. and every time he’s gotta be like no, this is for the greater good, we’ve gotta help these people bc nobody else can. I’ve got to do this. I have to. Or I’ll never be able to live with myself.
  • we’ve all pretty much accepted that Hunk is 100% there for Lance and all his bullshit, but what about Lance being there for Hunk? What about Lance being there for Hunk when no one listens to him at the Garrison bc he’s “just an engineer” and pidge is kind of show-offy about their intelligence and lance is kind of a dingus but at least he’s charismatic and has a lot of friends.
    • He gets so angry. He has valid input! He’s a member of the team! Just because he gets scared and nauseous on the simulator doesn’t mean that people should just ignore him! Imagine Hunk and Lance in their dorm, Hunk pacing and yelling about how their instructors won’t call on him bc they think he’s some kind of joke but he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He fucking KNOWS! and Lance just kind of sitting there being like “yeah man I’m really sorry. yeah you’re right. shit that sucks” until Hunk finally burns himself out.
  • what about a Hunk that gets tired of the team taking advantage of his nice-ness? What about the team asking Hunk for favors–can you help me fix this robot–hunk can I talk to you about something personal for a sec?–Hunk, train with me I want to practice dealing with automatic weapons–Hunk can you try to make this for dinner some time? we don’t have any of the ingredients? do you know where we could find them?–Hunk you’re not busy are you? we need to give the lions a touch-up on their protective coating and everyone else is busy–
    • and he just flips. out. he disappears for like 6 hours. no one can find him. It’s shiro who finds him in the end, he’s huddled up in Yellow seemingly talking to himself–though he’s really venting to Yellow, who rumbles a purr in understanding every few minutes. Shiro asks him what’s wrong, Hunk explains and Shiro apologizes but tbh Hunk is still kind of bitter about it.
    • Just because he doesn’t complain about helping them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t inconvience him. Just because he always agrees to help doesn’t mean that he always wants to, or that it’s not interrupting shit that he should be doing.
  • he gets tired. he gets tired of helping people (even his team mates) and saving planets. he gets into a funk every so often bc he just needs a minute to recharge to really rest his his body AND his mind AND basically his will to be a big ball of sunshine like his team expects.
    • nobody on the team really knows what to do when this happens. they can’t really take a break? it’s not like they can just stop helping the people the come across. and Hunk won’t really talk to them about it, bc he still wants to be that guy, though they all understand. they want to stick around and help, but Hunk seems to want to be alone, so they mostly just leave him to himself, try to give him as much space as they can
    • Lance, though, comes up with Movie Night. it took a while to put together, Lance asked Coran and Allura about Altean movies and they showed him some but he was like…no. So what he wound up doing was reenacting the entirety of Mean Girls (the script of which he practically knows by heart) with the help of team voltron INCLUDING ALLURA AND A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC CORAN (if somebody wants to assign team voltron to various parts in Mean Girls I’m not going to stop you)
    • Hunk didn’t know ANYTHING about it (despite the team carrying around the script Lance wrote for them and rehearsing for a solid WEEK) and he honestly cried a little at the end bc he didn’t know how to thank them for doing so much to show that they cared about him

so yeah. Hunk should be more than just Good Guy™, or a fat dude who loves food, or a cinnamon roll too good too pure. He’s a person with flaws and faults and problems and just bc we love him and see all the good and wonderful things about him doesn’t mean that we should ignore his faults, or not allow him to have them.

For the people complaining about the Musical like…..calm down. “It’s gonna be hard to take the show seriously” no it isn’t. Let them have fun with it, DCTV was blessed with an assload of multitalented actors and now they’re gonna give a treat to the fans who wanted this to happen. You don’t have to watch it, it probably won’t take away from the plot of the show. A lot of the actors are excited to do this and I’m excited to see what they do with it, to see how they’ll have fun with it. I dunno…I just feel like…there’s nothing problematic about it? It’s not offensive…what harm can really come of seeing Jesse motherfucking L. Martin in a musical again?? I mean…like forreal don’t watch it if you don’t wanna see it but like let other people enjoy this. 

Time to Bitch Out the SU Fandom

So Lauren Zuke quit twitter over fan harassment.

I’d like to point out that Steven Universe as a show has a character that has consistently preached love and kindness, even to people you don’t like. Steven has literally, when people are trying to kill him, tried to make them friends instead.

Yet for a show as much about being kind to each other as Steven Universe is, it’s attracted a subset of one of the most vile, fanatic, mean-spirited people I’ve seen in a fandom. And that’s saying a lot, the Homestuck fandom has had people throwing buckets at people’s heads.

But here we are, with you shitheads bullying people to attempted suicide, continuing to bully them after that, and now, bullying one of the creators so much they don’t feel comfortable having an online presence anymore.

I don’t think you really deserve the title of ‘fan’. You’re not a fan. You don’t get Steven Universe. You don’t get the messages or themes or any of that shit. You’re more like a fanatic zealot that’s unhealthily obsessing over a show and headcanons and ships and social justice horseshit than a real fan.

If you were a fan, you wouldn’t be bullying people. None of the characters in the show would approve of the shit you try to pull, I can tell you that. And here’s one thing y’all need to get through your thick skulls.


It’s not your choice what happens in the show, the creators owe you nothing. You do not get to decide what people get to or don’t get to draw, cosplay, or write. If a white person or thin person wants to cosplay Garnet or Amethyst, or draw a character thin, or draw porn of the show’s characters, or if the show’s creators take it in a different direction than you want, they get to. They don’t need your permission or your bullshit. If you don’t like it, fuck off and find another show to watch.

This is a cartoon show first and foremost; chill the fuck out. It’s not the most important thing in the world. It’s not your social justice vehicle, either. I admit, I’ll be extremely disappointed if Lapidot ends up being the direction the show goes in. I don’t like Lapidot! At the same time, that’s not my choice and I’m not going to fucking harass people over it.

And I know a lot of the SU fandom is great and wouldn’t approve of this either, but we’ve got some serious bullies and crazies in this fandom and we all need to collectively disown them.


There’s a lot I want to say about Shawn and this tour.

1. It’s amazing and if you don’t have tickets to a show go get them now

2. It will be the best concert/ show you’ve ever been to I promise you. I’ve been to big concerts but Shawn makes it the best

3. Shawn makes his audience feel like they are just like him singing the words and meaning it.

4. I’m not just saying this as a fan I’m saying this as a human being with common sense that Shawn is changing the way people think of teenagers musically.

He’s naturally talented

📷 Yes these were taken by me so if you use please credit me/ tag me.


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I get what you're saying about Jacobs' BMW having quite a bit of physical contact, and I'm sure Disney let Jacobs have the reins on GMW, but it's still on the Disney Channel. While GMW definitely is not your typical Disney Channel show, I'm sure Jacobs still has to follow some rules Disney has, since most Disney watchers are young.

Well I’m not even saying there has to be a lot of kissing, I’m just saying it’s a little suspicious that in a season of teenage feelings, there’s not even a single kiss on the lips (particularly from the established couple who did get a kiss in 7th grade).

I know Disney has limitations but First Date shows they can at least get away with showing a simple kiss on the lips and GMHS2 shows via motorcycle boots and leopard shoes that they can beat the censors and heavily indicate kissing/making out.

Also it’s so interesting to me that even though Riley and Lucas are officially bf/gf, they have never fondly remembered or mentioned their first date or kiss, it’s always the subway meet or the library. And as far as I can remember, they have never actually talked about that kiss like Maya suggested them to do in Gravity…..

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I've never felt like part of the true fandom! Lots of people always talk about how the show saved them. I feel bad when I don't have any story to tell. I saved myself from my own problems, the actors and episodes never had a life changing impact on me, except to me that even if it had no true impact on me, it sure did help a lot of other people! I think that's what makes it so great! Not the characters, the storyline or the family bonds, I think that the impact that the show clearly has is huge.

You should never never ever feel like you need to have been personally saved in some way to be considered a “true” fan. Seriously, never. Stories touch different people in different ways. There may be something that inspires you that wouldn’t inspire someone else.

You’re right. The impact of the show has been huge, but ultimately what makes a fan is simply if they love a thing or not. If you love the show, and you share that love in some way, whether it’s being ready to watch every week or making fanart or having nerdy conversations with someone, you’re a true fan.